TNMA news letter 2015



TNMA news letter 2015
Stephen Kaufman
Ed Angelino
Vice President
John Cerini
Lilyanna Pekic
Hussein Nouri
Technology Director
Angela Molinini
Events Coordinator
Robert Jaen
Throggs Neck Merchant Association Newsletter
September 2015
In This Issue
1 - 8th Annual Dinner Dance
2 - TNMA 2015 Dinner Dance Honorees
3 - Don’t Patronize Street Vendors - Continued
3 - Alcohol Awareness Breakfast Success!
4 - Tree Basin Cleanup and Make-over
4 - Our Newest Members
4 - Upcoming Events Cut-out
TNMA Schedule of Events
Sep 30, 2015 - Member Meeting @ Patricia’s of East
Tremont - 7PM - 9PM
Oct 21, 2015 - Member Meeting @ Frank’s Pizza
Restaurant - 7PM - 9PM
Oct 29, 2015 - TNMA Annual Dinner [email protected] Villa
Barone Manor - 6:30PM - 11PM
Dec 2, 2015
- Member Meeting / Holiday Party @
Spoto’s Restaurant - 7PM - 9PM
Dec 6, 2015
- Annual Tree Lighting @ Derosa
O’Boyle Triangle - 5PM - 7PM
Jan 27, 2016 - Member Meeting @ Tosca Marquee 7PM - 9PM
Feb 24, 2016 - Member Meeting @ Villa Barone
Manor - 7PM - 9PM
Mar 30, 2016 - Member Meeting @ International
Caterer’s - 7PM - 9PM
Apr 27, 2016 - Member Meeting @ PJ Brady’s
Restaurant - 7PM - 9PM
May 25, 2016 - Member Meeting @ Ice House Cafe 7PM - 9PM
Jun 4, 2016
- TNMA Annual Street Fair - E Tremont
Ave from Waterbury Ave to Randall Ave
10 AM to 4 PM
Jun 29, 2016 - Member Meeting @ Rino’s Restaurant
- 7PM - 9PM
8th Annual Dinner Dance
The Throggs Neck
Merchant Association proudly
announces that its 8th Annual
Dinner Dance will be held at
the Villa Barone Manor, 737
Throggs Neck Expressway,
on October 29. The Cocktail
hour starts promptly at
Proceeds from the event,
which has become one of the
most memorable evenings in
the Throggs Neck community,
are used to continue the
outstanding work of the
Merchants Association,
including planning for a BID, streetscaping activities, tree pit cleaning and a street
festival. Among the many charitable and civic events provided by the Throggs Neck
Merchants Association are awards for school children, a sponsored golf outing, and
holiday lights. We are also proud of our involvement along with Assemblyman
Michael Benedetto with the annual Tree Lighting event, where we are able to have
Santa Claus personally hand out over 1000 toys each year to the Throggs Neck
community children.
This year's event honors Frances Maturo, of ADAPP & TNCAP, who will receive
the Excellence Award; Sharon Camilleri, of Got Hair LLC, receives the Business
Woman of the Year; John J. Sisto, Funeral Director of Sisto Funeral Home, receives
the Business Man of the Year; and Tommy of Tommy’s Pizza, will receive the
Lifetime Achievement Award. You can read more about the honorees in this edition
of the newsletter.
Tickets are only $100, and those purchasing a full table (10 tickets) also receive
a free journal ad. Reservations can be made by sending payment to the Throggs
Neck Merchant Association, P.O. Box 508, Bronx, New York 10465, or by visiting the
website at Checks may be made payable to TNMA.
A journal will be distributed at the Dinner. If you are interested in purchasing an
ad in the journal, please call 646-657-1312 or 718-822-0500 .
All are invited. This is both a chance to have a wonderful evening, and a great
opportunity to support the Throggs Neck Community. Insure a bright future for all
who live, shop, or work in your neighborhood by attending.
For further information, please call 646-657-1312 or 718-822-0500.
Throggs Neck Merchant Association • PO Box 508, Bronx, NY 10465 • (646) 657-1312
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Throggs Neck Merchant Association Newsletter
September 2015
TNMA 2015 Dinner Dance Honorees
John J. Sisto - Business Man of the Year
Sharon Camilleri - Business Woman of the Year
John J. Sisto, is a licensed
funeral director in New York
since 2000. He is the vice
president of Sisto Funeral
Home. John became actively
involved in the day to day
operations of the business
after the death of his father
John J. Sisto, Sr. in 1997, the
founder of the Sisto Funeral
John is a graduate of The
American Academy McAllister Institute of Funeral Service.
John is married to Danielle Noga-Sisto since 2009 and is
the proud father of Sienna and is expecting a new baby boy.
He is a long time member of the Throggs Neck Merchant
Association and is dedicated to serving the people of his
Sharon Camilleri is a Bronx native
who grew up in Throggs Neck.
She attended Herbert H. Lehman
High School graduating in 1979.
Her interest in business
administration lead her to manage
a highly active food wholesale
business in Hunts Point for 11
Her effective leadership and
desire to work with patients
directly and indirectly lead her to
manage 5 MRI centers both as an
accounting manager and CEO.
In 2005 Sharon became the Office Administrator for Albert
Graziosa, MD PC working both as a financial officer and patient
liaison. Her desires to want more patient interaction lead her to a
certification in electrolysis hair removal and a partnership in Got
Hair? LLC, a medical aesthetic practice. She now also manages
the hCG Fresh Start Weight Loss Center at Got Hair? LLC
successfully helping dozens of patients safely lose weight.
Sharon Camilleri’s mission is simple; continuing to help patients
reach their goals one day at a time looking as beautiful on the
outside as they are on the inside.
Frances Maturo - Excellence Award
Gaetano LoBue “Tommy” - Lifetime Achievement Award
Frances Maturo is a clinical
social worker who is currently
the Executive Director of the
Archdiocese of New York
Drug Abuse Prevention
Program (ADAPP).
ADAPP program
school-based prevention
services that include
educational programs that
encourage healthy life
choices and counseling
services for high-risk youth.
In addition Adapp is a provider of community based services
which look to engage community members towards
changing norms that support addiction and other unhealthy
Frances was also successful in forming the Throggs Neck
Community Action Partnership (TNCAP). TNCAP is a
neighborhood coalition dedicated to ensuring that all
community members have the opportunity to raise their
children in a safe, healthy, drug and free community
Gaetano LoBue was born on
January 27,1950 to his
parents Rosa Fucarino and
Giovanni LoBue in a small
town in Sicily called Lercara
Friddi. Times were difficult for
him, his mother and two
sisters, Carmela and
Vincenza. When their Father
went off to war for seven
years, Gaetano wanted to
help his mom and siblings, so
he went to work at a
construction site at the young
age of 7.. he also slept there. Gaetano came to America with
his father in 1967 to make a better life, as many immigrants
did. He settled on Arthur Ave in the Belmont section of the
Bronx, where he found work in the Ronzoni factory. He
worked there at night and had a second job as an electrician
during the day. Always striving to do more, in 1977 he
opened his own business- Tommy's Pizzeria in Throggs
Neck, where he has made his home for the past 38 years
alongside his wife Debbie and daughter Jessica.
Throggs Neck Merchant Association • PO Box 508, Bronx, NY 10465 • (646) 657-1312
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Throggs Neck Merchant Association Newsletter
No Limit on Street Food Vendor Permits
September 2015
By: Hussein Nouri
In the last issue of our newsletter we reported on the negative impact street vendors have on our communities.
Recently, it has come to our attention that a proposal is in the city council to increase the number of street vendor permits
from 2800 to as much as 25,000 by eliminating the cap. This is sure to create an even worse situation in our communities.
You may ask, why would they want to lift the cap on street food vendor permits? It appears that the cap on permits has
created a secondary "Black Market" for the vendor permits. Some existing permit holders are leasing their permits to
others for as much as $25,000 for a two year period. This is illegal. It goes against everything the original street vending
permits were designed for.
From what we understand, the original street vending permits were issued to help veterans that have returned home but
could not obtain work. It was designed to support veterans and their families. If the intent is to eliminate the "Black Market",
all they have to do is enforce the existing rules. If it's too much of a burden to enforce the existing rules, how can they
manage enforcement with a 1000% increase in the number of issued permits?
On Tuesday, September 22, 2105, Board Members from the TNMA was invited to City Hall to let them know our
concerns with the lifting of the cap. During this meeting we learned that there are only approximately 200 permits issued to
veterans. We let our position, be known. We do not want the cap to be lifted. We also stated that we want vendor free zones
in Throggs Neck, Pelham Bay, Westchester Square, Morris Park, Castle Hill and City Island. As of now there is only one
"Vendor Free Zone" in the Bronx. There are many vendor free zones in all the other boroughs.
Some of the arguments we have are as follows:
Many of the street cart vendors are not clean and up to city requirements, but since they are mobile, they can easily avoid violations and fines by
temporarily moving.
They are an eyesore along the business corridor and make the streets cluttered and in many cases cause dangerous driving situations by blocking
the driveways of local businesses.
They have very bright and distracting signs blinking late at night as they stay open for business until about 3 am. We live in a quiet residential
community and do not need to attract questionable activity that late into the evening.
They also leave grease stains all over the sidewalk where they park. This is not only degrading to the community, but also unfair to the landlord of
that property in our neighborhood.
And very importantly, we feel that the carts reduce the market value of our homes.
We have created petitions for residents and for business owners in the Community Board 10 District to fight the lifting of cap on street vendor permits.
All you have to do is enter your name, business name, and business address and a copy of the petition will be emailed to the mayors office and our local
elected officials. If you are a business owner, please submit both the business owner petition and the resident petition.
For CB10 District Business Owners: To read and submit, visit
For all other Business Owners: To read and submit, visit
For Community Residents: To read and submit, visit
We are not sure at this time the position of individual council members, but if we are not heard, this bill may get proposed and passed. Your support
will be greatly appreciated.
Alcohol Awareness Breakfast A Huge Success!
By: Hussein Nouri
On September 16, the TNMA hosted an alcohol awareness breakfast that was
geared toward educating the alcohol service industries such as bars & restaurants,
liquor stores and delis and markets that sell beer and wine.
Speakers at the event included the NYPD, DEP, the State Liquor Authority,
Representatives from Community Board 10, Representatives from State Senator
Kleins office, and Representatives from Throggs Neck Community Action
Partnership (TNCAP). The sponsors for the event also had the opportunity to
discuss their products and services as well. The sponsors included Citibank for
merchant services products, Capital Shield Agency for insurance services, All-Time
Detection for home and business security systems, and Phillip Gourmet Deli, a new
deli in Throggs Neck.
A question and answer session followed the speakers as well as a meet and greet
at the end of the event.
Throggs Neck Merchant Association • PO Box 508, Bronx, NY 10465 • (646) 657-1312
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Throggs Neck Merchant Association Newsletter
September 2015
Tree Basin Cleanup and Make-over!
By: Hussein Nouri
"Trees make the city more livable, improve the environment,
enhance public health, and are one of the most beneficial and cost
effective ways to support and advance our infrastructure. Placed in
sidewalks throughout our communities, street trees have a direct
impact on our neighborhoods through the benefits they provide,"
That statement comes from the NYC Parks website, and they are
correct, as long as the tree basins are maintained.
Although, NYC Parks will cut out the basins and plant the trees,
all without the consent of the property owners or renters, they will
not maintain the basins. What they are willing to do is issue fines for
weed growth and debree that collects in the tree basin.
So how do we as business owners deal with this issue?
That's simple! We take advantage of what has been provided by
NYC Parks and use it to our advantage. With just a few dollars and
a little labor we can transform a bland tree basin in front of our
businesses into some great curb appeal for our businesses.
During this years Annual Street Fair, Rite Aid Pharmacy allowed
us to place the stage for some performances in their parking lot.
This was a big sacrifice to them and their customers, so, in
appreciation for their community spirit, TNMA members
volunteered to clean out and beautify the tree basins directly in
front of Rite Aid and across the street from Rite Aid.
As you can see from the photos, the results are dramatic and
relatively very inexpensive.
The response so far has been so well received that we are
planning to beautify more tree basins in our area on Tremont Ave. If
you are interested in having a tree basin in front of your store
"made-over", please let us know as soon as possible with an email
to [email protected] All we ask is for your
participation by cleaning out the weeds and debree prior to the
"make-over" day.
September 2015 - June 2016
General Member Meeting - 09/30/2015 - 7 PM to 9 PM
Patricia’s of East Tremont - 3883 East Tremont Ave., 10465
General Member Meeting - 10/21/2015 - 7 PM to 9 PM
Frank’s Pizza Restaurant - 4106 East Tremont Ave., 10465
8th Annual Dinner Dance - 10/29/2015 - 6:30 PM to 11 PM
Villa Barone Manor - 737 Throggs Neck Exprwy, Bronx, 10465
Meeting / Holiday Party - 12/02/2015 - 7 PM to 9 PM
Spoto’s Restaurant - 4005 East Tremont Ave, Bronx, 10465
Annual Tree Lighting - 12/06/2015 - 6 PM to 8 PM
Derosa O'Boyle Triangle - Cross Bronx Expwy Service Rd., 10465
General Member Meeting - 01/27/2016 - 7 PM to 9 PM
Tosca Marquee - 4034 E Tremont Avenue, Bronx, NY 10465
General Member Meeting - 02/24/2016 - 7 PM to 9 PM
Villa Barone Manor - 737 Throggs Neck Exprwy, Bronx, 10465
General Member Meeting - 03/30/2016 - 7 PM to 9 PM
International Caterer's - 3243 Ampere Avenue, Bronx, 10465
General Member Meeting - 04/27/2016 - 7 PM to 9 PM
PJ Brady's Restaurant - 3201 Philip Ave., Bronx, NY 10465
General Member Meeting - 05/25/2016 - 7 PM to 9 PM
Ice House Café - 140 Reynolds Ave, Bronx, NY 10465
TNMA Annual Street Fair - 6/04/2016 - 10 AM to 4 PM
East Tremont Ave from Waterbury Ave to Randall Ave
Alfie's Place • Aprea Air LLC
Brewski's Bar & Grill • Bronx Physical Therapy
Life Together Fellowship • Lindstadt Law PLLC
Marina del Rey Caterers • O'Connor Carpet Center
Tasty Ladies • Throggs Neck Urgent Medical Care
General Member Meeting - 06/29/2016 - 7 PM to 9 PM
Rino’s Restaurant - 3938 E Tremont Ave, Bronx, NY 10465
To find out more about our merchants, please visit our website
Note:l Please visit the Throggs Neck Merchant Association website,, and register for notifications to our
monthly meetings and other events. You can also check our website
for any changes to this calendar.
Throggs Neck Merchant Association • PO Box 508, Bronx, NY 10465 • (646) 657-1312
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