Archbishop Listecki will preside at the 10:30 AM Mass which will be



Archbishop Listecki will preside at the 10:30 AM Mass which will be
Archbishop Listecki will preside at the 10:30 AM Mass which
will be followed by a luncheon reception in the cafeteria. Plan
on joining us as we welcome back former pastors and priests
who have served at St. Mary’s, as well as other honored
guests. There will be parish memorabilia on display.
Memories of Immaculate Conception
(St. Mary) Catholic Church . . .
Share your parish memories on Facebook:
Please go to our parish website: and the
Facebook link for the 175th Anniversary page to share
your memories, photos, and comments on this special
event!! We'd love to hear from you and your family!
Rita McCarthy, age 90: I was born in the shadow of St. Mary’s church steeple, the youngest of six children. We lived on McHenry Street across from the
rectory and the Annex building, so St. Mary’s Parish has always been a big
part of my life. Before I was even five years old I knew just about every kid in
school. I remember my mother telling how she enjoyed seeing the older sisters of
parishioner Don Uhen driving up in their horse and buggy bringing their
younger brothers to school. I’m pretty sure one of them was probably Fr.
Cletus Uhen! This was during the depression time, but, we didn’t know we
were poor – so was everyone around us! We all went to St. Mary’s grade
school and graduated from St. Mary’s high school from 1932 to 1941. We took
part in all the activities of the parish and schools. After I retired, I found time
to help with the school hot lunch program, funeral luncheons, welcoming committee, meal program at Love, Inc., and the prayer network. I have been a Eucharistic adorer since its start at the monastery to the present time … one hour
a week well spent! I also helped by answering phones at the rectory in the evenings. It was at that time that I came across a handwritten document from
1846, some in German, showing the parish membership.
Rita McCarthy On page one was listed William McCarthy and family; he
was my great grandfather who immigrated from County
Cork, Ireland!! St. Mary’s has always been a big part of
the Burlington community. We found that out at the time
of the church fire when everyone pulled together to rebuild
the church!! I’ve been around for 90 years and have seen
how God continues to bless St. Mary’s Parish, its people
and priests. I love it!
Loraine Sennott, age 101: I was a
member of the second freshman class as
St. Mary's High School. We were very
proud of the new school that was built
in 1927. Father Van Treek was the
pastor that was instrumental in building the high school. The high school
shared a heating system with the church.
I remember being very cold with the
shared heating system. Our lips were
turning blue and we had to wear gloves.
The heating system was eventually
corrected. We started with 15 students
in the freshmen class. Only 8 were left
in the graduating class. It was very
common at that
time for farm
children to not
complete high
school so they
could work on
the family farm.
I am very
grateful for
Loraine Sennott
St. Mary's.
This is the last weekend of our Annual Stewardship Renewal Drive. If you have not yet
returned the time/talent and financial stewardship renewal forms, please do so this week.
Mass Intentions
11/18 Monday The Dedication of the Basilicas of
SS. Peter and Paul, St. Rose Philippine Duchesne
8:30 AM Mass (Church) 8:00 AM Rosary
The deceased members of the Toth Family
(Theresia Wolf-McKenzie)
† Imelda Alby (WM)
11/19 Tuesday
8:30 AM Mass (St. Charles) 8:00 AM Rosary
11/20 Wednesday
8:30 AM Mass (St. Charles) 8:00 AM Rosary
11/21 Thursday The Presentation of the Blessed
Virgin Mary
8:30 AM Mass (St. Charles) 8:00 AM Rosary
11/22 Friday St. Cecilia
8:30 AM Mass (Church) 8:00 AM Rosary
† Stella Banks (Friends of the Haggard Family)
Feast of Our Lord Jesus Christ the King
11/23 Saturday
4:30 PM Mass (Church)
† Betty Bazal Keleske (Rita McCarthy)
11/24 Sunday
8:00 AM Mass (Church)
Living and Deceased Members of St. Mary Parish
10:30 AM Mass (Church)
† Father Cletus Uhen (1 Year Anniversary) (Family of
Father Uhen)
Daily Readings
11/18 Monday
 Stewardship Drive through December 1st
 9:00-9:00 PM Eucharistic Adoration (Chapel)
 8:30 AM Mass (Church)
11/19 Tuesday
 9:00-9:00 PM Eucharistic Adoration (Chapel)
 8:30 AM Mass (St. Charles)
 6:30 PM Divorced/Separated Ministry (SSR)
11/20 Wednesday
 9:00-9:00 PM Eucharistic Adoration (Chapel)
 8:30 AM Mass (St. Charles)
 6:00 PM Rosary (Chapel)
11/21 Thursday
 9:00-6:00 PM Eucharistic Adoration (Chapel)
 8:30 AM Mass (St. Charles)
 6:30 PM Choir Rehearsal (Church)
11/22 Friday
 9:00-4:00 PM Eucharistic Adoration (Chapel)
 8:30 AM Mass (Church)
Feast of Our Lord Jesus Christ the King
11/23 Saturday
 3:30-4:00 pm Reconciliation (Chapel)
 4:30 PM Mass (Church)
11/24 Sunday
 8:00 and 10:30* AM Masses (Church)
 *Preschool/Children’s Liturgy of the Word
 9:00 AM Ready to be Hero Program (Café)
 9:15 AM REP Gr. 1-8 (SMS)
Office Hours: 8AM-12PM & 1- 4PM Mon.-Friday
33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time
11/17 Malachi 3:19-20a / 2
Thessalonians 3:7-12
Ps 98:5-9
Luke 21:5-19
11/18 1 Maccabees 1:1015,41-43,54-57,62-63
Ps 119:53,61,134,
Luke 18:35-43
11/19 2 Mac 6:18-31
Ps 3:2-7
Luke 19:1-10
11/20 2 Mac 7:1,20-31
Ps 17:1,5,6,8,15
Luke 19:11-28
11/21 1 Mac 2:15-29
Ps 50:1,2,5,6,14,15
Luke 19:41-44
11/22 1 Mac 4:36,37,52-59
1 Chron 29:10-12
Luke 19:45-58
11/23 1 Mac 6:1-13
Ps 9:2-4,6,16,19
Luke 20:27-40
Feast of Our Lord Jesus Christ the King
11/24 2 Samuel 5:1-3/
Colossians 1:12-20
This Week at Saint Mary Catholic Church
Ps 122:1-5
Luke 23:35-43
St. Mary Preschool: 108 McHenry St. Burlington,
WI 53105 (262) 763-1501
St. Mary Grade School: 225 W. State St.
(262) 763-1515
Catholic Central High School: 148 McHenry St.,
(262) 763-1510
Visitation/Communion Schedule
Hospital 11/16-17 Robert Zarek
11/23-24 Marlene Ketterhagen
Monday: Ellen Voslar
Wednesday: Cheryl Theigs
Friday: Bob Zarek
Kindred Care (Visit) 11/18-24 Judy Donnelly
Tuesday Pine Brook (11 AM)
Shirley Kanthack, Shirley Meyer, Sr. Emma
Wednesday: Riverview(10:30); Chestnut Club(11:15)
Bob Thompson, Al Raboine, Tom Durand
Wednesday: Kindred Care (3:15 PM)
Annette Kempken, Bob Zarek
Announcements After Mass:
The deadline for pulpit announcements is Noon on
Fridays. Send requests to [email protected] so
they may be approved by Father Jim.
Articles/pictures for the bulletin may be emailed to:
[email protected] by 4 PM Monday.
Early Holiday Deadline: Due to the Thanksgiving
Holiday, all information for the December 1st bulletin
is due by Noon on Friday, November 22nd.
A Message from Fr. Jim . . .
1) I would like to thank all of those who attended the Evening of Reflection for Liturgical Ministers last
Sunday evening. It was a wonderful gathering of dedicated folks who serve our parish in a number of
different capacities. I would like to take this opportunity to offer a word of appreciation for the many
people who serve as Eucharistic ministers, lectors, ushers/greeters, altar servers, choir members/cantors/
musicians, sacristans and church decorators. Our liturgies are very prayerful because of the help of these
folks. I am very grateful for the serious and reverent manner in which they approach their service. I pray
that Almighty God may bless them in their roles and reward them for their willingness to offer their time
to St. Mary’s. If you are interested in helping in any of these areas, please do not hesitate to contact the
rectory office.
2) I also want to say a word of thanks to all of the parishioners who attended our Annual Parish Meeting
last Sunday. It was good to see so many of you. As I said at the meeting, I feel that there are many good
things happening here at our parish and schools and we can all be very proud of that. I am so grateful to
be part of a parish that has so many dedicated people who are willing to help insure a strong Catholic
presence in our community.
One item that was mentioned at the meeting was a concern regarding communication in the parish. How
do we get information out to the parishioners who did not attend that annual meeting, do not read the
bulletin, or do not attend Mass here on a regular basis? This is an ongoing problem in any parish. I think
we have to do our best to keep spreading the word. Please visit our parish website to keep apprised of
events and news regarding our parish and schools. Also, if you would like a copy of the handouts from
the Annual Meeting, including the current financial status, stop at the rectory office and pick them up.
Together we can spread the information about the parish that is vital for its continued growth and
3) This is the last weekend of our Annual Stewardship Renewal Drive. If you have not yet renewed your
commitment to the parish, please take a moment to prayerfully consider how you might be able to help
this next year. We all have been blessed greatly by Almighty God – “What return shall I make to the
Lord for all the good He has done for me?” (Psalm 116)
God bless you always!
Father Jim Volkert
**Our anniversary celebration is coming up quickly. Please plan on coming to the celebration on
Sunday, December 8th beginning with 10:30 AM Mass, Archbishop Listecki presiding, followed by a
luncheon reception in the school cafeteria. It will be a great time!
Sign-Up Now to Light Advent Wreath Candle
Each year the Advent Wreath candles are lit by parish families. The family joins Fr. Jim about 10 minutes before Mass begins and joins in the procession up to the altar. A prayer is said and a member of the family lights the candles. A sign-up sheet
is available in the back of church. We invite families to take part in this Christmas tradition.
Knights of Columbus are Collecting Items
Support our priestly vocations by donating items this
November. “Sentiments for Seminarians” program
and the Knights of Columbus are collecting the following items: Toothbrushes, shaving cream, soap,
shampoo, gloves, scarves, Ziploc bags, small food
storage containers, tissue, pens, paper, gas and gift
cards. Please bring items to Church.
Along with remembering our faithful departed in particular during the month of November, Pope Francis
has also asked that we include the following in our intentions:
“That priests who experience difficulties may find comfort in their suffering, support in
their doubts, and confirmation in their fidelity.”
St. Mary School 8th Grade Project
Please join us for the next Life Teen Tri-Parish
Mass on Sunday, Nov.17, at 5:00. The Life Night
follows mass. All high- school teens are welcome
for the Life Night.
Looking ahead: Wednesday nights- teen bible
study and praise and worship practice
Dec. 1 - Life Teen Mass at 5:00 and Life Night
Dec. 4 - love inc Christmas service project for teens
Dec 15- Life Teen Mass at 5:00 and Life Night
Mascot Pecans: Life Teen is again offering fresh
Mascot pecans in a variety of flavors as well as plain
pecans for baking. Also added this year are Fancy
English Walnuts and Roasted and Salted Cashews.
You’ll love these delicious treats, which are packaged for gift giving. They are available after weekend masses. All proceeds benefit Tri-Parish Life
Teen and are used for the Catholic Youth Rally in
the spring. We are grateful for your support!
Travel With Sister Mary Joyce Merten, SSND
You are invited on a Pilgrimage Nov. 3-14, 2014, to
visit Blessed John Paul II birthplace in Wadowice
and the Shrine of Divine Mercy in honor of St.
Faustina in Krakow. This trip includes Warsaw, the
capitol of Poland, Czestochowa, Auschwitz, Budapest, Vienna and Prague. We are traveling with
NAWAS, a very respectable Catholic Agency.
$3,259 per person. Bus to Chicago O’Hare. The
price listed above includes Air/Land tour which is
$2579 plus $680 government taxes & surcharges.
Details available on brochure. If you have questions, please call 262-758-6100 or 262-909-6998 or
[email protected] By the time we are on our
PILGRIMAGE we will we will be saying St. John
Paul II. This is a most wonderful trip with terrific opportunities to enjoy many places and events.
The students built a
replica of a
Jewish Sukkah. The
means a
tent or
booth. It is
a harvest
in the fall &
a remembrance of
the 40 years the Israelites wandered in the desert
after the Exodus from Egypt and teaches us that we
should never forget that everything comes from and
goes back to God. Look carefully for the Sh'ma, a
Jewish prayer printed in Hebrew by one of our 8th
grade students.
Program Will Be Offered at St. Marys
Witness the Exciting Foundations of the Church with
“Acts: The Spread of the Kingdom.”
Join us this coming January for a program titled:
“Acts: The Spread of the Kingdom,” by Jeff Cavin at
Immaculate Conception (St. Mary) Catholic Parish
beginning Wednesday, January 8th from 7:00 to
8:15 PM and continuing every Wednesday for
twenty sessions. For more information, or to register
for the study, call Paul Dujardin at 414.940.2356 or
email [email protected]
The Acts of the Apostles is more than a history of
the First Christians. Its is an incredible story of the
power of the Holy Spirit. After the Ascension of
The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe
Christ, the Apostles appeared worried and confused.
They had spent three years in the presence of our
Students in the 6th grade reading class wrote and
practiced skits from "The Lion the Witch and the Ward- Savior and our God, and now He had returned to His
robe". Every student enjoyed and actively participated Father. But He did not leave them alone. Christ
sent the Apostles the Holy Spirit to guide, instruct,
in this readand empower them. In “Acts: The Spread of the
ing lesson.
Kingdom,” you will witness how the Apostles,
through the Power of the Holy Spirit, continued the
The 6th
saving mission of Christ on earth. You will see how
grade stuthe Kingdom of God is truly among us in the Holy
dents will
also put on a Church established by Christ, and you will come to a
performance greater appreciation for the entire Catholic Faith.
for their 2nd
Dear Jesus, hear our prayers for the sick and for
Grade budthose who care for them. Bless them and keep them
under your care. Amen.
Our Adopt-A-Family Advent Program
Love, Inc. has asked us to help the many families on
their list who will not have Christmas unless we help.
St. Mary Preschool Helps Senior Citizens
Ornaments with a number and gift request will be
available for pick up after November 21. Gifts
should be returned, UNWRAPPED, with the number
We need the unwrapped gifts
returned by December 8th.
Items should be new, not used.
Please be compassionate and
understand that this is the only time
that a family in need can ask for some
thing that is not an absolute necessity.
Thank you for your generosity.
Questions? Call Pat Ebbers at 763-3916.
Blood Drive at Catholic Central High School
Monday, November 23rd, 8-1 in the new gym
Contact Heidi Meier at 262-763-1510
Or [email protected] to make an
appointment or for information.
Appointments encouraged.
Our school is eligible to win an
Ultimate Share scholarship.
Thank You from Soles for Catholic Education
Thank You to
the Supporters
of Soles for
Catholic Education walk that
was held on
November 4th.
Our School raised over $1100.00 for
tution assistance and donated over 550
pairs of new or used shoes. It was a
great event we walked with over 7000
supporters at Mount Mary College.
Preschool students in the 4K class made placemats
for homebound & nursing home parishioners.
Our St. Nick’s Breakfast is December 1st
Kick-off the Christmas season with the 2013 St. Nick
Breakfast in the school cafeteria sponsored by SMS
Home and School Assn.:
Sunday, December 1st
8 AM-Noon
St. Mary’s Cafeteria
Special guests, awesome
food, and crafts for kids.
Year of Faith Closing Mass
Nov. 24: Year of Faith Closing Mass, 10:30 am,
Christ King Parish, Wauwatosa
Birthday Blessings
We wish to acknowledge the special members of our
Parish community who will be celebrating their 90th
birthday and up!
On the 21st Madelyn Rome will be 94
May God Bless You, Madelyn!
God Bless Our Troops
Please pray for the safety of all military personnel
who are serving our country, especially the following
parishioners, relatives or friends of our parish
Jim & Beth Graves,
Gregory A. Roberts,
U.S. Air Force,
U.S. Army
James Graves, U.S.
Devon J. Seitz, U.S.
Air Force,
Benjamin Hall, Cpl.
Jacob A. Thorpe,
Robert J. Hintz, U.S.
Private, US Marine
Marine Corps
Corp, Infantry
Steven Kojis,
Sergeant Brandon
U.S. Air Force
Wiskes, U.S. Marines
Christopher LeBlanc,
Corporal Dustin Wiskes,
PVT 1st class U.S.
U.S. Marines
Army South Korea
Toby May, Spc. Army
National Guard
Parish Staff Directory (262) 763-1500
Pastoral Council Members
Steve Corbisier (895-6850), Susan Gutschow (7630979), Mike Huberty (723-3314), John Kendall (6614320), Katherine Lavieri (878-0289); Terri Newbury
(Trustee, 763-6317); Norma Roanhouse (Secretary,
763-3766); Barbara Scherrer (Chairperson, 763-7518);
Jim Schuster (Trustee, 763-0897); Jim Vos (ViceChairperson, 763-9710), Tim Warren (539-3314).
Finance Council Members
Stacy Alan, Steve Corbisier, Loretta Jackson, Tom Pederson, Jim Schuster, Tim Spieglehoff, Tim Warren, and Fr.
Jim Volkert.
We warmly welcome new members to our faith community. If you would like to join our parish, registration forms are available in church. Please complete
the form and return it to the church office. Sacraments: Marriage-Couples should call St. Mary
Catholic Church’s pastor 6 months to one year
before the wedding date. Baptism-Call the office
prior to your child’s baptism. A preparation class for
parents is required. Baptisms are held the first and
third weekend of the month. Reconciliation-is held
the second, fourth and fifth weekend of the month
from 3:30-4 PM in the chapel. Communion, Confirmation and Anointing of the Sick-Call the office.
If it is after hours, listen for the emergency number.
Mass Time Assistance
Wheelchair available in the closet of
the Good Shepherd Chapel that is for
your use if you need assistance getting
in to or out of Church.
Fr. Jim Volkert (Pastor); Susanne Snyder (Director of
Music); Sue Vrzan (Director of Administrative Services);
Dianne Smetana (Parish Secretary); Cheryl Theigs
(Pastoral Minister to the Aging, Sick and Homebound);
Loretta Jackson (Grade School Principal); Deb Butler
(Assistant Principal); Barb Porcaro (Preschool Director);
Margie Robers (Director of Religious Education); Jim &
Kathy Martin Youth Ministry (Life Teen).
Parish Website
For parish information, go to
Stewardship and Debt Reduction Report
Amount collected 11/10 from 171 envelopes
Amount Given Fiscal Year to Date
Amount Budgeted to Date (19 weeks)
Amount Budgeted for fiscal year (52 weeks) $915,000.00
Amount still needed for fiscal year
Amount needed per week to reach
budget (33 weeks)
Parish Debt Reduction
Amount Collected through 11/10/13 from
428 families
Amount still needed
Fr. Clete Uhen Bequest
Thank you for the tremendous response to our
Debt Reduction campaign. Please continue to
pray for the success of our efforts. May God
who has begun the good work here bring it to
fulfillment. -Fr. Jim
Hearing Assistance: If you need a
hearing device during Mass, please
contact ushers.
Sat. 4:30 PM
November 23
Sunday 8:00
November 23
Sun. 10:30
November 24
Greeters: State
McHenry N
McHenry S
G. Speigelhoff
S. Safar
L. Safar
J. Schiltz
D. Schiltz
E. Swanson
E. Guttschow
S. Allen
S. Allen
4:30 PM - Matt
Daniels, Ralph Heck,
Glenn Lois, Don Warren, Gerald
Bread 1
Bread 2
Bread 3
Cup 1
Cup 2
Dianna Nienhaus
Ruth Heck
Jerry Liesemeyer
Diana Molumby
Kay Fox
Barb Vos
Tim Wegge
Norma Roanhouse
Kathy Baumeister
Pam Aldrich
Holly Reesman
Anton Nickolai
Darlene Geiser
Brenda Wright
Laurie Cantrell
8:00 AM - Dan Creek,
Andrew & Kathy Dorn,
Jim Hensgen, Joyce &
Les Mastalir, Tim Vos,
Bob Thompson
J. P. Wolter
M. Robers
L. Wheelock
B. Wheelock
D. Vande Velde
B. Montee
10:30 AM- R. Reesman, Mary/Ralph Rice,
Judy Correll, Deb/
Russ Weis
St. Mary Church #542590
108 McHenry Street
Burlington, WI 53105
262 763-1500
Cell 262 325 8505
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