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Contact - Chicago Artists Resource
Welcome to the South Chicago Coalition for the Arts
Directory of Artists
The Arts community is the constant part of the life of South
Chicago. We see the arts as building connections between our
visions and reality. We use it to connect to our youth, celebrate
our culture and strengthen our relationships with our
community and each other. We also see the arts as a way to
make peace in the community and within ourselves.
We invite you to use this artist directory as a tool to engage
South Chicago Artists in your programs and projects. Our intent
is to cultivate the sustainability and growth of the arts in our
community by promoting their work. If you have any
questions please feel free to contact us.
Jackie Samuel
New Communities Program Director
Claretian Associates
Raising community involvement in the urban landscape
Founded in 1996 by Neil Gaffney, an architect from
Scotland, archi-treasures was largely formed by the
work of architects and community development
corporations around Chicago who recognized the
urgent need for Chicago communities to organize,
build capacity, and participate in the redevelopment
of their neighborhoods.
Archi-treasures is an arts-based community
development organization reducing social isolation by
creating grassroots partnerships to build public spaces,
empowering individuals to shape their future and the
future of their community.
Core Values
The skills and training of artists, architects, and designers can be
mobilized for the benefit of communities in order to implement
community ideas.
Useful, accessible, and attractive public space is critical to the process
of successful community building.
3339 West Division
Community ideas can be accessed through a participatory design
process which is central to every archi-treasures project.
Chicago, IL 60651
archi-treasures projects begin with identifying, activating and
supplementing community assets and resources.
Tel: 773.772.4416
Fax: 773.772.4418
archi-treasures projects are developed in partnership with a strong
community-based organization that can and will contribute resources
to the project.
[email protected]
The step-by-step process of planning and making things brings people
All communities, even the poorest, should have critical input into how
their environment looks, feels, and is used.
Elisa Botelo
My personal photographic interests are
documentary and range from documenting spaces: personal
spaces of the home and urban landscape, undocumented
histories of forgotten communities, and (self) portraits. It is
through the documentation of these areas that details are
revealed and the exploration of self begins for the artist.
Stories and objects of uneventful and ordinary accounts,
particular only to specific eras and cultures in time, are
often the most telling and honest details into the complex
and diversified state of urban areas. My documentation and
construction of these accounts is my attempt at creating a
history personal to the experience and environment of my
Elisa has a Bachelor of Art and Design in Photography
from the University of Illinois at Chicago. Her academic
honors include the: University of Illinois at Chicago
President Award; the University of Illinois at Chicago
Deans List and the University of Illinois at Chicago McNair
Her Artistic Experience includes:
Elisa M. Botello
3126 East 92nd Street, Chicago, IL 60617
[email protected]
New Works Show – Spring 2007
Created a series of three portrait images taken with a
handmade 4X5 pinhole camera titled: Boyfriend, Shot at
Home with a Hand made 4X5.
Undergraduate Thesis Show – Fall 2007
Developed a five-minute video narrative titled Constructing
South Chicago. This short was an exploration into the world
of traditional documentary video, still image and voice
over narrative.
Summer Research Opportunity Program – Summer 2005
Created a series of images based on an investigation of
demographic changes on public transit systems in the
Chicago land area.
Brenda Starr Woods
Tap Dance
The Hoofers Club is designed to preserve the
culture of Tap Dance and it music while providing
fun and fitness for today‟s Seniors. The program
activities introduces Tap dancing to new members
and a refresher course for others. The class also
have a music appreciation component that
introduces different music styles.
More than 20 South Chicago seniors are enjoying
their exercise more than ever with their
involvement in the new South Chicago Hoofers
Club, which practices at Villa Guadalupe Senior
Brenda Woods
ph: 773.902.7391
[email protected]
South Chicago Artist Directory
Both my parents were dancers. My mother
performed with the famous Chocolate Steppers. I
was a Theatre Major and studies Physical
Education in College. I studied ballet at the Ruth
Page Foundation. I developed my Tap dancing
under the tutelage of Tommy Sutton, Sammy
Dyer, Marion Grossett, June Pritchett, Laura
Edwards and several teachers at M.A.D.D.
Rhythms. I studied Modern Dance and Jazz under
Julian Swain, Joel Hall and Albert Williams. I
also studied under various instructors at Mayfair
Academy, Sammy Dyer School and the Gus
Giordano Dance Center.
The Bronzeville/Black Chicago Historical Society
About Us
The Bronzeville / Black Chicagoan Historical
Society was founded in 1999 by a small group
of enthusiastic Black Family History researchers.
It was chartered in Illinois as a 501 (c) (3) not-forprofit organization in 2001. Membership
enrollment is ongoing.
Volunteer researchers and advisors are encouraged
Purpose and Goals
To preserve, protect, collect and perpetuate
the records of African Americans who live
or lived in Chicago·
Business Hours: Library Site
Visits by appointment
Monday - Friday; Saturday, Sunday
11431 S. Forrestville Ave.
Exhibitions at Pullman State Historic Site
11111 S. Forrestville Ave.Chicago, IL
915email:[email protected]
To recognize the contributions of African
Americans who participated in the
establishment of Chicago and the
surrounding area.
To stimulate interest in the history of
Chicago and black history research.
To stimulate interest in the history research
To publish genealogical and historical
research materials·
To provide a forum to exchange research
methods and ideas with other members·
To establish a data base for locating family
members throughout the city, state, and the
To offer programs by which members can
obtain knowledge and “how-to” information
on researching their family history
About Us
THe artists Luz Castillo and Derric
Clemmons created the art and design
business, cocomocha studio. It is our aim to
approach art and design as a lifestyle as well
as promote the need for collaboration in the
making of fine art. We are artists dedicated to
resourcefulness in producing work that
inspires. This includes art design for the body
and our working and living environment.
Art Wear
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 773 491 6025 or 773 895 3611
Cocomocha designs are considered Art
before Fashion. It is "artwear without rules.
Each piece is approached that way: an
„urban haute couture‟ of sorts. Definitely a
one-made-at-a-time process. It was an idea
that stemmed out of the Cool Globes art
project. We wanted to continue doing art
that reaches the public quickly, and the tshirt was a natural choice for making unique
statements for people to wear. It‟s fun,
playful clothing with a hip, abstract
approach to design. No two are exactly
alike and we make them with all sizes in
mind, including special orders for
individuals or small organizations.
The Ebony Collectors Traveling Doll Museum
About Us
Dolls of Distinction
Ebony Collectors has a distinctive
collection of African American dolls.
These dolls tell a story about their past and
present. That is why the world of doll
collecting provides a treasure of
information and holds such interest and joy
to many people.
The Ebony Collectors Traveling Doll
Museum will be exhibiting our dolls in
different venues for short periods of time.
Our ultimate goal is to house our collection
in a permanent museum.
Exhibiting the collections of
Frankie Anderson
Laura Fields
Jacquelyn Himel (deceased)
Clara Rice
Pamela Turner
Faith Underwood
Laura Fields
P.O. Box 15016
Chicago, Illinois 60615-9998.
773. 363.8855
Cindy Fike
Service Mission
Plan and implement music curricula;
Engage neighborhood residents and park
district supervisors to provide music driven
services to the South Chicago community.
Cyndy Fike
MusicianCorps Fellow, Chicago
CYNDY FIKE is passionate about music
and youth. She enjoys combining her love
of nature and the creative arts, and she has
developed cross-collaborative programs for
youth at various community centers across
the country, including the Boys & Girls
Clubs of America. Cyndy recently
pioneered a digital music program for
adjudicated youth at a wilderness therapy
camp in North Carolina. A founding
member of the indie folk/rock band,
Nelken, Cyndy has also shared her vocal
and songwriting talents on the albums of
fellow musicians Zach Blew and Chicagobased Horse in the Sea. She holds a BS in
Outdoor Education from Montreat College
and a MA in Arts in Youth and Community
Development from Columbia College,
Service Sites: New Sullivan Elementary
School, Libby Elementary
Flo’s Heritage
Performing, Visual & Martial Arts Cultural Center
Mission Statement
FH aims to address the prevention of violence,
Latch-key children, HIV, alcohol, tobacco and
other drugs in the South Chicago and South
Shore community areas through visual,
performing and martial arts, sports, rites of
passage and edu-tainment (education and
entertainment) and literacy programs.
Forestine Mills
[email protected]
Flo‟s Heritage (FH) was established in 2005 in
the South Chicago and South Shore community
areas to address the need for high quality cultural
performing, visual and martial arts amongst south
side families. Since its inception, FH has been at
the forefront of working with youth at risk and
families in crisis, bringing youth and adults
together for entertainment, education, exercise,
and storytelling along the 63rd Street lakefront
and Lake Shore Drive. FH believes that youth
and adults can be educated through
Gerri Gibson
Photographer/Teaching Artist/Consultant
Artist Statement
I am an African American woman who creates
photographic images that document my life and culture.
My black life started in the womb and therefore comes
before sex, religion, or profession. I am involved in
making visual social statements that explore the
concept of cultural identity and cultural nationalism.
My work promotes a black aesthetic that celebrates
blackness. My aim is to make an invisible people, their
issues, and their culture visible. My imagery is also
connected to a never-ending search for what is true in
life. This truth frees my mind and liberates my
thinking. I am constantly in a process of self-discovery
and self-acceptance, hoping to distinguish myself as a
black woman/artist and not a woman/artist black.
CYC-ABC Polk Bros Center in North Lawndale
Gerri Gibson (773) 370-0243
[email protected]
South Chicago Artist Directory
Gerri Gibson has a BA in Photography from Columbia
College. She was employed as a medical photographer
for fifteen years. She has had numerous solo and
group exhibitions, and her photographs have been
published in over seventy-five publications. She also
has been awarded numerous arts grants. Every
February since it debuted in 1999, she and her
photography program for youth have been segmented
in the documentary Heading West – An AfricanAmerican History of Chicago’s West Side, which airs
on PBS. Since 1993, she has been conducting
photography programs for not-for-profit organizations
throughout Chicago.
Grass Roots Arts
On-line Gallery
The Random House Dictionary's definition of grass roots is:
the ordinary people in the community, the origin, basis, or basic meaning of something.
Photo by Erica Ruth
Grass Roots Art (G.R.A.) looks at art as a way
to develop individuals, as well as communities.
Our mission is to provide motivation and
inspiration to the Grass Roots Artist, by
providing a warm and inviting online venue for
new, emerging, mid-career, and seasoned artists
to exhibit. G.R.A. services the global
community by offering virtual exhibition space
for visual and performing artists, to share their
talent with the world. Both adult and youth
artists are embraced at G.R.A.’s Gallery. A
cross generational environment is at the core of
G.R.A.’s commitment to artists and art
enthusiasts across the globe.
 Raishon Lewis 2008
Grass Roots Art
(773) 374-4103
South Chicago Artist Directory
We have, since our inception in December
2006, hosted 4 performing artist and over 10
visual artists. We have hosted parties, and
poetry readings. Our Family built up quite a
following since we began, and we worked
hard. As time went on we saw an opportunity
to expand our radius. There is no way we
could reach as many people in a physical
location, as we can reach through the internet.
So now we are offering artists and art
enthusiasts the best possible connection for
each other, 24 hour access to one another
throughout the world.
Harlem Theater Company
Mission Statement
The Harlem Theater Company is a school where people
from anywhere in the age range from sixth teen to forty five
come to learn or tighten up on their acting skills.
The cast of Zooman and the Sign answers
questions from audience, many of whom are
high school students.
The Harlem Theater Company specializes in speech, dance
and advanced acting. They've had many former students
appear in many popular movies and sitcoms, such as
Malcolm X, Boomerang, Above the Rim, New York
Undercover and America's Most Wanted. The level of talent
that comes out of there is so high because they hold very
serious productive classes with excellent exercises and warm
up's for their projects.
James Pringle grew up in Chicago but attended L.A. City
College where he took Drama. He also moved to Pittsburgh
for a little while but it was when he moved to New York that
he found his idea. He got his inspiration from Hochi Mihn,
Sammy Davis Jr, Miles Davis and Elijah Muhammad. When
he saw their achievements with nowhere to perform on a
consistent basis he thought "Hey I like to do that why don't I
start my own?". That's when he got the idea to found a acting
James Pringle started out as a substitute teacher. He taught
at I.S. 95, Taft, Walton, Clinton and at A. Phillip Randolph.
In 1987 he found the Harlem Theater Company.
James Pringle (773) 374-4103
 Photo: Angelo Cobb
South Chicago Artist Directory
L. Kinsey
Artist Statement
Laurence Kensey aka knine or just Kensey is one
of the hottest airbrush artist in Chicago....he started
the airbrush craze that swept the nation around the
late 80s or early 90s....his work can be found
everywhere - in movies. television shows...and on
home walls. Kensey does a lot of work with
neighborhood kids...he gives the youth something
positive to do...not only does he teach them job
skills..they learn self defense and the meaning of
respect....he's taking the guns out of their hands
and replacing them with airbrushes...instead of
harming the community the help the
community...there are many kids who look
forward to our painting classes, playing chess, and
learning martial art....the inner city violence..this is
one way....children who are busy learning art and
dance don't have time for bs.....
Studio Temp Tees 7801 South Ashland
773-707-8725 cell 312-369-9331
[email protected]
South Chicago Artist Directory
Kensey has worked as production assistant,
assistant art director and artist for television and
movies such as: Cooley High, Mahogany,
Monkey Hustle, The White Shadow, St.
Elsewhere, The Lou Grant Show. He was hired
by the Art Institute and the National Science
Foundation to paint contemporary versions of the
old masters. He also did public service billboards
for S.P.A.R.C. mural group in Venice California,
New Product Design for Hitachi, B.E.T. Hits
from the Streets.
Myron Mills
Myron has performed music for over 20 years. He has written over 115 songs in the past 15
years. His releases include 2 singles, 2 Albums and 1 release in Europe (the Europe is this
single or CD). His music is a blend of jazz and rhythm & blues. It consists of copy, original
tunes from smooth jazz ballads, Bossa Nova, traditional standards as well as up tempo
selections blending instrumental and vocal selections.
Myron has opened for acts such as the Manhattans and The Dells and had a chance to work
with Latoya Jackson as well as perform on BET Jazz Program. His debut CD entitled “The
Arrival” distributed by Fletchers. One Stop scheduled for release in April (has this been done
yet? You also state you have other releases so are you saying The Arrival is you first CD). It is
an original fusion of Jazz Improvisation and R & B rhythms. All songs were written arranged,
produced and performed by Myron Mills for On Time Production.
The Project, lead and founded by Myron Mills, features musicians Andre Sparks on bass, Hal
Jackson on Drums, Camille Burt on Flute & Vocals and Kevin Martin on guitar. The group
has been together since 1994. The group has performed all over the city and suburbs: Michael
Jordan Restaurant, Adagio, Cotton Club, 7rtand Fairmount Hotel to name a few.
Forestine Mills
[email protected]
South Chicago Artist Directory
Noel Morales
Noel Morales was born in 1985 in Hammond, IN. He grew up
on the southeast side of Chicago. Noel studied illustration at the
American Academy of Art where he graduated in 2007 and
obtained a Bachelors of Fine Arts Degree. He started teaching
Art in the fall of 2007 at St. Francis de Sales High School, where
he currently teaches today. In the summer of 2008, Noel received
a Neighborhood Art Program grant through the City of Chicago
Cultural Affairs. Working with local communities of South
Chicago and East Side, Noel designed and executed a mural at
100 St. and Ewing Avenue in Chicago, IL. In 2009, Noel started
working on a comic book entitled Midlife Monsters. Noel
Morales is currently a student at Columbia College Chicago
where he is seeking his Masters of Secondary Art Education.
Artist Statement
[email protected]
I do not want to recreate life; I do not want to recreate a
photograph. I want to do something different from the norm and
leave a window open for imagination for the viewer and myself.
I am very intrigued by life drawing. An artist can create
many shapes out of multiple subjects, enabling the viewer to still
recognize and identify people, places, and things. Subjects taken
from life and drawn on paper can be distorted, yet still be
recognized for what they are. This proves true in the cartoon,
comic, and fantasy worlds. It becomes more interesting for a
subject, and also as an art piece, that will strike someone to
indulge in the fiction, left wondering what other artistic
possibilities are out there. It will enable the viewer to let go of
reality for a moment and accept this fiction—if executed
successfully. With accurate knowledge of subjects from life, the
pencil and paper becomes a playground for an artist.
My main interest lies with comic books. My influences
and my style of art is greatly in the likes of comic artist, Scott
McDaniel. McDaniel penciled a popular DC comic book series
entitled Nightwing. I grew up admiring this artist. His style has
influenced my comic style which consists of curved and rounded
edges that keeps things flowing, full of movement and action.
My strong comic style is complemented by my knowledge
of diverse while focusing on my true passion for comics.
South Chicago Artist Directory
Kevin Murphy
About Us
Kevin‟s published articles have appeared in academic
journals, magazines, Internet publications and, for about
15 years, in The Times of Northwest Indiana
(formerly, The Hammond Times), for which publication
he concentrated primarily on theater reviews and
celebrity interviews, with the occasional foray into
travel and technology areas. Kevin is the author of
several books, including: "Degrees of Murder,
Unfriendly Fire, Something Bright and Alien, and Out
of Order
Joann Podkul
Joann, wife and long-term professional partner of
Kevin is a retired principal/team leader of the
environmentally-focused high school that she founded
under a then-new variation of the “small school
concept within the Chicago Public School System.
Since retiring, Joann has become a graduate of the City
of Chicago‟s new Chicago Conservation Corps (“C3”)
training program, and serves currently as Chairperson
of the Calumet Stewardship Initiative,** an umbrella
organization that includes in its membership most of
the environmental organizations serving the Northwest
Indiana-Southeast Chicago “Calumet” region.
South Chicago Artist Directory
My Kiddie Country Club
Mission Statement
Expose families/parents to different creative mediums in order
to discover one's creative talent which ultimately will create
more well-rounded individuals.
Our Philosophy
My Kiddie Country Club is dedicated to utilizing the arts to
spark imagination and discovery in a fun and learning way. Our
goal is to help children adopt key ingredients- motor skills,
social skills, self esteem and independence - they need to grow
up to be CONFIDENT, HAPPY and SUCCESSFUL. Children
will engage in drama exercises with characterization, story
telling, improvisation, musical rhymes etc. We promote role
playing and problem solving through the forms of theatre:
drama, dance and music.
Registration Policy
- Classes are based on availability
- Sibling discount
- No charge for trying out a class
- Open enrollment- can join anytime for a pro-rated fee
- Ask us about setting up your own class for groups
[email protected]
Phone: 773.715.9790
South Chicago Artist Directory
Betty Jo Nichols
Culinary Arts
Mission Statement
Homemaking Skills Institute provides Culinary Art skills
designed to prevent obesity, while enhancing and
promoting self-esteem, empowerment and confidence by
providing a comprehensive array of life skills as a service
assisting in the future of youth and young adults
personally and professionally while bringing focus back to
home and family values.
Who we are
We teach healthy eating habits, cooking skills, and other
homemaking skills, which contribute to healthy living.
We train youth and adults in the homemaking skills needed
for healthy, productive lives. We have extensive experience
working with disadvantaged people in urban areas, at-risk
teens learn good eating habits and life skills, adults in
transition are trained for jobs in elder care, child care, food
services, and similar businesses, obese youth and adults lose
weight and keep it off. We are a non-profit organization
working hard to improve the lives of people in need
PO Box 17216
Chicago, Illinios 60617
[email protected]
Betty Jo Nichols founded and serves as the Executive Director of the
Homemaking Skills Institute. Her knowledge of cooking and the food
service business comes from training as a Chef and her years as Chef
and Owner of B.J.'s Catering Company. She worked as a Grief and
Spiritual Counselor at a Hospice firm, and she served as Director of
Volunteers for an assisted living program for the elderly persons
struggling to continue living at home. Her commitment to community
programs is demonstrated by her development of several youth after
school and computer centers in Chicago.
South Chicago Artist Directory
Zeebedee Rivera
Zebedee Rivera's Mural Classes
[email protected]
South Chicago Artist Directory
Zebedee Rivera is a New Mexico born
artist currently residing in the South
Chicago neighborhood. He received his
BFA from the University of Hawaii at
Manoa, and continues to foster community
fellowship through arts, education and
mentoring urban youth.
L’Tanya Segal
Artist Statement
I love
capturing the fleeting beauty of the many
flowers, plants, birds, people, and those ever so
rambuncious squirrels that are abundant in my
Southeast Chicago neighborhood.
Although a painter for most of my life, my current
body of work began with digital photography/
photo embellishments, and digital painting.
I‟d describe my style of digital enhancements
as mixture of Expressionism and Impressionism.
Creating works of art is my passion of all passions,
and is something that I couldn‟t live without
L‟Tanya attended Malcolm X and Columbia
College. She was the recipient of the Dean‟s Award
at Columbia College in 1991.
L‟Tanya Segal
8825 S. Saginaw
Chicago, IL 60617
773-731-3067 (Phone and VM)
[email protected]
South Chicago Artist Directory
She studied Poetry Writing with Angela Jackson
(Recipient of the Carl Sandburg Award);
Commercial Art with John Dylong, Drawing with
Sandra Perlow and Painting and Color Theory with
Carol Halliday. LTanya has exhibited at the
Chicago Childrens‟s Museum, The Boys and Girls
Club of Chicago, Columbia College Student Center,
Artist Against Homelessness, St. Malachie‟s
Catholic School and Sweet Thang Café.
Her artwork has been published in the 1985/1986
Winter Edition/The Equal Rights Advocate
Newspaper Cover Editor, I‟ll Vote On: From
Alabama to Chicago, School Tracking System in
South Unfair.
63rd Street Drummers
Mission Statement
We play drum music for cultural recreation,
stress release, and for our audience to enjoy.
Every evening at dusk, a group of drummers form a
circle in front of the 63rd Street Beach House on
Chicago's South Side. The drummers have been
meeting here daily for the last 40 years, when the
weather permits.
The 63rd Street drummers are helping to
reclaim corners on Commerical Avenue that
often are a haven for crime and gangs. Their
presence brings peace and creativity to the
Forestine Mills
[email protected]
South Chicago Artist Directory
Some say the inception of the 63rd Street Drummers
began around the 1940‟s and 50‟s. But the actual
date of their origin in unknown. They began as
groups of Chicago drummers who played on the
South Side, along the lakefront of Lake Michigan. It
probably started with one great drummer, playing
rhythms with traditional African and religious
undertones, and other drummers joined in. Dubbed,
the lakefront drummers, they eventually became the
63rd Street Drummers.
A group of drummers were formed, as on-lookers
and admires alike picked up a drum and started to
study African and Afro Cuban Rhythms. Lovers of
the rhythms followed the culturally rich sound of the
drummers where ever they played. The 63rd Street
drummers played congas and percussion instruments
at the lakefront on 39th, the point at 51st, 63rd, 67th,
and at Rainbow Beach. They were forced to play at
63rd street because it was the only open space where
the sound of the drum rhythms did not carry out to
the nearby condos and apartments. This 63rd street
lakefront location was dubbed, Bongo Beach, and its
drummers were called “The 63rd Street Drummers”.
LaDonna Tittle
Air Personality, Actress, T.V. Producer/Host & Teacher
Biography and Profile
La Donna Tittle is Producer/CEO, of her own show on CAN T.V. Ch. 19. The La Donna
Tittle TV/Radio Show®, featuring “Cookin’ Wit’ Tittle.”™, Thursday, 7P.M and Friday,
She is an on-air talent and mentor at Kennedy-King College Radio,
WKKC,89.3FM., Wednesdays from 10a.m to 2p.m. She teaches in the CPS with special
arts programs.
As a professional model/Actress, she launched her radio career with WBEE in 1970.
Chicago‟s number one disc jockey in 1973 with WBMX. Tittle went on to join WJPC,
Johnson Publishing Company in 1978. In 1983, she received Arbitron‟s highest ratings for
Middays‟, the Black Radio Exclusive Air Personality Award.
Her versatile career includes noteworthy theatrical performances with ETA, the Gospel
Repertory, Goodman, Steppenwolf, and Organic Theaters. She‟s in the movie, ALI, The
Relic, and has done national T.V. voice overs and commercials. Currently, she is the
Storyteller for Kraft My BBQ, and is featured as „Rosie, the Nosy Neighbor‟ in R.Kelly‟s
“Trapped In The Closet”, „Urban Saga, hip-hopera‟, soap opera, shown on
Channel, and Grammy Nominated...
Tittle graduated from Dunbar Vocational H.S., where she is an inductee of the Alumni Hall
of Fame. Earning her BA degree from Chicago State University, she currently writes a
column in „NoirWoman‟ a supplement distributed monthly in the Chicago Sun-Times,
called “Tittle‟s Cosmopolitan World, Arts, Entertainment & Beyond”! And “Girlfriends
Magazine, Health for Women of Color”. She is the recipient of the 2008 Lifetime
Achievement Award from the 27th Chicago Music Awards!
She‟s ensemble in, “The Pocketbook Monologues”, and, recently worked in the Goodman‟s
premiere of Regina Taylor‟s, “Magnolia”... Ms. Tittle is proud to be making her debut at
the Chicago Dramatists Playwrights, and honored to be performing the role of “Messiah” in
Nambi Kelly‟s “Hope V1" ...
[email protected]
South Chicago Artist Directory
Maria Villareal
Visual Artist
Maria Villarreal is teaching seniors
citizens quilting at the Villa Guadalupe.
South Chicago Artist Directory
Maria has provided arts educational
programs in the Chicago area for over
20 years. She has worked in the
Chicago Public Schools, Chicago
Park District, Urban Gateways,
Chicago Public Arts Group, The
Mexican Fine Arts Center Museum,
and Gallery 37.
Roman Villareal
Sculpture Artist/Teacher
Roman lives in South Chicago and
considers himself a “sculptor of the
people.” He has shown work at Blake
Palmer Gallery, South Shore Cultural
Center, and Mexican Fine Arts Center
Museum and has his work in private
Maria Villarreal is teaching seniors
citizens quilting at the Villa Guadalupe.
South Chicago Artist Directory
"Roman Villarreal, a former steelworker, is
a sculptor with 30-years plus of experience
carving stone, alabaster and, more
importantly, a legacy working with youth
in South Chicago.
Tinni Feet Cultural Arts Company
Tinni Feet Cultural Arts Company is a non for
profit organization designed to hire cultural arts
professional with a creative influence to teach ages
2-12 years in the childcare and after school
community programs. We provide many cultural
experiences such as dance, music, tumbling,
drama, art and foreign language.
These enriching activities will develop and refine
both gross and fine motor capabilities as they
connect their thoughts to their movement. This
will syncopate movement and thinking
maximizing the potential for learning. Our
objective is to reach at risk youth in the Chicago
land communities where the lack of funding may
be an issue and extra curriculum programs have
been cut. We will add cultural programs which can
be costly for parents on an individual bases.
Bringing Tinni Feet Cultural Arts to your
community will remove our youth from urban
distraction giving them a safe and positive
environment. Statics show children who
participate in cultural programming score higher in
reading, math, and science. Our future leaders will
need to be creative to deal with the new world
problems. We are looking for locations in your
Shappell Smith
Kheli Archer
Brenda S. Woods
South Chicago Artist Directory
Dwayne Wriddley
Mixed-Media Artist
Artist Statement
"At the very end of the day, when you put the acting,
modeling and artistic element of what I do together,
and drop that all in a pot, what you get is what I refer
to, as my "Visual Gumbo."
Dwayne began drawing on brown paper bag‟s,
from the Sunday Comic‟s in the early 70's. As a
young child he won awards in creative writing in
grammar school. It is there, that he also got his
first taste of the acting bug and began performing
in school plays, which later led to other
Dwayne Wriddley
[email protected]
online store:
South Chicago Artist Directory
While in high school Dwayne again, won awards,
one of which garnered him a spot in "Illinois
Who's Who" in the mid 80‟s. After high school he
picked up street art skills by learning to airbrush
which he combined with other media to create his
own unique style of art. Dwayne comments
jokingly, "Everything got painted on from walls
to clothes."
In the early 90‟s, Dwayne he upped his skill by
becoming an Illustration Major in college, where
he also found a love of photography. Dwayne is
currently working on several projects, some of
which have included modeling, TV, movies, and
To his acting credits are:
"Early Edition" 1997-99- (TV Series) "Save The
Last Dance" (Movie) "Ice Cold Fashion Show",
Chicago 2002 "Prison Break" 2005-2006 (TV
Series) "E.R." 2005 - current "The Break-Up"
2005 (Movie) "Budweiser Commercial" 2006.
The Knowledge Hook-up
About Us
Knowledge Hook-Up® is a community
technology center serving Southeast
Chicago, supported by government grants
and generous donors. We have partnerships
with many affiliates in the 10th Ward and
Olive-Harvey College.
Class Information
FREE Computer Lab
Come to KHU for free computer instruction,
online tutorials through GCF Global Learning
(available in Spanish-language), or free use of our
software — MicroSoft Office, Rosetta Stone for
English and Spanish, Mavis Beacon's typing
lessons, and more.
Monday + Wednesday 9:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.
Tuesday + Thursday 9:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. Friday
9:00 a.m. - Noon
3457 East 106th St.
Chicago, IL 60617
[email protected]
South Chicago Artist Directory
FREE Classes
KHU now offers GED, English as a Second
Language, and Citizenship classes. These are free
classes given by Olive-Harvey College Adult
Education at the KHU lab.
South Chicago Art Center
Arts programming for youth
The South Chicago Art Center was founded in
2001 with these goals in mind: to provide a safe
place for children after school; to bring arts
education to local impoverished schools; to
stimulate the imaginations of participants of all
ages; to cultivate a sense of aesthetics; to boost self
-esteem and intellectual curiosity; to decrease
incidence of crime and substance abuse; and to
promote friendship, solidarity and empowerment
in the community
About Us
South Chicago Art Center
3217 E. 91st Street
Chicago, IL 60617
Phone: 773-731-9287
Sarah Ward, Executive Director
Beth McGovern, Program Director
Kris Casey, Studio Manager
South Chicago Artist Directory
The Art Center runs a five-day-a-week afterschool visual arts program; an in-school program
in local schools; and an urban farm where kids and
other community members come together to create
beauty by landscaping, planting and growing. At
least once a month kids explore the city in the
Cultural Field Trips program. The Center started
an internship program for teenagers in the
neighborhood, and it has been truly gratifying to
watch the teens inspire and teach the younger
Urban Gateways Center for Arts Education
Urban Gateways is one of the largest and most
comprehensive arts education organizations in the
country. We provide in- and out-of-school arts
programming to more than 100,000 children in
metropolitan Chicago every year.
Our Mission
Pictures from Musciancorp for
Urban Gateway Program at
New Sullivan School
Urban Gateways‟ mission is to ignite the full
creative potential of all young people. We
accomplish that mission by promoting and
fostering learning in and through the arts within
the Chicago metropolitan area.
What we do
Gateways offers custom-designed programming in the
literary, performing, media and visual arts that range from
one-time exposure opportunities to full immersion “ArtsWired Schools.” An Arts-Wired School offers the following
core programs:
Artist-in-Residence Programs
Touring and Matinee Performances
Albert Cooper
Community Outreach
South Chicago
Professional Development for Teachers, Administrators, and
School Arts Specialists
205 W. Randolph, Suite #1700
Chicago, IL 60606
p: 312.922.0440
e: [email protected]
Schools can select any of these services individually or
combine them in custom packages. Schools interested in a
slightly less intensive partnership can participate in Urban
Gateways Cultural Education Program or Community
Schools Program
South Chicago Artist Directory
Parent/Family and Community Workshops

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