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the newsletter - Mountain Comprehensive Health Corporation
Mountain Comprehensive Health Corporation
Volume 12, Issue 1
Contributed by: J ennifer NeSmith, MBA
Edited by: Chr is Bates, MPA
Top 10 Receptionists
January-March 2015
Washington, D.C. was home centers and to expand grassroots
*Based on collections
to extra Kentuckians for a few advocacy.
1) Christy Sturgill, Harlan
days last week. The annual
National Association of
Teresa Fleming, Director of Financial 2) Denise Caudill, Whitesburg
Community Health Centers
Affairs of MCHC, shared how MCHC 3) Nichola Hawkins, Harlan
Policy and Issues Forum was achieved enormous success with their
4) Barbara Hall, Leatherwood
held there, with the theme
th outreach and enrollment efforts in a
being a celebration of the 50 session entitled, “Evaluating the Impact 5) Angel Elmore, Whitesburg
anniversary of Community
of Enrollment on Health Center
6) Shawn Finn, Whitesburg
Health Centers (CHC). A
Finance and Operations.”
7) Carol Day, Whitesburg
large group of Kentucky CHC
leaders visited the offices of www.facebook/kyhcn.
8) Ashley Adams, Whitesburg
each of the state’s representa9) Carolyn Abner,, Whitesburg
tives and senators. The CHC
10) Tiffany Bailey, Whitesburg
group provided information to
educate the legislators about
the important services CHCs
Million Hearts
deliver and the economic
support they provide to
MCHC Upgrades Dental
Kentucky communities. The
group also asked each for
My Spring Day Off
formal support of the CHC
Proprogram, which ensures acviders
cess to quality and affordable
primary and preventive health
PCMH, After Hours
services to millions of uninsured
and medically underserved
people nationwide.
Medical Clinic
CHC leaders not only visited
Capitol Hill and attended
education sessions, but they also
received awards and played an
active role in education
programming at the Forum.
L.M. “Mike” Caudill, Chief
Executive Officer of MCHC,
won the NACHC Grassroots
Advocacy Elizabeth K. Cooke
MVP Award for his efforts to
ensure that members of
Congress actively support health
Respiratory Clinics of
Eastern Kentucky
Owsley and Buckhorn
MCHC to Open New
Clinic in Pineville
MCHC is Highest Bid11
der for Former
Whitesburg High School
HR News & Updates
Sunday Social
Comedic Relief
Corporate Compliance
Key Personnel
CEO– L.M. (Mike) Caudill
COO– Phillip Hampton
Director of Financial Affairs Teresa
Director of Clinical Affairs
Dr. Van S. Breeding, M.D.
Medical Director
Dr. Salem Hanna, M.D.
CFO-Randi McCall
Corporate Compliance
Chris Bates
Director of Health Information
Management and Quality Services
Mahala Mullins
Director of Professional Relations
Stephen Kincer
Director of Human Resources
Mary Ann Morgan
Director of Nursing
Sybil Shell
Director of Radiology
Gabrielle Helle
Director of Laboratory Services
Joy Robinson
Director of Information Systems
Sharon Chandler
Director of Billing
Brenda Day
Interim Comptroller
Mary Back
Clinic Administrators:
Rebecca Amburgey, Whitesburg
Ralph Hall, Leatherwood/Blackey
Merita Doan, Harlan
Laura Gay, Owsley & Buckhorn
Scott Frazier, Home Medical
MCHC Participates in Million Hearts Initiative
Contributed by: Cheryl Adams
MCHC has partnered with the Million Hearts® initiative to help raise
awareness of hypertension, commonly known as high blood pressure. High
blood pressure is a disease that is usually Hiding In Plain Sight, (HIPS). Most
of the time, people do not realize that they have high blood pressure. Sometimes
they do not experience any symptoms, or don’t recognize that their symptoms
could be related to their blood pressure. Common symptoms may include headaches, fatigue, vision changes, and pounding in the chest, neck, or ears. These
changes usually occur over time, and may not be noticeable.
High blood pressure increases the risk of heart disease, strokes, kidney
problems and vision problems. When our blood pressure is high, it causes damage to our arteries. The arteries respond in different ways, sometimes they become thickened, while other times they develop a weak spot and become more
prone to an aneurysm. Untreated high blood pressure makes the heart work
harder, and can cause the heart muscle to become enlarged.
The goal of Million Hearts® is to save a million hearts by 2017. This
can be possible by making sure that the patients who have had high blood pressure readings are being diagnosed and treated. The program provides measures
to assist in determining if the patient had high readings one time. They may
have been nervous about visiting the doctor, or it may have been high simply
because they were sick. There are specific guidelines that determine that the
patient may need education concerning their nutrition and physical activity. The
patient is encouraged to check their blood pressure at home, and return to the
clinic for their follow up appointments. The healthcare provider will then determine if a diagnosis is needed, and if the lifestyle modifications are enough to
decrease the blood pressure or if medication is needed.
Our team is working to assist our healthcare providers with identifying
the patients who may have undiagnosed hypertension. We collect data and analyze the number of patients that were seen within the last twelve months and
within the last thirty days. Patient education materials will be distributed via
patient portal and available during clinic visits. We will be scheduling appointments for patients who do not have a diagnosis of hypertension, but have had
elevated blood pressure readings. We are excited about this opportunity to serve
our community and assist with keeping our patients healthy.
1. Million Hearts®overview, retrieved March 5, 2015 from: http://
2. Hypertension effects on the body, retrieved March 5, 2015 from:
3. Symptoms of High Blood Pressure, retrieved March 5, 2015 from:
Volume 12, Issue 1
Kynecting Kentuckians to Quality, Affordable Health Care Options
Contributed by: Zachary Sturgill
As everyone knows here at MCHC we strive to be the best and we don’t settle for
anything less, and best is what we are. Open enrollment started October 1st 2013
from then until now we have the largest amount of individuals enrolled and
individuals assisted than any other FQHC in the state. We have managed to assist
over 12,000 individuals with Kentucky’s online market place (kynect). We have
estimated to have enrolled over (8,500) individuals in the market place over that time period. Being the best
in the state of Kentucky just didn’t happen because of a coincidence, it happened because MCHC started with
a strong foundation before anyone else did and prepared better than anyone else for open enrollment. We
strategized and came up with best practices before anyone else did, those same practices we shared with
multiple entities because of how effective they are. We have had the top kynector in the region based on enrolling for the past 3 months, Patricia – December, Zach- January and February. I would also like to thank all
of the kynectors for their hard work and dedication for the last year and half but also to keep up the good
Rebecca Amburgey
Angel Elmore
Rhonda Starks
Barb Hall
Tabitha Sexton
Bethany Baker
Teresa Fleming
Beth Hall
Tiffany Ritchie
Bette Braddock
Patricia Adams
Carol Day
Zach Sturgill
Did you know?
All MCHC employees can
receive a 10% discount on
prescriptions at the
Whitesburg Medical Center
Whitesburg Medical Clinic
Health Fair is on Tuesday,
June 9th.
Employee Appreciation Day
is Friday, June 12th.
May is Mental Health
Awareness Month.
June 7th is National Cancer
Survivors Day.
June 14th is World Blood
Donor Day.
Donna Breeding
Josh Richardson
Julie Gay
Laura Gay
Marquala Wolfe
Merita Doan
Miranda Young
Patricia Noe
Patti Perkins
Ralph Hall
MCHC Upgrades Dental Department
Contributed by: Chris Bates, MPA
MCHC has upgraded our dental
department at the Whitesburg Medical/
Dental Clinic. The renovations
expanded the lobby to allow for more
seating; moved the patient bathroom to
the lobby area from the exam area for
better access; provided a privacy window
and area for patients to discuss their
accounts; and expanded the exam rooms
to a total of nine. The renovations also
allowed MCHC to place all new state-ofthe-art dental chairs and equipment in
each exam room. All of the renovations
were completed from November 2014 to
early February 2015. Dental reopened
on February 9 to the public. MCHC is
very proud to offer this state-of-the-art
dental facility to our patients! The
MCHC Dental Clinic is accepting new
and existing patients! We hope that
everyone enjoys an enhanced patient
experience at MCHC Whitesburg
Medical/Dental Clinic!
My Spring Day Off
Contributed by: Chana Snow Smith, RN
On one random pretty day in March, MCHC CEO L.M. (Mike) Caudill drew a name
for a hat for a paid day off. I was the lucky recipient! On my spring day off, I had to
take my sister, Kelly, who is 24 weeks pregnant, to Central Baptist Hospital because
she started having contractions. My husband, Robert, and I along with our two children, Kelten, our 4-year
old boy & Bella, our 3-year old girl, headed to Lexington with my sister! We left around 12:30pm and
arrived at the hospital around 2:30pm. We were at the hospital until 6:00pm, when they finally decided it was
false labor and released her. We arrived home around 8:00pm, bathed the kids and got ready for the next day.
Even though I wasn’t able to be home on my day off, I am very thankful I was able to be off work and take
my sister to the hospital. Our parents were out of town and her partner was at work and unable to leave. If I
wasn’t off work, she would have had to go by herself. So, I am very glad I was off work and able to be there
for her! A special thank you to our CEO for making this possible!
Volume 12, Issue 1
MCHC Adds New Providers
Contributed by: Chris Bates, MPA
Since our last issue of The
Newsletter, MCHC has added
several providers across our
network of clinics. Misty Adams,
APRN received her Post-Master
Certificate Primary Care Nurse
Practitioner from Northern
Kentucky University in 2014.
Misty previously served MCHC
as an RN and Patient Centered
Medical Home (PCMH)
Coordinator. Dr. N. Wade Baker
MD has rejoined MCHC’s
clinical staff after spending the
last couple of years in private
practice. Dr. Baker previously
worked for MCHC for 20 years
from 1992 to 2012. We are very
pleased to have him back!
MCHC undertook renovations of
the Whitesburg Dental Clinic in
November 2014. As a result of
the expansion, MCHC was able
to hire an additional dentist, Dr.
Stephanie Brooks DMD. Dr.
Brooks is an Eastern Kentucky
native from Middlesboro, KY.
Dr. Brooks is a graduate of the
University of Kentucky School of
Dentistry. Samantha Caldwell,
APRN is a graduate of Frontier
Nursing University. She joined
MCHC after spending the
previous 5 years as a clinical
nurse manager for a 32 bed
interventional cardiology unit at
St. Joseph Healthcare in
Lexington, KY. Sara Caldwell,
APRN is also a graduate of
Frontier Nursing University. She
joined MCHC after serving as a
family nurse practitioner for
Mountain Medical Clinic of Carr
Creek and Mountain After Hours
Clinic. Lora Cook, APRN is also
a graduate of Frontier Nursing
University. She joined MCHC
after previously serving as a RN/
Office Manager for Jenkins Family
Clinic. Jessica Neace, APRN is
also a graduate of Frontier Nursing
University. She joined MCHC
after previously serving as an RN
for 9 years at Kentucky River
Regional Medical Center in
Jackson, KY. Jessica Rasnick,
APRN is also a graduate of
Frontier Nursing University in
Hyden, KY. She joined MCHC
after previously serving as the
Recertification Nurse and
Scheduling Coordinator for Home
Nursing Company in Clintwood,
VA for 8 years. Ashley Sumpter,
APRN is also a graduate of
Frontier Nursing University. She
joined MCHC after previously
serving as a family nurse
practitioner for Mountain Instant
Care in Whitesburg, KY. She was
also previously a school nurse for
the Kentucky River District Health
MCHC is very
pleased to be able
to recruit local
high caliber health
care professionals
such as these
Jessica Neace,
Owsley County
Medical Clinic
Misty Adams,
Dr. N. Wade Baker,
Whitesburg Medical/ Whitesburg Medical/
Dental Clinic
Dental Clinic
Dr. Stephanie
Brooks, DMD
Caldwell, APRN
Whitesburg Dental Owsley County
Medical Clinic
Sara Caldwell,
Blackey Medical
Lora Cook, APRN
Letcher County
Central School
Jessica Rasnick,
Ashley Sumpter,
County School Based
Harlan Medical Clinic
Contributed by: Merita Doan
All of us here at Harlan MCHC are soooo ready for this winter to be over and
looking forward to spring. I would like to thank my entire staff for fighting all this
crazy weather and getting to work safely and remember to always use your own
judgment during times of bad weather. The employees would like to thank Mike
Caudill for sending water for everyone that was without. We are looking forward
to starting a new year with our new ultrasound machine. We can now do abdomen
(complete), Gallbladder, Renal, liver, Aorta, Thyroid and small parts- palpable areas,
breast and OB including level II and 4D ultrasound. It’s no longer necessary to refer
our patients to other facilities for abnormal mammograms-mag views because we can
perform breast ultrasound here at Harlan. The kynect program has been really great
here at Harlan MCHC. We would like to give a big shout out to Patricia Noe (PA) for
being head kynector in December 2014 and still going strong. The Harlan MCHC crew
participated in the 2nd Annual Harlan Co. 5K Run or Walk with Color on April 11th,
2015. The money raised during the run will go towards Relay for Life. Each MCHC
crew member was walking in memory of a loved that had lost their battle with cancer.
Over 400 people turned out for the cause and downtown Harlan was painted with a variety of color. I would like to take this time to welcome Misty Turner APRN and Shannon Wilder APRN, Samantha Simpson LPN, Kassie Mcqueen, CMA and Emily Webb
CMA, Jonni Bowman Taylor Certified X-Ray technician and last but not least Jennifer
Gilbert LPN . We would also like to welcome Evangelina Burkhart LPN, Leslie Saylor
LPN, and Gwen Hensley RN. We are looking for a positive report that we will be
opening a new facility in the Bell County area in the spring of 2015.
PCMH, After Hours Nurse Advice Line, and
Newborn Education
MCHC PCMH is currently recognized as a LEVEL 1 at all 5 main clinic sites.
We have started working on a 2nd ADD-ON Survey and have brought in a
consultant who is also an NCQA reviewer. She will be able to help us get our
information that we submit for this survey into the right format for the
NCQA reviewers. This consultant has an excellent record of helping several
different clinic sites like MCHC achieve a LEVEL 3 rating. MCHC’s Nurse
Advice Line has been fully implemented since 03/24/2015. The Whitesburg
Medical/Dental Clinic is the only site that has had any calls thus far. The advice line is for when the clinic is not open and gives our
patients and family
members another option when they are not sure if they need to seek medical
attention. Teamhealth Medical Call Center is the name of the company.
Teamhealth provides RNs to give medical advice by following widely accepted
triage protocols. The triage number is 1-844-769-5881. MCHC is also offering
a NEWBORN EDUCATION CLASS. This class is offered the last Wednesday of each month at 6 pm at the Whitesburg Clinic. New parents and caregivers will get to ask questions they did not know to ask until they got home with
their new baby. A demonstration of infant CPR will be performed as well as
several different topics on safety will be discussed.
Volume 12, Issue 1
Leatherwood/Blackey Medical Clinic
Contributed by: Hannah Madden
Due to both its friendly staff
family due to these
members and patients, our clinic has opportunities. I think it
seemingly become a popular place for is safe to say that I speak
people to abandon their stray animals. for all of us here at
We have had several within the last
few months and are always excited to Medical Clinic when I
play with them and feed them until we say we are looking
are able to find them owners.
forward to another busy
However, the last dog who found her and productive year of
way to us provided us with quite the
providing the quality
challenge. We found a patient
healthcare that our
interested in her the same day she
patients have come to
showed up, but the problem at hand
expect and deserve.
was catching her. She was severely
malnourished and had obviously been
physically neglected. Any loud noise or
sudden movement, which were both
constantly provided by the highway in
All year we conducted road blocks
front of the clinic, startled her and she
in several locations, had bake sales, and a
wouldn’t let us within arms reaching
hot dog stand ran by clinic administrator
distance of her. This made it hard for
Ralph Hall, along with other fundraisers
us to feed her, as there were always
and taking up donations all for the Kid’s
people out front and traffic on the roads
Christmas Wish Fund. Thanks to all the
and in and out of the parking lot. After
donations and hard work put in by our
a week of relentlessly trying to nurse
employees and members of the
this dog back to health we realized that
Leatherwood community we were able to
her care was beyond our capabilities
raise enough money to supply Christmas
and it became evident that if we didn’t
presents, both clothes and toys, for almost
receive help fast her outcome would
150 children of all ages. December 16th
not be pretty. Thanks to the help of
was our 11th annual Kid’s Christmas party
Amy Asher and the patience and dediand our kids received their gifts from Santa
cation of her co-volunteers, we were
and his wonderful elf helper, Grace Caudill.
able to provide the dog with a new
We were fortunate enough to be able to
home where she can be healthy and
provide not only gifts, but pizza and dessert
happy and be given the love she defor our children and their families as well.
We enjoyed singing Christmas songs, gift
We are all thankful for the
giving, and the overall company of our
opportunities to thrive and give back to
friends and patients and are looking
our community and have grown as a
forward to the next party with plans for
fundraisers already underway.
On December 4th of 2014, MCHC
hosted their annual Christmas party at the
Seco Winery. We were able to enjoy dinner, gifts, prizes (Mildred Dixon, Shelia
Frazier, and Tracey Jones were all happy
winners of door prizes), even a UK
basketball game, and most importantly one
another’s company. It is a joy each year to
be able to get together and spend time with
co-workers from each of our 5 clinics and
corporate office as well, as that isn’t
something we often get to do. The
Leatherwood/Blackey clinic employees
would like to sincerely thank MCHC and
the winery for the excellent hospitality and
company and we are looking forward to
another year!
that our
have come
to expect
11th Annual Kid’s Christmas Party at Leatherwood/Blackey Medical Clinic
Rescue Pup
Sculpture by
Respiratory Clinics of Eastern Kentucky
Contributed By: Anthony Warlick, RCEK Program Coordinator
Anthony Warlick represented the Respiratory Clinic at meetings held in Washington D. C. on March 2 nd. He
met with representatives from the U.S. Department of Labor and the Mine Safety and Health Administration
(MSHA). He also attended the National Coalition of Black Lung and Respiratory Disease Clinics Board
Meeting. On March 3rd he met with staff members of Representative Hal Rogers, Senator Mitch McConnell,
and Senator Rand Paul to educate them on the importance of the Black Lung Clinics Program. The staff
members seemed very interested in the services offered by our clinic and asked questions regarding the
services of the Black Lung Clinics Program. We have also been busy preparing for three health fairs. MCHC/
RCEK will host Health Fairs at three MCHC clinics. The first event will be at Harlan on May 1 st, followed by
Leatherwood/Blackey on May 15th and Whitesburg on June 9th. We are inviting agencies who are local,
county, or regional providers of service to participate in these events. We anticipate that we will have several
vendors at each event and many residents of the local communities will attend each Health Fair. We will also
participate in the Apple Blossom Festival at Elkhorn City on May 15th and 16th and the Polk Sallet Festival in
Harlan on June 5th and June 6th. Outreach events are very important in our efforts to identify and assist the
disabled coal miners in our service area.
Jamie Boggs, Respiratory Therapist, and Tammy Sturgill, RN/Patient Care Coordinator attended an American
Lung Association Freedom From Smoking® facilitator training on March 16th in Corbin, KY. Jamie and
Tammy are now certified to facilitate the American Lung Association’s Freedom From Smoking® smoking
cessation program. MCHC/RCEK will be coordinating the first 7 week program this summer.
Volume 12, Issue 1
Owsley County and Buckhorn Medical Clinics
Contributed by: Laura Gay
Dr. Gary Turner and Sharon Ward, APRN
and staff are pleased to announce that
Jessica Neace, APRN and Samantha
Caldwell, APRN has joined the Owsley
Medical Clinic team. Jessica and
Samantha are from Jackson, KY, received
their nurse practitioner degrees from the
Frontier Nursing University, Hyden, KY.
Jessica has 7 years of experience at the
KY River Medical Center. Samantha has
previous experience at the Saint Joseph
Hospital, Central Baptist Hospital, Clark
Regional Medical Center, KY River
Medical Center and the Family Medical &
Specialty Clinic, Jackson, KY.
Buckhorn clinic staff welcomes Stacy
Holley, RN. Stacey offers a wide variety
of skills and experience. She is persistent
in making sure that patients are getting
the medical attention and care that they
Owsley clinic welcomes new PRN
employees, Michelle Adams, LPN and
Audreanna Reed, RN. Michelle is a fulltime employee at the Owsley County
Healthcare Center and “Audrey” is a fulltime employee at Manchester Memorial
Owsley and Buckhorn clinic medical staff
continues to remind patients to stay
healthy and protect their families by
getting the flu shot. Patients are reminded
that the flu season can last into the spring
and as long as flu viruses are circulating,
that it’s not too late to get vaccinated.
Sharon Ward, APRN is letting her
patients know that flu activity usually
peaks in January or February, urging her
patients to get the flu shot now. Owsley
clinic has given approximately 225
flu shots while the Buckhorn clinic
has given approximately 130 flu
Owsley clinic participated in the
Owsley County Healthcare Center’s
October Fest by offering KYNECT
applications and KYNECT information. Bethany Baker, Kynector
has posted KYNECT flyers and information throughout all local businesses, library, and weekly newspaper ads.
Owsley County Head Start “goblins”
were given Halloween treat bags.
This year Owsley clinic gave 75
treat bags to the “best dressed”
goblins in town.
Carolyn Abner, daughter Kylee and
Dylan Gay gave school supplies to
students at the Owsley Elementary
Back to School Bash. Thanks you
MCHC for helping our students
prepare for the new school year.
Congratulations to Snow Wilson,
RN for the birth of her daughter Bella Shae Smith born December 16.
Congratulations to Sharon Ward for
the birth of her second grandson,
Dwight Robinson IV, born December 27, and first grandson, David
Brentley Ward, who is 13 months
old. Sharon said that being a
Mamaw is the “greatest thing one
can experience, spoil them then send
them home”.
Our thoughts and prayers goes out to
Helen Evans (receptionist) for a
speedy recovery from shoulder
surgery. Helen is a long-time
“permanent fixture” at
the Owsley clinic. We
look forward to her return.
May we continue to
think of our board
member, Mary Ann
Sparks, and offer our
prayers for her husband,
H. C. who is having
health concerns. Mary
Ann and HC has operated a local “you name it,
we have it” store and
gas station in Buckhorn,
which has been in HC’s
family for many years.
Owsley and Buckhorn
clinic employees extend
their deepest appreciation and gratitude to
Mike Caudill and the
MCHC Board of Directors for another great
year. Through your
guidance and leadership, we continue to
offer the best patient
care available and strive
to improve our services
as each day passes. Tokens of your appreciation are too numerous
to mention, may you
always be aware of our
thankfulness. We could
not have done it without
you! It
has been a
great year
Stacy Holley, RN
Bella Shae Smith
Dwight Robinson
MCHC to Open New Clinic in Pineville
Contributed by: Chris Bates, MPA
MCHC will be opening a new clinic in Pineville, Kentucky in
Bell County in the Summer of 2015! MCHC applied for new
access point funding through the Affordable Care Act New
Access Point Grants HRSA-15-016 grant opportunity in October
2014. The competition for this grant was highly competitive
with over 500 applications received from across the country and
U.S. territories. MCHC was notified on May 5, 2015 that we
were one of only 2 grantees in the state of Kentucky out of a
total of 154 awards.
The MCHC Pineville Medical Clinic will be located in
downtown Pineville at 251 S Pine St, Pineville, Kentucky. The
MCHC Pineville Medical Clinic location is convenient and
accessible. Patients will be able to walk, bicycle, or arrive in a
vehicle to the MCHC Pineville Medical Clinic.
MCHC will staff the MCHC Pineville Medical Clinic with a
total of three full-time equivalent (FTE) providers. Misty Turner
APRN, currently at MCHC Harlan Medical Clinic, will be the
full-time family nurse practitioner. Lanny Hadley MD will
provide OB/GYN services at the MCHC Pineville Medical
Clinic on a half-time basis. The other half of his time will
remain dedicated to the MCHC Harlan Medical Clinic.
MCHC is actively recruiting a full-time Family Practice or
Internal Medicine physician to provide full-time coverage at the
MCHC Pineville Medical Clinic. MCHC is also recruiting a
pediatrician that will provide services half-time at the MCHC
Pineville Medical Clinic. The pediatrician will also provide half
-time services at the MCHC Harlan Medical Clinic. MCHC will
hire all appropriate support staff to meet the need at the MCHC
Pineville Medical Clinic.
MCHC is excited for the opportunity to expand the MCHC
brand of quality health care services to the people of Pineville,
especially the low-income population that may not otherwise
receive quality, affordable health care services. MCHC thanks
all the Bell County and Pineville organizations that supported
our grant application to bring much needed quality, affordable
health care services to Pineville!
Volume 12, Issue 1
MCHC is Highest Bidder for Former Whitesburg High School Campus
Contributed by: Chris Bates, MPA
The former Whitesburg High School campus has sat dormant since Letcher County Public Schools
consolidated Whitesburg High School, Fleming-Neon High School, and Letcher High School into Letcher
County Central High School in the Spring of 2006. The Letcher County Public Schools had tried
unsuccessfully for years to sale the property. Recently, the Letcher County Board of Education voted to take
sealed bids on the property. Bids were due in to the Board of Education by no later than 2:00pm on Friday,
May 1.
The Board of Education met in a special-called meeting on May 7th to unseal the bids. Upon review of the
bids, the Board of Education awarded the property to MCHC with the high bid upon approval from the
Kentucky Department of Education. MCHC is currently conducting feasibility studies to evaluate the
condition of the property. In the event that the feasibility studies reveal that the structures are beyond repair,
MCHC may decline to purchase the property.
MCHC plans to use the former Whitesburg High School property to relocate our current Central Office to
allow for additional renovations at the Whitesburg Medical/Dental Clinic. The future renovations at the
Whitesburg Medical/Dental Clinic would allow for additional clinical space that is most definitely needed.
MCHC does not intend to fully utilize all aspects of the property. MCHC will be soliciting input from the
community to ensure that the property becomes a vital asset to the City of Whitesburg’s downtown
revitalization efforts and Letcher County as a whole. MCHC looks forward to partnering with other
organizations in the community to once again have this property highlight Letcher County and all the great
things that happen here!
HR News & Updates
Contributed by: Mary Ann Morgan, Director of Human Resources
May 1 – May 31, 2015 is open enr ollment for Delta Dental Insur ance.
Employees that need to make a change or enroll in the dental plan will need to
fill out an application; new coverage or changes will take effect on June 1, 2015.
TAP (Tuition Assistance Program) is also open for all full time, noncontractual employees at this time. To participate, employees must apply on an
annual basis; forms can be obtained in the HR Department or from your Clinic
All application forms will need to be returned to Human Resources by June 15,
Thursday, May 14th from 9:30AM – 1:00PM – WB Clinic Conference
MCHC asked a representative from the Social Security Administration to answer
any questions concerning Social Security or Medicare benefits our employees or
family members may have.
Also, joining us will be Robin Price, Financial Services Representative, with
METLIFE for any questions on retirement or the METLIFE 403B account.
If you did not get the opportunity to attend this session, we plan to have sessions
in the future for employees to learn about all the benefits available to them
through the 403B retirement program and other benefit services offered by
MCHC to our employees and their families.
Humana Vitality Program:
Later in the month of May we will have representatives from BB&T coming by
for a health education meeting for our employees who have Humana Health
Insurance. We will be going over the Humana Vitality Program that is available
to all employees that have Humana Health Insurance.
Humana Vitality, a wellness and rewards program for your well-being and
healthy living were you can be rewarded for making healthy choices.
With Humana Vitality, you can earn hotel stays, digital cameras, and
more – for everyday healthy behavior. Even your kids can get involved,
live healthier and earn great rewards along the way. I encourage all our
employees that are covered under the Humana Health Plan to learn more
at You can also download Humana Vitality Mobile App. I will be sending out details and information later in the week.
As always, my door is open to help with your human resource needs.
Have a safe and enjoyable summer!
Volume 12, Issue 1
Sunday Social
Contributed by: Chris Bates, MPA
MCHC in partnership with ARH and Kynect hosted the
2nd Annual Kynect Sunday Social in the lower parking lot
at MCHC on Sunday, May 17th from 1pm-4pm. Several
local musicians and vocalists showed up to showcase their
talents on stage including Trish Baker and Randy Dollarhyde, Frank Holbrook, Bobby and Caleb Howard, and
Nate Polly among others. Everyone that came out enjoyed
free hot dogs, chips, cookies, and drinks! Two nice
inflatables were on-site for the children. Thanks to
Inflatable Connection! The following health care and community organizations participated: Kentucky River
Community Care (KRCC), Fugate’s Family Chiropractic,
WellCare, Grow Appalachia Cowan Community Center,
and MCHC outreach and enrollment specialists! MCHC
and ARH appreciate the over 160 people that came out to
be with us!
Comedic Relief-Just What the Doctor Ordered
We have some new faces that have joined us
in the last few months.
Mazie Ison, Housekeeper
Robyn Thornsberry, PRN
Ilene Joseph, Housekeeping
Kayla Pridemore, LPN
Dillon Lewis, Summer Clerk
Gabby Childers, Billing
Joseph Fields, Maintenance
Austin Sparkman, Summer Clerk
Caitlan Boggs, Summer Clerk
Cassity Riffe, Summer Clerk
Adam Ison, C.N.A.
Corrissa Riffe, Summer Clerk
Megan Hughes, LPN
Callie Baker, Summer Clerk
B. Michelle Griffin, Payroll Clerk
Sara Caldwell, APRN
Robin Sandlin, LPN
Hayley Mullins, CMA
Courtney Wilson, CMA
Kim Calzadillas, LPN
Sierra Slone, Summer Clerk
Ashley Adams, Receptionist
Michelle Adams, LPN
Marquala Wolfe, Clerk
Jessica Collier, CMA
Stephanie Brooks, DMD
Ashley Sumpter, APRN
Kayla Adams, Records
Audreanna Reed, RN
Lynn Brewer, X-Ray Tech.
Billy Hogg, Records
Emilie Spangler, Summer Clerk
Kassie McQueen, Receptionist
Katrina Slone, D.O.
Kevin Collier, Summer Clerk
Samantha Simpson, LPN
Brittany Addis, Records
Dillon Lewis, Summer Clerk
Ashley Little, C.N.A.
Emily Webb, CMA
Elias Hanna, Billing
Ashley Sexton, C.N.A.
Jennifer Gilbert, RN
Cheryl Adams, RN
John McCray, C.N.A.
Gwenda Hensley, PRN
Meghan Mullins, Lab
Tiffany Shepherd, CMA
Brenda Cook, RN
Jonni Bowman-Taylor, X-Ray Tech.
Tracy Meade, CMA
Jennifer Hall, LPN
Laura Walker, Dental Asst.
Evangelina Burkhart, LPN
April Thomas, LPN
Crystal Hatton, Dental Hygienist
Stacey Holley, RN
Jessica Rasnick, APRN
Tara Larman, Dental Hygienist
Lora Cook, APRN
Cody Goff, Housekeeper
Kristie Frazier, Housekeeper
Whitney Webb, PRN
Andrea Eldridge, RN
Candace Bernard, Housekeeper
Robyn Back, LPN
Ernestine Hill, RN
Kimberly Ballou, Billing
Wanda Hurt, LPN
Ruby Maggard, LPN
Jessica Pratt, Lab
Melissa Knight, LPN
Chloe Wynn, C.N.A.
Juwan Moss, Lab
Verna Adams, Housekeeper
Courtney Brown, C.N.A.
Ashley Barreto, Billing
Delana Maggard, Housekeeper
Kayla Tackett, RN
Misty Caldwell, Lab
Jessica Neace, APRN
Kristina Ball, LPN
N. Wade Baker, MD
Timothy Waddle, Hskp. Sup.
Samantha Caldwell, APRN
Madison Combs, Lab
Volume 12, Issue 1
Cassity Riffe, Summer Clerk
Tracy Meade, CMA
Ann Moore, CNM
We have also had to say goodbye to
a few familiar faces in the last few
Corissa Riffe, Summer Clerk
Christina Spurlock, Receptionist
Shakeithra Hall, Receptionist
Amy Caudill, Housekeeper
Donna Slone, Hskp. Supervisor
Natasha Niece, X-Ray Tech.
Christis Tompkins, Housekeeper
Kevin Collier, Summer Clerk
Emily Kincer, X-Ray Tech
Syed Ali, Records
Dallas Pack, Receptionist
Dillon Lewis, Summer Clerk
Kelli Addington, C.N.A.
Tekiah Watts, RN
Sally Hall, LPN
Austin Sparkman, Summer Clerk
Tiffany Shepherd, CMA
Asteria Cook, Lab
Joann Redmond, Billing
Kayla Pridemore, LPN
Brittany Combs, C.N.A.
Kimberly Caudill, Lab
Amy Frazier, APRN
Wanda Hurt, LPN
Jennifer Hall, LPN
Emily Webb, CMA
Marilyn Begley, Outreach
Devin Blair, Summer Clerk
Sussie Slone, Housekeeper
Amber Caudill, Billing
Gabby Childers, Billing
Verna Adams, Housekeeper
Elisheba Compton, LPN
Amy Wilson, LPN
Joseph Fields, Maintenance
Kayla Tackett, RN
McKenzie Smith, Summer Clerk
Kristie Smith, APRN
Kimberly Brashear, RN
Colton Cornett, Summer Clerk
Clara Morrell, Dietician
Whitney Webb, PRN
Meagen Arrowwoood, Billing
Brenda Hall, RN
Robyn Thornsberry, PRN
Caitlan Boggs, Summer Clerk
Kayla Johnson, Lab
Cody Goff, Housekeeper
John Cunniff, LPN
Amanda Reed, Records
Lynn Brewer, X-Ray Tech.
Sheena Higgins, Receptionist
Christi Adams, Billing
Corporate Compliance –Whistleblowers
Contributed by: Chris Bates, MPA
Corporate Compliance
Officer: Chris Bates
This article is intended to remind you of the Pilot Program for Enhancement of Employee Whistleblower Protection as enacted into law on July 1, 2013 under
statute 41 U.S.C. § 4712 and distributed via a memo to all employees dated May 8, 2014. This program was mandated under the National Defense Authorization
Act for Fiscal Year 2013. This program requires all federal grantees notify their employees in writing of this pilot program for enhancement of employee whistleblower provision. MCHC employees are already protected by a whistleblower non-retaliation policy in Section II. J of the MCHC Standards of Conduct. This
pilot program reinforces those protections. Statute 41 U.S.C. § 4712 states that an “employee of a contractor, subcontractor, grantee may not be discharge, demoted, or otherwise discriminated against as a reprisal for “whistleblowing.” In addition, whistleblower protections cannot be waived by any agreement, policy, form,
or condition of
employment. Whistleblowing is defined as making a disclosure “that the employee reasonably believes is evidence of any of the following:
Gross mismanagement of a federal contract or grant;
A gross waste of federal funds;
An abuse of authority relating to a federal contract or grant
A substantial and specific danger to public health or safety; or
A violation of law, rule, or regulation related to a federal contract or grant (including the competition for, or negotiation of, a contract or grant).
To qualify under the statute, the employee’s disclosure must be made to:
A Member of Congress, or a representative of a Congressional committee
An Inspector General;
The Government Accountability Office;
A federal employee responsible for contract or grant oversight or management at the relevant agency (Health Resources and Services Administration);
An official from the Department of Justice, or other law enforcement agency;
A court or grand jury; or
A management official or other employee of the grantee who has the responsibility to investigate, discover, or address misconduct (ex. Corporate Compliance)
In addition, MCHC’s Personnel Policies and Procedures Manual Standards of Conduct in Section J, Page 6 entitled Whistleblowers plainly states “Persons reporting compliance violations will not be penalized or retaliated against in any way.” This statement provides you explicit protection when reporting your concerns
and/or questions to the Corporate Compliance Officer. Also, if you have been hired in the last few months, the Corporate Compliance Hotline is available to you
on the back of your name badge for easy access. If you have any questions, please feel free to talk to me or call the Corporate Compliance Hotline at (606) 6336069.
For anonymous and confidential reporting, contact the Corporate Compliance Officer
using the Corporate Compliance Hotline: (606) 633-6069
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