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File - your own free website
Dear reader, I hope you patience in explanation,
focus well if you are at the beginning of dealing with
I also hope you, dear reader, which works with the
company before taking what is good for you to be
able to achieve the goal of access to $ 10.075 thousand
a week and more.
Thank you for your understanding of the situation
and wish to read pleasant and helpful.
About ClickBank
• The largest companies in the marketing of digital products
• The company was founded in 1998.
• The company's products are digital products other words,
electronic products (books, software, games, etc.).
• supports the impact of the 100 countries around the world.
• The company receives funds lesson credit card and bank-mail
(Pay Pel)
• have more than 110,000 companies, product and more than 100
thousand members / marketer.
• the company paid more than 2.500 .900. 500$ to members.
Nature of the work
It is a system for owners of electronic products, where you place
these products in the company so driven by other members for a
commission and the published price of the product about $ 49 at
Is a person who is marketed for various products for a
commission determined by the owner of the product and that on
every sale.
How to obtain the marketinglink:
log in to the company and type the name and password.
Go to the top of the screen "Market place" see photo below "1"
number "2" refers to the search box by using a keyword or more.
♦ After pressing the "promote" see the previous image on the
number "3" will move the site to a pop-up window subset as in
this photo:
"1" refers to the name of the user Leave it as it is.
"2" Do not write anything in this box.
"3" press here.
Will move to a new page:
"A" normal link marketing copy it and paste it in the article that
will shop from which whether product in your site or anywhere else
in the marketing methods that will remind them of the next page.
"B" HTML code or what is known as the Java Scrip in the place
reserved for him at the site.
After completion press CLOSE referred to in the symbol "C".
How to add Clickbank's products to Blog Blogger
You will have three ways to add and beginning marketing it:
♦ copy the direct link and write about this product article, then place
the link at the end of the article that explains the characteristics of the
♦ copy direct link then Searching in a Google images of the image
related to the product and attractive.
And then Control Panel / planning / Add Tool / Add photo / Upload
Previous image from your computer and then place your link to the
product in a box "Link" and then write a title and description of the
product and click Save.
♦ Control Panel / planning / Add Tool / HTML / write the address
and paste the code in the content.
How to choose the product (scientific):
Commission & Gravity
Standards of good commission:
The first thing you should notice in the product price and
therefore the commission in the marketing of this product, so
unlike the understanding of others who are putting themselves in
big trouble is choosing high price & commission & gravity ,when
they are at the beginning of the road, so you must choose the
commission and the price and even gravity medium.
But how the commission determines good price?
- commission between good (75:50)%.
- right price from the minimum ($ (110: 30.
- But this price only at the beginning and after the expansion at
the maximum as they want.
-Did you know that there is a 40% commission and $ 30 price of
the product and achieve great success for the former.
Here's why:
The distrusting yourself and trust that you can do something and
put success in front of the eye which is basically a success in itself,
when selecting such a commodity must be sure of the ability to
market a product like this
Dramatically and be the turnout of people also so as to achieve
high-income ratio, and you can check this by following the next
marketing plans and successful, God willing, and implemented to
the fullest.
Permanent commission
The commission is calculated monthly or after a certain period of
time when you renew the subscription client transmitted by the
You have to know these products permanent commission by
observing the letter "R" next to it.
choose a product that did not reach attractive to 70 and that's just
the beginning.
But why is this now:
The high gravity products and which exceeds 100 have
professional marketers, and web sites with a high fame and the
number of daily visitors than 5:4 of thousands of visitors so you
will not be able to compete in the first few months only after the
establishment of the Code and the follow the SEO plan very well.
But gravity is not a strong indicator that can have a major impact
on the achievement of sales, and this is from my point of view and
I work in marketing some of my plans ..
After selecting one of the sections will show a wide range of
different products selected in this section, you need to take into
consider the next when you choosing product:
θ product name.
θ number regarding times sales." ref%"
θ commission "Avg% / sale".
θ gravity "Grav".
θ category "Cat".
θ product price "Initial $ / sale".
First, keep in mind this rule (a sturdy product + commission + good
marketing = fortune configuration).
Here, there should be standards powerful when choosing which
product you want marketing it and these standards and precautions
do not come from the commission and gravity, but also the
foundations of scientific and logical will explain all in detail, in order
to achieve the goal of buying this book is 10.075$ per week from
ClickBank and more.
Content & Product Type:
Of the most important points that must be taken into your
consideration and seriousness, which to look for details and in some
cases, even buy the product to see its content and therefore how to
convince the client.
And do not choose a product can be anyone looking for information
that speaks about and find it easily without buying, or marketing to
program can download from other site as free or have alternatives.
For example:
Want marketing of the product speaks for weight loss and there is no
description of the product or address have something special that
attracts the customer.
Example of some of the ways to suspense visitors to purchase:
- Obesity (field)
- Lack of weight at a rate of 8 kg in 10 days (Promotion)
- Will amazes everyone when he sees you after only 3 weeks. (Promotion)
Thus, incentive marketing of sentences, and then compared to other areas.
I think the idea and sacrificed.
You must search for the product in the search engines, and see how popular
this product and its marketing methods and collect sufficient
information it to convince the customer using this method
before marketing of the product:
- Make a search on Google, entitled "Product XXX" to be XXX
name of the product, in order to put it in quotation marks.
- Search another on this form "Scam Product XXX "to know
the reputation of the product and leave if you see a writer Scam
it, so do not waste your efforts in marketing.
Most young people, male and female biggest interest is focused on:
For Men
And sometimes even many females are looking for ways to make money
fast without fatigue, due to the impact of globalization shall be the road and
go to the Internet and ways to profit through various ways.
For Women
Interested in "how to obtain the ideal weight and attract future life
partner and parenting, etc….
This, for example, and not as a limitation.
- ١٠ -
A new way to choose the Click Bank products to achieve many sales in record time:
Site: CB Engines
This is what we will choose products to market, which will
occupy the highest sales, God willing.
Where this site offers newer products displayed at
ClickBank, which means that it will be very little
competition and thus achieve many of these sales method
by following the next plans.
The reason for this is that the product will begin
marketing its product new cross-list mailing that has made a
great effort in the assembled before the launch of the
product, and thus after that sees the client of this product
will be searched for through search engines, and follow the
plans successful will explain shortly occupy ranked first to
view this product, which will qualify you to achieve sales
after the first two days, God willing.
- ١١ -
How to choose the products from it:
1 - Open the link:
Show faced site and then press the number "1" It is a
place dedicated to the New Products section.
- ١٢ -
Will take you to the page that contains the new products:
2 = refers to a new product.
3 = refers to the percentage of commission for this
4 = refers to the degree of gravity.
5 = to search for a new product.
6 = keyword to search or full product name.
- ١٣ -
Now we have by clicking on the product, as the product
referred to number 2
A special page will appear with this product information
as in this picture.
7 = refer to the website for this product.
8 = refer to link catalog for this product.
9 = lingering product information.
- ١٤ -
Then copy the product name and search for it in
"D" refers to a product that we have chosen from
CBengine and searched for it in Clickbank.
Then press the Promote and get a catalog link.
I want you to wait a bit to see how contempt for this
product and how to market it through the proper
- ١٥ -
How to market the products to achieve $
10.075 per a week:
This step is one of the most important steps without or
failure in implementation will lead to double the number
of sales and return the material certainly So I hope you
focus well to these standards and precautions when
marketing the product.
Here are some initial precautions friend:
♦ before the marketing process must take into account
previous standards choosing a product where to choose
the correct product marketing the most important steps.
♦ must be good to listen to the customer In other words,
you give him your confidence and such acts that make the
customer run away from you, so
be sure to:
♦ do not give all the information at once shows that you
only want to sell the product not for its usefulness, but for
♦ choose products that do not need to be presented by
product and by without specifying what he needs.
Example: a young man at the beginning of life and
offer him a book on how to deal with the grandchildren, it
enters the scope of the failure.
- ١٦ -
♦ introduce owned goods in short positions (will explain
later in detail).
♦ followers of marketing tools and methods which will
explain in the next pages well without default by step and
it is one reason for my success.
- ١٧ -
First: Marketing using search engines SEO
Explain Blogger
The beginning of what I choose to blog (Blogger)
specifically what are the advantages?
The blog "blogger" famous free hosting online and that
based on statistical conducted in this matter.
Blogger Features
♦ archiving fast and easy to handle, especially after
the new Google Penguin updates.
♦many number of tools that make your blog better.
♦Domain can be converted to paid only $ 5 a year.
♦ full support and excellent.
♦The possibility of converting code to a website ie
add a professional template and purchase Domain.
- ١٨ -
How to choose the right blog Nich
That the choice of Nich profitable key not Give only to
you, it tells you to Nich can occupies its search results
without effort, it mislead clear, but I'll give you the
ways and criteria for selection of good Nich and the
implementation of SEO _ This is the most important _
will occupy its ranks initial search results.
It is better to write about the area in which you have
experience or enough information about it, if you had
an interest in what no hesitation in blogging it though
highly competitive, because you are your experience
will succeed.
While this is not, follow this method to choose a
good Nich can top search engines:
♦ use paid-domain best for you.
♦ Log in to the market place in Click Bank.
♦ open several different sections (such as cooking or
marital relations, specialized programs or phones, etc.).
♦ select Nich profitable and does not have high
- ١٩ -
Here most profitable Niches , despite the
intense competition that it is still
• Profit Online: (Profit Online, Make Money Online, Forex)
Health: (obesity, Thinness, Treatment of children, Improve
body, Headache, ... etc)
• Fitness and Beauty:
- obesity.
- Slim.
- Fashion and trendy fashion.
• All aspects of human development and psychological problems:
-Love and related matters.
-Family and marital problems.
-Find a life partner.
• Computer Repair and Windows problems and smart devices and mobile
♦ Know the number of sales and gravity in some products in the
selected partition and make sure that you find them attractive and
good sales with low competition section.
♦ Enter to he articles sites, looking for using the Tagged associated
with the department that you chosen.
♦ translate the article in the next following the quality of the
♦ When choosing a product, then search for the article is relevant
to the product and take into account the content standards _
described in the next pages _ and put at the end of each article:
Recommended product: "Product XXXX" on clickbak to benefit
from all watch to the site.
♦ SEO perform well in the book and the followers of all the plans
with precision.
- ٢٠ -
Create SEO for search engines
Is one of the most effective ways to increase traffic to your
♠ Definition of SEO:
Means "Search Engine Optimization", and is divided into
two parts:
Off page seo techniques α On page seo techniques.
• It allows the owners of the sites to be the site of the best
results of the search engines
During optimize site content to user search engines.
• add the code "Meta tag" correctly is very important.
• To Add Go to Control Panel / Template / Edit HTML /
expand the template.
Then we press the F3 or CTR + F and looking for the
Put this code directly below:
Do the amendment As noted.
<b:if cond='data:blog.url == data:blog.homepageUrl'>
<meta content=' Put here a brief definition of the site' name='description'/>
<meta content = 'Tagged here and separate them with a comma
<meta content='global' name='distribution'/>
<meta content='10 days' name='revisit'/>
<meta content='10 days' name='revisit-after'/>
<meta content='document' name='resource-type'/>
<meta content='all' name='audience'/>
<meta content='general' name='rating'/>
<meta content='all' name='robots'/>
<meta content='index, follow' name='robots'/>
<meta content='en' name='language'/>
- ٢١ -
• Enter the " details of the search , " and then of the plate Blog then :
1. " Description" put a short description of the code does not exceed
150 characters.
2. "Signs of capital dedicated to robotics programs " tick " true " to
the Next
Home // All, to prevent archiving, notranslate
Archiving and search pages// all,noidex,noarchive,noodp
Reviews and default pages // all,noodp,noarchive,noodp,notranslate
And then save .
• When you write a new post : a brief description of the precise
words of the basic post without manipulation .
• Marked " true " to the options in the " signs of capital dedicated to
robotics programs " sub - brand " default posts and pages .
• After applying the above waiting period of 2 : 3 days until Google
archive recorded these updates.
- ٢٢ -
Effective SEO secrets.
The Content
"Content Is The King"
For as long as we had heard about this rule is important, and
how much has been present several problems in the
implementation and search for content occupy its mattresses
advanced in the search results, and simply if we consider
containing a piece of large meat, the other means are spices
and condiments that can help improve the taste of meat that
will attract customers to the restaurant , and it must be noted
here that the piece of meat without spices and condiments
will not have a good taste.
That is, content and other means of SEO help her is a full
meal make permanent site with visitors for you.
Surely when the visitor finds delicious meals (content good)
with taste delicious) Quality) Why do not you come back
again when you feel hungry (need for information (to take
what he wants and come back again and have a restaurant
(location) a good reputation.
What is meant here to get away from copying and pasting
and repetition that suggest the visitor's ugly, and there is no
feasibility of this site for his testimony.
I think that the importance of the quality of the content has
been sacrificed.
- ٢٣ -
But the question here is how to get good content and
You have many ways to get exclusive content and original without
repeating leads to weakness and archiving aversion visitors.
* Find sufficient information:
When you write an article you must search for their own
information, whether searching through the search engines or books
and , so as to create an article from heavy-caliber out as much of the
information sought by the visitor, you will not be tempted to search
for other sites, and will put your site in the favorite has a case there
worth it.
For owners who do not have the ability to blogging, there
are many, many sites articles inside a very large number
of information in Nich you chosen, and that is enough
because occupies the search results and so if you are
owned exclusively, but will learn to make any content that
we do not have to 100% exclusive content just do the
⇒ then search for the target article and that valuable
(Google translation, Bing Translator,
⇒ (( copy the article , and translated into Arabic have
been identified for the Arabic language especially because
there is no translation service so far has been able to
recognize the ways in which that will go out content
translated into Arabic to quality that makes the individual
- ٢٤ -
is able to understand the sentence translated ) ), and thus
he graduated translator without inconsistency in
wholesale order, and thus when the translator but to the
same language translator which you 'll find a significant
difference in wording but stayed on as it is .
⇒ Hence translate the sentence in English into French
and then into Arabic and then into English again.
Fore example:
When you translate the sentence in parentheses to the
English language will come out this way:
((Copy the article, and translated into Arabic have been identified for
the Arabic language initial because there is no translation service so
far has been able to recognize the ways in which that will go out
content translated into Arabic to quality that makes the individual is
able to understand the sentence translated)).
After following the previous translator plan, will come out
this sentence in English, in this way:
((Have been identified copies of this article, translated into Arabic
for the first of the Arabic language because no service from an
accessible yet in a position to identify ways to remove localized
content in the Arabic translation of the quality that makes the
measurement of the individual to understand the sentence
This has noticed the difference between the two sentences
before translation, after following this plan.
- ٢٥ -
⇒ You can also if you want more different content without much effort as we
have seen, using Google Translate, for example, you can press the translated
words to show new suggestions for the same sentence different wording.
You have two options here will be published the same language, follow
the steps to publish their original languages.
prefer to put Spanish or Japanese language between French and Arabic
when translating to see a new article is quite different from the original
⇒ prefer to publish the article in a language other not they were.
⇒ noting the use of different translation services all at once, and Google
workers finish.
Of course, due to the lack of accurate translation services by a large margin,
the quality of the article will be reduced somewhat, so you should before the
publication of the new article, well-reviewed to avoid errors
Spelling and Sentences Order 'you can use one of the friends if you are weak
in the language.
⇒ When you perform these steps well, I promise that you have exclusive
content occupies by search engines.
If you publish new posts per day will be quick and archiving will rise
progressively in the search results.
There are errors out a lot which is located in, when he available with several
articles published at once you'll understand the search spiders, that it might
one change only when traffic on your site.
⇒But when you publish a single article or two or more a day depending
on the plan of the previous translation, I do not think difficult at all, you
will know the search engines that your site is constantly updated reflect
on your ranking in the search results.
Do not forget here that the focus of writing articles is not limited to
search engines
Only, but must take into account the quality of the content of the display.
- ٢٦ -
Keyword / Tag
• Repeat the keywords in the home page does not have an exaggeration,
only once or three times so as not to draw the attention of the search
engines and punish your site.
When you select one of the words does not make individual research,
meaning make her complex
Example (Cars modern generation) instead of (cars) only ... This is
because of high competition on the one word but thus increase the
likelihood of entry to the competition.
• After the completion of essay writing what Give it to a person for the
reading to draw the most important Tagged that may overlook by you,
because when you write an article What have I regard a group of words
specific focus on them only, without finding other words new, may
generate a number of visits is not quite it.
• When writing codification Put your keywords within the first two lines
and the last two lines of the article.
• Put your keywords within the title and description of the site/blog and
also articles.
• Try to ensure Alkalamat of the main title of the article, the title is not
less than Ten letters and no more than 35 characters.
• detects the keywords for your competitors and that look great and it all
By alexa, spyfu, opensiteexplorer.
• It would be a mistake to put the keyword more than once differently,
such as /
Improve Seo, SEO agency, Seo agencies .. etc.
Do choose just one word from the previous example.
• Include your keyword in the domain / website link.
• Mark Description Meta Tag than 200-150 characters.
- ٢٧ -
Another very important points
• Search engines take into account the average actual time spent visiting
the site, it is a standard search engines in determining the extent to which
visitors from your site, not just be content exclusively, but the goal of the
search engines that visitors arrive to you and if you have a site with
useful content, so you should write an article of not less than 800: 1000
characters, and to put one in the article internal links to your site visitor
moves from page to page to stay in your site as much as possible, raising
your ranking in the search results.
• Tighten the site of the Google Plus page and publish your review
and ties.
Since Google + social network is still famous great extent, but it is
increasing day after day, so Google is encouraging its network linking
sites and then archived Links to your own topics when you place links on
the page.
It is known that lingering social networking sites have a significant
importance in the publicity and sites that rely in promoting my sites and
my own and that markets have, whether it be through advertising
campaigns or regular roads.
• If you put links to your site in your personal or groups will not be
archived, because the spiders search prohibited from archiving these
pages, but the marketing of your site via social networking famous which
are mattresses advanced as Facebook Twitter is marketing a successful
and so that when you publish a publication in Page What's up to search
engines when searching for keywords for this publication is in the
preliminary results.
• Sign up for the largest forums and put your links in the signature when
replying or topics.
- ٢٨ -
• Try to invite the largest number of visitors to the blog and
through social networks or methods previously described where
there are two important criteria search engines take them to the
top of the site are "content of the site and the number of visitors.
• Do not share sites that fool you and say send it to your website /
blog to hundreds of search engines where the result comes versa
than weaken archiving.
• Do not add images or video clips large size.
• Write the first major character, if the subject in English.
• add a simple design in terms of content, and professional in
terms of shape even easier for Archiving and search engines
Accessibility to the visitor.
• Do not make site interested in a particular category without the
other or one season without the other.
• Do not fill the site topics only care about this content.
• Add two post or more day until undermine the confidence of
the search engines, without repetition, as I have already talked
• Examination of the broken links each week and adjusted where
those links dead negatively affect archiving, through this site
• subscribe to feedage the subsidiary of Google, which increase
significantly archiving.
- ٢٩ -
• subscribe to Webmaster Tools and provide sitemap every week.
Create a Sitemap to Blogger or other form of XML
After you create a map go to the "Webmaster Tools" and then
And then "Add Sitemap" and enter the code.
Maximum posts or pages 500.
This is also
Maximum pages 1000
• Do not add symbols or shapes in the title of the article at all.
• exchanges and advertising campaigns that I explained earlier.
• Try to modify the link that determines automatically from the server to
the keyword in the content of the article, this participation strengthens
the articles and therefore site in the search engines and increase the
confidence of visitors ..
• When your status external links on other sites to your site Mark
indicate the sites of page Rank High, a very accurate description of
situation it is attached with a link (will explain in detail later).
• Do not let the title of the article is empty, and so I find it is prevalent in
the flash sites and has special cases do not concern us now.
• Do not put your links in sites not relevant to the content, but make her
together in a coherent and synchronized.
• The important point, which overlooked a lot, they are considered
campaigns Adwords is only to generate visitor traffic at the site and
ends upon the expiry of the campaign ... where is Google that creates
campaigns has the desire to continue Active and succeed him, giving
Google you confidence in terms of archiving and impressions first in the
search results.
- ٣٠ -
• Book Domain for more than three years in order to enjoy the
confidence of the search engines and will be reflected later this very
well in terms of archiving and rank.
• Place an attractive title different from your competitors in order to
ensure the greatest likelihood of press it in the search results.
• More of your links on other sites as we have said previously, but do
not focus only on the home page but different site pages, this is very
• add external links from 10 to 15 per day, taking into account what
has been described above do not take more than a day and continued
to do so and even a month where it indicates that you are going in
the right direction.
• Buy Backlinks Link from the site fiver five dollars better for you
that will provide the time and effort, or follow the instructions that
specializes back links indicated.
• add your site in government positions, which expires b org / edu /
gov because Google considers your site in this case offers something
useful and so are your search results.
Add your site to the Alexa site that arranges sites world ascending order
and the lower the ranking number increased famous and top of the site
in search engines.
There are two which I mean now, namely:
♦ 301 means the transition from the old URL to the new URL
The need to the content of the old site of the foundation.
- ٣١ -
♦ 302 temporary benefit redirects to the new URL while retaining
Content for a certain period without abandoning the basic content.
Image Alt +
The Google images is a powerful way to bring many visitors to the site,
when the visitor looking for a "BMW" the pictures will be linked to
search web research, but when you use the property Alt + If a named site
images reflect the content, you will occupy a high position in the pictures
on Unlike named after a picture on this way.
- That the quality of the images and then redundancy and transport
makes your site spreads rapidly as a result
The spread of only one image upon your rights.
But if you do not have the ability to deal with images programs must
change name
And link the transmitted image.
♠ as want to add a picture to an article what you should
- Change the name of the image when you download from the Web.
- Change the link and the description of the properties and that, when
added to the article.
• Add your site manually to popular search engines such as:
♦ Google:
open the link below:
α and write your blog and link address in the first link to the only site in
the second case.
- ٣٢ -
♦ Bing:
α open the link below and follow the instructions
♦ Dmoz:
and add site to this directory also famous in the world with page rank
7 to 8) which increases the forefront of almost site in the search engines,
but be sure to:
• Must be a content site in the right away from the colloquial language,
as well as the description and title does not contain symbols and choose
the appropriate section of the Code.
Open the link below
Note change "lang" to the language that suits you.
We also add it to these sites to get a good buck Link : / forums / index.php
http / /
- ٣٣ -
Months Forums
The best research evidence
Press releases
If you have a good article without repeating , re - publish and
obtain the good and traffic is an important marketing tool .
- ٣٤ -
methods to increase the number of visitors and the
advancement of the site
1Subscribe a location
The idea of the site and after registering the participation of
other topics within the site and then you get 15 points - it had not
needed more time - exploited in the development of links to your
2Use Yahoo Answers yahoo answers by commenting in English
language questions relevant to your domain facility with links to
your site.
Get on U.S. 100 visitors at registration and 1,000 visitors when
entering one of the persons on your way to the site and others
like it, but is the best and
This has great credit in landing your range in Alexa and thus
the increase in the search engines.
4Favorites social .... Social bookmarks
Where these sites is one of the important reasons that rise site in
the engines
Find where the increase targeted visitors and Back-Link
configuration is very good.
- ٣٥ -
How to added:
♦ you add your site when you register.
♦ or you add them under Ranked appointed.
But in both cases Write a good description and comprehensive research
♦ There is the added position under different sections for the location,
but although they may succeed with some increase in the number of
visitors, but it is the way spam, but do not affect the site, but also can
detect the location and deletes your site permanently from him.
♦ It is better to put it in his department allocated even increase the
chances of you, just in search results
Allocated to them.
Here are the most important and the best of these sites in terms of
increasing the number of visitors and Back-Link configuration
helps the advancement of your blog:
- ٣٦ -******
Where you get 5 Back Link free and quickly.
6re-drafting of the Blog in the PDF file and publish it in specialty sites
such as
Scricd and others.
Make a video of value you explain something distinct and put link your
site by the end of
Video Baluotaob.
You can put your HTML links in the sidebars or in places that allow
these languages in the responses or topics.
<a href=""> text </ a>
<a href="" rel="nofollow"> Text </ a>
<a href=""> <img src="http://
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Note: replace links Brwabtk.
- ٣٧ -
Factors to maintain the visitors and
attract them to you again and fast
You must take into account these points so as not to alienate
visitors attracted to you:
ϖ do not do a lot of ads on your site, whether pop-up menus,
sidebars, or between parts of the posts because this alienates you if
the visitor provides good content and dispersion of ideas and thus
will not take a good impression as desired.
ϖ tried as much as possible a rapid surfer to browse your site,
what compels visitor Ali matching slowly, why do not you go to
another to save time, and also this point apply to search spiders.
ϖ When you create a blog specializes in all products marketed or
field, or both together must subscribe to the Feedburner subsidiary
of Google.
Through which you can preserve every visitor of the blog and send
him the latest articles and posts blog via e automatically ..
ϖ Put a poll site to share between you and your visitors where there
continues to be among you, which pushes them to return again to see
the poll result.
ϖ make good your content is good and graphical format
information that is formatted and accompanied by illustrations and
provide something new in addition to reading the experiences of the
- ٣٨ -
ϖ then put a special section for chat inside Entries to be no
communication between the members of the Code, and the big reason for
return visitors again where it can be ALMS, and your community is a
way to communicate among them, so be sure to do so.
ϖ When you see your work day after day, beware neglect you this will
lose a lot of time earlier in the publicity, but on the contrary, I care more
doubled your efforts and find sustained success, God willing.
ϖ Add your site to Google Analytics service, a service can follow the
number of visitors to your blog just, and sources of traffic and the
country that belongs to every visitor, and thus concludes the concerns of
visiting the site and how to promote the pages with low traffic.
ϖ Purchase Domain / Range crossing for your site to gain the trust of
the visitor ..
Be sure to implement these instructions thoroughly and without fault,
and you'll see your site at the top of search results - God willing - and
that you followed the steps in accordance with the rules of the search
engines and adopted by them personally. **
- ٣٩ -
Advertising campaigns
The Free
• Create a page on social networking especially the site and electronic
products and attract the largest number of fan where this has a strong
reaction in the promotion of the site and therefore products and you
must pay attention update and write new publications that have a
significant relationship with the site.
• ad exchanges between you and sites and other sites.
FaceBook Ads
Despite the large number of Facebook members that these ads do not
achieve a great deal of success as PPC companies as it is not a high cost
but follow the correct how to get the best performance and success from
FaceBook Ads.
How create FaceBook road campaigns the right to exploit as
much as possible to achieve sales:
- ٤٠ -
Write button electronic Moukal "1".
Address advertising "2."
Description of advertising "3."
Image advertising. "4."
- ٤١ -
• Country of the target audience "5".
• Age for this audience, "6".
• Public interest "7."
• Determine whether they are online your page or your event "8"
• The number of potential public appearance declare them "9".
• CPC bid proposed "10".
- ٤٢ -
• we come to the stage of pricing and cost calculation: Follow as indicated
in the picture number "12" with a note you write CPC bid equal to or
slightly larger than the proposed price referred to the number "13" to
• then clicking on the "14" to your request is submitted to the Facebook
team, and waited 10:1 hours to reach Facebook notify approve or
rejection often comes approval
- ٤٣ -
• This window will appear to confirm that you are entering the required
data and the success of the application "A".
- ٤٤ -
Google Adwords
In order to create a successful campaign through AdWords, for a
product named in the previous ways:
• Google Adwords is the most guarantee to see content of the site and
that is not lost a single cent of the payments to no avail as ensure you to
watch your blog or product page for those interested only in a particular
area and to make sure see the conditions and strict policies Google
Adsense is a program advertising for this service.
• where you are free to determine the price per click advertising taken by
the publisher in Google Adsense on its website, the higher the price will
be your ad in the paper somewhere more.
• where statistics show out of every 100 scenes occur the process of
buying one but added
I'll probably be more than 5 per 100 selling watch and depending on the
Writing targeted visitors and website design, and follow the instructions
above in terms of the gravity of need .... etc..
♠ keywords:
Usually a CPC bid is between 0.7: 0.3 $ Although this figure varies by
competitive keyword and can be keyword targeted a bit pricey compared
to the cost that we want, , , And thus depend declaration automatically...
When choosing a product what he's talking about obesity, an area is
expensive and has a high competition because the rate of obesity has
increased significantly, especially in the West, when we choose keyword
we will choose the word "Obesity" certainly, but could increase the
price-per-click here to $ 5 in some cases, although that the term obesity
has more than one format, such as "fleshiness, fatness, fat, obesity" note
that the CPC bid for each word differs from its counterpart either
augmented or diminished, as indicated in the following pictures:
- ٤٥ -
• Search Box to type the Keywords, and we write "fat" referred "1"
• Average monthly searches is 246.000."2"
• The amount of competition to announce this word is low. "3"
• Suggested bid is 0.26 $. "3"
- ٤٦ -
• Keyword here is obesity. "4"
• Average monthly searches is 165.000."5"
• The amount of competition to announce this word is low. "6"
• Suggested bid is 1.59 $. "6"
- ٤٧ -
• Keyword here is fatness. "7"
• Average monthly searches is 1.900."8"
• The amount of competition to announce this word is low. "9"
• Suggested bid is 2.06 $. "9"
- ٤٨ -
• In the first instance, we found that the rate of searches too
big for the examples below it.
And that the price you at least very significantly.
• When we changed some formulas expressing obesity in
other words equal to this question and found a very
noticeable difference.
• Increased CPC bid, and say the number of searches and can
put this rule to you.
Important Notes To Create campaign on AdWords:
♣ Order your ad in the list of ads in the same area and is usually
within two numbers.
Example: position 1.3 This means that it would be ranked 1 or 2,
but using the process of rounding most likely he will appear in
the first place and what better be in this place, where there is no
subordination of them, this is for the word research / Home
initial menu) when you are the ratio of 8: 1 means that your ad
will be on the first page of search results, and when you are 16: 9
means that your ad will be on the second page of search results.
♣ What is meant by "CTR":
For example, when the advent of ad for 100 people and 10 of them
clicked on advertising, the ratio be 10% in order to calculate this ratio,
perform the following process:
The number of impressions ÷ by the number of clicks = CTR.
The best thing this percentage to be between 2% to 5%, so when you feel
down this percentage you should check the implementation steps,
immediately stop the advertising campaign, so as not to lose the cost of
the campaign.
- ٤٩ -
Implementation steps:
o open forums blogger, with the purchase a domain as the
name of the product.
o Select a product previous new ways.
o When resolve the visitor to purchase to become a client, is
searching in Google for this product and we'll talk later
about how contempt for the product to us so that when you
search for it finds a good reputation for him, and after to
make sure of this begins by noting range, and then design,
this design primitive code would be lost effort Previous
therefore have to be a professional design is simple, because
to excessive price designs by designers you looked for good
and affordable price, did not find only services mini-sites,
looking for a good designer and the cost will be small enough
and needs.
o do you read the policies Google adwords well.
I can assure you that the profits from AdWords campaign of
up to $ 5,000 of the budget is estimated at only $ 400, may be
less or more depending on the criteria previously described
and how to implement the correct methods.
You can contact me for help in the management of the
campaign in the event of any obstacles.
- ٥٠ -
Is a very important stage, and the In other words "set up a landing page
Landing Page"
Steps to implement this phase:
1. Find product information:
- This is done by searching for the most popular materials in the field of
this product and you can get this information by opening section of the
product in which it decided his marketing and review pages sale of the
first 20 product with a popular older brother, because that description
and explanation of the product are the ones who have brought this
goodwill arising from the purchase persuasion.
- You can also subscribe to newsletters for these products in order to
receive information about the product which will be marketed, and then
extract sufficient information.
2. The real value of the product.
Clarify the real price of the product and it does not deceiving visitor rate
is contrary to fact, therefore, lose confidence if he was determined to
purchase, and to clarify whether there are rewards from the owner of the
product or not, should also clarify the characteristics of the product is
almost outline.
3. Drafting:
After the readers of the preceding information, the final wording of the
number of words ranging between 2000:200 word, which is the best
percentage to write the content of a product.
4. Advertising campaigns:
Now, after taking into account to create a product display page, we will
create advertising campaigns using Google AdWords Display Network,
which explained above, and advertising FaceBook.
5.The beginning of the profits:
What you need after the implementation of the above carefully watch
your profits growing.
- ٥١ -
Second: Marketing plans →very quickly and successful
First: Hubpages Site
He endeared site at Google and has an excellent PR and with a
preliminary ranks in the search engines.
But how do shopping through it?
• Write an article with content interesting and exclusive, attractive and in
English or French and explain their product in the Click Bank and have
a great fame, and use quality content and how to get information on the
product that I explained above page "**", then do the search on the site "Translation from the language of the content to the
language of publication, OR you can Implementation through the
"quality of the content and how to create exclusive content" described
above preferably reviewed by two people to avoid errors of language,
and even the article is approved by the audit team.
Second: Youtube
• Turn up more than 2 video explaining their product Click Bank well
stimulates to buy, do not make a video about some pictures just make it
special, as it whenever a high-quality whenever the number of sales
more, with the development of your link catalog by the end of the video
brief by shortcuts Google, and put your rights to it.
Write words of research by more than formula.
An example of this:
Video talking entitled "Best slimming programs in less than two days"
In this case, write "Key Words " On this form, and try to not less than
80 words:
- ٥٢ -
Best slimming programs, Diet programs in less than two days, slimming in
less than a day, better software programs, less than two days, and so on
with the development of all possible words it is possible to discuss them in
this area.
You should put this video link in sites that have previously indicated to
the Pac-Link configuration raises the good order of the video.
But how do you get the video if you can not create your own video?
• Look for a related videos for this product.
• downloaded.
• Go to Video editing software Camtasia Studio 8.
To download the software from this link, it is not my uploading, but is an
effective link by one of the persons.
This crack its own:
• Place the video, and then crop the first 10 seconds of the beginning and
the end.
• Put some text or effects to change the course of the video.
• Re-download it again and do the former.
• Perform PAC plan for the former Yankee well with the Association.
IMPORTANT WARNING put any ads within the video.
- ٥٣ -
Third: Yahoo Answers
considered an easy way to market the products ClickBank, but
How and what a good plan?
• First select the product by the turnout and high fame, or the
follow the previous product selection plan.
• After that enter into your Yahoo Answers.
• Do ask a question to ask for the opinions of others in this
product with a brief to link the code of Blogger is not free-range,
explaining the product only without placing purchase order to
link approval of the question.
• then log in using the account that posed by the question, and
appoint answer relevant link catalog the best answer.
Important notes:
• must clarify name product and some keywords are expected
search for access to in the question definition for gives users see
• should you when you asked question by using the IP address,
then this address to another with each answer set.
• question must be in question in the same area the product, so
not Yahoo considered it a personal propaganda, where a lot
located in this error.
• and repeat all these ways with other products new accounts
and overlapping.
- ٥٤ -
Fourth: Squidoo
Where the site occupied this Primary rank in the search results and is
used by most successful marketers in marketing Click Bank products
and treat you with it today as dealing with Hubpages
And also from specialized articles:
.. Occupies also rank Primary in the search results where
EzineArticles famous and best certainly
Fifth: Forum Warrior
This is the famous site (for as long as I love it personally) and a quick
way to achieve sales.
All you need publishing an article caliber in terms of quality and
excitement and urgency for a product and the followers of previous
instructions and put a link code explanation by the end of the article.
Show product value here for $ 40 only once, but you can pay the same
amount again to raise your ranking in their search results.
Here you'll find achieving sales far exceeds the cost of supply, God
Sixth: foreign-month index
Look for months messages associated with the product that shopping his
book this text in the search box : (Txt) forum
Txt with the replacement domain you want.
Taking into account:
• Be an active member and by adding the helpful surface and away from
apathy and lack of knowledge, so look for the information to Google or
your friends and be a useful response, so as to form a good reputation.
• Add the important topics and are looking for members and the
presentation of
Distinctive, and stay away from copying and pasting.
- ٥٥ -
• After gaining a good reputation (and it happens after one to two weeks
of hard work into this forum) have been put fully professionally
marketing your articles and you'll find a good turnout.
But there are some problems and facing some inquiries in dealing with
such sites, forums, and you them:
First: how to write an article in these sites in the right way and that
makes your articles are accepted?
♣ After you select the product that will shop it take into account the
previous precautions in the choice.
♣ Go to view its product and copy article descriptive him with special
touches mode
♣ refer to the quality of the content.
Second: how to deal with the problem of the catalog who refuses to
You will have several options:
• first case:
Create a blog on Blogger and buy a range of GOdaddy product name
and write out a description of another so as not to tire the reader and
certainly what will carry on reading 2 article, unless the diversity of
style, or place a link catalog directly, but have hidden Summary (Click
• The second case:
It is my favorite, is doing a redirection of the Code to the catalog link.
To add do the following:
open the template and then place this code directly below the head:
content='0; url=affiliate link />
- ٥٦ -
• The third case:
Do not put the referral link / catalog your direct as we have said,
after the shortcut link after the description of your product you
place the image of "Reed More & Order" like this /
This is because the visitor when pressed on the referral link it be
formatted to buy direct and when he finds another detailed explanation
would happen has a case of lack of interest and lack of confidence will be
looking for another product trusts him.
But this way, we have created a visitor that will read more about this
product and then purchase.
Please note how to choose the product previously described for
the implementation of all these plans.
♣ Cookies:
When the visitor presses your link catalog saves in his small file system
be special link your .. There him validity in the apparatus so that has no
place after the completion .. If pressure on any other link to the sale of
the product page commission will be calculated for you and not him.
Why take advantage of this:
Certainly you explain the product do plan encouraging for so Ehtmm the
visitor to know what behind the link more than knowledge of its
characteristics you.
- ٥٧ -
For example, explained that, if clicked on your link may receive a
bonus discount, or that after the pressure will know a detailed
explanation of the product and free information and certainly the
product owner explains in detail and little free information General ..
This is because the visitor will not buy just even discuss about the
product and will buy from another link If documented by the
Commission and you will be lost.
But do not urges visitors to click on the link directly, because you
certainly this lost confidence.
- ٥٨ -
Perfect Audience
This site type companies PPc but differs from Google AdWords, where
the advantage of being cheap and gives you free credit for the first
When you subscribe to this company from the follows link
Create an account by clicking on the "Start free trial" described the
- ٥٩ -
And then typing the data as follows:
E-mail = 1
Password = 2
Confirm password = 3
Click here = 4
- ٦٠ -
Then do the following:
Press 1 then 2
- ٦١ -
A new page will appear:
Write your name in the "3"
Then type the URL in the "4"
Then Save
- ٦٢ -
Then press "5"
- ٦٣ -
A new list will appear Press "6" to automatically copy the code below make sure the emergence of speech- , as in the number "7"
Then press the "8"
And then copy the code under the Head Blogger template code html /
java scrip
Click on the "9"
Alarm in the "A" indicates that it does not exist in your 1000 visit unique
or thousand Cookies
At least.
Free initial campaign is estimated at $ 70, but the only requirement here
of the site is to have your website Cookies by 1000, at least as we pointed
out earlier.
Will give you a referral link site earn him money which is used only to
carry out propaganda campaigns on the site.
How to contempt of the product in order to have it reputation we are the
client we make when looking for using search engines
To do so, we will followers of all the rapid and successful plans and
implementation of the above with a single product, and not to appear
that you are shopping him, and do not forget to follow all the instructions
in each plan separately, in order to achieve the best result.
- ٦٤ -
E-Mail Marketing
Method free:
Looking at the search engine for this word
File type: ctt (Gmail)
You can change the Gmail other mailing service.
And will bring the largest number of mails but not send them
messages random example, then add them to Google and other
groups then introduce the goods on them.
The correct way:
Try as much as possible the composition of this mailing list,
which will enable you to display your products and your goods to
buy, but do not disturb the members of this list, as will be
Effective ways to configure this menu
• Solo Ads use mailing lists to others:
Payment means for people who have an active mailing lists, to
send a message of your own marketing and price ranges for this
method of 20:50 $ 100 Per Click ..
In this case, you can use these people by directing them to a page
your own squeeze page, and certainly display something free and
attractive at the same interest in this list .. and then take
advantage of them more than direct link to buy just one.
You can find these people by searching in Google (solo ads), but
known to the opinions of others in these people in order not to be
subject to the monument.
Here's the best people who provide such advertising this
- ٦٥ - 20ads.html
• Adwords campaigns
These campaigns are faster and more accurate ways to configure
your mailing list.
See the criteria and details in this way.
• Perfect Audience
Do take advantage of the free credit in the formation of a
mailing list specific to a particular area.
• marketing it through forums and social networks.
Important Note:
This feature check-fold profit compared to those not used.
How to create
Looking at Google for a Squeeze page template download 25
pages or as you like and Justice
Them using Kompozer.
- To download the software open the link below and looking
for the name of the program.
To participate in the service offer this service
- Location Awaber but does not accept the Arabiclanguage sites. So the best Getresponse site because it
deals with the Arabic language and many other languages,
or site "list wire" is free and easy to use, but gives a bad
impression about you as it is free, while the other two are
to have a weekly or monthly fee.
- ٦٦ -
Does not have many secrets, but I'll give you some tips to
increase your earnings from the mailing list:
• Start your welcome message and express your happiness.
• Addressing the members of the list in the singular because this close
you from the client, making it concentration to read the message.
• Make a simple accent nat the same time strong and stay away from the
big concepts and non-current.
• add expressive image of the product which is marketed and will make
but small in size.
• Keep the privacy of your customers mailing list, and do not sell mailing
• Think carefully ... what benefit this person on the list, but first you this
• Send messages at times be active members of the list and the best in the
middle of the week and half an hour after lunch, where the enthusiastic
spirit of the strong buying.
• Do not buy a mailing list because you can not guarantee how he got
them and are they in the same interest or not, and whether they are or
not .... So have collected yourself.
• Use email called Domain of your site, because that makes you win the
more confidence.
• Do not send the same message twice because this gives a bad impression
to the customer and is considered one of the Spam messages by the
candidate messages client may cancel his participation.
- ٦٧ -
And if necessary, change it for your version of the message and do not
forget to enthuse the client.
• Provide a link to unsubscribe User do not even think that it is reserved
in your mailing list.
I know that if the first fan of your products will look for the way to
But if provided will relax you and wait for you to new is always better, in
the case There is some inconvenience you.
Alert Repeater:
Do not disturb your mailing list and be sure to provide important
information for free to its members, which is for a product at the end of
the week provided them with this product, this effective and powerful
- ٦٨ -
The biggest benefit to the owners of the Products & E-books
- I recommend you a very important tip if you have a distinctive style or
acceptable in writing and
Authoring and if you have useful information relevant experience you
should write a book, offer for sale in your particular website, offer for
sale in various marketing companies.
What it did not have the ability to create a product, you need to focus
well on the next lines:
There are of top marketers are working on new products and some
other famous products, the purpose of this illustration is on those who
have products in ClickBank, come together to understand the strategy
that makes it works out win thousands of dollars without exaggeration.
Do you find it difficult to create your own product?
Of course yes! But now you'll see how to create a product of your own
small effort to bring thousands of dollars
Steps to create a new product you have no
information in its field:
→ First you choose the area where you find competitive medium or large
but not too large.
→ Have you identified the field? If you select a category within this area.
- Obesity (public domain)
- Buttocks LOSS (specific category (.
→ then search in Google for information for this area, and then a good
understanding of what you read and express what you understood .. Or
at least to coordinate the information correctly.
You may need in some areas to buy or download wrote about that
displays free of charge.
- ٦٩ -
- Now has a great deal of information you need final drafting of her
Your product, you need to put all the information obtained in its
own section in your product.
How to profit from this product using the court plan:
→ View your product in the ClickBank and the cost of this $ 49
→ Create an account at Clickbank marketer If you do not have one.
→ Lower the price of the product dramatically announced in a page
to sell it for a limited period and for a specified number.
→ Its former methods explained market, and also bought you, but a
direct link which is not a marketing link this best sometimes, so that
does not happen dispersion for your money, and buy it more than
→ Customize the highest possible commission to draw the attention
of marketers.
→ From top marketers will market the new product at an average
price with high commission will achieve wide spread and then turn a
new product into a product is getting fame day by day.
→ With the agreement of the top marketers marketed versus reward
through the site :
→ Create a temporary price on that particular view as previously
- Write articles in the Articles sites, the largest forums previously
explained by different names praising your product and put a link of Sell
page in its end.
- ٧٠ -
How to create a product sale page?
→ you have search for a person with a good price to create a sales page
and find them in positions of service .. Or you can design a template
blogger at a low price If WordPress a infect your budget.
→ Buy a domain / domain reflects the full expression of the product
→ You put a new name and a description of its kind for the product to
attract attention.
What you need after you perform these steps only to see your account
growing. Did you know that there are a lot The West rely on this strategy
only on profits and marketing plans in marketing their products.Others
are implementing marketing plans and does not depend on this, and here
it has made profits from the course content more than they do marketing
plans and product owners plans and made thousands of dollars.So do all
the content of the course and not only to one of the plans only.
-Pay spree.
-Ebook Mail.
-My ebook.
-Pepper jamp
- Warrior.
- ٧١ -
Important Note
When you add a book in Smashwords sponsor some of these tips:
• make the font type, and only one.
• Do not discoloration lines.
• Do not use the button "Tap" or Dguettin the "Enter" two consecutive.
• Do not leave spaces between the line and the line.
• Do not place a frame or text boxes.
• Write at the end of the book page property rights for the site.
• Display the book in Booktango first site where the writing of this editor
Kind that helps you step by step to correct such errors.
But the question arises of what all this?
Because this famous site displays your book for free books on the
programs Ipad and Iphone devices and pure all devices, allowing you to
sell a very large number of your book is that simple.
If your book was rejected Fergie contact me to help you in this, do not
worry you'll publish your book on their website, which is visited by
hundreds of thousands per month, which means that your book has a
great potential sale.
But if you want the success of your book or product in general, and put it
in a marketing company dedicated percentage commission large
marketers with ranges of% (55:75) and type a title and description
attractive and marketing yourself first and then begin to reap thousands
of dollars and you are at home without fatigue or exertionSwe-authored
the book.
- Use advertising campaigns through the "Google adwords" and
"facebook". (Explained earlier).
- Dealing with the above-mentioned design service to create a page for
your book is good and attractive.
- ٧٢ -
How to protect property rights E-Book?
- Write the name of the author on the cover of the book.
- Write the name of the author or the website in another small
line of each page / or watermark on each page so that they are
clear and not heavy so that the reader can read easily.
- Customize the page at the end of the book with information
about the author and Website
E-mail ..... etc..
- Use the "e-ditor eBook compiler" to protect the book Zaki and
very professional.
In this way they have kept the book-mail from theft.
- ٧٣ -
Gift Site That Earn From it $ 300:3000 Away
From E-Marketing
Site, which we will talk it now simply the idea depends on the poll and
content, all you have to do is open the site and make sure that it supports
your country, if you are sure of this follow the next steps well to begin
with bumper net profit and, God willing.
♣ Open URL:
♣ interface you'll like this site.
Make sure you aware of your country and currency as the picture
Scroll down to the bottom of the site you will find the phrase "change
your life today"
Subscription list = 1
Name = 2
Email = 3
Click = 4
You will have three choices for you to choose the quality of your
- ٧٥ -
1.If you have a discount coupon.
2. Pay a membership estimated at $ 74 via PayPal.
3. Pay a membership estimated at $ 74 by Credit Card.
Member pay only once and you'll get a day on a set of surveys.
Which you will be able to earn money easily membership, also
allows you to relive your money as soon as the demand, and good
customer service.
- ٧٦ -
And psychological dimensions of human
So let us agree on what we should do now?!
• I say to you that the most important success factors are "good planning
and will and determination and decision-making conclusively
determined to succeed," and comes after this step is very important and
without them can not be achieved previous success factors which work.
• Open the file " Word " and write down all the points in the order which
will work based upon but not, for example, "part" How to start now and
helps you on organized labor and non-distracting and time is not lost.
Planning and usefulness
Planning is to know the goals and then write down the ideas of these
goals in order to work on them.
Among the benefits of planning:
⇒ organize ideas.
⇒ predicted negatives and then avoided.
⇒ increase enthusiasm and then the pursuit of goals.
⇒ easily reach the goals, and provide a lot of the time it takes to wait for
the achievement.
• So You must have a clearly defined plan the steps where without the
process of 'planning' will not find what you want to accomplish.
• Do you ask yourself why this person succeed in life despite the lack of
resources and despite the narrow scope and successful?.
Answer summed up in two words (good planning and action).
- ٧٧ -
A sense of the importance of planning
The principle of the importance of the catalysts towards achieving the
goals, and must here sensor depending on the importance of goals, there
is the most significant and important medium and at least in degree, as
there are goals of long-term and short-term illusion of more goals that
make a person is unable to differentiate between them, seeks towards the
goals short as a long-term and this term goal for him is a larger goal,
although not sleep there call goals worth pursuing it.
Why failure
• You may put a word counter it, is a success without Reversing this
word from my point of view that "good planning" and this equation
express my point of view.
• Planning + work = success.
It replaced this equation to put another express equation will be a failure
on this form:
• ≠ failed success.
• lack Planning + Action = failure.
• Planning + Do not Work = failure.
• Do not (planning +) = failure.
• They are all correct equations and draw them to work and good
planning are the most important success factors and then come after
them other factors.
• There is wisdom says (If you fail to plan, it is planned to failure), so be
sure to good planning to achieve a satisfactory result.
- ٧٨ -
Contact stage and convince the customer
Attract attention
Attract attention by putting a catchy title for the item and a picture and
a brief description of this item expressive.
Stir desire
Convinced the customer that this product will change his life in all
respects, whether in work or bring money or self-confidence ... Etc..
Provide the information
Create a blog or a site explaining the features and details of the content
item with high accuracy and is also an attractive price to achieve the
previous point.
action and reaction
After all this then put buying service through the a reliable source and
be this service easy to use and multi-until you close the circle Ali the
client / There, Guest do not find the same an opportunity for escaped
from this product, and taking into account's need the customer's of the
product and its price For the its content and also for him.
- ٧٩ -
Bioenergy & How To Guidance
There are so-called bio-energy, which is divided into (negative energy
and positive energy).
In order to expel negative energy, and maintain positive energy sure to:
- Give yourself the opportunity to achieve their goals by following the
above steps without putting in front of obstacles and challenges.
- Do not say "I'm a failure" because this word is very destructive despite
your ability to succeed.
- Do not want to say that does not happen with me something and say I
want to happen with me reverse this order.
Do not say "I do not want to fail," but rather say "I want to succeed,"
When you say either one of these two sentences that you find in front of
you all the challenges and obstacles in the first case or find in front of
you all the facilities and overcome the difficulties in the second case.
This is the realization of the principle of "all what we believe and are
convinced by our minds but it is a reality," so do not bother with those
negative thoughts that may control the mind and do not think only in
those positive thoughts that you want, you are to choose your future and
your life and leave no circumstances manipulator where your want you
the strongest.
But as what you believe in an idea and achieved all forms of faith and
mental conditions, know that there is something better than it will be
yours in the end not afraid of the end for these difficulties and obstacles
are very close but believe access to it.
- ٨٠ -
How to start now?
You have access to how to choose a product that will market general
criteria and other new ways as explained on page (12: 18).
Create a Blog blogger and chose a good Nich as explained on page (21:
Follow the SEO plan as it is referred to with precision and without fault
for advanced occupies the results of the search results and taking into
account all quick means to bring visitors and ways to keep the visitors ..
Page (38: 22).
Then Follow the marketing plans rapid and successful that enables you
to profit from tomorrow but from today, but perform the steps in all
seriousness and accuracy to achieve these profits, this at the same time
you are working on improving your site in search engines, in order to
find the return of physical at the time of declaration of the site and that
you need to time .... Page (48: 58)
Create a mailing list referred to methods and how to publicize and
collect emails, and how not to inconvenience members .. Page (64: 62).
After achieving profits - and this is certainly not inevitable and if you do
not know that you are going in the wrong way and you should reconsider
the way you work and how to implementation - implementation of the
plan associated with cross-marketing campaigns, facebook
adwords to drastically increase your earnings, or informed you are the
more spent, the more profits were much more - but stay away from
extravagance and avarice too - random and follow the correct methods
in product selection, design and scale, and how to create all aspects of the
campaign .. Page. (47: 39).
- ٨١ -
Sign in Sub-mentioned services, and read a good course of human
development is located at the end of the book does not read only, but was
carried out and put it in as in every step tread with this content and
plans, which are behind all my winnings, thank God.
Sign up for the poll site to achieve profits away from e-marketing.
I hope from my God dear to be to you success and achieve what you
want with this book.
This has been completed this books with the help of God and ask God to
help you in achieving what I sought him and worked hard to implement.
- ٨٢ -
Dear reader, here and finish this book, which explain how to profit
online for beginners and professionals, especially from a company emarketing ClickBank
Please read carefully to enter into this successful cell-profit and
configure the greatest possible profit in record time and effort may not
imagine after implementation, which achieves a better future.
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