February 2009 Newsletter



February 2009 Newsletter
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Issue 4
February 2009
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What a month!
Overview of Dec 08
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Welcome to Gunther
Getting to know our
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Audit Results
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Project of the Month
Education for Feb
Feb Meeting Dates
As we head into February 2009, I am reflecting on
the fact that I have now been in the position for 12
months. Where that 12 months has gone, I am not
sure? However, when I stop and think about the things we have
achieved here at Gunther Village over the last year, I can honestly say
it has been a very rewarding year. I have alluded to the fact many
times, that one of the greatest challenges we have is ensuring that
there are systems, processes and practices that ensure information
management is effective. It is imperative that people not only receive
information in a timely manner and are kept informed of ‘what is going
on’, but are aware of the avenues open to them to raise an issue, provide and receive feedback, ask a question or simply have a chat! In my
endeavour to continually improve in this area, I have decided to utilise
our monthly newsletter, which will be distributed far and wide! Starting
with this issue, our Newsletter will be posted to families, distributed to
the wider community as well as being available to all visitors, friends &
family that visit our home. Along with this extended distribution, you
will notice that the content of the Newsletter has additional sections,
which will enable us to provide feedback and information in relation to a
variety of activities that are undertaken on a regular basis. ie; Monthly
Audits, including any Survey Results, Suggestions for Improvements and ‘What we did about it’! We will also include information about our
“Project of the Month” (further information about this on page 5)
Please be aware I do not plan to take up the front page of every Newsletter! However, we have an exciting year ahead, with lots of ideas for
implementing further positive changes. So this being the first Newsletter of the year, I thought was an ideal way of sharing some of them
with you! Given that I really am now out of space to write, I will say
Bye till next month!
Gunther Goss— Issue 4—February 09
Gunther Goss—Issue 4 - February 09
Jo Bailey
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December 08
What a month!
As we did not publish a January Newsletter, we would like to use a little space in this issue to share with
you some of the highlights and high jinks that went on throughout the ‘Silly Season’ just gone!
First up for December was the Gunther Village 3-Ball Ambrose Ladies Golf day, held on the 7th December
at the Gayndah Golf Course. This was a fundraising event organized by our Welfare Committee which
raises funds to buy items that will in some way enhance the services we provide to our residents. The day
turned out to be a huge success, raising $850.00. We would like to take this opportunity to once again
thank our sponsors, volunteers and golfers. THANK YOU!
The Gunther Village Staff Christmas Party (12th December) was made a little different with the decision to
include a Gunther Village ‘Talent Quest’. Not sure about the “talent” part, but it was extremely
The Resident’s and Families Christmas Nibbles and Drinks held in the Hub on Saturday 13th was also a
popular event. Our resident’s really enjoyed getting into the Christmas spirit with their family and friends.
On the 14th of December Gunther Village hosted a Community Christmas Carols. It was a very relaxing
and enjoyable evening with a great community turn out. It was the perfect way for staff and resident’s to
end a big weekend of Christmas Partying!
We had one day off from all the Christmas excitement then jumped right back into the spirit again with the
Gunther Village Children’s Christmas Party (16th December). Santa was our special guest, giving out some
early Christmas Presents before jetting back to the North Pole (thanks, Santa).
If you didn’t know why Christmas was referred to as ‘Silly Season’, now you do!
ABOVE & RIGHT: Some of the locals who got
into the spirit of the Christmas themed Golf
ABOVE: Some of the talent
we saw at the Gunther
Village Staff Christmas Party.
Gunther Goss— Issue 4—February 09
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Welcome to Gunther!
We would like to extend a warm welcome to our new residents who have recently moved
into the home
Shirley Hirst
Dorothy ‘Granny’ Churchward
Dorothy ‘Tinck’ Tincknell
New Staff
Katie Burns
Trainee Assistant Nurse
Pauline Dakin
Support Services
Alia Fernandez
Support Services
Getting to know our Staff!
NAME: Deb Burns
POSITION: Assistant Nurse
LEFT: Some
of the Christmas decorations created by the
from activiBarb showing off two of the many Melties last year.
bourne cup hats that the residents have
created .
FAMILY: 2 children and a fiancé
BEST HOLIDAY: Camping at Yenda with family
SPECIAL INTERESTS: Children, music and singing
Gunther Goss— Issue 4—February 09
Deb Burns
Audit / Survey Results
Towards the end of December we sent out a Survey/Questionnaire to every Residents nominated next of kin as well as giving the survey to a number of residents, to get their feedback on
how they thought we were performing’ ? The areas we asked for feedback on were;
Care, Lifestyle, Privacy, Comments & Complaints Processes, Catering Services, Hospitality, Information Systems and Cleaning & Laundry services.
We received a positive response, with approx 40% of the surveys sent out, returned. Results and
feedback from those surveys returned were as follows:
Care; all responses were very positive, with comments around a feeling that residents are well
cared for. No suggestions for improvement.
Lifestyle; generally, a high level of satisfaction. A couple of comments which indicated that we
could do better in meeting residents needs in relation to social activities on a more ’individual’
Privacy; all indicated that this was done very well, and that their privacy is respected.
Comments & Complaints; all respondents commented that they were aware of the avenues available to raise an issue or make a complaint and were very comfortable in the fact that it would be
addressed appropriately.
Catering Services; Generally a high level of satisfaction with a few suggestions for improvement.
Hospitality; Very positive responses. Comments indicating that they always feel very welcome in
the home, and the relaxed atmosphere is very noticeable.
Cleaning & Laundry; Responses indicated that this is an area that requires review. Primarily in the
area of laundry services.
So! What are we doing about it?
Processes for the review of residents individual care needs (including lifestyle choices) have
been revised. This revised system will ensure that any gaps in relation to individual needs is
identified and rectified promptly.
The menu has been reviewed, suggestions have been incorporated into the choices and the
menu is currently with a dietician for sign off. Revised menu to be implemented by mid February.
A complete review of cleaning and laundry services has been scheduled for Monday 2
February. Consideration will be given to the feedback received, and current practices and
procedures will be modified to ensure an effective system. It is only fair to the staff to
acknowledge the fact that we have had one machine out of order on and off over the past
month. Our tradesman have been very supportive in trying to rectify the problem, however
as you can appreciate, getting spare parts over the Christmas period is not easy, but we will
get it right!
Gunther Goss— Issue 4—February 09
Project of the Month!
Every month, we will be focusing on a particular project and invite anyone from the community who may have some skills or an interest in the nominated project for that month
to come and lend a hand during that month, at a time that suits them. Maybe you have
some materials needed that you could donate? The list of projects to date includes;
Revamping and rebuilding existing garden beds. Make a Vegie Garden. Build a ‘Chook
Pen’ and the list is growing! Our thoughts are that this is a way for family, friends and
volunteers to contribute to our home and improve our facilities, while spending time with
residents if they wish to.
Our project for the month of February is to ‘Fill the Front With Colour’
With the building renovation in Gunther Wing almost complete, we will be focusing on
the garden areas outside Gunther Wing, at the front of the home. Pots of colourful shrubs
and plants have been ordered and the task ahead will be to plant them out during this
month. So if you have a few hours spare or you have other ideas about how we could
enhance the front of our home, we would love to hear from you!
Education for February
18th February—
February —Mental Health
Topics covered include:
All staff will notice that there is an Education Calender for 2009 on display in the
Communications Room. I strongly recommend that all staff try to attend as many education sessions that are relevant to their position as possible throughout 2009.
Residents Meeting—
Meeting— Monday 9th February 10.00am
All residents and their representatives are encouraged to attend.
Staff Meeting—
Meeting— Wednesday 11th February 2.30pm
Please be aware that it is expected that all staff will attend the monthly staff meeting if
Gunther Goss— Issue 4—February 09
Gunther Goss— Issue 4—February 09