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MichigAnimals - 2009 - Fall/Winter
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President’s Notes
Adoption of Companion Animals
Animal Behavior
Animal Care/Protection Information
Cruelty Investigation
Legislative Advocacy
Rescue of Injured Animals
Photo by Ed Serecky
s any of my staff will tell you, I’m a
“big picture” kind of guy. I like to
think about the future, where MHS will
be five years, 10 years, even 20 years from
now – that kind of thing.
Here at MHS, a lot has been
happening. We continue to drive change
across the organization in all sorts of
ways in a never-ending quest to improve
how we deliver the highest quality of care
for the animals who come through our
doors. Complacency is a word that does
not exist at MHS, and I am very proud of
that. The results speak for themselves: As
I write this article, our adoption rate is at
97.9% for healthy dogs and 89% for
healthy cats – and that truly is something
to celebrate! But, as I said, complacency
has no place here. There still is more to
do, and more animal lives to save.
As we begin looking to the future, one
key area of focus will be on creating what
we are calling “healthy communities for
pets.” Basically, this will entail assessing
how well communities are responding to
the needs of the animals within a given
area (be it city, county, etc.), determining
what and how MHS can provide
assistance, and helping those communities
become more proficient in addressing the
needs of their animal populations. You
will be hearing a lot more about this in
the months and years to come.
Of course, in addition to working to
increase the number of animals adopted
each year, we will focus on expanding our
preventive work to keep animals in their
homes in the first place. We will
dramatically expand our low-cost
sterilization program efforts to impact the
number of animals born each year in our
community and will look at a wide variety
of other programs, as well, such as our
vaccination clinics, microchipping, free
food program and veterinary services.
So, as you can see, we are keeping busy
on many fronts. We appreciate all of you
for your ongoing support – together, we
will see a future that is greatly improved
for our furry friends!
Linda Axe
Cheryl L. M. Phillips
Shelter for Stray/
Abandoned/Unwanted Animals
Spay/Neuter Program
Veterinary Centers
Volunteer Program
Wildlife Care and Shelter
Cal Morgan
President & Chief Executive Officer
Elizabeth J. Correa
Reuniting Lost Animals
With Their Guardians
Dennis Harder
Madeleine Berman
David L. Bialosky
Beverly Hall Burns
Samantha Durakovic
Tina Ford
Rosalind E. Griffin, M.D.
Sam Haberman
Ross Lerner
Lee Lien
Denise Lutz
Petra Pepellashi
Rick Ruffner
Bruce Thal
Marvin G. Towns, Jr.
Daniel A. Wiechec
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Table of Contents
Volume 3 Issue 2
hu mane
Detroit Center for Animal Care
7401 Chrysler Drive
Detroit, MI 48211
Adoption Center – 313.872.3400
Veterinary Center – 313.872.0004
Rochester Hills Center for Animal Care
3600 W. Auburn Road
Rochester Hills, MI 48309
Adoption Center – 248.852.7420
Veterinary Center – 248.852.7424
Berman Center for Animal Care
900 N. Newburgh Road
Westland, MI 48185
Adoption Center – 734.721.7300
Veterinary Center – 734.721.4195
Adoption Center Hours
Mon., Tues., Thurs., Fri., Sat., 10 a.m.-5 p.m.
Wed., 10 a.m.-7 p.m
Veterinary Center Hours
Mon.-Sat., by appointment
Cruelty Investigation
Service area: Detroit, Hamtramck
& Highland Park
Mon.-Sat., 8 a.m.-5 p.m.
Emergency Rescue
Service area: Detroit, Hamtramck
& Highland Park
Mon.-Thurs., 8 a.m.-7 p.m.
Fri.-Sun., 8 a.m.-5 p.m
The mission of the Michigan Humane Society is to end companion animal homelessness, to provide the highest quality
service and compassion to the animals entrusted to our care, and to be a leader in promoting humane values.
MHS Cruelty
Investigation Department
Learn how these front line
heroes make a difference
for abused and neglected
Cover photo and photo at
right by Ed Serecky
President’s Notes
Our Partners
US-Mattress.com expands its Sleep
Well partnership with MHS
Certified Pre-Owned Cats
MHS’ innovative programs are saving
Kind Kids Honor Roll
Kids’ donations support MHS
Fun for Kids
Fleece Blanket Craft Project
Tribute Gifts
Our loved ones’ celebrations, honors
and memorials
Ask the Vet
Why dental care is critical to your
pet’s health
Celebrity Chat
MHS’ Debby MacDonald on cruelty
investigation and Animal Cops:
Behavior Help Line
Administrative Office
30300 Telegraph Rd., Suite 220
Bingham Farms, MI 48025-4507
Mon.-Fri., 8 a.m.-5 p.m.
Nancy Gunnigle
Tricia Brosnahan, Monica Celizic, Theresa Falzone,
Michelle Mooney, Heather Pauli, Michael Redmer, D.V.M.,
Linda Reider, Nicole Reno, Mike Robbins, Jennifer
Robertson, John Scharff, Ed Serecky
Events Calendar
MHS Holiday Store
Shop for MHS holiday cards and gifts
Laws for Paws
Animal welfare legislation update
Pet Photo Gallery
Photos of our readers’ adorable pets
Paws for Applause
Thanks to these groups for
supporting MHS
is published two times per year by the Michigan Humane Society
30300 Telegraph Rd., Suite 220
Bingham Farms, MI 48025-4507
MichigAnimals is designed by Signature Media,
a division of the Detroit Media Partnership®.
The 12 Ways of Giving
Help make the holidays brighter for
animals in need
The goal of MichigAnimals is to celebrate and enhance the human-animal bond through education and entertainment in support
of the Michigan Humane Society’s mission. This publication is made possible in part by the generous support of our corporate
partners. MichigAnimals is distributed as a benefit to those supporters who have provided a donation of $35 or more within the last
12 months.
Our Partners
he Michigan Humane Society
is proud to announce the
continuation of its partnership with
Michigan-based US-Mattress.com – the
nation’s online retail leader in mattresses
and bedroom accessories.
In addition to the direct financial
support provided to MHS that helps the
organization care for additional animals in
need, US-Mattress.com has expanded its
commitment in several key ways. This
includes support for a new 30-minute
broadcast called “MHS: Somebody Here
Needs You,” featuring the dramatic and
touching tales of companion animals
whose lives were transformed by MHS.
The program aired four times in the past
several weeks on WDIV-TV Local 4, but if
you missed it, you can watch it online at
Additionally, US-Mattress.com recently
completed an online pet photo contest that
raised more than $15,000 in support of
MHS. The contest invited pet guardians to
share wonderful photos of their furry
family members enjoying the benefits of
“sleeping in,” and each entry generated
support for animals in need.
Through an exciting new promotion,
US-Mattress.com will provide 200 cozy
pet beds to MHS adopters this holiday
season. Vouchers for the free pet beds
will be provided to people adopting a cat
or dog from one of MHS’ three adoption
centers through Dec. 24. The vouchers
will be honored at either of the two
US-Mattress.com stores, in Brighton or
Plymouth, with the promotion concluding
upon the 200th redeemed voucher. The
offer is limited to one voucher per family.
Finally, the original “Sleep Well”
program continues to provide tremendous
value to the entire MHS family. MHS
constituents receive the benefits of the
guaranteed lowest price on any mattress
and free shipping anywhere in the country,
as well as the peace of mind that they’ve
helped animals in need, right here in our
communities – and MHS receives $100
from US-Mattress.com for each mattress
sold with coupon code “MHS.” That
Now there’s another reason to adopt your
next pet from the Michigan Humane
Society. You’ll help your new furry friend
“Sleep Well” on one of 200 free cozy pet
beds to be provided by US-Mattress. Two
hundred vouchers for the free pet bed will
be given to dog and cat adopters through
Dec. 24. Vouchers can be redeemed at
either of the US-Mattress stores in
Brighton or Plymouth.
Dog and cat adoptions must take place
at an MHS adoption center in Detroit, Rochester
Hills or Westland to receive a voucher for one
medium-sized pet bed. One voucher per family
provided at time of completed adoption. Redeem
by Jan. 31, 2010 or while supplies last.
means MHS’ number one constituent, the
animals we serve, will receive the care and
comfort they deserve.
Michigan-based US-Mattress.com is the
leading online retailer specializing in
mattresses, bedroom furniture and linens.
Visit its full-service stores in Brighton and
Plymouth, or experience its great customer
service online at www.us-mattress.com,
and receive free delivery nationwide! For
store hours or additional information, call
Laws for Paws
The Michigan Humane Society works to introduce, promote and advance animal welfare through the state Legislature. You can help! Join our
Legislative Action Network to receive Legislative Action Alerts by visiting www.michiganhumane.org/legislation or call 1.866.MHUMANE.
State Legislation
Bill #(s)
MHS Position
Reason for MHS Position
Farm Animal Welfare
Act 117
of 2009
Phases out intensive
confinement for laying hens,
veal calves and breeding
sows on Michigan farms over
the coming years
Thousands of animals on Michigan
farms will benefit with sufficient
room to stand up, lie down, and
stretch their limbs. Intensive
negotiations among the Michigan
Humane Society, other animal welfare
and the Michigan animal agriculture
interests have resulted in this
groundbreaking victory for animals.
VICTORY! Signed into
law by the governor
License Plate
HB 4167
Creates a specialty
license plate for animals
This bill would allow animal lovers
to purchase a new specialty vehicle
license plate. The proceeds would
support MHS animal welfare projects
across the state.
Referred to House
Committee on
Animal Fighting
Adds penalties for
Re-introduction animal fighting
This groundbreaking legislation
developed by MHS in 2007 would
prohibit the solicitation of street
fighting and possession of
animal-fighting video footage.
HB 5127 will provide modest yet important improvements
On Oct. 12, Gov. Jennifer
Granholm signed a landmark
bill that will, for the first time,
extend modest yet meaningful
protections to farm animals. A
result of extensive negotiations
between humane and
agricultural groups, the law
requires that certain farm
animals have enough room to
stand up, lie down, turn around
and extend their limbs, rather
than being confined in tiny
Animal welfare and
protection groups – including
the Michigan Humane Society,
The Humane Society of the
United States and Farm
Sanctuary – applauded Gov.
Granholm for signing the bill,
and lawmakers, agricultural
groups and environmental
groups for supporting the
HB 5127 phases out veal
crates for calves within three
years, and battery cages for
laying hens and gestation crates
for breeding sows within 10
years. Our state has more than
10 million laying hens and
approximately 100,000
breeding pigs, and is a top vealproducing state (no official
numbers are available).
Michigan becomes the seventh
state to ban gestation crates, the
fifth to ban veal crates and the
second to ban battery cages.
For more information, visit
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Page 9
Photo Gallery
Photos of Michigan’s most adorable pets, sent in by our readers
1. Bandit Speaks With His Eyes
Patti Cichy, Milford
2. Buster and JuJu Lovin’ Farm Life
Nanette Michaels,
Chesterfield Township
3. Bird Watchers Tabitha and Oliver
Debbie Francis, Brighton
4. Michael Says Yoga Helps Him
Keep His Cool
Karen Armstrong,
Commerce Township
5. Snuggle Buddies Rudy and Sadie
Sandy and Nick Regets,
6. Super Jake to the Rescue!
Alexis O’Connor, Northville
7. Layla and Lola Catch a Few Zzzs
Cyndee and Tony Curmi,
Dearborn Heights
8. Maggie and Betsy Dream of
the Holidays
Cheryl Gregory, Royal Oak
9. Sleepy Girl Gracie Mae
Donna Lombus, Sterling Heights
MichigAnimals is looking for metro Detroit’s best pet photos!
Send us your favorite(s) (pets only, please), plus pet’s name, your
name, phone number and city of residence to:
digital photos required. Dogs and cats wearing collars/ID tags
and cats photographed indoors will receive the best possible
[email protected]
There is no submission deadline or fee; the top photos will be
featured in future issues of MichigAnimals. High-resolution
All photos become the property of the Michigan Humane Society.
Submission of photos constitutes permission to use them in
any manner.
Paws for Applause
In July, Jennifer Gray hosted her inaugural
Fitness for a Cause in West Bloomfield,
raising $1,404 for MHS. The high-energy
evening included a free Body Beautiful
Boot Camp session, a few adoptable
animals, and pet psychic Deborah Bogle,
who also donated her proceeds. Gray was
moved to create the event after the loss of
her dog, Amy, pictured above.
In May, the Four Seasons Garden Center in Oak Park held a month-long fundraising
campaign called Peace, Love and Flowers. The campaign resulted in a $1,000 donation to
the Michigan Humane Society to help homeless animals find love. MHS Events Assistant
Nicole Reno (left) accepted the check on behalf of MHS.
In February, the Royal Oak Restaurant
Association ensured fun for all, as well as aid
for animals in need. The group’s fifth annual
Mardi Gras celebration incorporated a festive
pub crawl that raised $2,500 for MHS.
It was another great season for Karen
and Lucille Briggs, a mother-and-daughter
team who raise funds for MHS by Avon
products. Their efforts were nothing less
than spectacular, as they brought in an
amazing $3,625.
MHS benefited from the first-ever
Music4Mutts concert in May at the Royal
Oak Music Theatre. Organized by
musician David Dupuie, pictured with his
dogs Drifter and Moon, the event included
many of Detroit’s finest bands, as well as a
silent auction. The event truly rocked for
the animals, raising more than $1,200.
MHS was the designated charity for
the first quarter at McKesson
Pharmaceuticals in Livonia. The
organization raised $2,555 and also
collected a number of wish list items for
the animals in MHS’ care.
The following organizations held casual days
benefiting MHS so that more animals can
find loving homes. It’s casual for a cause!
• 35th District Court
• Automotive Safety Office of Ford Motor Co.
• Charter Township of West Bloomfield
• Comerica Bank
• Farbman Group
• Federal Bank
• GMAC Financial Services
• GMAC Insurance
• Harness Dickey & Pierce
• Livonia Public Schools
• Macomb County Circuit
Court Probation
• MDELEG-Rehabilitation Services
• Michigan Consolidated Association
of Realtors
• Peoples Trust Credit Union
• Sachse Construction & Development Corp.
• Silbert Chiropractic Clinic
• Trinity Health
12 Ways
During this season of giving, there are many
ways to give the priceless gifts of help and hope
to animals in need. In addition to adopting a
companion animal from MHS, here are 12
easy ways you can help MHS transform
animal lives!
For additional information on these 12 Ways
of Giving, visit www.michiganhumane.org or
call 1.866.MHUMANE.
Financial support is always first and
foremost on our list, so we can put it to
immediate use by caring for animals in need.
(You can make your tax-deductible gift by
phone, online, or by using the attached
Donate critical Wish List items such as
pet food, toys and used towels in lieu of
exchanging gifts. (A complete, current list can
be found online.)
Shop our online store for unique holiday
gifts for people and pets. Place your
order online or by calling 800.866.9189! (See
pages 6-7.)
Send our free holiday eCards to your
friends and family.
Surf the Internet using search engine
www.GoodSearch.com to generate a
donation for MHS each time. (Before your
first use, you’ll need to select Michigan
Humane Society as the benefiting charity.)
Grocery shop to generate funding for
MHS. Sign up at www.Kroger.com,
select MHS as the benefiting charity, and show
your Kroger Plus card with every Kroger
Text to donate: Make a $5 donation
using your cell phone. (See back cover)
Become an MHS volunteer to give the
gift of your time and talents. (Visit our
website and click on “Volunteer.”)
Make holiday donations in honor of
friends and family.
little extra time or TLC before they’re ready to
find loving homes.
Host a third-party fundraising event to
11 benefit
Become an In-Home Hero volunteer by
10 providing
temporary foster care to
others about MHS’ mission!
12 TellMHS
does not receive government
animals who are highly adoptable but need a
funding, is not affiliated with any national
humane organizations, and is not a United
Way agency. Charitable donations are critical
to allowing MHS to continue changing animal
lives 365 days a year. Season’s Greetings and a
heartfelt thank you on behalf of the entire
MHS team for helping make the holidays
happier for animals in need!
6:45 PM
Page 12
The Michigan Humane Society is proactively addressing cat
overpopulation and homelessness in southeast Michigan on
many fronts. Here’s a look at some of our recent successes
made possible through your support.
· All Makes and Models
· Multi-Point Inspection
· Standard Free Microchipping
· 100,000 Purr Warranty
· Made in Michigan
· Better than New
he Michigan Humane Society
created its own feline adoption
stimulus package in June as we
launched our Certified Pre-Owned Cats
campaign. Our goals were to ensure that
every adoptable cat would find a new
loving home during the warm-weather
influx of homeless felines, commonly
referred to as “cat season,” and to promote
the fact that adult cats make great pets!
Offering $0 Down/0% Financing/No
Payments on the adoption of cats 4 months
and older – that is, waiving the adoption
fee, while maintaining our thorough
adoption process – the campaign has
resulted in a nearly 40% cat adoption
increase over the same time period in 2008.
This translates into hundreds of lives saved!
On June 26, WDIV-TV Local 4
promoted the campaign during several live
segments from the MHS Berman Center
for Animal Care, featuring meteorologist
Eric Braate. Coverage of the program soon
went international – through more than
200 media and social networking outlets
from Texas to Taiwan and Pennsylvania
to Paris. In response, animal shelters from
coast to coast have contacted MHS for
permission to start their own CPO
campaigns, spreading the lifesaving
adoption message far and wide.
With so many cats still awaiting homes,
MHS has extended the campaign through
the end of the year.
MHS-certified pre-owned cats are
available in all makes and models, loaded
with adorable features, and include a
multi-point inspection, standard free
microchipping, and a 100,000-purr
warranty. They are made in Michigan.
You can even get the “history” of your
CPO cat before you adopt by visiting
www.catfax.org, a site MHS developed and
is using with the permission of Carfax, Inc.
Can’t adopt? Get the T-shirt! Your
purchase will help MHS save even more
lives. Visit www.michiganhumane.org, and
click on “Shop.”
Last fall, the Michigan Humane Society
launched an off-site cat adoption
partnership with PetSmart so that more
adoptable cats would find loving homes.
It began with one PetSmart store in
Rochester Hills and has since expanded to
three PetSmart stores. A major program
milestone was reached in October with the
adoption of the 500th MHS cat!
In addition to reaching more potential
adopters, the off-site program frees up
Now there’s one more valuable reason to
find a feline friend at the Michigan Humane
Society: All cat and kitten adoptions include
free microchipping!
Sadly, fewer than 3% of lost cats without
identification are ever reunited with their
guardians. And since Michigan shelters must
hold lost cats and dogs that have no
identification for four days before they can
be considered for adoption, unidentified
strays fill the limited cage space that often is
needed for surrendered pets. MHS is hopeful
the no-cost feline microchipping will save
many lives, as well as help families avoid the
heartbreak of forever losing a beloved pet.
MHS encourages microchipping for all
cats and dogs as a permanent, effective form
of identification to be used in conjunction
with a visible ID tag. Our centers have
experienced some spectacular reunions made
possible only by microchips. The modest cost
is well worth the peace of mind – even for
indoor-only cats.
If your pet is not yet microchipped, call
one of the three MHS veterinary centers to
make an appointment today.
When does 1 + 1 equal more than 300,000?
When our adorable, yet fertile, feline friends
go unsterilized. Just one
unspayed female cat, her partner
and their subsequent offspring
can produce exponential cat
homelessness and suffering.
The good news, of course, is
that spaying and neutering is
100% effective in preventing
unwanted litters.
To help cat guardians who otherwise
would be unable to afford spay or neuter
surgery for their pets, MHS launched a lowcost program in March 2008. The program
welcomes eligible guardians to have their
cat or kitten sterilized for $25 through MHS
or one of our collaborative partners in
the community.
space in our adoption centers and foster
homes. Adoptions take place during
regular store hours, seven days a week,
at the following PetSmart locations:
Rochester Hills, 2724 S. Adams Rd.
Roseville, 20530 13 Mile Rd.
Taylor, 23271 Eureka Rd.
Each store houses eight to 14 adoptable
cats and kittens, ages 3 months and older,
who are ready to go home with their new
families, having already been spayed or
neutered, brought up-to-date on ageappropriate vaccinations, microchipped,
and tested for feline leukemia. Adoption
fees vary based on the age of the cat or
In addition, the three stores host
periodic MHS adoption events where you
also can meet dogs, puppies, kittens and
rabbits awaiting new homes. Check our
events calendar at www.michigan
humane.org for details.
MHS applauds major pet-supply
retailers, such as PetSmart, for putting
principle before profit and helping end
animal homelessness by promoting the
adoption – rather than selling – of cats
and other animals from their stores.
We’re on target to complete more than
8,000 sterilization surgeries in the first two
years of the low-cost program, resulting in
many thousands of saved lives. MHS also
routinely sterilizes more than 12,000
companion animals annually, including pets
adopted from MHS and
owned pets in the care of our
three veterinary centers.
In addition to reducing pet
homelessness and euthanasia,
sterilization saves lives by
helping to prevent hormonerelated behavior problems that
might cause animals to lose
their homes, as well as common reproductive
tumors and cancers that can take a
tremendous physical toll on the pet and a
financial toll on the pet’s guardian. For
details on the program’s eligibility
requirements, visit
or nearly 100 years, local
animals suffering abuse
and neglect have shared a
source of hope in the Michigan
Humane Society’s cruelty
investigators. A legacy of tireless
work, limitless compassion and
unwavering dedication formally
began in 1913 when Michigan’s
governor dubbed Arthur C.
Curtis as Humane Marshall,
giving him the authority to
investigate animal cruelty. As the
first cruelty investigator for the
organization (then known as the
Animal Welfare Association),
Curtis set a course for justice
and protection that MHS
continues today.
On May 6, 2002, a spotlight centered on the
work of the MHS Cruelty Investigation
Department with the debut of Animal Cops:
Detroit on Animal Planet. The series
provided a window into the world of a small
team of heroes making a direct impact on
the lives of suffering animals. Now, years
removed from the filming of the last original
episode, it remains an international audience
favorite and continues to air in encore
presentations.Viewers have responded
overwhelmingly with heartfelt calls, e-mails
and letters about how Animal Cops: Detroit
has changed their own lives by raising their
awareness of animal cruelty, showing how
to report it, and even inspiring new
career directions.
Within a few weeks of the series premiere,
the MHS Cruelty Hotline experienced a
20% increase in calls, much of which has
been sustained years later. Though no longer
working with a camera crew in tow, the
Photos by Ed Serecky
Each year, the MHS Cruelty Investigation Department handles more than 5,000 cases of animal cruelty and neglect.
Investigator Michele Baxter brings an unwanted dog to safety.
The MHS Rescue Division is a vital part of the Cruelty Investigation and Rescue team.
While perhaps not as well known as the cruelty investigators, MHS rescue drivers are no
less critical to saving animal lives in Detroit, Hamtramck and Highland Park. These
specially trained responders assist more than 3,000 injured stray and wild animals each
year, including many who are drowning, trapped, or hit by cars. MHS rescue staff often
works alongside the investigators on cases requiring additional skilled animal handling,
such as dog-fighting raids and animal collector/hoarder houses. And they are adept at
carefully assessing a situation; in some cases, what begins as an emergency rescue turns
into a cruelty investigation.
real-life “actors” – the MHS cruelty
investigators – demonstrate the same
commitment to animal welfare each day
through their unique role, which is equal
parts educator, detective and crusader.
MichigAnimals set out to document the
continuing work of these agents of justice
and protection who come to the aid of
animal victims in the team’s primary service
area of Detroit, Hamtramck and
Highland Park.
Before the cruelty investigators can respond
to new cases of cruelty or neglect, the busy
department’s two office coordinators receive
and document the influx of calls to the
MHS Cruelty Hotline. Most situations are
reported by compassionate neighbors
or passersby, and other leads come from
the Detroit Police or Wayne County Sheriff’s
Department. On days with extreme weather
conditions, the average number of incoming
reports easily can triple the team’s workload.
To dispatch help as quickly as possible,
the office coordinators pinpoint the
exact location for each complaint, gather
key details, and prioritize the cases for
the east-side and west-side cruelty
investigation teams.
With the most common Cruelty Hotline
complaints concerning companion animals
lacking the food, water or shelter necessary
to maintain their state of good health –
matters covered by Michigan’s anti-cruelty
statutes – these professionals often serve
as front line humane educators. Clear, yet
tactful, communication is their primary
instrument and is used effectively in
encouraging pet owners to provide for their
animals’ physical and emotional
requirements. Follow-up visits also play a
major role in protecting these at-risk animals
to ensure they continue receiving proper
care. When necessary, the investigators will
seek to have an individual surrender animal
“ownership” to MHS. If an animal is in
immediate peril, the investigators can seek to
remove the animal and pursue a prosecution
when enough evidence is available.
The health of a skinny dog who has recently given birth to puppies is of concern to the investigators.
animals. Upon tendering care and
compassion to animal victims, the team
turns to carefully and thoroughly
investigating the environment, circumstances
and people involved in these criminal acts.
Legal procedure and protocols inclusive of
requesting warrants, reviewing and handling
evidence, and interviewing witnesses are
necessary skills and tools required to ensure
that those who seek to harm animals are
brought to justice.
In the field of cruelty investigation, walking
into the unknown is an everyday reality.
Whether rescuing an animal from a
dangerous situation or dealing with
unpredictable animals – and their often
more-unpredictable owners – these
individuals put their personal well-being on
the line. In fact, each year, MHS responds
to approximately 150 calls related to dog
fighting, a cruel practice in which dogs are
It’s certainly true that the MHS cruelty
investigation team has witnessed the worst
in humankind as it pertains to the
intentional mistreatment of companion
On Jan. 1, 2010 at 10 p.m. ET, animal
lovers nationwide will again have the
chance to see MHS at work during the
season premiere of the National
Geographic Channel’s “DogTown.”
This special episode, focusing on dog
fighting in America, will follow the stories
of two of Michael Vick’s former fighting
dogs and also highlight the work of the
MHS Cruelty Investigation Department on
dog fighting cases. Tune in to learn more
about the MHS cruelty investigators’
efforts to keep our communities safe,
rescue exploited animals, and stop
suspected dogfighters in their tracks.
Please check your local listings,
or visit www.michiganhumane.org or
www.natgeotv.com/dogtown for updates.
Investigators Debby MacDonald and Mark Ramos educate a dog owner about the need to bring her underweight outdoor dog,
pictured above, inside and improve the dog’s weight. The dog would otherwise not likely survive the coming winter weather. The
owner immediately complied, but the team will be back to follow up.
While at a home in Highland Park on an unrelated matter, the investigation team makes a chilling discovery – the remains of
three pit bulls abandoned long ago.
bred, trained and fought for the
entertainment and monetary gain of their
owners and other spectators. In addition to
exploiting and abusing the dogs involved,
this brutal “sport” often is accompanied by
activities that can put others in the
community at risk, such as illegal gambling
of large sums of money, and the selling and
possession of drugs and firearms. However,
through their expert collection of evidence
and testimony in court, the investigators
often are able to remove these dogs from
their lives of fighting and pain, and bring
those responsible to justice.
This summer, in an incredible victory for
the animals of metro Detroit, a local
dogfighter became the first in the area to
be sentenced to prison for charges related
solely to dog fighting.
While the MHS cruelty investigators
played a key role in the successful
prosecution, they would be the first to say
it all was made possible by teamwork and
the dedicated work of others, especially
the Detroit Police Department and Wayne
County prosecutors Amy Slameka and
Raj Prasad, who are part of the county’s
special Animal Protection Unit in the
Diamond, a yellow Labrador who is kept outside for part of the
day, seems to thank investigators Michele Baxter and David
McLeod for bringing straw to insulate his dog house.
prosecutor’s office.
Truly, the victories being achieved in the
city of Detroit on behalf of the animals are
made possible by the many in the city –
including local and federal law
enforcement, the judicial system, Detroit
Animal Control and our concerned
citizens – who get involved and help make
a difference.
Longtime MHS supporter Ralph
Caplan, along with his dog Merlin, has
taken a special interest in the needs of
the MHS cruelty investigation and
rescue personnel. The critical
importance of their work on behalf
of animals in need inspired Ralph
and Merlin – a Labrador/wolfhound
mix who had been abused and rescued
– to make a special investment in
their efforts.
With more than 75,000 miles
traveled by the cruelty investigation and
rescue vehicles each year, Ralph, the
owner of NALPAC, Ltd., sought to
ensure the continued efficient operation
of both divisions by replacing their
oldest vehicles.
“The work the MHS investigators do
every day is crucial because they save
animals from some terrible
circumstances,” Caplan says. “They
carry on with such dedication and
determination in spite of, or perhaps
because of, the grim situations they
often see. We wanted to do something
tangible to support this work and to
keep the investigators and rescue drivers
on the road to help vulnerable animals,
in hopes that they can become as
fortunate as Merlin did.”
Thanks to the Caplans, a specially
outfitted animal rescue van, unit #44,
went into operation early this year,
enabling MHS rescue staff to respond
to thousands of calls of animals in
distress. In 2008, the Caplans donated
unit #42, which is driven by the
cruelty investigators handling cases
on Detroit’s east side.
Whether educating pet owners, directly improving animal lives, investigating a case for
prosecution, testifying in court, or spreading MHS’ mission through the media, each of
the MHS cruelty investigators is a front line hero who couldn’t imagine any other work.
What keeps them going? Knowing they make a difference each day for so many at-risk
animals. Along with everyone on the MHS team, the cruelty investigators gratefully
acknowledge you, the Michigan Humane Society’s supporters. Without you, MHS could
not continue to keep them where they are most needed – on the front lines of animal
justice and protection.
Learn more about the MHS Cruelty Investigation Department, and review Michigan’s
Anti-Cruelty Statutes by visiting www.michiganhumane.org/cruelty. If you witness
animal cruelty or neglect, report it to the appropriate authorities immediately: In Detroit,
Hamtramck and Highland Park, call the MHS Cruelty Hotline at 313.872.3401; in
other areas, contact the local animal control or police.
Winter can be particularly hard on the
animals. Please help ensure the MHS front
line heroes can be there to bring hope and
help – rescuing, caring and seeking justice for
thousands of at-risk animals.
To donate, call 1.866.MHUMANE
weekdays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., or donate
securely online at www.michiganhumane.org.
MHS encourages pet owners to keep their animals inside. However, it’s not illegal for dogs to be kept outside if they have a well-constructed dog house and ample supplies of food and
unfrozen water to keep the animals in good health. MHS provides free straw to help these animals through the winter.
Kind Kids Honor Roll
his list honors compassionate kids who
have so generously made donations to
help the dogs, cats, rabbits, ferrets, gerbils,
hamsters, guinea pigs, reptiles and other
animals in our care. For lots of ideas,
including fundraisers and fun craft projects
to help the animals, please visit
Thank you for being kind kids!
Academy of the Sacred Heart/P.U.P.P. bake sale
raised $117.37
Jillian Adolf & Leslie Ventura lemonade stand
raised $10.15
All Saints Catholic School 1st Graders raised
$508.21 selling homemade dog biscuits and
collected supplies
Katrina Arrol & Friends lemonade stand raised
Bobby & Joey Ash lemonade stand raised $25
Steven Bak $170 and supplies in lieu of
birthday gifts
Jefferson Barnes Elementary Big Help Club
Kaila Baroff $36 from her bat mitzvah
Claire Brady $100
Brookfield Academy $120
Brookside Brownie Troop #2656 $50
Brownie Troop #38 $60 and supplies
Brownie Troop #1280 bottle drive raised $56
Olivia Bucciavelli $20 in lieu of birthday gifts
Burr Elementary $200
Gavyn Castor lemonade stand raised $31.70
Cherokee Elementary School 4th Grade Class
Story Problem fundraiser $237.84
Tylor Collier donations and supplies in lieu
of birthday gifts
Emily Comos lemonade stand raised $23
Conant Elementary School Penny Race raised
Cranbrook-Kingswood Girls Middle School
Ryley Decker $50 and supplies in lieu of
birthday gifts
Emerson Middle School Wacky Wednesday
fundraiser $175
Emmanuel Lutheran School $10 and supplies
Farmington Central High School $50
and supplies
Diego Garcia $15
Garden City High School $258.75
Greenfield Elementary 2nd Grade $50
Grosse Pointe North Diversity Club Talent
Show raised $225
Mary Helen Guest Elementary School
Pennies for Pets raised $278.59
Haggerty Road Elementary School $648.77
Hamlin Elementary Student Council Penny
Wars raised $300
Hill Elementary change fundraiser $190.68
Hillel Day School of Metropolitan Detroit
school store raised $30
Independence Elementary Alpha Club
recycling fundraiser $213.75
Gabrielle Jaciuk $10
Junior Girl Scouts Troop #40943 $45
and supplies
Kelly Krupski/Trinity Lutheran Church $20
Jacob LaForge recycling fundraiser $150
All Saints Catholic School first graders raised $508.21 selling homemade dog biscuits and collected wish list items.
Tylor Collier, pictured front and center, requested
monetary donations and supplies for MHS instead of gifts
for her 11th birthday.
Lincoln Elementary Big Help fundraiser $106
Lincoln Park High School $78
Livonia Public Schools $100
Isabella Longo $20 in lieu of birthday gifts
Hailey Love bake sale raised $60
Kassandra Mazur $16
Mercy High School Class of 2009 $80
Miller Elementary School $325.21
Monteith Elementary School $1,047
Savannah & Bo Morisot $43
Northville Assembly #29 International Order
of Rainbow for Girls $103.10
Notre Dame Marist Academy bake sale raised
Oakley Park Elementary Student Council
Our Lady of the Lakes High School Cutest Pet
Contest raised $68
Parkview Elementary $105.86
Ramon Perez $50
Power Middle School class project raised $200
Quarton Elementary School 2nd Grade Class
sucker sale raised $930
Mackenzie Quigley $15
Rainbow Elementary School $150
Elizabeth Reese $230 in lieu of birthday gifts
Richter Intermediate School Penny Wars raised
Riley Upper Elementary $20 and supplies
Roosevelt Elementary Keego Harbor Penny
Wars raised $416.21
Aleksandra Roszczynska NHS Service Project
raised $15
Cal Ruprich $100
St. Fabian Elementary Earth Day fundraiser
St. Joseph Parish School $842
Ss. Constantine and Helen Greek Orthodox
Church 5th & 6th Grade Sunday School
Classes $30
Schoenhals Elementary School bagel
fundraiser $100
Marc Buller asked for wish list items for MHS instead of
gifts for his 9th birthday.
Stevenson High School $100
Taylor Career and Tech Center fundraiser $100
Troop #815 $34 and supplies
Troop #3693 change fundraiser $19.54
Troop #4018 $60
Troop #40066 $5 and supplies
Tutor Time Adventure Club Class bake sale
raised $78.31
University Hills 5th Grade Class $100
Webb Elementary $140
Western Wayne Skill Center $25
Western Wayne Skill Center Cintas Class
$56.50 and supplies
Winchester Elementary $400
Wolverine Secure Treatment Center snack
cart raised $200
Jesse Adler donated centerpieces worth $1,920
Alyvialyn in lieu of birthday gifts
Bird Elementary
Marc Buller in lieu of birthday gifts
Elizabeth Campo
Child of Christ Lutheran School
Farrand Elementary Kindergarten Crew
Girl Scout Troop #736
Girl Scout Troop #2139
McKenzie & Kelsey Hayes
Heart of Michigan Girl Scouts
Edison Elementary Cluster
Jane Lerchen
Moonbeams Salvation Army
Royal Oak Citadel
Jade Myer in lieu of birthday gifts
Alexander Hayden Sitner
Stevenson High School
Taft-Galloway Elementary School
Troop #482
Troop #30818
Steven Trudell for his school service project
Violet Elementary School 5th Grade Class
Fun for Kids
Fleece Blanket No-Sew Craft Project
To Make a Large Blanket
Cut two rectangles that are 17 to 18
inches wide by 28 to 29 inches long.
Lay one rectangle on top of the
other so they completely overlap.
Cutting through both layers, cut a
3-inch square out of each corner, and
discard them. (See Figure A.)
Cut slits 3 inches long by
approximately 3/4 inch wide along all
four sides. Make the cuts as even as
you can. This will look like fringe.
Tie individual fringes together, top
layer fringe to bottom layer fringe,
using double knots. To make it easier,
you can skip tying every other fringe.
ids, do you want to use your craft skills to help homeless animals? The Michigan
Humane Society needs cozy fleece blankets for the cats and kittens to curl up on
while they await loving homes. The following fleece-blanket craft project is a
great way for your family or friends to spend time together this holiday season – or any
time of year – while helping animals!
First, decide how many blankets you will make, and visit a craft store to purchase the
fleece fabric. Then, just follow the easy directions below. Remember to ask an adult
before beginning your craft project.
To Make a Small Blanket
Cut two rectangles that are 17 to 18
inches wide by 14 inches long.
Follow the rest of the large-blanket
directions above.
Graphic (Figure A.) below
shows where to make the cuts
❥ Sharp scissors for cutting cloth
❥ Measuring tape
❥ Fleece fabric: Machine-washable fleece in any
color (solids preferred), or a printed pattern for
one layer and a coordinating solid color for the
other layer. One yard of fabric will make two
large kitty blankets or four small ones. If sale
fabric is purchased, the cost will be about $1.25
for a small blanket or $2.50 for a large one.
You can donate your fleece blankets at any MHS location (see page 2 for our locations and hours). Purrs of thanks for making wishes come true!
3:57 PM
Tribute Gifts
The Michigan Humane
Society is grateful for
those who have made
donations in honor or
in memory of people
or animals who have
touched their lives.
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Herman
Mary & Jerry Gleba
Buddy the Dog
Tobye Stein & Neal Alpiner
Carol & Ray Corbin
Fr. Ken Kaucheck
Ileane & Bruce Thal
Laura Berman & Brian Dickerson
Mr. & Mrs. Bill Berman
Lois & Avern Cohn
Mr. & Mrs. David Handleman
Lois & Mark Shaevsky
Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Kotlarek
Tom & Marge Barylski
Jason Eden Goldring
Jacob, Melissa, Mike
& Karee Strom
Emma Kristaz
Christina Fink
Lea Chandler
Micky & Bud Golden Moore
Noa Chandler
Micky & Bud Golden Moore
Stephanie Granader
Donna Donohue
Tamela Wilks
Mel Rochowiak
Jason Gage
Ann Huey
Charmaine, David &
Olivia Ziegeler & Leonard &
Alice Treppa
Richard Scheffler
Micki Bovitz
Anthony Fritz
Christine Land
Barbara Portnoy
Jason Lindauer
Barbara Rom
Rachel & Jessie Jacobs
Bruce Thal
Clara & Harvey Gordon
Christopher Albanese
Kathleen & Gerard Albanese
Dolores Friedman
Celeste Edelman, Jim, Havoc,
Kaos, Ripley & Stella
Don Dawson
Kathy Tisdale
Page 20
To donate: Call 1.866.MHUMANE or visit www.michiganhumane.org
Dr. Karen Hrapkiewcz
Gary, Lisa, Jen, Chris
Elizabeth Correa
Elsa Jorgensen
Mary & Jeff Sorise, Leo & Cindy
Gladys Hruska
Leslie & Warren Hruska
Hayley Sanchez
David & Olivia Sanchez
Jeff Dobbs
Bryan, Leigh & Starsky Dobbs
John E. Falk
Sherry & John Falk
Sherry, Buffy, Willow & John Falk
Joseph Zimmel
Joseph & Carol Oldenburg
Ralph & Catherine Hancox
Judy Walker
William Walker
Keith Meyers
Brian, Danielle & Jack Keane
Kelly Maliniak
Jenn & Ripley Martin, Grace
& Keja
Loren Thal
Ileane & Bruce Thal
Madeleine Berman
Mort & Brigitte Harris Foundation
Maggie Cooney
Friends of Maggie Cooney
Marge Arbour
Lute & Barb
Mark & Colleen Olin
Rick & Fran Greenup
Michael Anuzis
Ellen Smith
Nicholas Tocco
Margaret Tocco
Nina Bailey
Jason & Kara Bailey
Patti Shafer
Patricia Reiner
Phyllis Heinrich
Mr. & Mrs. Larry Eberhart
Roger Magerman
Cindy Davis
Stephanie Price
Invescor Ltd.
Sydney Shuert
Jean & Surya Adams
Tanner Wells
Mr. & Mrs. Michael O’Neil
Dr. Sarah Jacobs
Dorothy & Murray Mahlin
Sam Rosenbaum
Dennis Deutsch
Joanne Sangal
Susan Tomajko
Aubrey & Scott McEvoy
Jennifer Magee
Chris Boyd & Gretchen Gohsman
Robyn Gohsman
Debra Levantrosser
& George Setman
Helen, Chuck & Laura Carpeaux
Linda & Patrick O’Neill
Margaret Sasena
Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Bricker
Mr. & Mrs. Bricker
Mr. & Mrs. Scott Shurin
Nikki Piersol
Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Sager
Mr.& Mrs. Andrew Sager
Mr. & Mrs. Brett Pfeifer
Claire Pfeifer
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Furmuehlen
Karen Winston
Richard & Stephanie Pratt
Michele Ann & Brian Hintz
Robert & Renee Suci
Jacqueline Migan & Angel
Stephanie Potter
Stephanie Potter
Cindy Finnigan
The Arbit Family
James Yoder
Michele Bates
Joyce Janicki
Robin & Mike Gillis
Troy Education Association
Michael Chaffee & Abby
Nancy Kornfield
Amy Settles Berman
Nancy Combs
Andrei Costantino
IMA Consulting
Andy Wesley
Mom & Dad
Anne Stolar
Evelyn Paxton
Barb, Sandie, Janet & Angie
Marge Cass
Bear & Ripley Halliburton
Marc Halliburton
Bob Lutz
Late Show
Cagney & Lacey
Marcy Amble
Ching Tsai Sharp
Anne Sharp
Chris & Kevin Collins
Susan Pushman, Kim, Jim,
Coach & Karl
Darlene DeWalsche
Dave Howland & Ken Streng
Barbara & Shawn
David, Rose, Erika, Megan
& Lauren Buczkowski
Erika Roesler
Howard Thomas Jr.
Nan & Lee Berke
Susan & Hugh Bray
The Reynolds Family
David Howland, Ken Streng
& Daisy
John & Nancy Howland
Diane Sulka
Daryl McCue
Dick Lockhart
James Gaudette
Doctors & Staff of the
Rochester Hills Clinic
Catherine Haar
Dr. Andrea Nordrum
Sara Mann
Dr. William Miles
Rush University
Psychiatry Residents
Eric Fracalossi
Sloane Quealy
Gail Eynon & Paul Loffreda
Catherine Borza
Gale Frentz
Genna Fritz
Nancy Cheladyn
Guests of Kathleen Surmanian
& Casey Segraves
Kathleen Surmanian
& Casey Segraves
Heather Cirner
Darlene Covell
Jackson Jacobson-Bonder
Julie Christy
Jane Matson
Mr. & Mrs. Ben Snyder
Joanie Wilding
Gerard Wilding
Judy Trombley
Law Offices of
Joseph A. Lavigne
Justin & Jenna
Lynda Glasser
Kelly Keith
Patricia Meyers, Lisa Keith,
Devon Berry
Nancee Hollady
Andrea Weiss
Laura & Lew Tillman
Sandy & Richard Simon
Linda & John Axe
Stephanie & Peter Kurzina
Linda Cohen
Mr. & Mrs. Alex MacDonald
Linda Lanci & Susan Golberg
AMA Detroit
Lucine Kalajian
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Kalajian
Marcia Harris
Natalie Harris & Eric Senne
Mary & Joseph
Penny Cley
Mary Ellen Mooney
Liam, Nico Whitney, Paget,
Rex & John Mooney
Joan Boram
Maxine Berman
Mr. & Mrs. Burt Mahler
Debbie & Mark Snethkamp
MHS Rescue Department
Barbara Ann Stefanowicz
Deborah Stull
Millie Simons
Lois & Avern Cohn
Mollie the Therapy Dog
Rita Shendel
Mr. & Mrs. Chris Harkins
Nola Powell
Mr. & Mrs. George Gauchey
Friends at KUKA
Mr. & Mrs. George Gauchey
Michael Collins
Mr. & Mrs. Kavilash Chawla
Uncle Bill, Aunt Martha
and Christopher
Uncle Doug & Aunt
Nancy Larsen
Mr. Sox
Deborah Blair
Tammie Pintus
Palmer Golding
Joyce Golding
Paul Elsey & Stacy Porter
Paul Elsey & Stacy Porter
Peg Noble
Russell Noble
Sandy, Jeff & Emma Streberger
Professor Norma Goldman
Adult Learning Institute
Suzanne Opdyke
Reesey Flint
Daniel Sandberg
Rick & Cat Ruffner
Bob, Mary Ann & Meredith Bury
Robert Bledsoe
Sheila & Ryan Elliott
Robert Lane
Kevin Lane
Romeo & Sweetpea
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Krupkin
Ron Greer
Ryburn Brown
Rose Bledsoe
Ryan & Sheila Elliott
Rudy Jansen
Sharon O’Leary
Russell Noble
Sandy, Jeff & Emma
Sally Johnson
Karleen Maurin
Scarlett Rose, Saatchi Lulu,
Samantha Lynn, Shannon Marie
Mr. & Mrs. Henry Brynski
Sherry & Nick Seifert
Nancy, Mike & Downey Family
Susan Peshl
Michelle Beattie
Uncle Brady Bad Cat
Donna Bunnell
Virginia Mazurek
Siersma Retiree Group
Wedding Guests
Amanda & Josh Marko
Wedding Guests & Party of
Mark & Rebecca Benedettini
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Benedettini
Wedding Guests of Anna Chesley
& Christopher Steele
Mr. & Mrs. Hal Smith III
Wilogene Witamborski
Janet Puchalski
Wylie Suci
Jacqueline Migan & Angel
Alicia Hunger
Associated Retinal Consultants, P.C.
Bailey & Shady
Denise & David Valentine
Daniel Szwaluk
Dan & Sharon Szwaluk
Hailey Debeliso
Ellen Debeliso
Robert Spaulding
Mr. & Mrs. Carol Augustine
Mr. & Mrs. Cari Eideh
Patricia Bennett
Prezillian Peterson
Tim Moelker
Survey Research Associates, Inc.
3:58 PM
Page 21
Tribute Gifts
Claire Duchene Memorial
D. M. Cook
Dorothy MacKay
Ellen Christensen & Lyle Russell
Jill Koney Daly
Kathleen Moloney
& Edward Egnatios
Lynn & Vincent Borowski
Marianne McGuire
Mark Bendure
Nichole Karr
Rob Duchene
Stewart McMillin
Terrence McCabe
Wanda Sobiegraj
Yvette Brooks
Raymond Rosales
Dr. & Mrs. Russell Wm. Miller
Don Garlit & Bee Friedlander
Abby Colvin
Bonnie, Dave, Tim, Tonia,
Marybeth, Clayton, Frankie,
Kathy, Lisa, Dan, Jim & Karen
Abby Sebaly
Christine Davis
Mary Jo Torriglia
Ace, Rambo & Foxy
Roberta & Richard Hinton
Adam Mahar
Laura Fognini
Mr. & Mrs. Raymon Zarras
Tom & Nadine Magee
Adell Dankert
Mark Siebert
Kathy Stricker &
Maryann Lecomb
Agnes Heller
Ignatios Voudoukis, M.D.
Aileen Hinds
Donald & Georgia Rasmussen
Alan Mahar
Chuck & Sandy Krieve
Albert Varga & Krypton
Bob & Helen Borne, Kathy
Pfaffenberger & Marcy Youngs
Alfred Blacha
Alison Freer
Doug & Jackie Freer
Ali Steinman
May 1, 1990 – May 15, 2009
In loving memory
Chuck & Sheree Steinman
Elaine Fieldman & Mark Sims
Alice Hennessy
Alma Bershas & The Varians
Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Johnson
Roberta Angelo
Village Fine Arts Association
All Our Beloved Pets
Anne Culver
Alma Terise Burnett
Mr. & Mrs. William Linstruth
Althea Pourcho
Joanne Hoffman
Judy Pourcho
Scott & Denise Landis
Wayne State University
Department of Psychiatry
Alvin Priehs
Carol Zurcher
Thomas Thomas
Andrea Renee Argo
Delores Argo
Andrew Worrall
Dick & Judy Morrissett
Jack Bianco
Jay Sugrue, Mary Sugrue,
The Joseph Sugrue & Jean
LeCompte Families
Pam Rossi, Jackie Shoemaker,
Mike Redmer & Val Smith,
Karen & Rob Sanford, Roxy
& John Corse, Sandy &
Frank Pelton
Andy Allan
Brant Freer
Ava & John Burkard
Angela Rosenberger
Vern & Evie Wheat
Angele Desmet
Donald Desmet
Robert Foster
Angeline Rosenberger
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Gruley
Ann Griggs
Kathy Stricker &
Maryann Lecomb
Ann Opperthauser
Gail Corey
Mrs. Orval Opperthauser
Anne Perkins
Cathy Kopp, Chris Mulka,
Marcee Grunow, Glennese
Koss & Jackie Cunningham
at Outpatient Clinic
Marion Johnesee
Mr. & Mrs. Maher
Susan Winay
Vera Macklem
Nancy & Darrell Bratt
Arlene Guterrez
Danielle & Bradley Gutierrez
GST Innovation Center
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Pricer
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Shomo
Mr. & Mrs. Steve Lisek
Sharon Reinke
Lisa & Bassel
Asti Veurink
Jan, Mike, Millie & Mia
Audrey Nordstrom
Kourtney Nordstrom
Aunt Mary Bick
Sue Berkal
Austin Fallscheer
In loving memory
Jana, Michael, Casandra, Angie,
Kevin, Kelly, Cathie & Christina
Avis Rankin
Dr. & Mrs. Clyde Dryer
Mr. & Mrs. D. J. Vandegrift
Mr. & Mrs. John Moran
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Mr. & Mrs. R.L. Troyanek
Barbara Czapski
Special Ed Ancillary Staff
Barbara Keoshian
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Barbara Purdy
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Mr. & Mrs. Don Timmer,
Mr. & Mrs. Scott Frens
Barbara Saxton
Abart Properties Corporation
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Christine Cooper
Bear Marcum
Nadine DeBusk
Bear Murray
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Bella Herdon
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The Lowry & Lepri Families
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The Vanguard Team
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at AT&T
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Kenric Mukrdechian
Carolyn Roberts
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South Redford Church
of Christ
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Al Skoropa
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Frank Iannuzzi
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& Patrice Morrison
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MI Chapter of the New
England MGT Register
Isabelle Paterson
Cheyenne Cummins
Anna Stinson
Brenda & Robert Walker
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Irene Akom, Mary Raguso
Mary Ellen Hreben
Melinda, Walter & Jasey Family
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Gisela Mueller
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Beth & Barbara Heath
Claire Duchene
Grace Robinson
The Paddocks
Clancy & Family
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Helene & Gil Friedman
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Clyde, Cherished Friend
John Dytyniak
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In loving memory
Ken & Nancy Golos
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Paula Allen
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Livonia Public School Central
Office Complex
Marlene Crow
Julie & Jay
Cooper Hudson
Friends at CCS
Mr. & Mrs. Gordon T. Ford Jr.
Beth Callahan
Stephanie Jones
Cynthia Garrison
Thomas Althoff
Cynthia Wallgren
Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Pulte
Daisey Bridgeman
The Razons
Darlene Covell
Dan McMillan
Jerome Moceri
3:58 PM
Tribute Gifts
Dan Tannheimer
Robin Johnson
Darlene Hagan
John Bukowski
Muffet McKeand
Dave Nicholson
Richard Shepherd, Jack Frank,
Dan Darland, Carole Hoyle
Planning Commission in
Monitor Twp. of Bay City
David Earl
Angela Earl
Terry Keenan
David Harrell
Donna Gonzalez, Tony Price,
Judy Meininger
Linda Ewing
Mark Naess, Mike Dwyer,
Red Evans, Jim Shake
Sarah Doyle
Sharon Meadows
David Kanners
Martha Sempliner
Mr. & Mrs. William Chapman
David Wigton
Anne Ford
Employees of Continental
Screw Conveyor & Cleform Tool
Margaret Alderton
Mr. & Mrs. Robert McQueen
David Wingerter
Dr. Stephen & Mrs. Maureen
Hudak & Andrea Hudak
Erika, Jimmy, Tonya, Jolene,
Elaine & Andrea
Marguerite Wickert
Mr. & Mrs. Jim Taylor
Mr. & Mrs. Joe Power
Mr. & Mrs. Mitch Pilarski
Debbie Rusnock
Jill Dalessandro
Elizabeth Venettis
Derrick Wourman
Bill Heil
Diana Vance
Kristine Walworth
Dick Lockhart
The Graley Family
Dog Who Perished in Fire
Koepsell Education Center
Dolores Jermov
Janice Davison
Dolores Puwal
Raymond Puwal
Dolores Taylor
Cindy & Dave Damian
Don Niedzielski
Dick & Barbara Krueger
Donald Budd
The Pakledinaz Family
Donald Holzen
Curt & Linda & Kelli Lesnau
Jeff, Lisa, Ben, Alex & Ava
Kevin & Cindy LaForest
Donelda McDonald
Dan Schulte & Jennifer Beattie
Dani, Trav, Les, Nate, Mom & Dad
UHY Advisors
William & Diann Larance Tim
& Sharon Andrews
Yvonne Spencer
Donna Doemer
Dr. John, Dr. Norman
Mac Dermid and Families
Page 22
To donate: Call 1.866.MHUMANE or visit www.michiganhumane.org
Donna Hatfield
Angie Perazza
Doris Newman
Linda Korb
Doris Serges
Intraco Corporation
Doris Sontag
Joy Wong
Dorothy “Bonnie” Williams
Betty Ancell
Cassie Joe Somoni
Jamie Spurgeon
Shereen & Jonathan Martus
Vee Kram
Dorothy Anne Flory
Thelma Walker
Theresa Charlesworth
Dorothy Caunt
Electrical Workers Local No. 58
Richard Sewell
The English Girls
Dorothy Dils
Jerry & Joann McCarthy
Dorothy Dorosh
Debra Dorosh
Dorothy Fleeger
Eileen Fleeger
Dorothy Fry
Glenna Stevens
Dorothy Purdy
Mr. & Mrs. Eric Sayre
Dr. Harold Usndek
Ruth, Tanya & Gail
Dr. Lois Holland
Ann Bailey
Kay Dent
Loretta Miles
Rick & Catherine Krawczeski
Dr. Owen Berger
Beacon Baptist Church
Debbie & Ron Marshall
Dr. Karl Lyngaas
Erika & Joe Marullo
Linda Harmon
Mary Ann Jeffery
Ray & Mary Beth Parker
Sheryl, Lee & Kathryn Wenskay
& Kolten Holliday
The Adamczyk Family
Dr. Sidney Weber
Dr. Daniel Sudakin
Arnold & Terry Shulman
Duncan Ronzi
Holly Ronzi & Ricco
Matthew Mark
Earl Lebert
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Morin
Echo Fabacher
Ruth, Brian, Mary Ann,
Nicholas & Jonathan
Edith McBee
Carol Magnuson
Edmund Benson
Mr. & Mrs. James Hoehner
Susan Pichert
Edward Dobson
Deana, Makala & Yvonne
Edwin St. John
Neighborhood Friends
Sears Holdings Associates
Elaine Bumford
Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Miller
Elaine Collick
David Collick
Elaine Woodruff
Jennifer & Jay Higginbotham
El Dean Goltz
Alicia Pulley
Mr. & Mrs. Jack McGuire
Eleanor Laskowski
Bonnie Edmon
Elizabeth “Betsy” Hopkins
Mina & Dianne Hanna
Elizabeth Monforton
Alan & Diane Amendt
Ellen Kathy Rice
Ellen & Les Siegel
Jim & Stephany Austin
Ileane & Bruce Thal
Randy & Sue Smith
Eloy Martinez
Lino Martinez
Catherine Walbecq
Jesse & Richard Burton
Emu Kitty
Jeff, Stacey, Robbie, Tyler
& Brendan Bettelon
Erin Gillis
Leisha Gorski
Eston Goodell
Betty Heckman
Ethel McRobb
Mr. & Mrs. Charles George
Eugene Skonieczny
Carol McGlynn
Evalyn Angle
Betty Anga, Mike & Andrea
Kipp, Dennis Anga
Evelyn Boyd
Co-workers & Friends
in Bed Control
Donna Todd
Evelyn Delong
Helen Carey
Evelyn Irene Natzel
Michael & Carol Harris
Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Weber
Evelyn Kitcher
Denise Lowe
Evelyn Latch
Father of Annette Sirriana
The Finance Dept.
Faye Schneidt
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Haas
Flonnie Pennington
Gail Reynolds & Jackie Reich
Fran Hutter
Robert Warren
Frank Ashby
Ilene & Marion
Mr. & Mrs. Ken Beres
Yellow Pages Association
Frank Camps
Patricia Allen
Frank Celizic
Cheryl & Dick Lippert
Frank Dunne
Annette & Michael
Jan & Beverly Lovell
Mr. & Mrs. Alan Lenhoff
Mr. & Mrs. Chris Doinidis
Frank Migan
Ava & John Burkard
Kevin Conrad & Carol Ann Cwiek
Leo & Vita Buffa
Frank Poniatowski
Alice Wachol
Franklin Henning
Amy & Stephen Henning
Freckile1 & Freckkile2
Richard Papp
Fred Heuer
Cheryl Heuer
Fred Martindale
Greg & Janet
Frederick Law
Brendel Heights Property
Frederick Minster
Steven Yeutter
Cynthia Wals
Gabriel A. Trimper
Rita Runchock
Gary Gagnon
Valerie Mason, Dolores Clark,
Lori Simons, Bonnie Kargel
Genevieve Morin
Mr. & Mrs. John Hatherhill
Rob Hatherhill
Elizabeth Ferguson
George Blackman
Sharon Griffee
George Graor Jr.
Edward & Marge Stone
Ellen & Jim Cokewell
Olympia Mursan
Virginia Gillow
George Karbal
Joyce Stoughton-Kim
Jason Conti
Gerald Bratton
Vern Horn
Gerald Kniaz
Laura Kniaz
Geraldine Stahl
Renee Schoen & Lisa Griffiths
Gertrude Hauswirth
Mona & Bill Minish
Susan, Colleen & Brian Schuldeis
Ginger, Cuddles & Tiger
Ginny Dimsa
Amy Smith
Gladys Cheal
Erika, Kathryn & Janet Smith
James Minton
Lorraine (Smith Simmer) Davis
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Dobosenski
Patricia Cheal
Robert Simmer
Walter & Joyce Simmer
Glenn Morden
Betty Morden
Grace Chivas
Barbara Todd, Heidi
& Hannah Maloney
Dan & Jan Zolik
David Bowlin
Harry Fain
Kathleen & Dan Kelly, Keith
& Helen Corbeil
Kathy Caster
Marlene Maige, Michele
Magnan, Ernest Maige
MFDA-District 6
Mount Elliott Cemetery
Mr. & Mrs. Art Shahly
Mr. & Mrs. Bob Ruggiroli
Mrs. F. Weber
Randy & Lisa Young
Ron & Jim
Suszann Weston
Grace Muckle
Darretta Ferasin
Judith Moore Sweet
Pat & Jim Orr
Gracie Buchman
Lori Karbal & Muddy
Grandmother of Cheri Taylor
The Finance Department
Grandmother of Presley Sims
The Finance Department
Greg Pelgus
Sisters & Friends from
Glen Peters School
Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Harris
Gus Cifelli
Albert & Debra Holtz
Danny & Marjorie York
Erika, Kathy & Janet Smith
George Googasian
Jennifer Brantley
Mr. & Mrs. Joel Feick & Lucas
Mr. & Mrs. John Panelli
Robert Cascardo
William Bolle
Gwennie & Hiedi
Mr. & Mrs. Charles
Gypsy & Cocoa
Jackie Giannamore
Connie Jose
Mr. & Mrs. Fred Pellegrene
Harold Pourcho & Butch
Joanne Hoffman
Harrison Laskowsky
The Tate HQ
Harry, Royce & Speedy
Mr. & Mrs. William Webb
Harvey Schwartz
Sophia Shaw
Heckel & Jeckel
Beth Heleski
Verla Pressley
Helen Elliott
Ruth Schlesser &
Mary Lou Parlato
Helen Hintzen
Al Rosin, Kevin Huntsman,
Tonya Pirker, Matt Ludlow
Helen Kaminski
Joy Hopkins
Mr. & Mrs. Scott Emery
Saint Joseph Mercy Livingston
House Supervisors
Helen Maher
Frank Barresi & Daughter
Helen McBride
Andreas Gardens
Helen Montolio
Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Breitmeyer
Helen Simonds Teegarden
Annie Clark
Brian Horvath
Bridget & David Turner
John Crimando
Liz & Tom Maniaci
Mr. & Mrs. Bill Cook
Mr. & Mrs. John Gear
3:58 PM
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Tribute Gifts
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Humes
Richard & Ruth Monley
Tom Unverzagt
Val Corradi
Helena Bushek
Elizabeth Sardy
Hanan & Samia
Henley Handelsman
Dr. Denise Handelsman
Sue Stern
Marilyn Casha
Howard Beder
David Matthews
Howard Keyworth
John, Carol & Rachel
Hugo “Joe” Waltzer
Felix Adler
Irene Bowlin
David Chivas & Ron Rice
Irene Straub
Elissa, Chad, Donna,
Matt, Joyce
Isabel Lloyd
Kim Homberger
Isabell Wilson
Carlene Fulton
Ivy Eilertson
Susan Eilertson
J. Douglas Mathieson
Terry & Sandy Wilson
Carole & Harvey Rabinowitz
Jack Chilingirian
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Maccani
Jack Ribbing
Danette, Robert &
Cheyanne Delgado
John Cooper
Jack Zamiatala
David Matthews
Jackie Thrapp
Cindy Takai
Jadzia Chuslo
Gary & Brenda Chuslo
Alicia Grazioli
Chris Le Clerc & Barb Sikora
Mr. & Mrs. Gene Michalski
Robert & Mary Kroll
Jake Harriss
Jason Conti
James Beall
Betty Hauser
Debbie Somerville
Erwin & Patricia Kirchner
Laura Diver & Judy Fulkerson
Mark & Cindy Richards
Med-Pass, Inc.
Rob & Tera Deni
Steven & Cecilia Strine
James Bowman
Gene Gugan
James Parrott
Avanti Press, Inc.
The Collettas
James Pryor
Kathy Smar
Peggy Duvall & Family
S. Scambiatterra
The Kramer Family
Janet Chapin
Heller Machine Tools, L.P.
Sherri Hansen
Janet Trese
Mr. & Mrs. Morris Flett
Tim Boyer & Tom Kulpa
Janette Palma
Guardian Industries Corp.
Jason Doll
Jason Rogers
Mapes Insurance Agency Inc.
Mike & Darcy & the Girls
Jax Duffy
Rick, Mike, Gabe, Mari,
Aaron & Beckie
Jean Kolankowski
Jeffery Coble
Jean Mossner
Mimi & Vic Koppang
Jean Tierney
Mr. & Mrs. John Tierney
Jeanette Goldberg
Linda & Terry
Jeanne Boxell
MEEMIC Insurance Co.
Jeannie Grosbeck
Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Pernick
Jeffrey Blau
Douglas & Lynda Thal
Jennifer Bette
The Betea Family
Jennifer Irby
Mr. & Mrs. Dave Durkin
Jerome Timothy Ziemba
Your Faithful Kitties, Bob,
Frank, Willie & Panda
Cheryl Phillips
Jon & Kathleen Meldrum
Darlene Bowman
Susan Roegner
Joan Cotter
Tom, Meg, Emily & Eric
Joan Stern
Marjorie Geisel
Joan Stewart
Linda Wharton
Joan Thomas
Robert Pinegar
Joanie De Long
Marla Maiuri
Jocelyne Pare
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Barylski
Jodi Buckner
Edward Allen
Carol Muckenhirn
Patricia Wirth
John Ambrose
Butzel Long
John Brown
Al & Karen Phillips
John Cook
Ben & Diana Henson
Dr. & Mrs. Thomas Petinga Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Morley
Rani Mathura
John J. Underwood
Mr. & Mrs. Jack Underwood
John Jennings
Kim, Lizbeth, Nicki, Kathryn,
Carolyn, Brian, Lindsay,
Lynette, Sarah
John Krobock
Michael & Barbara Layton
John McCue
Tracey Peterson
John Weiland Jr.
Dearborn High School
Diana Bott
Diane Thompson
Mr. & Mrs. Ted George
Johnnie Gillespie
Allard & Fish Dave, Deb,
Ralph, Dan & Staff
Joan Feldmann
Mr. & Mrs. John Underwood
Joni Towar
Mrs. Wm. Mulkey
Joseph DeMaggio
St. Patrick Parish
Joseph Paterson
Joseph Pagano
Joseph Scalabrino
Linda Rapske
Joshua Fischer
In loving memory
Oakland County DHS
District 4 Office
Joyce Drew
Karen Freedman & Aunt Ernie
Joyce Finney
Art Nitzsche
Joyce Shelley
Alice Niemi
Joyce Soderholm
Edward & Betty Navoy
Judith Lawrence
Gil & Suzanne Bastien
John & Sandy Dahlerup
Ruth Schlesser &
Mary Lou Parlato
Julia Gaye Savage
Scott Savage
Julia Polefka
Dolores Werner Family
Helen OBremski
Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Bergman
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Mueller
Mr. & Mrs. Tony Pasko
Julie Reis
Ann Madden
June Colbeth Anderson
Ann Simpson
June Handley
Charles Handley
June Paddy
Diane Addley
Mr. & Mrs. William Edie
The Lucadams
Timothy Warner
June Wilmet
Barbara Keen
Lois Norman
Kahlua Reese
Karen Brotherton
Karen Davis
John & Pam Emery
Karen Green
Patricia, George & Roscoe
Karen Hendrian
Marge & Tom Barylski
Karen Kay Schultz
Mr. & Mrs. Bud Schultz
Karen Lee Sierota
Karen Gruse, Kevin, Ryan
& Jenna
Karin Jusino
William Benedict & Niccole
Karma (Karmen Miranda)
All your friends
Heather Pauli & Keith Lenart
Kathleen Fletcher
Jodie & Ryan Floyd
Kathleen Goudreau
Angela Goudreau
Elnora Borden
Jodie at Kay Automotive
Steven Mabowitz
Katie Edford
Tim Wirkus, Anne Jones & Pups
In loving memory
Joseph Pittinato
My sweet little girl
Kathleen Sullivan
Julius Caesar
Good & faithful friend
Paul & Pat Seibold
Ken Bumford
Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Miller
Ken Butterfield
Friends at Sayre
Elementary School
Kim Kiser
Marilyn Elmendorf
Kimberly Aldrich
Eleanor Aldrich
Kimberly Indish
Al & Grace Lugg, Dawn
Indish, Dennis & Diana
Callahan, Heather & Brent
Emily Horn, Beverly Candele
& Family
Rita Olszewics & Terry
& Cindy Mullins
Kirk Denler
Barbara Kasler
Kirsten Coble
Mr. & Mrs. Steve Parsons
Judge Marc & Lori Barron
John & Bobbie Antosh
Sandy, Jeff & Emma Streberger
LJ & Betsi Bastian
Lane Scott
Debbie Vitale
Maura Ann & Deirdre McBreen
Mr. & Mrs. E. Hawkinson
Nory Settineri
Larry Matthews
David, Katie & Lizzie Andrea
Jeff, Brady, Kris & Rick Small
The Lyons Family
Lavena Bucci
Susan Meredith, Julie Meredith
& Dan Goldberg
Lawrence Mathews
Carol Cooper
Dr. & Mrs. Roger Byrd
Jane Pan-Luo
Linda Mathews
Michelle Romig & Family
Ron & Barbara Stevens
Waterford Mott High School
Lee Danis
Betty & Bob Gonko
Renate Rosenkranz
Lena Logomarsino
Danele, Jen & Michele Collins
Leonard Koskodan
Alice Koskodan
Leonard Zubroff, M.D.
Tay Johnson
Valerie Hein
Tod & Laura Caron
Liberty Belle (Libby) Arcari
Nancy Graham
Linda Bisballe
Mary Knobloch
Linda Bogman
Warren & Mireille Wilkinson
Linda Graham
Paul & Tamela Gibbs
Linda Linebaugh
Bea Anderson
Bruce Linebaugh
Chris & Debbie Rudy
Herman & Margaret Schnieders
Lisa Green
Larry Friedman
Lizzie Timmis
Barbara Tate-Renaud
Lois Williams
Carol Erz
Lola Cummings Wloch
Heather & RJ
Lola Torossian
JoAnn Voletti
3:59 PM
Tribute Gifts
Lothar Spang
Dorothy Fox
Louie Wolfrum
Phyllis Memmer
Louis Pieknik
Mr. & Mrs. Steve Zechar
Louise Stuur
Dr. William Roth
Lt. Kenneth Culver
Anne Culver
Lucille Falk
Perry & Keith Morgan
Robert Webster
Lisa Cohen
Tina & Elizabeth
Lynne Reardon
Jackie Seaver
Mabel & Edie Florek
Kimberly, Amy,
Jennifer & Nancy
Maddie Respecki
Laura Respecki
Maggie McDonald
Her Mom’s little angel
Your friends at Learning
Care Group
Mamma Cat
Estelle Johnson
Manda Foxy
Jon & Gretta
Cathy Jones
Diane Roberts
Jeannine Davidson
Marcus & Muffy
Forever in my heart
Sandra Rubin
Marcy LeMoyne
Richard & Sara LeMoyne
Margaret Cosmenco
Rebecca Soifer
Margaret Finzel
Mr. & Mrs. Robt Finzel
Margaret Pauley
Ken & Chris Pauley
Mr. & Mrs. Donald MacDonald
Mr. & Mrs. William Chapman
Margaret Riley
Frances Brodeur
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To donate: Call 1.866.MHUMANE or visit www.michiganhumane.org
Margaret Vingerelli
Carol & Mike Kadar
Margot Kessner
Helen Stewart
Marie Brazill
Liz & Gary, Marg & Keith,
Liz Alcott, Marie Jipson,
Martha & Dick
Patricia Abramczyk
Marie Celizic
Ann Griffin
Ann Marie Armaly
Beverly & Ben Burns
Cheryl & Dick Lippert
Ileane & Bruce Thal
Judy & Peter Bailey
Libby & Brian Palmer
Marta Diffen
Mr. & Mrs. David Gregory
Mr. & Mrs. Jerome Roszka
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Rochowiak
Nicole & Ross Lerner
Robert Lutz
Marion Pilat
Chris & Bridget Pilat & Family
Marjorie Rocheleau
Allen & Marjorie Murphy
Dick Burton
Mr. & Mrs. Ron Holler
Mark Schmidt
Barbara Anne Glover
Martha Bagozzi
Cindy & John
Martha Beach
Judy & Tom Brown,
Jan & Richard Luce, Phyllis
& Ray Wright, Vilma Savoy
Marvin Scott
Florence Scott
Mary Ann Harrison
Charlene Jagow & Joel
Doug & Shirley Hurcomb
Mary Ann McDonald
Patrick & Linda Dorr
Mary Ellen Pilon
Jeff & Cheryl Buckthorpe
Mr. & Mrs. Lou Headrick
Telep, Buck & Jankowski
Mary Estes
Janet Lynn Wood
Mary Mooney
Peter & Leslie Malcolmson
Mary Lou Boresch
James Kaiser
Mary Lou Gividen
Larry Gividen
Mary Matthews
John, Jill, Jenny, Justin,
Jaclyn & Rosemary
Mary Zotter
Amy Prouty
Detroit Regional Chamber
Sharon & Sheila Brezina
Staff of the Office for
Catholic Schools-Archdiocese
of Detroit
Maryann Harrison
Robert Wenzel
Masa Sone
Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Tsuha
Pamela Glowacz
Wally Tsuha
Barbara Bohdanowycz
Becky Grajewski
Claudia Mortorff
Betty Gonko
McCarty Suci
Jacqueline Migan & Angel
Deanna Parsi
Michael Bradley
David Bradley’s friends & coworkers at Computer Sciences
Michael Carriere
Kerry Willhoft
Michael Defer
South Lake Schools
Michael O’Mara
Cynthia Guenther-Arcaro
Michael Regiec
Barbara Husak
Sara Fiellman
Mike Radowicz
Financial Aid Office
at Baker College
Milan Cook
Donna Topinka
Jane Hardy
The Villas of Pine Ridge
Condominium Association
Mildred Warren
Comfort Keepers
David Belmonte
Jenkins, Magnus, Volk
& Carroll, P.C.
Krause Elementary School
Nancy Connor
Shirley Hugger
Millard Stevens
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Bush
The Federal Division
Millie Randazzo
Jacqueline Migan & Angel,
Frank & Theresa Migan
Deborah Blair
Miss Beasley “Wiseman” Duffy
Pat & Pete Danielson
Missy “Kitty”
Ella Nagy
Missy & Sandy
David Chivas & Ron Rice
Missy Stawski
Marlene Stawski
Missy Valenti
Anna Stinson
Mister, Ziggy & Sancho
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Anderegg Jr.
Patricia Mayers
April Andres
Mollie the Therapy Dog
Rita Shendel
Dog Scouts of America Troop 109
Molly & Sarah
Sandee Grez
Mom of Theresa Tucker
Mr. & Mrs. Kim Watzke
Monica Rekowski
Susie Frazer
Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Gerson
Mother of Chan Simmonds
Vicki & Jack Ziegler
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Maher
Frank Barresi & Daughter
Mr. Gobb
NewFields, LLC
Mr. MacDonald
Cora Michael
Muriel Rosenbaum
Diane Jankowski
Nancy Bernier House
Nancy Jewett & Family
Nelson Broglin Jr.
Friends at Lamphere
High School
Nitro Faraci
Carol Lawrence
& Rosemary Meyecic
Rob Hatherhill
Norma Howell
The Knitters
Norma MacDonald
Nada Popovich
Norma Riebe
Friends at TMP
Sylvia Kennedy-Carrasco
Norma Robinette
Tom Robinette
Steve & Jan Kinney
Karen Orr & The Babies
Olivia Gretchen
Marjorie Hughes
Olly Harper
Chuck Rondeau
Dave & Jaime Dobronos
Jan Lubic
Stella Prybala, Donna
& Gary Fuller
Oprah Bosbous Gustafson
Brad & Jeff
Otter Dean
Kelly McCracken
Otto Boland
Linda Manni
Motor State Electric, Mike,
Tim, Joe, Robert
Pat Ferguson
Roman Arce
Patricia & John Hartman
Mary Gallagher
Patricia Gildersleeve
Bill Love
Marian McCaslin
Patricia Schwimmer
Mary Ceccanese, Lori, Mark,
Matt, Michelle and Families
Patrick McAlinden
Center for Automotive Research
Colleen McAlinden
Mais Financial CPU
Mike & Marybeth Newman
Roger & Lisa Hart
Pele Saxon
Leona Williams
Jane Taylor
Alyce Smith & Chessie
Jack & Aviva Robinson
Peter Deuel
Dawn Peterson
Petey the Mangler
James & Jo Marie Shier
Phil Cutler
Larry Cohen
Philena Davis
Mr. & Mrs. Bernd Scheinpflug
Phyllis Walrad
Charlotte Singewald & Phyllis Busch
Juliet Sabit, Kathy Stricker
& Maryann Lecomb
Mari Terbrueggen
Mona Bailey
Leslie & Scott
Joseph Wrobel
Princess Harris
Joan Ruzicka
Mr. & Mrs. William Thurston
Jean Pletcher
R. W. Montgomery
Shirley Hugger
Ralph Chrysler
Col. & Mrs. Charles Cone
Kiwanis Club of
Plymouth-Canton Breakfast
Mr. & Mrs. Hugh Bennett
Ralph Dasey
Ann Marie Dodge
Friends at NAVAIR, Fidelity
& Cubic at E-2 Training site
in Norfolk, VA
Jeffrey Lowe, Katie Cook
Kathy Paul
Raymond Cebulski
Fred Maibach
Rebecca Krajewski
Pat Naumoff
Paulette Naumoff
Richard Ballentine
Sallie & Arnold Hock
Richard Poppert
Kim Riley
Mike Poppert & Donna Allen
Mr. & Mrs. Bob Moug
Richard Sholtz
Nankervis/Turin Family
Rick LeFevre
Deanna, Ronda, Debra, Shirley,
Anita, Monica, Patti & Mary
Rick Theisen
Brent & Sara Wieber & Family
Connie & Richard Wieber
Mike Kaslik & Alison Lang
The Donoghue Family
Andrea Coe
Riley Corbett
Susan Roggin
Rita Bradacs
Wendy & Shirley Cannon
Rita Dennison
Dr. Michael Demers
Rita Fulton
Elizabeth & Ted Galatis
Mr. & Mrs. R. Swinbank
Robert Coopes
Lee, Marianne & Evan Tappy
Robert Goodwin
Loretta Baker
Maryann Lecomb
Robert Jones
Mr. & Mrs. Clarence Munn
Robert Palmer
Dr. & Mrs. Roger Byrd
3:59 PM
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Tribute Gifts
K B Decorating
Kevin McKinney
Mr. & Mrs. Stephan Graf
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald McHenry
Robert Purdy
Robert Shomo
The Gutierrez Family
Robert Babcock
Custom Business Solutions, Inc.
Robert Wojnar
Empowerment Foundation
Lara Tushla
Mr. & Mrs. Bill Copeland
Nancy Girardi
Denise Achram
Roger Jaquinde
Lakers Golf League
Roger Klien
Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Garon
Ronald Hudo
Allan Levy
David & Patricia Zinser
Jeannine Davidson
Laura, Dorie, Julie & Mary
Rudolph Knobloch
Mary Knobloch
Rudy Valentino
Shirley Gharagozloo, Harriet
& Hershey
Rufus & Dixie
Judy Brewer
Ruth Cochran
Mr. & Mrs. Jim Kennedy
Ruth Stuard
Theresa Sutherland
Geri & Mel Kaftan
Sadie Duncanson
Carolyn Duncanson
Sadie Nyland
Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Nyland
Sandral Hewett
Catherine Garnham
Kris & Ken
Judith March
Sarah Dressler
Aunt Roxie, David & Theresa,
Randy & Pam, Bryan
Bonnie Lozier
Sawyer Malek
Dave & Brenda Cramer
Sayman Henderson
Scott Dugas
Mr. & Mrs. Jeffery Brookshire
Sean Pettibone
Alex & Marilyn Bogaerts
Linda & John Vertriest
Seymour & Roberta Brown
Dory Baron
Mr. & Mrs. James Nixon
Shadow Micallef
Brent Micallef
Katherine Thomas
Ileane & Bruce Thal
Shannon Silverthorn
Dan Stewart
Intercontinental Real
Estate Corporation
Laura Kerns
Mr. & Mrs. Edward Harris
Mr. & Mrs. Rick Mitchell
Plumbers & Steamfitters/Local 85
Stephen Saph Jr. & the Staff at
Nickel & Saph, Inc.
Todd Hoyt (Hoyt, Brumm &
Link, Inc.)
Ben & Alison
Sheila Bulone
Sheila & Joseph Griffin
Maggie & Kent Kokko
Sheryl Schueringer
William Price & Barbara Burns
Shirley Morehead
Linda Morehead
Slapshot Kalen
Theresa & Gary Thompson
In loving memory
Joe & Cathy McCormick
Bridge Faeries
Marcy & Tom Mudie
Sammy Scullen
Bonnie Edmon
Sandra Eberly
Tricia Booker
Sandra Janusis
Elizabeth Heino
Sandra Leonard
Elizabeth Hollow
Robin Montague
Steven Barone
The Symantec Family
Smokey “Roo” Kanefsky
Forever in our hearts
Jenny & Peter Kanefsky
Sharon Lingnau
Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Thal
Speckles Berry
In memory of a dear friend
Specky was a good friend and host.
Among his many visitors were
Cece and then Skippy and Jake.
He was very much loved and will
be missed by all his friends.
Skippy & Jake Erdeljan
Spike Wheeler
Dale Wolicki
Gayle Gellert
Kay Laduke
Stephen Kram
Charlotte Weaver King
Fashion Design &
Merchandising Area of WSU
Frona Kram
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Kram
Sterling Graham
Janet & Dick Fruehauf
Steve Blaze
Sharon Ryeson
Steven Kredel
Judith Brown
Mary Gottler
Sue Kachalla
Steve & Kelly Warnick
Paul & Marilyn Kulha
Sunny Day
Robert, Laura, Vincent,
Marla & Lena
Suzy Andejeski
The Family of Suzy Andejeski
A. Sanders & S. Zimcosky
Jan Unzicker
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Ask the Vet
Q: I’ve heard there’s a direct link between a person’s overall health and their dental care,
including a link to heart disease. Is it the same for animals?
A: While most people are aware of the
need for human dental care, many pet
guardians do not realize that their pets are
subject to the same dental concerns. It is
extremely important to care for your pet’s
teeth for the same reasons it’s important
to care for our own teeth – ignoring this
aspect of your pet’s health can have lifethreatening consequences, as we’ve seen
within the MHS veterinary practice.
The most common disease in
companion animals is periodontal (gum)
disease, affecting at least 70% of dogs
and cats over 5 years of age. Keep in
mind, however, that cats and smaller dogs
can be affected sooner, as genetically, they
are more prone to an increased risk of
this disease.
As periodontal disease advances, it
results in weakening of the structures that
support the teeth, leading to the loosening
and eventual loss of teeth. During this
process, the animal is fighting constant
infection. As the animal chews, the
infected and inflamed gums bleed,
allowing bacteria to enter the blood
Periodontal disease is associated with
kidney, liver and heart-valve infections, as
well as fibrosis of the lungs and arthritis.
The disease often advances undetected,
hidden from view below the gum line.
The only way to accurately assess and
treat periodontal disease is by
anesthetizing the patient to allow for a
thorough and detailed examination,
digital X-rays, and professional dental
scaling above and below the gum line,
followed by dental polishing.
Although many pet guardians are
concerned about placing an animal under
anesthesia, and it is never 100% risk-free,
current anesthetic and patient-evaluation
techniques used in professional veterinary
practices minimize risks. The most critical
dental-scaling location is on tooth
surfaces between the gums and the root,
where periodontal disease is active.
Without anesthesia, the procedure creates
unnecessary pain and health risks, and the
procedure becomes, at best, cosmetic.
Brushing your pet’s teeth regularly can
help prevent or delay dental disease by
removing plaque along the gum line, but
it cannot treat disease. Thus, MHS
recommends starting a preventative homecare program as soon as you bring a new
pet home. As a first step, accustom your
pet to the handling of her teeth and gums.
Once she is relaxed, use a toothbrush or
gauze, as well as toothpaste created
specifically for pets. Do not use human
Signs of advancing dental disease can
include odor, loose or missing teeth, or
trouble chewing food. Keep in mind,
however, that your pet might have
advanced dental disease without showing
any signs of discomfort, though she might
be experiencing tremendous pain and
emotional stress.
A routine dental exam by your pet’s
veterinarian, along with regular X-rays,
and scaling and polishing under
anesthesia, is strongly advised to help
keep your pet happy and healthy for years
to come.
hu mane
All MHS veterinary center
proceeds support our mission of
caring for animals in need. So, as
a member of the Share the Care
circle, while your pet is receiving
the care needed to stay happy
and healthy, you’re helping
MHS transform animal lives!
Hours by appointment,
Call today!
Detroit Center for Animal Care
7401 Chrysler Drive • 313.872.0004
Rochester Hills Center for Animal Care
3600 W. Auburn Road • 248.852.7424
Berman Center for Animal Care – Westland
900 N. Newburgh Road • 734.721.4195
Michael Redmer, D.V.M.
Michael Redmer, D.V.M., has been a staff
veterinarian at the Michigan Humane
Society Berman Center for Animal Care
in Westland for more than 10 years. The
three MHS veterinary centers comprise
one of the largest veterinary practices in
the state.
Do you have a pet health or safety question
for this column? E-mail your inquiry to:
[email protected]
For a wide variety of pet health
and safety topics, visit:
Celebrity Chat
ebby MacDonald never dreamed of
stardom when she first rolled up
her sleeves to volunteer at the
Michigan Humane Society in 1981. Walking
shelter dogs and cleaning kennels isn’t the
usual path to fame, but that’s exactly what
led to the Pontiac native’s starring role in
Animal Cops: Detroit, the hit reality series
on Animal Planet that follows the work of
the MHS Cruelty Investigation Department.
Her lifelong career with MHS formally
began the following year. After that, it
wasn’t long before she joined the small team
of MHS cruelty investigators.
MacDonald, 47, does double duty at
MHS, serving as the Facility Director of the
MHS Detroit Center for Animal Care and
as Senior Supervising Cruelty Investigator.
Certified by the Law Enforcement Training
Institute of the University of Missouri’s
National Cruelty Investigations School,
she teaches the school’s Blood Sport
Investigation courses around the country.
At day’s end, MacDonald heads home to
her husband, Bob; son, Rob, 14; and the
family’s multi-legged members, all from
MHS: dogs Daphanie and Ralf; Tiger, a
tabby; and Rosie and Gertrude, tarantulas.
We caught up with her to learn more about
her passion for animal welfare and her
unexpected celebrity.
CAREER WITH MHS? I was always the
kid who picked up strays and brought them
home, much to my mother’s dismay. I
started as a volunteer when I was 19, and
the more I learned about MHS, the more
it fascinated me that there was an
organization that did all the things MHS
Getting an animal out of a bad situation
and seeing that animal go from starving and
chained to a fence to sleeping on someone’s
bed at home. Equally important, though, is
the opportunity to educate. Whenever we
educate people, we make lasting changes in
animals’ lives.
TREATMENT? Because you know there are
When Debby MacDonald started her career with MHS at age 19, becoming an internationally known animal rescue expert was
the furthest thing from her mind. Now the Michigan Humane Society's senior supervising cruelty investigator, MacDonald has
dedicated her career to helping abused and neglected animals, such as shepherd mix Toby, who was abandoned.
happy endings, you focus on the positive
changes. You can’t get negative and bitter in
this job, or you can’t be effective for the
animals. Persistence is also key. Cruelty cases
may not be won overnight, but if the evidence
is there, we’ll fight for justice until the end.
DETROIT? It’s really given us the
opportunity to reach a lot of people. Even
viewers from Europe thank us for making
them aware of animal cruelty and the fact
that there are people they can call to do
something about it. Locally, more people are
reporting abuse and neglect. People look at
us now and see we’re the good guys.
It still catches us offguard when we’re
recognized. We didn’t expect that to
happen. I’ll be in the grocery store, and
people come up and pinch my cheeks.
FROM VIEWERS? Letters from the kids.
You can tell they’re paying attention and
have taken away something positive. We
also get knit scarves, mittens, things like
that. People care about our work, and they
express that.
WORK? In terms of reporting cruelty, know
who to call, and don’t wait. We can’t help if
we don’t know. Also, it’s people’s support
that gives us the opportunity to help
thousands of abused animals each year. Our
supporters are as important a piece of the
puzzle as we are.
– By Theresa Falzone

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