Anna-Lena Laurin Swedish Composer



Anna-Lena Laurin Swedish Composer
About The Painter
together with jazz trumpet soloist
Anders Bergcrantz
”He tells it with hiss whole character; that he is good tremendously good. One of the absolute best! It is enormously delicate!” “Together all the musicians create an
entirety of classical contemporary music and jazz”
Anna Wallentin, Västerbottens Folkblad
About Iphigenia
...My old friend Anders and I have been playing and
recording music for years, he is one of the top trumpet
players in the world today, to have him with me both
playing together in Anna-Lena’s brilliant composition
was one of the highest moments in my musical life”.
Professor Richard Alan Beirach
“Excellent, wonderful and amazing”
Lage Olsson, Barometern
About Concerto for flute strings and harp
Nominated for The Swedish Music Publishers Association’s Annual Music
Publisher’s Award 2011
Laurin’s composition touches and calls for emotions, and the audience embraced with long applause.”
Lena Svensson Ölandsbladet
Swedish Composer
Anna-Lena Laurin
“Alongside of Hartmann’s Concertino provided Anna-Lena Laurin’s Colours
the best total impression. Here in duet, played Håkan Hardenberger and
Ingrid Jensen as soloists.” A convincing performance together with Swedish
Wind Ensemble.
Lars Hedblad Svenska Dagbladet
About Iphigenia
”Anna-Lena has a great mind, she writes brilliant melodic ideas, interesting
rhythms, great voicings and she’s got a gigantic heart”
Professor Richard Alan Beirach
About Piece from the silence
”The music is alive in every moment, exciting, easy to approach and extremely
Sven Bjerstedt, Kristianstadbladet. Grade: ****
About Shards of time
“..immediately accessible with capacity to grow in every listening moment”.
Per Björck, Hallandsposten
About String Quartet No 1
“The String quartet spellbinds with emotionally ultra intense lines ”
Ulf Gustavsson Uppsala Nya Tidning Grade 4
About Hope
“Anna-Lena is a master at writing for strings”
“Top of the bill for the evening was Laurin’s Hope; colorful, vibrant, and to me
particularly memorable for its sparkling gorgeous third movement.”
”The highlight of the evening was, however, Anna-Lena Laurin’s Hope... and as
usual when Laurin has composed something, it is, of course, very, very good.
Particularly her technique of integrating the strings with the jazz quartet in a
way that almost completely eliminates the tacked-on effect that you often find
in the “jazz-meets- classical genre.”
“It’s great to find a contemporary composer with the pluck to write pieces that
are tuneful and easy on the ear!”
Blekinge Läns Tidning
From fans:
“Thank you for fantastic music! What a painting in music and simultaneously
so sensitive that it almost hurts. You are a master!”
“You are incomparable! Simply the best.”
”..for me it belongs to the most beautiful chamber music works of our time.”
“You have created something completely new.”
“All in all I got my hope back to contemporary orchestral music.”
+46 413 54 21 41, mobile + 46 707 18 92 92 [email protected]
+46 709 42 99 24 [email protected]
Anders Bergcrantz
"Anna-Lena's piece for orchestra and piano and
trumpet, Iphigenia is a new fresh masterpiece for
the repertoire".
"It breaks boundaries without compromising any
known musical values…"
Professor Richard Alan Beirach
Selected Works
Year and Title
First performance
and CD/Radio/TV
Selected Works
Year and Title
First performance
and CD/Radio/TV
Gud är inte stum 2012
March 8th Medborgarhuset Eslöv
Exit 2009
8 minutes
For 2 marimba, 4 percussion and vocal soloist.
Anna-Lena Laurin voc.
Students from percussion class
June 27th 2009 Båstad Chamber
Music Festival
The Painter 2009 (2*22*2* 4231 11 str.) 43 minutes
October 28th 2010 Umeå Int. Jazz
Radio recording.
CD recording January 2012.
The roaring Waves of Faro 2008
9 minutes
For violin, cello, vibraphone, double bass
More Open Contemporary Ensemble
October 31st 2011 Palladium
Malmö Sweden
Hope 2008
26 minutes
For string Orchestra, jazz trumpet and rhythm section. Anders Bergcrantz tr, Jacob Karlzon pi,
Musica Vitae.
Commissioned by Musica Vitae
October 3rd 2008 Helsingborg
Dunkers Kulturhus
Radio recording
Autumn Fields 2007
6 minutes
For violin and piano.
Swedish Duo On request from Swedish Duo
October 21st 2007
Swedish Jazz & Klassik Tage
Tübingen Germany
Fanfar till Wanås 2007
4 minutes
For 3 trumpets1 trombone, 2 percussion
Students from Malmö music conservatory.
Commissioned by Musik i Syd
May 13th 2007 to celebrate
20th Anniversary of Wanås
Precious Dreams 2007
30 minutes
For solo trumpet, flute, alto saxophone, clarinet, tenor saxophone, trumpet, piano, double bass, drums
Anders Bergcrantz tr
Commissioned by Kultur i Natur & Musik i Syd
August 2007 Odensjön to
celebrate the15th Anniversary
of Kultur i Natur
Piece from the silence 2006 August 11th 2006
Eslöv Medborgarhuset
Vanguard Music Boulevard
For piano and mezzo soprano
Lyrics by Björn Ranelid
Francisca Skoogh pi.
Mezzo soprano Maria Carlsson
Commissioned by Eslövs Kommun
8 minutes
Persephone 2011 (2*22*2* 4231 11 str.) 32 minutes
September 16th 2012
Helsingborgs concert hall
Agamemnon 2011
January 29th 2012 Karlshamn
For symphony orchestra and jazz group Helsingborg’s symphony orchestra
Cond. Andrew Manze
Organic Vibes
Commissioned by Organic Vibes
For 5 percussion
Professor Lennart Gruvstedt with students
from Malmö Music Conservatory
9 minutes
Danse joyeux de la 7 minutes
ville blanche 2011
April 29th 2012
Womens Club Glenridge
New Jersey, USA
Autumn Fields version 6 minutes
for String Orchestra 2011 April 21st 2011
Bockenheimer Depot
Frankfurt, Germany
For viola and piano
Brett Deubner vla
Amanda Harberg pi
Originally composed 2007
Roma und Sinti Kammerphilharmoniker
Bela Nagy vl
cond. Riccardo M Sahito
Commissioned by Roma und
Sinti Kammerphilharmoniker
Anna-Lena Laurin
Anna-Lena Laurin started her professional career as a pianist
and vocalist. Nowadays she works exclusively as a composer.
Laurin compose complex orchestral music with strong melodic
and rhythmical components. Her music is recognized by a
dark soulful as well as a light lyrical/romantic tonality. AnnaLena Laurin has have commissions from Royal Stockholm
Philharmonic Orchestra, which had its world premiere on
Swedish National Television within a composer portrait of her
with the same name as the work, Iphigenia. She has also written
for/worked with Håkan Hardenberger, Anders Bergcrantz,
Thomas Søndergård, Jonathan Shiffman, Fredrik Malmberg
and Vox Nova, The Symphony orchestra at Norrlandsoperan,
Musica Vitae, Camerata Nordica, Terje Tønnesen, Magnus
Båge, Roma und Sinti Kammer Philharmoniker, Mats Rondin,
the Symphony Orchestra at Malmö Opera, Jacob Karlzon, string
quartets, chamber orchestras, duos, trios etc. The reception of
her music is tremendous and among others Swedish Queen
Silvia has expressed her appreciation for Laurin’s production
Sång till mormor. Laurin’s Concerto for flute, strings and harp (2009)
was Nominated for The Swedish Music Publishers Association’s
Annual Music Publisher’s Award 2011.
Colours Version 21 minutes
for wind Ensemble 2010
January 16th 2011
Stockholm Concert Hall
Radio recording.
Dual Quest II 2010
7 minutes
For flute and piano Claes Wahlroth fl, Linda Dahl Laursen pi
Commissioned by Eslövs Kommun
August 15th 2010
Musik på Trollenäs
Dual Quest I 2010
7 minutes
For violin and piano.
Martin Sturfält pi, Björn Kleiman vl
July 2nd 2010 Villa san Michele
Anacapri Italy
Where the sun rises 2010
8 minuter
For 2 marimba, vibraphone, xylophone, 2 percussion.
Professor Li Biao’s students at
Musikhochschule Hanns Eisler
On request from percussionist Li Biao
January 23rd 2011 Hochschule für
musik Hanns Eisler
Berlin Geramany
Shards of Time 2010
9 minutes
For solo piano Martin Sturfält
Commissioned by Eslövs Kommun
Villa San Michele
July 2nd 2010 Anacapri Italy
Iphigenia 2009 (3*3*3*3* 4331 13 1 str.) 41 minutes
April 20th 2011 Stockholm Concert hall
World premiere also broadcast
in a TV-portrait at SVT
Swedish National Television
Radio Recording
Suite from Colours 1997 Håkan Hardenberger tr and cond.
Ingrid Jensen tr
Originally composed 1997
Commissioned by Swedish Wind Ensemble
For Symphony Orchestra and two improvising soloists.
Anders Bergcrantz tr, Richie Beirach pi
Cond. Thomas Søndergård Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra
Commissioned by Royal Stockholm
Philharmonic Orchestra (RSPO)
Concerto for flute, strings 21 minutes
and harp 2009
Magnus Båge fl, Ingrid Lindskog harp
Camerata Nordica
Cond. Terje Tønnesen
Commissioned by Musiki Syd
and Camerata Nordica
For symphony orchestra, trumpet and rhythm section. The Symphony orchestra at Norrlandsoperan
Anders Bergcrantz tr
Cond. Per-Otto Johansson
Commissioned by The Symphony Orchestra
at Norrlandsoperan
34 minutes
(2*22*2* 422 12 1 str.)
The symphony orchestra at Malmö Opera
Cond. Per- Otto Johansson
Commissioned by Musik i Syd & Eslövs Kommun
String Quartet No 1 2003-04
23 minutes
June 19th 2004 Eslöv
The Aniara Quartet
Commissioned by Eslövs Kommun
CD VMBCD105 Vanguard Music Boulevard
Radio recording
Colours 1997
57 minutes
Trumpet concert special composed for Håkan Hardenberger and Anders Bergcrantz, chamber choir after request from Mr Hardenberger.
Håkan Hardenberger tr, Anders Bergcrantz tr
Cond. Dan- Olof Stenlund
Commissioned by Musik i Syd
When black turns white 1997 For trumpet and piano
Introduction Dance in Music 1994
January 15:th 2011
To celebrate the city of Eslöv
100 years anniversary.
Radio recording, CD-recording
not yet released.
July 4th 1999 Musik i Kullabygden
Krapperupps slott
Radio recording
6 minutes
2 minutes
For trumpet and piano
Anders Bergcrantz tr, Anna-Lena Laurin pi.
DRCD262 Dragon Records
Photos: Michael De Pasquale, Goran James Djordjevic

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