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The Cadillac Report
The Cadillac Report
June 12, 2015
From the Office of City Manager, Marcus Peccia
The first Downtown Cadillac Opportunity Walk
will be on June 25th from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.
The Downtown Opportunity Walk will provide a
chance to stroll the heart of downtown and
tour several fantastic available spaces, including
some that have already been creatively adapted
to new successful establishments.
The aerial image to the left identifies locations
that are part of this special event, and people
are encouraged to come and go as they please,
visiting some or all at their convenience
between 5:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. Hosts will be
present at all of the locations to provide
additional information and tours.
Recently reported by the Cadillac News after the public
information release from the Cadillac Police Department,
three people were identified, and charges are being
sought, in connection with the vandalism that occurred
earlier this month at our public restroom facilities located
adjacent to the Rotary Pavilion and the new ADA accessible
playground (“Lakefront Park”).
Subsequent to the vandalism, key members of staff met with a surveillance consultant on-site and
toured various locations around our lakefront, including the bathrooms, which potentially could be
protected by a wired camera system. It is anticipated that a proposal for installation of a new, wired
surveillance camera system will be presented to Council for consideration next month. For reference,
the current system is wireless, obsolete, and given its positioning and capabilities, would not have
recorded the recent vandalism activities. As an aside, the City is also looking into creating a new wireless
network for the purposes of connecting our various facilities for voice/data/video needs; however the
installation of a new surveillance camera system would occur on its own separate timeframe.
Sticker Shock! With the summer season upon us, the Mayor’s Youth Council and Police Department are
in the process of coordinating a new program whereby youth-designed stickers are adhered to multipacks of alcoholic beverages in participating retail stores in our community. The purpose of the stickers
would be to try and further prevent underage drinking by reminding clerks and potential buyers that it is
illegal to sell/buy alcohol if you are underage.
Albeit it was a bit rainy out, the Back
to the Bricks event was still a
wonderful success! This year a 1929
Ford Phaeton won the Mayor’s
June 13th is the “National Get Outdoors Day”, and our organization’s Wellness Committee is currently
participating in the Golden Shoe Challenge, which is sponsored by the Cadillac Area Health Coalition.
The Golden Shoe challenge is a county-wide challenge between companies with everyone logging their
physical activity for the summer. Our spring program of the 2015 Campaign encouraged healthy living
practices for the whole family, and we have enjoyed our highest participation to-date with that
The Wellness Committee is comprised of several staff members from various departments, and they are
focusing on the continued development of our program by organizing activities to improve our health
and environment.
I hope everyone has a great weekend, and please continue reading below for additional information.
Please also be sure to visit our City’s website and City’s Facebook page for information on public
meetings, access to many official documents, and for information on a variety of community activities
and events.
Police Department Activity 05-13-15 through 06-10-15
Criminal Investigations
Non-Criminal Investigations
Traffic Citations
Parking Citations
Traffic Verbal Warnings
Traffic Accidents
FOIA Requests
Gun Registrations
Code Enforcement Blight
Code Enforcement Lawns
Code Enforcement Vehicles
Code Enforcement App. Tickets 2
Service Response Totals
Police Department Training
All CPD personnel attended a legal update in Cadillac as presented by the Wexford County
Prosecutors Office.
Sergeant Crawford and Officer Bertram attended monthly ERT trainings
Officer Taylor attended monthly K-9 trainings.
Sgt. Izzard attended GAGE Instructor re-certification.
Off. Schall attended Dr. Gilmartin’s Emotional Survival seminar in Troy, MI.
Of Interest
Three Community Police Officers have been hired to work summer foot and bicycle patrols.
Their initial training and orientation period is nearly complete and they should be working the
streets and parks soon. These officers are fully sworn and empowered police officers by the
standards set for by MCOLES.
“Proudly Serving Since 1882”
A traffic accident occurred in
the industrial park after a driver
failed to notice a stop sign. The
investigating officer contacted
the street department to have
the stop sign pulled prior to the
wrecker righting the vehicle
thus avoiding further damage
to city property. The driver of
the truck sought their own
medical treatment.
2015 CPD Community Police
Off. Jordan LaDouce, Officer
Michael Fowler and Off.
Mackenzie Pahl.
As we soared past the half-way point of the year, we began an audit of our public outreach/education
programs. Fire prevention is not as simple as going out and preaching “TEST YOUR SMOKE ALARMS” or
“STOP DROP AND ROLL”. Internally, we have to examine the injuries and losses experienced in the
community, try to identify any trends to the losses, and study these trends. Once we understand our
problems, we can devise our outreach programs accordingly. Our number one goal for this year is to
help people become more “fire-conscious” and to discard the thought of “It will never happen to me.”
To accomplish this feat, our goal is simple: reach out to more people. At the halfway mark of the year,
we have presented at nine different events with an overall attendance of 347 adults and 752 children!
In six months’ time, we have reached the equivalent of one tenth of the City’s population. What is even
more exciting is that we still have all summer and fire prevention week to extend our reach. As of today,
it is looking like a banner year for community relations/interactions for your fire department.
The Fire Marshal attended a four-day advanced fire investigation training in Lansing sponsored by the
Michigan State Police. Fire investigation knowledge is very crucial to our department because it helps us
identify the underlying causes of fires which serve as the basis of our fire prevention efforts. The Fire
Marshal will also be presenting on the changes to the International Fire Code on June 17th. So please
come in for a great educational and networking opportunity.
Captains Osborn and Near attended an eight hour training at Paul Olivier Memorial Hospital in Frankfort.
The purpose of the training was to help us better understand hospital operations during a hazardous
materials incident.
“Meet the Marshal 2”
Wednesday, June 17th, 2015 5:30-7:00 PM
City of Cadillac Municipal Complex Council Chambers
Department Summary since May 29th, 2015:
Structure Fires
Total Incident Responses
Service Calls
Medical Responses
Rental Housing Inspections
Hours of Firefighter Training
Historic District Commission
The Historic District Commission (HDC) is making plans to have a workshop for its commission members
within the next couple months here in Cadillac. The State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) will be
providing the instructor. HDC meetings and this workshop are open to the public. For information
please contact the Community Development Office at [email protected] or call 231-775-0181.
On Monday June 8th Lake Cadillac received its spring treatment for eradicating invasive plant species
including milfoil. This spring 38 acres were treated. Lake Cadillac covers over 1,100 acres. The
treatment program over the past five years has been successful. A comprehensive survey of the entire
Lake Cadillac vegetation is taken two weeks prior to the treatment.
Downtown Gateway Planters and Hanging Baskets
Again this year our Downtown Development Authority provided the funding to cover this colorful array
of flowers and topiaries. City staff last year received multiple inquiries from other communities asking
about our program.
The Dog Park Advisory Committee
(DPAC) is working on their final
design for a dog park located off
Sixth Avenue near 13th Street. The
current concept includes both a
large and small dog park.
The group is planning to use a lot
of existing fence from when this
site was used as a ball field. When
they finalize their plan DPAC will
present it to City Council for their
The committee typically meets on
a monthly basis and raising the
funds needed for construction of
this project is ongoing. The public
is invited to participate in their
meetings. For more information
please contact the Community
Development office here at City
Hall. 231-775-0181 X102
As depicted in these
photos, the
intersection of
Lake/South Streets will
be closed for
construction on
Tuesday, June 16th.
Underground work on
Lake Street is expected
to be completed next
week with restoration
of the street
commencing soon
after and completion
of the entire project on
target for completion
by the end of June.
Street Department mowing right-of-ways.
Other News
Working on Sunnyside Drive project with hydro seeding nearing completion.
On Monday, June 15, 2015 work will commence by Cadillac Shores apartments where
MDOT will be installing a new catch basin for drainage.
Involvement in the Back to the Bricks event with need for road closures, placement of
barricades and signs.

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