New York State Festival of Balloons



New York State Festival of Balloons
Draft copy 04-01-12
Draft copy 04-01-12
Draft copy 04-01-12
(Dansville Festival of Balloons, Ltd.)
P.O. Box 427
August 31 – September 3, 2012
The purpose of this event is to invite attention to the Community of Dansville, NY while providing a
controlled safe environment for both general aviation interests and the community at large to enjoy the
sport of hot air ballooning.
This manual is submitted as part of an Application for a Waiver of 14 CFR Section 91.119(b), 91.119(c)
and 91.209 of the Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR’s) by the Dansville Festival of Balloons, LTD
Festival Director for the ‘New York State Festival of Balloons’ to be held August 31- September 3rd,
The organizers and officials of the NYSFOB have agreed to accept and follow to the best of all
appropriateness, the Balloon Federation of America - Balloon Event Guidelines 2011, Version 3.0. The
entire document is available at The NYSFOB is not a BFA sanctioned event but it is
applying these guidelines with the intent of managing a safe event while simultaneously maximizing the
integrity of pilot decision-making throughout flight operations. All organizers, officials and participating
pilots will be informed that the NYSFOB will ascribe to these guidelines by signature on the Letter of
Agreement prior to participation.
The operations will occur within a ten (10) mile radius of the launch site located at the Dansville
Municipal Airport, NY, FAA identifier DSV, as shown on the attached Sectional map. Final landings
may occur beyond this radius, but all navigational competitive targets (when used) will be within the
(10) mile radius.
Runway 18-36 at the Dansville Municipal Airport, New York will be closed to all traffic from 0900
EST on Thursday, August 30, 2012 through 1200 EST on September 3, 2012. Runway 14-32 will be
closed during balloon flight operations as follows:
1800 EST to 1948 EST, Friday, August 31, 2012
0700 EST to 1000 EST, Saturday, September 1, 2012
1800 EST to 1946 EST, Saturday, September 1, 2012
0700 EST to 0900 EST, Sunday, September 2, 2012
1800 EST to 1944 EST, Sunday, September 2, 2012
0700 EST to 1000 EST, Monday, September 3, 2012
Draft copy 04-01-12
c) All static displays
will be kept two hundred fifty (250’) feet off center of Runway 14-32.
Attachment #2 shows the relationship of the Airport to Dansville Village.
a) Static displays made up of art, craft, antique and food vendors will be setup on a line due west from
the existing Matthew’s Buses, Inc. building to a point three hundred (300’) feet due east of Runway
14-32 for its entire length. It should be noted that other static displays (mostly aviation oriented)
would be incorporated into this event in the aforementioned area. The southwest section of Runway
18-36 will be used for a Classic Car Show on Sunday, September 2, 2012. Boundaries for this
activity will recognize the need for a three hundred (300) foot safety zone from active Runway 1432.
b) General public access will be over Forbes Street located at the south end of the Airport running in a
northerly direction with exiting through the gate at Shay Road onto Rt. #63. There is a 2nd Entry/Exit
point on the north end of the Airport for the parking lot off Meter Road.
c) The option to provide a static display of inflated, tethered balloons when operations are unacceptable
for flight will be at the discretion of the Event Director and in conjunction with the Festival Director.
These displays will only occur inside the flight operations area and under strict control of Festival
security. Should this option be enacted, a limited number of balloons will be permitted to inflate to a
full upright position and securely tethered to recovery vehicles with all ancillary equipment stowed.
The Event will permit orderly crowd interaction allowing entrance to the flight operations area
through one single gate for a specified time limitation. Festival security will be visible throughout
the area and designated with authority to manage all crowd activity. Field announcements prior to,
throughout, and with festival security enforcement, a NO SMOKING BAN on the field of operations
will be controlled. At the end of the specified time limit, all spectators will leave the area before
balloons are deflated to eliminate any spectator interference with equipment tear down and stowage.
d) The Dansville Festival of Balloons LTD is a longstanding legally formed organization designed to
operate the NYSFOB as a charitable fundraising opportunity for the benefit of local and extended
community of Dansville, NY. The substance of the event’s fundraising is through the organized sale
of balloon rides. The management of all sales is coordinated under the complete control of the
Festival. Only Commercially Licensed Pilots are allowed to fulfill the sold passenger rides during
this event. No other paid rides other than those sold through the NYSFOB will be permitted.
Violation of this policy will result in immediate grounding of the pilot and aircraft through the
remainder of the event and forfeiture of remaining Pilot amenities and stipends. Passenger
assignment will be based on pilot’s providing their aircraft manufacturer’s weight limitations and
given to the NYSFOB ride sales staff in advance of the event. All paid passengers will be considered
designated flight crew and be expected to sign the Acknowledgement of Responsibility and with the
PIC responsible to fulfill all duties associated to crew training.
Draft copy 04-01-12
Balloon Crew Designated Flight Crew Form and
Acknowledgement of Responsibility
Pilot Name:
(Please Print)
_______________________________ _________________________________________
FAA ORDER 8900.1 states that: only flight crewmembers may be carried on board any balloon operating under the FAA Waiver
issued to the DANSVILLE FESTIVAL OF BALLOONS, LTD hereby acknowledge that: a)
I have received appropriate training
concerning my duties relative to the event; b) I have attended the pilot and crewmember briefing before each event; c) I have read the
FAA Waiver and I have been briefed on its limitations; and, d) I have been designated Event Flight Crewmember for the purpose of
this event.
In consideration of the agreement to permit me to be a designated flight crewmember, on behalf of myself, my heirs, successors,
executors, administrators, and legal representatives (collectively "I") do hereby release and forever discharge the DANSVILLE
FESTIVAL OF BALLOON, LTD, its officers and volunteers, financial sponsors of the balloons, race officials and the Balloon
Federation of America (BFA), City of Dansville, Dansville Municipal Airport, and all respective officers, directors, trustees, agents,
members, employees, successors and assigns, and each of them, from any and all claims, demands, damages, actions and causes of
action of every name and nature, anticipated or unanticipated, which I may have against any of the aforementioned organizations and
persons, which may arise out of or result from or in any manner be connected with the balloon flight or activity in which I participate
as a designated flight crewmember. Balloon flight or activity includes but is not limited to the preparation, takeoff, flight, landing,
boarding, pack-up or travel to or from the take- off or landing areas, including ground transportation thereto.
I certify that I am at least 18 years of age, and that I have no medical or mental condition that prevents me from participating in the
Ballooning Activities or from executing this Agreement. Further, I understand and acknowledge that Ballooning Activities are
hazardous activities and that there is a possibility that those participating could be injured and/or killed while participating. Finally, I
understand that I am being permitted to be a designated crewmember only on the condition that I grant a full and complete release of
any and all claims that may arise against the organizations and persons designated herein as a result of any injuries (including death) or
damages that I may suffer as a result of or arising out of the balloon flight or activities.
This Agreement was entered into in New York and shall be enforced and interpreted under New York law. Should any clauses in this
Agreement be in conflict with state law, and then only that clause shall be null and void while the remaining clauses shall remain in full
force and effect.
IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I hereunto set my hand in Dansville, NY at the New York State Festival of Balloons:
Draft copy 04-01-12
In consideration of being allowed to participate in The Dansville Festival of Balloons LTD, August 31–
September 3, 2012, I hereby certify that I am aware of and agree with the responsibility legally
transferred to me under the Federal Aviation Regulation as regards my personal decision to fly my
balloon, and any bodily injury or property damage resulting therefrom is solely my liability.
I further agree that none of the flights are mandatory, that I will make all flights at my option, and that
my decision as pilot in command may affect my standings in competitive events if I choose not to fly.
I further certify that I have in force a balloon insurance policy with minimum liability limits of
$1,000,000.00 each occurrence combined bodily injury and property damage, including passengers,
but not less than $ 100,000.00 each passenger or $ 300,000.00 all passengers that I carry in free
flight. Proof of insurance will be provided at registration.
I agree that the organizers and sponsors of The Dansville Festival of Balloons LTD are providing me
with the facilities and means for my participation in this event and in no way do they supersede in the
responsibility of the pilot-in-command as stated in the FAR's or otherwise. Thus, I release the
aforementioned from liability for their actions in relation to The Dansville Festival of Balloons LTD
which may arise out of or result from or in any manner be connected with the balloon flight or activity
in which I participate as a pilot-in-command.
It is my understanding that the pilot of each balloon is in full and complete charge and control of said
balloon and is responsible for all decisions made concerning all things or persons in or connected
with said balloon on the ground or in the air. Officials of the Dansville Festival of Balloons LTD may
supply information, guidance, or data and will use reasonable care to ensure the information is
accurate and complete. However, the Dansville Festival of Balloons LTD assumes no responsibility
for the completeness or accuracy of such information. It is my decision whether to rely on that
information or acquire additional information. I agree that none of the flights are mandatory and that I
will make all flights at my option.
I hereby give permission to, without any restriction, The Dansville Festival of Balloons LTD or its
assigns, to use still and motion pictures and sound recordings of me, by balloon, equipment, chase
crewmembers, employees and agents for news, advertising, promotional media and commercial
It is my understanding that the organizers may inspect all balloons entered in the event; but that such
inspection is only for the purpose of determining whether the aircraft complies with all rules of
eligibility of said Dansville Festival of Balloons LTD. The approval of the balloon by said officials
does not constitute a representation or warranty of any kind or character whatsoever concerning the
mechanical condition of the aircraft, or whether or not it is airworthy.
By my signature below, I certify that all information contained in the registration is accurate
and I accept the terms of this entry agreement.
Pilot Name (Please Print)
Pilot Signature
Draft copy 04-01-12
Festival Organizer
Event Director
Weather Officer
Safety Officer
Gerri Waight 585.233.4271
Rick Kohut 330.413.5587
Greg Miller 216.409.3241
Dana Emerick 330.417.6589
FAA Liaison
Landowner Relations
Crowd Control
Gerri Waight / Rick Kohut
Gerri Waight
Committee Security &/or local law enforcement.
Gerri Waight
Other Phone Numbers & Frequencies
Lost Balloon # 585-233-4271
Dansville Unicom
Dansville Airport # 585-335-2076
Dansville ASOS
Dansville Police # 585-243-7100
Rochester Approach
Emergency # 911
In Flight Communications
or 123.5
State Police # 800-252-0820
Automated Weather # 585-335-2380
Draft copy 04-01-12
One 2011 local area competitive map will be provided to all participating pilots at registration. These maps are
to be returned at the end of the event or at the time of departure unless otherwise noted by officials.
Launch Field: UTM / UPS:
Launch Field Elevation = 662’ MSL
18T 4716973.8 W
0277294.7 N
Magnetic Deviation = 8.2 degrees West
Map Datum
Map scale
WGS 84
The Event will be using One Call Now, a phone messaging service designed to permit event officials to
communicate ONE detailed, universal voice message for all to hear at the same time. This will be used to
contact all pilots, crew chiefs and other event/volunteer staff when a cancellation, recall or other emergency
communication may be needed. For maximum efficiency, keep your cell phone as well as that of your crew
chief turned on and accessible at all times throughout the event. All contact numbers (cellular required) must be
provided to a designated event official for entry into a temporary, secure databank for use only during this event.
Prohibited Zones (PZ’s) are color coded on the maps provided as RED (no landing & minimum altitude
requirement) or YELLOW (no landing permitted). Positive landowner relations are vital to the continuance of
this event and it is expected all pilots respect these marked zones and their indicated restrictions. Violation of
PZ requirements may result in subsequent flight restrictions with operations.
In order to maintain a safe operating distance from major highways, I 390 is designated as a RED ROAD PZ.
Pilots must maintain a 300’ distance from the centerline of this roadway.
This PZ is a tunnel-shaped airspace around the axis of the motorway. You will have to stay 300’ (100 meters)
away from this axis. Abuse or reported violation of this Motorway-PZ may result in range from pilot grounding
from one or more flights(s) up to dismissal from the event.
Draft copy 04-01-12
Registration and Airworthiness Determination
Balloons flown at the event must have current certificates of registration and airworthiness, or in place of
the latter, an equivalent document from the Federal Aviation Administration. Pilots are responsible to
follow all proper procedures for balloons damaged or otherwise made un-airworthy during the event.
Throughout the event, the Safety Officer, designees, and/or appropriate FAA personnel, will be consulted
as necessary.
Pilot and Event Flight Crew Members
Each pilot must hold the appropriate pilot certificate (Private or Commercial) with Lighter-Than-Air
Category and Free Class Rating. Each pilot must show evidence of current Flight Review (14 CFR part
61, § 61.56) and must show evidence of currency per §61.57.
Per FAA Order 8900.1, event flight crewmembers participating or carried on board a balloon during the
event must have been briefed by the pilot of the balloon and must attend the pilot briefing for that flight.
Each event flight crewmember must sign the ‘Balloon Crew Designated Flight Crew Form &
Acknowledgement of Responsibility’ document supplied by the event to the pilot (example above). Each
event flight crewmember must attest that they have attended the applicable pilot briefing(s) and have read
and understand the conditions of the waiver. Only the number of event flight crewmember(s) specified by
the respective balloon flight manual may be carried in each balloon during the flight. During any
competitive operations, crewmembers will be kept to a minimum and are limited to a maximum of two.
These documents are to be kept by the pilot and returned to a designated event official at the end of the
event of upon departure.
Pilot Crew Briefing Procedures
All pilots are required to sign a statement indicating that they have read and understand the provisions of
the waiver. All pilots are required to attend the Master Pilot Briefing at the beginning of this event and
each weather briefing prior to each flight. Failure to attend any single briefing prohibits that pilot from
participating in that single flight. Permission to fly will require that pilot to meet with the Event Director
for a personalized briefing and release to participate. Flight briefings will include mandatory
operational/safety expectations, flight area review, courtesy weather data, and contest information if
applicable. Pilots are still responsible to obtain their own weather briefings according to flight
regulations. The Event Director is responsible for the safe and professional operations throughout the
entire event. He has the final authority in the decision for all and throughout all flight operations.
Whenever the Event Director opens the field for flight operations, all decisions and control of one’s
aircraft becomes the responsibility of each P. I. C. regarding their final decision to fly or not to fly.
Letter of Agreement / Statement of Responsibility
Each pilot has signed a letter of agreement and statement of responsibility acknowledging their
responsibilities under the FARs as related to the Dansville Festival of Balloons, LTD.
Event Documentation
1) All relevant registration files, task data sheets pilot registration information, etc., will be
maintained by the organizer at least 60 days after the event and will be made available to the FAA
Monitor upon request. Local area competition maps and competitive task sheets will be made
available to the FAA Monitor at the time of the pilot general pilot briefing(s).
Pilots shall have the following documents for review and verifications at registration:
 Pilot certificate with Lighter than air balloon type rating with airborne heater
Draft copy 04-01-12
 Current biennial endorsement
 Proof of current annual or 100-hour inspection
 Aircraft Registration
 Aircraft Airworthiness Certificate
 Current Proof of required insurance ($1,000,000 minimum liability)
 Record of flight currency documented in pilot logbook
The Festival Organizer and/or Event Director reserve the right to refuse or restrict pilot(s)
participation in any or all flights during this New York State Festival of Balloons for failure to
comply with event or operational requirements, guidelines, expectations or instruction.
Clear Areas
Clear areas are established at the primary competitive target site (Dansville Municipal Airport). This area
is kept clear of spectators and is fenced. Scoring officials will police the target site to keep unauthorized
persons out. In the Minimum Altitude Diagram, this is referred to as the “Target Area.”
Spectator/Crowd Control Requirements & Areas
The primary spectator area is located at the main launch site (Dansville Municipal Airport). A physical
barrier around the launch site manages crowd control and the target areas are controlled by Festival
Scoring Officials. Balloon recovery vehicles are parked in restricted areas. Local police controls traffic.
Barriers are used to secure spectators from the pilot briefing area, headquarters, and from potential lowlevel flight areas surrounding goals/targets. It is hereby noted that the flight of a balloon commonly occurs
at sufficiently slow speeds permitting people ample opportunity to move away from approaching balloons.
Competitive goals/targets set outside the primary launch area in remote areas attract few spectators beyond
those involved in race operations (officials and crews). Festival scoring officials control these areas as
determined by conditions and will isolate the area surrounding the goal/target from any unauthorized
Landowner Relations/Notification
Positive landowner relations are vital to the continuance of competitive balloon events. There is an
ongoing effort by all involved persons to maintain good landowner relations for the event.
Permission to land at, or on a given site will be the responsibility of the PIC (Pilot-in-Command) and
he/she may delegate this responsibility to the Recovery Crew who will make every effort to obtain said
Pilots and crews are reminded of the importance of Landowner Relations. The countryside is the farmer’s
livelihood. Good farmer relationships are essential to our sport. Pilots are to be aware of the following:
Uncut hay is a valuable cash crop. Landing in uncut hay fields will cause irreparable damage.
Livestock can be easily frightened by our presence and in their panic potentially can do damage
to themselves and the farmer’s fencing and pens.
Draft copy 04-01-12
Please remember these guidelines when dealing with our landowners:
1. Always be COURTEOUS and respectful to the fact that you may be trespassing unless invited onto
the property.
2. Select a landing site that will create the least possible interference or inconvenience to the
landowner or farmer. Preferably select a field FREE OF CROPS and be particularly CAREFUL OF
ANIMALS on the approach and on possible overshoot.
3. After landing, DISCOURAGE ONLOOKERS from entering onto the land unless the landowner is
there or has given permission.
4. ALWAYS obtain permission BEFORE you enter the property with your recovery vehicle.
5. Ensure that farm fences are not damaged and gates are left as you initially find them.
6. NEVER LITTER the property.
7. If damage is caused or the farmer wishes to take further action, exchange names and addresses and
report the facts to the event officials immediately upon your return to the main Operations area.
8. Never use the excuse “I ran out of fuel” if you do damage. It is a violation of the FAR’s to run out
of fuel.
a) Operations will be conducted between sunrise and sunset only. No launch operation will be conducted
when surface winds exceed 10 kts (11.5 mph) nor in a manner that would create hazard to person or
b) No launch operation will be conducted when the visibility is less than three (3) miles.
The distance from clouds requirement of 14 CFR 91.155 are not waived.
The Rochester Approach Control Supervisor in Charge (585-463-3822) will be notified prior to
conducting operations in controlled airspace. Permission of the Airport Manager or his/her
representative will be sought prior to conducting operations on the airport or in a traffic pattern of the
The demonstration shall be halted for any reason that is in the interest of safety. It shall also be halted
when unauthorized persons, vehicles or aircraft enter the operations area. Only those persons
necessary to support operations should be authorized in the operating areas. FESTIVAL
Adequate communication capability (electronic or visual) will be provided to maintain a safe operation
to control spectators and to advise participants that the aerial demonstration has been halted or
The distance from airport target areas to spectators shall be not less than 200 feet.
Draft copy 04-01-12
a) The New
York State Police, the Livingston County Sheriff’s Department and the Dansville Police
Department will coordinate all Public Safety activity and provide the safe movement of people and
A ‘barrier line’ will be erected between spectators and the area set-aside for balloon launch operations.
Those assigned to ‘public safety’ will actively patrol this barrier line to maintain spectators from
intermingling with balloon launch operations.
Area of Operation
Flight operations will occur within a 10 nautical mile radius of the launch field located at Dansville Municipal
Airport with field coordinates on WGS84 is 18T 4716973.8 W 0277294.7 N (1697/7729) as indicated on the
official competition/flight area map. Final landings may occur beyond these boundaries, but no pilot choice
take-offs or mass ascensions will exceed these boundaries. Headquarters for the event operations will be located
at the Main Pilot Briefing Tent on Dansville Municipal Airport property. (Attachment 2)
Types of Operations
The event will consist of single flights with the possibility of competitive tasks determined by the Event
Director after consultation with other competition officials and considering the conditions - current and
forecasted - during the anticipated flight times.
Competition Option
This event is not organized, promoted, nor with a flying area compatible to operate as a traditional competitive
event as defined by the BFA HACD. The festival organizers have determined however, that including simple,
non-complex competitive tasks is an appropriate demonstration for the public in the exercise of aircraft
navigation and is in the festival’s favorable interest. The decision to consider a competitive task on any
particular flight is the sole discretion of the Event Director and with the choice to participate resting solely with
the pilot. If/when a competitive task is considered; specific task instructions will be distributed to those
participating at the Pilot Briefing. If the Festival provides the option for a Prize Fund to competitive
participants, distribution of funds will be by determined by a plan designed by festival organizers. Measured
results are always limited scoring.
Examples of tasks would be limited to:
 Hare and Hound
 Fly –in (to Airport only)
 Watership Down
Draft copy 04-01-12
 Minimum Altitude Diagram
The waiver provides that registered balloons will be allowed to make approaches to targets and/or goals within
the designated areas. Balloons making these approaches will be permitted to fly at altitudes as follows:
Over congested areas, at altitudes of not less than 500 feet above highest obstacles
Within 2,000 feet of a target or goal site, at any altitude of not less than 75 feet over participating
spectators, where the balloon has attained a state of equilibrium
Balloons may descend to the surface over non-congested areas but must remain at least 200 feet from
occupied buildings and spectators not in the immediate vicinity of the event locations
No balloon shall descend faster than 300 feet per minute while below 200 feet above ground level
At any altitude within a controlled target area or corridor cleared of spectators
In order to provide the highest possible level of safety for spectators, the scoring officials will cause
scoring/measuring officials to be positioned among the spectators to allow crowds to be shifted as necessary and
to provide warning regarding any markers that may be dropped in the spectator areas. Announcements over the
public address systems will also advise the spectators of the possibilities of both low flying balloons aver the
area and of markers being dropped in this area.
Draft copy 04-01-12
Weather Requirements
Flight operations will be conducted during the period from published Sunrise to Sunset, with Visual Flight
Rules (VFR) and weather conditions as specified in §91.155. Maximum demonstrated surface winds must be 10
knots or less. If/when the field is deemed open for flight operations by the Event Director, the decision for
flight becomes the sole responsibility of the Pilot and the decision of whether to hold a task is the sole
responsibility of the Event Director after consultation with appropriate safety officials and the FAA monitor (if
Communication Requirements
Primarily provided at the required pilot briefing, supplementary information may also provided using an
automated mobile phone call service (One-Call Now), and through the public address system. Most pilots carry
either amateur band, FM, CB, or aircraft radios.
Air Traffic Coordination
A NOTAM will be requested from Lockheed-Martin Information Technology at 877-487-6867 advising of
numerous balloons in the Livingston County area at varying altitudes from August 31 - September 3, 2012
during the three hours immediately after sunrise and three hours prior to sunset.
**No balloon shall operate contrary to any NOTAM or Temporary Flight Restriction. (TFR)
Draft copy 04-01-12
After each flight, proceed directly to propane station area and save the after flight celebration post refueling.
Failure to do this may result in your inability to get propane. We may well assume you did not fly and have no
need for fuel. If you DID NOT FLY a particular flight, please notify Gerri Waight.
Enter the Propane Refueling area as directed; provide your pilot name and number. Return any unused
contest baggies at this point.
When refueling, follow these guidelines. Our personnel and the fire department will be strictly enforcing these
guidelines, especially #10 and #11.
Have your refueling adapters connected prior to entering the fueling area. After refueling, leave the
immediate area to a spot away from the line to finalize your flight completion process and pack up any
other required housekeeping needs.
No more than two crew may be in the refueling station area. Persons doing the refueling must be
experienced in tank fills.
Pilots are responsible for proper filling of tanks.
Disarm strikers and remove from basket.
Leave cell phones in the recovery vehicles and turn them off.
No nylon apparel while in the station area.
Only tanks used in flight will be refueled.
Pilot lights in campers, chase commanders, etc, must be turned off.
All vehicles must be turned off.
No persons are permitted inside the balloon basket or vehicle passenger compartment during refueling.
balloons with exceptionally large baskets and tanks may request assistance from more than two in the
station area – but only two are to be present when fuel is flowing.
Refueling Hours & Location (Dansville Municipal Airport)
Thursday, August 30
August 31
August 31
Saturday, September 1
Sunday, September 2
Monday, September 3
post glow - 10:30 pm at Dansville Village Mart
post flight – independently at Dansville Village Mart
7:00 pm – 10:00 pm
8:30 am – 11:00 am
and 7 pm – 10:00 pm
8:30 am – 11:00 am
and 7 pm – 10:00 pm
8:30 am – 11:00 am
Draft copy 04-01-12
Dansville Airport Sectional Chart
Draft copy 04-01-12
Attachment #2