MOU Signed between UT and UNESCO National Commission UT



MOU Signed between UT and UNESCO National Commission UT
MOU Signed between UT and UNESCO National
UT President and Iran UNESCO National Commission Secretary General signed a Memorandum of Understanding.
On Oct 18, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed
by Dr Farhad Rahbar, UT President and Dr Saeed-Abadi,
Iran UNESCO National Commission Secretary General. The
MOU contains two sections including bilateral cooperation
and relation of University of Tehran and Iran UNESCO National Commission and common publication of UT distinguished books.
University Senior Officials Meeting on
Internationalization Held
University of Tehran senior officials meeting on Internationalization was held.
Senior officials and the international affairs advisors of the
colleges, faculties and research centers of the University of Tehran gathered in a consultation meeting held in a tourist center
in the city Badrood on Oct 8. In the meeting held under title of
Internationalization of ‘University of Tehran: Challenges and
Opportunities’, discussions were made about the promotion
of the international place of the university and related topics.
89 ‫ مهر و آبان‬- 77
Workshop on International Rankings of Universities
With cooperation of University of Tehran, Tehran University of Medical Sciences and the QS World University Rankings Institution, a workshop was held at TUMS on Oct 3. Dr
Rahbar, UT President, Dr Larijani, TUMS President, senior
representatives of universities of the country and two senior
officials from QS World University Ranking Institution were
among those who took part in the workshop. The aim of the
workshop was giving information about international ranking
systems including QS, and exchanging views on Iranian universities participation in ranking systems.
‫ شماره‬- ‫ مدت‬/ ‫ماهنامه خبری دانشگاه تهران‬
Indonesian Delegation Visits UT Faculty of World
A delegation from University of Indonesia visited officials
of UT Faculty of World Studies on Oct 24. In the visit Dr.
Hasan Hoseini, Research and Higher Education Vice-Dean,
talked about the faculty and its goals and manners for studying countries. Also Ahmad Ramzi Tajuddin, a member of the
delegation emphasized on Islamic values in relations with the
west and criticized over the Muslims’ situation in the international system.
89 ‫ مهر و آبان‬- 77
‫ شماره‬- ‫ مدت‬/ ‫ماهنامه خبری دانشگاه تهران‬
Cypriot Education and Culture Minister Visits UT
Dr Andreas Demetriou, Minister of Education and Culture
of Cyprus, Visited Dr Rahbar on Nov 7. UT President and the
minister studied ways of cooperation between UT and Cypriot universities in this meeting. Emphasizing on UT cooperation with over 160 valid universities of the world, Dr Rahbar
said: UT is interested in establishing scientific and cultural ties
with Cypriot universities. The minister expressed their interest in creating the relations, too. Moreover, The two parties
discussed exchange of faculty members and students and accomplishment of research projects.
UT Journals Achieved Superior Ranks
Among 406 Scientific-Research and Scientific-Promotional Journals reviewed in the 6th session of ISC (Islamic World Science Citation Center) Strategic Council, some journals of University of Tehran achieved superior ranks. Based on the decisions made by the
council, the Business Management, Information Technology Management, Industrial Management, Governmental Management and
Accounting and Auditing Studies Journals respectively achieved
ranks 8, 11, 10, 9 and 4.
ic Y
University, as the most important center of science and knowledge, can
have an effective role in the process of overall development of the country. Universities are the best places for rising and educating the thoughts
and students must enforce their own ideas and thoughts in these scientific
As mentioned by the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution as being
" the University of Iran", University of Tehran has always had a major role
in science production, such that our country share in science production has
reached 1% in the world. Regarding the start of the new academic year in
Mehr, the university is going to have another fruitful year with its students
and professors and it is going to educate youths who will reach the high
mountains of improvement and cause the country become self-sufficient in
various fields.
In today world, in absence of students and universities the country will
have an unknown future, because the activities in political, cultural, historical and social fields have always been related to university and students.
We hope that University of Tehran, through paying attention to science and
research, will educate experts who shape the future of our dear Islamic
General Director
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