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July 2016 Tides - Circlebay Yacht Club Condominium Association
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July 2016
9:00 AM
Pool Exercise
1:00 PM
8:15 AM
Men’s Breakfast
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Pool Exercise
12:30-3:00 PM
Art Group
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Mah Jongg
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Texas Hold'em
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July Events
Thursday, 14
11:30 AM
Ladies' Luncheon (meet at Clubhouse)
5 – Charlie Denby
10 – Rosenka Scharfenberg
23 – Shirley Berson
27 – Joan Smith
This month I thought I would write about two
creatures we all are familiar with at Circle Bay and
the Treasure Coast, one we are happy to have and
the other not so.
First let’s cover the undesirable. Lately,
there have been some concerns expressed regarding ants and our lawn and ornamental pest and
disease control program. What follows is some information about ants in south Florida and the actions we are taking to control ants and other pests.
Ants are nuisance pests around the home
because they feed on and contaminate human
foods, infest structures by nesting in wall voids
and/or underneath kitchen sinks and other places,
and build unsightly mounds in lawns and other
landscapes. In some cases, ants are able to inflict
7 – Don & Dorothy Kurtz
21 – Leo & Carol DiDonato
30 – Chuck & Lorrie Markarian
painful bites or can have venomous stings. Ants do
not attack or eat fabrics, leather or wood in houses.
However, some species can establish nests in decaying wood, including wood in human structures.
Several species of ants are found in or
around houses in Florida. In general, the most
common ants can be grouped as house-infesting
ants, yard-infesting ants, and carpenter ants. Carpenter ants do not eat wood but they do rearrange
it into galleries and tunnels. The most commonly
encountered pest ants are pharaoh, white footed,
Argentine, ghost, pyramid, carpenter, rover, native
fire, imported fire, crazy, thief, Caribbean, acrobat,
and big-headed ants.
The recent heavy rains combined with the
heat have driven the ants to flourish and seek higher ground. This is common in south Florida and is
difficult to prevent. It is impossible to exterminate all
the ants and other pests. Our only option is to try to
control the problem. We do this in an environmentally responsible manner by spot treating on demand along with blanket spraying of the property
when necessary with approved pesticides.
Our current service provider is Organic Solutions, a fully licensed and certified pest control
and landscape company. Organic Solutions follows
Florida Friendly guidelines as to Best Management
Practices as recommended by the State of Florida.
They treat for pest or disease problems on an 'on
demand’ basis as well as providing service every
other month. The program they offer is very environmentally friendly and is important to minimize
harmful chemical run off into the river. Organic Solutions has been very responsive to our calls when
the office is made aware of any problem and arrives to treat any problem areas within 24 hours of
a call.
The Board has considered alternative service providers but has no reason to believe that a
change in service providers will have any different
effect as they all use the same pesticides. Our
CAM, a licensed Master Gardener, has determined
that the service provided by Organic Solutions is
the best course of action and we will continue for
the time being.
The second creature I have a few comments about is the Sailfish Capitals favorite, namely
the Sailfish. The Sailfish is known for his speed
ability which is over 65 miles per hour and his spectacular challenge to any fisherman lucky to hook up
with one. The sailfish is displayed on our docu-
ments and flag and is a beautiful creature to behold.
I know there are a few residents who believe I never use my boat so I thought I would make
a point of going out on Father’s Day weekend with
my son as mate. Here is the result:
I am happy to say that the Sailfish was out
of the water for only a picture or two and then we
slowly moved forward holding him alongside the
boat after which he gingerly swam away. Interestingly as we had him up for the picture another sailfish swam along with the boat for a brief time. Obviously I do not know the relationship between the
two fish but assume there is one.
Werner Bols,
From The Property Manager
I've had a few calls about
snakes recently so I thought I'd share
some information from the internet
along with some experience I've had
with snakes.
Florida has an abundance of
snake species (about 50, but who's counting). Out
of the 50 species only 6 are venomous. So that
would leave 44 species and subspecies that are
non-venomous and harmless, unless you break
your leg or neck trying to get away from one.
You may not want to hear this however, all
snakes are beneficial. "No way" you say. That's
right, they eat insects, rats, mice, worms, toads,
frogs, fish and some, like Indigos and Kingsnakes,
eat other snakes including the venomous ones.
They help keep the ecosystem they live in at a
good balance.
The six types of venomous snakes that can
be found in south Florida are Coral Snakes, Cottonmouth, Copperhead, and 3 varieties of rattlesnake. I've personally seen a Pygmy Rattlesnake
and an Eastern Diamondback. Needless to say, if
you see a snake with a rattle tail, don't approach it
and call the authorities for assistance. You can
throw a towel or blanket over it and it may stay put.
But don't be a hero. Some non-venomous snakes,
when cornered or threatened may shake their tail
as a means of scaring you off but if they don't have
a rattle they are most likely harmless.
I've also killed a few Coral Snakes in my
neighborhood as well. Coral Snakes are identified
by their red, yellow and black stripes. Another
harmless and beneficial snake is the Kingsnake
which looks similar to the Coral Snakes with red,
black and yellow stripes. The way to tell them apart
is by identifying the arrangement of the stripes. The
following saying helps me know the difference- Red
touch yellow, kill a fellow- red touch black friend of
The most common snakes I've seen around
are Black Racers and Corn, or Rat Snakes. Black
racers are black and are harmless and Corn
Snakes are brown with squares or diamond patterns. Both are harmless and Corn Snakes are
even kept as pets. Wherever there is water, there
will be rats and wherever there's rats there will be
Now, I'm no radical environmentalist treehugging nut, however, I've been blessed with some
good Ole common sense. So I say, having snakes
around is a good thing. I realize that some of you
are scared to death of them. Just give them a
healthy distance and leave them alone, they'll
probably just slither away and go eat a rat or something.
We had a great turnout and can only hope our
voices and signs will be heard by our legislators in
Commodore George Hohenstein and his
wife Toby are still enjoying the cool weather in CT.
He is a volunteer at the Mystic Seaport welcoming
summer visitors as well as at the Noank Historical
Society researching the activities of old sailing captains. Maybe we can talk him into sharing what he
learned with us when he returns this autumn.
On May 28th CBY&SC sponsored the annual Memorial Day celebration which included an all
American cook out on the Deck. Approximately 65
people attended. The Patriots (honor guard), the
ROTC and all of our vets ate free of charge. Social
Director Sandy Tortis arranged for the food and
decorations while Pat Atkinson did a spectacular
job coordinating all of the military aspects. Last but
not least Jim Reid supplied the music. This was an
event we can be proud of and all the volunteers are
to be congratulated.
Larry Bryant, Fleet Captain, organized a
boat-a-cade on June 2nd to Spoto’s restaurant in
Stuart. A total of seven boats participated and 32
Circle Bayans attended. With so many snow birds
already flown to the northlands this was a great
turnout. Larry is continuing to look for new adventures so stay tuned to Channel 43 and watch your
bulletin boards.
But wait, there’s more! The next day on
June 3rd Sandy Tortis, Pam Lewis and Jim Reid collaborated on a pool party. Dinner on the Deck and
music at the pool was attended by over 50 people… it was wet and wild!
Dennis Stewart
Vice Commodore, CBY&SC
Keep those recipes coming for the new
CBY&SC Cookbook to be published in the Fall.
Neighborhood Watch
Thanks to Building 11 and
any volunteers who also helped to
keep CBYC secure during the
month of June. Have to report the
response was good.
July finds Building 12 with "the duty." We
usually can use some extra help during the summer
months so if you have an evening or two to spare
check in with me.
Vince Meyer
We are now in the summer doldrums which is normally a good time
to be on the water. Unfortunately
our waterways are now covered
with green slime from the Lake O
discharges. Sadly, there seems
to be no end in sight.
Have you noticed the deplorable condition
of our once beautiful water? In response, the local
chapter of the Citizens for Clean water held a rally
on the Palm City Bridge objecting to the Lake O
discharges. In support of them, Mary Stewart organized our own rally behind buildings 1 and 13.
In Memoriam
Loretta Gerber (3-105) passed
from this life on June 11th. She was an
amazing person with much love for life
and family. An ardent Mah Jongg
player, Texas Hold'em fan and Scrabble buff;
she was always ready for a game.
Loretta's family paid tribute to her with a
Celebration of Her Life held at the Clubhouse on
Wednesday, June 16th.
The residents of Circle Bay extend their
sympathy to the Gerber family.
Social Activities
Friday Happy Hour is
still on. Come join the small
but congenial group at 5:30.
First ones there set up and
everybody helps cleanup.
Sauder's Landing at
Nettles Island was the venue
for the June ladies' luncheon.
There were nine of us gathered in their small dining
room. (We occupied half the room.) There was
plenty of conversation and I think it was unanimous
that the food was excellent. Shuckers is the destination on July 14th. Call Lee Weeks (772-6314236) if you plan to attend.
Pool Party Pics – 6/13/16
The Welcome Committee report for May
listed four sales and no new annual leases or seasonal leases. It also contained two annual lease
Unit 8-307
Michael Monaco
Unit 2-201
Thomas A. Kleinkauf
Unit 14-303
Sandra Wetmore
Unit 2-101
Floyd and Jane Smith
Please welcome these new Circle Bay residents to the community.
Annual Lease Renewals
Unit 13-305 Eileen Vincent
Unit 14-203 Roland Carey
Save Our River Demonstration – 6/4/16

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