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Pogue's Basics: Life
David Pogue
Oprah Winfrey
Did you know that you can use the indented rings on a red
plastic cup as measurements for 1, 5, and 12 ounces, the
standard serving sizes for liquor, wine, and beer? That a
Chinese food box is designed to unfold flat and form a
plate? When you buy aluminum foil or saran wrap, did you
know that there's a press-in tab on the end panel of the box
that you're supposed pop in that acts as an axle for the roll
and prevents it from leaping out of the box when you tug?
Another extremely helpful piece of advice? Statistically
speaking, on average the lowest plane fare for a given ticket
is available 52 days before the flight. Following the success
of the New York Times bestselling Pogue's Basics: Tech
comes the next book in the series Pogue's Basics: Life
which will be a timeless reference book of 200 simple tips
and shortcuts that just make life easier, shedding light on
valuable bits of advice and life hacks that already exist in
the world around you, but you just never knew!
St Martin's Press • PB • Reference, Information & Interdisciplinary Subjects
How To Drive
Macmillan • HB • Self-Help & Personal Development
David Hamsley
In this inspirational, fully illustrated, highly entertaining book,
former Top Gear star Ben Collins uses his super-charged
experience of racing, stunt-work and cutting-edge scientific
knowledge to tell you all of the things you didn't learn on
your test - and in the process will make your driving safer,
more economical and a lot more enjoyable. The skills
described in How to Drive, from skid control to gear
changes that are as smooth as a cashmere codpiece, have
been honed on racing tracks by the greatest drivers in the
world. This is the stuff your instructor missed, your dad
forgot and your mates pretend to know . . . but don't.
Packed with illustrations, gobsmacking driving anecdotes,
humour and wisdom, this is the ultimate book for anyone
who wants to be better at something they do every day of
their life.
Pan • PB • Motor Cars: General Interest
Anti-Stress Dot-to-Dot
Emily Milne Wallis
With over 250 full colour photographs of Disco's greatest
album covers, paging through To Disco, with Love is
like catching Saturday Night Fever all over again. From
Diana Ross and Donna Summer gazing fiercely from
their chart topping albums to the Village People's
trademark costumes and the Bee Gee's blinding white
jumpsuits, To Disco, with Love celebrates the days
when the dance floor ruled the world. Gathered together,
and presented chronologically these striking covers tell
the story of a moment in time when art, photography,
music, and dance changed the world. We see a rapid
evolution, from the early days when Disco's roots were
firmly planted in Soul, Latin, and Jazz, all the way to the
digital revolution of the 1980s. Accompanied by
insightful, spirited descriptions that showcase the
evolving trends in photography, illustration, and design,
To Disco, with Love charts the history of the music and
the industry during its groovy heyday.
St Martin's Press • HB • Music
Keep Happy and Color On
Meredith Mennitt
Relax and focus your mind with these beautiful dot-to-dot
pictures. Anti-Stress Dot-to-Dot by Emily Milne Wallis is
full of sophisticated dot-to-dot illustrations for you to
complete yourself. Featuring majestic animals, elegant
buildings and gorgeous scenes from nature, this book is a
window to a few minutes of peace and calm. De-stress and
lose yourself to the task of joining the dots and revealing the
stunning drawings within them.
Boxtree • TPB • Puzzles & Quizzes
In the first issue of O, The Oprah Magazine, Oprah wrote:
'We are all the causes of our own effects . . . That's why
I'll never stop asking the question, "What do you know for
sure?"' In the fourteen years since Oprah wrote those
words, she has retired The Oprah Winfrey Show,
launched her own television network, become America's
only black billionaire, lost beloved pets and adopted new
ones, watched friends and colleagues come and go,
celebrated milestone birthdays - and through it all, she's
continued to offer profound and inspiring words of
wisdom in her monthly O column, 'What I Know For
Sure'. These thoughtful gems have been revised,
updated and collected in What I Know For Sure, a
beautiful book packed with insight and revelation from
Oprah Winfrey. Organized by theme, these essays offer
a rare and powerful glimpse into the mind of one of the
world's most extraordinary women.
To Disco, With Love
Ben Collins
What I Know for Sure
Color your way to relaxation while creating works of
art! Color away the stress with this stunning book of
relaxing designs that offers a therapeutic retreat into a
world of beauty, inner peace, and relaxation. Each
exquisite design allows you to fall deep into the calming
experience of coloring, providing tranquility and ease that
we so often miss in the hustle and bustle of our daily
lives. Perfect for framing and gift-giving, these designs
bloom from creative sanctuary to modern works of art. ·
Soothing designs perfect for art therapy · Instant stress
reliever · Original designs · 8.5 x 10 tear-out pages fit for
framing · Personalized artwork for home-decorating,
framing, or gift-giving
St Martin's Press • PB • Hobbies
Keep Calm and Color On
Meredith Mennitt
Meredith Mennitt
Color your way to relaxation while creating works of art!
Color away the stress with this stunning book of relaxing
designs that offers a therapeutic retreat into a world of
beauty, inner peace, and relaxation. Each exquisite design
allows you to fall deep into the calming experience of
coloring, providing tranquility and ease that we so often
miss in the hustle and bustle of our daily lives. Perfect for
framing and gift-giving, these designs bloom from creative
sanctuary to modern works of art. · Soothing designs
perfect for art therapy · Instant stress reliever · Original
designs · 8.5 x 10 tear-out pages fit for framing ·
Personalized artwork for home-decorating, framing, or giftgiving
St Martin's Press • PB • Hobbies
The Macmillan Alice Colouring Book
Lewis Carroll
'Tis the season for Christmas coloring! Make your holiday
season merry and bright with an inspiring assortment of
fun and easy yuletide illustrations from Keep Merry and
Color On. There's no better way to bring holiday cheer to
your loved ones than by creating beautiful Christmas
designs, from beautiful winter collages and jingle bells, to
Santas and festive holly. All 75 joyful illustrations of this
adult coloring book are printed on durable, perforated
pages ideal for Christmas cards, decorations, gifts, and
framing. Get in the spirit of the season through the
relaxing pastime of coloring, and bring delight to others
with this gift that keeps on giving!
St Martin's Press • PB • Hobbies
Macmillan Children's Books • PB • Colouring & Painting Activity Books
Boys in the Trees
From the iconic and legendary Carly Simon comes the
memoir people have been waiting decades to read. Boys
in the Trees is a rhapsodic, beautifully compelling memoir
of a young woman's coming of age amid the glamorous
literati and intelligentsia of Manhattan (her father was
Richard Simon, co-founder of Simon & Schuster), the pain
of loss and betrayal early on in life, and the strength to
leave that all behind and forge a path of art, music and
love in the golden age of folk and rock. At once an
insider's look into a life lived in the spotlight, a lyric
reflection on a particular time in our culture's history, and a
beautiful memoir about the pains and joys of love and art
as soaring as Patti Smith's Just Kids, and shocking as
Keith Richard's Life, Boys in the Trees is the story Carly
Simon has long been waiting to tell the world.
St Martin's Press • HB • Memoirs
Another Side of Bob Dylan
Victor Maymudes
David Evanier
A memoir by Bob Dylan's former tour manager, and one of
his closest personal friends and confidants. Another Side
of Bob Dylan recounts landmark events including Dylan's
infamous motorcycle crash and meeting the Beatles on
their first US tour; his marriage to Sara Lownds, his
romances with Suze Rotolo, Joan Baez, and others; fellow
travellers Ramblin' Jack Elliott, Wavy Gravy, Dennis
Hopper, The Band, The Traveling Wilburys, and more;
memorable concerts, and insights on Dylan's songwriting
process. In 2001, after recording more than 24 hours of
taped memories in preparation for writing this book, Victor
Maymudes suffered an aneurysm and died. His son Jacob
has written the book, using the tapes to shape the story.
The result is a vivid, first-hand account of Dylan as an
artist, friend, and celebrity, illustrated with never-beforeseen photographs, and told by an engaging raconteur who
cut his own swathe through the turbulent counterculture.
St Martin's Press • TPB • Memoirs
It Ended Badly
Woody Allen is not only one of the great movie directors
but one of the foremost creative artists of our time. In over
45 movies and through a career that's included stand-up,
play-writing, screenwriting, directing, and acting, Woody
has evolved more than reinvented himself. In the first
biography of Allen in over 20 years, David Evanier writes
about Allen's private life as well as his very public career.
He untangles fact from rumour about Allen's relationship
with Mia Farrow as well as the great scandals that
surfaced in the 1990s and recently resurfaced, and makes
thoughtful connections between Allen's romantic
relationships and the characters in his movies. In fresh
interviews with collaborators, boyhood pals, family and
friends, Evanier fills in fascinating details about where
Woody came from, how he got his start, and how he has
been able make exactly the movies that interest him most
with the people who interest him most.
St Martin's Press • HB • Biography: Arts & Entertainment
Spooky Action at a Distance
Jennifer Wright
George Musser
If you are lying in bed right now, a pint of ice cream in one
hand, a bottle of scotch in the other, and this book
clenched between your teeth, with tears streaming down
your face over how much you loved your ex, let me
commend you on how well you are coping. You could be
doing so much worse... In It Ended Badly, New York
Observer columnist Jennifer Wright guides you through 13
of the worst breakups of notable figures in history - from
Emperor Nero (sadist, murderer several times over), to
Viennese artist Oskar Kokoschka (he of the
aforementioned sex doll), to Norman Mailer (public
stabbing). With her conversational tone and considerable
wit, Wright digs deep into the archives to bring these
terrible breakups to life. It's fun, pop history that educates,
entertains, and really puts your own bad breakup
behaviour into perspective.
Henry Holt • HB • History
Carly Simon
The Macmillan Alice Colouring Book is a beautifully
produced colouring book, with black line illustrations by Sir
John Tenniel, taken from the original Alice's Adventures
in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass, with
added decoration and imagery to stimulate the imagination
and soothe the mind, as you lose yourself in Wonderland.
This gorgeous colouring book, from the original publisher
of Lewis Carroll's beloved masterpiece, features all of
Wonderland's favourite characters, the White Rabbit, the
Cheshire Cat, the Mad Hatter, the Red Queen and of
course Alice herself - just waiting to be brought to life with
Keep Merry and Color On
Over the past few decades, physicists have discovered a
phenomenon that operates outside the confines of space
and time. The phenomenon - the ability of one particle to
affect another instantly across the vastness of space appears to be almost magical. In Spooky Action at a
Distance, Musser guides us on an epic journey of
scientific discovery into the lives of experimental physicists
observing particles acting in tandem, astronomers
discovering galaxies that look statistically identical, and
cosmologists hoping to unravel the paradoxes surrounding
the big bang. Their conclusions challenge our
understanding not only of space and time but of the origins
of the universe-and their insights are spurring profound
technological innovation and suggesting a new grand
unified theory of physics.
Farrar Straus Giroux • HB • Popular Science
Save the Bees with Natural Backyard Hives
Bill Nye
Rob McFarland
New York Times bestselling author of Undeniable and
former host of "Bill Nye the Science Guy" issues a new
challenge to today's generation: to make a cleaner, more
efficient, and happier world. For over 20 years, Bill Nye
has inspired legions of fans with an empowering message:
The combination of scientific curiosity and human
ingenuity can transform obstacles into opportunities, and
unlock a future of endless possibilities. Now, in
Unstoppable, Bill applies his message of technological
optimism to the serious challenge facing our species:
climate change. With a scientist's rigorous understanding
of how things are, and an engineer's vision of how things
could be, Bill completely reframes the issue. He sees
today's environmental crisis not as the end of progress but
as an opportunity for a tremendous new beginning - a
moment for our society to rethink the way we live and to
create a cleaner, healthier, smarter world.
St Martin's Press • HB • Popular Science
Make & Share Random Acts of Kindness
Mique Provost
St Martin's Press • TPB • Hobbies
Within Arm's Length
The Supermodel and the Brillo Box
The Supermodel and the Brillo Box follows Don
Thompson's 2008 bestseller The $12 Million Stuffed
Shark and offers a further journey of discovery into what
the Crash of 2008 did to the art market and the changing
methods that the major auction houses and dealerships
have implemented since then. It begins with the story of a
wax, trophy-style, nude upper-body sculpture of
supermodel Stephanie Seymour by Italian artist Maurizio
Cattelan, which sold for $2.4 million to New York übercollector and private dealer Jose Mugrabi, and recounts
the story of a wooden Brillo box that sold for $722,500.
The Supermodel and the Brillo Box looks at the
increasing dominance of Christie's, Sotheby's, and a few
über dealers; the hundreds of millions of new museums
coming up in cities like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Beijing; the
growing importance of the digital art world; and the
shrinking role of the mainstream gallery.
St Martin's Press • TPB • Economics
Greg E. Mathieson Sr.
Within Arm's Length is the essential book on the Secret
Service - a revealing and compelling inside look at the
Presidential Protective Division with stories from some of
the author's more high-profile assignments in his 21 years
of service, where he provided arm's length protection
worldwide for Presidents George Herbert Walker Bush,
William Jefferson Clinton, and George W. Bush. Dan
Emmett describes the professional challenges faced by
Secret Service agents as well as the physical and
emotional toll that can be inflicted on both agents and their
families. With fascinating anecdotes, Emmett weaves
keen insight into the unique culture and history of the
Secret Service and the inner workings of the White House.
St Martin's Press • TPB • History
A first of its kind photo history book on all of U.S. Navy
SEALs / Naval Special Warfare. United States Naval
Special Warfare: U.S. Navy SEALs offers a rare behindthe-scenes look at the training, underwater vehicles,
operations in Iraq /Afghanistan, unique weapons and
future of Naval Special Warfare. For the first time, the now
declassified documents detailing the establishment of the
SEALs are revealed. The book features over 900 unique,
and many exclusive, photographs taken around the world
by photographers Greg Mathieson, Sr. and Dave Gatley.
From the morning attack on the Pentagon on 9-11, to
freezing mountain training in Alaska, to the basement
White House Situation Room, these two photographers
were given unprecedented access for over five full and
exciting years to go past the restricted "no camera signs",
to go deep into war zones to see it all.
St Martin's Press • HB • Military History
Running Your First Ultra
Krissy Moehl
Walter Laqueur
This book is for runners interested in going beyond the
standard marathon and taking their running to the next
level. Using the tactics that have made her one of the top
female ultramarthon runners - with more than 100 races
and 46 female wins - author Krissy Moehl will help new
ultramarathon runners get across the finish line of their
first 50-kilometre, 50-mile or 100-mile race. This detailed,
yet flexible training plan offers everything a runner needs
to successfully complete their first ultra. It is built in phases
- including a base phase to bulk up mileage, a hills and
strength-training phase, a speed phase, an endurance
phase and a fine-tuning phase. Along the way readers will
cross train, have built-in recovery time and track
everything from calories burned to sleep and heart rate. In
addition to training, Moehl will help readers pick their first
races, assemble their support teams, buy gear and get
adequate nutrition.
St Martin's Press • TPB • Marathon & Cross-Country Running
United States Naval Special Warfare: U.S. Navy SEALs
Dan Emmett
St Martin's Press • TPB • Reference, Information & Interdisciplinary Subjects
Don Thompson
Make & Share Random Acts of Kindness is a unique
compilation of step-by-step projects and quick & easy
ideas for practicing acts of kindness in your life through
cooking and crafting. Some ideas include decorating a
reusable plate and using it to share homemade sweets
with a stranger or neighbour, or putting together "Blessing
Bags" with uplifting message cards to give out to those in
need. Mique Provost is the founder of the immensely
popular craft and cooking blog Thirty Handmade Days.
She first started doing Random Acts of Kindness in honour
of her oldest son who has autism, and she received an
overwhelming response when she encouraged her
readers to join her. In this book, she gives readers
completely new crafts, recipes and projects, complete with
her popular design templates.
Beekeeping is a relaxing and intriguing hobby that
requires little time. It yields fresh, local honey that
beekeepers can keep or share, and bees help pollinate
nearby gardens, trees and crops, which need help. Around
the country, bee populations are declining - in part
because bees raised to pollinate crops are not as durable
as wild bees. Save the Bees has the solution. Save the
Bees will walk readers through the inexpensive and easy
to use equipment, their method for acquiring a hive for
free, caring for the bees as they grow their colony,
harvesting honey and prepping their bees for the cooler
months. With the Save the Bees approach, readers will
learn to attract, care for and manage wild bees without the
use of chemicals or pesticide. With minimal upkeep, the
hives will pollinate local crops and flowers and provide a
bounty of delicious, all-natural, backyard honey.
There is no question that tensions between Russia and
America are on the rise. The forced annexation of Crimea,
the downing of Malaysia Airlines flight 17, and the Russian
government's treatment of homosexuals have created
diplomatic standoffs and led to a volley of economic
sanctions. Much of the blame for Russia's recent hostility
towards the West has fallen on steely-eyed President
Vladimir Putin... In Putinism, Laqueur deftly demonstrates
how three long-standing pillars of Russian ideology: a
strong belief in the Orthodox Church, a sense of Eurasian
"manifest destiny", and a fear of foreign enemies, continue
to exert a powerful influence on the Russian populace. As
a result, Putin may well be much more a servant of his
people than we think.
St Martin's Press • HB • Political Science & Theory
Magicians of the Gods
Graham Hancock
Bob Mankoff
Twenty years ago, Graham Hancock published
Fingerprints of the Gods an astonishing, deeply
controversial investigation of the mysteries of and the
evidence for Earth's lost prehistoric civilization. Hancock
now returns with its sequel, filled with completely new
scientific and archaeological evidence. Since 2007, a host
of new proof has come to light supporting his theories
through new archaeological discoveries. He travels to a
wholly different set of ancient sites, including Gobekli
Tepe, and brings entirely up to date and exciting material
to the table for fans eagerly awaiting more evidence in
favor of the prehistoric civilization. And, even more
intriguing, he proposes an answer to the one question he
could not answer in Fingerprints - what caused this
civilization to disappear.
St Martin's Press • HB • Ancient History: To C 500 CE
By the Book
Picador US • TPB • Literature & Literary Studies
The Complete Slow Cooking for Two
Linda Larsen
To celebrate 150 years since the first publication of Lewis
Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, this gorgeous
collection of one hundred postcards features a mix of Sir
John Tenniel's original and iconic illustrations coloured by
various artists including Harry G. Theaker, Diz Wallis and
John Macfarlane, alongside stunning modern designs.
Curious Alice, the bossy White Rabbit, the formidable
Queen of Hearts and the Mad Hatter all feature in this
exquisite collection. Each card has an appropriate
quotation on the back, setting the image in context of the
stories, or the history of this iconic publication. Celebrating
the extraordinary beauty and imagination of Wonderland,
Alice: 100 Postcards from Wonderland is the perfect gift
for anyone that loves Alice, illustration, or design. *FIRM
Macmillan Children's Books • Stationery Items
Posture and Performance
Gillian Higgins
The convenience of slow cooking makes cooking for two
easier than ever. From basic techniques for perfectly
braised meats to set-it-and-forget-it meals to
showstopping soups, stews, and side dishes, this book
gives busy readers everything they need to get the
maximum enjoyment out of their slow cookers.
Exisle • PB • Cookery / Food & Drink Etc
Sayings of the Buddha and Other Masters
Mark Zocchi
From the author of the hugely successful titles How Your
Horse Moves and Horse Anatomy for Performance,
comes a completely different training manual, also based
on the Horses Inside Out philosophy: 'Understanding
Anatomy Improves Performance and Reduces the Risk of
Injury'. Divided into three main parts: Principles of
Anatomical Riding and Training; Exercises for Horse and
Rider; Troubleshooting, the book contains a wealth of
practical tips and exercises broken down into easy to
follow, well-illustrated steps showing how riders can
improve their riding skills and potential. The author
suggests ways to improve horses' physique, posture,
flexibility, stability, core strength, performance and
movement and how to reduce muscular and movement
problems, and reduce the risk of injury.
Exisle • PB • Equestrian & Animal Sports
The Railway Dog
Olwyn M. Parker
Updated and revised for 2015, be inspired by teachings of
the Buddha, Great Masters, teachers and writers. Sayings
of the Buddha and other Masters will help people
connect to a spiritual path and find their divinity. Each page
contains inspiring quotes, sayings and insights, allowing
the reader to dip in at any time. Great to place on your
office desk, coffee table, bookshelf or by your bed.
Quotations and sayings have been chosen from the likes
of Milarepa, Longchenpa, his Holiness the 14th Dali Lama,
Thich Nhat Hanh and Sogyal Rinpoche. As well as wisdom
from other great masters, teachers and writers such as
Cicero, the Sufi poet Rumi, Lao Te Tzu, Mother Theresa
and Shakespeare.
Brolga • PB • Religion & Beliefs
Picador US • TPB • Memoirs
Lewis Carroll
Every Sunday, readers of The New York Times Book
Review turn with anticipation to see which novelist,
historian, short story writer, or artist will be the subject of
the popular 'By the Book' feature. These wide-ranging
interviews are conducted by Pamela Paul, the editor of the
Book Review, and here she brings together sixty-five of
the most intriguing and fascinating exchanges, featuring
personalities as varied as David Sedaris, Hilary Mantel,
Michael Chabon, Khaled Hosseini, Anne Lamott, and
James Patterson. The questions and answers admit us
into the private worlds of these authors, as they reflect on
their work habits, reading preferences, inspirations, pet
peeves, and recommendations. By the Book contains the
full uncut interviews, offering a range of experiences and
observations that deepens readers' understanding of the
literary sensibility and the writing process.
A memoir in cartoons by the longtime cartoon editor of
The New Yorker. People tell Bob Mankoff that as the
cartoon editor of The New Yorker he has the best job in
the world. Never one to beat around the bush, he explains
to us, in the opening of this singular, delightfully eccentric
book, that because he is also a cartoonist at the magazine
he actually has two of the best jobs in the world. Mankoff
also takes up the psychology of cartooning, analysing why
some cartoons make us laugh and others don't. He allows
us into the hallowed halls of The New Yorker to show us
the soup-to-nuts process of cartoon creation, giving us a
detailed look not only at his own work but that of the other
talented cartoonists who keep us laughing week after
week. For dessert, he reveals the secrets to winning the
magazine's caption contest. Throughout, we see his
commitment to the motto "Anything worth saying is worth
saying funny."
Alice: 100 Postcards from Wonderland
Pamela Paul
How About Never - Is Never Good for You?
Set amidst South Australia's beautiful but isolated midnorth, The Railway Dog tells the true story of Bob, a
scruffy brown stray, bought on impulse by a local railway
man as a gift for his wife - and setting in motion the
beginnings of a legend... Recognised near and far for his
cheery bark, waving tail, and devotion to train travel - Bob
quickly became a beloved member of the tight knit railway
community. Charming, humorous, and at times intensely
moving, the adventures of Bob the Railway Dog, entwined
with the lives of the fascinating people he meets on his
journeys - make for an inspiring and touching Australian
Brolga • PB • Regional & National History
Outback Women's Stories
Paul Bugeja
Paul Bugeja
The word "amazon" generally conjures up images of wild
and powerful warrior women, fighting off foes in some
primitive matriarchal society where they rule over men
who have been subverted to more menial roles. Outback
Women's Stories is a compilation of significant Australian
women of simple but important character traits - strength,
fortitude and courage. Australia has grown from penal
colony to modern nation and important player on the
global stage, and during this period there have been any
number of women who have courageously taken on the
multifarious and sometimes death-defying challenges the
Aussie outback has thrown at them, often alongside the
man they loved with a gaggle of children in tow. These
women have faced their trials admirably, with rarely a
word of complaint, and continue to do so to this day - they
are our Aussie Amazons.
Brolga • PB • Australasian & Pacific History
Dare to Dream
Brolga • PB • Biography & True Stories
A Journey to Peace through Yoga
Lynnette Dickinson
Revised and updated for 2015, More Sayings of the
Buddha and other Masters is a great collection of
inspiring quotes and sayings from spiritual masters of the
world.Bring joy, be inspired or find your divinity while
flicking through and absorbing the words of wisdom that
these great masters have to offer. Quotes, sayings and
insights are complimented by watercolour illustrations, and
the easy to use format and pocket-size allows readers to
dip in and out whenever they feel. A great book to give as
a gift, or to have around the home or office, it is an easy
way to learn more about great masters from the 14th Dalai
Lama through to Sogyal Rinpoche as well as the wisdom
they have imparted upon others.
Brolga • PB • Self-Help & Personal Development
Global Warming & Other Trivia
Stefan Raicu
A Journey to Peace Through Yoga tells the story of
Lynnette Dickinson and her journey through near
bankruptcy, relationship breakdown, house fire, migra- tion
to the UK, teaching in an inner-city school in Bristol, her
father's death and finally her descent into MS and a
wheelchair. This is the true story of a woman's journey
through Multiple Sclerosis, using the power of her mind
and the tools of yoga and meditation to manage the
symptoms and associated stress of MS. An inspiring
journey of self discovery, this book is about the
transformation of our experiences of life, regardless of
Brolga • PB • Self-Help & Personal Development
Outback Stories - Tracks Further Out
Ian Ferguson
Using a healthy mix of plain language and light
entertainment Global Warming and Other Trivia
examines the facts and myths about the Earth and its
climate, as well as the related challenges facing the
country and planet in the 21st century and beyond.
Presented as a satirical fictional debate, Global Warming
and Other Trivia blends together two streams: a
methodical part - centred on the conflict of opinion
between the beliefs that global warming is real and the
opposite view questioning if such a phenomenon does
indeed exist - and a satirical one - involving frequent
hilarious exchanges and quips.
Brolga • PB • Environmental Science, Engineering & Technology
Get in the Go Zone
Mark McKeon
Outback Stories - Tracks Further Out explores the lives
of outback Australians who shaped the cultural, political
and artistic landscape. From Burke and Wills' disastrous
expedition across the continent to Eddie Mabo's historic
land rights claim; from John Bradley Murdoch's chilling
murders to horrific croc attacks in far North Queensland;
from the studios Pro Hart and Sidney Nolan to the singing
careers of Archie Roach and Ruby Hunter. Ian Ferguson
has compiled a comprehensive and enlivening collection
of stories about Australia and some of its most interesting
inhabitants. A great insight into Australia's history past and
present, in an easy to read, snappy format.
Brolga • PB • Australasian & Pacific History
Brolga • PB • Biography: General
Mark Zocchi
Lack of opportunity is the common reason people give for
their inability to attain their potential. This story invites the
reader to take the colourful route of gaining an education
in adulthood. In doing so we satisfy restless curiosity and
obtain peace of mind. Peter's story provides clues as to
what might be obtained if good advice is followed with
fortitude and tenacity. Worthwhile careers are only
attained by hard work - what have we to loose?
A fascinating look at both famous and not-so-famous dogs
from down under. There's the 'Red Dog', celebrated in a
movie in 2011, and 'Bob the Railway Dog', which has a
best-selling book written about him. There are assistance
animals and guide dogs, war heroes and everyday ones,
dogs that save lives and dogs whose lives are saved. All
loyal, loving, brave in their ways and with doggy hearts of
More Sayings of the Buddha & Other Masters
Dr Peter Cliff
Aussie Dog Stories
The 'Go Zone' is a unique and innovative program which
combines business and personal efficiency with enhanced
well-being and resilience. Learn how to truly concentrate
without excuse or distraction in time-focused 'Go Zones',
be comfortable and productive while cruising in the 'Slow
Zone', and recover and enjoy your passions GUILT FREE
in the 'No Zone'. Innovative, engaging and amusing. Read
Get in the Go Zone in an hour enjoy for life.
Brolga • PB • Self-Help & Personal Development
Moments on Management
George Norris
Daniel Chidiac
Accelerate your career and improve your life with high
performance psychology with Australia's leading
Corporate Coach, George Norris. George makes insightful
comments based on world famous quotes to help you
cope in today's ever changing, stressful and demanding
world. George has drawn on over 40 years experience as
a Coach and Mentor of Senior Executives, Corporate
Teams, Sporting Teams and high profile sportsmen to
help you improve your performance and inspire you to
achieve your goals and aspirations in life, business and
Brolga • PB • Self-Help & Personal Development
In Search of Pharrell Williams
Paul Lester
The ultimate guide to discover the fulfillment we have
been searching for our whole life. Have you ever
wondered why there are few people living their dream, yet
others seem to be slipping further away from theirs with
every day that passes? Daniel Chidiac's writing has
touched millions of people worldwide and helps to
transform thousands of lives daily. By opening Awaken
Your Mind Open Your Heart, we embark on a
psychological and emotional journey that is certain to
unlock our truest potential. This challenging yet
extraordinarily rewarding book is the ultimate guide to
discover the fulfillment we have been searching for our
whole life.
Brolga • PB • Self-Help & Personal Development
Looking Through You
Tom Adams
First substantial overview of the life and career of Pharrell
Williams, the foremost producer of the modern era, and
performer in his own right. It follows him from his days
growing up in Virginia, his meeting with musical partner
Chad Hugo and formation of The Neptunes, through his
collaborations with the great and the good of pop, rap and
R&B, including Jay-Z, Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake,
Usher, Snoop Dogg, Gwen Stefani, Nelly and Kelis. It
assesses his ground-breaking work with the radical raprock-pop band N*E*R*D, and his emergence as a solo
superstar via Daft Punk's Get Lucky, Robin Thicke's
controversial Blurred Lines and global mega-hit Happy. It
delves behind the immaculate facade to find out what
makes Williams one of the most driven and inventive
musicians of the last 20 years.
Omnibus Press • PB • Individual Composers & Musicians, Specific Bands &
Awaken Your Mind Open Your Heart
*Limited 3000 copy slipcase edition *Includes facsimile of
calendar from 1964 Looking Through You presents a
selection of over 300 images from the precious Beatles
Book photo archive, many unpublished or unseen in their
original form from the original negatives, as well as the
story behind the success of the regular Beatle bulletin.
This unique and original photographic record preserves
many important moments within the Beatles' career,
providing a historically important glimpse into the world's
greatest ever entertainment phenomenon.
Omnibus Press • HB • Photography & Photographs
In the sport of kings, Bart Cummings reigned supreme. The legendary trainer and
horse whisperer won 12 Melbourne Cups and was a larger-than-life character in
Australian racing for six decades.
ISBN: 9781405040150
ISBN: 9781742611884
$ARP: 34.99
$ARP: 34.99
Imprint: Macmillan
Imprint: Macmillan
DATE: Avl now
DATE: Avl mid Oct
BART by JB Cummings is his best-selling
autobiography, a rags to riches tale told with
Bart’s customary candour and wit.
THE MASTER is acclaimed writer Les Carlyon’s
personal portrait of Cummings, a man he has
chronicled for 40 years and whom he reveals
afresh in a story illustrated with over
100 photographs and paintings.
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