The Marble Fall – Press: Daily Rock „Catharsis is the



The Marble Fall – Press: Daily Rock „Catharsis is the
The Marble Fall – Press:
Daily Rock
„Catharsis is the very impression that results from the homonymous
title, given how orgasmic it feels listening to it“
„There’s plenty to love about the album, particularly how it weaves
an hour-long concept with a myriad of influences without sounding
Global Metal Apocalypse
„The Marble Fall is a huge contender for not only 'Luxembourger
Metal release of the year' but also 'European Metal album of the
„With its creative song constructions, innovative approach and
articulate melodies, The Marble Fall is worth checking out“
Sons of Metal
„Some may declare it ingenious and they won't be mistaken“
1. Genesis
2. Where Beauty Lies
3. The Fall
4. A Marble Throne
5. Tabula Rasa
6. Crown Of Thorns
7. Nobody's Slave
8. Molten Art
9. Dawn
10. Nemesis I: Memento
11. Nemesis II: Remorse
12. Catharsis
El Gore
„The songwriting during these twelve tracks is riddled with so many catchy hooks, riffs and
melodies that I don’t even want to start counting“
Metal Cunt
„The Marble Fall pleases those who like strong melodies and voluptuous sounds“
„Despite its generous length, there are no lesser tracks to be found“
„The harsh 'Tabula Rasa' causes a Tabula Rasa in the listeners' ears“
„The Marble Fall is an invitation to go on a journey, discover a universe, a world, a story“
„The Marble Fall is arranged in a thrilling way and will especially please fans of Death Metal“
„A unique and eclectic piece of music“
Christian Bröhenhorst (Cripper)
"Spanning multiple styles, surprising and musically outstanding. The ambitious sextet Mindpatrol
offers it all!"
Alex Landenburg (Luca Turilli's Rhapsody, 21 Octayne, Mekong Delta)
"Mindpatrol have already achieved one of the hardest goals in these days. They sound unique."
Joey Siedl (Architects of Chaoz feat. Paul Di'Anno, ex Iron Maiden)
"Unpredictable and fresh. I can't find a weak spot!"