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Summary of Accomplishments
The Early Years
At the University College of
London, four guys, Chris Martin,
Guy Berryman, Will Champion,
and Jon Buckland, met and
formed the band ‘Coldplay’ in
1996. They all shared a passion
for music which was influenced by
their parents. Three
years later, they
singed with U.K.
Parlophone, which
was inspired by
their single ‘Yellow’.
This led to their
eventual release of
their first album
Parachutes that
went multi-platinum
in many countries. The album
was a success in the United
Kingdom and the Unites States.
It was nominated for the Mercury
Music Prize in 2000 and won the
Tuesday, March 8, 2011 12:00:19 AM ET
Best Alternative Music
Performance award in 2001’s
Grammy Awards. The band
proceeded to accept the title of
being the best British band.
New Heights
X&Y, the third album released in
2005, featured the single ‘Speed
of Sound’ which reached #8 on
the Billboard Top 100 chart in a
matter of weeks. This
Coldplay’s second album, A Rush
accomplishment made Coldplay
of Blood to the Head, was released in
the first
2002, won two Grammy
Awards that year, and
The album succeeded
band to
received three MTV Video as it
topped the UK
reach the
Music Awards the
chart three days top ten
following year. Critics
single on
after it was released in
acclaimed the album as
the US
“one of the best records of 2008.
charts for a
2002.”2 As their fame
single. The
continued to grow,
album was
Coldplay was known for their
at number one in 22 countries
“moody and melodic brand of
and was in the Billboard Top 200
guitar-oriented rock,”3 and is
chart for weeks.
often compared to Radiohead.
New Heights
Coldplay’s fourth album, Viva la
Vida or Death and All His Friends, was
said to reflect Hispanic influence
because the band was touring in
Chile, Argentina, Brazil, and
Mexico while recording the songs in
churches and other locations in
Latin America and Spain. The
album succeed as it topped the UK
album chart three days after it was
released in 2008. In 2009, Coldplay
was nominated for four BRIT
Awards and won three Grammy
Awards. That same year, they won
the Song of the Year Award at The
American Society of Composers,
Authors, and Publishers for their
song ‘Viva la Vida,’ off their album.
Coldplay, currently working on their
fifth album, revealed that it was
about love, addiction, OCD, escape,
and working for someone you don’t
like. The band is considered as one
of the top bands of this time and
their music called meditative and
blue romantic because it reflects on
their emotions and continuously
examines the feelings of their lead
singer, Martin. (
Picture Citations
Hearts of Gold
With their worldwide popularity,
Coldplay conceals the definite
meaning and exclusivity of their
songs by refusing product
endorsements through their
songs. However, they support
causes such as Amnesty
International, Oxfam’s campaign
for Make Trade Fair, continues to
give 10% of their profit to charity,
donates their gifts to charities,
support Paul McCartney’s
campaign Meat Free Monday,
hosts auctions for their
memorabilia and donate the
Tuesday, March 8, 2011 12:00:19 AM ET
proceeds to Kids Company, and
hosted a telethon for Haiti. The
band’s outlook is that if they
should build awareness of issues if
they can.
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