Fuzhou April 2016



Fuzhou April 2016
Fuzhou Social Welfare Institute
Amity Report April 2016
Altrusa International of Longview-Kelso Foundation
working together with Amity Foundation in China
Director: Zhou Ling
Institute Vice Director:
Zhou Youping
Head of Children’s Dept.:
Fu Suhua
Altrusa Foundation, working together with Amity Foundation in China, is
providing foster care support for four children. Another 40 are in foster
care funded by the institute and about 80 live at the institute, most have
cerebral palsy or a cognitive disability. Altrusa also supports two Hugging
Grannies to help enrich the childrens’ lives.
The institute has a Rehabilitation Center that serves the Fuzhou
orphanage children and also children from nearby orphanages. There are
about 100 children receiving rehabilitation services such as physical
therapy and language and cognitive therapy.
Total Number of Children
at Institute: 124
Fuzhou SWI
No. 1688 Wenchang Ave.
Jiangxi Province
[email protected]
From left: Director Fu Suhua, Amity rep Ms. Luo, Qiu Muhua.
Fuzhou Social Welfare Institute
Amity Report April 2016
page 2
Hugging Grannies
Du Zaoling works in the rehabilitation
building. Sometimes the children cry
when they are receiving treatment,
and Grandma Du always comforts and
encourages them. The rehabilitation
therapist has a day off on Fridays, so
the children don’t have to do
rehabilitation, so the Grandmas play
games with them. The children like
this time very much, and they go
outdoors. When Grandma Du sees the
children are very happy, she also feels
happy. Besides the work inside the
orphanage, Grandma Du also picks up
the children who attend school
outside the orphanage. She always
talks to the children on their way
back to the orphanage in order to
know their current situation in school and help them solve the problems they face in school. She also
speaks to the teachers to stay current. When the children need something in school, they will tell
Grandma Du, and she will prepare it for them.
Liu Pinghua works in the rehabilitation
building Monday through Thursday
mornings, and she is mainly responsible for
helping the children do rehabilitation
exercises. The children make great gain
through rehabilitation, and this is not only to
the rehabilitation therapist’s credit, but also
the Grandma's efforts. When the
rehabilitation therapist has his day off in
Friday, Grandma Liu takes the children to
outside and plays games with them, and no
matter what they do, she puts the safety of
the children first. The children like Grandma
Liu very much, and they call her Grandmother.
When she hears the children call her with a tender voice, she feels very happy and satisfied. She has
worked here bringing happiness and health to the children for eleven years.
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Fuzhou Social Welfare Institute
Amity Report April 2016
page 3
Our Foster Children
FX’s life is changing slowly for the better.
Although the change is very subtle, her
Grandma can observe it. FX is 17 and has
cerebral palsy. Her Grandma leads her in daily
life to develop good life habits. She remembers
to turn off the light before she goes to bed, and
turn off the tap. When she goes out, she closes
the door, and when she comes back, she can
open it by herself. Her Grandma also taught
her how to fold the clothes, and although she
cannot do it very well, she is very willing to do
it. She has a good appetite, and she can eat two
bowls of rice per meal. She likes playing
outside, and she always asks her Grandma to
take her outdoors after dinner.
FY is eight, and she has a more serious
cerebral palsy than many children. Her limb
movement and language skills are both weak.
She cannot stand independently, nor grasp
things with her hands. Her chewing function
is not good, and she needs to eat soft food, so
her family is very careful when they feed her.
Her foster mother also helps her do some
exercises, and massages her to relax her
muscles. FY is not interested in most things,
but she is sensitive to her foster mother’s
voice. When her foster mother talks to her,
she smiles happily. She has a good appetite,
and she can eat a bowl of rice or rice porridge
per meal. She sleeps well.
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Fuzhou Social Welfare Institute
Amity Report April 2016
page 4
Our Foster Children
At three and a half, FJ is still learning to speak.
When she hears her foster brother call her foster
Grandpa and sister, she will follow him, calling
them also. Although she still cannot say a
complete sentence, she makes sounds to her sister
and brother when she sees them. She needs the
support of the chair back to sit upright. She can
grasp things and switch the items between hands.
She cannot eat meals by herself, and she likes
eating sugar cane. She always smiles at her
Grandma. She likes watching TV, and she will
imitate the people on the TV. She sleeps well. She
mainly takes rice for food, and she can eat a bowl
of rice per meal. She drinks milk 2 times a day,
200ml per meal. She has myelomeningocele, club
foot, and hydrocephalus.
Three ways to donate.
CHECK. Mail to:
Altrusa Foundation
Attn: Peggy Gurrad
PO Box 1354
Longview, WA 98632
ONLINE donations:
click here or go to:
FY is three. Because of her cerebral palsy,
she needs help in all areas of life. She
cannot express herself by language, and
she cannot understand what adults say.
She doesn't have any reaction to her name,
and her limb movement is not good. She
cannot stand independently or grasp
objects. Her eyes are more flexible than
before, and she does open her eyes to see
the things around her. She used to eat milk
and rice paste, but now she can eat some
soft rice and rice porridge. Sometimes her
mother feeds her soup and steamed eggs.
PAYPAL donations: go to
PayPal.com and use
[email protected] to take you
to the Altrusa account. Please
add 3% to cover fees, or choose
the “gift” option under the
“Personal” tab.

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