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The Sequel - Little Flower Catholic High School
Volume 69 • No. 2 • Summer 2012
2012 Distinguished Alumna Speech
The Distinguished Alumna Award recognizes a graduate who has made a significant contribution to society by exemplifying LF’s philosophy of Christian education. In the Winter
Sequel edition, you were asked to vote for this year’s honoree. Mrs. Maureen Byrne Mahon,
’79 is our 2012 Distinguished Alumna and the following is the speech she delivered to the
Class of 2012 at their commencement exercises on June 8 at Holy Family College.
Your Excellency Bishop McGinnes,
Sister Kathleen Klarich, Sister Donna
Shallo, honored guests, faculty, parents
and most especially you , the graduating
Class of 2012. Congratulations and best
wishes as you embark on your new journey.
It is a privilege to be here with you
today. Words cannot adequately express
how humbled and honored I am to have
been chosen to speak to you on such a
special occasion. When I thought about
what I wanted to say, I asked my husband, my children, and my dearest
friends for some suggestions. What
could I tell you? What kind of advice
Class of 2012
Salutatorian- Christine Lugrine and
Valedictorian- Destiny Marquez
could I give? Having just attended my
youngest daughter’s graduation, I knew
I didn’t want to be long, and I knew that
you really didn’t want to hear about me
and my life… But as a mother of five, I
have often thought back on my children’s lives and the advice that I have
given to each one of them. No matter
what obstacles they faced or joys they
experienced, my husband and I always
ended every night the same way, tucking them into bed with the simple
words: “Good night and God bless.”
Somewhere along the way, as the children grew up and gained more freedoms, we threw a new phrase into the
mix: "Good night, God bless and Good
choices.” It is this sentiment that I want
to share and explore with you ladies
Choice, by definition, means “the
instance or power of choosing.” You,
my dear young women, have the power
to choose. You have it within you.
Look around you. Your High School
Graduation is a culmination of so many
good and positive decisions that have
been made by everyone in this room.
Your parents made a choice to send you
to this wonderful Catholic High School
for Girls. Please don’t forget to thank
them for that. It is a sacrifice that they
have made because they love you and
value a Catholic education for you.
You yourselves have made a choice
to embrace your studies and strived to
do your very best throughout your time
Maureen Byrne Mahon ’79
at Little Flower. You consciously decided to work hard, to avoid distraction, to
pursue knowledge. And today, you are
being rewarded for that.
Undoubtedly, many, many good
choices have been made and you now
know that you have it within you to seek
greatness. For it is when we align ourselves with good friends and put ourselves in good situations that we give
ourselves a network of support that will
carry us through the many ups and
downs in our lives.
During my four years at Little
Flower I feel I did just that. I chose
wonderful friends and I still keep in
touch with them on a very regular basis.
We vacation together, we celebrate our
children’s sacraments and graduations
together. We are blessed to have each
other and it started within the beautiful
walls of Little Flower High School. Just
last October, 18 of us got together to
celebrate our 50th birthdays. We had a
wonderful time and most of our stories
and conversation turned to our time at
Little Flower. It was a very special time
in our lives. A time that has greatly
influenced who we are today. As you
graduate and move on to different col(Continued on page 3)
From the President’s desk . . .
Dear Alumnae and Friends:
For the sake of the thousands of
Alumnae and friends who do not
live in the area, I am going to begin
my letter with an update from
where I left off in January with the
Recommendation that 4 secondary
schools would close in June as well
as 44 elementary schools throughSister Donna Shallo, out the Archdiocese.
I.H.M., LF President
Our new Archbishop permitted
the schools to begin an appeal
process of that decision. The four secondary schools worked
very hard raising money reaching out to their Alumni and
friends to offset their deficits. Their efforts were blessed and
combined they raised $15,000,000 to save their schools. In
addition, a group of businessmen—some Catholic and some
who had employed Catholic school graduates—recognizing
the tremendous product the Catholic schools produce, formed
a new foundation—The Faith in the Future Foundation, to
assist in keeping the four secondary schools open. Instead,
Archbishop Chaput recommended that the Foundation agree
to assist all of the secondary schools.
One major goal of the Foundation is to raise $100,000,000
over the next five years to set up an educational endowment
providing a tuition assistance program and fund programs for
the schools but it will not be supporting the operating budget
of the secondary schools. Each school is still responsible to
raise its own money for its operating expenses just as we have
been doing.
On February 24, Archbishop Chaput announced that West
Catholic, St. Hubert, Conwell-Egan and Msgr. BonnerArchbishop Prendergast will remain open. You can imagine
the utter joy and relief of these schools! Little Flower is able
to identify with these students, parents and alumni as a similar
reprieve is part of our history, as you well know. However,
the pool of Catholic school students is still shrinking but we
have the same number of schools so it will be most challenging keeping the enrollment stable in the 17 secondary schools
as we go forward.
That being said, I would like to reach out to our Alumnae
mothers with girls attending elementary school. We are
announcing a new tradition that will begin with the 2013-2014
school year with our current students and the girls entering the
8th grade in September. Every student attending Little
Flower whose mother is a graduate will automatically
receive a $1,000 Legacy Grant each year as a thank you for
keeping this treasured Little Flower Legacy thriving. Of
course, families would not be limited to $1,000 but will be
able to request further assistance from the school through the
LF Need-Based Grant Application in the springtime.
Have you had a chance to glance at the “Cups of
Caring” pages? THANK YOU for your marvelous response
to the letter you received in May asking you to renew your last
gift or for sending us a second gift, if possible. It has been
Page 2 / Summer 2012
humbling because I know that every dollar reflects how much
you love Little Flower and want to help our students and their
parents. Usually you receive a thank you letter from me within two days of your gift. Well, I could not keep up with your
overwhelming response and that is why you received the
thank you letters several days later than usual.
I am happy to inform you that we have received over
$8,000 from parents and grandparents alone. As you will see
from the updates in this issue of The Sequel, each decade
made a valiant attempt to increase its support from what was
reported in the January Sequel. Yet, I realize that the response
of our graduates of the ‘80’s and ‘90’s could be even better if
we had their accurate addresses, phone numbers and e-mail
addresses. I am looking carefully at ways by which our
Alumnae Database can be updated and made more current.
In closing, as I write this, (10 days to go in the fiscal year),
we have received 5,625 gifts thus far for the year. We are
ONLY $17,354 from our budget goal. I realize the fiscal year
will be over by the time this reaches you, but I wanted to give
you an indication of the tremendous support the school has
received. We will send you a detailed account in the Annual
Report of Gifts in the fall. Thank you for caring…God bless
Sister Donna Shallo, IHM
Little Flower's Community
Service Corps
is in the process of organizing a group of
current LF students to visit LF Alum in the
Philadelphia area who are unable to leave home
due to illness, disability, or age. Please contact
Brooke Hauer, CSC Moderator, if you or a
loved one would like a visit from 2-3 girls
and an adult moderator.
Email Brooke at
[email protected] or
leave a voicemail at 215-455-6900 ext. 134.
CSC looks forward to brightening a
person's day in their own “little way”!
AdvAncement notes . . .
Dear Alumnae and Friends
of Little Flower:
Sister Joan’s letter will not be
included in this edition of The
Sequel because she broke her right
wrist just before we were finalizing
this edition prior to going to press.
Please keep Sister Joan in your
prayers—those of you who have
had similar accidents know it will
be a long healing process and not
Joan M. Ames, IHM much fun in the summer…
God bless you and have a pleasDirector of Advancement
ant and safe summer!
Guidance Department
By Mr. Jack Fitzsimmons
On March 29, 2012 Career Day was held at Little Flower
for our freshman and sophomore students. Students attended
two presentations of their choice. We offered a variety of
careers to our students so that they can explore different interest. We are grateful for alumnae, Rosemary Gleason-Bandru
‘81, Denise Mangold ’89, Brea Bee ‘93, Eileen GleasonDonnelly ‘83 and Michele Cimino ’85 along with Mr. Tim
Gallagher the son of Susan Hiller Gallagher '67 who volunteered of their time to speak to our students. If you are interested in speaking at one of our career days please contact Mr.
Jack Fitzsimmons at [email protected]
Alumna Speech continued from p. 1
leges and career paths, keep in touch with the friends you
have made at LF. They will support you, love you and
encourage you. You need each other.
Most importantly, “Choose God.” Choose to make
Him a very important part of your lives. Ladies, I know
from my own children that you will be challenged over the
next four years. Not just academically, but also morally
and ethically as you navigate through these “college
years.” Take time out of your days to pray. Relationships
are formed by spending time with someone and your relationship with God is no different. Go to Him with your
worries, your successes, your stresses, your joys… Spend
some time with God each day. Continue to deepen your
relationship with Him. For it is through Him that you will
find your greatest strength.
Lastly, I want to tell you about something that just happened last weekend. Girls, you will find wherever you go
you will meet women that have graduated from Little
Flower. They are all over and very excited to share with
you the year they graduated and how wonderful their experience was. I found myself talking to a woman at an
impromptu get-together at a house in Sea Isle City. Two
minutes into our conversation, we realized that we had
something very special in common: we both graduated
from Little Flower. She was speaking so highly of her days
at Little Flower and with such excitement. We were talking
about CSC and the many other activities that she and I had
participated in and were instantly brought back to such an
incredible place and time in our lives. At one point, when
the conversation got quiet she said to me, “The best thing
about Little Flower, is that it let me be me. I was loved
without question and accepted without being judged.” I
truly believe she said it best. This school and the girls that
attended it both then, and those sitting here today are a part
of a legacy of love and trust and friendship. Don’t ever forget just how much you mean to one another. There is a
strength and peace that exists in this knowledge.
As St. Therese of Lisieux once prayed, “May today there be
peace within.” What a powerful message. To have peace
within is to have it all. I wish you all the peace, all the happiness and all the success in the world as you move on from
the halls of Little Flower. May you always remember the
friends that allowed you to simply be you. May you always
remember that you have it within you to make the kinds of
choices that will lift you higher and make you better.
Congratulation, Class of 2012. I leave you girls with the
words that I repeat to my own children day after day: Good
afternoon, God bless and Good choices.
If you want to use your IRA to make a charitable donation this year... You don't have to wait for Congress
to act. Just tell your IRA custodian to transfer the funds directly to your favorite charity. Before the end of this
year, we expect Congress to retroactively reinstate the provision that expired after 2011 allowing people who
are age 70½ and older to transfer up to $100,000 tax free from their IRAs directly to charity. So direct transfers
anytime in 2012 will qualify. If for some reason Congress fails to make the retroactive fix, the payout is taxable,
and you can deduct the donation as a charitable gift if you itemize deductions. So only nonitemizers are at risk
in the unlikely event the law isn’t reinstated.
Summer 2012 / Page 3
Little Flower Alumnae
The 7 cups represent the 7 decades of LF graduates with their levels of participation
in this Little Flower Annual Fund as of June 20, 2012.
Please consider adding YOUR gift to your decade’s Cup of Caring!
It will take every decade’s generosity to quench our students’ critical need
for financial aid and to ensure the continued success of Little Flower.
Join your classmates in the Cups of Caring Become a part of the
outstanding Little Flower education of today's young women students.
as of June 20, 2012 39.7%
as of December 31, 2011
as of June 20, 2012 42.2%
as of December 31, 2011
as of June 20, 2012 29.0%
as of December 31, 2011
Now, more than ever before...
Page 4 / Summer 2012
Cups of Caring
as of June 20, 2012 16.6%
as of December 31, 2011
as of June 20, 2012 9.1%
as of December 31, 2011
as of June 20, 2012 7.0%
as of December 31, 2011
as of June 20, 2012 9.7%
as of December 31, 2011
Their future is in your hands.
Summer 2012 / Page 5
Dear Alumnae and Friends:
Blessings! I hope you had an opportunity to read the
reflection prepared by Toni Iaquinto Makowski, ’56 in this
edition of The Sequel in which she shared her reasons for
joining Little Flower’s Legacy Society. Thank you, Toni!
On Thursday, May 3, we celebrated our current and
newest members of the Legacy Society at our Annual Mass
and Brunch. Since the January Sequel, we have 8 new members, bringing our total of living Legacy Society members to
Kathleen Breen Walker,’42, Mary Lyons Hilferty, ’54
Doreen Garner, ’55, Mary Ann Iaquinto Brady, ’56
Barbara A. Finley Daniels, ’56,
Antoinette Iaquinto Makowski, ’56
M. Patricia Murphy, ’68, Adelina Gerace Kieffer, ’73
Thank you, dear Alumnae, and I hope others follow your
The following article caught my attention and I hope you
find it thought-provoking to take action if you need to…
Washington-1995—Warren Burger, once the nation’s highestranking judge, prepared a “woefully inadequate” will before
he died, and it could cost his heirs plenty. The legal tangle is
a cautionary tale for those Americans who have avoided proper estate planning.
“This really is a sad example,” said lawyer George W.
Dodge in Arlington, VA. “Burger’s estate of $1.8 million
may face federal and state taxes of over $450,000. He possibly could have avoided all that.”
Just after his wife died in 1994, Burger used a computer
to type a one-page will leaving one-third of his estate to his
daughter, Margaret, and two-thirds to his son, Wade. It
appears that the ex-chief justice prepared the will hastily, not
bothering to check his spelling. The document named Wade
Burger and J. Michael Luttig, a federal appellate judge and a
former law clerk and special assistant to Burger, as executors,
but he misspelled the designation once as “exeuctors.”
If you wish to make a donation to
Little Flower Catholic High School for Girls,
go to our Home Page
Click on the button
Page 6 / Summer 2012
More importantly, the document did not grant the executors any power to sell Burger’s real estate. “That omission
means they need a probate court’s permission to dispose of the
property, Dodge said. “We’re talking about unnecessary attorney fees and court costs.” Burger did not protect his heirs
from estate taxes. Dodge, assisted by the accounting firm of
Murray, Jonson, White & Associates, estimated the federal
estate taxes may be as high as $378,000 and Virginia’s estatetax bite as much as $78,000.” “However, if proper estate planning measures had been taken, it is possible there would be
NO ESTATE TAXES DUE,” Dodge said. “Through trusts and
gifts, he possibly could have saved it all—and that is a huge
chunk of money.”
How much would such estate planning have cost Burger?
Dodge said a large Virginia law firm probably would have
charged Burger $2,000. Most Americans might not need such
help because the federal estate tax exempts up to $600,000 in
assets and many state tax schemes mirror that exemption.
“But virtually everyone needs a will,” Dodge said. “It
lets you control and direct where your assets go—to your
spouse, children, charities…”
Ironically, the will and probate record of the former Chief
Justice, a man who zealously guarded his privacy, is open for
public scrutiny at the Arlington County Courthouse, in Deed
Book 196, page 96. A lawyer familiar with Virginia probate
law could have told Burger how to keep the whole thing out of
public record.
So, let us learn from someone else’s mistake…Have you
prepared your will and is it checked by an attorney? If you
have already included Little Flower in your estate plans,
please let us know so that we can thank you, now. If you have
any questions, etc. please contact Sister Donna at 215-4556900, Ex. 112.
Sister Donna Shallo, IHM
Little Flower Home &
School Association
is soliciting donations of Gift Certificates or Tickets to
events to use in Theme Baskets for
The Annual Fall Fashion Show
on Sunday, October 21, 2012
The Home & School Association
has been very generous to Little Flower and we would
appreciate any help you can give them.
Contact: Tina Fellenbaum at
215-535-5263 or 856-342-4903.
Little Flower Legacy Society
The Little Flower Legacy Society membership includes our cherished alumnae and friends who,
as loyal visionaries and generous benefactors, have included Little Flower in their Will or estate
plan. Through their Planned Gift, they have committed to securing the mission and the legacy of
Little Flower into the future.
Mary Ann Keegan ’41
Margaret Short McParland ’53
Kathleen O'Neill Aukett ’66
Kathryn G. Flick Lehr ’42
Mary Ellen Dailey Parkins ’53
Judy Belcak Basara ’66
*Kathleen Breen Walker ’42
Adele Droege Bradley ’54
Patricia Palka Ward ’66
Dolores Riley Esmonde ’43
*Mary Lyons Hilferty ’54
*M Patricia Murphy ’68
Kathryn Kervin ’43
Mary Ellerkamp Rueger ’54
Joan Tricoski Keller ’69
Mary Lynd ’43
Dora Duerr Scogna ’54
Kathleen Ott ’69
Dorothy Joret Davidson ’44
Marie Druding ’55
*Adelina Gerace Kieffer ’73
Margaret Lynd ’44
*Doreen Garner ’55
Karen Hnizdo Prince ’73
Doris Byrnes ’45
Carole McVeigh Lally ’55
Christine Girard Tracy ’83
Maureen Quirk Harrigan ’45
Beatrice Braun Lock ’55
Clare Pfeil ’84
Susan Kiefer Hartman ’45
Theresa Czuczman Pfueller ’55
Eileen Dolan McCarron ’86
Clare Dwyer Bracelin ’46
*Mary Ann Iaquinto Brady ’56
Amy Steinmetz Carthy ’87
Helen Kurz ’46
*Barbara A. Finley Daniels ’56
Marcella Rack Kraycik ’89
Mary Harkins Trimboli ’46
Mary Gill Hornsby ’56
Anonymous (7)
Anne Moore ’47
Ann Kruopas ’56
*new members since January 1, 2012
Catherine Lynd ’48
*Antoinette Iaquinto Makowski ’56
† deceased
Marilyn Brennan McAneney ’48
Wanda Wesolowski ’56
Alberta C. Gallagher ’41 †
Ann Marie Fleming Garraty ’49
Angela Persia Pizzo ’57
Elizabeth Sawchynski O'Donnell ’41 †
E. A. Hoffman ’49
Elizabeth Hughes Rufo ’57
Phyllis Mecherly Carr ’43 †
Eleanor Javage Sokusky ’49
Stella Pokrywka Skibniowsky ’57
Kathleen Neary McDevitt ’43 †
Rosemarie Noller Speitel ’49
Alice Grimes Donnelly ’58
Natalie Nevins ’43 †
Claire Miller Cope ’50
Joanne Conway Klatt ’58
Mary Dean Morris ’44 †
Madeline R. Attanasio DiPasquale ’50 Margaret DeMarkis Marasco ’58
Mary Hesch Gregory ’46 †
Regina G. Kennedy ’50
Jeanne Sigwart Palaitis ’58
Geraldine Gatzmer Thompson ’46 †
Joan-Kathleen White Knebels ’50
Arlene Liberatore Petruzzo ’58
Theresa Keller ’47 †
Noreen Jackson Waldstedter ’50
Mary Donohoe Hauser ’60
Mary Haggerty Quinn ’47 †
Margaret Kerper ’51
Margaret White Rushford ’60
Gerard & Elizabeth Uhl Songster ’48 †
Catherine Needham ’51
Barbara Psonak Aronis ’61
Rita McLaughlin ’49 †
Anita Maxheimer Burns ’52
Midge Torzone ’61
Dr. Helen Oels ’49 †
Rosemarie Butter Squeri ’52
Patricia Hynes ’62
Catherine Mueller ’50 †
Arlene Lyons Gaynor ’53
Denise Lambe ’62
Catherine Young ’50 †
Margaret Thompson Hogan ’53
Helen Magee ’63
Ann Marie Kerper ’53 †
Bernadette Maguire ’53
Mary Anne Greene Jackson ’65
Annual Legacy Society Mass and Brunch
Standing: Madeline Attanasio DiPasquale, ’50, Joanne Conway Klatt, ’58, Toni Iaquinto Makowski, ’56, Wanda Wesolowski, ’56,
Bernadette Maguire, ’53, Mary Ann Iaquinto Brady, ’56, Dora Duerr Scogna , ’54 and Adele Droege Bradley, ’54.
Seated: Doreen Garner, ’55, Helen Magee, ’63, Mary Lyons Hilferty, ’54, Marie A. Druding, ’55, Catherine Needham, ’51,
Alice Grimes Donnelly, ’58 and Claire Miller Cope, ’50.
Summer 2012 / Page 7
Little Flower Legacy Society
As hard as I try, I cannot remember
when I decided that my two alma maters,
Little Flower and Immaculata University,
should be included in my will. The time
was right whenever it was. More important is why I wanted these two special
places to receive a part of my legacy. LF
and IU found a place in my heart long
before my children came into being.
These modest gifts are a symbol of my
Makowski ’56 loyalty and affection, and I am not unusual
in this regard.
As you know, Little Flower Catholic High School for
Girls opened in 1939. (Only a few years earlier, my hot-rodder dad had raced cars on the site). Every spring, as a child I
would visit the Ringling Brothers big tents, set up at 10th and
Erie. Later, I‘d walk the same route with my cousin and
friends to LF, turn left to Luzerne, and to the building that held
so much of what was important to this teenager – friends,
teachers, friends, music, more friends, dances, and lectures.
Yes, I guess I was a bit of a nerd, liking lectures, but I found
the topics stimulating, and shortened class schedules were a
Let me set the scene. The late fifties were “nifty”, for so
many reasons. It was the time of Bandstand, Life magazine,
Richie Ashburn, ‘Joltin’ Joe, Brando, Lewis and Martin, TV’s
early allure. Trivial items, to be sure. And despite the silliest
songs, like “How Much is that Doggie in the Window?” and
“If I Knew You Were Coming, I’d Have Baked a Cake,” peo-
Check out
ple were serious about life. For our hardworking parents, the
decade was far better than the two decades which preceded it.
True, the Cold War, McCarthyism, and spy trials made for
scary headlines but with General Eisenhower becoming president, things seemed “cool”. Perhaps Joe McCarthy, Alger
Hiss, and Winston Churchill were front page news but I preferred reading about Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation ball
I/We did change as it happened. Like butterflies from
cocoons, we emerged from LF four years later. Our classes
had pointed us toward some career or further education. Not
all of our questions to parents and teachers had been answered
as we might have liked, but we were a pretty satisfied and
competent bunch overall. (Think Happy Days) Wherever we
were going, we felt we would go as far as we wanted and
would like it when we got there. This was empowerment
before they had a word for it.
Little Flower’s legacy to me has been both knowledge and
faith. The friendships and memories are the proverbial icing
on the cake. I have sensed the same spirit of confidence and
possibility, reverence and respect in the happy and intelligent
students I have met on recent trips back to campus. I want a
Little Flower education for today’s girls and tomorrow’s.
Franciscan priest and author Richard Rohr writes in his
Falling Upward about the second half of our lives as a time of
“giving back to the world a bit of what we have received” and
citing Elizabeth Seton , “living simply so that others can simply live.” That’s a “like” for me.
Thank you, Little Flower!
Little Flower
Planned Giving Website
Go to ALUMNAE; Click on PLANNED GIVING button
It offers you a wonderful opportunity to learn about Planned Giving.
• It’s a valuable resource as you consider your estate plan.
• It’s easy to navigate.
• It allows you the freedom to absorb the information in a leisurely
and totally private and confidential setting.
• It covers a vast amount of information.
The site explains Ways of Giving:
• Many choices, how each one works, with diagrams.
• Glossary of terms.
• Estate and income tax benefits.
It reviews Goals, Benefits and Strategies.
Click on all underlined words to get additional detail.
Information is available for your attorney or financial advisor.
You can print all pages – just look for the printer image on the page.
Page 8 / Summer 2012
Dear Fellow Alums:
Where does the time go? Seems
like just yesterday we were beginning the new school year. And now,
we have a new group of Alums joining us – Class of 2012.
Rush, Rush, Rush –
All of us appear to be perpetually
in a hurry – sometimes it feels like
the entire world is spinning out of
control and we are caught in the middle. Summertime and the living is
Dolly Ellis Brophy easy! Hopefully now that it is sum’59
mertime you will be able to relax,
enjoy and take time to smell the roses.
I have been asked several times: what is an active
Alumna? Have you ever given this a thought? An active LF
alumna attends more than her class reunion. An active LF
alumna attends the Communion Mass & Luncheon in
November or the Christmas Luncheon in December; maybe
works on the Phon-a-thon at LF or attends the Summerfest at
Westys in August. An active LF alumna contributes to the
Annual Fund, votes for Distinguished Alumna, maybe even
attends the two Alumnae meetings held in October and April,
or attends one of the Regional Reunions hosted by Sister
Donna Shallo.
Do you participate in any of these alumnae activities or
programs? Is there something we can do to get you more
involved in any of the above? Would you attend a meeting if
the time or location was different? We, the Alumnae
Association Board, want to increase the attendance and participation in all of our events. We realize, of course, some
people are just unable to participate and we ask you to pray
for the success of our endeavors to assist Little Flower in fun
times while fund raising. Please let us know what is holding
you back from participating by contacting Sister Joan Ames at
[email protected]
During the year we receive cards and letters from students
thanking the Alumnae Association for the financial support
they are receiving toward their LF education. This year we
heard from Jessica, a member of the National Honor Society;
from Emily, who plans on majoring in Pre-Veterinary
Medicine – thanking us for aiding them and their families.
Your participation in the shower of roses that St. Therese
promised on her last days on earth to “spend her heaven doing
good on earth” is fulfilled by alums like you who support Little
Flower students in their education endeavors.
Once again thank you for your commitment to Little
Flower and the students.
May St. Theresa continue to bless you and your families.
Dolly Ellis Brophy ’59
Alumnae Association President
The Sequel
Volume 69
Number 2
The newsletter for the alumnae of
Little Flower Catholic High School for Girls
is a semi-annual publication
1000 West Lycoming Street
Philadelphia, PA 19140-2199
Sister Joan Marie Ames, IHM
Alumnae Association Officers
Dolly Ellis Brophy ’59
Over a year ago, Little Flower began using
Constant Contact as a tool for communicating with
our alumnae, parents and friends.
It’s the way to know what’s happening at
Little Flower between Sequels!
All we need from you is a current email address.
Joan Siburkis Schott ’58
Ann Marie Brown Hill ’72
Mary Catherine Theisen Gantz ’57
Ann Simons Mackin ’46
Go to our website:
Hope to hear from you, soon!
Summer 2012 / Page 9
Sister Kathleen Klarich, Principal, reports year-end accomplishments
Senior Information:
• Baccalaureate Liturgy was celebrated at the Cathedral of
Sts. Peter and Paul on Thursday evening, June 7. Fr.
McCaffrey, School Minister, was the presider and homilist;
Pastors and Priest relatives of our students concelebrated.
• Graduation was held at Holy Family University on
Friday, June 8. Bishop Robert P. Maginnis was the
presider at Graduation. Mrs. Maureen Byrne Mahon ’79,
Distinguished Alumna Award Recipient, addressed the students.
• Graduating Class of 185 students earned $18,533,716 in
Academic Scholarships and University Grants.
• 98% of Class of 2012 are pursuing post-secondary education:
74%—Four-Year Colleges/Universities
24 %—Two-Year Colleges
• Class of 2012 received 182 acceptances to colleges and
• Academic Honors Convocation – Six graduating seniors
attended the Diocesan Academic Honors Convocation at
the Cathedral in May. Student honorees represent the highest three percent of the Senior Class according to cumulative ranking at the end of the first semester of senior year.
Archbishop Chaput celebrated liturgy for students and
their guests.
• Shiza Francis won the National Society of the Colonial
Dames Essay Contest on George Washington’s farewell
address. Shiza will participate in the 2012 Congressional
Seminar in June in Washington, DC. The week long program includes a tour of Washington, participation in a
Model Congress, and a meeting with Senators and
• Sophia Sotomayor received a full scholarship to attend the
Pennsylvania Free Enterprise Week at Lycoming College
in July.
• Little Flower students were among 84,000 high school students who participated in the Financial Literacy
Challenge online exam in the spring. Seniors Megan Guy,
Yushang Michelle Miao and Alyssa Munger were awarded
certificates for scoring within the top 20th percentile on the
Financial Literacy Challenge online exam.
• Nicole Barth and Kayla Gallagher have been selected by
the University of Notre Dame to participate in the 2012
Summer Scholars Program. The Connelly Foundation will
sponsor their participation in this excellent summer
• Honors Night, May, 2012
134 students earned honors in 1st, 2nd and 3rd Quarters
1st Honors= 93 average, no grade less than 90
2nd Honors=88 average, no grade less than 85
Ms. Laura Stankiewicz, Spanish Teacher, LF Distinguished
Educator, was the Guest speaker for Honors Night.
• Language Program – The Chinese language program has
expanded and will include three levels of Chinese next
Page 10 / Summer 2012
AP Offerings and New Electives: AP Courses in English
Language, English Literature, Calculus, Government,
Biology, Art; New Electives – Chemistry 2 and Marketing
and Media
Diocesan Scholars – Next year eight seniors will take college classes in addition to their roster of classes at LF.
These students will attend St. Joseph’s University, LaSalle
University, Holy Family University and Manor Junior
• Community Service Corps: Variety of monthly service
opportunities, events and collections offered to students
throughout the year. Students and faculty participated in
making sandwiches for St. Francis Inn, Hunting Park
Clean-up Days, Thanksgiving Drive, Operation Santa
Claus, Young at Heart Luncheon, Pennies for Patients,
Queens of Clean toiletries collection for shelters, Alex’s
Lemonade and many other activities.
• Maura Quirk, President of the Community Service Corps
received the Maria Zielinski Award at the CSC commissioning Liturgy at the Cathedral. This special award is presented to a graduating senior who models Christian leadership in deed and spirit.
• Maura Quirk and Gabrielle Turino received the St.
Timothy Award, which is “the highest recognition from
the National Federation for Catholic Youth Ministry that a
diocese may offer”. Maura received the award for her
faithful service to Community Service Corps and Gabrielle
received the award for service to her parish community,
Holy Family, Manayunk.
• Maura Quirk received the Mayor’s Scholarship for
Academic Excellence and Civic Engagement for her winning essay in response to the question: In what ways have
you used your talents and strengths to service your community during your high school career? Maura was invited
to read her essay during Mayor Nutter’s Top of the Class
ceremony at City Hall Courtyard on Friday, June 1.
Taylor Cobb was selected to represent Philadelphia as the
Boys & Girls Clubs of America Official Youth of the
(Continued on page 11)
Academic Scholarship Recipients
Neumann Scholarship Recipient
Jamie L. Galanaugh
St. Timothy School
(Originally, an Academic Scholarship Recipient)
Little Flower Academic Scholarships
Kurat Abaidullah
St. Timothy School
Morgan Basileo
St. Timothy School
Ericka Borrero
Nativity BVM School
Melissa R. Cahill
St. Martin of Tours School
Tracy Glova
St. William School
Bridghidann Kelly
St. William School
Catherine Mortimer
Resurrection School
Theresa M. Pearce
Resurrection School
Amanda N. Saylor
St. Matthew School
Aileen P. Walsh
Presentation School
Art Scholarship Recipient
Olivia Nagele
St. Matthew
Legacy Grant
Rebecka Stewart
Mother of Divine Grace School
daughter of Michelle Stratz Stewart ‘92
Registration Lottery Grant
Iraliz Vargas
Holy Innocents Area School
Sister Kathleen Klarich continued from p. 10
Year. Taylor advanced to the state competition
in Harrisburg. The Youth of the Year program fosters
character, personal growth and leadership qualities in
young people.
All-Catholic Awards by Sport:
• Basketball: Honorable Mention: Courtney Weidner
• Bowling: 1st Team: Marisa Croft, Jennifer Krause,
Maria Lampugnani;
2nd Team: Kayla Morgan, Bridget Pastor
• Field Hockey: 2nd Team: Erin Keyes
• Lacrosse: 1st Team: Courtney Weidner;
2nd Team: Erin Keyes
• Soccer: 1st Team: Ursula Coyle, Courtney Weidner;
2nd Team: Taylor Cobb, Gabrielle Rivera
• Softball: 2nd Team: Ave Bolli;
3rd Team: Francesca Faillace
• Swimming: 1st Team: Sarah Coleman, Allyson
McHugh, Megan Moffet, Brianna O’Donnell, Megan
• Volleyball: Honorable Mention: Lauren Atwell,
Taylor Biello, Francesca Faillace, Colleen Stengel
St. Therese Scholarship Recipients
Kristen Adamczyk
Courtney Andrews
Juliana Bernaudo
Susan Blaney
Kathleen Buehner
Jennifer Campbell
Thomasina Cook
Allison Corson
Gabriella Gueits
Lauren Hirst
Lauren Ho
Celine Lacey
Gianna Locante
Lauren Maqboul
Savannah Mathis
Erin McGovern
Kerianne Mullen
Machaela Otto
Brianna Rieth
Victoria Sherwood
Nhi Tran
Kaitlyn Volz
Our Lady of Port Richmond School
St. Matthew School
Holy Innocents Area School
Our Lady of Port Richmond School
St. Matthew School
Resurrection of Our Lord School
Pope John Paul II School
St. Hilary of Poitiers School
St. Veronica School
St. Cecilia School
St. Helena School
St. Dominic School
Resurrection of Our Lord School
St. Martin of Tours School
Incarnation of Our Lord School
St. Christopher School
St. Anselm School
St. Matthew School
St. Martha School
St. Cecilia School
Visitation BVM School
St. Martha School
Congratulations to the
185 members of the
Class of 2012
Statistics for the Class of 2012
182 of 185 graduates have been accepted
to a college or university
Total Scholarships and grants awarded –
• 456 scholarships/awards were
offered to our graduates
Graduates attending
Post Secondary Education – 98%
• Four-year college/university – 74%
• Two-year college – 24%
The Class of 2012 has been accepted to
116 different colleges/universities
Summer 2012 / Page 11
Father Joseph McCaffrey, School Minister, shared an overview of
the Liturgical, Spirituality and Service activities for the year
Mass is offered each weekday morning in the Chapel.
Masses are celebrated each month in recognition of our
Alumnae and in thanksgiving for the generosity of our benefactors. Additionally community masses are celebrated
throughout the year such as on October 1st for the feast day of
our Patroness, St. Therese. This year our community also celebrated the Holy Day Liturgies within the school. Highlights
of these celebrations were the installation of the Community
Service Corps Officers and Representatives during the All
Saints’ Day Liturgy and the Renewal of Vows of the Sisters,
Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary during the
Immaculate Conception Day Liturgy.
A very special liturgy was held on February 1st during
Catholic Schools Week to commemorate the gift of Catholic
Education and the legacy of the seven plus decades of single
gender Catholic education at Little Flower. Each student
received a rose in celebration of Catholic education and in
appreciation for our relationship with St. Therese.
Throughout the course of the day the hallways were blanketed
with a shower of petals that cascaded from these roses.
The Annual Mass of Thanksgiving at the Carmelite
Monastery was held on Tuesday, April 25. This mass celebrates the spiritual relationship we have with the Carmelite
Sisters and the bond of prayer and faith that unites us.
The Ring Mass for the Class of 2012 was celebrated at St.
Matthew Church in October and their Baccalaureate Liturgy
was at the Cathedral Basilica of Sts. Peter and Paul on
Thursday evening, June 7.
Retreat programs were conducted for each class throughout
the course of the year. The themes were, Blossoming as one
(Senior); Relationship with Jesus (Junior); Relationship with
St. Therese (Sophomore and Freshman). The Senior Retreats
are conducted at local convents. The Junior Retreat was held
at LaSalle University while the Sophomore and Freshman
Retreats were conducted at school.
The following devotional activities occurred during the
school year.
• Advent: Reflection on the story of the Birth of Jesus
• New Year: Prayers for peace at the beginning of a new
calendar year
• Lent: Stations of the Cross and the legacy of the Passion of
Jesus in the history of salvation
• Marian: The Crowning of the Blessed Mother occurred in
May with reflections on our relationship with Our Lady
Twenty-two students participated in the Annual March for
Life in Washington in January. Also members of the Junior
and Sophomore Classes met with Vocation Directors to discuss
religious life and the role of women in the Church.
The Community Service Corps participate in the following
diverse programs throughout the course of the year.
Page 12 / Summer 2012
• Fall: A peanut butter and jelly drive to stock four regional
• October: Collection of Halloween costumes for needy
• Thanksgiving: A food drive to benefit 38 families with a
full Thanksgiving dinner
• Christmas: Operation Santa Claus to benefit 26 families
with Christmas gifts
• January: Young at Heart Social in honor of the MLK Day
of Service
• Winter: Souper Bowl Collection to benefit homeless
• March: a monthly March madness program that supplied
resources to a variety of shelters, hospitals and initiatives
• April: the Queens of Clean campaign supplied toiletry
items to local shelters
• May: A lemonade fundraiser to support Alex’s Lemonade
Stand for Pediatric Cancer Research
• On-going activities:
• Sandwich making for St. Francis Inn in Kensington
• Cookies for a Cause to benefit Autism Speaks
Our Community Service Corps was honored to have its
President, Maura Quirk, Class of 2012 recognized with both
the St. Timothy Award for Service and the Maria Zielinski
Award given annually to one Archdiocesan Senior who most
radiates Christ in word, deed and spirit.
Howard Watson Print –
$55 plus shipping
(generally $10)
Camp Chair
Cost: $25
(purchase in the school store)
Locker Dedication
– $150
as of June 12, 2012
Mary Birkenstock
Catherine Meehan Devlin
Mary Moore Koons
Dorothy Brand Koslosky
Mary Christensen Ludwig
Sr. Mary Agnes Mayer, SSJ
Margaret Schweizer Slook
Emma Walters Cooper
Helen McAdams Foley
Dolores Kirby Jansen
Regina Donohue Morrell
Alice Bandosz Roscovich
Irene Geraghty Sarzynski
Mary A. Prior Weston
Margaret Browne
Margaret Dooley Bylund
Phyllis Mecherly Carr
Alleen O'Brien Davenport
Elizabeth Orr Savaiano
Sr. Vilma Seelaus, OCD
Julia Dutch Smith
Jeanne McDonald Watko
Sr. Grace Patrice Allen, SSJ
Catherine Herman Ford
Elizabeth Breslin Ricker
Grace Sweeney
Mary Lyons Andersen
Louise Keenan Fielding
Anne S. McGuire
Sr. Madeleine G. Smith, SHCJ
Nina Dirzuweit Bisceglie
Frances Masterson Branagan
Dolores Katheder Hoffman
Esther Generale Iannone
Mary Gallagher Loughery
Thelma Lindsey O’Connell
Eleanor Kane Bentzel
Sr. Eleanor A. Day, SSJ
Ann Dougherty Haviland
Lorraine McDade Hennessy
Jane McCool Kaufman
Mary McCafferty
Dorothy Zanine Rohrer
Clare Bowron
Julia La Porte Carson
Eileen O’Hagan Dowrick
Mary Moran Dulsky
Marie McHugh Evans
Bernice M. Rogalis Fretz
Miriam Welsh Irwin
Rita McCafferty Morgenthaler
Dolores Clifford Tierney
Dorothy Graham Butch
Nancy Sullivan Direso
Agnes Cassidy Forst
Nancy Fitzpatrick Kilroy
Dolores McHenry Piver-Perry
Theresa Mocarski Rossi
Kathryn McPeak Wylesol
Nancy Delaney
Mary C. Corcoran Farley
Regina McLenigan Haines
Madeline Murray Mautz
Carolyn McCoy Petrucci
Anna V. Dieter Springer
Margaret Ambrose Alessandro
Sr. Raymond Mary J. Cline, RSM
Jane Short Daniels
Patricia A. Wohleb Kardish
Mary Weiland Loughery
Joan Casey MacDonald
Grace Shields Mayfield
Sr. Vincent Marie McGovern, OSF
Sr. Vincent M. McGowan, OSF
Frieda J. Michael
Patricia Crane O’Connor
Dolores Confalone Bressi
Vincentine Morgnanesi Fazzini
Ann Belanger Grubb
Kathleen Marsh Konrad
Mary DeSantis Kulka
Shirley Ottinger Mariani
Vita Sole Oelschlegel
Patricia Prior
Gertrude O’Donnell Swanson
Louise Morgan Wogman
Eileen Courtney Breslin
Sr. Therese Immaculate DiCondina, OSF
Susan Coulter Johnson
Anna Steinhauser McCann
Jane E. Beck Walter
Margaret Friel Atkinson
Lucy Mappone Buckley
Margaret Gill Chambers
Dolores Mikula Eisenhower
Shirley A. Hartigan Hoey
Mary Fogarty Jablonski
Imogene Brimmer O’Connor
Rita C. Gallagher Williams
Rita Penny Brett
Claire M. Wittenberger Kopecki
Catherine Fitzgerald McGarvey-Meenan
Martha M. Haas Corson
Regina Lavery Dougherty
Barbara Costello Flynn
JoAnne Cunningham McGuigan
Rosemary McGroarty Mergen
Helen P. Woodford Pondus
Patricia J. Cook Wilson
Marie Blaney Rhoda
Doris Bowes Johnson
Regina Burns Miller
Irene Mallatratt Talarico
Dolores Marcinkowski Antonucci
Patricia Furey DiCenzo
Elizabeth Diamond Kelley
Marguerite Brown Boyle
Catherine Geiser Shetz
Lucy Russo Bean
Roseann DeCarlo Gray
Jacqueline Jordan
Veronica Durichek Amy
Carolyn Butz Brady
Joanna Grabowski Coyne
Kathleen Kane Falicki
Sandra Gibson Haidet
Geraldine Kelly
Ann Kissenberger Marcolongo
Marie Michel Merrigan
Margaret M. Zee Mueller
Frances T. Panas
Joanne Paslawski
Regina Thrasher Provenzano
Patricia Sawyer Reed
Phyllis Deitch Smart
Mary Rossiter Snow
Victoria Wett
Loretta Whelan
Assunta DeMarco
Eileen Ginter Grimes
Elizabeth A. Johnston
Donna Weick Fricke
Sarah Levins Lewis
Lillian Wilson Henderson
Margaret Coneghen DeVillier
Catherine Bendig Schoell
Diane Dever Dailey
Tanya Bethel
Duvalia Diaz
Danyelle Jones Bevans
Alesandra Algarin Santana
Christina Vemba
Amber L. Swallow
Summer 2012 / Page 13
Thank you to our Graduate Mothers
Thank You to our Little Flower
Graduate Mothers who are continuing
the LF Legacy by sending their
sophomore, junior and senior
daughters to LF.
Joyce A. Pakstis Babiarz ’93
Teresa Dunn Barrett ’78
Jamie A. Veneziale Bickel ’95
Maureen P. Hannigan Blaney ’81
Denise Henry Bolden ’84
Christina Richie Bridges ’90
Theresa M. Patterson Brown ’76
Caroline VanNote Burke ’83
Theresa Noone Capella ’82
Joan Nellinger Coleman ’79
Heather O’Donnell Costello ’88
Carmen Cruz ’92
Kelly Flanagan Curry ’86
Jennifer D'Imperio ’89
Michele K. Donnelly ’94
Gina Zalot Douglass ’83
Patricia Dowling ’81
Michelle Griess Edgar ’86
Ediely Espinola ’94
Patricia A. Enoch Farrell ’79
Margaret Carry Fredlund ’77
Dawn Marie Gibson ’88
Anna Cintron Gomilas ’85
Christine Krause Gorham ’81
Lisa McGuckin Hammond ’80
Sharon McGinley Hoensch ’81
Martha Hawe Huhn ’81
Dawn Carter Jordan ’82
Sandra Kaupp ’89
Kathleen West Kehoe ’90
Christine M. Utz Kitz ’94
Colleen Ketler Lawrence ’79
Lisa Lewis-Smith ’93
Sandra Lightfoot ’84
Patricia Mooney Loftus ’90
Quetcy Lozada Lozada ’89
Jacqueline Byrnes Mabin ’82
MaryPat Stout Magauran ’86
Noemi Martinez ’89
Donna Knox McAteer ’85
Kathleen E. McCrorey ’97
Patricia McDermott McGrath ’85
Page 14 / Summer 2012
Joanne Fuhrmeister McGrath ’91
Tammy Smith McHale ’92
Janet McIlhenny ’89
Melissa F. McGuckin McMenamin ’81
Joan Schmidt McNamee ’90
Eileen Byrne Moller ’71
Natalie B. Ortiz Morales ’98
Susan Feeley Noone ’79
Dorothy Davey O’Donnell ’86
Margarita Otero ’90
Helene Gillespie Pfeil ’83
Judith Pascuzzo Phillips ’82
Karen Skymba Plummer ’79
Barbarajean Iarosis Przybylinski ’85
Christine M. Hassall Reichert ’78
Deborah Reynolds ’80
Denise Tacca Robinson ’81
Joan James Samacicia ’89
Jill Samson ’96
Anne Schwartz Skerski ’79
Oneida Montes Sotomayor ’85
Kathleen Coady Steinmetz ’76
Michelle Stratz Stewart ’92
Eileen Pakstis Szewczak ’95
Joann Green Talamona ’83
Carmen Torres ’86
Susan Reeves Waldron ’86
Maryann West ’91
Laura Strocen Williams ’83
Cassandra Williams ’83
Dawn Williams ’83
Patricia Kelly Wood ’77
Kathleen P. McCue Zolk ’95
Kathleen Hatos Zotter ’84
Thank You to our Little Flower
Graduate Mothers whose daughters
are members of the Graduating Class
of 2012.
Susan A. Mahler Baldwin ’78
Linda Fisher Bowers ’81
Theresa Noone Capella ’82
Mitsuka Dessables ’83
Jeanette Devlin ’76
Gloria Vazquez Gadson ’86
Susan Gray ’87
Stephanie Herbert Hendrick ’78
Linda Mangini Humphries ’82
Veronica McCormac LaSerre ’76
Margaret Berry Ledger ’75
Cynthia Cigler Lees ’79
Patricia Fitzgerald McShea ’86
Laura Tretina Miller ’87
Lola Sadlik Morgan ’86
Patricia Loughead Mullen ’79
Margaret McClain O’Neill ’85
Margaret Ruh Oxley ’76
Monica T. Grant Purcell ’83
Eileen Gardner Quenzer ’78
Tracy Stever Rocks ’88
Adrienne Albanese Saddington ’73
Theresa Sgrillo ’92
Ann Carey Stack ’87
Lisa M. Weihe ’94
Maria Martinez Williford ’87
Tammy Zakreski ’94
Jesenia Rodriguez Zayas ’93
Thank You to our Little Flower
Graduate Mothers who have
daughters in our in-coming
Freshman Class
Nicole Lassiter Bartlett ’93
Joanne DeLuca Bernaudo ’81
Tracy Triggiano Berry ’87
Maureen P. Hannigan Blaney ’81
Susan M. Hirsch Blaney ’81
Michelle N. Jones Cook ’95
Sylvia Gamboa Cruz ’81
Victoria Cruz Gueits ’95
Erin Lynch ’96
Michelle Baldwin Maqboul ’80
Nancy McCarry ’92
Elizabeth Mason Mortimer ’83
Patricia Loughead Mullen ’79
Mary Anne Sullivan Musser ’72
Therese O’Brien ’83
Kelly A. McDermott Panei ’94
Christine M. Hassall Reichert ’78
Donna Fisher Schultz ’82
Angela Thompson ’96
Jaime Flynn Treude ’95
Class of
International Café
Front Row: Kathleen O’Connor Cinquino,
Frances Margarite Young, Janice Seifert Casino,
Fran Kuber, and Deborah Arnold McDevitt.
Row 2: Judy Reardon Olinger, Cathy Wagner, Joyce Dahill Jesco,
Suzanne Gluch Homel, and Ellen Brun Gallagher.
Row 3: Evemarie Fenn Townsend, Regina Levy Fiedler,
Margaret Sickel Campellone, Anne Coneghen, and
Dorina Desiderio Hughes.
Class of
Front Row: Maureen Sosna Aquilino, Rinky Kane Buchter,
Catherine Lazarovich Laughlin and Maria Aldebol Garcia.
Row 2: Linda Lucas Fitzpatrick, Maureen Noone Jones,
Mary Rosenfelt Zelenenki, and Rita Ann Glisson McCann.
Row 3: Diane Ratz Rubin, Regina Bell Kneib, Andrea Roberts,
Kate Coady Steinimetz, and Margie Ruh Oxley.
Row 4: Dolores DeLange Williams, Carol Henry,
Kathy King Evans, and Maureen Snyder Parent.
Class of
Invitations will be sent to you.
North Carolina
Saturday, November 3, 2012
Saturday, November 12, 2012
Ann’s Choice
Thursday, November 29, 2012
Front Row: Ellen Faragalli Marsteller, Lisa Mastropietro
Riordan, and Joanne Fuhrmeister McGrath.
Row 2: Christina Szydlik Rayzis, Ami Gallagher, and Jeanine
Walsh Palinkas.
Row 3: Christina Stewart, Jessica Haddix, and Colleen Casey.
If you are going to be in this area and would like
to attend, please download the information from
our website,
or call 215-455-6900 ext. 118 for a registration form.
Row 4: Rose Cameron and Dessaree Johnson Young.
Summer 2012 / Page 15
Sponsor A Student - 2012–2013
Every year thousands of students
are given the gift of a Catholic Education
thanks to the generosity of people like you
Yes, I would like to participate in the
Sponsor A Student Program:
Name __________________________________________
How does it work?
Little Flower will identify the greatest tuition assistance
needs and allocate funds accordingly to those students.
City_______________________State________Zip ______
Phone (Home) ____________________________________
E-mail __________________________________________
Whom does it benefit?
Those students who desire the rewards and benefits of a
Catholic Education but who need financial assistance.
How do I contribute?
Sponsor a Student provides several levels of gifting,
as well as options for payment. Simply select the option
from the category that best suits you.
Gifting Levels: Please check appropriate amount.
Full Tuition Scholarship
Partial Tuition Scholarship
Partial Tuition Scholarship
O ther:
$1500_______ $1000_______
$750_______ Other_______
Payment Methods:
Payment Methods
Contributions can be made monthly, quarterly or annually.
Donors may pay by check or credit card. Simply complete
the attached response card and mail to:
Little Flower Catholic High School for Girls
1000 W. Lycoming Street
Philadelphia, PA 19140-2199
If you have any questions, please contact us directly at
215-455-6900 ext. 112.
Page 16 / Summer 2012
Please select your payment method below
❏ Check enclosed. Please make your tax-deductible
gift payable to Little Flower Sponsor A Student
Credit Card (Circle One) Visa MasterCard
American Express Discover
Online Payment or Recur Payment
Credit Card No. __________________________________
Exp. Date ________________________________________
Authorized Signature ______________________________
Mother Daughter Night
Carolann McHale Marker, ’88, Barbara Thrasher Smith, ’66,
Caseyanne McHale, ‘14, Tammy Smith McHale, ’92, and Dianne Smith, ’89.
Sue Hiller Gallagher, ’67 and Ami Gallagher, ’91.
Michelle Stratz Stewart, ’92 and
Laura Stewart, ’14.
Erin McNamee, ’13, Joanie Schmidt McNamee, ’90,
and Kerri McNamee, ’15.
Theresa Sgrillo, ’92 and
Angelina Cintron, ’12.
Back Row:
Monica Grant Purcell, ’83,
Helene Gillespie Pfeil, ’83,
and Noreen Grant, ’84.
Front Row:
Jen Purcell, ’12,
Sarah Pfeil, ’15, and
Siobhan Grant, ’15.
Abigail Steinmetz, ’14 and
Kate Coady Steinmetz, ’76.
Summer 2012 / Page 17
Wildwood Days at Summer Fest 2012
All Class Reunion
Sponsored by the Little Flower Alumnae Association
Saturday, August 18, 2012
5:00 – 9:00 PM
Westy’s Irish Pub
(Owned by LF Alumna Peg Dougherty West ’59)
101 E. Walnut Avenue
North Wildwood, NJ
$30 in advance $35 at the door
Ticket price includes wine, domestic draft beer,
soda and buffet lunch.
For details:
Contact: Ann Marie Brown Hill ’72
[email protected]
To order advance tickets, send a self-addressed
stamped envelope and check for $30,
made payable to Little Flower Alumnae Association to
Ann Marie Brown Hill
9611 Eden Hall Lane
Philadelphia, PA 19114
Deadline for advance ticket sales: August 10, 2012
Enclosed is my self-addressed stamped envelope and check made payable to the Little Flower
Alumnae Association in the amount of $_________ for _______ tickets to attend Summerfest 2012.
Name:________________________________________________________ Class Year:_____
City, State, Zip:_______________________________________________________________
Phone Number: ___________________________ Email Address___________________________
If buying multiple tickets, please include the names and class years of the individuals the other tickets
are for so that their names will be included in the list of attendees.
Page 18 / Summer 2012
Southern California Reunion
Seated: Sally Aschenbrenner Galster, ’58,
Roberta Gerbrick Levy, ’54, and
Kathy Flynn Andreoli, ’64.
Standing: Dorothy Staniszewski Frandsen ’73,
Anne Cooke Kealey ’59, and Kathy Coyne, ’65.
Seated: Joan Maher Doyle ’49.
Standing: Rita Goldate Taylor, ’51, Pat Daley Egan, ’57,
and Hildie Kummerling Baker, ’57.
Seated: Nancy Ehinger O’Donnell, ’54,
Agnes O’Rourke Kopacz, ’51 and
Barbara Beach Courchesene, ’58.
Standing: Natalie Kehoe Stork, ’70,
Grace Peranteau Bruce, ’60, and
Helene Koehler hopper, ’57.
San Francisco
Seated: Charlene Sailer, ’72 and Mary Jacqueline Lent, ’51.
Standing: Sister Donna Shallo, IHM, President, Madeline
Gunkel O’Neill, ’53, Jane Kelly Foreman, ’54, and
Anne Prendergast Gooch, ’76.
Summer 2012 / Page 19
Historic Charleston &
Colonial Williamsburg!
Exclusively for
Little Flower High School Alumna
Fall Adventure October 22 – 26, 2013
Tour Price Includes:
• Deluxe Motor Coach Departing from
Philadelphia area
• Four night’s accommodations
• Four deluxe continental breakfasts
• Three Dinners
• Two days local guide service in Charleston
• Luggage handling (one piece per person)
• Hotel taxes, meal taxes and gratuities
• Excludes tour guide gratuities
$889.00 Per Person, Double
Special Attactions:
• Guided tour of Charleston
• Historic Carriage Ride in Charleston
• Charleston Harbor Cruise
• Admission to Magnolia Plantation & Gardens
• Admission to Colonial Williamsburg
Payment Schedule:
$100.00 deposit upon booking to reserve seat (check only) per person
$200.00 Additional deposit per person due: March 01, 2013
$300.00 Additional deposit per person due: May 01, 2013
Final payment due August 01, 2013
$375.00 additional payment for Single occupancy
Credit cards are accepted with an additional 3% fee for payments
after initial deposit
Cancellation Policy:
$50.00 non-refundable processing fee. Cancellations 60 days or less prior to departure will be
charged an additional $100.00 per person. 59 to 31 days, $250.00 per person cancellation fee.
30 days or less, no refund. Trip insurance is optional, but strongly suggested, and will be offered
upon depositing.
Enrollment Coupon
Please enroll me/us on the Historic Charleston & Colonial Williamsburg, departing October 22, 2013. Enclosed
is my/our deposit in the amount of $__________ ($100.00 per person) Please copy this form for each traveler!
Telephone:___________________________Email Address________________________________________
Roomate: _______________________________________________________________________________
Please make checks payable to: World Wide Consolidated Travel, Inc. Mail checks along with enrollment
coupon to: World Wide Consolidated Travel, Inc. / 288 W. Lancaster Ave. / Malvern, PA. 19355. For more
information, please contact Ann Marie Brown Hill at email: [email protected] or Jan (Seifert ’58) Paytas
at 610-644-3000 or email: [email protected] or [email protected] Triple rates upon request. Quad
occupancy is only available for children under 16 years of age accompanied by an adult.
Page 20 / Summer 2012
Orlando, FL Reunion
Standing: Margaret Lydon Wilsten, ’53,
Joan McCormick Gallagher, ’49, and
Joan Gola Wozniak, ’49.
Standing: Anne Binczewski Jackson, ’56,
Catherine Kline Faith, ’66, and Mary Ehling Stafford, ’62.
Seated: Betty McDevitt Pietrzak, ’44,
Catherine Caselberry, ’53, and Arlene Slater Howley, ’53.
Seated: Lorraine Ciavaglia Huhn, ’56,
Eileen Jacoby Blaess, ’66, and Carol Easter Petro, ’63.
Standing: Miriam Berry Moore, ’64,
Denise Mullen Graham, ’64, and
Veronica Strahle Grundman, ‘60.
Seated: Susanne James Carsten, ’63,
Rosalie James Brancatao, ’55, and
Margaret Hughes Ketler, ’68.
Seated: Diana Rojecki Arnold, ’72,
Nancy Broderick Donaghy, ’47 and Lee Dunn Roedell, ’56.
Standing: Sister Donna Shallo, IHM, President,
Andrea Nicoletti McCoy, ’61, Sally Dietsch Wozniak, ’57,
Regina Glovacz Hessler, ’83, Toni Pronelewicz Kopaz, ’58
and Bea Burgert Edwards, ’57.
Summer 2012 / Page 21
Auditorium Makeover
When our Alumnae return to Little Flower Catholic
High School for Girls, they always remark on how
well kept the building is and that is true.
Last summer, we purchased a new green stage curtain
containing the school seal and had just the front of
the auditorium seats upholstered. Why just the
front? These chairs are original to the building and
are a remembrance of all of our 34,000 plus cherished Alumnae, their families and friends who sat in
them over the course of four years, their first day of
school, during Mass, Adoration, Ring Mass, Assemblies, Installations, Baccalaureate, Plays and
Concerts, etc.
Would you like to have a part in the restoration of the Auditorium chairs and be remembered for your
contribution? You are invited to donate $150 to dedicate an Auditorium chair in memory of or in
honor of someone special in your LF life (a special teacher, director, cast friend, or someone in your
personal life). If you are interested, please send your donation payable to Little Flower High School,
attention Sister Donna, along with the following dedication form.
Auditorium Chair Order Form
Please be specific in selecting your row and seat #
All rows – Lycoming Street Side, Center, or Café Side, begin with L to Z (no “O” row) and AA to JJ;
Seat # 1 to #11.
Your dedication will be placed on the arm of the chair
Wording of Dedication:_____________________________________________________________
Location of Chair:_____________________________________________________________
City, State, Zip:_____________________________________Email Address__________________
mail to: Sister Donna Shallo, IHM
Little Flower Catholic High School for Girls
1000 W. Lycoming Street
Philadelphia, PA 19140
Page 22 / Summer 2012
Clearwater, FL Reunion
Standing: Geri Gaskill Leyden, ’45 and Lorraine Seddon.
Seated: Pauline DiSilvestro Petrica, ’48 and
Anna Winkler Amato, ’42.
Standing: Mimi Baudot Musil, ’50, Doris Schoop Dress, ’48,
and Bernie Dress.
Seated: Sister Marie Cella, ’52, Lillian Kershaw Cella, ’49
and Betty Cella Whittaker.
Standing: Jean Junier Martin, ’62,
Cathy McKee Mullen, ’72, and
Sister Marie Danielle Amspacher, ’62.
Seated: Sara McKernan Griffin, ’55,
Alice Hartman Mullen, ’45, and
Mary McKernon Mahon, ’54.
Standing: Mary Pasquale Nicoletti, ’49,
Dorothea Carroll Szarko, ’57, and
Kathleen McHugh Rowan, ’57.
Seated: Marie Curran Conway, ’68,
Sister Joan M. Ames, IHM, Director of Advancement,
and Peg Kerper, ’51.
Page 23 / Summer 2011
Summer 2012 / Page 23
Highland Beach, FL Reunion
Standing: Andrea Crane Cotton, ’75 and
Isabel Wambach Canning, ’68.
Standing: Eileen Brett Flynn, ’57, Maureen Fitzgibbons Whalen, ’58,
and Kathleen Fitzgibbons McDermott, ’53.
Seated: Fern Marie Quillen, ’80,
Betty Anne Buckley, ’71, and Lili Lopez Smith, ’88.
Seated: Kathleen McGovern Clotfelter, ’55,
Frances Woodall Klenert, ’50 and Jane Harris Lochten, ’54.
Standing: Barbara Psonak Aronis, ’61,
Jean Muller McBride, ’78, and
Dorothy Dooley Kistner, ’58.
Seated: Louise Siemienski Dager, ’63,
Carol McBride Price, ’62,
Lucille Drachowski Fraser, ’55 and
Margaret Gallagher Kistner, '50.
Standing: Ann Traum Flowner, ’54,
Sister Donna Shallo, IHM, President, and Irma Murray.
Seated: Jane Harris Lochten, ’54, Diane Leonardi
Murray, ’54, Patricia Luberska Kutyna, ’54, and
Mildred Kujawa, ’44.
Page 24 / Summer 2012
Young Alumnae Social
Katelyn Kumpf and
Shelby Francks.
Allison Amrheim and Susan Pakstis.
Erin Murphy, Jess Green, Guilia Sambuca, Amanda Kelly,
and Brigid Finn.
Jen Walsh,
Jamie Shackles,
Kate Manho,
Kellie Lorence, and
Maggie McCarthy.
Barbara Landers, Isabella Aponte, Ashley Swallow, and
Genesis Cordova.
Kerry Anderson,
Amanda Long,
Nicole Luberski,
and Amber Kelly.
Chelsea Higginbottom, Katelyn Smith, Kirsten Plocharski,
Erin Ondrejka, and Annemarie Collins.
Ashley Sipos,
Emily Povroznik, Jasmine
Ross, Amy Daskielewicz,
and Marianne Beltle.
Lauren Stanton,
Stephanie Kilroy,
Victoria Fioravanti,
and Kim Goldstein.
Lynn Gallagher,
Mary Theresa
Martin, Liz Kuhar,
Megan Kelly, and
Marina Hubbard.
Lauren Sharkus, Gabby Loielo,
Katy Booth, and Rebecca Piaseik.
Summer 2012 / Page 25
The Advancement Office reserves the right to edit submitted information for length and style. Also, due to the large volume
of postscripts received, we reserve the right to eliminate duplicate submissions by the same person.
The following postscripts were received by May 31, 2012.
Jane McMichael Hayes enjoyed
the picture in the last issue of the
Sequel of the 25 attendees at the
70th Reunion. “I wish I could have
been there. My best wishes to all!”
Margaret O’Donnell Seiz is proud
to announce the birth of her fourth
great-grandchild. Two of her grandchildren were married—March 31,
2012 and September 15, 2012. One
grandchild graduated from college
and one from Roman Catholic High
School. “It has been a busy year for
Anna Winkle Amato enjoyed the
West Coast LF reunion this year.
“Great job, Sister Donna!”
Teresa Forgione Bria now has 20
grandchildren, 7 great-grandchildren from her 7 children. Teresa
resides at Bethlehem Retirement
Mary Charlton Hanlon now has 8
great-grandsons and 1 girl. “God
has been very good to me to let me
play with all these beautiful children.”
Eleanor O’Donnell Shire has 19
grandchildren and 7 great-grandchildren. She expects in May, 2012
to see a grandson graduate from
Notre Dame University in South
Bend, IN. “One granddaughter is a
sophomore at Little Flower.”
Anne Welde Kinslow celebrated
61 years of marriage on March 31,
2012. She is proud of her 6 children and 8 grandchildren.
Angela “Jean” (Paris) Simonson
and her sister, Kathleen Paris Boyd
(class of 1953) spent Easter together with their families. Angela is the
mother of five and the grandmother
of eight. Kathleen is the mother of
one and the grandmother of one.
Patricia Williams Kelly requests
prayers for her daughter, Patrice,
who is seriously ill.
Kathleen Breen Walker celebrated her 88th birthday on March 21,
2012. She will celebrate 70 years
of marriage to her wonderful husband, Paul, on July 25, 2012.
Theresa Brumbach Clemmer
informed us of the passing of her
fellow classmate, Phyllis Mecherly
Carr, on February 3, 2012. Please
remember Phyllis in your prayers.
Page 26 / Summer 2012
Margaret Croke Winkler and her
husband, John, are happily
ensconced in their retirement home
in Ann’s Choice located in
Warminster, PA. “We enjoy it here
very much.”
Marie McGoldrick Deeney and
James celebrated their 61st
Wedding Anniversary in May.
Now they have 12 grandchildren
and 11 great-grandchildren. “We
have been blessed.”
Sister Maria Teresa Griffin, SSJ
finished 24 years at Conwell-Egan
Catholic High School in June. Her
convent is closing and she will be
moving to St. Joseph’s Villa this
June. “I am grateful for the wonderful education I received at Little
Margaret McCoy Mumford and
her husband have six children, who
are all grown and married. They
have also been blessed with 12
grandchildren and 9 great-grandchildren.
Angela Paris Simonson and
Kathleen Paris Boyd
Dorothy Keers Brennan and her
husband, Jim, celebrated their 61st
Wedding Anniversary on April 29.
They have 7 wonderful children
and 12 grandchildren. “We have
been blessed.”
Jeanne Moore Stokes informed us
that “three of my 11 grandchildren
are playing Division 1 sports—
UNC Field Hockey, UVA Lacrosse,
and Duke Lacrosse. We have two
graduates—Bucknell Soccer and
Stanford Crew.”
Eleanor M. Gillis Herbert is a
retired National Park Services
Ranger. She lives at Foulkeways,
which is a retirement community in
Gwynedd, PA. “There are five
Little Flower Alumnae who live
Patricia A. Brown Hingley is a
retired office manager and does lots
and lots of volunteering. Sadly, she
lost her husband and two children,
but she is hanging in there. She
lived at 3119 Memphis St. in 1947.
After she was married and while
the Korean conflict was going on,
she moved to the West Coast. She
came back East in the mid-50’s,
had 8 children, and lived in
Philadelphia and Maryland for several years. She had three younger
sisters attend Little Flower, but her
own children went to Ryan and
then on to further education.
“Better than I, but Thank God.”
Anne Marie Hunter Jarrett still
enjoys many lunches with her
friends and fellow graduates from
LF Class of ’47 and St. Martin
of Tours. “Ever grateful, ever
Mary Feeny Simokaitis and Frank
traveled to Rome and cruised the
Mediterranean. They welcomed
their sixth great-grandchild (a girl)
last November.
Mary Glaser Barchman spent
four weeks in Wrangell, Alaska last
winter getting to know her greatgrandson, Jett. Jett and his parents
are now living in Bucks County.
“Jett is the sweetest, happiest baby
ever. He only cries if he is sick. He
makes me so happy. I am truly
Grace Walker Hill “So glad to
hear LF will continue and bless all
Lillian Kershaw Cella and John
are married 61 years. They have 4
children , 4 grandchildren, and 1
great-grandchild. Rev. John H.
Cella, OFM, is a Canon lawyer and
has been a priest of 36 years. He is
the CEO of the Franciscan
Pilgrimage Program; Betty Cella
Whittaker is retired from Bell
Telephone; Robert Cella, owner of
Coldwell Bankers in Maui, and
Donna Cella Strickland is the
owner of Strickland Insurance Co,
Ocala, FL.
Margaret O’Donnell Cianchetta
has 21 grandchildren, 16 greatgrandchildren with 2 more on the
Dolores Ecker Flynn remembers
Nancy Kilroy who passed away on
March 9th and is sadly missed by
many friends from the Class of ‘49
and especially her classmates of St.
Ambrose School. “Nancy will
always be in our memories.”
Nancy Fitzpatrick Kilroy passed
away on March 9 and is sadly
missed by many friends and especially her classmates of St.
Ambrose School. (Submitted by
Dolores Ecker Flynn).
Mary Kovacs Plewes and her husband, Gerald, joined by their 4 children and 8 grandchildren, celebrated their 60th Wedding Anniversary
last October 20th with dinner at the
Buck Hotel. “God has been so good
to us.”
Frances Harrison Powers is
enjoying her 16 great grandchildren.
Fifth Annual Alumnae Memorial Mass
Our deceased Alumnae will be remembered in a special Mass on Wednesday,
November 7, 2012 during a special 9:00 a.m. Mass in the school Chapel. Mass will
be followed by a Continental Breakfast.
Please respond by October 31 if you plan to attend:
Little Flower High School
1000 W. Lycoming Street
Philadelphia, PA 19140
Attn: Helen Quinn
(Please feel free to mention this Mass to the spouses of our Alumnae)
Name ___________________________________________________________________________ Class Year _________
Address ____________________________________________________________________________________________
City, State, Zip ______________________________________________________________________________________
Phone (Including Area Code) __________________________________________________________________________
E-mail Address ______________________________________________________________________________________
Name of Deceased Alumna ____________________________________________________________________________
Number Attending _______
Summer 2012 / Page 27
orchestra and I will never forget
Little Flower.”
Helen Ward Graf is a great-grandmom—a little girl who is age 4 and
a little boy who is 2 years old.
Sister Fran Small, IHM ‘65 was able to
present the Martie Byron Award that she
and Rosie Salvo, ’67 provide each year,
to this year’s recipient, Sinead Kiely, ’12.
With Sinead is her grandmother.
Margaret McGee Whisted suffered the loss of her dear husband,
Don, on April 6, 2011. Her granddaughter, Kelly, is getting married
in Novermber and her granddaughter, Nicki, is in the Air Force. “The
rest of the grandchildren, Erin,
Emily, and Max are great!”
Mary Thomas Amerman and her
husband, Charlie, will celebrate
their 60th Wedding Anniversary on
June 13, 2013. They have one son,
Charlie, Jr., 3 grandchildren, 6
great- grandchildren and still
counting! “I am retired and loving
Madeline R. Attanasio DiPasquale
extends a big Thank You to all of her
classmates who made their donations to the Annual Fund and PhonA-Thon. “It was great talking to All
of You!”
Joanlouise Magarity Letter told
us that we were on the news in
North Carolina in January. “So
happy to hear that LFCHS will
remain open!”
Eileen Thomas Macht and her
husband of 54 years, Bob, enjoy 4
grandchildren. “I am still close to
friends from my class.”
Shirley McLaughlin Mailey
sadly informed us that her husband,
Jack, passed away June, 2011. “We
had 54 years together.”
Joan Ryan Miller has been
blessed with 5 children and 14
grandchildren. Unfortunately, her
husband of 57 years, David, died
suddenly in November of 2010.
Theresa Werwinska Mosczynski
celebrated Christmas 2011 with her
family in Texas. It was the first
time in 5 years that they were all
together. She has been active in the
Saint Vincent DePaul Society for
30 years, works as a treasurer for
AARP –Richardson, TX, and is a
caregiver for her husband, Edward.
“I still miss Philadelphia after 42
years living here in Texas.”
Doris Spence Gillespie and her
husband are moving to Horsham to
be closer to their children.
Hannah Sasse Gruber enjoys corresponding with her grandchildren
on Skype. Katie is a doctor in
Australia, Ann and Michael in
Ireland; the other four are close and
she gets to see them often. She is
taking courses at Del Val College
and is enjoying them. “They are
fun – no pressure!”
Mary Lou Klein Maley requests
prayers for her husband of 58 years
and high school sweetheart of 61
years, who passed away in
December, 2011. “Thank you very
Preceda Martin Arnold informed
us that her great-grandson was born
on August 19, 2011—coincidentally, it is also the birthday of his
mother and Uncle Andrew.
Mary Musser DeSantis is proud
of her granddaughter, Lisa Wirth,
who graduated from the University
of Pennsylvania and is now a practicing veterinarian in Tucson, AZ.
Lisa resides in Tucson with her
husband, John, and son, James.
Grace Boyle Effrig and Ed are celebrating their 58th Wedding
Patricia Kane Fath is widowed.
She has 2 daughters and 3 grandchildren—2 girls and 1 boy.
Theresa McMenamin Ferguson
would like to thank the organizers
of the Christmas Luncheon. She
and her brother enjoyed it very
Geraldine Federico Godfrey is
still sad that she did not graduate
with her class. She moved before
her junior year. “I was in the
Page 28 / Summer 2012
Each year the students look forward to the “Thank You Sundae Party” from the
Administration for giving up their holiday in order to help us with Universal
Visitation Day.
Anniversary in July. They have 9
children, 10 grandchildren and 6
Mary Fasy Flanagan is blessed
with grandchildren and four greatgrandchildren.
Rita A. James Miley-Homsher
was widowed in 1990. She wrote a
column for a local newspaper;
worked 7 years for a helicopter company. She was remarried in 1998.
At present she has 8 children (4 his
– 4 hers), 18 grandchildren, and 6
great grandchildren. She is blessed
to have a very supportive family.
Virginia Flynn Wertzman is
expecting her first great-grandchild.
Elizabeth Santore Dunn-Couch
had been married 55 years and a
widow. She remarried to Donald
Couch on April 1, 2011 at St Peter’s
in West Brandywine, PA. Donald
was married 40 years and a widower. They met living at St. Mary of
Providence Senior Center and
Retreat Center in Elverson, PA.
Deborah Conte Naulty-Jennings
and her husband Tom have 15
grandchildren, the youngest just
turned 3 years old and the oldest
turned 21 in April.
Marianne Conlin Van Thuyne is
the proud Grandmom of her 15th
grandchild. Her oldest grandchild
is a child psychologist for
Montgomery County School
Catherine Goodison Bowman
now has 13 grandchildren! “I enjoy
them all!”
Sister Barbara Bradley, SSJ
enjoys connecting with former
classmates, traveling, and working
as a “standardized patient.”
Claire Loftus Lezynski, Grace
McGowan O’Neill, Sally Meyers
McCabe, along with Dolores
Nolen Rooney and her sister Kathy,
spent a few memorable days in
Ocean City in May enjoying each
other’s company. “A good time was
had by all.”
Mary B. McKernan Mahon and
her husband, John, will spend their
55th Wedding Anniversary at the
Jersey Shore with their immediate
family of 43 plus 1 more greatgrandchild due in August. “Thank
you Jesus for our lives, our faith,
and our love of one another and our
What to buy the Alumna with everything?
Therese Woven Coverlet
Beautifully designed fine tapestry
of St. Therese woven in the United States.
Measures 48" x 60"; fringed on all four sides,
and machine washable.
The cost is $40. You can make arrangements to pick it up at Little
Flower or, for an additional $13.95, we can send it to you large box priority flat rate. To order, fill out the form below and include your check
made payable to Little Flower Catholic High School, mail to:
Sister Donna Shallo,
1000 W. Lycoming Street,
Philadelphia, PA 19140
St. Therese Woven Coverlet Order Form
Name: ____________________________________________________________________________
Address: __________________________________________________________________________
Phone: ____________________________________________________ Class Year ______________
Number ordered _____________ Amount Enclosed $ _______________
q I will make arrangements to pick up my coverlet.
q Please mail my coverlet ($13.95 large box priority flat rate)
Summer 2012 / Page 29
10, 2011. Their grandson, Pat
Brown, will graduate from Roman
Catholic High School in June 2012.
Lucille Drachowski Fraser spent
the month of May on the road.
They attended a wedding in
Toronto, then visited Quebec City,
Niagara Falls, New Hampshire,
Vermont, Maine, Rhode Island,
Philadelphia, Richmond and back
to Florida in June.
These students took advantage of visiting the informational C-Span Bus which
Kathleen Sullivan, ’69 was able to procure for us for the day.
Mary Kauffman O’Rourke celebrated 54 years of marriage in May.
They are blessed with 17 grandchildren and 3 great-grandchildren.
Catherine Fuhrmeister Schrier
lives in an independent living community in Delaware. She enjoys 7
children and 13 grandchildren.
Mary Ellen Simon Atwell is proud
of her granddaughter, Lauren, who
is a junior at LF. She is an honor
student on Student Council and
plays on the Volleyball and
Bowling teams.
Her sister,
Shannon, ’10, is in her second year
at Marywood College.
Agnes Shrum Burke is still working. “I’m glad to be able to get out
of bed each day to do it.” She is
busy being a grandmother to her
only grandchild, Alexis, who just
turned 13.
Pat Power Hammer and her husband, Chal, have been married for
54 years. She is still in competition
on the tennis courts - moved up to
the 75’s this year. She and her husband travel to Johns Hopkins
University to watch their grandson
play B-Ball.
Roseanne Leipert Shelton has
been a widow for 11 years. Her
parish in Colorado built a bigger
church for the future and is expanding their K through 8 Catholic
school because it is near capacity.
Page 30 / Summer 2012
Maryanne Young Costello and
Richard celebrated their 50th
Wedding Anniversary on August 27
by taking a two-week cruise to
Hawaii. “It was very enjoyable.”
Anne McEntee Daly and her husband, Joseph, celebrated their 47th
Wedding Anniversary on October
Anne Binczewski Jackson writes
that she enjoys the satellite
reunions here in Orlando. “Thank
you, Sister Donna, for organizing
them and all your hard work on
behalf of Little Flower.”
Marie Distel Langan and Jack celebrated their 50th Wedding
Anniversary in July. She and Jack
spent a week in Costa Rica and they
took their three children and their
families to West Virginia for a
Happy Days are here again!
We are throwing a Birthday Bash for all of us who have
attained or are about to attain that magical age of (dare we say
it?) 75. Join us to visit with one another at a special event on
Sunday, September 30, 2012
at Old York Road Country Club
in Spring House (Ambler) PA
(It is just off the PA turnpike, Rts. 611, 63 and 309).
We start at Noon on the Terrace, and then proceed to dinner
and lots of fun as we remember the music, the friends and the
fun those many years ago. For $45, you will never have a happier time! Email or call Irene Musser Quirus
([email protected]) 215-343-5682 or Peg Mullen
Mahoney ([email protected]) 215-884-6205 for
details and directions before July 15.
Do it today!
received the Archdiocese of
Philadelphia CYO Hall of Fame
Award for faithful witness, generous service to church and community as expressed in commitment to
Eleanor Parsons Carley told us
that it has been over a year since
she lost her husband and soulmate.
“It gets lonely but I try to keep busy
with my eleven grandchildren.”
Theresa Portolese Miller and
Frank celebrated their 50th
Wedding Anniversary with a trip to
Australia/New Zealand. They also
celebrated with a renewal of their
vows and dinner with family and
friends of which three were LF
Heflin, Maxine Schmidt Greely
and Patricia McGuire Forbes.
Barbara Rittenhouse Cinque will
be having her third grandchild
going to college this June and will
be the second to be going to Penn
State (Main Campus).
Mary Gregorio Stearne has 9
children, 17 grandchildren, ages 34
to 2 years. Mary has three greatgrandchildren.
“I have been
Jane Strecker Cooper informed us
that her husband, John, died on
August 24, 2011. Her youngest
granddaughter, Allison, graduated
in May from Towson with a BA
Catherine Weiss Dolan and her
husband, Ted, celebrated their 50th
Wedding Anniversary on February
3, 2012 with their 4 children and
their spouses and 9 grandchildren.
Mary Beth Day Ford’s book,
Wisdom from the Gardens – Life
Lessons, is now available as an
eBook at and “Enjoy exploring garden
Joan Israel Eckhardt and Joseph
were married 52 years on June 4
and they have a new grandson,
Evan Jacob. They have a total of 6
grandchildren—3 boys and 3 girls.
Catherine Channell Hepp is married 54 years to Dick Hepp, a
LaSalle ’57 grad. They have 4 children and 4 grandchildren. She is
president of Mt. Laurel Garden
Club, NJ.
The St. Therese Commemorative Rose Garden
YOU can still be a part of the St. Therese Commemorative Rose Garden. Think of the person or
persons who have touched your life and whose names you would like to place at the feet of St. Therese.
Give yourself and those special people a reason to return and sit on the contemplative bench before
St. Therese.
Your commemorative brick can be engraved in memory of or in honor of an Alumna, family
member or friend.
commemorative Brick order Form
Cost: $150.00 for a 4 x 8 brick. Up to 3 lines and 15 characters per line for each brick.
mail to: Sister Donna Shallo, IHM
Little Flower Catholic High School for Girls
1000 W. Lycoming Street
Philadelphia, PA 19140
Summer 2012 / Page 31
Carole Redding Murray and Jim
are married 46 years. They have 14
grandchildren and 2 great-grandchildren.
Anna Mae McCartin O’Callaghan
is the proud Mom-Mom of seven
grandchildren. She and Dan
celebrated their 50th Wedding
Athletic Director and Basketball Coach, Adam Butcher, is flanked by the 2011-2012
Athletic Officers: Molly Ledger, Taylor Biello, Courtney Weidner and Jen Purcell.
Joan Menale Kelly and Pete will
be married 53 years on October 24,
2012. They have one son, Peter,
married to Judie and have two
beautiful granddaughters, Laura
(14) and Veronica (7). Pete and
Joan traveled quite a bit while Pete
was working at the Philadelphia
Naval Yard. They are now retired
and enjoy spending time with the
granddaughters who live close by
Margaret Rafferty Kling and
Ronnie celebrated their 50th
Wedding Anniversary in August.
Barbara Kelly Raffaele sadly
informed us that her beloved husband, Frank, passed suddenly on
November 28, 2010; they were
married 48 great years. They have
three daughters, Denyse, Karen,
and Tina. Grandson, Jason, attends
Archbishop Ryan High School.
Margaret McElroy Robinson and
John will be celebrating their 53rd
Wedding Anniversary. They are
enjoying their retirement very
much being active in their 55+
community where they retired 10
years ago. Margaret is working at
their community clubhouse as an
Administrative Assistant and
Activities Coordinator.
Elizabeth A. Foster Vielhauer has
lived in Colorado for almost 35
years with 2 children and 4 grandPage 32 / Summer 2012
children. She is still working, by
choice, as an RN. She also sings in
the church choir and ushers, and
volunteers at a food bank.
Margaret Groome Capozzoli and
her husband, Carlo, celebrated the
birth of their first great-grandchild,
Kayleigh Margaret, on September
12, 2010.
Dolores Comito Kolody and Jim
were married 48 years in August.
They have 3 children—James, Jr.,
Michelle, and Kristin and 9 grandchildren.
Barbara Weiderman McDonnell
is coping well after the loss of her
husband with the help she has
received from family, friends,
neighbors, and her LF sorority
Mary (Rae) Hurley Birch and
John celebrated their 50th Wedding
Anniversary on a 30-day Queen
Mary Voyage from Sydney to
Singapore. Mary enjoyed visiting
family and friends back East while
in Florida during the winter.
Geraldine Keough Caulfield and
her husband, Tom, will be celebrating their 50th Wedding Anniversary
on June 23rd with their 4 children
and 11 grandchildren.
Joanne Boyle Giard is enjoying
her retirement spending winters
close to her son in Charleston, SC.
Anna Mallon Panchella began
working at Episcopal Hospital after
graduating Little Flower and is
their longest-serving employee.
Anna recently marked her 50 years
with Episcopal.
Nancy Hare Wismer and her husband, Al, were celebrated at a dinner which their five children gave
Save the Date
Classes of 1952, 1962, and 1987
Mark your calendars for Annual Installation of
Student Government Officers and Club
Presidents on Tuesday, September 25.
Individual invitations to this Homecoming
will be sent in August.
Ashleigh Gallagher, ’14 and
Amber Adair, ’15 were good sports on
Career Day and dressed up in the uniforms our guest speakers brought along.
them. Married 50 years, they will
go to Hawaii thanks to their children and a brother. “Amen!”
Theresa Adamski Denshuick congratulates the 50th Reunion
Committee. “You did a great job.
It was wonderful seeing everyone
Margaret Pearce Dopke and
Charles are married 45 years and
they celebrated with a Disney
cruise and a visit to Disney World.
“It was great! God bless all of my
Ascension and LF friends.”
Beth Newmiller King “loved seeing so many at our 50th reunion. It
was really a great time to see so
many friends and catch up.”
Mary Daniels Levy has four
Mary Levy
Gillespie soon to be 14; Margaret
Garrigan Gillespie, 9; Meghan
Scott Gillespie, 7; and Liliana
Marguerite Paleech, 7 months. Her
wonderful husband, Jerry Levy,
died on August 6, 2011 due to congestive heart failure. Liliana was
born two days after his funeral, and
she is a gift from God. “Life continues on for all of us despite our
Joan Mazzarella Snyder and her
husband, Richard, celebrated their
50th Wedding Anniversary by
renewing their vows at St. Cecilia
Catholic Church in Tustin, CA on
March 31, 2012 with the ceremony
being officiated by Fr. Matt Munoz
(grandson of John Wayne). Their
son, Brian, attended elementary
Approximately 55 family members
and friends attended the reception
at their home including Joan’s four
sisters (2 also alumnae of LF.)
Angela Eberhardt ’56 and Ann
Cerankowski ’58 flew in from the
East Coast as a surprise.
Congratulations to the Class of
1962 on the 50th Anniversary of our
graduation from Little Flower. I
hope to see many of you at our
Reunion Luncheon at Belle Voir
Manor at Pen Ryn, Bensalem, PA on
October 28th. We'll be mailing invitations at the end of August. Please
join us! Pat Hynes, Reunion CoChair ([email protected])
Frances Samanic Erickson is
enjoying life, retirement, and her
two grandchildren, Adriana and
Ethan. “Looking forward to our
50th Class Reunion.”
Gail Carter Griffith and John are
planning to take their third cruise
before the Class of 62’s 50th
Reunion. This time it will be a twoweek cruise from L.A. to Miami
through the Panama Canal. “Can’t
Jack has been battling cancer for
five years. “Please pray for us.”
Eileen Lee Morgan has two greatnieces in Little Flower—Margaret
DeFelice ’12 and Olivia Bell ’15.
Sister Diane Richner, IHM
requested prayers for classmate,
Meg Mueller. Meg was the second
grade teacher at Incarnation School
and is on leave due to a serious
Patricia Rieger Vittorelli will be
married 48 years on June 20. She
has a daughter, Donna, who is a
veterinarian and married with one
daughter. Her son, Donald, is an
attorney with two sons. Patricia
still runs the family business,
Charlie’s Pizzeria.
Phyllis Barczewski Vuillermet
had a wonderful day at LF on
Grandparents’ Day with her granddaughter, Natalie Ford ’15. She is
also proud of her grandson,
Nicholas, who graduated from
LaSalle U and is probation/parole
officer for the city of Philadelphia.
Phyllis and Ron are enjoying their
retirement in Brigantine, NJ.
Anne Behan Barrot has a new
granddaughter, Meghan Erin
Mugford born on March 17, 2011.
Meghan’s mother is Beth Wynkoop
Mugford ’90.
Margaret Cleary McDonald
recently retired from Montgomery
Media. She and John are enjoying
all the free time and their six grandsons.
Margaret Wisler McNally and her
husband, Jack, have been retired.
They have 4 grandchildren—3
boys and 1 girl. Their twin grandsons are Army National Guards.
Courtney Weidner received “The All
Round Senior Athlete Award.” Helping
Courtney is her mother, Mrs. Debra
Summer 2012 / Page 33
Lucille Coe Peterson was married
for 32½ years when she lost her
husband in 2004. “I am blessed
with 5 children and 3 grandchildren.” Lucille requested prayers
because she has had ovarian cancer
and for 22 months has been on
chemotherapy. Her outlook is very
good. “I gave my cancer to God
and the good doctors. Right now I
feel good.”
announces the birth on February
13, 2012 of her great nephew, Riley
James Burkholder, newest grandchild of Maryann Atwood
Burkholder and her husband, John.
Edith Kenney Koschineg and
Ernie welcomed their fifth grandchild, Shelby Anne, on May 16,
Patricia Pettit Mack and Tom
were delighted to welcome a new
DiFabio, who joined siblings,
Amber and Logan. Pat and Tom’s
other granddaughter, Emily, lives in
Florida where her father works for
Disney Corp.
Helen Magee vacationed in Italy in
November and visited Rome,
Assisi, Venice, Pisa, Florence and
Sienna with the Roxborough
YMCA. They had sun every day!
“The trip was awesome, especially
seeing the Sistine Chapel and St.
Peter’s Basilica, and experiencing
Venice on a Gondola with musicians!”
Sister Catherine Glackin, IHM
had the happy fortune of chaperoning LaSalle students on their
semester break to Ireland.
Judith Gilday James retired in
Sussex County with her husband,
Ron. They just welcomed their
ninth grandchild, Matthew David,
on October 4, 2011.
Regina Grace Lyons played the
harp during her four years at LF
and now picked it up in her retirement. Because of her organ lessons
while at LF, she is the Church
Special Mass Intentions
Mass is celebrated weekdays during the school year in the Little Flower Chapel at 7:20 a.m. Our Alumnae are remembered in our prayer petitions each day at Mass. Additionally, a Mass is celebrated on the final Tuesday of the month for all
of our Alumnae, living and deceased.
You are always welcome to request prayers for your needs and for the needs of your loved ones. You are also welcome
to request a Mass intention. Mass intentions are usually offered for the deceased. However, mass intentions may also be
offered for the sick or for any situation in life that needs God’s attention or healing.
Please complete the following form if you are interested in sending in a Mass intention. The stipend for a Mass is $5.00.
Thank you for your goodness to our Little Flower community. May God bless you in abundance.
Name (include Maiden name):
City, State, Zip: ______________________________________________________________________________________
Phone No.:__________________________________________________________________________________________
Requested Mass Date (Weekday Only): ___________________________________________________________________
Second Choice (Weekday Only): ________________________________________________________________________
Mass Intention: (Name of the person the Mass is being celebrated for and the reason for the requested Mass)
Mass requested during the month of:
Please send a Mass card to:
City, State, Zip:
Please send your request and stipend payable to Little Flower High School to:
Rev. Joseph McCaffrey, Little Flower High School, 1000 W. Lycoming Street, Philadelphia, PA 19140
Page 34 / Summer 2012
Music Director/Organist at Our
Lady of Fatima Church in
Piscataway, NJ.
Sandra Valenta Miedler and her
husband will be traveling to
Newfoundland, Canada this summer. Sandra attends St. Elizabeth’s
Bible Study—“It is wonderful!”
Two books that Sandra recommends are A Biblical Walk Through
the Mass by Dr. Edward Sri and
Amish Grace by Krabyill, Holt and
Weaver Weaver-Zercher.
stability of your school and to all
the Alumnae who have helped
make it possible!” Yes, Carole, LF
certainly recognizes that we would
not be in this position without all of
present students and faculty a
Happy, Healthy and Prosperous
New Year. “I know we are all
grateful to have LF remain open
and continue to enrich the lives of
its students.”
Patricia Amspacher Zitter and
her husband, Bill, will be celebrating 45 years of marriage this summer. They just returned from a
great vacation in Florida, including
golf, sun, and sand, and a visit with
Patricia’s sister, Sr. Marie Danielle,
SSND ’62. “Enjoying retirement.”
Mary Gormley Szustowicz is an
ICU RN at Kennedy Hospital,
Washington Twp, NJ. She proudly
announces the birth of her grandson, James Matthew, on March 11,
2012 to Matthew and Julie
Dorothy Veasy Miles is retired
three years from ACME and spending her days babysitting for grandchildren and some others. In
November, Colleen, her youngest,
welcomed Luke, grandchild #13.
Her son, Andrew, is getting married
on Aug. 12. “Can’t wait for
Geraldine Gimbel Hoffman and
her husband, Carl, are thrilled to be
grandparents for the first time.
Clemens Carl Tufo was born on
Oct. 17, 2011 to daughter, Monica,
and son-in-law, Nick.
Carole Snyder Wagner wrote:
“Congratulations on the financial
Catherine Baker Lonergan
wished all of her fellow alums and
Janet Worrell Webekind requested prayers for her son, Richard. He
has been deployed to Kuwait.
“Please pray that his lungs are not
affected again by inhaled toxic
sand particles and that God keeps
him safe while there. Also pray for
guidance in his studies to advance
his career with the Army National
Call for 2013 Distinguished Alumna Nominations
Do you know a LF alumna who has distinguished herself in her work, her church, her community and her family? Please consider nominating this person for the 2013 Distinguished Alumna Award. Nominee cannot be deceased and does not have to be
a college graduate. See the criteria and nomination form. Nominations must be submitted no later than September 7, 2012.
Criteria for the Distinguished Alumna Award
Nominee is a graduate of Little Flower.
Nominee exemplifies the virtues and character of St. Therese, our patroness.
Nominee uses her Little Flower education for the benefit of others.
Nominee demonstrates good Christian principles: a spirit of caring, generosity of time and talent, and goodness
to others and to Little Flower.
5. Nominees can be nominated by others or nominate themselves.
Nomination Form for Distinguished Alumna Award
On a separate sheet of paper, please describe the characteristics that you feel the person you are nominating exemplifies in
order to qualify for this award.
Name _________________________________________________________________________ Class Year_____________
Telephone Number __________________________Nominated By_______________________________________________
Education ____________________________________________________________________________________________
Family Profile ________________________________________________________________________________________
Mail nomination form to: Distinguished Alumna Committee
Alumnae Office
Little Flower Catholic High School
1000 W. Lycoming Street, Philadelphia, PA 19140
Summer 2012 / Page 35
Kathleen Donohoe Cantwell
announces the graduation of her
daughter, Mary, from St. Joseph’s
University in May 2012 with a
Master’s Degree in Elementary
Sister Rose Marguerite Colanzi
has been ministering as Pastoral
Associate at Lourdes Medical
Center for the past five years.
Sister Mary Joan Huggard, SSJ
is now a cancer survivor. “Thank
you for all your prayers. Please
continue to pray.”
Catherine Dambach Martin has
written a book called A Conspiracy
to Create Joy: Circus Spirituality
Beyond the Center Ring. It
describes the behind-the-scenes life
of circus people and the ways they
stay connected to God while they
are on the road. The book is published by Linus Publications (
Eileen McGlynn McGarrity
retired from nursing at Fox Chase
Cancer Center. She is busy enjoying her grandchildren, Sarah 2½
and Dominic 16 months. “We celebrated 36 years of marriage on
March 13, 2012.”
They had been married for 39
Mary Leone DeHaven and Bill are
now retired and enjoying all of their
free time. “We are keeping very
busy and trying to figure out how
we ever fit in work! Enjoying our
five grandchildren as well.”
Eleanor McIntyre Flannery, Esq.
was admitted to the Florida Bar on
September 26, 2011. Eleanor has
practiced law in PA since 1981 and
is currently employed by the Law
Offices of William L. Goldman,
P.C. in Doylestown, PA.
Susan Hiller Gallagher and Joe
welcomed their first grandson,
Stosh James, in April. He joins big
sister, Kenlie. Their mommy is
Gretchen, ’90. Their oldest granddaughter, Madelyn, is the daughter
of Megan, ’94.
Elizabeth Morris Zebrowski and
her husband, Bob, will be traveling
to Paris and Nice, France this
spring with her sister, Kathy
Morris Buckley ’62 and her
husband, Jim. “A long awaited
Carol G. Stukes was married on
November 25, 2011 to David
Helen Gould Berk and Susan
Daszkiewicz Hearon celebrated 50
years of friendship and their
respective April birthdays traveling
through Israel with a side trip to
Petra Jordan. “The trip was spectacular! We both have a touch of
wanderlust and look forward to
more exciting adventures.”
Valorie Valotta Daskilewicz wrote
that her daughter, Amy, ’11 successfully finished her freshman
year at DeSales University and “I
am very proud of her.” Late May,
they visited Paris. While they did
not have the opportunity to take an
excursion to Lisieux, they did
enjoy a lovely Theresian exhibit in
Notre Dame that featured Therese
and her entire family.
Dr. Fran Goffredo Kruzits and
Paul have been married 40 years
and they have two grandsons.
Helenmary Earaminas Miller and
Kathleen Campbell Hunt, ’62 are
the proud grandmothers of Caroline
Marie Hunt born May 30, 2011.
Caroline, Sharon and Quince reside
in Horsham.
Claire Buckley Quimby and her
husband, Dan, announce the wedding of their son, Thomas, to Kelly
Leigh Gibbon on March 17, 2012
in St. John Cantius Church. “A
wonderful Irish wedding was had
by all!”
Carol Hopper Raudenbush sadly
informed us that her husband,
George, lost his battle with cancer.
Page 36 / Summer 2012
LF Girls Enjoy Cypress Gardens with St. Martin of Tours Seniors Club
Left to right: Cecelia Ward Farrell ’56, Loretta Hanley Schoen ’56,
Helen Foody Bambino 56, Elsie Mugnier Connahan ’56, Joanne Augustine D’Urso ’64,
Mary Mistalski Belmont ’62. Not pictured are Ann Simons Mackin ’46 and
Marge McClay Grodziski ’52.
Olga Powzaniuk, Mary Dobrowolski,
and friends went to Paris right
before Christmas on a special trip
to celebrate their 60th birthdays!
Mary is a nurse in the Doylestown
area and Olga retired from AT&T in
2006. Olga is embarking anew on
an artistic career which LF helped
to foster (recipient of the ’69 Art
Award). Olga has just been given
the honor of membership to the
Pastel Society of America in
NYC and is preparing a one-person
announces the birth of her grandson, John Paul Joseph Paone, on
January 18, 2011.
Margaret Birster Conwell and
Michael are
Orlando, FL.
Ellen Bennett Donnelly is proud
to announce that her granddaughter, Maris Croft, ’13, has been
named Captain of the Varsity
Bowling Team. “You go, girl!”
Theresa Curran Flanagan and her
husband welcomed their first
grandchild, Jack Liam Flanagan, on
March 13, 2012.
Denise Steinke Mariakis and her
husband, Michael, are proud to
announce that their son, Nicholas,
was awarded a scholarship to
Pennsylvania - School of Design’s
Graduate Program in Architecture.
retired as a nurse practitioner in
November, 2011. She is a first time
grandparent to Terence Joseph (TJ).
Diane’s husband is a math teacher
at LaSalle College High School.
Her daughter, Catherine, is married
and the mother of TJ; her son,
Christopher, married in April,
Lorraine Taylor Stagliano is a
grandmother of seven. Her oldest
daughter and husband and granddaughter have moved to Chicago.
Her youngest son married August,
2011 during Hurricane Irene.
Betty Anne Buckley has been volunteering as an adult literary tutor
since July, 2010. “Very fulfilling!”
CLUB 500
Take a chance! You could be a winner!
$575 prize each & every month!
Only 500 tickets will be sold!
So don’t delay…send for your tickets today!
$40 per ticket
One name drawn every month for 12 months
From October 2011 thru September 2012
Each $40 ticket is included in all 12 drawings
Buy several! Give a ticket as a gift!
Proceeds benefit programs at Little Flower.
2011-2012 CLUB 500 Winners
October – Esther Hogan Dempsey, ’65
January – Marie Bennett Keeley, ’68
Philadelphia, PA
Philadelphia, PA
November – Madeline Renye Metzler, ’60
February – Angela Martino Sharp, ’64
King of Prussia, PA
Marmora, NJ
December – Elizabeth Sullivan Corcoran, ’46
March – Catherine Terry Williams, ’49
N Wildwood, NJ
Philadelphia, PA
My check and self-addressed stamped envelope are enclosed.
April – Michael J. Fisher
Philadelphia, PA
May – Janet Fisher Korba, ’54
Lakewood, NJ
June – Isabella Tapley Henfey, ’69
Philadelphia, PA
Name ___________________________________________________________________ Class Year _____________
Address ________________________________________________________________________________________
Phone # _________________________________________
# of tickets _________ @ $40 = $ ________ enclosed
Checks payable to: Little Flower Club 500
Mail to: Little Flower High School, 1000 W. Lycoming Street, Philadelphia, PA 19140
Attn: Helen Quinn
Summer 2012 / Page 37
This hand-made wooden
pennant is available for
$35.00 in the Flossie Shop.
Be the first to
own this new item.
This item can not be shipped.
Marirose A. Camillo with great
sadness has informed us of the
passing of her beloved mother,
Julia Dutch Smith, ’43 on
December 17, 2011.
Kathy King Evans remarked,
“Our 40th Year Class Reunion was
a lot of fun!”
Ann Marie Brown Hill, “Just a
thank you for all the prayers, cards
and kind thoughts during my husband’s illness, liver transplant and
subsequent death. Paul contracted
Hepatitis C as a police office,
received a successful liver transplant in Nashville, TN in early
2011, but contracted an infection
while still in Nashville. Paul passed
away on February 20 after a very
long struggle.
Kathleen Dalton Sylvester is a
first time grandmother; Emma
Kathleen Koshnier was born on
November 25, 2011.
Mary Jean Quinn Trainor is currently working for the West Chester
Area School District as a Middle
School department chair for
Language Arts. Mary Jean is a
Reading Specialist.
Elaine Aichroth Comuso retired
Page 38 / Summer 2012
January, 2011 after working 38
years for Beneficial Financial. “I
am enjoying every day.”
Virginia Hahn-Mitchell informed
us that her daughter, Stephanie, is
teaching in China and is an athletic
trainer. Virginia’s son, Gary, was
drafted by the Angels Baseball
Team in 2010.
Peggy Roberts Weber and husband, Larry, live in Akron, NY. On
January 26, 2011, they welcomed
their first grandbaby, Elinora
Weber. “Congrats to Bryan and
Rachel on their wedding.”
Jeanmarie Cimorelli Hannah has
worked at Nazareth Hospital for 26
years. She and Michael have three
children—a daughter who is an
RN, oldest son who lives in
Scranton and the father of their two
grandsons, and their youngest son
who is a surgical technician.
Vanessa Blocker Jones’s granddaughter, Cayla N. Cook, will be
the fifth generation attending LF.
“Praise the Lord from whom all
blessings flow.”
Meg Weglicki Stever sends congratulations to her daughter,
Lauren, who married Jordan
McDowell on April 20th at St.
Patrick’s Church in Woodbury, NJ
and to her son, David, who graduated Cum Laude from Montclair
State University.
Diane Doyle Creighton, “As my
daughter gets ready to enter high
school, I wish I could re-create
what I experienced – and give it to
her as a gift! What an amazing and
wonderful time we all had at Little
Flower from 1976 to 1980. I think
about Father Bennett very often!
We were so blessed!”
Maureen Deeney Cummings
recently retired after 28 years with
Verizon. “I am enjoying my dream
of being home with Matt (14) and
Grace (7). On April Fool’s Day,
she and Ed celebrated their 23rd
Wedding Anniversary. “Our families are very busy so we really
appreciate it when we get the
cousins together. We are very
involved in Church. Life is good
because God is good☺”
Kathleen Twardowski Krol
moved to Montgomery County
with Stan, her husband of 24 years.
Stan has a private practice as a
Family and Play Therapist in
Ambler, PA.
Maureen P. Hannigan Blaney
announces the marriage of her son,
Joseph, to an LF alumna, Elizabeth
Regan, ’04 on December 29, 2012.
Barbarajean Iarosis Przybylinski
is happily married, working as an
RN, and enjoying her life. “I am
happy to say that my oldest daughter graduated from LF, Class of
2006 and my youngest daughter
will graduate from LF, Class of
While in Florida, Sister met with
Kathryn Flick Lehr, ’42 and
Peggy Osbourne, ’59 CD in Venice.
Little Flower Alumnae Association will host the
Annual Alumnae
Mass and Luncheon
Sunday, November 4, 2012
12:00 Noon
Saint Albert the Great Church
212 Welsh Road
Huntingdon Valley 19006
Luncheon: Saint Albert’s Parish Hall
212 Welsh Road
Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006
Cost: $38.00
Choice of:
Chicken Marsala or
Petite Tenders of Beef w/red wine Demi glaze
Husbands and friends are also welcome!
To make your reservation, complete the form below and mail it along with your check to:
Suzanne Gluch Homel ’71
211 Brae Bourn Road
Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006-4007
Requests to be seated with friends will be honored as closely as possible. Please be sure to include
your current name and year of graduation. Tickets will not be issued. If you have any questions,
please contact:
Cathy Wagner ’71 – 215-942-2901 - [email protected] or
Suzanne Gluch Homel ’71 - 215-205-4837 - [email protected]
All checks must be made payable to: Little Flower Alumnae Association.
Deadline for reservations: Friday, October 19, 2012.
Please select one of the following items as your entrée.
________ Chicken Marsala
_______ Tenders of Beef
NAME__________________________________________________________ CLASS_________
ADDRESS ______________________________________________________________________
CITY, STATE, ZIP ________________________________________________________________
PHONE_______________________________ E-MAIL__________________________________
We Look Foward to Seeing You!
Summer 2012 / Page 39
Claribel Alvarez Jusino and Bill
celebrated their 22nd Wedding
Anniversary this year. We are
proud of Myah, ’11, who attends
Philadelphia University. Their son,
Austin, is a sophomore at Roman
Joan James Samacicia is married
to Anthony and they have 2 daughters, 1 son, and 2 granddaughters.
Cynthia Gerding Staab and Steve
just celebrated their 11th Wedding
Anniversary and are enjoying life
with their two daughters, Aubrey
(8) and Sophia (4) in Cinnaminson,
Sadly, her grandmother,
Lorraine McDade Hennessy, ’47
passed on April 4, 2012 of pancreatic cancer. Lorraine was so happy
to be an Alumna of LF and she will
be missed dearly by family and
friends. “A special person she was
to all who knew her.”
Jacki Philyaw Giuffrida, “I can’t
believe it has been 20 years since
we graduated. Where has the time
Jennifer Hepp wrote: “I am so
happy to know that the beautiful
traditions of LF will continue!
Congrats! Forever we’ll be true!”
Beth Ann Rischow Fath and husband, Christopher, welcomed their
first child, Paige Elizabeth, on
November 29 at 12:47 a.m. Paige
weighed 6 lbs. 9 oz. and was 20
inches long.
Kristen Zborowski Garvey and
her husband, Ryan, gave birth to
their first child, Liam Francis, on
March 20, 2012. Liam was born at
1:42 PM, weighed 7 lbs. 9 oz. and
was 22" long. After a long delivery
Alumnae Artists!!
In keeping with our tradition,
Little Flower Catholic High
School for Girls sponsors a musical each year, and this year we are
presenting “Singing in the Rain”
on December 7, 8, and 9. If you
would like to volunteer your talent
and time in designing and/or the painting of the sets,
please contact Sister Donna at [email protected]
or 215-455-6900, Ex. 112. Thank you!
Page 40 / Summer 2012
and 48 hours
in the NICU,
allowed to go
home. “Liam
Mommy and
Daddy could
not be happier!”
Kelly Klose graduated from
Cabrini College on May 20 with a
Masters in Education and a
Reading Specialist Certification.
Courtney Myer Pestacchi and her
husband, Christopher, gave birth to
their first child, Cara Elizabeth, on
February 20, 2012.
Cara was born at
1:59 PM, weighed
9.5 lbs., and was 20"
long. “Both mommy
and daughter are
healthy and well!”
Jaimie Clark announces her recent
engagement to Scott Boutcher.
Tracy A. Brady DiIenno was married to Matt DiIenno (North
Catholic ’01) on June 18, 2011.
Teresa Sticco McGill with her husband, Thomas McGill, and big sister, Josephine, welcomed the birth
of Thomas Gerald McGill on
January 2, 2012.
Jennifer McHale announces her
engagement to Michael Lewis, a
police officer, on March 1, 2012.
The wedding date is set for
September 27, 2013.
Stephanie Cosmo taught first
grade at Mother of Divine Grace
School this year.
Make plans to attend the Christmas Luncheon on December 8 at 12:30 p.m.
at Rosewood Caterers (8888 Frankford Avenue).
The cost of $35 includes a one-hour open bar and a four-course meal.
A cash bar will be available from 1:30 until the end of the luncheon.
Remember, your husbands, boyfriends and special friends are invited to attend.
Send your check made payable to Little Flower Alumnae Association, along with your name, class year,
address, phone number and choice of meal to: Joan Siburkis Schott, P.O. Box 21174, Philadelphia, PA 19114
by November 24. Tickets will not be issued.
There will be a registration table when you arrive. If you choose to sit with friends, please send a list of
their current names with your reservations. If you want to sit with your grade school parish group, I need
names from that group. I have no way of knowing what parish everyone was in prior to coming to Little Flower.
I will try my best to accommodate your request. Any questions, please call Joan at 215-637-6930 or send an e-mail
to [email protected]
When writing your check for your reservation, please remember the students at Little Flower today. So many of them
are able to stay at Little Flower because of the generosity of the alumnae. Please include a donation in your check
for the Scholarship Fund.
Please select one of the following:
Name ___________________________________________________________________________ Class __________
Address ________________________________________________________________________________________
City/State/Zip ___________________________________________________________________________________
Phone __________________________________________________________________________________________
E-mail Address __________________________________________________________________________________
MY DONATION TO THE SCHOLARSHIP FUND ________________________________
Summer 2012 / Page 41
If you are interested in planning a 2012 reunion, contact Sister Joan Ames at 215-455-6900, x 118
Or by email at [email protected]
cLAss oF
chAirPerson (s)
Sister Joan M. Ames – 215-455-6900 ext. 118 or
[email protected]
September 30, 2012
Mass at 12 noon
followed by Luncheon
Sister Joan M. Ames – 215-455-6900 ext. 118 or
[email protected]
September 30, 2012
Mass at 12 noon
followed by Luncheon
Brookside Manor
at Somerton Springs
50 Bustleton Pike
Feasterville, PA 19053
Brookside Manor
at Somerton Springs
50 Bustleton Pike
Feasterville, PA 19053
Marie Mellon Jones – 215-322-2892
Dolly Lyons Tyndall – 215-637-3251
Judy Brennan Robinson – 215-698-0218
October 7, 2012
12:00 - 4:00 pm
Maggio's Ballroom
at Hampton Square
400 Second Street Pike
Southampton, PA 18966
Patricia Hynes – 215-765-7931 or
[email protected]
Eileen Mallon – [email protected]
October 28, 2012
12:00 - 4:00 pm
Belle Voir Manor
at PenRyn
1601 State Road
Bensalem, PA 19020
September 29, 2012
7:00 - 11:00 pm
Maltese Room
2049 Bristol Pike
Bensalem, PA 19020
October 2013
Details to follow
Ann Marie Brown Hill – 215-739-8521 or
[email protected]
Susan Cloud Ashmore
Patricia French-Meyer
Tina Germeroth-Heller
Rita Moore Sprenkle
Amy Steinmetz Carthy
Details to Follow
Donna Allevato Heron – 215-301-8287 or
[email protected]
Colleen Ramsey
Chrissy DiPetro Sokol
Tracy Brady DiIenno – [email protected]
Sarah McDermott – [email protected]
September 29, 2012
7:00 - 10:00 pm
Jennifer James 267-251-0803 or
[email protected]
Diana Landers [email protected]
November 23, 2012
7:00 – 11:00 pm
November 3, 2012
7:00 - 10:00 pm
Finnigan's Wake
537 North 3rd Street
Philadelphia, PA 19123
Details to follow
Paddywhacks Pub
150 South Street
Philadelphia, PA 19147
Fran Lee Caterers
4556 Almond Street
Philadelphia, PA 19137
Save the Date
Save the Date
Alumnae Association
Meeting Dates
October 9, 2012
April 9, 2013
Annual Mass of
Thanksgiving at the
Carmelite Monastery
Mass at 6:00 PM followed by Meeting
Spring 2013
Page 42 / Summer 2012
Crewneck Sweatshirt Left Chest Embroidery LF
Crewneck Sweatshirt Left Chest Embroidery LF
Crewneck Sweatshirt Left Chest Embroidery LF
Fleece Vest Left Chest Embroidery Rose
Fleece Vest Left Chest Embroidery Rose
Hooded Sweatshirt
Hooded Sweatshirt
Hooded Sweatshirt
Hooded Sweatshirt
Hooded Sweatshirt
Hooded Sweatshirt
Ladies Cadet Jacket
Ladies Cadet Jacket
Crewneck Sweatshirt LC Embroidery Rose w/Alumnae
Crewneck Sweatshirt LC Embroidery Rose w/Alumnae
Crewneck Sweatshirt LC Embroidery Rose w/Alumnae
Long Sleeve Tee Little Flower Full Front LF on back
Long Sleeve Tee Little Flower Full Front LF on back
Long Sleeve Tee Little Flower Full Front LF on back
Long Sleeve Tee Little Flower Full Front LF on back
Long Sleeve Tee Little Flower Full Front LF on back
Long Sleeve Tee Little Flower Full Front LF on back
Tee Shirt Alumnae Full Front
Tee Shirt Alumnae Full Front
Tee Shirt Alumnae Full Front
Long Sleeve Tee Shirt Alumnae
Long Sleeve Tee Shirt Alumnae
Long Sleeve Tee Shirt Alumnae
Sweatshirt Blanket *NEW
Baseball Cap
Ceramic Mug
Glass Mug *NEW*
Alumnae Magnet *NEW*
Christmas Ball Ornament
License Plate
License Plate Frame
Size Ord.
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Make Checks Payable to: Little Flower High School
1000 W. Lycoming Street
Philadelphia, PA 19140-2199
215-455-6900 ext. 135
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order online
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Up to $35.00
$36.00 – $75.00
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$101.00 – $125.00
Summer 2012 / Page 43
Little Flower Catholic High School
1000 West Lycoming Street
Philadelphia, PA 19140-2199
Please be sure to notify
Little Flower Alumnae/Advancement Office
if your address has changed.
E-mail [email protected] or
Call 215-455-6900 x 118
Rebecca Bannan
Rebecca Bannan, a senior at Little Flower Catholic
High School for Girls, along with her parents was invited to
Harrisburg by the Comcast Leaders and Achievers Program
to receive a $1,000 scholarship.
Rebecca was nominated by Little Flower’s Director of
Guidance, Mr. John Fitzsimmons, for her exemplary academic achievement, community service, and leadership.
“Rebecca is an extremely focused young woman with vitality and a view of life that encourages her to expand her
horizons. From ranking in the top 5% of her class to playing two varsity sports, to a very active community service
ethic helping disabled adults to her passion for Irish folk
dancing, Rebecca reflects the best of our youth and it was a
pleasure to nominate her for this award,” commented Mr.
On Tuesday, May 1, Rebecca and her parents, Mr. &
Mrs. Robert Bannan, attended the Comcast Leaders and
Achievers Ceremony and dinner buffet at the State Museum
of Pennsylvania in Harrisburg, along with 70 other scholarship recipients from all over the state of Pennsylvania.
Linda Thompson, Mayor of Harrisburg, the first female
African American mayor, gave the inspiring welcome
speech. Governor Tom Corbett honored the occasion as the
keynote speaker.
What was impressive to Rebecca was that “The majori-
ty of the recipients were
women, which shows the
true dedication of women to
their work,” noted Rebecca.
Kathleen Sullivan, one such
woman who is Vice
President of Government &
Comcast, a 1969 graduate of
Little Flower and member of
the President’s Advisory
Board, remarked, “Comcast
is thrilled to support outstanding
Rebecca, who are committed
to both academic achievement and community service. The Leaders and Achievers Scholarship Program is an
investment in our future.”
In addition to the $1,000 Scholarship, Rebecca was fortunate to be one of the ten winners of a netbook lottery provided by the Comcast Leaders and Achievers and was interviewed by Comcast. “This scholarship is a great honor for
me and it will help me in achieving my college education at
West Chester University this fall,” added Rebecca.

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