Holiday Fun Blasts Off - Disney Visa Debit Card From Chase



Holiday Fun Blasts Off - Disney Visa Debit Card From Chase
Holiday Fun Blasts Off
with Disney Magic
Take off with
Star WarsTM: The
Force Awakens
Share the wonder
of the holidays at
Disney Theme Parks
Pack your sleigh
with gifts from
Disney Store
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merry and bright
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Special Edition
Star Wars:
The Force Awakens
Poster Inside
In This Issue
New! Star Wars:
The Force Awakens
In theaters December 18, 2015.
Be on board for a galactic adventure.
Pages 4 & 5
at the Disney Parks, including
the new Season of the Force.
Page 6
4.25” x 10.625”
Variable Imaging Area
Position Adjustable in the 4.25” Dimension
Dream of a Bright Christmas
Check your list twice,
then head to Disney Store and for the
perfect gifts this season.
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magic is shining and
waiting for you.
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Disney Infinity 3.0 Edition; Princess Leia
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t’s the holidays—a time of year when we
dream of reliving and sharing our brightest
childhood memories with our own kids,
and also making brand-new ones that will be
treasured through the years to come. Disney
offers so many ways for you to celebrate those
warm nostalgic feelings and enjoy great new
experiences this holiday season.
Remember the first Star Wars film you ever saw, and how it
captured your imagination? Share the same thrills with the
family as you travel together to a galaxy far, far away
when Star Wars: The Force Awakens open in theaters this
December. There are so many other ways to experience
Star Wars with your family this season too. From playing
Disney Infinity 3.0 with Star Wars characters to putting Star
Wars toys and gifts under the tree, you will be amazed!
And don’t forget, no one does the holidays quite like
Disney. Start your family celebrations at the Disney
Theme Parks by immersing yourself in the beauty, lights,
music and magic that shine everywhere you look. Or
turn your own home into a holiday fantasy with both
treasured decorations and new ones from Disney Store
Your Disney Visa® Debit Card can help you create even
more holiday memories when you use your Cardmember
savings of 10% on select merchandise purchases of $50
or more at Disney Store and to find the
perfect gift to make the holidays a time to be remembered.1
So discover a galaxy full of Disney treats and experiences
as you take off with your family memories and new
out-of-this-world fun. May your days be full of magic
and wonder.
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“By using real locations the film is much more aesthetically
similar to the original Star Wars trilogy,” Darren says.
Return to a Galaxy
Far, Far Away
“My dad took me to see the first
Star Wars film…Star Wars changed
my imagination forever…It was part
of my childhood…It was like a new
world opened up in my mind.” Listen
to any fan of the beloved Star Wars
films, and you’ll hear memories like
these. Doubtlessly, you also have
some treasured ones yourself.
In theaters
December 18, 2015
Since 1977, when Star Wars: A New Hope
took us to a galaxy far, far away, the
characters, settings and epic battles between
good and evil have fired the imaginations of
young and old. On December 18, 2015,
the saga continues with the long-awaited,
much-heralded premiere of Star Wars:
The Force Awakens.
“Star Wars has been such a huge part of
everyone’s history,” says J.J. Abrams, Director,
during a panel discussion. “It means so much
to so many people.” But that emotional
connection presented unique challenges. How
do you stay true to the original tone and spirit
of the beloved films?
Learn more at
For J.J. and the filmmaking team, the answer
lay in one word, authenticity. “From the outset,
the important thing for us was to make this
authentic,” J.J. says. “We decided not to use
as much CG animation and instead to let the
actors be on tangible, real sets interacting with
real creatures, real props, real explosions. It
looks and feels like a real world because it is.”
“J.J.’s mandate from day one was authenticity
and being as true to the original trilogy as
possible,” says Darren Gifford, Production
Designer. “J.J. wanted to reconnect with how
the original films were made, which meant
building a lot of very large sets, including
spacecraft, a big market, a blast crater and
an enormous tower, as well as creating many,
many models and matte paintings,” adds Rick
Carter, Production Designer. The two designers
even researched and used construction
techniques used on the original 1977 sets.
Creating a sense of authenticity also meant
long hours of filming on location in harsh
environments ranging from the blazing heat
of Abu Dhabi to the numbing cold of Iceland.
To create the multitude of creatures who fill the Star Wars
galaxy with their wonderful oddity, the team decided
to return to the original films’ approach, eschewing CG
animation in favor of robotic technology, which has
advanced remarkably over the years. They turned to Neil
Scanlan for his expertise in animatronics. “It is amazing to
see the craftsmanship and ingenuity behind these creatures
and how they function,” says Kathleen Kennedy, Producer
and President of Lucasfilm. “Sometimes there are as many as
five people operating one creature.”
“By using robotic creatures live on set with the actors rather
than CGI, we gave the actors real objects to interact with,”
J.J. points out. “I also believe that for anyone who grew up
with the original Star Wars films, part of the charm is that
these characters look real and alive.”
For his designs, Michael Kaplan, Costume Designer, spent
long hours at the George Lucas Archives studying sketches
to absorb the tone and style of the original costumes. Since
the new film takes place 30 years after the originals, the
characters’ apparel has changed. “But the characters all have
a certain style of dressing. I wouldn’t really be doing my job if
I redesigned them completely and put them in colors they’ve
never worn. It just wouldn’t make sense,” he says. Michael
kept the iconic look through his use of color and fabrications.
The Rebels are in natural fibers in earth tones, while the
Empire forces are in black, grey and steel blue with harder,
shinier surfaces and strong, sharp
lines. Even the Stormtroopers
have a new look, reminiscent
of their original uniforms but
updated to reflect the changes in
the galaxy over 30 years. “Overall,
you want new interesting things
to look at. You want enough
change to be there,” Michael says.
“But you also want that sense of
Of course, none of this matters quite so much if the story
itself isn’t emotionally compelling. “It was so amazing to
work with Lawrence Kasdan, who co-wrote the original films
The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi,” J.J. says.
“He always knew exactly what Han or Princess Leia would
say and how they would react…he created them!”
“We asked ourselves what felt right, what delighted us, what
was compelling. We wanted to tell a story that would feel like
a continuum of that legacy and also make us feel emotionally
connected to the characters. It is undeniably fantastic to
shoot a scene in the Millennium Falcon, but that’s not what
makes it a good scene. It’s all about what the characters
want, what creates the tension in the story.”
“Everyone brought such love and enthusiasm to the making
of this film,” J.J. concludes. “It has been a beautiful thing to
be part of it. After all, you don’t get to build a Millennium
Falcon every day.”
Awaken imaginations to a new adventure when you use
your savings of 10% on select merchandise purchases of $50
or more at Disney Store and to bring home
Star Wars: The Force Awakens merchandise.1 See you soon in
a galaxy far, far away!
Great Characters.
Great Adventures.
Join Forces.
Coming to a
Galaxy Near You!
ike the universe, the Star Wars presence at
Disney Theme Parks has been expanding since
the premiere of Star Tours at Disneyland®
Park in 1987. Today, the galaxy of Star Wars
adventures Guests can enjoy continues to grow.2
“Star Wars is such an epic journey of imagination, it offers
almost limitless possibilities for storytelling at our Theme
Parks,” says Mark Renfrow, Show Director, Walt Disney Creative
Entertainment, who crafted the original Jedi Training Academy
which debuted as part of Star Wars Weekends in 2000.
Mark recalls that when the idea of the Jedi Training Academy
was originally pitched, the team at Lucasfilm had concerns.
“At the time, this was new territory for them,” he says. “But
then they saw it in a test during a Star Wars Weekend and
the immediate response was ‘what can we do to help?’” Its
popularity grew, landing it as a permanent fixture at Disneyland®
Park in 2006, and then at Disney’s Hollywood Studios® at Walt
Disney World® Resort in 2007.
This Fall, the legendary fun continues as Guests take off for
a new Star Tours adventure inspired by Star Wars: The Force
Awakens, featuring Characters and locations from the film. In
early 2016, Guests can experience the Season of the Force!
This new seasonal event brings experiences to both coasts. In
Tomorrowland at Disneyland® Park, Guests will explore the Star
Wars galaxy with special entertainment throughout the land,
themed food locations and more. Guests also will be thrilled to
climb aboard Hyperspace Mountain, a reimagining of the classic
Space Mountain attraction, in which they will join an X-wing
Starfighter battle. At Disney’s Hollywood Studios®, Guests will
close out weekend nights with a new fireworks spectacular set
to the iconic score of the Star Wars movies.
Guests can also prove their worth as a Jedi at the new “Jedi
Training: Trials of the Temple,” which has been reimagined with
new Characters and a new villain from the popular Disney XD
series, Star Wars Rebels. “We always ask ourselves what will make
a good show. We want kids to feel like they have conquered
something greater than themselves. They are in a larger-than-life
situation, challenging and overcoming their fears to battle a super
villain. Kids are so thrilled, and parents love it, too. The looks on
their faces is what great Disney stories are all about.”
But that’s not all. Touch down at the Star Wars Launch Bay in
the Animation Courtyard at Disney’s Hollywood Studios® at Walt
Disney World® Resort and in Tomorrowland at Disneyland® Park
to see special exhibits and behind-the-scenes peeks about the
making of Star Wars: The Force Awakens.
After your visit across the galaxy, get your lightsaber trained
on some Star Wars apparel, toys or collectibles that your
universe just wouldn’t be complete without. With your
Cardmember savings of 10% off select merchandise purchases
of $50 or more at select locations at Walt Disney World® Resort
and the Disneyland® Resort, you’ll be able to find something for
everyone in your alliance.3, 4
Disney and Star Wars: 28 Adventure-filled years!
Disneyland® Disney’s Hollywood
Learn more at
Star Wars Weekend
at Disney’s
Hollywood Studios®
annual event
Jedi Training
Academy first
recruits Jedi Knights
at Disney’s
Hollywood Studios®
Star Tours—The
Adventures Continue
opens at Disney’s
Hollywood Studios® and
Disneyland® Park
2015 and
beyond: the
saga continues
with new
Star Wars
ield dual lightsabers as Ahsoka
Tano. Battle Darth Vader as Luke
Skywalker. Pilot the Millennium
Falcon and use your blaster to
bring down Stormtroopers.
Star Wars has arrived in Disney Infinity 3.0, the must-have
family video game of the year. “We are thrilled to be able
to bring the Star Wars universe to Disney Infinity in Disney
Infinity 3.0,” says Jeff Bunker, Vice President of Art
Development, Disney Infinity, Avalanche Software.
“We’re all huge fans of the Star Wars characters and
stories, so it’s been really exciting to work on this game.”
Disney Infinity 3.0, with the addition of Star Wars, offers
enhanced combat moves, improved flight and vehicle
mechanics that take aerial fights and races to new heights
and some “really cool blaster action,” according to Jeff.
“We’ve reached a whole new level of capabilities with
Disney Infinity 3.0.”
There are two ways to play Disney Infinity 3.0. In Play Set
mode, gamers can play pre-set, story-driven games with
iconic characters, locations, weapons, and more from the
Star Wars universe. Star Wars “Twilight of the Republic”
features an original story with familiar characters from the
prequel films and the animated TV series Star Wars: The
Clone Wars. “Rise Against the Empire” allows players to
experience pivotal moments and iconic characters, like Leia
Organa and Luke Skywalker, inspired by Star Wars Episodes
IV, V and VI. A Play Set for Star Wars: The Force Awakens will
also be available for the holiday season.
The Toy Box mode is where it all comes together. If mixing
and matching your favorite Disney Characters, exploring your
own unique gameplay experiences, creating your own worlds
and stories and sharing them with your friends is your thing—
the lid really comes off in Toy Box Mode. From racing and
platforming, to farming simulation games, the game has
something for everyone. All your Disney Infinity 1.0 and 2.0
characters are also playable in Toy Box 3.0, so whatever you
can imagine, you can do.
“Toy Box is the only game where characters from
different Disney films and brands can interact with each
other,” explains John Vignocchi, Vice President Production,
Disney Infinity Games. “From the beginning, we had a vision
of encouraging players to create games and share them in
Toy Box Mode. Our community loves it. We’re amazed by
what they come up with. In fact, we see things we never
would have thought of! To me, this has been one of the most
exciting aspects of Disney Infinity.”
Players can share their Toy Box creations through a variety
of venues. In addition to, a Toy Box TV
webcast airs weekly on YouTube, and fans can connect
on Twitch.TV/Disney, a one-hour, in-depth show with
livestreamed gameplay.
“I am so proud of how the Disney Infinity community has
evolved,” John says. “But even more than that, I’m proud
that we have developed a game kids and parents love to play
together. Disney Infinity is truly an interactive video game
that creates family memories.”
And now you can have a little piece of the Force with
an exclusive download for Cardmembers. See page 19
for more details.
© & TM Lucasfilm Ltd.
Give Santa a
Helping Hand
t’s time to start writing letters to Santa. But everyone knows how
busy the jolly old elf can be during the holidays, so we’ve made our own
list (and checked it twice) of great gifts from Disney Store and
Remember to use your Cardmember savings of 10% on select merchandise purchases
of $50 or more at Disney Store and to find the perfect gift for everyone on your list.1
Give Galaxies of Adventure
Send imaginations into orbit on Christmas
morning with Star Wars apparel and toys.
Earn wows when the gift wrap comes off
a Darth Vader costume complete with
light-up features. Hear the voices of good
and evil with talking action figures. Battle
the Force with lightsabers. And let the saga
unfold with the Elite Series of beautifully
crafted die-cast action figures from all
seven episodes.
Get the Day Off to a Roaring Start
Disney•Pixar’s The Good Dinosaur inspires an epic
selection of gifts this holiday season. Bundle up
with hats, gloves and fleece jackets, including one
with a dinosaur-shaped hood. Get into character
with the Arlo costume. Or let your imagination
take you to a different world with The Good
Dinosaur action figures, including Arlo and Spot.
Light Up Royal Dreams
Travel to Arendelle
Send someone’s imagination on an
enchanting trip to Arendelle with a
magical assortment of gifts and toys
featuring Anna, Elsa and their friends.
Your little one will play for hours with
the Arendelle Castle Playset or Elsa
Ice Castle with Sled Playset. And the
Elsa and Anna Animator Dolls will become warmly treasured
friends and playmates for years to come.
Treat a Friend or Co-worker
Fill a whimsical Disney Character mug with
peppermint sticks, chocolates or someone’s
favorite tea. They’ll think of you with every sip.
Ornaments make charming gifts too, and there are
so many choices! Choose from new Frozen or Star
Wars ornaments. Or select a Disney classic from
the Sketchbook Collection. Be sure to treat your
family to some new ornaments for your tree.
Deck Your Halls with Disney Magic
Being a princess has never been more sparkly. Watch
someone’s eyes light up when they unwrap a beautiful
Cinderella or Belle costume with motion-activated twinkle
lights. Give a magical best friend hours of imaginative play
with deluxe Ariel and Rapunzel dolls. They play music, and
Rapunzel’s hair even lights up.
Don’t forget to treat your home to some bright new
decorating touches for the holidays, too. Add a colorful tree
skirt, give everyone in the family an ornament from their
favorite Disney friend to add on the tree
and hang cheerful stockings from the
mantel to entice Santa!
Share the Joy
But that’s just the tip of the stocking.
From Mickey and Minnie to Miles from
Tomorrowland, from Woody and Buzz
to Tinker Bell, you’ll find slippers, PJs,
toys and décor to help Santa stuff
those stockings and bring a smile to
the faces you love this holiday season.
Santa will thank you!
Take a break from the bustle to
sip cocoa from a Disney Character
mug. Give everyone a blanket
bundle complete with adorable
plush for snuggling. Then cuddle
up to share the humor and emotion
of Disney•Pixar’s Inside Out as you
cheer for Joy and all the emotions.
Learn more at
Discover Dinosaurs
as Never Before
rom ferocious carnivores to
peaceful plant-eaters, dinosaurs
capture our imaginations from
the time we’re young. This
Thanksgiving, Disney•Pixar’s The
Good Dinosaur takes us into a stunning
world of dinosaurs we’ve never seen
before…where they never became extinct.
The epic new animated comedy adventure revolves
around a rather timid apatosaurus named Arlo
(voiced by Raymond Ochoa) who becomes friends
with a human named Spot (voiced by Jack Bright).
Through their unlikely friendship, Arlo learns to
confront his fears and discover his true potential.
“Arlo is the runt of his litter. He has a lot of issues,
including the fact that he’s afraid of the world,”
says Director Peter Sohn. “It takes Spot to help Arlo
deal with his fears. It’s like a classic story about the
bond between a boy and his dog, only in this case
it’s about a dinosaur and his human. We had a lot of
fun with everything that implies.”
But how do you establish a bond between two
such different characters, especially when only one
of them speaks? Arlo can verbalize his feelings in
language, but Spot can only vocalize—much like
our pets vocalize to communicate.
“Spot presented some challenges because he
didn’t speak, but it’s actually one of the most fun
things about the film,” Peter says. “There is a lot of
miscommunication and gesturing. It’s very funny
and sometimes quite emotional. One of my favorite
scenes in the film comes when Arlo and Spot
discover that they’ve both lost parents. They arrange
sticks to represent their families, then knock over
the sticks representing those who have died. It’s a
beautifully animated scene, which ends with the two
characters howling mournfully at the sky.”
“Animation is about using gesture and movement
instead of depending on language to express
emotion,” says Peter. He came to that realization
at a young age. “My parents didn’t speak English,”
he explains, “but my mom loved Disney animated
films. We would watch them together, and I would
translate for her. Then, one time we were watching
the scene in Walt Disney’s Dumbo when Mrs.
Jumbo reaches her trunk through the bars
of the window in her jail wagon to cradle Dumbo.
I glanced at my mom and she was crying. I
realized then that I wanted to learn as much as
I could about how to tell a story and convey
emotion in such a powerful way.”
In theaters
November 25, 2015
“Storytelling is all about connecting with an
audience,” Peter believes. “And the theme
of Disney•Pixar’s The Good Dinosaur is about
connecting with others who can help you work
through your fears and grow. There’s something
magical in watching these two very different
characters learn to understand and help each other.”
Make your own connection with Arlo and Spot
when you share Disney•Pixar’s The Good Dinosaur
with your family. Then take advantage of your
Cardmember savings of 10% on select merchandise
purchases of $50 or more at Disney Store or and connect with great gifts to
put dino fun under the tree.1 After all, you don’t
need words to make someone’s smile light up this
holiday season.
Learn more at
Peer Through Windows of Magic
emember pressing your nose against a
store window to gaze at the holiday
delights just beyond the glass? Perhaps
you saw a toy you dreamed of getting
from Santa or watched mesmerized as a toy
train chugged around a miniature version of
Santa’s village. of my favorite parts of my job. I love how it takes me back
in time.”
The creative teams of the Disney Theme Parks know all about
capturing that sense of wonder in the windows they create
for Guests’ viewing pleasure during the holiday season.2
This year, Dawn is especially excited about six new
animated windows coming to the Disney Emporium on Main
Street, U.S.A. at Disneyland® Park in time for the holidays.
“They are the most intricate and complex windows we’ve
ever created,” she says. “The scenes will actually change.
For instance, we’ll see Peter Pan teaching Wendy and her
brothers how to fly, then watch them soar over London. It’s
beautiful. In the Cinderella window, Guests will see the Fairy
Godmother transform Cinderella, and then watch the scene
evolve to the Royal Ballroom.”
“The windows may not be as big as a 50-foot Christmas
tree,” says Dawn Keehne, Manager Resort Enhancement at
the Disneyland® Resort, “but they add a lot to the emotion
Guests feel while they’re in the Park. Imagine Main Street,
U.S.A. or Buena Vista Street with empty or boring windows.
It would be a bit like a film without a score or soundtrack.”
Every window tells a story. “On Main Street, U.S.A., we’re
telling a story about a small town like Walt Disney’s childhood
home, Marceline, Missouri, in the late 1890s. On Buena
Vista Street in Disney California Adventure® Park the era is
1920s and 30s Los Angeles. We want the windows to look
authentic—as though we are showing what was available for
shop owners in those periods to put out on display.”
That can present some challenges when the merchandise
or the latest film is contemporary. How do you combine
Character merchandise inspired by Miles from Tomorrowland
with a Victorian-era window, for example? “We partner
with many teams throughout the company,” explains Dawn.
“And we go through a lot of concepts.”
“It’s up to us to blend Character merchandise with the right
feel for the location and whatever season or occasion we’re
celebrating. It all has to work together to tell one story.”
After concepts are approved, designs are hand-rendered.
Then finding or fabricating props and décor begins.
“For instance, for windows on Buena Vista Street, we
look for artifacts from the 20s like games, toys, perfume
and cosmetics, and original packaging we could use as
inspiration,” Dawn explains. “Finding those treasures is one
Learn more at
So stop and gaze and dream a bit. But why just look?
Head inside and treat yourself to something special using
your Cardmember savings of 10% off select merchandise
purchases of $50 or more at select locations at the
Disneyland® Resort.4
The windows have been in development for over a year,
involving animation artists, Walt Disney Imagineers,
costume and set designers, sculptors, carpenters and more.
“It’s a huge collaboration,” Dawn says. Once everything is
ready, the windows are installed overnight. “We want to make
a big impact for Guests. One day it’s not there—then the next
day it is—just as if we have sort of magical window wands,”
says Melanie Singleton, Merchandise Presentation Area
Manager, Magic Kingdom® Park at Walt Disney World® Resort.
It’s not always as easy as waving a wand, however. Dawn
recalls one worker getting stuck in a window in the World of
Disney® Store at Downtown Disney® District “The window is
very shallow, so there’s not much room to move, and it was
full of props. A co-worker’s belt got hung up. Watching him
wiggle out was pretty funny. Luckily, he thought so, too!”
Even the occasional “hang-ups” are worth it, according to
Melanie. “I love watching Guests taking pictures in front of
the windows I’ve helped work on,” she says. “Every night
our closing Cast Members tell us they see hundreds of little
hand and finger prints on the glass. That’s when we know
we’ve done our job right.”
On with the Show!
Lights, Music, Magic!
he holidays at Walt Disney
World® Resort are full of
memory-making moments.
While you’re enjoying the
festivities, be sure to take in two
unique holiday shows that deliver as
much winter magic as Queen Elsa and
as many ho-ho-hos as Santa himself.
Watch Cinderella Castle transform into a
wintery wonder in “A Frozen Holiday Wish”
at Magic Kingdom® Park at Walt Disney World®
Resort. “Anna, Elsa, Kristoff and Olaf have
journeyed to a magical kingdom to see how
everyone there celebrates the holidays,”
explains James Silson, Show Director, Walt
Disney Creative Entertainment. “They realize
something is missing—ice and snow—so
Elsa uses her icy magic to transform
Cinderella Castle.”
As the music swells, Elsa sings out “Let It Go,”
raises her arms and Guests see magic actually
flowing from her fingers and circling around the
Castle to transform it into a glittering vision
of brilliant icy lights. “It’s truly a magical
experience,” James says. “You can’t help but
get a goosebumpy feeling watching it!”
“It’s fun for me to be in the audience
observing our Guests,” says James.
“Everyone wants to watch Elsa perform her
magic. When they see it actually flowing
from her fingers, Guests are awe-inspired.”
The show is performed twice nightly during the
holiday season. Is there a “best place” to view
it? We asked James. “Personally, I like to see the
magic transform the entire Castle, so I prefer
to stand back a ways,” he says. “But of course,
the closer you are to the stage, the closer you
are to the Characters, and some Guests
really love that. Either way, it’s magical, and
the recently expanded Castle hub offers great
viewing wherever you are.”
You can make wishes come true after the show
too with your Cardmember savings of 10% off
select merchandise purchases of $50 or more
at select locations at Magic Kingdom® Park,
to bring home costumes, apparel and accessories
featuring your Frozen friends that will keep the
magic shining long after the show is over.4
A totally different take on the holidays is
wrapped up like a gift for Guests with “A
Totally Tomorrowland Christmas,” a 17-minute
variety-style show performed live at the
Rockettower Plaza Stage in Tomorrowland.
The show opens November 8 during Mickey’s
Very Merry Christmas Party and is presented
exclusively on party nights through December
18. After that, you can catch it daily throughout
the rest of the holiday season.
Hosted by a lovely, vivacious singer named
Haley Comet, Buzz Lightyear, Mike Wazowski
and Stitch herald the holidays with the sound
of laughter. Haley gives Stitch, who appears
in animation on an enormous screen, an
assignment to track down Santa Claus and
bring him to the show. But apparently Stitch
has no clue who Santa is. With the help of
the audience, and rollicking musical numbers
performed by Buzz and Mike, Stitch eventually
understands the meaning of Santa and the
season. But since he can’t locate the jolly old
elf, in the grand finale, the little alien appears
on stage dressed as Santa.
“It’s rare to see these particular Characters
performing,” says Denise Case, Show Director,
Walt Disney Creative Entertainment. “It’s also
unique in that we don’t have a lot of shows
where we can show the Characters on
screen, and it’s a lot of fun to see Stitch
interacting with Haley. We created new
animation for Stitch that Guests won’t see
anywhere else. His interactions with Haley
and the audience are super cute. I love that
Stitch eventually understands the meaning
of Santa and the season. It’s about friends,
traditions and family. And that’s at the heart
of everything we do.”
Make More
Merry Memories
Mickey’s Very Merry
Christmas Party
at Magic Kingdom® Park
Select evenings
Nov. 8–Dec. 18, 2015
Holidays Around the
World Featuring
Candlelight Processional
at Epcot®
Nov. 27–Dec. 30, 2015
The Osborne Family
Spectacle of
Dancing Lights
at Disney’s Hollywood Studios®
Nov. 6, 2015–Jan. 3, 2016
Holidays at
Disney SpringsTM
at Disney SpringsTM
Nov. 13–Dec. 30, 2015
Learn more about the
happy holiday happenings at
Learn more at
Merchandise Savings at Disney Store: 10% off Restrictions: Offer valid only at
Disney Store and Disney Baby Store retail locations in the U.S. or orders placed online at A $50 minimum pre-tax single transaction purchase is required to receive
discount. Offer excludes Shipping & Handling, Theme Park Passes, Disney INFINITY, Disney
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cards or certificates, Disney Dollars, The Walt Disney Company Collectible Shareholder
Certificate, 3-D printed merchandise, Subscription products, Playmation, personalization, gift
wrap and gift boxes and items not in stock. Not valid on purchases at The Disney Studio
Store Hollywood & Ghirardelli Soda Fountain Shop. World of Disney® locations are not
operated by Disney Store and this offer is not valid at World of Disney® locations. Cannot
be combined with other discounts. No adjustments to prior purchases. Prices subject to
change without notice. Products subject to availability. Payment with valid Disney Visa Card
and/or Disney Rewards Redemption Card is required. Promotion Code may not be redeemed
for cash, sold, or altered. Internet distribution strictly prohibited. Use of offer or Promotion
Code DRVCMEMBER constitutes acceptance of these offer terms. Offer may be canceled or
modified at any time. Void where prohibited. Chase is not responsible or liable for fulfillment
of this offer.
Disneyland® Resort: Attractions and entertainment may be seasonal and are subject to
change without notice.
Disney Theme Park Perks: Offers and offer elements including, but not limited to,
participating locations, are subject to availability and additional restrictions, and may change
or be canceled without notice. Must use a valid Disney Visa Card and/or Disney Rewards
Redemption Card to receive special offers. Merchandise discount may not be available
for certain items and at certain locations including Disneyland® Resort and Walt Disney
World® Resort Operating Participant locations and any other locations or kiosks that are not
owned and operated by the owners of the Walt Disney World® Resort and the Disneyland®
Resort. To receive a merchandise discount, you must mention the specific offer. For entry
into the Disney Character Meet ‘N’ Greet Photo Opportunity, must present your valid Disney
Visa Debit Card. Not valid in combination with other offers, discounts, promotions or with
any previous purchase. Minimum purchase and/or separate admission may be required.
Offers are for personal use only and may not be transferred or resold. Please visit for full terms and conditions for each offer. Chase is not responsible
or liable for fulfillment of these Disney Theme Park perks.
Merchandise Savings at Disney Parks: A $50 minimum pre-tax single transaction
merchandise purchase is required to receive discount. Must use your valid Disney Visa Card
and/or Disney Rewards Redemption Card as payment form and mention this offer. Discount is
not valid on previous purchases or on purchases of ticket media, gift certificates, Disney Gift
Cards, Park Admission, Arcades, Disney Dollars, tobacco, alcohol, Outdoor Vending (e.g., in-Park
balloon vendors, glow vendors), Add-a-Dollar (Wildlife Conservation Fund), postage stamps,
rentals (e.g., strollers, ECV), personalization including D-Tech Me figures, Disney PhotoPass®
online purchases and Memory Maker, framed Disney Dollars, Artist Sketch Program, original
101 Dalmatians
Mickey & Crew
Visit your local Chase branch or call 1-877-388-5726
for more information about changing your card design.5
Learn more at
Card Designs: Card designs are subject to availability and may change without notice.
Disney Infinity Offer: Offer valid through January 31, 2016. Offer valid only in Disney Infinity
(3.0 Edition) on the PC or mobile device. Disney Infinity interactive gaming platform is available
now on the following consoles: PS3™, PS4™, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and Wii™. You can download
Disney Infinity for free on your mobile devices beginning November 2015.
Disney Music Emporium Offer: 15% discount (excluding shipping & handling) on any item
sold at Offer is executed via offering a discount promotional code.
Promo Code is made up of the word DME plus the first four digits of your Disney Visa Card.
Code is used on the checkout when buying any product at the Disney Music Emporium store.
International orders are available in 63 countries and are subject to additional taxes and S&H
fees that will be calculated at checkout. Offer limited to one per purchase. Offer not valid with
other offers. Non-transferable or redeemable for other goods or services. Non-refundable.
While supplies last. Offer valid from November 1, 2015 to December 31, 2015.
Cardmember Offers: Offers made by Disney. JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A. and its affiliates
are not affiliates of Disney and are not responsible for offer fulfillment.
© 2015 JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A. Member FDIC
Star Tours® is a registered trademark of Disney/Lucasfilm, Ltd.
SM, © Disney © Disney/Pixar © & TM Lucasfilm Ltd.
year-round Cardmember perks.
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Visit to learn about your
Show your love for Disney
with your favorite card design.
or consignment art, select limited editions, select specialty items, purchase-with-purchase
offers, newspapers/periodicals, videos, DVDs, CDs, sundries, pantry/prepared foods,
digital/video/disposable cameras, film, consumer electronics, Titleist® and Cobra® golf
equipment, National branded fragrances, treatments and cosmetics, Armani, Hummel,
Swarovski® Crystal, Walt Disney Classics Collection, select collectibles, handmade items,
special orders, Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique and Pirate League packages (at Walt Disney
World® Resort), phone, email or mail order purchases, shipping or taxes or Authentic
Hawaiian Collectibles. Discount does not apply at the following locations at Disneyland®
Resort: Midway Games, Fairytale Arts, Jewel of Orleans, Silhouette Studio, Portrait Artists,
Parasol Cart, Heraldry Shop, Crystal Shops (Crystal Arts and Cristal d’Orleans), face painting
locations, or at any Downtown Disney® District location other than World of Disney® Store,
D Street, Disney Vault 28, WonderGround Gallery, Marceline’s Confectionery, Disney’s Pin
Traders and Anna & Elsa’s Boutique. Discount is not available at Cast Connection, Disney’s
Character Premiere, Disney’s Character Warehouse or Walt Disney World® Resort Operating
Participant locations and any other locations or kiosks that are not owned and operated by the
owners of the Walt Disney World® Resort, except for Basin®, Basin White®, Chapel Hats, and
kidsHeritage. Offer and offer elements including, but not limited to, participating locations and
items, are subject to availability and additional restrictions, and may change or be canceled
without notice. Not valid in combination with other offers, discounts or promotions. Separate
admission may be required. Discount is for personal use only and may not be transferred or
used to purchase merchandise with the intent to resell the merchandise.
Free Digital Gift!
Get 15% Off Purchases
Star Wars™ Character Download
for Princess Leia in Disney Infinity 3.0
on your PC or mobile device.6
Enter the Star Wars galaxy to create stories
and play experiences like never before
with Disney Infinity 3.0 Edition. As a
Cardmember, you can receive a free digital
Leia Organa Character for the PC or mobile
version of the game for a limited time.
including the Star Wars: The
Force Awakens Soundtrack
by legendary, five-time
Academy Award® winning
composer John Williams.7
Cover Not Final
Disney Infinity 3.0 Edition;
Princess Leia
How to redeem:
•Download the game for free
(contains in-app purchases)
or on your mobile device
Simply use your Disney Visa® Debit Card
today and enter the promo code
to redeem this offer.
Promo Code: DME + first four digits
of your Disney Visa Debit Card
Offer valid through December 31, 2015.
•Launch the game and log in to your Disney account
•Click the “Web Code” icon, found in the main menu
on mobile devices or in “My Collection” on the PC
•Enter code: VISAVIP
Offer valid through January 31, 2016.
Learn more at

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