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The threat
Despite the proliferation of advanced sensors for battlefield surveillance
during recent years, most military observation and targeting is still carried
out using visual or photographic aids, working in wavelengths ranging from
400 nm to 1.200 nm. This area includes the ultra-violet (UV), visible (VIS)
and near infra red (NIR) regions of the electromagnetic spectrum.
Conventional camouflage nets that are effective in these wavelengths are
an extremely cost effective way of making the location and recognition of a
potential target on the battlefield less probable.
The solution
The camouflage nets afford the maximum degree of concealment to their
users and by increasing survivability on the battlefield, must be considered a
true “force multiplier”.
Environmental characteristics in term of colour, spectral reflection and
mattness are throughly reproduced using suitable pigments in the coating of
garnish fabric.
To add the concealment capabilities, the camouflage nets are of threedimensional design, having an incised garnish to simulate the shadowing
effect of foliage. These characteristics enhance net’s capability to break up
the shape of the covered object and to blend it into the surroundings.
Observation and weapons firing can be carried out from underneath the net.
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> Camouflage Net
NIR Photo Sequence
The following photographs taken with infra-red film and a series of filters,
selective in the visible and near infrared part of the spectrum, show a
camouflage tank at a range of 80 metres.
Photo with non filters
No colour difference is seen for the nets against the background.
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Kit types and colours
All environments can be matched with camouflage nets.
Colours specified by Italian MOD are standard production, but other colours
can be developed to satisfy customer requirements.
upper face
ligth green, dark green, brown
lower face
brown, yellow
upper face
ligth sand
lower face
dark sand
upper face
lower face
Technical Characteristics
Material employed
nylon* (supporting net) acrylic coated fabric (garnish)
Weigth of finished net
280g/sq.m approx
Net modules standard size
4x4 m e 6x6 m**
less than 5 units (60°)
Operational temperature range -33°C ÷ +71°C
Flame resistance
self extinguishing
Shelf life
over 10 years
Resistant to contact with fuel, grease, oil, etc.
Resistant to atmospheric aging
Garnish to net fastening
metal or plastic clips (used to enhance the 3D effect)
Support poles
aluminium tube construction
weigth: 1.5 Kg approx
3.2 m max (approx)
distruptive heads in plastic material
* PU or PVC coated fabrics can be used on customer’s request
** other sizes available on request
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System description
Vehicles and weapons have been divided into classes grouped by size. For
each class, a dedicated comouflage kit is available comprising a sufficient
number of nets and necessary pack.
A class 2 kit (suitable for an M-113 APC) comprises:
q.ty 3 4m x 4m net
q.ty 2 6m x 6m net
q.ty 6 support poles with disruptive head
pegs, hammer and repair kit
carrying bag
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