2008 Annual Report



2008 Annual Report
Tourism Industry
Association of New Brunswick
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5/11/09 3:09:34 PM
Tourism Industry Association of New Brunswick
Message from
The President
A transition term best defines the period since May 2008, the
year I was elected President of TIANB. In taking office, my goal
as President was to strengthen the organization so as to make it
relevant to the industry we represent and to the members entrusting their continued support of the organization. In achieving this,
we started by engaging in a complete governance review in order
to provide us with a blueprint of what we needed to adjust. To this,
many other areas were affected, from by-laws to organizational
policies and procedures, to the way we do business every day. With
a committed Board of Directors, we were able to focus on three
main priorities, hence providing a more tactical approach to the issues facing our industry today and for
the future.
Faced with economic uncertainty and context that stimulates creative ways to navigate the troubled waters,
the status quo is not an option. The adage takes on a whole new meaning. Even though we all share the
agony in the background, the professionalism, determination and perseverance of all operators prevails
at the forefront when visitors call. In our collective search for excellence, the onus is upon us all to strive
to be ahead of the transformation curve occurring throughout the world. With strong partnerships and a
stronger than ever collaboration from all players, the agitated waters will settle, making way for brighter
days ahead.
Your continued support of TIANB is what energises the dedicated staff we have at the office and the many
volunteers that take time from their busy schedules to be involved. I would like to extend my greatest
appreciation for the individuals that have become involved with the Board of Directors and on the many
committees. I extend my sincere gratitude to the Directors that have decided to step down and I look
forward to working with the new Board in order to continue our quest towards excellence.
Joanne Bérubé-Gagné
One Clear Stand, One Clear Voice
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5/11/09 3:09:35 PM
April 2008
October 2007
A Word from
The Executive Director
In the last year, TIANB has gone through tremendous efforts in
order to better serve its membership. Now equipped with a
blueprint, the result of an extensive Governance Review, we are
more engaged than ever to embark on the journey that will lead
us all to success.
Like many of your tourism operations, the association world is
going through some fundamental changes. Low expectation,
membership by habit and low annual dues contribute to many
businesses taking a defensive approach to goals and varied
operations. The collective impact is a de facto strategy based on sustaining membership and providing
a reason to stay with the association. Net renewal rate of membership is the best indicator of member
approval and support under the status quo, if and only if the association determines the status quo
to be acceptable.
We entered the governance review process one year ago after it was determined that the status quo was
not acceptable. TIANB wants and deserves more. We want to have society’s recognition; we want to
attract the best volunteer leaders in the industry; we want our governance to be consistently effective;
we want to be a model of communications excellence and we want our definition of success to be based
not just on existence but on real achievement.
2009 Marks my 10th year as Executive Director of TIANB. Over the years, I have had the privilege of
working alongside great people and my greatest satisfaction every day is going home with a feeling of
accomplishment. 2009 Marks a new page in the history book of TIANB and I am very grateful for having
a team of people to assist me in ensuring TIANB stays ahead of the curve, and ahead of the challenges.
I would like to extend my gratitude to Beth, Catherine, Lynn, Melynda, Sheila and Yvan, the TIANB team,
as well as Ann, our lead trainer, for their engagement and determination to continuing our collective
quest for success. Thank you to the Board of Directors for their support and of course, to you the ever
present and growing membership for your commitment to TIANB throughout the year.
On behalf of staff, I wish you all a prosperous 2009 season and I look forward to serving you for many
more years.
Réal Robichaud
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5/11/09 3:09:37 PM
TIANB Board of Directors 2008
Tourism Industry Association of New Brunswick
President, Joanne Bérubé-Gagné,
Office du Tourisme Edmundston Madawaska
Phone: (506) 737-6920
Fax: (506) 737-6933
[email protected]
Vice President, Rob Robichaud,
Greater Moncton International Airport
Phone: (506) 856-5455
Fax: (506) 856-5431
[email protected]
Secretary, Kelly Cain,
City of Moncton
Phone: (506) 389-5972)
[email protected]
Treasurer, Serge Collin,
Ville de Lamèque
Phone: (506) 344-3222
Fax: (506) 344-3266
[email protected]
Past President, Rolande Thibodeau,
Ramada Crystal Palace
Phone: (506) 861-6457
Fax: (506) 858-5486
[email protected]
Ex-Officio, Kevin Johnston,
Kingswood Park
Phone: (506) 450-1234 ext 332
Fax: (506) 450-1232
[email protected]
Ex-officio, Peter Murphy,
Miramichi Regional Tourism Association
Phone: (506) 623-2153
[email protected]
Bed and Breakfast/Country Inns, Evelyn Cassidy,
Evelyn’s Bed and Breakfast
Phone: (506) 832-4450
[email protected]
Golf, Chris Stacey,
Golf NB
Phone: (506) 451-1349)
[email protected]
Outfitter, Phil Ossinger,
NB Professional Outfitter Guide Association
Phone: (506) 474-0102
[email protected]
Festivals/Events, David Seabrook,
Harvest Jazz & Blues Festival
Phone: (506) 450-2089
[email protected]
Hotel-Motel, Réaldine Robichaud,
Super 8 Caraquet
Phone: (506) 727-0888
[email protected]
Restaurant, Adam DeGrace,
Danny’s Inn
Phone: (506) 546-6621
[email protected]
Chalet/Cottage, Daniel Chiasson,
Complexe Les 2 Rivières
Phone: (506) 394-4050
[email protected]
Municipality, Kelly Cain
(contact information above)
Transportation, Rob Robichaud
(contact information above)
Attraction, Susan Leblanc-Robichaud,
Memramcook Resort (left during the year)
Member at Large, Gilles Daigle,
Quality Inn Edmundston
Phone: (506) 735-5525
[email protected]
Member at Large, Wanda Hughes,
Hospitality Saint John
Phone: (506) 672-0770
[email protected]
Member at Large, Serge Collin
(contact information above)
Member at Large, Kevin Johnston
(contact information above)
RTA, Peter Murphy
Miramichi Regional Tourism Association
(contact information above)
RTA, Joanne Bérubé-Gagné
(contact information above)
RTA, Jean-Charles Allain,
Kent Region Tourism Association
Phone: (506) 743-9626
[email protected]
RTA, Kathy Weir,
Albert County Tourism Association
Phone: (506) 882-2349
[email protected]
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5/11/09 3:09:37 PM
Working Better Together
Summary of the Governance Review
After 25 years of existence, the Board of Directors
of TIANB engaged in a process to optimize the
mandate, governance structure and management
processes of TIANB.
Following the research and situation analysis phase
of the project by Forerunner Creative and Tourism
Strategies Ltd, it became clear that TIANB’s challenges for the future relate less to shortcomings in
governance and more to shortcomings in relevance
to the tourism stakeholders of New Brunswick.
Twenty two (22) interviews were conducted in
French and fifteen (15) were conducted in English. The interview process involved a new way for
TIANB to look at the geography breakdown of New
Most stakeholders indicated that they were pleased
that the Board of Directors of TIANB had decided
to undertake a review of its governance model.
From their perspective, it is an indication that
someone has finally realized that the status quo is
not an option and that this analysis has the potential to lead to improvements on many fronts.
Twenty seven (27) recommendations were put
forward by the consultant. These recommendations
were converted into an action plan which TIANB
will follow in order to heighten the association’s
relevance to industry.
TIANB in general:
• Increase relevance of TIANB within industry;
• Enhance communication to stakeholders
• Establish clear channels of communications,
Board, Members, Staff, Partners
• Implement governance structures, process
and policies.
TIANBAnnualReportENG.indd 5
The Board of Directors:
• Facilitate interaction between Board and
• Establish guidelines for engaging commitment
of Board members
• Establish governing structure, process and
policies for Board.
The President:
• Assume a greater responsibility of priority file
• Assume greater responsibility for TIANB
public image
• Assume greater responsibility for Pan
Atlantic Committee
• Ensure the implementation of structured
meeting processes
• Assume greater responsibility for
performance evaluation of Executive Director.
The Executive Director:
• Ensure greater responsibility for Priority file
• Ensure greater visibility within the membership
• Implement clear reporting processes and
policy regarding the affairs of TIANB
• Develop required policies and
procedures for the organization
• Provide training programs and projects
analyses and recommendation to Board.
An Executive Summary Report of our
Governance Review is available on our
website at www.tianb.com.
5/11/09 3:09:38 PM
Enhancing our Communications
Tourism Industry Association of New Brunswick
TIANB plays a critical role in enabling the New
Brunswick tourism industry to speak with a single
voice on the most pressing issues affecting the
industry. In order to effectively fulfill this role,
TIANB must be constantly in direct communication
with its members and the industry at large. In 2008
TIANB increased the frequency of its e-messages,
sending some 40 messages and newsletters to the
members throughout the year. In terms of meetings, we participated in several RTA meetings, in
addition to holding six full-day Board meetings and
several shorter, ad hoc Board meetings.
ED Tour of the province
One of the 27 recommendations resulting from the
Governance review was for our Executive Director, Réal Robichaud, to launch a TIANB Breakfast
Roundtable initiative.
These roundtables are meant to allow any and all
issues to be aired - a chance to mine out issues
at the grass roots level. The tour which began in
October 2008 saw discussion sessions take place
in Edmundston, Saint John, the Acadian Peninsula
(Tracadie-Sheila), Campbellton, Miramichi and
Bathurst. More sessions will take place in Moncton, Albert County, Charlotte County, Campobello,
Grand Manan, Woodstock and Fredericton.
Making our Voice Heard
Media, Public and Government Relations
TIANB would not be able to effectively influence
positive changes for the tourism industry without
having a strategy and the tools for communicating
the industry’s interests, successes and priorities to
the public.
In 2008, TIANB took part in more than 50 interviews across the province (and even in the US)
with newspapers as well as radio and TV stations.
We issued 22 press releases on a variety of topics
ranging from commenting on the tourism capital
budget to congratulating TIAC award winners and
promoting our training programs.
Lobbying efforts carried out in
2008 include:
Marine Liability Act – The Government of Canada
made changes to Part IV of the Act which had
an impact on liability insurance for water-based
activities. Bill C-7 was introduced to the House
of Commons and read for the 1st time on January
29th, 2009. It was debated and read a second and
third time on February 25 and March 30, 2009.
On March 30th it was referred to the Standing
Committee on Transport, Infrastructure and Communities. TIANB started lobbying in 2000 for the
modification of the Act so as to allow for the use
of responsibility waivers, which was used by all
water-based operations as a risk management tool.
The amendment to the Act allows for this again.
Credit Card Merchant Transaction Fees and interchange Rates – TIANB provided a letter of support to Senator Pierrette Ringuette for her motion
requesting that the Standing Senate Committee on
Banking Trade and Commerce examine the interchange rates for credit card transactions and the
related issue of debit card transaction rates. Work
TIANBAnnualReportENG.indd 6
5/11/09 3:09:40 PM
on this issue by the Senate Committee started on
March 3, 2009. The main focus, a study of the
credit and debit card systems in Canada and their
relative rates and fees, in particular for businesses
and consumers.
Tourism & Parks Strategic plan – TIANB met with
the Department of Tourism and Parks on many
occasions to assist in developing the Department’s
strategic plan.
ACOA-Tourism Strategic Plan – TIANB met with
Tourism Atlantic in developing the Strategic Plan
for the Atlantic tourism industry.
Government of Canada Marquee Events funding
program – TIANB as a member of the Provincial
and Territorial Tourism Industry Association, a
Committee of TIAC, participated in proposing
criteria for the funding of festival and events in
Canada. The Funding program is managed by
Industry Canada.
NB Pre-budgetary consultations – TIANB was
invited to participate in the Provincial Government
Pre-Budgetary discussions.
Select Committee on Taxation review – TIANB
met with the Select Committee on Taxation Review
to speak against the proposed increase to the HST
and the proposed implementation of a carbon tax.
TIANB spoke in favour of reduced personal income
tax and corporate taxes. TIANB also proposed the
implementation of an enabling legislation for the
introduction of a Destination Marketing Fee.
Local Governance Review Commission – TIANB
met with Commissioner Jean-Guy Finn on the
introduction of an enabling legislation for the
collection of a Destination Marketing fee in New
Moving Forward through our Committees
Governance Review Committee – The Committee
was made up of the Board Executive Committee
who participated with the consultants from Forerunner Creative and Tourism Strategies Ltd in the
review of TIANB’s governance.
re-developed since the last one dates back to
2005. The Consumer profile has been a good tool
in assisting tourism operators in their business developments over the years and it was felt updated
results would be needed in the very near future.
By-law Review Committee – The Committee
developed a new set of by-laws for the Association.
The new by-laws as reviewed by the Committee and
legal counsel have been presented to and adopted
by the Board of Directors and will be presented for
ratification by the membership at the AGM on May
22, 2009.
DMF Working Committee – The DMF Committee met with local and regional organizations
that either have a voluntary DMF in place
(Bathurst, Miramichi, Saint John and StAndrews) or are interested in its implementation (Moncton, Fredericton, Edmundston). It was important to establish
the roles and goals of all and to present
a strategy in order to move forward.
A survey of DMF’s from around the
country was conducted and the results
will serve to assist in the Committee’s
future direction.
Marketing Committee – The Marketing Committee met with the Marketing Dept. of Tourism &
Parks to review various promotional and marketing
initiatives. So as to measure the success of various
campaigns, it was proposed by the Committee that
Tourism & Parks develop a benchmark in 2009 to
measure the successes of 2010 to 2012. It was also
proposed that a revised Consumer profile be
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5/11/09 3:09:41 PM
Tourism Industry Association of New Brunswick
Offering more Training and
Professional Development for Better
Attraction, Retention and Productivity
Wow! Our program sales have increased by
17% over the last four years. A 10% increase in
2008-09 alone. The importance of all kinds of
certification and its positive effects on retaining staff and encouraging best
practices in customer service is clearly
recognized by the membership.
Toward a more Responsible and
Safer Food and Beverage
We included Food Safe to our canon of programs
this past year and it has been met with significant
popularity. In one year we have granted Food Safe
certification to 42 individuals and restaurants. With
risk management top of mind for so many operators these two programs Responsible Beverage and
Food Safe are the way to go. They have grown in
popularity over the last year. Responsible Beverage
alone had a sales growth of 212% in 2008-09. Reducing Insurance premiums is not the only stimulation for the growth. Good business practices and
again staff retention play a major role in choosing
this program.
The pinnacle credential for
tourism Professionals
We know that employee
retention can be arduous,
we also know that recognizing staff can be a sure fire
way of keeping them. emerit certification has been
deemed nationally, a qualified tool for ensuring
best practices and instilling pride among employees in your winning team. This Self-learned certification is flexible and specifically designed to suit
your needs as the employer. Many properties and
operations in New Brunswick and throughout the
country as well as the US have engaged in emerit
training as a professional development opportunity for their staff. 18 Persons from NB over the
past year have successfully completed their emerit
certification in many tourism operations like yours.
Areas of certification include Food and Beverage
server, Hunting Guide, Tourism Trainer, Casino
Dealer, Sales Manager, Events Coordinator, Front
Desk Agent just to name a few. All areas of interest
are relevant and the credentials prestigious.
Investing to improve our
competitive position on the web
Member organizations from all over the
province have taken advantage of the exceptional
tourismtechnology.com website mentoring
TIANBAnnualReportENG.indd 8
5/11/09 3:09:43 PM
program. The project unique to Atlantic Canada,
specializes in helping tourism operators present
their business online with greater impact in an
effort to encourage an increased
volume in sales.
In keeping with the latest
technologies and social media
influences by attending two high
calibre conferences, e-connect and Atlantic Internet Marketing annually, the mentorship program
staff can offer current and viable ideas for enhancing website activity and ensuring the importance of
a great website is at the fore front of the tourism
operators marketing strategy.
Developing Super Hosts
to greet customers
Our flagship one day customer service course
SuperHost has gone from an annual 240 seats in
2006 to 756 seats in 2009. A 315% increase in four
years. In fact SuperHost has been delivered in both
languages throughout the province to 1733 New
Brunswickers. We are proud to recognize entire
communities such as the Miramichi are SuperHost
SuperHost continues to be a strong
SuperHost At
Expect Excellenc
and vital part of
TIANB’s training lineup. Since
2004, TIANB has
1733 people in
New Brunswick.
That’s an average of 1 person
per day continuously for over 4.5 years!
BY Tourism Industry
500 Beaverb
of New Brunswic
Phone: 1.800.668 Court, Suite 440 Frederict
on, NB E3B 5X4
Fax: 506.459.3
Email: [email protected]
Providing youth with the tools
to hone their personal skills
Not only do we service our membership but we
offer Workplace Etiquette to NB High schools as
well. This half day workshop has been offered to
students since 2005 and provides an opportunity
to hone their personal skills prior to their “first”
job interview. In addition to that we include a presentation on “a career in tourism” to ensure their
interest is piqued in this career path. 86 keen students received this skills training over the past year.
Enhancing tourism
career awareness
Exclusive presentations were created and given
to Tourism Classes in Saint John and Peticodiac
High schools as well as the YMCA Fredericton
Job Search Strategy Group. The staff attended 3
High school career fairs where they encountered
2000 students in the Saint John, Quispamsis, and
Bathurst regions. We also participated in several
trade shows including the Chamber of Commerce
Expo in Fredericton, The Tri-City Mixer in Saint
John and The APEX show 2008 in
Setting the stage for
a career in tourism
Ready-to-Work (RTW) is a national
sector-based program that assists individuals
who plan to enter the workforce. The objective of
the RTW program is to provide unemployed or
under-employed individuals, including those with
post-secondary education, First Nations peoples
and Newcomers to Canada with the proper mix of
skills, knowledge, attitude, contacts and experience
for a career in tourism.
Curriculum materials include emerit Tourism
Essentials created by the Canadian Tourism Human
Resource Council as well as a career planning
guide which includes; Stress management ,
Time Management, Job Search skills and
TIANBAnnualReportENG.indd 9
5/11/09 3:09:45 PM
Tourism Industry Association of New Brunswick
Resume writing. Numerous certifications are
eligible within the free course: Responsible
Beverage; Food Safe; SuperHost, Mature
Consumer; First Aid and CPR to name a few.
We continue to have successes with participant
employment this year. We can identify that from
April 2008 to April 2009 137 individuals were
employed from the RTW program. Check out the
resumes of the graduates on our website from
various locations in New Brunswick including
Edmundston, St. Stephen, Moncton, St. Isidore,
Saint John, Woodstock and Fredericton.
In an effort to encourage more participation by
Industry we secured partnerships in the form of
visits to the class and on-site property interviews.
The response to this kind of engagement is
measured by the vast knowledge gained by the
participants and the true networking opportunities
made available through real-life discussion with
industry stakeholders. Thank you to all who gave
their time to the classes of 2008-09 and especially
those who employed the graduates.
Hiring foreign workers contributes
in filling labour shortage
Like many other industries in Canada, the tourism sector is increasingly experiencing skill and
labour shortages. Each year, Canadian employers
hire thousands of foreign workers to help address
these shortages. Employing foreign workers can be
an essential part of a company’s business strategy.
Foreign workers can fill labour shortages in New
Brunswick and bring new skills and knowledge to
help the province’s economy grow. We can help
secure the labour market opinion for you the
industry and put you in touch with the skilled
assistance required for engaging in the process
of hiring a Temporary Foreign Worker.
Training at a Glance in 2008
Responsible Beverage Workplace Etiquette Mature Consumer Ready-to-Work
41 Registered, 18 certified
81 participants (77 completed)
53 people from those classes employed
TIANBAnnualReportENG.indd 10
5/11/09 3:09:46 PM
Together We Are Stronger
Team Tourism included 123 participants in new
counsellor training as well as skills development
for advanced managers and trainers. All materials
and the online learning tools were updated and
two new user-friendly modules created. Product
knowledge and testing centres for New Brunswick
cities, Islands of NB, Parks, Itinerary building and
Accommodation workshops were the focus of these
modules. Traditional subjects remained intact with
customer service, product knowledge, effective
listening and sharing methods, teambuilding,
role-playing and map reading as the foundation for
this valuable front-line Visitor Information Centre
Innovation and Leadership
Year Four wrapped up in April
08 with improvements to
the French component of the
program offering every seminar in both official languages. We also achieved the development of two
completely new seminars for Marketing & PR and
Product Development. The program was designed
April 2008 October 2008 February 2009
April 2009
TIANBAnnualReportENG.indd 11
specifically for senior managers and owner operators of tourism businesses seeking to envision and
embrace new innovative ways to improve their own
organization and be more profitable.
The Best Practice Missions
program is designed to
expose private sector operators and representatives of
sustainable tourism communities to successful tourism
and outstanding products
and create an environment of ‘Competitiveness
Through Best Practices.’ It is intended that this
exposure will stimulate the generation of new product ideas, improved practices in customer service,
innovative operational techniques, sound planning models and partnership opportunities for the
Atlantic tourism sector. In the past year 7 missions
have taken place throughout Canada and the US.
Festivals and Events – Edmonton, AL
Coastal Experiences – Northern Georgian Bay Coast, ON
Tourism Product Clustering – Williamsburg, Virginia US
Culture Tourism: Food & People – Prince Edward County, ON
Trails – Bruce Peninsula, ON
Experiential Tourism – Riding Mountain Nat’l Park
and Winnipeg, MB
Product Tours – Concord NH, Middlebury and
Manchester VT, Worcester and Boston MA
5/11/09 3:09:47 PM
Sharing Successes through Enriching Gatherings
Tourism Industry Association of New Brunswick
Atlantic Canada Showcase 2008, the largest
marketplace in our region, took place in Moncton,
New Brunswick, from October 6-9, 2008 inclusive.
With a new look, a revised schedule of events, and
a strong initiative to attract new buyers, ACS 2008
was a rewarding marketplace
for all who
51 Buyers
including 8 from the US and 3 from Britain contributed to the show to make buying decisions for
their future motorcoach and FIT tour programs.
Most either currently operate tours to Atlantic
Canada or are looking to extend their programs or
have expressed interest in adding Atlantic Canada
to their tour offerings. In addition, there were 105
Atlantic Canada seller companies (attractions, hotels, restaurants, transportation companies, DMO’s
etc.) promoting their products to tour operators
affording an excellent opportunity to network with
their fellow industry leaders. The future event takes
place in 2010 in Halifax.
Unique to last year was the addition of Savour
Food and Wine at the Delta Beauséjour in Moncton May 1, 2008. The show in partnership with
Atlantic Provinces Restaurant Association (APRA)
hosted 26 food purveyors and 25 beverage vendors.
Over 300 members of the public came to enjoy the
flavours from all over New Brunswick and experience the tastes of new beverages and vintages
available within the province. It was a terrific success by all accounts. It continues this year under
the same name hosted by APRA.
The 2008 Annual Conference held at the Ramada
Crystal Palace in Dieppe under the theme Tourism, Celebrating Who We Are, was a very rich
experience for the 155 people who took part in this
important industry gathering. Testimonials from
participants reflect the meaning of this extraordinary opportunity to learn, share, network and work
together to further develop our industry: “I want
to pass along my congratulations on an excellent
TIANB meeting. The content and speakers, organization, service were excellent. The best ever!!!
Well done to the team at TIANB.” “I just wanted to
send this note to congratulate you on a highly successful conference/industry gathering. The program
was excellent, the various speakers outstanding (I
took tons of notes during the various sessions!!)
and the meal functions were fantastic … everything
totally seamless and top notch. I truly believe all
delegates would have come away from the conference highly motivated.”
Comments like these act as stimulus to raise the
bar every year and provide the best content, speakers and opportunities to share information, ideas
and tools to make tourism the strong industry it
needs to be.
TIANBAnnualReportENG.indd 12
5/11/09 3:09:52 PM
Our Members, Our Most Valuable Partners
Coming into 2008, we had 371 members throughout the province. Sixteen months later, we have
524. This 41% increase alone shows how important
tourism operators think it is to work together and
position ourselves as One Clear Stand, One Clear
Not only do our valuable members come from all
parts of the province, they also represent the five
industry sectors: Food and Beverage, Accommodations, Travel Services, Transportation and Recreation and Entertainment. This global representation provides TIANB with more strength, more
knowledge and more power!
Looking Ahead
In December 2008, the Board of Directors
adopted 3 priority files that would serve as
TIANB’s top 3 priorities during 2009. These
priorities are, in no specific order:
• The Tourism Marketing Levy (also called lodging
tax or visitor levy)
• The urgent need to increase resources for
product development
• The evaluation and response to Tourism
and Parks’ strategic planning exercise.
TIANBAnnualReportENG.indd 13
Everyone’s involvement in the new
Tourism Strategy will allow our industry
to aim for optimal efficiency that will
reflect positively on operators as well as
on the strength of our association. We are
convinced that working together towards a common goal will benefit the entire industry!
TIANB One Clear Stand,
One Clear Voice
5/11/09 3:10:04 PM
Tourism Industry Association of New Brunswick
TIANB Members 2008
45th Parallel Motel & Restaurant, Fairhaven
A Downtown Bed & Breakfast, Moncton
A Flash in the Pan, Oromocto
A Tanners Home Inn B&B, Saint John
Acadian Bus, Moncton
Advanced Fabrics, Fredericton
Advocate Imprimerie - Maritime Press, Hampton
Albert County Tourism Association, Waterside
All Seasons Inn & Restaurant, Sussex
Ambassatours Gray Line, Halifax
Amica Inc, Kouchibouguac
Amsterdam Inn, Fredericton
Amsterdam Inn, Moncton
Amsterdam Inn, Sussex
Amsterdam Inn, Quispamsis
Aquarium et Centre Marin, Shippagan
Aquila Tours, Saint John
Aroostook Valley Country Club, Perth-Andover
Arpin Canoe Restigouche, Kedgwick River
Association Museums New Brunswick (AMNB), Fredericton
Association touristique de la Péninsule Acadienne, Tracadie-Sheila
Association Touristique de la Région de Kent, Bouctouche
Association Touristique du Restigouche, Campbellton
Atlantic Host Hotel, Bathurst
Atlantic Salmon Federation, St. Andrews
Atlantic Salmon Museum Inc, Doaktown
Atlantic Travel Centre, Belleville
Au NIDaigle, Saint Basile
Auberge Blue Heron B&B, New Mills
Auberge Centre-Ville, Tracadie-Sheila
Auberge de la Baie, Caraquet
Auberge Évasion des Rêves, Saint Quentin
Auberge Inn Thyme, Shediac
Auberge Le Vieux Presbytère, Bouctouche
Auberge Les Jardins Inn, Saint-Jacques
Auberge Près du Lac (Quality Inn), Grand Falls
Auberge Wild Rose Inn, Lakeville West. Co.
Aux Douces Heures, Shediac
Aux Ti-Bo Rêves, Campbellton
Bamara Inn, Hampton
Bantalore Lodge, Ludlow
Bay Ferries Limited, Saint John
Bay Vista Lodge & Cottages Ltd, Shediac
Baymount Outdoor Adventures Inc., Hillsborough
Bayview Motel & Chalets, Alma
Beacon Light Motel, Moncton
Beauséjour Camping, Shediac
Beaverbrook Art Gallery, Fredericton
Best Western, Edmundston
Best Western Hotel & Suites, Fredericton
Best Western Hotel &Suites, Grand-Sault
Best Western Manoir Adelaide, Dalhousie
Best Western Moncton/Dieppe, Moncton
Big D Drive Inns Limited, Bathurst
Blair House Bed & Breakfast Inn, St. Stephen
Bonaccord House B&B, Moncton
Brennan’s Bed & Breakfast, Fredericton
Broadleaf Guest Ranch, Hopewell Hill
Buccaneer’s Pub, Saint John
Burnt Church (Esgenoopotitj) First Nation, Burnt Church
By The Sea Gifts, St. Andrews
Cain Insurance Services Ltd, Fredericton
Campground Owners Association, Hopewell Cape
Camping au Parasol Inc., Shediac
Camping Caraquet, Caraquet
Camping Île Lamèque, Lamèque
Camping Plage Gagnon Beach Inc., Grand Barachois
Canada’s Best Value Inn & Suites/Miramichi Hospitality Ltd., Miramichi
Canadian Paraplegic Association (NB) Inc., Fredericton
Cape Enrage Adventures, Berry Mills
Cape Jourimain Nature Centre, Bayfield
Cape Tormentine Community Development, Cape Tormentine
Captain’s Inn, Alma
Carriage House Inn, Fredericton
Castalia Marsh Retreat, Grand Manan
Cave a Vin Boudreau Vineyards, Memramcook
Cecile Entreprise Ltée (Pizza Delight), Cap-Pelé
Central NB Woodmen’s Museum, Inc., Boiestown
Centre d’ excellence du tourisme de l’ Atlantique, Edmundston
Centre de santé SPA Les Deux Rivières, Tracadie-Sheila
Centre de Villégiature Memramcook Institute, Memramcook
Centre d’Interprétation des Voies Ferrées, Edmundston
Centre for Speed & Entertainment Park, Riverview
Centre touristique de l’ancienne gare, Saint-Quentin
Century Farm Family Campground, St. Martins
Ceridian Canada Ltée, Saint Laurent
Chalets & Camping de la Pointe, Tracadie Sheila
Chalets de la Plage de Bas-Caraquet, Bas-Caraquet
Chalets de L’Aboiteau, Cap-Pelé
Chalets du Havre Inc., Richibucto
Chalets le Nid du Héron MPM Cottages, Charlo
Chalets Restigouche, Kedgwick River
Chalets Vivelo Cottages, Saint-Grégoire
Chamcook Forest Lodge, St. Andrews
Chateau Edmundston, Edmundston
Chateau d’Acadie, Tracadie-Sheila
Château Moncton Hotel & Suites, Moncton
Chef’s Manor B&B, Nasonworth
Chipman Hill Suites Limited, Saint John
Chocolate River Motel, Hopewell Cape
City of Campbellton, Campbellton
City of Miramichi/Community Development & Tourism, Miramichi
City of Moncton
City of Bathurst
Cliffside Suites, Alma
Club Wind & Kite Ltée, Lamèque
C’Mon Inn Hostel, Moncton
Coastal Breeze Gifts, Waterside
Coastal Cottage Rentals & Sales Inc., Moncton
Coastal Inn Champlain, Dieppe
Coastal Inn, Sackville
Colonel’s In Bed and Breakfast, Fredericton
Colonial Inns (Moncton) Ltd, Moncton
Comfort Inn, Bathurst
Comfort Inn, Edmundston
Comfort Inn, Fredericton
Comfort Inn, Moncton
Comfort Inn Mountain Road, Moncton
Comfort Inn, Saint John
Comfort Inn Motel, Campbellton
Compass Rose Bed & Breakfast, Grand Manan
Complexe Les Deux Rivières, Tracadie-Sheila
Côté’s Bed & Breakfast/Inn, Grand Falls
Country Inn & Suites, Saint John
Country Lane Bed & Breakfast/Inn, Lakeville Corner
Covered Bridge Inn Ltd, Sussex
Crocker Hill Store, St. Andrews
Croisières Shediac Bay Cruises, Pointe-du-Chêne
Crowne Plaza Lord Beaverbrook Hotel, Fredericton
Crowne Plaza Moncton
Crystal Palace Amusement Park, Dieppe
Daigle’s Motel & Restaurant, Saint-Léonard
Danny’s Inn Ltd, Bathurst
Days Inn Edmundston, St-Basile
Days Inn Oromocto
Delta Beauséjour, Moncton
Delta Brunswick Hotel, Saint John
Delta Fredericton Hotel, Fredericton
Destination Bathurst, Bathurst
Downtown S Miramichi Newcastle Business District, Miramichi
Econo Lodge Moncton
Econo Lodge & Suites, Saint John
Egg Roll King, Riverview
Elmwood Motel, Moncton
Elsipogtog Economic Development, Elsipogtog
Enterprise Miramichi, Miramichi
Etoile Filante Camping Wishing, Shediac
Evelyn’s Bed & Breakfast, Bloomfield
Fairmont Algonquin Resort, St. Andrews
Fairway Motor Inn & Restaurant, Sussex
Falcon Ridge Inn, Alma
Festival de Jazz et Blues d’Edmundston
Festival Western de Saint-Quentin
Fisherman’s Paradise Restaurant, Dieppe
Flexiway, Fredericton
Florenceville Motor Inn
Florenceville-Bristol Tourism
Florentine Manor, Harvey (Albert Co)
Forerunner Creative & Tourism Strategies, Charlottetown
Fort Howe Hotel and Convention Centre, Saint John
Fort Nashwaak Motel Ltd, Fredericton
Fox N Hound Pub, Riverview
Fraser Edmundston Golf Club, Edmundston
Fredericton Inn, Fredericton
Fredericton Tourism
Freedom Tours & Travel, Saint John
Fresh Air Adventure Ltd, Alma
Frischkorn Audio Visual, Dieppe
Fundy Highlands Inn & Chalets, Fundy National Park
Fundy Line Motel (Sheetal Holdings), Miramichi
Fundy National Park, Alma
Fundy Trail, St. Martins
Future Inns Moncton, Moncton
Generation Ladies Wear, Fredericton
Gîte Auberge & Camping Janine du Havre, Savoy Landing (Shippigan)
Gîte Le Poirier B&B, Caraquet
Gîte Les 3 Moulins B &B, Memramcook
Gîte L’Isle-du-Randonneur B & B, Caraquet
Gîte Toutes Saisons B&B, Pointe-Verte
Global Convention Services Ltd, Moncton
Global Payments Canada GP, Montreal
Golf Bouctouche Inc, Bouctouche
Governor’s Mansion, Miramichi
Grand Manan Tourism Association
Grand Manan Whale & Seabird Research Station
Granite Town Hotel, St. George
Greater Fredericton Airport Authority, Lincoln
Greater Fredericton Tourism Association, Fredericton
Greater Miramichi Chamber of Commerce, Miramichi
Greater Moncton International Airport, Dieppe
Hampton Inn and Suites, Moncton
Hampton Inn and Suites, Saint John
Harbour Tide Inn, Blacks Harbour
Harding Point Campground Inc., Saint John
Hartt Island RV Resort/Bucket Club, Fredericton
Harvest Jazz & Blues, Fredericton
Hawk, Moncton
Hayes House Bed & Breakfast, Nash Creek
Herring Cove Provincial Park, Welshpool
Hill Top Motel & Restaurant, Grand Falls
Hillside Motel, Saint John
Hilltop Grill & Beverage Co., Fredericton
Hilton Saint John
Historic Chatham Business District, Miramichi
Hole-In-the-Wall Park & Campground, Grand Manan
Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites, Saint John
Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites Airport, Dieppe
Holly’s Restaurant, Hampton
Homestead Inn, Blissfield
Hopewell Rocks, Hopewell Cape
Hospitality Saint John Inc., Saint John
Hotel Courtenay Bay, Saint John
Hotel Moncton
Hotello, Montréal
Howard Johnson’s & Brasserie 1026, Campbellton
Howard Johnson’s (formerly the Wandlyn Inn), Fredericton
Indian Point B&B Motel, Port Elgin
Initiative de Développement Culturel & Touristique Rexton - Richibucto - Saint
Louis de Kent
Island View Motel, Saint John
Itineraries Unlimited, Fredericton
Jardin Botanique du NB, St-Jacques
Jarea Art Studio, St. Andrews
JGV Consultants, Dieppe
JK Tours Inc., Moncton
John Gyles Motor Inn & Heino’s Germain Cuisine, Woodstock
John’s Motel Ltd, Beresford
Johnston, Andrea, Saint John
Jonah Place Bed & Breakfast Inn, Sussex
JSS Entreprises Inc., Dieppe
Juniper Lodge Ltd., Juniper
K.O.K. Campground, Grande Digue
KCM First Aid Services, Fredericton
Kilburn House Bed & Breakfast, Fredericton
Kings Landing Historical Settlement, Prince William
Kings Motel, Saint John
Kingsbrae Garden, St. Andrews
Kingswood, Fredericton
Kouchibouguac National Park
La Source, Charlo
L’Acadie Nouvelle/CapAcadie, Dieppe
Lakeview Inn & Suites, Bathurst
Lakeview Inn & Suites Fredericton
Lakeview Inn & Suites Miramichi
Lakeway Houseboat Vacations, Keswick Ridge
LedgeRock B & B, Nortondale
Ledges Inn, Doaktown
Leone Pippard & Associates
LG Electronics Canada Inc., Mississauga
Lily Lake Pavilion, Saint John
Little Big Bear Safari Ltd, Acadieville
Little Pizza House Ltd, Grand Falls
Loon Bay Lodge, St. Stephen
Lower River Passage, Fredericton
Lutz Mountain Heritage Museum, Moncton
M5 Marketing Communications, Moncton
Magic Mountain Ltd, Moncton
Magnetic Hill Bed & Breakfast, Moncton
Magnetic Hill Winery, Moncton
Mahogany Manor Bed & Breakfast, Saint John
Maison Tait House, Shediac
Maison Touristique Dugas, Caraquet
Maison Vienneau, Shediac
Maple Tourist Home Bed and Breakfast, Grand Falls
Massive Graphics Displays Exhibits, Fredericton
Maverick’s Steakhouse & Grill, Moncton
Maxxim Promotions Inc., St. John’s
TIANBAnnualReportENG.indd 14
5/11/09 3:10:05 PM
McAdam Historical Restoration Commission
McNutt Bed & Breakfast, Florenceville
Metepenagiag Heritage Park, Red Bank
Metepenagiag Outdoor Adventure, Red Bank
Miramichi Country Haven Lodge, Gray Rapids
Miramichi Exhibition
Miramichi Heritage Network, Boiestown
Miramichi Landings
Miramichi River Tourism Association
Money Concepts/Investia Financial Services Inc., Saint John
Mont Assomption Bed & Breakfast, DSL Saint André
Moosehead Breweries Ltd, Moncton
Morada Holiday Resort, Chelmsford
Morada Motel, Miramichi
Motel & Camping Colibri, Caraquet
Motel de Cocagne Ltée, Cocagne
Motel l’Acadien, Petit Rocher
Motel Leo Ltd, Saint Andre/Grand Falls
Mount Allison University/ Conference Office, Sackville
Musée acadien de l’Université de Moncton, Moncton
NB B&B Association, Nash Creek
NB Fed of Snowmobile Clubs, Woodstock
NB Filmmakers Co-operative Ltd, Fredericton
NB Golf Association, Fredericton
NB Professional Outfitters Association, Fredericton
NB Tourism Grading Inc., Fredericton
NB Trails Council, Fredericton
NBCC St. Andrews
New Brunswick Museum, Saint John
New Brunswick Potato Museum Inc (Potato World), Florenceville
New England Pizza Co., Fredericton
New Horton Lake Inn, New Horton
Nor’West Court Ltd., Moncton
O’Donaghues Pub and Eatery, Miramichi
O’Donnell’s Cottages & Expeditions, Doaktown
Office du Tourism Edmundston-Madawaska, Edmundston
Old Mill Pond Golf and Country, Doaktown
Olive Branch, Sackville
On the Pond Country Retreat & Spa, Mactaquac
Opera Bistro Inc.- Dufferin Inn, Saint John
O’Regal Restaurant & Motel Ltée, Kedgwick
Orion Marketing Research, Fredericton
Parc d’Amusement & Camping Malybel, Beresford
Parc écologique de la Péninsule acadienne, Lamèque
Parc provincial de la République, St-Jacques
Park Inn & Suites, Miramichi
Parkland Village Inn, Alma
Pat’s Tour Bus Inc., Campbellton
Pays de la Sagouine, Bouctouche
Peck Colonial House B&B & Tearoom, Hopewell Hill
People Park Tower/Camden Park Terrace, Moncton
Petitcodiac Valley Golf & Country Club
Pine Cone Motel, Sussex
Pine Cone Trailer Park, Sussex
Pine Needles Golf & Country Club, Grand Barachois
Pointe-du-Chêne Harbour Authority Inc.
Ponderosa Pines Park, Hopewell Cape
Portage Restaurant, Miramichi
Prospect Inn, Fredericton
Quality Inn, Edmundston
Quoddy Link Marine Inc., St. Andrews
Radio Péninsule inc. (CKRO-MF), Pokemouche
Ramada Hotel, Fredericton
Ramada Plaza Crystal Palace Hotel, Dieppe
Raymond Gallant & Fils Ltée, Rogersville
Red Whale Coffee Company, Rothesay
Regional Memorial Civic Centre, Campbellton
Residence Inn Moncton by Marriott, Moncton
Restaurant & Gîte de la Sagouine, Bouctouche
Restaurant Chez Raymond Ltée, Neguac
Restaurant La Crêpe Bretonne, Paquetville
Restigouche Golf & Country Club, Campbellton
Reversing Falls Jet Boat Rides, Saint John
Ritz Motel, St Jacques
River Country Campground & Cabins, Wicklow
Riverside Resort & Conference Centre, French Village
Roads To Sea Guided Tours, Moncton
Rodd Miramichi River, Miramichi
Rodd Park House Inn, Moncton
Rossmount Inn, St. Andrews
RRC Consultation, Sainte-Marie-de-Kent
Safran Fine Cuisine & Bar Ltd, Shediac
Salem & Hillsborough Railroad Inc., Hillsborough
Saltscapes Publishing Ltd, Bedford
Sandy Beach Tenting & Trailer Park Ltd, Cap-Pelé
Savonnerie Olivier Soapery, Sainte-Anne-de-Kent
Seascape Kayak Tours, Richardson, Deer Island
Seaside Haven Cottages, Grand Manan
Shadow Lawn Inn Inc., Rothesay
TIANBAnnualReportENG.indd 15
Sheriff Winslow House, Upper Woodstock
Shorecrest Lodge, Grand Manan
Simmons Canada, Dieppe
Smoker Brook Lodge, Moncton
SOCAN, Dartmouth
Societé Coopérative de Lamèque Ltée, Lamèque
Société du Jardin, St. Jacques
St. John Ambulance, Fredericton
St. Stephen Golf Club
St. Stephen Inn
Studio on the Marsh, Harvey (Albert Co)
Sunset on the River B&B, Upper Kingsclear
Super 8, Campbellton
Super 8, Moncton/Dieppe
Super 8, Caraquet
Surfside Motel Ltd, Grand Manan
Tannaghtyn B&B, Florenceville
Tantramar Motel, Sackville
Tantramar Tourism Association, Sackville
The Chocolate Museum, St. Stephen
Tourism & Parks, Fredericton
Tourism Chaleur Inc., Bathurst
Tourism Saint John
Tourism Synergy Ltd, Grand-Bay Westfield
Town of Hartland
Town of Oromocto
Town of Sackville
Town of Woodstock
Town of Dalhousie
Transcontinental/Optipress Printing G.P., Dartmouth
Trius Charter Bus Service & Tours, Fredericton
Ty Rhys Bed & Breakfast, Lakeville Corner
UNB Aitken Centre/Varsity Reds Athletics, Fredericton
UNBSJ, Saint John
Upper Oxbow Outdoor Adventures, Red Bank
Vacation Village/Horizon Trailer Park, Shediac
Valley Trails Bicycle Vacations, Grand Falls
Verger Belliveau Orchard, Memramcook
VIA Rail Canada, Montreal
Village of Gagetown
Village d’Atholville
Village de Cap-Pelé Inc./Plage Aboiteau, Cap-Pelé
Village de Lac Baker
Village de Neguac
Village de Saint-Isidore
Village de Ste-Marie St-Raphaël
Village Historique Acadien, Caraquet
Village of Belledune Inc.
Village of Perth-Andover
Village of Charlo
Village of Saint-Louis-de-Kent
Ville d’Edmundston
Ville de Bouctouche
Ville de Caraquet
Ville de Dieppe
Ville de Grand Sault/Town of Grand Falls
Ville de Richibucto
Ville de Shediac
Ville de Shippagan
Ville de Tracadie-Sheila
Voyages RÉ-BER Travel Inc., Balmoral
Vue de la Plage/ Beachview Camping, Grande Digue
Whales n Sails Adventure Ltd, Grand Manan
Winsome Inn, St. Stephen
Woolastook Park Camground, Fredericton
Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park, Woodstock
York’s Dining Room Ltd, Perth Andover
Abdul Hameed, Yusra T., Fredericton
Abdulrazzaq, Nada, Fredericton
Albert, Leo G, St. Basile
Ann, Tae Hyung, Fredericton
Arseneau-Michon, Marie-Josée, St-Isidore
Atauasova, Dijana, Memramcook
Audit, Bruce James, Belledune
Barroeta, Dulcey, Fredericton
Benoit, Colinda, Val-Comeau
Bingham, Jessica, St. Stephen
Bossé, Rolande, Edmundston
Brewer, Joann, Zealand
Bulmer-Raby, Debby, Salisbury
Calder, Shonda, Saint John
Card, V. Rosalie, Saint John
Castillo, Morales, Fredericton
Chiasson, Claire Elise, Duguayville
Chiasson, Melanie, Moncton
Charrette, Noella, Edmundston
Choi,Kyungho , Fredericton
Clark, Jenny, Long Settlement
Cole, Roxanne, Saint John
Comeau, Jeanne D’Arc, Tracadie-Sheila
Comeau, Médéric, Tracadie-Sheila
Couturier, Lyne, Edmundston
Darvish, Fatemeh, Dieppe
Davenport, Derek, Northampton
Dean, Jessica, Fredericton
Desjardins, Monica, Dieppe
Dixon, Stephanie M., Fredericton
Feltus, Shawn-Marie, Saint John
Foster, Suzanne, Little Ridge
Gallant, Denise, Moncton
Gorman, Terry, Moncton
Guillemette, France, Edmundston
Haché, Francine, Caraquet
Haché, Philippe, New Maryland
Haddon, Larissa, Fredericton
Haddon, Margeret, Fredericton
Hawkes, Leslie, Nackawick
Hébert, Kathy, Coteau Road
Ho, Ya-Wen, Fredericton
Hudson, Mariea, Saint John
Hughes, Carrie, Saint John
Hwang, Kiyong, Fredericton
Kwaw, Thérèse, Fredericton
Labelle, Gaétane, Adlerwood
Labelle, Robert, Alderwood
Larocque, Sylvie, Cap-Bateau
Leblanc, Marie Marthe
Lee, Hwandae, Moncton
Lee, Hyum Jung, Fredericton
Lee, Joeseung, Fredericton
Lee, Robert, St. George
Lomax, Tracy, New River Beach
Losier, Mr. Venance, Tracadie-Sheila
Mainville, Yannick, Shippagan
Malik, Khalid , Saint John
Mallais, Christianne, St. Isidore
Martin, Mylène, St. Joseph de Madawaska
McDonald, Daniel, Moncton
McKay, Norma, Burton
Melanson, Patricia, Saint John
Middleton, Stephanie, Rothesay
Montreuil, Vicky, Edmundston
Nickerson-Ward, Marlène, Petit-Shippagan
O’Dea, Ashley Lee Ann, Woodstock
O’Donnell, Phyllis, Saint John
Palacios, Tabatta, Fredericton
Parker, Curtis, Youbou
Parker, Susan, Moncton
Paulin, Sylvie, Ste-Marie-St-Raphaël
Pennell, Sandy, Fredericton
Pitre, Régis, Utopia
Polley, Jon, Saint John
Qiu, JiaJia, Saint John
Rankin, Christine, Saint John
Redmond, Jesse, Rothesay
Romero, Susan, Fredericton
Rousselle, Denise, Tracadie-Sheila
Roy, April Kim, Saint John
Ruiz, Maria Cielo, Fredericton
Russell, Pamela, St. Stephen
Shaw, Jamie, Canterbury
Shaw, Rayma, Centreville
Son, Younglan, Fredericton
Spencer, Barry, Saint-Louis-de-Kent
St. Amand, Angela, Dieppe
Taylor, Stephanie, Saint John
Thomas, Irene, Coal Branch
Tobin, Dorothy, Saint-Jacques
Trott, John, Saint John
Umali, Marr-Randall, St. Stephen
Wang, Jaignzu, Fredericton
Wasson, Diane, Saint John
Waters, Beth, Saint John
Watson, Lea, St Stephen
Weagle, Barry, Burton
Wilson, Karen, Saint John
Wood, Christina, Woodstock
Woodworth, Danah, Fredericton
Wright, Catherine, Moncton
Zhu, John Stuart, Saint John
5/11/09 3:10:06 PM
Tourism Industry Association of New Brunswick / Association de l’industrie touristique du Nouveau-Brunswick
500 Beaverbrook Court, Suite 440, Fredericton, NB E3B 5X4
Telephone / Téléphone : 506.458.5646 Toll Free / Sans frais : 800.668.5313 Fax / Télécopieur : 506.459.3634
[email protected] www.tianb.com
TIANBAnnualReportENG.indd 16
5/11/09 3:10:07 PM

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