July Newsletter, Volume 7, 2013



July Newsletter, Volume 7, 2013
July Newsletter, Volume 7, 2013
President’s Corner
By Lori Richards
Use it or Lose it: DANCING makes you smarter!
You may have heard of the New England Journal of Medicine report on the effects of recreational activities for mental acuity in aging.
Here it is in a nutshell.
The group discovered that some activities had a significant beneficial effect for mental acuity. The only
physical activity to offer protection against dementia was frequent dancing!
Bicycling and Swimming
Crossword Puzzles (4 days week)
Play Golf
Dancing Frequently
35% Reduction of Dementia
WOW huh? So why is dancing better than other activities for improving mental capabilities? The best
advice when it comes to improving mental acuity is to involve yourself in activities that require splitsecond rapid fire decision making as opposed to retracing the same worn paths. Dancing uses several
brain functions at once: kinesthetic, rational, musical, and emotional. While all dancing requires some
intelligence, I encourage you to use your full intelligence when dancing in both the lead and follow roles.
Try a different pattern; through a little attitude in the step; but try something with a quick decision. The
more decision making we bring into our dance the better. And do it now. The sooner the better.
That being said, DCDC's Fall FEST is September 27 & 28 at the VFW. The Fall Fest Committee has an awesome line up for you. The bake sale will be available again for all you sweet tooth's. Spot light dancing,
dance mixer, and the band "Night Raiders" will be playing for your enjoyment from 9 pm to 1 am. If you
participate in the Saturday event, Friday evening and the Saturday night dance will be included in
your registration!
This is the event to get some friends to come and try dancing. Word of mouth is our best friend to grow
this club. Play it forward and pass the fun to others!
Remember that the last Saturday of the month at Buck's if it is your birthday, you are welcome to bring
treats to share with everyone to celebrate!
Happy Dancing!
Dancing and Socializing Opportunities
Borrowed Bucks Roadhouse is one of the main gathering places for our club members, beginners,
and experts alike! Saturdays we enjoy professional country Western line and partner dance lessons
taught by Jerry and Kathy Nusz free of charge. Line dance lessons are at 4:00-5:30 PM with partner
dance lessons from 5:30-7:00 PM. A partner is recommended but not required so please come! Dancers
with out partners please remember that when the instructor invites us to begin the lesson, if you want to
dance, let us know it by getting yourself onto the floor! If there is uneven number of partners, we take
turns. After classes we keep right on dancing the night away. Borrowed Bucks Roadhouse is featuring an
hour and a half of country music from 7-9:30 PM. They'll play some hot country hits as well as great
music from the past. Subject to change. Please call Bucks for info 605-331-2448.
Thursdays has Country Music and Dancing at Bucks' It is also Ladies Night. You can come out
as early as 4:00 PM for music and dancing, with dancing beginning early in the evening around 7:00PM
with a DJ! We need a good turn out every week to keep the country music playing. Bring your friends
and be sure to say hello to our dance neighbors, helping everyone feel welcome. In Buck's words, "Dust
off your boots, get out your hat and come on down to Bucks and do it Country Style!”
Country Line Dance Lessons at Sioux Falls VFW. Lessons taught by Lori Williams will be taking
a break for summer. Look for start up on 9/3/13.
Night Club Two at Dance Ballroom & Studio, 1200 E 57th off Cliff Ave Sioux Falls, SD. Lessons will be
on Monday’s taught by Rick Mayko beginning July 8th to July 29th, from 8:30 PM-9:30 PM. Cost is $45
per person for 4 lessons. Night Club two is a romantic couples dance. Call DANCE at 605-759-7864 to
register and for more information
The Ballroom Dance Club holds the “Big Band Dances” at the El Riad Shrine Building the second
Friday of each month at 8:30 PM-12:00 Midnight. Dress code and $10.00 per person. Visit their website
at www.sfballroomdance.com
July 2013
Members Birthdays and Events.
Members please remember that complete & for Impromptu listings
will be posted, watch your email and go to :
for m
o re
Independence Day!
Mary Houska
Country Music and
Dancing at Bucks 7
Night Club 2 at
Dance 8:30PM
Larry Fossum Night Club 2 at
Terry Schettler Night Club 2 at
Dance 8:30PM
Night Club 2 at
Dance 8:30PM
Country Music and
Dancing at Bucks
7 PM
Ballroom Dancing
Big Band Dance at
El Riad
Free Line Dance
4 PM and Nightclub two lessons at
Bucks 5:30PM
Country Music and
Dancing at Bucks
7 PM
Dance 8:30PM
Free Line Dance
4 PM and Nightclub two lessons at
Bucks 5:30PM
Free Line Dance
4 PM and Nightclub two lessons at
Bucks 5:30PM
The Best of Country
This country artist is well known for many reasons and for more than
just 10 Albums and 34 singles released:
Record Label Executive
Up and coming Nashville Songwriter
Featured artist at Rib Fest 2013 in Sioux Falls, SD
Hubert Neal McCaughey, Jr. was born on July 30,
1958 In Jacksonville, TX. He is known professionally as
Neal McCoy (a phonetic spelling of his last name). Neal
assumed this stage name after winning a 1981 talent
contest hosted by Janie Fricke. The talent contest
helped him secure the job as an opening act for Charley
Pride. His father was Irish and his mother was Filipino.
The variety of music that his parents listen to influenced much of his music background. Like many country stars he started by singing in his church choir before
founding Band R & B. He changed his focus to country
music and began singing in various bars in Texas. He
went to junior college in his home town and found work
selling shoes at a shopping mall. In 1980 he married his
wife “Melinda” whom he met at a store. In 1981 he won
a Janie Frickie talent contest and secured an opening
act for seven years for Charley Pride. He is best known
for the song that reached the top 10 “Billy Got His Beer
Goggles On”. He is a two time Entertainer of the Year
with three Platinum Albums and one Gold Album to his
credit. He is exciting to see as you never know what he
is going to do, not even his band knows. I have seen him
as having the best dressed band and always pulling people from the crowd to add to the fun of watching him.
He’s traveled to Iraq three times every year, Afghanistan, and where ever the troops need a touch of home.
He was awarded the Home Depot Humanitarian of the
Year Award for everything he has done.
This Best of Country Artist is known for the following Hits:
“That’s how much I love you.” 1988
“That’s American” 1988
“At This Moment”
“If you Built a Fire” Top 20 in Canada
“This Time I Hurt Her More Than She Loves Me”
“Where Forever Begins” 1992 Peaking at No. 40
“There Ain’t Nothin’ I Don’t Like About You” 1992
“Now I Pray for Rain” 1992 peaking at No. 26
“No Doubt about it” 1994 No. 1
“Wink” 1994 No.1 for four weeks.
“The City Put the Country Back in Me” No. 5
“You Gotta Love That” 1995 No. 3
“For a Change” No. 3
“They’re Playin” Our Song” No. 3
“If I Was a Drinkin’ Man” No. 16
“ Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye” No. 4
“Going, Going, Gone” No. 35
“That Women in Me” No. 35
“The Shake” No. 5
“Be Good at It” 1998
“Where Forever Begins”
“If you Can’t Be Good, Be Good at It” No. 22
“Party On”
“Love Happens Like That” No.29
“One Heart At A Time”
“The Life of The Party” 1999
“I Was” No. 37
“The Girls of Summer” No. 42
“Now That’s Awesome” No. 59
“Forever Works For Me, Every Man For Himself” No 38
“Beatin’ It In” No. 37
“The Luckiest Man In The World” No. 46
“Billy’s Got His Beer Google’s On” 2005 Top 10 Hit
“That’s Life”
“The Last Dying Breed” No. 36
“Tail On The Tailgate”
“Rednecktified” 2008
“For The Troops”
“A-OK” 2011
Our “Best Of Country” Artist is Neal McCoy with possibly the best stage show I have ever seen!!
You’ve Earned It, You Own It!
For the past 30 years, members like you have financially supported
DCDC. We have come a long way and technology has been a part of
that. We have always promoted country dance and music to the
public but now it is your turn. We have a member’s login area in
our public website full of material just for you, our members. DCDC has always given back
to the community and now, more than ever, give something back to its members. Our Members Area, in the website, is the ultimate return.
Right now, we want to make sure every member has received their User Name and Password via DCDC Gmail. That you are able to log in and navigate through the Member’s section. If you did not (receive anything) or could not (log in) or just have questions please call
me, Keith Pike at 605-496-5256. I will be glad to set you up and answer all your questions.
A lot has changed with your website! I would like to point out these key “memberships only”
benefits. Let’s start with your Login. Your website is still open to the public but on any page,
in the upper right hand corner, you can log in, set up your public profile, and interact with
members. Yes, DCDC now has social media within the club. The Membership tab will
change to Members to show you are signed in and receiving the full benefits of your website.
Click on Members tab to bring you back to these members’ only pages.
In the Members tab the first thing that jumps out at you is DCDC Top Ten posts on the left
hand side of this page. You won't have to hunt or miss anything new added. Click on the
post and it will take you there. You will also find your Weekly Communications below or
click on the post on the left and go just to that posting, clearing up some clutter. Your Upcoming Events from the Events Calendar are still listed there on the left as well.
Tired of losing the latest copy of your newsletter? Go to the Newsletters tab and you will
find the current last 3 newsletters available for viewing and printing. The remaining three
are setup for the public to learn more about the club's recent past activities. Every time the
Newsletter or Dakota Country Happenings is posted to the website. You will receive an
email message sent to you through your account at: http://
www.dakotacountrydanceclub.org/ Open up your member’s area to read them. (Make sure
to include this sender into your contact list to avoid it being sent into your junk folder).
Tired of losing the latest copy of your newsletter? Go to the Newsletters tab and you will
find the current last 3 newsletters available for viewing and printing. The remaining
three are setup for the public to learn more about the club's recent past activities. Every
time the Newsletter or Dakota Country Happenings is posted to the website.
Continued next page.
You will receive an email message sent to you through your account at:
http://www.dakotacountrydanceclub.org/ Open up your member’s area to read them.
(Make sure to include this sender into your contact list to avoid it being sent into your
junk folder).
Now let’s get into the fun stuff, Dancing! We are creating a line dance library of videos
and step sheets exclusive for you to really strut your stuff out on the dance floor. We are
breaking them down by instructors, events etc. Go to the Gallery tab and open up the
page to Photos and Videos. In the videos tab you will find the Members Only and a breakdown of the sections. The library of videos is ongoing processes of line dances the members have been taught. We can also use your help in updating our line dances from
YouTube etc. Let us know when you find one.
We have moved the Constitution and By-Laws and Summary and Policy Statement to
the members section. I would recommend reading them once to understanding the club
better and its position the board follows. The S&P statement gives you the descriptions of
tasks the club does. Volunteer please if you are interested in helping out in any position in
any way.
Next Month we will go into more details on the DCDC Social Media. We will also start to
introduce our Administrative (4), editors (4) and their position/s and their DCDC bios.
Sioux Valley Energy Event
Sioux Valley Energy hosted
their annual meeting at the
Hartford High School on June
4, 2013.
Dakota Country Dance Club
was contacted to teach and
demonstrate dance to their
customers. 15 DCDC members came, danced and helped
Jerry teach to the participants
ranging in age from 14 to 80
plus. It was a great event to
show off the club to the community. They appreciated the entertainment and the lessons! The group was fed a
great meal, we handed out numerous pamphlets and business cards for the club!
Thank you to all who helped with this event, especially Jerry who led the instruction!
Continued next page.
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End of story
Dakota Country Dance Club Board Member Minutes, May 30, 2013 Casa Del Rey
Present: Jill, Vickie, Linda, Mary, Duane, Pat, Lori and Tom Absent: Sandy Guest: Rick
Lori called meeting to order at 7:15pm.
Secretary minutes- read by Vickie. Duane motioned to accept minutes. Linda seconded.
Motion carried.
Treasurer’s Report- read by Duane. Vickie motioned to accept. Tom seconded. Motion carried.
Sunshine Committee- get well cards will be sent to Dale O, Kevin E, Dick M and a thank you note will be
sent to Don and Judy Smith for $25 ITunes music donation. Wedding card to Jan and James Pickering. Jill
will buy more cards. Rick will now head this committee.
Fall Fest report - Schedules are done and Mary will be making fliers.
Old Business - Duane brought copies of current membership list. CPR update- June 3rd at Ronning Library/ dancers be there by 5:30 and June 6th at Bucks/ dancers be there at 6:30. Disco attire optional. Sioux
Valley Energy Demo – June 4th 4:30-6:30 Hartford High School. Jerry will be teaching line dance and two
step. Line dance update- VFW is discussing our application at their meeting tonight. Tabled. Business
cards- Mary working on revisions and had examples at meeting. Grant update- Rick inquired on specifics
for what club wants the grant for and will look into it. Discussion on portable speakers and dance instruction. Tabled. Club night out- Member birthdays will be celebrated the last Sat. of the month at Bucks'
Treats optional by birthday people. Speaker storage- currently in Tom and Lori’s basement. Boom box vs.
speakers- Discussion. Rick will check on speaker options.
New Business - July 6th Hicktown Mafia at Valhalla Ballroom in Slayton, MN. Lori asked for volunteers
for events committee. Discussed having holiday party instead of New Year’s Eve party. Lori, Linda and
Vickie will be on committee. Vickie suggested celebrating club’s 30th Anniverary at Spring Roundup
Dance. Discussion on helping Deb C with website. Lori and Vickie will look at tutorial. Tabled. Email
Lori any song requests for laptop. Discussion on buying printer for club use. Pat motioned for Lori to buy
ink cartridges and paper for club use. Duane seconded. Motion carried. Pat amended motion to add Mary
buying ink and paper as well. Vickie seconded. Motion carried. Board is also encouraged to print their
own copy of agenda and bring to monthly meeting. DCDC brochure- Mary brought example to meeting.
Discussion held about brochure and also advertising other dance club’s events. Tabled.
Web report - per Lori, Keith gave Drew approval to work on members’ area. 10 hours for completion at
$200. Discussion on newsletter. Pat motioned that any new member joining DCDC effective 6-1-13 shall
be charged and additional $14 per year if they would like black/white copy of newsletter sent to them.
Vickie seconded. Motion carried. Lori will have Keith add to membership form on website. Newsletter
articles- Fall fest flier-Mary, Linda will do South Sioux City Eagles, and Mary will do CPR wrap-up.
Tom motioned to adjourn meeting. Duane seconded. Meeting adjourned 9:35 pm.
Next meeting June 27 7 pm at Casa Del Rey.
Thank you Don
Smith for hosting
DCDC board meetings at Casa Del Ray!
Newsletter Articles
If you would like to submit an idea/article for the
newsletter submit it to;
[email protected]
Enter newsletter article in the subject title.
We need to expand and update our song inventory! If there is a special request for a
song to be added, be sure to let us know. You do not need to pay to have one added.
You can purchase a song as a dedication to your sweetie! I will post your dedication
in the newsletter!
If you would be interested in donating to the “music cause” we can accept check or
cash or ITUNES gift cards.
We can give you a tax deductible receipt for your donation.
Please see a board member or send your gift in the mail.
Newsletter Policy
The policies set forth for the club newsletter are decided by the officers and board of
directors. The editor has full authority and is responsible for implementing these
duties. If you have any comments or concerns about the newsletter, please direct them
in writing to;
Dakota Country Dance Club
PO Box 634
Sioux Falls, SD 57101
Email: [email protected]
Lori Richards
Dakota Country Dance Club Mission:
The sole purpose of this club is to organize, promote, preserve, and enjoy country
dancing and music and to recognize positive causes.
Become a member of
Dakota Country Dance Club
to be informed of the best of the best
country dance opportunities in the
Midwest area!
Mary Houska
Vickie Koski
Duane Duerr
Deb Creegan
Website Administrator
Dakota Country Happenings &
Facebook Page Manager.
Keith Pike
Linda Breck
Board Member
Pat Duerr
Board Member
Jill Engelhart
Board Member
Sandy Pike
Board Member
Newsletter Staff
Editor: Mary Houska
Co-Editor: Rick Mayko
DCDC Newsroom
Tom Richards
Board Member

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