24th Iyar 5774 - St John`s Wood Synagogue



24th Iyar 5774 - St John`s Wood Synagogue
Mazel Tov to Edward Hemmings on the occasion of his Aufruf this Shabbat
Mazel Tov to Alan and Bonnie Hemmings on the forthcoming wedding of their son, Edward
to Michelle Niles.
To the Security Team for this Shabbat
We wish chaim aruchim, long life to John and Lynne Sacks, children of Yvonne Sacks.
We wish chaim aruchim, long life to Carrie Pruwett, the granddaughter of Chana Kissin.
Late Pearl Bloomberg
Late Woolf Litwack
39th Day of the Omer
Page Nos: Hertz 568/582 - Stone 726/1180
Volunteers needed for 1st and 2nd day Shavuot, 4th & 5th June. Contact Anne Godfrey
[email protected]
With the football season now over, the teams in premier and other leagues have had their
final place allocations.
The detailed description of the encampment of the twelve tribes in this week’s portion is
not dissimilar to a position in a league table.
The Children of Israel were located in the desert around the Tabernacle which occupied
the centre of the camp. Immediately around the Tabernacle, on its four sides, were the
Priests, and the three families of Levites, the children of Gershon, Kehat, and Merari.
At the next outer level, on the four sides of the Tabernacle, were the twelve tribes,
arranged in four groups of three. One tribe of the three was chosen to be a Rosh Degel or
standard bearer, with, indeed, effectively team colours! This tribe was the head of the
group. The four principals were: Reuven, Yehudah, Ephraim, and Dan.
9.00 am
9.59 pm
8.30 am
Follows Mincha
In a fascinating essay, Rabbi Menachem Leibtag of Yeshivat Har Etzion explains the
possible reasoning behind these choices of Head of Division.
Monday Bank Holiday
8.30 am
Follows Mincha
Wednesday Yom Yerushalyim
7.25 am
Follows Mincha
7.10 am
Follows Mincha
7.15 am
Follows Mincha
Friday Rosh Chodesh Breakfast
7.00 am
Follows Mincha
Next Shabbat
9.00 am
Each of the four has a claim to be a sort of firstborn. Reuven was the biological first-born
son of Jacob. After Reuven had sinned, Jacob saw Judah as being the effective firstborn
of the family and gave him concomitant responsibility. Joseph’s two sons were tribes in
their own right and Jacob had given Ephraim the senior blessing. Jacob also had four
sons from the handmaidens Bilha and Zilpa. The firstborn of these sons was Dan.
Each of these divisional heads is joined by two other tribes to make up their side of the
Tabernacle encampment. Ephraim is joined by Menasseh and Benjamin, both sons from
Rachel. Judah is joined Issachar and Zevulun, both younger sons of Leah. Reuven’s
natural companions would be the ‘big boys’, Shimon and Levi. However, Levi is camped
at an inner level, immediately around the Tabernacle. Dan, on the other hand, would have
three natural companions; the other sons of the handmaidens, Asher, Naftali, and Gad.
But that would make Dan’s side unbalanced, having four tribes in his division with only
two on Reuven’s side! It is Gad, the eldest son of Zilpa, the handmaid of Leah, who goes
to join the older brothers Reuven and Shimon.
In this way, the family of the children of Israel could take their place around the
Tabernacle of G-d with due deference and acknowledgement of the role and contribution
of each and every tribe.
Dayan Ivan Binstock
Alan and Bonnie Hemmings invite the congregation to Kiddush Lunch
in the Moritz Gertler Hall after the service in celebration of the forthcoming wedding
of their son Edward to Michelle Niles
begin at 10.30am EACH WEEK
Toddlers Service (pre – reception) in the
Bride’s Room,
Reception and school years 1 & 2 in the
NEW SERVICE for school years 3+ in the
Dayan’s Office
B’NEI AKIVA (BA) Youth Group 3.30pm –
15th JUNE
ROCK CLIMBING (in Swiss Cottage) for
age 7+, £15 per child. Please book asap.
St John’s Wood Synagogue Cheder:
Sundays 9.45am – 12.45pm. Contact
Rabbi Ronen Broder 0794 108 7701
[email protected]
St John’s Wood Synagogue
Kindergarten Daily, from 2 years old
Contact: Estelle Brown 020 7286 3859 or
[email protected]
Fridays 10.15-11.15am in the David
Weisz Hall. Join us for free play, coffee &
our fun Shabbat table! High-energy Israeli
songs with Einav every other week.
Contact Sara Elias [email protected]
Rabbi Moshe Chayim Luzatto, born in
Padua 1707, died on 26 Iyar 1747. The
Vilna Gaon praised him as having attained
one of the most profound understandings of
Judaism that a mortal could attain. He wrote
works of Grammar, Morality, Philosophy,
Kabbalah and Drama.
If you were in the Chevroni family,
what job would you have in the
Last Week’s Question: Who comes in
first instead of coming in last?
Shabbat 31st May –
Shabbat 14th June –
Shabbat 28th June –
Shabbat 5th July –
Shabbat 19th July –
Answer: Jacob is mentioned first in the list
of Patriarchs instead of last.
Bar Mitzvah of Jonathan Philips followed by Kiddush
Visit of Rabbi Lord and Lady Sacks
Bar Mitzvah of Sam Vecht
Bat Mitzvah of Salome Tucker
Visit of Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis and 50th Anniversary
Celebration of our shul building at Grove End Road
Winners: Elie Elmalem, Elijah Summer
In which prayer, taken from Psalms, is a
verse repeated a couple of verses later?
Last Week’s Question: This week we
chant Chazak, Chazak Venitchazek as we
complete the book of Vayikra. Can you find
the prayers in the siddur (excluding the
layening) that include the word, Chazak?
Answer: The Amida (go’el chazak ata)
p82; Ledavid Hashem Ori p158; Maariv
(miyad chazak mimenu) p208; Nishmat
(matzil ani michazak mimenu) p366;
Shabbat Shacharit kedusha (adir
vechazak) p392
Last week’s winner:
Daniel Goldwater, Freddy and Sienna
Week 1 – Wednesday 11th June – 7.40 - 10pm, Nicky Larkin –
The Irish filmmaker turned Zionist
Week 2 – Monday 16th June – 7.40 - 10pm, Dr Gerald Schroeder ‘Science has
discovered G-d’ – literally and even atheists agree!
Second half sessions for these evenings feature Dayan Binstock, Rabbi Ari, Harry
Freedman and the FilmFest.
Week 3 – Monday 30th June – JA SPECIAL – 7.30 - 10pm, Sir Nicholas Winton +
Esther Rantzen. Screening “Nicky’s Family” followed by interviews with survivors.
Contact [email protected]
4th June – Shavuot with YJN &Saatchi– re-enacting receiving the
Torah with cheese dishes and wine for 20’s and 30’s
20th June – United Friday Night Dinner for 20’s and 30’s with Hampstead,
South Hampstead Synagogues
Sundays - Weekly 5-a-side football at 7.30 pm at Mill Hill Power League.
For more information contact [email protected]
31 May – 6.00pm - Hosted by Cantor Moshe and Nechami Haschel
To sign up to attend one of these seudahs or to host a tea time seudah in your
home, please contact [email protected]
[Feeling Follows Action:] “Identify the
mental states that you want and then act
externally as if you were already in that
state. This includes your total being:
posture, facial expression, and even your
tone of voice. This method will give you
increased joy, enthusiasm, confidence and
serenity. With practice, you will gain true
Rabbi Moshe Chaim Luzzatto, (see ‘On
this Day’) 'Path of the Just', ch.7.
Luzzatto’s concept would later be adopted
in the catch-phrases: 'Fake it till you make
it!' and 'Act it till it's a fact!'
See our exciting Shavuot Programme flyer including special guest speakers and
our Tikun Leil programme. Don’t forget to book your dinner place for 1st night.
Prices rise next Wednesday 28th
For all our members on Facebook, please look, like and share our shul page
facebook.com/St-Johns-Wood-Synagogue/. It will be regularly updated with
events and information regarding the Shul and with pictures of Simcha's which
take place in our shul.
Next Lunch Date: Wednesday 28th May
Drinks 12:30pm. Home Cooked Lunch
1:00pm. Donation: £6.50 Synagogue
members, £7.50 non-members.
Contact: Gillian Burr 020 7586 0156 or Melody
Salem: 020 7286 9810
If you are housebound and would like a visitor
or a regular phone call, if you need advice or
information on local services and activities or if
you would like a lift to Shul's Communal
Lunches, please get in touch.
Please contact Melody or Gillian
Wonderland. Hampstead Theatre.
Tues 24 June. 7.30pm. £32
Details from Richard at 020 7289
9173 or [email protected]
Duplicate Bridge from 1pm to 4pm.
Donation £7 a session including tea.
Director, Mike Eden
Contact: Gillian Burr 020 7586 0156
or Sandra Stecker 0207 586 2532.
Weekdays with Stephanie Sillers
0783 678 4823
13th June – Lambeth Palace, 10:30am,
donation £12 members, £14 guests
26th June - V & A - The glamour of Italian
Fashion exhibition with private talk. Donation
£20 members, £22 guests
Gentleman welcome to all events
Contact Gillian 020 7586 0156
Monday Evening Gemara (Massechet
Megilla) with Cantor Haschel. Contact
[email protected]
Tuesday Shiur with Dayan Binstock at
10.30am studying Massechet Berachot
Newcomers are very welcome. If you would
like to join the shiur, please contact Dayan
Binstock: [email protected] or
020 7289 6229.
Wednesday Ladies Shiur with Rabbi Irving
Jacobs. Contact Linda Sharpe
[email protected]
Contact Susan Kosky
[email protected] or
0203 441 9476
For calendrical purposes the Jewish
month is calculated to start at the
time of the Molad, literallly ‘birth’,
when the new moon is ‘born’.
This is the moment when the moon
becomes invisible, between the end
of the old month and the beginning
of the new. The real time varies
slightly from month to month. For
calendar calculations an average
time is used and in many
communities this time is announced
or communicated when the Blessing
of the New Month takes place. For
the month of SIVAN the Molad will
be on Thursday, 29th May at 5.22
am and 11 chalakim [One chelek =
3⅓ seconds]
After shacharit in the Steinfeld Beth
Hamidrash 5 – 10 minute textual
Parsha shiur with Rabbi Ari
Shainfield or Daf Yomi Chabura

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