Vol. 26, NO. 3



Vol. 26, NO. 3
VOL. 26 NO. 3, SUMMER 2013
Kelly Bell Band
Rocks at Chimes Fest
Barbara Rash and Chimes
Art Show at
Chimes International
Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities: Chimes Maryland • Chimes Delaware • Chimes Virginia • Chimes Israel
Employment for People With Disabilities: Chimes District of Columbia
Behavioral Health and Substance Abuse: Holcomb Behavioral Health Systems • Family Services Association • Open Door • Family-Child Resources
Chimes Foundation
A Message from the President
Summer is a time we get to see the fruits of our labors, whether we are
gardeners or planters of other kinds of seeds. Here at Chimes we have
planted many seeds and in this issue you will get to see some of what
has grown from our shared efforts to assist people with disabilities
achieve success.
One of the seeds planted last year is the Phyllis and Irvin Levin Day
Center in Delaware. By itself this is just a building, nice to look at, but
the key to the Levin Center is not the walls and floors, but what has
taken root inside of them. In this issue we will hear from Doug in his
own words and learn about Sammi, one of the newest members of
the Chimes Family. Entry into the community by both of these folks
was helped by the resources assembled at the Levin Center. We are also
turning to you to help us expand the world for people with complex
needs served in Millsboro who need transportation to get out and be
part of their community. Chimes Foundation has issued a challenge.
The Foundation has put up $27,500, but we need to raise an equal
amount to purchase a wheelchair van for this program. Learn how you
can help in this issue and also check out wheels.chimes.org.
Over the last several issues you have seen progress being made in Israel. In this issue, we are celebrating the
re-dedication of our Taybeh Center. Terry Allen Perl, our President Emeritus, Alan Manheim and I were honored
to be part of the group that unveiled the sign and started that party. The building is a tangible symbol of what
people from different communities can achieve when they work together.
Speaking of things taking root, our programs on the Eastern Shore of Maryland have quickly become a popular
resource for people in need of assistance in entering the workforce or returning to it.
We often talk about how Chimes DC has the honor to provide work across the Mid-Atlantic where we focus on
the great job our people do for our customers, which, of course, is important. Showing the world that people
with disabilities are a valuable part of our nation’s human capital is wonderful, but this time we share the story of
how they also change individual lives.
I don’t want to forget to call your attention to the work of the Foundation and our upcoming Gala. If you have
not marked off November 2nd on your calendar, what are you waiting for?
If you are looking for something to read at the beach or pool, please take us along. As always, our thanks for the
many of you who make all this possible through your actions.
Again my best wishes,
Marty Lampner
2 | VOL. 26 NO. 3 | CHIMES TIMES
Chimes Executive Council /
Annual Meeting Attracts a Special
Guest from Africa
Chimes Gala
Lampner To Serve On
Panel Discussion
Fan Mail 19
Chimes School Graduation
Eastern Shore Expands
Doug Webb
The Maryland Zoo’s Mansion House
played host to Chimes Executive
Council and Annual Meeting on June
19, 2013. Over 100 Chimes supporters, staff and leadership gathered to
examine the challenges and successes
of the past 12
months and to
plan for what
lies ahead in the
coming year.
by the Chief
Officer of
each Chimes
subsidiary offered highlights and
performance analysis along with a
discussion of goals for the future.
Several of the COOs shared touching
stories about people served who have
been able to accomplish great things,
thanks to the support of Chimes.
After the annual meeting, the Chimes
Executive Council gathering began
with a cocktail hour that featured a
special guest. An African Penguin
from the Maryland Zoo was on hand
in his best formal attire to greet
guests and pose for photos that we’re
sure found their way to many
supporters’ Facebook pages.
Not one to be upstaged by a
penguin, Maryland Zoo President
Don Hutchinson also mingled with
guests and offered remarks during
the dinner hour. Hutchinson is very
familiar with Chimes from his time as
Baltimore County
Executive and
was highly
complimentary of the
and services
Chimes provides. Special
thanks to the
Maryland Zoo
for serving as
an ideal location on a gorgeous
summer evening for this important
annual event on the Chimes calendar.
W.L. Gore Honor Crew
Two New Homes
Staff Race for Patriot's Cup
Taybeh Is Officially Open
Project Manager
Serves As A Beacon
Montgomery County Expansion 16
Shop & Share Event
Emily Roark
Twitter: ChimesInc
VOL. 26 NO. 3 | CHIMES TIMES | 3
Chimes Delaware
As a result of my Chimes
experiences and hard work,
I feel that I'm on my way to
exactly where I want to be!
Doing Remarkable Things with Chimes By His Side
This speech was presented to the Delaware Legislature by Doug Webb.
When I was three years old, I was
diagnosed with Autism. Some years
later, the diagnosis of Bi-polar
Disorder was added. In my early
years, I attended schools including Howard T. Ennis in Georgetown
and The Consortium in Lewes. I
was later mainstreamed at Lewes
Middle School, basically taking all
the classes everyone else would
In 2005, I moved into a group home
operated by Fellowship Health
Resources. Two years later, I
received my high school diploma
from Cape Henlopen High School.
After that, I attended Delaware
Technical and Community College
for a brief period. My major was
accounting, believe it or not.
In 2011, I started the process, along
with my case manager at my group
4 | VOL. 26 NO. 3 | CHIMES TIMES
home, of coming to Chimes. On July
5, I remember the exact date by the
way, I started at the Chimes Millsboro
Vocational Center (now the Levin
Center) which I would argue was the
best day of my life!
When I first started at Chimes, I
gained basic work experience; but
I also learned appropriate social
After three months or so, Steve Parris, the Work Services Coordinator,
selected me to work with a Chimes
cleaning crew at the court buildings
in Georgetown, Seaford and Milford,
Delaware. My supervisor, Shantae,
has been a very important person to
me and I thank my lucky stars that I
had her and Chimes by my side.
I used skills that I learned while at
Chimes to value the job and give
value in return, consistency and
how to get the job done right. Later I
began working three, four, or
sometimes even five nights a week
cleaning the courts.
After a few months cleaning the
courts, I was invited to participate
in Chimes new food service training
program. I did so well as a student
in the program that I became an
instructor's assistant!
The training was held in the commercial grade kitchen of the Dewey
Beach Lion's Club. I learned how a
kitchen is run, learned food safety,
cooked some restaurant-style meals
and went on some interesting field
trips. The instructors there - Darrin,
Donnell and Siobhan - were all
instrumental in helping me become
what I am today.
About a year ago, Steve took me for
an interview for a food service
Crew Honored for Excellence by
W.L. Gore & Associates, Inc.
While the people Chimes serve achieve some pretty
amazing things thanks to the services and supports
they get from Chimes, some of the top companies in
Delaware count on the Chimes workforce to help them
achieve excellence.
externship at the Harrington Raceway and Casino.
There I had a meeting with Hank Rosenberg, the
Senior Executive of Hospitality, Scott Saxon,
Executive Director of Human Resources and
Steve. I got the externship and worked two days
a week for about five months.
In the beginning, I worked in the bakery. After
a couple of months there, I also began working
on the buffet line prepping food and serving
My supervisors, Dineen, Chef Rubin and Chef
Mary, were extremely helpful in showing me
the ropes and the culture of the casino especially the food service part.
Recently, my externship has turned into a
supported employment assignment and I'm
now working as a Food Runner. They have
added a day to my schedule, and I'm getting
paid a good wage for doing a job I love!
I like working at the casino very much and am
looking forward to furthering my career in food
service. As a result of my Chimes experiences
and hard work, I feel that I'm on my way to
exactly where I want to be!
W.L. Gore & Associates recently honored Chimes after
the team from Chimes Delaware received the highest
rating possible for job quality and on-time delivery for
a project they have been working on for the past three
About 20 participant workers from Chimes Delaware help
assemble and package “Gore Rings” that are handed out
at trade shows by W.L. Gore throughout the world. The
rings illustrate the strength and superior quality of Gore’s
fabrics to consumers and wholesalers Gore solicits for
new business.
“Attention to detail and accuracy in assembly and packaging is really important for this project,” said Shelly
Noel, Marketing & Business Development for Chimes
Delaware. “Putting these together for Gore is not
necessarily easy for our team, but they take great pride
in working on the project and want to know when they
can work on it again.”
“We appreciate (Chimes) performance in support of our
manufacturing operation,” said Diane Styles, Purchasing
Manager for W.L. Gore, in a letter to Chimes. “As a manufacturer of leading edge products, your performance
was instrumental in allowing us to meet our customers’
“It is high praise to get that type of recognition, especially
from a company like Gore,” added Shelly. “I was really
excited to get the letter and share it with our team.”
VOL. 26 NO. 3 | CHIMES TIMES | 5
Chimes Delaware
The Levin Center in
Millsboro Celebrates One
Year Serving the Community.
It has been a year since Chimes 8,000 square-foot state-of-the-art Levin Center opened in Millsboro, serving
people with disabilities from throughout Sussex County and beyond. Since that time, dozens of people served by
Chimes have made great strides and experienced positive transformations and are achieving great things.
One of the more remarkable transformations has been that of 23 year-old Sammi. While sometimes prone to
aggressive and self-injurious behavior, the new Levin Center allows Chimes to give Sammi additional support and
services she needs. She is thriving in her new environment in Millsboro. When Chimes found out she had serious
dental needs, but no access to care after reaching out to the state and being refused, the Chimes Foundation
stepped up and paid for the care she needed. With that issue resolved both her health and behavior improved.
Unique Online Campaign Launched to Raise
Funds for New Wheelchair Van
One of the challenges Sammi still faces from
time to time is transportation to and from the
Center. In order to resolve this problem, Chimes
recently launched an online fundraising campaign on the website www.Razoo.com to raise
$55,000 for the purchase of a wheelchair van to use at
the Levin Center.
“Many of us take for granted how easy it is to just hop
in your car and go,” said Dr. Lois Meszaros, Director
of Behavioral Health and Autism Services for Chimes
Delaware. “People with disabilities sometimes struggle
to navigate public transportation schedules and face a
number of challenges boarding and travelling on buses
and taxi cabs. Family members and friends are not
always readily and regularly available to offer a ride.”
The new van will help transport the people Chimes serves
to and from doctor’s appointments, job opportunities and
even meaningful outings at parks, shopping centers or
even the Rehoboth boardwalk.
Chimes has the capacity to double the number of people
they serve in southern Delaware, but more transportation
options are needed for people to access these services.
6 | VOL. 26 NO. 3 | CHIMES TIMES
The online campaign allows supporters to “buy” portions
of the van. For example, donate $10 toward the cost of a
window; $50 toward the cost of the steering wheel; $100
toward the cost of a seat, and so on. Take a moment and
visit the website – Wheels.Chimes.org - and do what you
can to support this important new endeavor.
Chimes Delaware
Inaugural Chimes Delaware Golf
Outing A Sell Out Success
A full field of golfers took to the tees,
fairways and greens of the exclusive
Fieldstone Golf Club in Greenville, DE
on June 10. After being rained out on
the initial date in April, the event finally
teed off, with Mother Nature still making her presence felt.
Cloudy weather and occasional rain
showers couldn’t dampen the spirit of
the golfers who took on the challenging
and well-manicured course. Diver
Chevrolet and Mercedes-Benz of
Wilmington added to the excitement by
offering up new cars to anyone scoring
a hole in one at the event.
While no one scored an ace that day,
most golfers enjoyed 18 holes followed
by a cocktail hour and dinner in the
pub and dining room. A silent
auction full of sports memorabilia,
jewelry, wine, vacation packages
and more tempted bidders and
raised additional funds for Chimes.
Safe to say, the first ever Chimes
Delaware Golf Event was an outstanding success, raising over
$50,000 to support Chimes
programs and services. What’s
more, the event introduced Chimes
to dozens of new supporters who
learned about the organization’s
Mark your calendars and make
plans to tee up for the Second
Annual Chimes Delaware Golf
Outing, set for June 2, 2014.
VOL. 26 NO. 3 | CHIMES TIMES | 7
Chimes Maryland
The Chimes School Graduation
A Time for Celebration and Reflection
The gym at The Chimes School was festively adorned
with decorations and packed full of family, friends,
classmates and Chimes staff.
In honor of Alex, members of Class 202 read a poem and
his teacher offered remarks about the great work Alex
has accomplished, and how in his last year, Alex has
continued to perform well, and traded his uniform for
more bright colored clothing. She attributed that to a
touch of senioritis to which we can all relate. In honor of
Alex’s colorful wardrobe, members of Class 202 donned
tie-dyed shirts for the occasion.
A Poem Honoring Alex Gordon
By Chimes Classroom 202
Remarkable things happen almost daily at The Chimes
School, with scores of students learning and achieving in
ways they never imagined possible. The annual graduation day at the school is often met with mixed emotions.
It is a day to celebrate with the graduates and their
accomplishments; but the bonds the students form with
each other and with their teachers means it is hard to
say good-bye to the graduates who are moving on to new
This year’s graduation featured some special guests,
who proved that once their time came to an end at The
Chimes School, Chimes Family of Services found new
ways to successfully meet their needs and help them live
their lives to the fullest.
Justin Lewis, an alum of The Chimes School, was all
smiles as he attended the ceremony on June 7.
“It has been 10 years since Justin graduated from The
Chimes School,” said Principal Mary Schaefer. “He
wanted to mark this milestone by stopping back and
honoring the new graduates. Justin has moved on to do
some great things in our adult programs and is a great
role model for our other students.”
Another Chimes School alum, Martez Carrington, also attended the ceremony.
Three graduates, Alexander
Michael Gordan, Ricardo Stefawn
Watson, Avoin Detrell WrightJones, were honored at the
ceremony (Regrettably,
Ricardo was unable to attend).
8 | VOL. 26 NO. 3 | CHIMES TIMES
A – A is for amazing. Yes, Alex is amazing!
He has superpowers of memory and observation
And he has amazing blue eyes.
L – L is for laughter. Alex has infectious laughter;
He spreads joy and happiness.
You just have to join in!
E – E is for enthusiasm. Alex is an enthusiastic
participant in practically every activity. Whether playing
piano or completing an academic task,
Alex puts forth his best effort.
X – X is for excellence. Alex embodies excellence in
regard to work ethic.
He is always happy and ready to head out to work.
At the American Red Cross and at TAP Center,
Alex gets the job done.
Put it all together and you have one truly unique and an
inspiring man.
Alex, you are awesome!
We wish you the best in all that you do.
Members of Chimes Classroom 102 performed an
original song for Avoin, entitled “Wake up Everybody.”
Avoin took to the podium and showed off his reading
skills by reading a touching speech about his experience
with Chimes over the years.
“I want to say thank you to Chimes School’s staff
for everything. I want to thank my family for their
support while I have been at Chimes School. I will
remember Ms. Sandy who is a nice social worker. I
liked working at Cylburn and the Rawlings Conservatory. I made friends at school. I want to tell my
Chimes Foundation
friends at school to listen to their teachers, do
not be silly, and focus on
your school work. I had
a good 2013 at Chimes
School. I am going to
miss everyone.”
Two active Chimes students were also honored at the graduation. Malik Walker
and Connor Hal were both awarded MANSEF (Maryland
Association of Nonpublic Special Education Facilities)
scholarships to go to community summer camp programs. They were amongst 49 Maryland students who
received the Michael Cardin Scholarship. The students,
who either currently attend or have graduated from a
MANSEF member school are honored for overcoming
many obstacles and are recognized for their outstanding
Lilly Pulitzer Shop & Share Event
Raises Funds & Awareness
Lilly Pulitzer is recognized as a
leading brand of fashion and lifestyle accessories for women and has
a strong following nationally and
internationally. What many don’t
realize is Lilly Pulitzer is also
dedicated to giving back to the
communities it serves.
In that spirit, the Towson Town
Center location of Lilly Pulitzer
hosted a Shop and Share event on
June 22. Lilly Pulitzer in Towson
attracted a great shopping crowd
on a summer Saturday, including
Chimes supporters who stepped up
and stopped by to peruse the racks
of clothing, try on some summer
fashions and made some purchases
to support Chimes. The store
presented Chimes Foundation a
check in the amount of $1000.
This event is the most recent of many
creative ways Chimes and its
subsidiaries have partnered with
area businesses to host events
that raise funds and awareness for
Chimes. Look for more events
coming your way soon!
VOL. 26 NO. 3 | CHIMES TIMES | 9
Chimes Spotlight
Chimes Gala Presents A
Decade In a Night
Featuring: KC and The Sunshine Band, Gloria Gaynor,
and Special Guest Stars Little Anthony and the Imperials
with Legendary MC Cousin Brucie
Following on the heels of last year’s spectacular gala
celebration, Chimes Foundation invites you to be a part
of the 2013 Chimes Gala – A Decade in a Night - on
Saturday, November 2 at the Baltimore Marriott
The event will feature the sounds and soul of the 1970’s,
including performances by KC and The Sunshine Band,
Gloria Gaynor, and Little Anthony and The Imperials with
the legendary Cousin Brucie again serving as Emcee for
the evening.
Chimes is celebrating 66 years of success in serving
more than 17,000 people with disabilities throughout
the region.
With the beautiful Baltimore skyline and waterfront as a
backdrop, Chimes hopes you will share in the excitement
of this outstanding evening of sumptuous food and
beverage and the best musical line up the 70’s has to
10 | VOL. 26 NO. 3 | CHIMES TIMES
offer. Dance to the Motown sound of Little Anthony and
The Imperials, the classic funk of KC and The Sunshine
Band, known for hits like That’s the Way I Like It and
Get Down Tonight, followed by the quintessential disco
sensation, Gloria Gaynor, belting out her smash hit, I Will
Survive, along with a host of other chart toppers from the
disco era.
The dance floor will be open all evening and the night
promises to be a fitting tribute and important fundraiser
to support the thousands of people Chimes serves
throughout the mid-Atlantic. Dress up in your flashiest
70’s style and get your “groove on” at this one-of-a-kind
One new element for this lavish fall affair will be a silent
auction held during dinner. A wide array of tempting
items will be available for bidding, so be sure to bid
early and bid often. Check out www.chimes.org or www.
facebook.com/chimesinternational for a full listing of the
auction items.
Chimes Spotlight
Get To Know Chimes Gala Honoree:
James Witty, Regional President,
Susquehanna Bank, Baltimore, MD
Jim Witty, Regional President for Susquehanna Bank,
will be honored for his contributions to the community in
Baltimore and beyond. As a longtime Baltimore resident
and successful leader in the banking industry, this year’s
Gala Honoree, Jim Witty, is no stranger to Chimes or to
giving back to his community.
Tell us your thoughts on Chimes Mission and how
long you have been affiliated with the organization:
I really got to know Chimes about 12 or 13 years ago,
after they had moved into their headquarters on Seton
Drive, when Marty Lampner was the CFO. I hadn’t been
back to the campus in several years, but recently took
a tour. It was just incredible to the see the growth of the
operations, including the Chimes Café, Chimes School
and many of the new facilities.
It is amazing to see all the activity and the
achievements people with disabilities are making with
the help of Chimes. It made me think about what would
happen to all of these people if Chimes wasn’t here?
What would they be doing? Chimes gives the people
they serve confidence, which is truly the elixir of life. It is
great to see.
You have done a lot of great work with many
Baltimore nonprofits. Do you have a philosophy or
guiding principle about giving back to the
On my desk in my office, I have a note to myself that
reads ‘Make a Difference.’ It reminds me to do all that
I can to help people that are less fortunate or influence
organizations that help people.
I believe it is incumbent upon everyone to give back to
their communities and I’m proud of what I have been
able to do to help advance the mission of several
non-profits in this
area, including
the Salvation
Army. I am also
working with the
Academy of
Finance to help people become financially literate to
make better decisions that will help them now and later
in life.
I am also on the Board of Trustees at the Maryland Zoo
and Irvine Nature Center, both great organizations.
I am incredibly honored to be associated with Chimes as
well. They are an inspiring group and proof that you can
always do more to help others.
What are you looking forward to the most about
being a part of Chimes Gala this fall?
I really enjoyed the event last year and was most
impressed with the entertainment. Little Anthony was
amazing. I wish I had his energy and can’t wait to see
him perform again.
It will be great to see KC and The Sunshine Band. That
really resonates with me as I grew up listening to their
music. It should be quite a night.
We encourage you to contact our development team to secure your
commitment to supporting Chimes and our gala event, which continues to be
one of the top annual fundraisers in the Baltimore metro area. Please contact
the event line at 410-358-7774 or via email at [email protected] to
reserve your tickets or to discuss sponsorship opportunities.
VOL. 26 NO. 3 | CHIMES TIMES | 11
Chimes Maryland
Helping A Classically-Trained Chef Find
Meaningful Employment
After Series of Strokes
Chimes Maryland’s Footprint
on the Eastern Shore
Continues to Expand
Unique approach to providing vital services
continues to resonate with the community.
In the past year-plus, Chimes Maryland has
continued to grow its operation on the Eastern
Shore, enhancing the quality of life for people
with a variety of disabilities and their families.
Led by Mike Purkey, Director of Programs,
whose base of operations is in Cambridge,
Chimes is now offering a strategic range of vital
services and supports, including life skills and
daily living assistance, health and safety training, communication and socialization skills and
employment opportunities.
The people Chimes serves appreciate these
services and Chimes unique approach to providing them.
“Several other entities have unsuccessfully
tried to do what we are doing on the Eastern
Shore,” said Purkey. “We ask families what
they want while other groups come in and say
‘here’s what we can do’ and don’t have much
flexibility. That isn’t a bad approach, but the
way we are going about things creates a tailored plan for each person and each family that
fits their needs and works within the system.”
Partnering with Developmental Disabilities
Administration (DDA) and Division of Rehabilitation Services (DORS), Chimes has already
established a strong foothold on the shore,
working with people with disabilities in Queen
Anne’s, Talbot, Dorchester and Kent Counties.
Additional clients are slated to come on board
late summer/early fall, with a steady stream of
referrals from both DDA and DORS.
The expansion on the Eastern Shore has not
come without challenges.
“We have definitely had a bit of a learning curve
establishing ourselves and providing services,”
added Purkey. “But the success stories we have
had thus far give us confidence and encouragement to keep doing more.”
12 | VOL. 26 NO. 3 | CHIMES TIMES
One of those success stories is
embodied in Kees, a Cambridge resident in his 50’s, who has been working
with Chimes for about a year. A native
of the Netherlands who speaks five
languages, Kees is a classically-trained
chef, who worked all over the world in
food service and preparation. He ran
several successful restaurants in Texas
before suffering a series of strokes and
undergoing open heart surgery.
While the physical, mental and
emotional setbacks were numerous,
Kees battled back, learning how to
walk and talk and write again. When
Kees came to Chimes on the Eastern
Shore, he wanted to find meaningful work and to find ways to
put his skills and passion to good use.
The team from Chimes met with Kees and identified his skills
and physical limitations in terms of stamina and memory
Initially, Chimes placed Kees in a restaurant setting that
put him back in the kitchen. Things worked well at first but
the fast pace and long hours were extremely taxing on him.
Chimes then helped Kees move on to an opportunity as a
job coach, where he oversaw workers in a baking operation.
Again, things were fine to start, but Kees became frustrated
with some elements of the operation. It was exceedingly
difficult for him to have such a deep knowledge of the food
service industry, but still be limited in his ability to influence
how the operation should perform.
Chimes began working with Kees more, helping him to
manage his emotions and expectations in a work environment. When Kees came upon an opportunity to work in the
produce section of Wal-Mart in Easton, MD near his home, he
knew he wanted Chimes involved to foster the transition.
Chimes served as an intermediary, helping the management
at Wal-Mart to set an appropriate workload and level of
responsibility for Kees.
Kees is now thriving as a Produce Associate at Wal-Mart and
is excited about his future. He puts his knowledge of produce
and food preparation to work, including his flair for creative
presentation. Chimes continues to work with Kees and
Wal-Mart to make certain he is meeting his performance
goals and that Wal-Mart keeps his schedule at a manageable
As Kees’ story illustrates, Chimes has established momentum on the Eastern Shore and is poised to do more as a vital
conduit to and provider of resources, particularly to aging
parents and their children with disabilities. Chimes is helping
these adult children foster independent living skills, which will
help give them more options and opportunity in finding
long-term living situations later in life.
Chimes DC
Project Manager Serves as Beacon
of Support for Her Team
something that not only welcomed
her as she was, but saw her for what
she could be and was prepared to
invest in her. The challenge was not
just to get her to do the job well, but
to help her feel that she belonged. In
her words, “Chimes was calling me to
a better life that showed me how to
trust others and believe in myself.”
ne wouldn’t think of the
Bureau of Prisons as a place
someone who had more than
one brush with the wrong side of
the law would find herself working
or that it would have such a positive
impact on her life, but it has.
Michelle has confronted and
mastered many challenges in her life;
she had issues with authority figures,
a history of substance abuse, and
experienced loss with the death of
a child and her mom. With all these
problems and more in her life, it
would not be hard to imagine
someone just giving up. In fact,
Michelle shared with us that before
she came to our contract site at the
Bureau of Prisons, “I was just
spinning around in circles like I was
on a dark Ferris Wheel.” She credits
her supervisor, Connie Summers, as
the light that stopped the spinning.
“That light was Connie. I walked
toward the shining light.”
When Michelle joined the team
in 2007, she was a very different
person than the young woman you
would meet today. Due in part to her
disability, but also her experiences
in life where plenty offered criticism
mostly with the aim to hurt or
demean her, she had no idea how to
respond to constructive comments.
Each time a supervisor approached
her to suggest how she could do the
job better she felt she was again
under attack. Even praise was not
always accepted for what it was. She
was very frustrated and thought
seriously about quitting. Connie
refused to let her do that seeing in
Michelle a person who could do the
job and succeed.
Much time and effort by the site’s
management team was invested
in helping Michelle see the world
in a new way. To become a part of
A critical part of Michelle’s “transformation” was Connie, who had a
reputation as a kind and nurturing
manager, who could reach people and
get the job done, even if that required
some toughness too. Ron Henderson
speaking of Connie said, “She shows
a keen personal interest in all of her
employees and is well liked, but also
praised by the Bureau of Prisons
for the quality of the work her team
does.” He went on to say, “She is an
ideal project manager for us achieving the need to balance the needs of
the people we are here to serve and
the customer’s concerns.”
With the support of her managers
Michelle has gone on to be recognized
by Source America (formerly known
as NISH) for her progress and accomplishments. Beyond that, she has a
new regard for her own self-esteem.
She has gone from someone who
could not appreciate a kind word to
someone who recognizes the
kindness in a frank appraisal of her
work. She has taken the help Connie
gave her to learn that, and earlier
this year she was promoted to Lead
Worker. Today she has a bright future
where once she only saw darkness
and failure.
VOL. 26 NO. 3 | CHIMES TIMES | 13
Chimes Virginia
Chimes Virginia Opens
Two New Homes
Since its inception in the 1950s, the
Commonwealth of Virginia’s training
centers have provided programs and
residential services for individuals
diagnosed with intellectual and
developmental disabilities. But due
to a 2012 settlement agreement
between the State and the U.S.
Department of Justice, Virginia will
cease operations at four of its training centers by 2020.
In light of these ongoing, gradual
closings, Chimes Virginia has stepped
up to offer residential services and
support for individuals in their transition from training centers to new
homes and programs in the
“The need for housing for people
with disabilities continues to be an
issue,” said Nancy Eisele, Chief
Operating Officer, Chimes Virginia.
“It is our duty to place them in the
safest environment possible and to
ease the minds of their families.”
Charles Street
14 | VOL. 26 NO. 3 | CHIMES TIMES
With the help of HOME Investment
Partnerships and Community
Development Block Grant (CDBG),
Chimes recently opened Majestic
Community Home in Fairfax County.
Majestic is the new home for four
gentlemen with mobility issues, who
require an accessible environment.
They also have access to 24/7
overnight care, training, treatment,
supervision and personal attendant
“The populations of intellectually
disabled people who are aging,
struggle with obtaining and
maintaining a safe living environment,” added Nancy. “The new
Majestic home is a step forward to
address the looming waiting lists
and inadequate community-based
supports in Virginia.”
Charles Street Home, another
project supported by the Chimes
Foundation, will open in August.
Charles Street will provide supports
to several women who have limited
mobility, some of whom are transitioning from state training centers. If
not for this new home, these ladies
would face the possibility of moving
to other living arrangements that
may not be accessible for people
with disabilities.
“These new homes help Chimes
Virginia put into practice a
philosophy that focuses on stability,
self-sufficiency and recovery,” said
Nancy. “Chimes Virginia prides itself
in serving those with the greatest
need and offering a more gracious
and economically-efficient path for
them and their community.”
Chimes Virginia
Staff Race to
Raise Funds at
the Patriot’s Cup
On Saturday, June 1, 2013, Chimes Virginia staff
laced up their sneakers and raced to the finish line
for the 35th Annual Patriot’s Cup Corporate
Competition. The annual fundraiser supports The
Arc of Northern Virginia’s mission of advocating for
people with intellectual and developmental
disabilities and their families.
Led by Nancy Eisele, Chief Operating Officer for
Chimes Virginia, the Chimes team earned an 11th
place finish in the corporate co-ed results. It also
marked the first time Chimes Virginia has ever
participated in a corporate team race. Participating
staff (besides Nancy) included Tameika Owens, Kelly
Haynes, Jerome Barclay and Sean Rose.
“The Arc and Chimes speak the same language.
None of us from the Chimes team are experienced
runners, but we were motivated by the same mission of
meeting the needs of people with disabilities,” said Nancy.
“It was truly a positive experience. We had such an
amazing time getting out of our comfort zones. We are
looking ahead and my hope is to start our own corporate
race event in time.”
The event was hosted by Metro, Run & Walk during its
4th Annual Springfield 5K/15K Race. The 5K race kicked-off
next to the redeveloping Springfield Town Center.
Participants ran down and back Commerce Street in the
heart of the commercial district.
All event proceeds benefit The Arc and over 16,000
families living with intellectual and developmental
disabilities in the Northern Virginia community. The team
from Chimes was proud to be a part of a successful day.
Contribute To Chimes With A Contribution Card
Make a gift to Chimes in honor of a birthday, anniversary,
graduation, bar or bat mitzvah, a speedy recovery, or any
other occasion – or in memory of someone special. At the
same time, you’ll help enrich the lives of persons served by
For more information please contact Monica Jackson at
410.358.8605 or email at [email protected]
VOL. 26 NO. 3 | CHIMES TIMES | 15
Chimes Holcomb
Holcomb Behavioral Health Expands
in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania
On September 1, 2013, Holcomb’s
long awaited expansion into
Montgomery County, PA will be
complete as they open their new
office at 400 Creekside Drive in
Pottstown. The new office is located
in the western section of Montgomery
County and joins neighboring facilities
in Berks and Chester counties.
“We’ve provided services sporadically
in Montgomery County, but now we
will have a permanent physical
presence that we can continue to
grow over time,” said Roger W.
Osmun, Ph.D., Chief Clinical Officer.
The new office will offer outpatient
mental health services and a range
of mobile services as well.
“We feel we are the best at what we
do and provide the highest quality
of services,” said Susan Berryman,
Chief Compliance Officer. “Why
wouldn’t we want
to take that and
replicate it in other
counties and help
more people?”
Montgomery County
government, who
helped champion
the move, was attracted to Holcomb’s
ability to best serve
their large Latino population and
serve it well. Holcomb hires bi-lingual
staff and offers cultural competency
that can meet the needs and serve
this population more effectively than
existing providers. Holcomb has
expertise in serving a Latino
16 | VOL. 26 NO. 3 | CHIMES TIMES
population based on their proven
track record of work in Kennett
Square in Chester County.
The range of services offered at the
new Holcomb Pottstown location will
include outpatient mental health for
the full age spectrum as well as
family-based mental health for
children and families available as
a mobile service. Holcomb’s team
will deliver services that treat at
risk families’ therapeutic needs and
minimize the risk of kids going into
residential treatment or foster care.
Targeted case management will be
available as a mobile service.
Holcomb’s targeted case management links children and families with
needed resources, including
treatments, affordable housing
options, entitlement programs such
as Medicaid and disability benefits,
and discounts on utilities-based on
income. The targeted case management removes barriers for patients
in treatment such as transportation
and when necessary finds them
specialists with whom they can
The new office is approximately
3,500 square feet with a reception
area, two large meeting rooms, nine
offices and ancillary space. In the
future, Holcomb hopes to expand its
range of services offered in
Pottstown to include other
components such as behavioral
health rehabilitation services.
Chimes Israel
Chimes Israel
Chimes Israel's Taybeh
Rehabilitation Work
and Daycare Center
is Officially Open!
After more than twelve years of
planning, renovation and
sustained persistence, Chimes
Israel has finally succeeded in
providing a physical environment in
which people with disabilities in the
town of Taybeh and the “Triangle”
region can work in dignity and
The renovation of Chimes Taybeh
Rehabilitation Work Center is now
complete and the Center officially
opened on June 26, 2013.
The Center is situated in Taybeh,
a predominantly Arab area within
the pre-1967 borders. It serves the
city and the surrounding areas and
has the capacity to provide services
to about 80 clients, ranging from
a daycare center for people with
greater needs, to sheltered
employment and preparation for
jobs in the open market for others.
The new Taybeh Center offers
separate work facilities for men and
women, to allow participants to
adhere to their religious and/or
cultural customs. The clients will
receive the same extremely high
level of services, based
on their individual
programs, behavioral
interventions and recreational activities as it has
in the past 13 years, albeit in a better and more
appropriate environment.
In addition to the rehabilitation of the building, new
furnishings and equipment
have also been purchased
and the Center is now set
up and fully operational.
From Left to Right: Alan A. Manheim, PhD, Director
Chimes Israel, Terry A. Perl, President Emeritus,
Chimes International, and Martin S. Lampner,
President and CEO, Chimes International
The refurbished Taybeh
Center offers workshop facilities,
a full service and life-skill-learning
kitchen, including durable, safe
equipment; customized bathrooms
and high standard support
(physiotherapy and communication
therapy, etc.) equipment, furniture
and essential safety systems such
as emergency fire and alarm
systems. The development
surrounding the building consists of
outside sport/gym equipment,
a sensory garden and a regular
recreation area with benches,
shelters, and an area for the
participants to play table tennis.
The completion of renovations in
Taybeh is a huge achievement for
Chimes Israel and for the Ministry of
Welfare and the municipality itself.
Today the Taybeh Center makes a
bold statement to all - that Chimes
Israel will not provide anything less
than first class service or facilities
for the people they serve, whoever
they may be and wherever they may
VOL. 26 NO. 3 | CHIMES TIMES | 17
Chimes International
The Center Club Mix It Up Speakers' Series
Marty Lampner, President and CEO of Chimes
International, is scheduled to join Scott Salemme, CEO of
the American Red Cross Greater Chesapeake Region and
Marcia Boyle, Founder and CEO of the Immune
Deficiency Foundation, for a discussion at the Center
Club on how Baltimore’s non-profit community is making
a difference locally, nationally and internationally.
Lampner and the other discussion leaders will examine
the challenges and advantages non-profits based in
Baltimore face and tout the positive effect those many
non-profits in the area have on the city, the region and
throughout the world.
The panel discussion is part of The Center Club’s Mix It
Up speakers' series that invites leaders from throughout
the region to speak on a wide variety of timely topics
to an audience of business and civic leaders. For more
information, visit www.centerclub.org.
New Polo
Shirts Coming
Stop by 4815 Seton Drive to check out the
New Chimes Store!
New items added all the time,
contact [email protected]
for more information.
Text to
to 50555 to
donate $10.00
When prompted, reply with YES to confirm your gift. Next, reply with YES again to receive
exclusive mobile news on how your contribution is making a difference.
18 | VOL. 26 NO. 3 | CHIMES TIMES
Chimes International
Keep Those Letters
and Cards Coming!
Dear Intervals Staff,
I want to thank everyone who helped in caring for our daughter Cristina
Apgar. We feel so fortunate to be able to entrust her to your care every day
knowing that she will be safe and happy. Every time I visit Intervals I am
always so impressed with the staff. I like what Irving Duncan, your GEM
award winner said as quoted in Intervals Exchange “I like giving back. I
like people. You gotta have patience, love, kindness even when you don’t
feel like it.” I see this attitude in all the Intervals employees that I come in
contact with. I especially want to thank Rosalind for communicating with us
everyday about Cristina’s behavior, activities, diet and any thing else that
is relevant. She never misses a day and it is so helpful for us to know how
Cristina’s day went. We also want to thank Tamika and James for their fine
service. They always seem genuinely glad to see Cristina and I know she
is happy to board the bus to be with them. The bus almost always arrives
within five minutes of the expected time and they always call to inform us if
there will be a delay. This is greatly appreciated. We owe so much to the
Intervals employees who give Cristina such fine service and in doing so
make our lives so much easier. We hope that you know how much we
appreciate you.
Jim and Jaye Apgar
Parent of Chimes Maryland participant
Yes, “for our family.” We always knew the time would come. “If” was not the question; “when” was. And now
that time has come. My husband and I had always prayed that a good placement would become available
for Ben while we were still young enough and healthy enough to transition him, rather than an emergency “no
other options” situation.
Our 37-year-old son, Ben, has Downs Syndrome and has lived with us in our home all his life. That was our
choice. However, we knew that someday we would have to make the decision to allow him…and us…to move
on independently from each other. That started in December 2012 when his support coordinator called. She
told us that there was an opening in a group home, a Chimes home, that she thought would be a very good fit
for Ben.
Next came the visits to check it out, the visits for him to get acquainted with staff, other residents and the
home itself, the planning and preparing for the transition…again, “for our family;” Ben, parents and siblings.
We prepared Ben for several months prior to the move. We explained to him that it was just like his siblings
when they moved to their own places and that he would be living there at his home and not Mom and Dad’s.
In doing this, we were also preparing ourselves. We all had to adjust to the new mindset that Ben was an adult
and would have his own life to live, as would we.
Ben moved into his new home on March 2. All his familiar things were set up in his room and he settled in
immediately, didn’t even really care that we were leaving after the move-in. Of course, there were/are a few
bumps in the road. Such is life, but he is happy and content.
His adjustment has allowed for us to do things together that we hadn’t been able to do before, such as
traveling with my husband. But most important of all - I can now be Ben’s mom, not his caregiver.
Submitted by:
Jan Fuoto
Parent of Chimes Virginia participant
VOL. 26 NO. 3 | CHIMES TIMES | 19
Non-Profit Or.
US Postage
Baltimore, MD
Permit No. 6398
Empowering People,
Enriching Lives
4815 Seton Drive, Baltimore, MD 21215
410.358.6400 • 1.800.CHIMES1
Chimes Times Published by
Chimes International, Ltd.
4815 Seton Drive
Baltimore, MD 21215
Patrick J. Bagley, Chairperson
Martin S. Lampner, President/CEO
Albert Bussone, Executive Vice President/CDO
Nevins & Associates, Writer
Heidi Falter, Design
Cecil Fox and Alexis Melin, Editors
Past recipient of the U.S. Senate
Productivity Award Maryland’s Most
Prestigious Award for Organizational
Performance Excellence
Chimes International, Ltd.
Meets Extensive Standards of
America’s Most Experienced
Charity Evaluator
Chimes Individual Spotlight
Highlighting the Successes of the People We Serve!
Emily Roark
History with Chimes:
Emily has been with Chimes Delaware for 10 years
and lives in a Chimes home in the Paper Mill
neighborhood in New Castle County, Delaware.
Exciting Accomplishment:
Emily was proud to be one of 3,500 people (including
many members of the Chimes staff and program
participants) who took part in the 2013 Delaware
Polar Bear Plunge on a “balmy” 30 degree day this
past winter! The event raised more than $650,000
for Special Olympics Delaware.
Emily is an active participant in Special Olympics
and was pumped up to help raise money by plunging
and taking part in the revelry (and warmth) of the
festive after party!
On the Job:
Emily puts her skills to work
as an integral member of the
Chimes Delaware crew that
handles all types of projects
for manufacturing clients.
Watching movies with her
housemates, playing BINGO
and volunteering in her
community, including work
for Luther’s Pantry, Delaware
Food Bank, the PAL Center,
Ronald MacDonald House
and Emmanuel’s Pantry.
Emily Roark
New Beginnings:
Emily participates in Chimes Delaware’s New
Beginnings Program, where she sets her own
schedule, learns social and vocational skills, enjoys
leisure activities and volunteers in the community.
Family First:
Emily is a friendly, caring and very social person and
enjoys meeting new people, but is closest to her
family members, especially her mother and aunts!

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