Italian Sq. Brochure Final 4



Italian Sq. Brochure Final 4
The Philosophy behind Italian Square
Italian Square is a commercial and residential compound in 6th of
October City, developed and managed by Misr Italia, whose
expertise and innovation guarantee their new venture will feature
among the elite.
The philosophy behind Italian Square uniquely unites the concepts
of ‘life style’ and ‘investment’.
Residential villas and apartments display the finest of contemporary
Italian architecture and blend seamlessly with retail outlets, service
amenities, recreation facilities, cafés and restaurants to maximize
investment and revenue opportunities for businesses and home owners.
Italian Square's planned expansion will include 6th of October City,
New Cairo, Shorouk, Oyoun Mousa on the Red Sea and Ain El Sohkna.
* Misr Italia reserves the right to make minor alterations without prior notice.
** All renderings and other visual materials, design, facades are for demonstration purpose only and are subject to change.
*** Diagrams are not to scale and are for illustration purposes only.
Italian Square Opuscolo
Italian Square Location
Italian Square is situated in the prime position within 6th of October.
Giza - Al Wahat
Ring Road
Dream Land
Giza - Al Wahat
Once described as the ‘City of the Present and the Future’, this is
now a reality for investors, businesses and residents.
Italian Square is ideally placed to benefit from 6th of October
Ashgar Heights
facilities including schools and universities, public and private
6 of October
hospitals, medical centers and clinics, hotels and resorts, malls,
entertainment parks, sports clubs and cinemas.
6 of October City
Zewail City
Again, this emphasizes the exhaustive research, planning and
Sporting Club
6th of October - Wady El-Natroun
Cairo - El Fauom Desert Rd.
preparation which Misr Italia engaged in to ensure Italian Square is
unrivalled as a location for investment for the future.
Access Routes
The nearby Ring Road and Axis Road bring Italian Square in easy reach
of the Giza Pyramids, downtown Cairo, Remaya and Juhayna Squares.
International Road
Italian Square Opuscolo
Italian Square Layout
Italian Square features residential units and, to the right,
commercial and administrative facilities covering 10 acres
within a 36-acre site.
1) Residential
2) Commercial Building 1
3) Commercial Building 2
Master Plan
Italian Square Opuscolo
Retail Design and Layout
Italian Square takes the ‘retail experience’ to new levels of
enjoyment, delight and satisfaction and features 119 retail,
administrative and service units over 27,000 square meters.
Flexible layouts are perfect for restaurants and cafés, offices, clinics,
gyms, nurseries, beauty centers, banks and infinite other uses.
Yet, 70 per cent of Italian Square is a stunning blend of landscaped
gardens, lush greenery and fountains set into marble, with
lighting and architecture that evokes contemporary Italian
This ‘retail piazza’ is for pedestrians only, so residents, visitors,
families and friends can shop and stroll and enjoy our
restaurants and cafés without a car in sight. The combination
of stairs, elevators and escalators guarantee easy access,
Italian Square
including for the physically handicapped.
Italian Square Opuscolo
Italian Square Opuscolo
Italian Square Opuscolo
Facilities and services at Italian Square have the breadth and
depth to guarantee meeting the requirements and needs of
our residents and business partners.
Italian Square features a comprehensive range of retail opportunities for residents, alongside beauty salons, health club and
gym, nurseries and play areas for children, laundries, banks,
mega markets, food courts, furniture stores, pharmacies and
health clinics.
Administrative centers on-site ensure the smooth running of
all aspects of business and private life at Italian Square. Misr
Italia rent and manage the units, providing safety and security
with maintenance, closed circuit camera surveillance, qualified
security personnel, housekeeping and fire-fighting services.
Italian Square
Italian Square Opuscolo
Clinics Design & Concept
Healthcare is a vital consideration for residents of Italian Square,
as well as visitors attracted by the impressive array of shops, cafés
and restaurants in addition to personnel in the administrative
units. Italian Square will provide clinics and medical centers,
offering health and dental care as well as pharmaceutical services.
Italian Square
Italian Square Opuscolo
Italian Square Opuscolo
Investment Concept
Misr Italia’s innovative approach to real estate commercial
investment in Italian Square will create a higher RoI (Return on
Investment) than is possible from other sectors, such as banking,
stock markets or real estate investment, with profit levels showing
an 18% gain annually worldwide. Alongside this spectacular return
on investment, commercial units’ value will increase dramatically
over the coming years.
Why you should invest in Italian Square
• The market's only winning formula with guaranteed RoI; 3 times the
initial investment in 15 years and longest payment period.
• Misr Italia, a developer with outstanding experience in the real
estate market, will manage your unit for you and rent it to
international brands without any complications.
• Guaranteed monthly income with annual increase and an asset of
great value.
• Italian Square, is a location with more than 119 international brands
and unlike most of the districts each unit in the retail area has
a double side terrace.
Italian Square
Why you should open your brand or business in Italian Square
• First commercial sector in area, surrounded by 35 compounds and
150,000 residential units and is located in the main road
(International Road) next to Zoeil’s City.
• Italian Square festivals: Strong expertise in facility and marketing
management in terms of communication and events.
• Italian Square's planned expansion will include 6th of October City,
New Cairo, Shorouk, Oyoun Mousa on the Red Sea and Ain El Sohkna.
Italian Square Opuscolo
Italian Square Opuscolo
Design and Concept
Italian and European architecture is the inspiration for the
residential area of Italian Square, where 85% is landscaped with
palms, water features and shady wooden pergolas amid villas
painted in soft, welcoming shades of amber, ochre and terracotta
to create the feel of a Mediterranean landscape.
The vision was to create the colors, landscapes, hardscape, lighting
and design that embody the distinctive style of Italy.
This ‘picture book’ environment away from the noise and congestion
of the city is perfect for families and young professionals who deserve
a quality of life that means they can look confidently to the future.
Italian Square
Italian Square Opuscolo
Italian Square Opuscolo
Investment Philosophy and Styles
Beautiful to live in, a gorgeous location… and a lucrative investment
too. Italian Square is situated in the most vibrant area 6th of October,
a location projected to have a population of 3.7 million residents and
in the midst of 35 compounds. Homes are fully furnished upon
request and with rental and management in the hands of El Goom,
Italian Square is an all-year-round guaranteed investment.
Residents have two exclusive gates opening from the commercial
area to homes that have been created in two distinctive styles,
the Trio and the Villa Duplex. Trio apartments have three
bedrooms, three bathrooms, kitchen, reception and garden. Villa
Duplex residences have three bedrooms, two bathrooms,
kitchen, reception and either private garden or roof garden.
Italian Square
Italian Square Opuscolo
Misr Italia
Misr Italia is a diversified real estate developer with almost 35 years
of continual and successful experience in the sector. Our projects
are specifically tailored to the differing market segments in Egypt.
Beginning with economic housing projects, small to medium-sized
factories, luxurious residential properties, tourism resorts,
commercial and retail properties to one of the most developed
business parks in Cairo, Misr Italia is committed to introducing
further projects ideal for the Egyptian market.
With the combination of local roots and international experience,
Misr Italia combines the best domestic and international trends
to deliver projects to enhance the lives and experiences of
Egyptian families, youth and businessmen.
About the
Welcome to Italian Square, poised to take the Misr Italia success
story to new levels.
Misr Italia at Cityscape 2014 (Actual Photograph)
Italian Square Opuscolo
The Beach Club House Hotel (Actual Photograph)
Amr Diab Summer 2014 (Actual Photograph)
Mousa Aqua Park phase (Actual Photograph)
Mohamed Hamaki Easter 2014 (Actual Photograph)
Nicole Saba Winter 2014 (Actual Photograph)
Italian Square Opuscolo
Fountain Court (Actual Photograph)
Italian Square Opuscolo
Luxury and seclusion are featured in a 41 acres compound (Actual Photograph)
Italian Square Opuscolo
First office buildings complex in New Cairo on a built up area of 250,000 m2 (Actual Photograph)
Italian Square Opuscolo
Italian Square
Headquarter & Main Showroom
Nasr City: 98 Hassan El Ma'moun st.
6th of October City: Mall of Arabia
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