Spring 2016 - AAEP Foundation



Spring 2016 - AAEP Foundation
Spring 2016
T h e
N e w s l e t t e r
o f
t h e
F o u n d a t i o n
Dr. Matt Kornatowski
Contributions to the AAEP Foundation
top $400,000 in 2015
The benevolent mission of the AAEP
Foundation maintained strong
support in 2015 as donations from
individuals, practices, corporations
and others totaled $400,926. The
amount includes $108,947 received
from 226 new donors.
More than $91,000 in proceeds
were generated during the AAEP’s
61st Annual Convention, Dec. 5-9 in
Las Vegas, Nev., from a benefit golf
tournament, live and silent auctions,
special gifts and donations at the
Foundation trade show booth.
The convention also showcased
the Foundation’s considerable
investment in the veterinary
leaders of tomorrow. Hundreds of
students expanded their clinical and
career management skills through
Foundation-supported dry labs and
other student programming.
In addition, 19 veterinary students
and recent graduates focused on a
career in equine medicine shared
$69,000 in scholarship funds
from the AAEP Foundation and
scholarship program partners
Markel, Merck Animal Health,
Northwestern Pennsylvania VMA
Equine Symposium and Zoetis.
When combined with the 27
students who received support
earlier in 2015 through the Winner’s
Circle Scholarship program,
co-sponsored by the Foundation,
Platinum Performance and The Race
for Education, scholarship assistance
in 2015 exceeded $168,000.
Dr. Craig Lesser works on a horse’s hoof
while vet tech Mickey Bell checks for ear
ticks and vampire bat bites during the 6th
annual Equitarian Workshop in Costa Rica.
A wide variety of projects and
programs beyond scholarship
assistance were supported during the
2015-’16 grant cycle, including the
6th annual Equitarian Workshop,
held in Costa Rica in late January. A
team of 30 veterinarians, techs and
other volunteers delivered muchneeded medical care to more than
250 working equids, which are vital
economic engines for families in
impoverished regions.
The ongoing generosity of numerous
individuals and organizations enabled
investment of $350,320 in 2015 for
26 projects and programs benefiting
the welfare of the horse, from equine
research and veterinary student
development to unwanted horse
programs and youth development
in the equine industry. Our grant
recipients are making an impact, and
you’re making it possible. Thank you!
Mission Statement:
To serve as the charitable arm of the AAEP to improve the welfare
of the horse.
Grant application deadline moved forward to April 1
Unwanted Horse Coalition
Organizations that share the spirit of
the AAEP Foundation’s mission to
improve the welfare of the horse are
encouraged to apply for funding for
the 2016 grant cycle. Applications are
due April 1, one month earlier than
in the past, and must include support
from an AAEP-member veterinarian.
The application form, instructions and
selection criteria are available at www.
aaepfoundation.org or by calling the
AAEP office. Priority will be given
to those requests having the greatest
impact on the welfare of multiple
horses on a national or international
Grant applications will be reviewed
by the AAEP Foundation Advisory
Council during its summer meeting.
Grant awards will be announced in
late August.
Financial assistance from the AAEP Foundation has helped facilitate the castration of
more than 1,000 stallions through the Unwanted Horse Coalition’s Operation Gelding
program, including at this sponsored clinic at Changing Leads Equine Rescue in Kansas
City, Mo.
Equine Disease Communication Center providing real-time response
to infectious disease threats
The Equine Disease Communication
Center (EDCC), a component of
the National Equine Health Plan,
serves as part of the communication
system to help educate and alert
the horse industry of the risks of
endemic and foreign diseases. The
goal is to mitigate and prevent the
spread of infectious diseases by
seeking and reporting, in real time,
information about disease outbreaks.
Additionally, the center serves as a
central educational resource with links
to information on diseases, biosecurity
and vaccinations. Links to contact
information for state and federal
animal health officials serve as quick
reference across the United States.
Working in cooperation with state
animal health officials and the United
State Department of Agriculture,
the EDCC seeks information about
current disease outbreaks from news
media, social media, official state
reports and veterinary practitioners.
Once information is confirmed, it is
immediately posted on the EDCC
website, www.equinediseasecc.org.
Disease alerts are sent to all states and
horse organizations by e-mail.
Updates are posted
until each outbreak is
contained or deemed no
longer a threat.
Ultimately, frequent and
accurate information
about disease outbreaks
improves horse health
and welfare and helps
to prevent negative
economic impact that
can result from decreased
horse use and transport
due to a fear of spreading
The EDCC is made possible
by generous donations from
organizations, industry partners
and horse owners. The AAEP
Foundation is managing the funds by
receiving donations and earmarking
them for EDCC expenditures. A
communications manager and
part-time administrative veterinary
consultant run the EDCC operations,
including managing the EDCC website
that is hosted by the United States
Equestrian Federation. The USEF also
is providing in-kind services with its
call center being available to manage
calls for the EDCC.
An EDCC subcommittee of the
Foundation Advisory Council has
been appointed to help with fundraising and to provide oversight
from the horse industry. Current
sponsors are listed at the EDCC
website at www.equinediseasecc.org/
sponsors.aspx; however, fundraising
will continue throughout the year
as annual support will be needed to
maintain and enhance the efforts of
the EDCC.
Charitable IRA provision made permanent
by Congress
Did you know that an IRA can be used as
a tax-effective giving option to the AAEP
On Dec. 18, Congress passed the
Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes Act
that renews and makes permanent the
Charitable IRA provision of 2006. This
provision enables donors aged 70.5 and
older to directly transfer up to $100,000
from an IRA to any 501(c)(3) charity in
a given calendar year. The transfer is tax
free, which means the entire sum can be
put to charitable use.
This provision is especially valuable for those who do not itemize their
taxes as it allows for avoidance of income tax on the required minimum
distribution from an IRA.
For more information about this provision, including qualifications, benefits
and a Q&A, visit http://tinyurl.com/aaepfgiv.
4033 Iron Works Parkway
Lexington, KY 40511
TEL (800) 443-0177 (U.S. & Canada)
TEL (859) 233-0147
FAX (859) 233-1968
Kathleen M. Anderson, DVM
R. Reynolds Cowles, DVM
Margo Macpherson, DVM
Vice President
G. Kent Carter, DVM, DACVIM
Immediate Past President
Jack Easley, DVM, MS, DAVDC
Jeffrey T. Berk, VMD
Dr. Annette McCoy, 2011 recipient of the
AAEP Foundation Past Presidents’ Research
Fellow and assistant professor of equine surgery
at the University of Illinois, recently received a
grant from the Morris Animal Foundation for
her continued research into the development of
Dr. McCoy’s research project, “Biomechanical
forces in different horse gaits as well as genetic
risk factors associated with the development
of osteochondrosis in Standardbred horses, a
Dr. Annette McCoy
breed with a high prevalence of OC lesions,”
was one of 16 university-based equine research studies awarded funding.
Grants were awarded, based on scientific merit and impact, to the studies
having the greatest potential to advance equine veterinary care and wellness.
Welcome aboard!
The AAEP Foundation welcomes Drs. Jeff Blea, Anthony Blikslager, Ernie
Martinez, Monty McInturff and Lisa Metcalf to the Foundation Advisory
Council, which organizes and directs fundraising efforts, evaluates and
prioritizes funding requests, and develops programs and policies that meet the
mission of the Foundation.
While welcoming these new council members, we bid adieu to Duncan
Alexander and Drs. Ann Dwyer, Karen Jackman, John Lee, Jr. and Wes
Williams whose terms on the council expired at the conclusion of 2015. The
AAEP Foundation appreciates their diligent service and efforts on behalf of
the welfare of the horse.
G. Kent Carter, DVM, DACVIM
Board Liaison
Jeff Blea, DVM
Anthony Blikslager, DVM, Ph.D.,
Duane Chappell, DVM
Jack Easley, DVM, MS, DAVDC
Leslie Easterwood, DVM
Amy Grice, VMD
Ernie Martinez, DVM
Montgomery McInturff, DVM
Elizabeth Metcalf, DVM, MS, DACT
Richard Mitchell, DVM
Jackie Shellow, DVM, MS
Tracy Turner, DVM , DACVS,
Susan White, DVM, DACVIM
Keith Kleine
Director of Industry Relations
[email protected]
Jodie Bingham
Development Coordinator
[email protected]
Pam Shook
Programs Coordinator
[email protected]
Legacy gift repays horse and profession for rewarding career
Dr. Stuart Brown, partner at Hagyard Equine Medical
Institute in Lexington, Ky., is fulfilling his childhood goal
to practice equine veterinary medicine in his native Central
Kentucky. From his formative teenage years to this day,
the AAEP and its members have
been of direct and indirect consequence by offering encouragement,
mentorship, leadership opportunities
and, when needed most, compassion
and support.
When reassessing life’s priorities
following a personal loss, Dr. Brown
decided to invest long-term in
support of the horse and veterinary
medicine by pledging a portion of
his estate to the AAEP Foundation
and becoming a member of its
Legacy Society. Dr. Brown recently
discussed his bequest and emphasized the enduring influence that
planned gifts to the Foundation will
have on the welfare of the horse, the
profession and AAEP members.
Describe the important role horses
have played in your life—both
personally and professionally.
Dr. Stuart Brown
I have been actively involved with
horses since the age of 13 working in the Thoroughbred
industry. Through those experiences, I was befriended by
several of the principals of Hagyard, Davidson and McGee
who took an interest in my path toward becoming an
equine practitioner. Coupled with the mentorship of many
of the leading central Kentucky horsemen who were clients
of HDM, the lessons learned have led to the realization
of my goal to practice equine veterinary medicine in that
region. Throughout, the sustaining passion for all things
about the health and care of the horse has been central to
all of my life relationships from professional to personal.
Is there an important moment, person or special reason
connected with AAEP that may have influenced your
decision to include the AAEP Foundation in your
estate plans?
I have had the good fortune to be mentored by several of
my colleagues through my involvement with the AAEP.
These relationships have been the cornerstone of my
involvement in organized veterinary medicine and set a
course for me toward servant leadership in our profession.
When I experienced the sudden loss of my wife Christine,
these people from my AAEP family were the ones who
provided support and encouragement through that event.
Their lessons in support of AAEP and its members go
beyond the call.
When you think of the AAEP Foundation, what key words
or phrases come to mind?
Quality, integrity, leadership, impact. The stewardship for
the health and welfare for all horses.
From your perspective, how has the
work of the AAEP Foundation influenced the welfare of the horse?
The Foundation has provided the
key contributions to timely research
needed by equine practitioners
to care for their patients. It has
assisted in the mission of helping
horses around the world through
its Equitarian projects. Finally, the
support of scholarships continues to
allow the AAEP to invest in the next
generation of practitioners who will
become the future of our AAEP.
What legacy do you hope to leave
through your estate gift?
My hope is that a planned gift will
further the already strong mission
of the AAEP Foundation. Its structure represents a sustainable model
of engagement by its members,
working with a dedicated staff that
gives me confidence in its direction
and inspires me to support beyond my lifetime. I am also
hopeful that my actions might inspire others to consider
joining me in incorporating the AAEP Foundation into
their estate planning.
If you’d like, talk about the steps, considerations or
thought process that went into your planning.
Honestly, as I reflected on my personal situation after the
loss of my wife, I began to analyze the things important to
me in my own mortal life. The AAEP and its Foundation
resonated with me and mobilized my thoughts to contribute to its existence for future generations of colleagues.
I just wanted to “do my part” to help this organization
flourish for years to come.
What advice would you like to share with other members
about this?
It would be to encourage others to consider the impact the
AAEP Foundation has on horses, our profession and its
members when making estate plans. My decision has given
me a deep sense of satisfaction and comfort that I have
contributed as a part of the Legacy Society.
P.S.: United by our shared passion for the horse, the sincerity of the members of the AAEP as stewards for the horse
has shaped the outcome of my life. It is through this realization that I encourage others to join me in the mission of the
AAEP Foundation.
Spring 2016
You make it possible!
We extend our sincere appreciation
to those who included the AAEP
Foundation in their charitable giving
in 2015. The generosity of AAEP
members and their partners, clients
and friends enable the Foundation
to provide much-needed financial
support to programs and initiatives
that enrich the lives of horses and
their caretakers around the globe.
As a reminder, the entirety of every
gift goes directly toward the welfare
of the horse; no portion is used for
administrative or fundraising costs.
Every effort has been made to
accurately honor each and every
contributor to the Foundation from
Jan. 1-Dec. 31, 2015. If you notice an
error, please accept our apology and
notify us so that we may correct the
error and our records.
Individual Donors
Presidents’ Circle
($25,000 +)
($500 - $2,499)
Nancy L. Jones
Fred B. McCashin
Duncan Alexander
Lisa Atckison
Ann W. Baker
Marvin & Eunice
Jeffrey T. Berk
Lori A. Bidwell
Randy Burrus
Kent & Alice Carter
Gail T. Colbern
Elizabeth A. Davis
Janine F. Dwyer
Laura L. Freeman
Barrie & Vaughn Grant
Marsha Heinke
Raymond & Debbie
J. Clyde Johnson
Douglas L. Langer
Gayle T. Lesser
Paula Lillard
Kate J. Lombardi
C. Wayne McIlwraith
& Nancy Goodman
Leadership Circle
($10,000 - $24,999)
Faith A. Berry
Healthy Horses Circle
($2,500 - $9,999)
Hugh Behling
Edward Boldt
Larry & Marilyn
Randall Brandon
Bernard F. Brennan
Brian S. Carroll
R. Reynolds & Evelyn
Jean M. Denoix
Brad & Karen Jackman
Robin H. Kelly
Nancy F. Link
Robert & Gina Magnus
Melanie S. Taylor
Christopher Wickliffe
Sallie McLellan
Elizabeth & Brock
John & Melodie
Marcinda Mitchell
Rick & Julie Mitchell
James & Michelle
William A. & Leslie
Eric Mueller
W. F. Norvell
Karen A. Nyrop
Brian O’Hara
Peter F. Radue
Mark C. Rick
Jessica M. Trichel
Steve S. Trostle
Tracy A. Turner
Wendy E. Vaala
Charles D. Vail
Nathaniel White
William A. Whitler
Daniel A. Wilson
James Zeliff
Colorado State University doctoral candidate Dr. Aimee Colbath receives the
2015 AAEP Foundation Past Presidents’ Research Fellow from 2015 AAEP
President Dr. G. Kent Carter, left, and 2014 AAEP President Dr. Jeff Blea,
right. Dr. Colbath’s research examines the use of bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells, a promising therapy for musculoskeletal disease.
Walter Tun
January 1 - December 31, 2015
More than 170 off-the-track Thoroughbreds
showcased their natural athleticism at the 2015
Thoroughbred Makeover and National Symposium.
The annual event helps spur a secondary market for
Thoroughbreds that otherwise might be at risk of
becoming unwanted at the conclusion of their racing
($1 - $499)
Andrea Adams
D. M. Adams
Thomas K. Adams
Renee Aguirre-Hall
Sally Aichroth
Joaquin Lopez de Alda
Katrina Alger
John R. Allender
Sara Amtmann
Rebecca L. Anderson
Charles G. Andrews
Frank M. Andrews
Clara Andriola
Paul Anikis
Milton April
Takesue Arakawa
Julio S. Arias
Rick & Shirley Arthur
John F. Atack
Zachary Badura
Brett & Natalie Baker
Gordon J. Baker
Shannon S. Baker
Vincent A. Baker
Priscilla Baldwin
Gabriela Bamert
D. C. Barnett
Judy Batker
Mark R. Baus
Axel Beccar Varela
Roger A. Bechtel
Chris Bell
David & Roxy Bell
Mary H. Bell
John Bennett
Sueann Bennett
Brett A. Berthold
Rocky Bigbie
Brian Biggers
David & Jodie Bingham
Jennifer Bird
Jerry & Melinda Black
R. J. Black
James T. Blackford
Terry L. Blanchard
Jeff & Annie Blea
Sara M. Bliss
Glenn & Karen
Individual Donors
January 1 - December 31, 2015
The generosity of donors and bidders enabled the Foundation Celebration
auctions to raise more than $75,000 during the AAEP’s 61st Annual Convention.
Friend ($1 - $499) cont.
Scott Blond
Jacek Bobkiewicz
Jacquelin Boggs
Greg BonenClark
Larry C. Booth
Charles R. Boreson
Katherine B. Borrett
Malcolm J. Borthwick
Page Bouchard
Elizabeth Bowron
Rachel Boyce
Ashley Boyle
Benjamin B. Braat
Thomas & Sally
Kimberly S. Brown
Lee & Linda Brown
Stuart E. Brown
Gerd Brunken
Kirstin A. Bubeck
Karen M. Bulluck
Ann M. Buonanno
Carolyn Busacca
Linda D. Byer
Chad Calice
Claire E. Card
Stephen Carr
Andre Anzanello T.
Kent & Alice Carter
James C. Carter
Julie Cary
Jarbas Castro
Bill R. Cato
Duane E. Chappell
Shana E. Chase
Hoyt S. Cheramie
Leonard & Virginia
Katherine B. Chope
Ciesar Family
Andrew R. Clark
Carol K. Clark
Dennis A. Clark
Rodger Clark
Julie Coats
Christian D. Comeau
Catalina P. Companc
H. S. Conboy
Meghan Connor
Dave Contini
Nancy L. Cook
Ty B. Corbiell
Stacey W. Cordivano
Christine A. Cornish
Carol Corrado
Paulo H. Costa
Nathalie Cote
Jill Cotten
Martin Crabo
Bryant W. Craig
Dale Cupp
Frank Curnutte
Steve Curvey
Michal Cuthbertson
Fred & Lillian Danziger
Tom V. David
Ellen E. Davies
Cal E. Davis
Eric W. Davis
Ines N. De Castro
Saro Deacon
Richard M. DeBowes
Julie E. Dechant
Richard P. Decktor
Patricia G. DedrickTerry
Marta V. Del Arco
Marc R. Desjardins
Allison Deugwillo
William P. Diehl
Paula Diuri
Sharon A. Dreifus
Nicole J. Drummond
Jessica Dugan
Katherine Dunlop
Noel Dybdal
Jack & Sydney Easley
Leslie Easterwood
Julie Eihl
Edda C. Eliasson
Nancy D. Elliot
Benjamin Espy
Fernando Estrada
Rebecca & Larry Evans
Wayne O. Evans
Steve G. Fairbrother
M. J. Fassinger
Kristen A. Finch
Megan M. Fine
David Fitzpatrick
Paula J. Flint
Stephanie Flowers
David & Wendi Foley
Jessica Ford
Bryan Fraley
Benjamin & Eileen
Robert P. Franklin
Bibi Freer
Dennis D. French
Jennifer E. French
Gary R. Friederich
David D. Frisbie
Laura Frost
Ronald B. Gaeta
Stephen S. Galloway
Rachel Gardner
Robin Garr
Katherine Garrett
Mauro Gattuso
Chris W. Gilbert
Kim Gill-Favier
Jenifer R. Gold
Kathryn Golden
Renee Golenz
Marta E. GranstedtVolkmann
Katherine Graves
Henry Greenwald
Robert C. Gregory
Amy L. Grice
Erin S. Groover
Benny Guitron
Richard G. Guthrie
Brent Hague
Amy Halaburt
Lydia Gathagan
Susan R. Hamilton
Mary B. Hamorski
Bruce C. Hansen
Steve & Dani Hardy
William R. Hare
Kristine Haroldson
Krystal L. Harrell
Lea Harvey
Scott & Darlene Hay
Katie Hayes
Lillian M. Haywood
Weston Heintz
Julie D. Henderson
William B. Henderson
Jack & Jan Henkel
Martin Henn
Ray A. Hephner
Chad E. Hewlett
Miles & Patty
Anita L. Hill
Kimberly M. Hiller
Corinne Hills
Mary J. Hiltz
Manuel G. Himenes
Melissa Hines
Martin Hjelle
Nicole Hjelle
Danielle Hockenson
Taryn Holtby
Trevor Hook
Edward Howard
Heather Hoyns
Susan Hufford
Marty & Mary Hulit
William T. Hutchins
Jed Hutchison
Erica L. Hutten
John T. Hyde
Leigh P. Jackson
Sarah Jay
Dennis Jenkins
Ronald C. Jensen
Manuel Jimenez
Dana Johnson
Lauren Johnson
Mary Johnston
Jennifer A. Jull-Sullivan
Barbara J. Kahl
Tracy Kalm
Edward W. Kanara
Albert Kane
Cyndi Kasper
Eric H. Kates
Naomi Katzowitz
Rebecca & Ansel Kay
Daniel P. Keenan
Kristina Keeth
Eileen Kellner
Anthony Kettle
John C. Kimmel
Michael & Ethel Kirk
Elizabeth Klebe
Keith Kleine
Gary Koehler
Jon A. Koella
Brian Kopec
Joanne Kramer
Thorsten Kramer
Megan D. Kraski
Johanna Kremberg
Susan Kreutter
Katsumi Kuribara
Dale L. Kurtz
Susy Lange
Jennifer A. LaPlume
Ronald L. Laub
Elisabeth R. Leahy
Bruce D. Lee
John W. Lee
Randolph B. Lee
Amy R. Leibeck
Gayle S. Leith
Thomas R. & Erin Lenz
Dana and Linda Lerner
Talia Lin
Jacqueline T. Linkous
Suzanne Loheac
Michael D. Lokai
Johanne Longtin
Jocelyn Lorbiecki
Nicholas G. Loutsion
Charles C. Love
Linda Love
Brad D. Luckenbill
Margaret A. MacHarg
Marianne Mackay
Masaya Maeda
Jonathan Magid
Roger Magnusson
Lynsey Makkreel
Martha Mallicote
Joseph Malone
Spring 2016
ts Were Maat as One.
arts B
but Our He
—Author Unk
5/6/15 11:10
In 2015, 1,141 equine memorial gifts were received from 232 donors and practices, yielding
nearly $64,372 for the AAEP Foundation. AAEP Educational Partner Zoetis generously matches
all equine memorial donations up to a cumulative $25,000 annually, bringing the 2015 total to
$89,372. Above is the front of the sympathy card received by bereaved clients.
Claude & Judy
Steven Marshall
Michael T. Martin
Mark J. Martinelli
Erin Master
Audrey & Daryl
Victoria R. Maxwell
Kevin May
Maryann McCaffrey
Vicki McCartney
Jacquie McCutchen
Duane & Beverly
James F. McDonald
Carol McLeod
Patrick J. McMahon
James McNutt
David V. Medic
Joannes Melgar
Alfred and Nancy
Nat T. Messer
Dianne Meyer
Mark Meyer
Karyn Mills
Martha M. Misheff
Jill A. Mixer
Rod C. Moberg
Rustin Moore
Clifford Morcom
Jessica L. Morgan
Kenton Morgan
Nina Mouledous
Molly Muedeking
Brenda Mutton
Sadie Myers-Miller
Hiroshi Nagata
Jimmy C. Nash
Sergio S. Navarrete
Murray Neale
Joseph A. Nebzydoski
Heather E. Nemanic
Robert L. Newman
Joel M. Nezezon
Craig S. Niblett
Ken Noguchi
Paul M. Nolan
Oak Leaf Equine
Veterinary Care
Timothy O’Brien
Stephen E. O’Grady
Danica Olenick
Alison H. Oliver
Drew Olson
Grace S. Owen
Jane G. Owens
Richard Pankowski
Dana Pantano
Alfredo J. Paredes
Nancy Parrott
Michele & Ashley
Leonard J. Partridge
John R. Pascoe
Ann M. Pearson
Sarah K. Pedersen
Ryan Penno
Duncan F. Peters
Jill Peters
Nancy Peterson
Carolyn Platt
Thierry G. Poignon
David J. Pool
Tiffany Porter
Melanie M. Prant
James C. Prendergast
Cynthia Prestage
Michael A. Prichard
Real Provencher
Tiffany Prud’homme
Mauro Quercioli
Doug Quesnel
Suzanne S. Quinn
David & Jeri Rackley
Deborah J. Racklyeft
William Rainbow, Jr.
Peter C. Rakestraw
Norman W. Rantanen
Anne M. Ray
Deborah B. Reeder
Robin Reid-Burke
Mark T. Reilly
Alejandro Rey
Karen Reynolds
Karen I. Riedlinger
Mark Rigby
Angel Roberts
Lynn Roberts
Cyndi L. Robertson
Penelope B. Rochelle
Marcos Rosa
Maurilio Rosa
Terry W. Ruch
Andrea L. Russell
William B. Russell
Cindy Ryan
Heikki Saarinen
Lee Sackett
Irving Salkovitz
Amy J. Samonds &
Suzy Reno
Anne Sandmeyer
Cole B. Sandow
Macarena Sanz
Bob Saunders
Constance Schmidt
Gregory R. Schmidt
Robert C. Schmitt
Harvey Schneiter
Candace Schoch
Elizabeth L. Scholtz
Jos Schreurs
Anne Schwartz
Craig Schwartz
Robert R. Schwartz
Charles F. Scoggin
David F. Scoville
Randal Sebring
Jocelyn Sevigny
Sarah Shaw
Frederick C. Shiery
Michael Sigman
Mark Silverman
Ernest P. Silvia
Debra Sime
Carolyn Simmelink
Alan Bruce R. Simson
Ellen Singer
Leena Sinnemaa
Elizabeth S. Sinnigen
Will & Zita Slade
Erin H. Slaughter
David C. Smith
David R. Smith
Gregory C. Smith
John C. Smith
Suzanne J. Smith
Megan Snyder
Ruth V. Sobeck
Cheryl D. Sofaly
Bruce J. Solomon
Axel Sondhoff
Tamara Sorley
Michael Spensley
Max L. Sponseller
Michael T. Stabbe
Robert P. Stephens
Relda Sterkx
Suzanne Stillman
John Stone
Susan M. Stover
Devon W. Strickland
Cathe Tallarico
Nicholas Tallarico
Jean Tanguay
Susan M. Tanhauser
Mary A. Thomas
Greg & Alice
Robyn K. Thompson
Ronald M. Thompson
Kirste Timm
Kelly Tisher
Lois Toll
Maynard & Ann Tozier
John E. Traber
Josie L. Traub-Dargatz
& David Dargatz
Kirsten Ann Traul
Toni L. Trego
Gayle & Judi Trotter
Vikki Trupin
Shigeto Ushiya
Mark & Susie Vahala
Jack A. Valerius
Peter W. Van Oijen
Individual Donors
January 1 - December 31, 2015
Friend ($1 - $499) cont.
Jeff P. Willard
Cooper Williams, VMD
Michael D. Williams
Trever Williams
Emma J. Williamson
Jamie A. Wilson
Julia Wilson & Tracy
William D. Wilson
Karen E. Wolfsdorf
A. B. Wood
Brett Woodie
Mark S. Wooten
Nancy Worthington
Jennifer Wright
Kosei Yamagiwa
Nathan Zauel
Dubravko Zerajic
Zdenek Zert
Ron Zillmer
Dana Zimmel
Ryan R. Zimmerman
David G. Zipf
Veterinary students learn practical wound management skills during an
educational dry lab at the 2015 AAEP Annual Convention.
The Horse
Paul R. Van Weeren
Taeka Van’t Riet
John T. Vaughan
Kara L. Vittitow
William C. Wafer
Amanda Wainer
Jack Walker
Lea Walker
Ty W. Wallis
Thomas G. Walrond
Ray C. Wasielewski
Amanda R. Watkins
Cally Webster
Lauren Welch
Harry & Susan Werner
Shannon S. Whatman
Mary Beth Whitcomb
Susan L. White
Jennifer Whitmore
Carly R. Whittal
Steve Whitworth
Michael Wiley
Conrad M. Wilgenbusch
More than 700 veterinarians and veterinary students from 31 countries attended the 14th biennial World Equine Veterinary Association Congress
in Guadalajara, Mexico, in 2015. The AAEP Foundation was one of the many supporters of this international learning experience.
Spring 2016
Corporate/Practice/Association/Farm/Foundation Donors
January 1 - December 31, 2015
Founders’ Circle
($100,000 $499,999)
Presidents’ Circle
($25,000 - $99,999)
Merck Animal Health
Sound, a VCA Company
Leadership Circle
($10,000 - $24,999)
Hagyard Equine
Medical Institute
& The Hagyard
Patterson Veterinary
Supply, Equine
Platinum Performance
Healthy Horses Circle
($2,500 - $9,999)
Allegheny Equine
American Paint Horse
American Quarter
Horse Association
Boehringer Ingelheim
Vetmedica Inc.
Equine Diagnostic
Solutions, LLC
Equine Medical
Associates PSC
Equine Veterinary Care
Grayson-Jockey Club
Research Foundation
Gulfstream Park Racing
Association Inc.
Keeneland Association
Miamitown Pet
Hospital Inc.
National Cutting Horse
National Reining Horse
North American Equine
Ranching Information
Council Inc.
Northwest Pennsylvania
VMA Equine
Nutramax Laboratories,
Oaklawn Jockey Club
Oculus Insights LLC
Pinto Horse Association
of America, Inc.
Professional Rodeo
Cowboys Association
Roemer Foundation
Rood and Riddle
Equine Hospital &
Veterinary Pharmacy
Foundation, Inc.
The Jockey Club
United States Polo
($500 - $2,499)
Veterinary Clinic
Backstretch Veterinary
Baileys Family
Barbara Roastingear
and Henry Oliver III
Family Foundation
Clarke Equine Wellness
& Performance
Comstock Equine
Cross River Veterinary
Damascus Equine
Desert Pines Equine
Dunbarton Equine
Durango Equine
Veterinary Clinic
Eggleston Equine LLC
El Sol Equine Practice
Elkhorn Veterinary
Clinic Ltd.
Evergreen Equine
Veterinary Practice
F9 Equine Clinic PLLC
Fairfield Equine
Associates PC
Four Seasons Veterinary
Grand Prix Equine,
Great Basin Equine
Green Glen Equine
Haymarket Veterinary
Janssen Veterinary
Thorougbred Owners
& Breeders
Lodi Veterinary
Martin Revson
Foundation Inc.
Merritt & Associates
Equine Hospital
Mersant International
Michigan Horse
Minnesota Horsemen’s
Benevolent &
Protective Association
National HBPA, Inc.
Nebraska Equine
Veterinary Clinic
Ocean State Equine
Old Dominion Equine
Oliver Family
Pennsylvania Equine
San Dieguito Equine
Group Inc.
Sapulpa Veterinary
T & T Family
Tennessee Equine
Hospital PLLC
The Hambletonian
Society, Inc.
The League of
Agricultural & Equine
Centers, Inc.
Three Oaks Equine
Veterinary Services
Triangle Equine Mobile
Veterinary Services
Unionville Equine
Veterinary Medical
Waller Equine Hospital
($1 - $499)
Abel Veterinary Services
All Equine Veterinary
Amicalola Veterinary
Animal Medical
Services of the Rockies
Anoka Equine
Veterinary Services
Antech Diagnostics
ASAAD Arabian Horse
Assocation, Inc.
Barrow Veterinary
Services PC
Bayhill Equine Inc.
Blood Horse
Blue Ridge Equine
Blue Ridge Equine
Clinic-Valley Division
Bob Mickler’s
Brandywine Equine
Veterinary Associates
Burwash Equine
Candlewood Equine
Cargill Feed &
Carolina Coastal
Equine Veterinary
Carolina Equine Clinic
Cascadia Equine
Veterinary Clinic
Cedar Ridge Animal
Cedar Springs Equine
Vet Services
Centaur Animal Health
Centennial Equine
Sports Medicine PLLC
Drs. Jen Reda and Kaitlin McDonald accept the inaugural Northwestern Pennsylvania
Veterinary Medical Association Equine Symposium/AAEP Foundation Scholarships
during the Foundation Celebration at the AAEP’s 61st Annual Convention. From left,
NWPVMA representative Dr. David Medic, Dr. Jen Reda, Dr. Kaitlin McDonald and
AAEP Foundation Chairman Dr. Jeff Berk.
Corporate/Practice/Association/Farm/Foundation Donors
January 1 - December 31, 2015
Friend ($1 - $499) cont.
Champion Equine
Insurance Inc.
Cleary Lake Veterinary
Colorado Equine Clinic
Colorado River
Veterinary Services
Colts Head Veterinary
Colts Neck Equine
Connecticut Valley
Cornerstone Equine
Country View
Veterinary Service
Currie Equine Clinic
Davie County Large
Animal Hospital
Deer Creek Equine
Clinic Inc.
Delmarva Equine Clinic
Des Moines Equine
Veterinary Services
Dominion Equine Clinic
Eagle Fern Equine
Eleven Point Equine
Equine Medical LLC
Equine Medicine &
Equine Services LLC
Equine Veterinary
Associates LLC
Equine Veterinary
Dental Services
Equine Veterinary
Hospital of Northern
Equine Veterinary
Practice LLC
Equine Veterinary
Equine Veterinary
Services of Northern
Colorado PC
Erskine & Associates
Equine Veterinary
Practice, LLC
Esser Valley Arabians,
Farmstead Veterinary
Foundation Equine
Mobile Medicine and
Foundry Veterinary
Services PLLC
Foxdale Equine
Veterinary Services
Freedom Run Equine
Veterinary Service
Freer Equine Mobile
Veterinary Services
FullBucket Health
Glenwood Veterinary
Harmony Equine
Veterinary Services PC
Heartland Equine
Health Center LLC
High Point Equine Vet
Services PLLC
Highland Hill
Veterinary Service
Island Equine Vet
Services Ltd.
Jensen’s Animal
Kansas Horse Council
Karcher & Darish LLP
Kentucky Horse
Council, Inc.
Kleinpeter Equine
Sports Medicine, LLC
Lake County Equine
Practice LLC
LakeShore Equine
Live Oak Vet Clinic
Maryland Horse
Mayfield Veterinary
McOwen Veterinary
Services Ltd.
Medicine Wind Farm
Mid South Equine
Midland Equine
Mission Equine
Misty Hollow Equine
Modern Equine, Inc.
Mount Pleasant Animal
Mount Vernon
Veterinary Hospital
My Tribute Gift
Foundation, Inc.
AAEP Foundation Chairman Dr. Jeff Berk, right, accepts a contribution on
behalf of Zoetis during the 18th Annual Foundation Celebration from Jon Lowe
of Zoetis.
North Bridge Equine
North Stonington
Veterinary Clinic
Northeast Equine
Veterinary Dental
Services, LLC
Northrop Equine
Practice LLC
Oakwood Veterinary
Outlaw Veterinary
Pacific Crest Equine
Paddock Equine
Veterinary Services
Panama Equine
Performance Equine
Specialists LLC
Peterson & Smith
Equine Hospital
Piedra Blanca Equine
Veterinary Care
Pioneer Equine Hospital
Pioneer Equine
Veterinary Service,
Quodomine Veterinary
Services Inc.
Reata Equine Hospital
Red Oak Animal
Redbud Equine
Veterinary PLLC
Ridgefield Equine Clinic
Rivendell Large Animal
Riviera Equine
Internal Medicine &
Rocky River Large
Animal Veterinary
Rogue Equine Hospital
Safe and Sound Equine
Salmon Brook
Veterinary Hospital
Sawtooth Equine
SeaHorse Veterinary
Services Inc.
Shafer Equine Services
South Florida Equine
Associates Inc.
St. Vincent’s Academy
Stonefield Equine Clinic
Strain Equine Services
Sullivan Equine
Veterinary Service
Sunset Ridge Equine
Synbiont Global
Tacoma Equine
The Piedmont Equine
The Solutions Group,
Thomas Monfort &
Thomasville Animal
Treasue Coast Dressage
Tryon Equine Hospital
Valley Equine
Associates PLLC
Veterinary Specialty
Virginia Equine, PLLC
West Coast Equine
White Oaks Vet Clinic
Wilhite & Frees Equine
Willow Creek Equine
Wolfe Equine Services,
Woodside Equine Clinic
Spring 2016
Tribute Gifts
January 1 - December 31, 2015
We are grateful for the sincere recognition provided by each of the following tributes.
Tribute gifts are a thoughtful way to honor or memorialize someone of special importance in your life.
When the Foundation receives a gift in tribute, we immediately notify the honoree or family member you specify.
Gift amounts are not disclosed.
If you wish to honor a friend or colleague on a special occasion with a tribute gift or remember the memory of a loved one
through a memorial gift, simply let us know and include the name and address of the individual(s) to be notified. To learn
more, please visit www.aaepfoundation.org.
In Honor Julie Allerton DVM
Candance Schoch
In Honor of Steve O’Grady DVM,
Ruth V. Sobeck DVM
In Honor of William O’Leary VMD
Claude & Judy Marshall
In Memory of Diane Anderson
Susan Kreutter
In Memory of Betty Arnold
Stacey W. Cordivano
In Memory of Bart Baker DVM
Barrie & Vaughn Grant
In Memory of Anna K. Beeson
Carol & Frank Platt
In Memory of Camacho
LakeShore Equine Services
In Memory of Patricia Chism DVM
Katherine Graves
St. Vincent’s Academy
Ann Tozier
In Memory of Charles “Redd” Crabtree
Jack & Sydney Easley
In Memory of Francis A. Davis MD
Elizabeth Ann Davis
Jack & Jan Henkel
Rebecca & Ansel Kay
Martha Mallicote
Steven Marshall
Vicki McCartney
Medicine Wind Farm Family
Mount Pleasant Animal Hospital
My Tribute Gift Foundation, Inc.
Murray Neale
Amy J. Samonds & Suzy Reno
Kevin & Laura Shuler
Mark & Susie Vahala
Veterinary Specialty Care
In Memory of Ann Mitchell
Kathleen M. Anderson
Jeff Blea
G. Kent Carter
R. Reynolds Cowles
Jack & Sydney Easley
Robert P. Franklin, Foundry Veterinary
Services PLLC
Bibi Freer
David D. Frisbie
Katherine Garrett
Marc R. Baus, Grand Prix Equine, LLC
Kenton Morgan
Montgomery D. McInturff, Tennessee
Equine Hospital PLLC
Wendy E. Vaala
In Memory of Peter Pryor DVM
Franklin-Williams Company
In Memory of Jane Rainis
Priscilla Baldwin
Treasure Coast Dressage
In Memory of Jack Robbins VMD
J. Clyde Johnson
In Memory of William Sanders DVM
Charles R. Boreson
In Memory of Pam Shields
LakeShore Equine Services
In Memory of Barbara Shull
Karen I. Riedlinger
In Memory of Kelly Smith
Equine Medical LLC
In Memory of Marianne Sullivan
Susan Loheac
In Memory of Margaret Trachta
Charles R. Boreson
In Memory of Dee Wilson
Patricia G. Dedrick-Terry
Special thanks to host and presenting sponsor Patterson Veterinary Supply - Equine Division
for their $10,000 donation and sponsorship of the 2015 AAEP Foundation Benefit Golf
Tournament in Las Vegas. We also thank additional supporters ArthroDynamic Technologies,
Franklin-Williams Co., Neogen and SynNutra, Inc. Tournament team winners from left: Brad
Horpestad, David Bingham, Dr. Dave Bell, and Butch Friis.
In Memory of Daniel Dishaw
Joel M. Nezezon
In Memory of Gerd Eckstein
Mark Silverman
In Memory of George Hagelund
Joel M. Nezezon
In Memory of Ruth Johnson
Keith Kleine
In Memory of John A. Malark DVM
Antech Diagnostics
Brett & Natalie Baker
Elizabeth Bowron
Leonard & Virginia Chmielewicz
Ciesar Family
Paula J. Flint
Leave a ‘Legacy’ that benefits horses universally
An AAEP Foundation giving circle called the Legacy
Society recognizes those who include the AAEP
Foundation in their estate plans. If you would like your
name added to the list of members for the Legacy Society,
please let us know. Of course, requests for anonymity are
honored and all details of the arrangement are completely
To learn more about a planned gift to the AAEP
Foundation, visit www.aaepfoundation.org and select
“Planned Giving” in the drop-down menu under the tab
“How to Help.”
An estate gift to the AAEP Foundation can help fund
special interests of the donor, ranging from scholarships to research projects to educational or benevolent
programs. These generous commitments will strengthen
the Foundation’s ability to improve the welfare of horses
everywhere in the years ahead.
Legacy Society Members
Dr. Kathleen M. Anderson
Carolyn Anderson-Meadows
David T. & Jodie K. Bingham
Dr. Jerry B. & Melinda Black
Dr. Stuart E. Brown
Dr. R. Reynolds & Evie Cowles
Dr. Ann E. Dwyer
Dr. Leslie A. Easterwood
Dr. Benjamin Franklin, Jr.
Dr. Brendan W. Furlong
Leslie R. & Dr. Kathleen ‘Casey’ Gonda
Dr. Michelle M. LeBlanc*
Drs. John W. & Jane F. Lee
Dr. Midge Leitch*
Drs. Tom R. & Erin Lenz
Drs. C. Wayne McIlwraith & Nancy L. Goodman
Dr. John S. Mitchell
Dr. William A. Moyer
Drs. Nathaniel A. White & Leslie Sinn
* Deceased
Contribute to the AAEP Foundation
Donor Information:
Name ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Address _________________________________________________________________________________________________________
City ______________________________ State/Province _______________ Zip/Postal Code ________________ Country _______________
Phone ___________________________________________________________ E-mail _________________________________________
Cell Phone _________________________________________________________________________
o Please keep my gift anonymous.
Enclosed is a check payable to the AAEP Foundation, Inc. in the amount of:
o $25
o $50
o $75
o $100
o $250
o $500
o Other ______________________________________________________________
Please charge my credit card: o Visa
o MasterCard
o AmEx o Discover
Card# ___________________________________________ Exp __________________
Signature________________________________________ CVV# ________________
(Three-digit code on signature line for Visa, Mastercard & Discover.
Four-digit code on front of AmEx card)
Legacy Society
Please designate my gift to:
o Unrestricted/Area of greatest need
o Equine Community
o Education (Scholarships/Student support)
o Laminitis Research
o Benevolence
o Disaster Relief
o Equine Research
o I have included the Foundation in my estate plans and wish to be
recognized in the Legacy Society.
o Please send me information about including the Foundation in my
estate plans.
Mail to: AAEP Foundation, 4033 Iron Works Parkway, Lexington, KY 40511
Fax: (859) 233-1968
Make a gift conveniently and securely online at: www.aaepfoundation.org
Thank you for your support!