lost angels - Foothills Festival



lost angels - Foothills Festival
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JOHN CORABI has been writing, singing, and performing
for over twenty years, and his recordings continually
foreshadow where the industry is headed.
John first came to our attention with a band
called Angora. Unfortunately, the band soon fell apart
after winning several awards, including “Best New Club
Act.” John quickly rebounded, and formed The Scream.
The Scream album took off, and featured three singles;
“Man In The Moon”, “I Believe In Me”, and the reflective
ballad “Father, Mother, Son.” All of which saw airplay on
MTV. After several months of writing sessions John
Corabi joined Mötley Crüe. The self titled album
went platinum in the States, and enjoyed much bigger
success elsewhere around the world. After 5 years in
Motley, it would be time for Corabi to move on.
John partnered up with long time KISS guitarist, Bruce
Kulick to form UNION and wrote songs like “Old Man Wise”, “Love I Don’t Need It Anymore”,
and “October Morning Wind”. Union found itself winning the Metal Edge magazine reader’s
poll award for best new band of 1998. One review even stated that “October Morning Wind”
was the song that Led Zeppelin never got to release. The Union sound would have fit perfectly
next to Nickelback or 3 Doors Down, but radio hadn’t yet discovered those bands. Again, John
Corabi found himself ahead of the curve, too far ahead for much of the industry.
John Corabi has since kept busy playing with an all star cover band called the Lost Angels,
featuring former ALICE COOPER guitarist Eric Dover, drummer Troy Patrick Farrell of WHITE
LION, and newcomer (2012) Eric Brittingham (CINDERELLA) on bass.
John, residing in Nashville, is also hard at work on a new project of his own, as well as writing
songs for several other artists and will be releasing a new album on UNIVERSAL RECORDS as
well as a solo tour in the Fall of 2012 in Europe, the USA will follow in early 2013.
ERIC DOVER is an American musician, guitarist and
singer, most notably with Jellyfish, Slash's Snakepit,
and Alice Cooper.
Dover began playing guitar when he was 11 years
old. He started playing around town wherever he
could. He shared the stage with Kim Boyce and was
in the group The Extras with drummer Scott Collier
in the mid-1980s. The core of that band split off to
form the outfit Love Bang in 1991.They were signed
to a development deal by Ardent Studios in
Memphis and recorded for them for the next two
years. Love Bang's album, The Rule of 72's, was just
released March 26, 2009 and is available on iTunes.
In 1993 he joined Jellyfish on tour after the release
of “Spilt Milk”. The group disbanded in 1994 and
Dover joined band mate Roger Manning in the
group Doverman. Dover and Manning have
cameos as part of Davy Jones' band in the 1995 The
Brady Bunch Movie.
Before Doverman went into the studio, Dover
auditioned as lead vocalist for the first solo album by Slash of Guns N' Roses. Landing the gig,
he recorded vocals on Slash's Snakepit album It's Five O'Clock Somewhere before rejoining
Manning in the what would now be called Imperial Drag.
After Imperial Drag broke up in 1997, Dover appeared on several albums as a session musician
before joining Alice Cooper's band for the Brutal Planet tour in 2001. He played on
2001's Dragontown and is co-credited with Alice Cooper and fellow guitarist Ryan Roxie on
most of the tracks of the 2003 album The Eyes of Alice Cooper. He left the band following the
tour for The Eyes of Alice Cooper. Dover went on to frequently appear with other members of
Cooper's band as Glamnation.
Currently, Dover fronts a group named Sextus and has adopted a moniker of the same name.
The debut album Stranger Than Fiction was released by Sextus on March 18, 2008 on
Dramapants Records.
ERIC BRITTINGHAM is most notably know as one of the
founding members of Philly’s CINDERELLA back in the
very early 1980’s. The band has sustained 3 decades
with 3 Top 20 hit albums, a fourth in the top 200,
countless Top 10, 20 and 40 hit singles and has sold
over 12 Million Albums worldwide.
In addition to Cinderella, Eric occasionally moonlights
in his band with fellow member Jeff LaBar in what is
Currently living in Nashville, Eric keeps his chops up by
performing acoustic shows around town when
Cinderella takes time off the road.
TROY PATRICK FARRELL is a current and active
member of White Lion and has been founding
member Mike Tramp’s drummer since 2001.
When White Lion is on Hiatus, Troy does
freelance studio work as well as live shows
with many other bands. He is currently a new
member of former GUNS N’ ROSES member
Troy has done nearly 12 National Tours and 7
International tours. This includes all of North
America , South America as well as many
SWEDEN, ITALY and more.
Farrell has also played with: CC Deville of
Poison performing Samantha 7 songs, Jani
Lane of Warrant (solo tour 2008), Mick Sweda
of the BulletBoys, Dizzy Reed of Guns N
Roses, Pretty Boy Floyd & Gene Loves
Jezebel and more.
In addition to recording White Lion’s Double Live Album “Rocking in the USA”, you can find
Troy on White Lion’s EXTENDED VERSIONS LIVE, 2008’s Return of the Pride and many Tribute
Compilations for Versailles Records.
In 2008, White Lion released BANG YOUR HEAD 2005 Live DVD from Germany for an audience
of 32000 people.