the next edition of the newsletter from District One



the next edition of the newsletter from District One
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A Word from Angelique...
Welcome Back 6
There continues to be much discussion about and
around a new entertainment and sports
complex for the Sacramento region.
Several months ago the
City Council unanimously voted to forge
ahead on an effort to identify a design, location and funding.
Angelique Ashby
[email protected]
We agreed to work with the ICON group (a well known national firm that develops sports and entertainment venues) and local developer David Taylor (who
built the downtown Sheraton Hotel amongst other things). The ICON/Taylor
team has focused on the Railyards as the most likely potential site, though ultimately that decision will be made by the City Council.
At my request, the efforts have also included analysis of the current arena site in Natomas. It remains my
position that any decision to build a new complex downtown must also include a designated re-use plan
for Natomas.
The Mayor and Council have been supportive of making certain Natomas has an economic engine that
meets or exceeds the contributions to the region that a new arena would produce if built at the current
Natomas site. In other words, if we move the facility we must replace it with something of equal or
greater value to the community.
In order to ensure Natomas remains both vocal and visible throughout the process, I have worked with
Assemblymember Dr. Richard Pan to establish a Natomas subcommittee. The subcommittee is under the
Mayor’s larger, regional ―Think Big‖ organization. The role of the subcommittee is to work on reuse
strategies for the Natomas site.
In forming the committee, Assemblymember Dr. Pan and I chose experts in land-use, planning, finance
business, and design. We also brought on regional leaders from neighboring communities.
On the next page is a roster of the committee members:
● ●
Angelique Ashby, J.D. - Councilmember, District One
Dr. Richard Pan - Assemblymember, 5th District
Darrell Steinberg - California Senator,6th Senate District , President pro Tem
Ed Koop Natomas - Chamber President
Greg Guardino - Executive Vice President, Alleghany Properties
Greg Thatch - Development Attorney, Thatch Law
James Beckwith - CEO, 5 Star Bank (Headquarters in Natomas)
Jesus Arredondo - Westlake President, Community Leader, Business Owner
John Dukes - Yuba City Mayor
Kip Blewett - Principal/Co-Founder, Rubicon Partners (Built The Citizen Hotel)
Michael Faust - Vice President, Sacramento Metro Chamber
Michael Ault - Executive Director, Downtown Sacramento Partnership
Ted Gaines - California Senator, 1st Senate District
Tim Youmans - Principal, Economic & Planning Systems
This team has been hard at work
Wednesday, August 3rd
A pre-meeting before the town hall to discuss ideas & brainstorm
Thursday, August 11th
Natomas Town Hall
Wednesday August 17th
A post-town hall meeting to reflect on community input
Wednesday, August 31st
A pre-meeting before the report back
Tuesday, September 13th
100 Day Technical Review report back
Wednesday, September 21st
Post 100 day report back meeting to discuss next steps
and has met with the City Treasurer, Economic Development Department, Planning Department, and a
host of other interested or involved entities.
We also attended and co-hosted a Town Hall Forum in Natomas as an opportunity for community
members to share their ideas and vision for the future of Natomas and potential reuse plans for the
current arena site. With over 70 community members in attendance, we received an array of ideas and
possibilities. The message was clear; the community desires something that will support an educated,
stable and well paid work force. After taking a number of suggestions, participants voted on the items
discussed. Below are the suggestions gathered and votes cast at the Town Hall forum to give guidance
on potential reuses:
#1 Healthcare
#2 TV/Film/Video Gaming Industry
#3 High Tech Campus
#4 Higher Education
#5 Solar Energy/Green Tech
#6 Mixed Use/High Density Multi-Use Village & Retail
#7 Shopping Mall
#8 Amusement Park
#9 Industrial/Manufacturing
#10 Office Park
#10 Auto Mall
#10 Service Commodities (for the airport)
As always, I am honored to represent Natomas and continue to be proud of the thoughtful feedback
and open minded communication that residents exhibit as we work towards a brighter future regionally
and locally.
● ●
Sarah’s Suggestions: Northgate PBID
What is a PBID?
Sarah Novo
Director of
Constituent Affairs
PBID, an acronym for ―Property and Business Improvement District‖ is a defined area in which
property owners elect to pay an assessment which funds improvements within the district's
A PBID is a self-sustaining and stable revenue source that funds special benefits to the district it
serves. While there are many ways that an improvement district may be organized, PBIDs are typically governed by a committee of property or business owners within the district who work together to identify and implement a shared vision.
There are currently 8 active and successful PBIDs in the City of Sacramento. These include: Del
Paso Blvd., Greater Broadway, Florin Rd., Stockton Blvd., North Franklin, Midtown, Downtown
Sacramento Partnership and the Power Inn Alliance. All of these existing PBIDs have identified action plans, and have reported significant improvement in their areas.
Implementing a PBID can be useful in providing concentrated services to an area above and beyond
those already provided by the City. Some of the types of services that can be provided within a
PBID are: security services, capital improvements, pedestrian and streetscape enhancements, area
beautification, graffiti removal, marketing/promotion, advocacy and much, much more.
In the past, we have seen efforts to improve the Northgate corridor by designating it as a redevelopment area or a business association. A business association is a membership organization engaged
in promoting the business interests of their members, but lacks a reliable funding mechanism. A
redevelopment area would provide a reliable funding source, but subjects it’s participants to a myriad of rules and requirements. Both options were reasonable and have been proven to work in
other places throughout the City, but did not prove to be the right fit for Northgate.
After much research and community outreach Councilmember Ashby enlisted the help of the City’s
Economic Development department to co-host a meeting at Smythe Elementary (2781 Northgate
Boulevard Sacramento, CA 95833) to begin discussions surrounding the possibility of PBID implementation along the Northgate Corridor, and to gauge the level of interest and support from the
property and business owners within the identified area. This meeting was attended by over 40
local property and business owners who were engaged and excited about the possibility of joining
together as a business district, and collectively moving toward solutions to concerns and issues specific to the corridor. There were speakers and experts on hand to provide insight and answer questions. The meeting concluded with a number of owners volunteering to be part of a steering committee. If you are interested in being part of this continuing conversation, or would like to be part
of the steering committee, please contact Sarah Novo, Councilmember Ashby’s Director of Constituent Affairs at (916) 808-7167 or [email protected] As a next step, Councilmember
Ashby will be funding Phase I of this important work and pulling a steering committee together. In
addition, she will be introducing Councilmember Cohn in the discussion and help with the transition.
River Oaks
Blight Demolition
After years of serving as a home for garbage, graffiti and vagrancy, the ―Costa
Barn‖ within the River Oaks Community Association has finally come
down! Upon learning about this eyesore, Councilmember Ashby partnered with
the Parks & Recreation Department and Code Enforcement Division to demolish
the building. Crews worked over the first weeks of August to get the building down and the site cleaned up. Check out the
photos below of before, during and after!
● ●
Top Four Updates on the four most received questions
When is Station 43 set to open and what’s the status?
The Grand Opening of Station 43 is here! The station was staffed and operational beginning August
15th, and just two hours after Station 43 was put into service, the Sacramento Fire Department, Engine
43, was dispatched to a reported drowning in a swimming pool at a nearby apartment complex. Personnel from Engine 43 arrived on-scene just 2 minutes and 15 seconds after being dispatched, to find that
the drowning victim had already been pulled out of the water and was receiving CPR by bystanders. The
patient was transported to a local hospital by Sacramento Fire Department Paramedics and by the time
the medic unit arrived at the hospital, they had her breathing on her own. It is estimated that if Engine
43 was not in service, it would have taken responders approximately 7-8 minutes to arrive on-scene
from another nearby fire station. This is a testament to the importance of adequate Fire services in our district, and we couldn't
be happier to welcome them to the neighborhood! A grand opening and ribbon cutting ceremony will be held on Saturday, September 17th at 11AM. We hope that you’ll join us in this momentous occasion. Please see the flyer on the next page for additional
What is the latest news on “Stonehenge”?
A set of abandoned concrete tilt ups located near Straw Hat Pizza, just West of East Commerce Wy. was the once promising ―Natomas Pointe Plaza‖ medical office complex project, but is now referred to by locals and City officials as ―Stonehenge.‖ Concrete walls at
this location remain braced with shorings designed to be used only as temporary wall supports. In partnership with the Sacramento City Attorney's office, Councilmember Ashby
has led efforts toward a demo agreement with Trigild, a San Diego-based company who is
managing the Natomas Pointe Plaza receivership and conversations are happening via judicial proceedings. At this time, the City’s
Attorney’s Office is assisting with this matter, as the property remains in receivership. There are plans to have the property
mowed in the near future, and Councilmember Ashby remains committed to resolving this issue. We will be sure to keep you
updated as a demolition is scheduled. Stay tuned...
Has the City Hired a New City Manager Yet?
Yes, on August 4th, after the City Council meeting, a press
conference was held to announce that John F. Shirey has been
selected as the City of Sacramento’s new City Manager. Mr.
Shirey is set to assume his new position as City Manager on
September 1st, 2011. Shirey has over 35 years of experience
from a variety of government positions; most recently having
worked as the Executive Director of the California Redevelopment Agency (CDA). Mr. Shirey also brings with him experience as the City
Manager of Cincinnati as well as the Assistant City Manager of Long Beach.
Please join us in welcoming Mr. Shirey to his position as our new City Manager!
You can meet Mr. Shirey at the South Natomas Community Center (2921
Truxel Road) on Monday, September 12th from 6:30 to 8pm.
What’s the latest in the City’s redistricting process?
Adoption of the redistricting map took place on September 6th, 2011. 30 days
from the date of map adoption (October 6th), district changes are due for implementation. To the right you will see a copy of the proposed redistricting
map. For more information regarding redistricting, or to see copies of the proposed maps, please visit: or contact our office.
Got Questions? Just give us a call or drop us a note:
916-808-7001 or [email protected]
● ●
● ●
Welcome Back Banks!
Find out what Officer Banks has going on in the District...
On Tuesday, August 2, 2011, Officer Banks joined residents of District One in celebrating the 28th annual
―National Night Out‖ against crime.
Officer John Banks
Reserve Police Officer
Traffic & Car Seat Safety
Over 20 neighborhoods throughout the district hosted
events such as block parties, ceremonies, BBQs, ice
cream socials and other neighborhood activities. These
events allowed neighbors to get to know one another,
so that together we can fight to keep crime out of our
communities. It was my pleasure and privilege to join in
their efforts.
The office of Councilmember Ashby encourages
neighbors to get to know one another and work together toward safer communities. Let’s send a
message to criminals that crime and illegal activity in our neighborhoods will not be tolerated. We
encourage all residents of the City of Sacramento to remain diligent in protecting our communities.
Please remember to call in all suspicious activity all the time, and stay informed on what is happening
in your community. To stay up to date on the current events out of the District One office, please
call (916) 808-7167 or visit:
Heritage Park collected about 650 lbs. of food for
the Sacramento Food Bank at many of their National
Night Out events. Over the past three years, this one
night has generated 2,075 of food donated to the Sacramento Food Bank. Way to go Heritage Park!
Back to School…
It's school time again! Please take a moment to read the following tips and refresh your driving habits. All drivers need
to recognize the special safety needs of pedestrians, and are obligated to exercise great care and extreme caution in
and around school zones.
Please remember to:
1. Be alert and observant at all times and take extra care to look out for children.
2. Do not park in or block the crosswalk, and obey all posted or marked traffic
3. Always stop when directed to do so by a school patrol sign, school patrol officer or
designated crossing guard.
4. Be aware of the flow of traffic, and do not park in emergency or loading zones.
5. Take your time during school drop off or dismissal times. Safety First!
Officer Banks will be out to help us keep our students safe!
● ●
Michelle’s Mythbusters
MYTH: The City of Sacramento must not really be in a “budget crisis” if they can afford to build out a
portion of the North Natomas Regional Park.
FACT: In order to best utilize the small amount of funding available for build out of the Regional Park,
the City looks to other sources of funding such as grants.
You may have heard by now through email or on various media sites that the North Natomas
Regional Park will soon see some new development. In these difficult economic times, it is hard to
believe that the City can afford to invest in park development, when many other basic needs such
as public safety, park maintenance and utility services are dealing with cuts in service and staff.
Before diving into a discussion about park financing, we’ll have to briefly talk about ―Park Impact
Fees‖. When a home builder or developer pulls a building permit, a portion of the fees they pay
Michelle Kille are allocated to a fund called ―Park Impact Fees‖. As per Sacramento City Code (SCC 18.44.020)
Director of Public these fees provide all or a portion of the funds which will be necessary to design, construct and
Policy install park facilities required to meet the needs of and address the impacts caused by new development. In the case of the Natomas Regional Park, these fees can only be used for the build out
of the park, but with a failing economy these fees continue to be less than the full amount necessary to begin any new projects in the park. Currently, these fees provide for approximately half of
the funds necessary to build this portion of the North Natomas Regional Park. By applying for
outside funding, we can leverage these existing dollars to build something great for our community.
One of Councilmember Ashby’s many commitments is to see that as a City, we try to make the
most of the few resources we have available to us. One of these resources is the ability to apply
for grant funding such as Proposition 84. This proposition was a voter approved bond passed in
2006 which allocated $5.38 billion to eight broad project areas, one of which was to State Parks
and Nature Education Facilities. This round of funding provides $184 Million for the creation of
new parks throughout California. Soon after learning about this available funding, Councilmember
Ashby employed a team of City staff, community members and an outside consultant (who provided help on a pro-bono basis) to put together a strong grant proposal requesting $5 million dollars to fund a portion of the North Natomas Regional Park. This plan, which has come together
after several years of community input and guidance, features some amazing community assets
that will provide North Natomas with some well-needed recreational amenities, such as: an outdoor amphitheatre and gathering space, a dedicated farmer’s market, a regional baseball complex,
a children’s play area and more! Check out the next page with a copy of the plan along with some
sample photos.
Many of you have asked how you can help. One option available to those who would like to show
their support is to participate in a letter writing campaign. A copy of the letter can be found on
Councilmember Ashby’ website at: You can also pick up
a copy at the Natomas Police and Community Resource Center (2701 Del Paso Road, Suite 140).
Once you have downloaded or picked up a letter, please feel free to write on behalf of you and
your family or collaborate with any groups you represent (PTSA, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, youth
sports, neighborhood watch, etc) or share this with other neighbors and groups you are involved
with. Be sure to sign your letter not only with your name but with your title. Examples are:
―Mom, Dad, Natomas Resident, Coach, Concerned Neighbor, Avid Walker, Avid Cyclist, PTSA
Member, School Volunteer, etc‖. You can drop your signed letters back off at the resource center, mail them to our office (address provided on the back page of this newsletter) or email it to
anyone on the District One staff (emails also on the back page). Another way to show your support is by ―Liking‖ the ―Natomas Regional Park - Prop. 84 (help us get funding)‖ Facebook page,
● ●
NOTE: Photos are for purposes of example only.
● ●
Brandon’s Big Ideas
Hello District One! I hope that everyone has had a great summer, and that
you’re all starting to settle back in for
another school year. Good luck students, I know that you’ll do great!
Last month Councilmember Ashby
sponsored a movie in the park along
Assemblymember Dr. Richard Pan
Youth Advisory
Choice Dental, called
It was a huge sucCoordinator
cess! According to the Sacramento Police Officers that were in attendance,
this event attracted upwards of 700 attendees to the Natomas Community Park (the ―foot park‖) to watch
―Despicable Me.‖ I hope that everyone had a blast, I
know I sure did. It’s always great to come out and reconnect with neighbors and friends.
Brandon Black
Fire station 43 and the Kinney Police Facility which serves
North Sacramento. Station 43 received a portable multithreat monitor system which is capable of detecting a wide
array of dangerous and explosive conditions. Kinney Police
Facility was gifted with a Cellebrite forensics system which
is able to extract vital cell phone information.
Thank you Witter Ranch!
For the remainder of the evening, Councilmember Ashby
and I, along with Officer Corey Morgan of the Sacramento
Police Department drove around to visit many of the other
National Night Out events in District One. They were each
amazing, but one of my favorites was on Vestry Court. At
the Vestry Ct. National Night Our celebration I had the
privilege of meeting two high school students, one who attends NP3 Charter High School as a Sophomore, and another that is an incoming Freshman to Inderkum High
(GOOOO TIGERS!). These two are already very much involved in their community; helping out at school events,
Also last month was the 28th annual National Night Out and volunteering where they can. I’m excited at the prosevent. The District One Office came out in full force with pect of adding these two outstanding kids to the 2011-2012
Youth Advisory Committee.
the entire office at Witter Ranch Park to kick off the
event with Councilmember Ashby, who was on hand to It just goes to show the terrific level of involvement we
have in our community and the positive effects that it has
thank the Witter Ranch Community Alliance for their
on our youth. Good job Natomas families, keep it up!
fundraising success. WRCA was able to purchase some
new and much needed equipment for the freshly opened
with the Y.A.C?
Find YAC on Facebook!
Yosef, our Youth Advisory Committee mascot (pictured to the right), is back! School has started and we’re gearing
up for the 2011-2012 Youth Advisory Committee! This year is going to be very exciting, and we can’t wait to get
back into the groove of things. The committee is a great way for area youth to get more involved in their community. Members can expect to attend some City Council meetings, tutor kids at Westlake Charter
participate in tree lighting ceremonies, walk in parades, host community events similar to last
years ―Pups in the Park‖, and fundraise for Inderkum High School’s Safe and Sober
Grad Night. During the course of their involvement, our YAC youth will grow and
gain valuable real life leadership skills and will have a voice in how decision are made
for District 1.
We’re currently accepting youth ages 15-20 who reside or go to school in District
One for the Committee (this counts towards Senior Project hours too!) If you’re
interested, or would like more information please don’t hesitate to email or call me
at [email protected] or (916) 808-5848. Last year was pretty impressive,
let’s see if we can do even better this time around!
Know any youth interested in being part of this year’s committee? Send them our way! Please contact: Brandon Black / 916-808-5848 /
[email protected] or visit our Facebook Page at!/pages/District-One-Youth-AdvisoryCommittee/142228322498090
● ●
In my second newsletter article, I
discussed my fear of answering the
office telephone. Now, five months
later, I really look forward to my
chances to answer the phone. Part
of it is simply a matter of getting
comfortable. More than that, however, is that I now look forward to
speaking with constituents.
Granted, not every constituent is a
happy constituent, and not every
conversation is an easy one. But,
often, I’ll get a grateful constituent
on the phone. It’s not that anyone
is required to be grateful for anything, but when someone is, it is
extra special. Just the other day, I
picked up a call from a Sacramento
resident (who was not even a constituent of District One) who
wanted to thank the Councilmember for her position on redistrict-
Talia’s Tales
ing. It was unnecessary
for the woman who
called to do so, yet she
did, and that made the thanks
even warmer.
about how grateful
he was for the
work that Sarah
Talia Magallan
Sometimes there are people who
District One
Novo, Director
call just to say, ―Keep doing what
Student Intern
of Constituent
you’re doing,‖ and, ―We’re with
Affairs, does for the community.
you.‖ It’s nice to feel like a part of
His call was to ensure that she
a community of people, and it’s
got the thanks that his friend felt
nice to know that those people
she deserved. It’s gestures like
are supportive and understanding.
these that speak volumes about
I don’t believe that any elected
the quality of the people living in
official’s job is easy or one-sided;
District One.
it is all about working together
and communicating.
I don’t think anyone here does
their job because they want to be
Earlier in the week, our office got
appreciated or recognized, but
a call from a man whose friend
feeling appreciated is a lovely feelhad passed away. All the man
ing, nonetheless.
wanted to let us know was that
his friend had talked consistently
Talia has helped create and compile this newsletter, if you wish to give feedback about the newsletter or her article, Talia is
in the office on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1:30 to 4:30pm, and her contact information can be found on the back page.
Kick Up Your Heels – Enjoy a Ride on Two Wheels!
Take your bike out for a joy ride on September 17th around West Sacramento (27 miles). It will be a
fun time in the sun enjoying a ride with great company. Roll through downtown West Sacramento,
around the commercial corridor, over the Deep Water Channel, and nab a table at Nugget Market for
goodies in Southport - hosted by the TMA. On the way back, we’ll take in ski boats, the Riverfront
Promenade and cruise by the Crocker Art Museum as we head for home. No need to RSVP – just
show up! Meet at the NNTMA office, 1960 Del Paso Road. The group will depart at 8:30 a.m. Of
course, don’t forget to bring your helmet, water, and an extra tube in case you get a flat!
If you rather stay in North Natomas, pedal on over to the North Natomas Library (4660 Via Ingoglia located off Del Paso
Road). Bike Doc will be making another "house call." So, bring out the old two-wheeler and bike mechanics will give it a facelift on Saturday, September 17th from 10 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Bikes will be repaired on a first-come, first-served basis.
We recommend coming early so the mechanics have enough time to give your bike the proper diagnosis. One bicycle per
person, please. For more information, please call the North Natomas TMA, 916-419-9955.
● ●
District One Diamonds
A highlight on the great people working for and living in District One!
Keith Sharward
Name: Keith Sharward
Where do you live? Gateway West (Witter Ranch Community)
How long have you been a Natomas resident? South Natomas 1994-2004, North Natomas 2004Present
What's your favorite part about being a District One resident? It began in an apartment in 1994
as a newlywed with a one mile commute to work! Unfortunately I work 20 miles away now, but I still appreciate the proximity to downtown and the amenities in our community. What keeps me optimistic
about our future in District One is the uncompromising commitment of so many outstanding community
leaders who are committed to doing whatever it takes to make Natomas live up to its promise and its
Favorite past-time(s)? In 2008 co-founded Witter Ranch Community Alliance and have been on its
board ever since, so that keeps me pretty busy on community improvement projects and initiatives, particularly those involving public safety. My newest favorite past-time is Onyx, a gorgeous retired racing
greyhound my wife and I recently rescued after she was cast aside at a dog track in Florida.
Reading any good books right now? Give Me a Break : How I Exposed Hucksters, Cheats, and Scam Artists
and Became the Scourge of the Liberal Media by John Stossel
Tell us one interesting thing about you: I play drums and am building a rehearsal studio, a project
which has consumed hundreds of hours of my time. My passion is progressive metal music, noted for its
complex compositional structures, odd time signatures, diverse philosophical lyrics and intricate instrumental playing. I like dropping that on people because I definitely don't fit the template of a metal-head!
Meet Keith! Regrettably, there isn’t enough space to highlight all of Keith’s many contributions to the community. Keith is an active board member and founder of the Witter Ranch Community Alliance, which was
formed with several other homeowners to help find solutions to challenges in the community. Keith was instrumental in helping people understand the severity of fire response times on the west side of I-5. In addition,
Keith donates his time to help with the District One website and is always willing to help us out with whatever
we need (technical or not!). Thank you Keith for your hard work and commitment to this community.
Gary Hyden
Name: C. Gary Hyden
Title: Supervising Landscape Architect, City of Sacramento Department of Parks & Recreation
How long have you worked for the City of Sacramento: I have been a landscape architect for 33
years but I have worked for the City for 4 1/2 years.
How long have you been a Sacramento resident? I’ve been a resident of the Sacramento Region
for 21 years.
What is your favorite part of your job: My favorite part of this job is watching people use the park
and recreation facilities I’ve helped design.
Favorite pastime or hobby when you aren’t working hard at the City: My favorite pastime/
hobby is playing Chicago style blues guitar.
Reading any good books right now? I just finished reading The Great Bridge by David McCullough;
it is about the design and construction of the Brooklyn Bridge.
Tell us one interesting thing about you: I have a very vivid sense of humor, which on most occasions is a real asset.
Meet Gary! As a landscape architect for the Parks Department, we’ve had the opportunity to work closely
with Gary over the past few months as we worked through the final designs of the Natomas Regional Park
(see page 6 for more details!). Gary has been a great person to work with as he is always flexible and willing
to try something new. We even helped Gary re-discover some of his creativity and fervor for exploring the
“new and novel”. Gary has a great sense of humor and we appreciate his patience as we worked through
several iterations of park designs. Gary is just one of many examples of a “behind the scenes” teammate
who is a vital asset to the City. Thanks Gary for all your hard work! The District One Office appreciates you!
● ●
School bells are ringing, lunches are packed and school is back in session! It was a great summer
and an even better one for the lucky 140 kids who were able to participate in the Summer Oasis
program at Regency Park this year. July 29th ended the Oasis summer program, and an ―End of
Camp‖ celebration was in order. Councilmember Ashby hosted a BBQ full of games, fun and
great food. While camp is now over, the kids who participated left filled with great experiences
and memories. Councilmember Ashby even had a chance to stop by in July to visit the kids and
bring some very cool guests—Sacramento Fire Fighters, who cooled off the kids in the heat of
the day with the fire hose! Check out the photos below from Councilmember Ashby’s visit as
well as photos from the Oasis BBQ!
Cost of Summer Camp: $10,000
Kids at Camp: 140
Pizzas Consumed: 45
Days at Camp: 35
Field Trips Taken: 3
● ●
Police & Volunteer Appreciation BBQ
We had a great BBQ at the Natomas Police and Community Resource Center on Wednesday, August 24th, 2011. This
fun event was hosted by the office of Councilmember Ashby and sponsored by the Sacramento Police Officers Association to show our appreciation for the men and women in blue, and the Natomas Police and Community Resource
Center volunteers for all that they do to make our community safe.
Corey Morgan, Sacramento Police Department
How long have you worked for the City of Sacramento: I have worked for the City of
Sacramento for about 6 1/2 years, and have spent the last 3 1/2 years in the Del Paso Heights
and Natomas areas serving on the POP (Problem Oriented Policing) team and in the CSU
(Crime Suppression Unit).
What is your favorite part of your job: The best part of my job is community interaction. I love being able to give closure to people who have been victimized. Most of the time
that means catching the bad guys (which I love doing) and hopefully locating and returning anything which may have been taken from the victim. It’s important for everyone to remember
that the only way we as police officers can be truly effective is through community cooperation and support. I consider myself
fortunate to serve this great City and the Sacramento Police Department.
Favorite pastime or hobby when you aren’t working hard at the City: Although I am usually hard at work for the
City, either through the Sacramento Police Officer Association or in the community, I make time everyday for a workout.
Exercise helps to relieve stress and keeps me healthy and fit to do my job. For the past two years, I have also spent a lot of
time restoring my 1972 Corvette. I have made some progress, but it seems as if that endeavor will never end. In addition, I
am also a couple of weeks away from finishing my Master's degree.
Reading any good books right now? I really enjoyed "A Man's Search for Meaning" written by Viktor Frankl.
Meet Corey! Officer Corey Morgan is a terrific asset to our community; proving to be approachable, reliable and an ambassador of
excellent public service. Corey served our country for 5 years as a United States Marine, and continues to work relentlessly through the
Sacramento Police Department to protect and defend our lives, our homes, our property and our communities. Corey is just one of many
examples of our hardworking and dedicated Sacramento Police force.
Thank you, Corey, for all of your hard work! The District One Office appreciates you!
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Mark your Calendars...
Fire Station #43
Grand Opening
4201 El Centro Road
September 17, 2011
Friends of the South Natomas Library
Book Sale
2901 Truxel Road
September 17, 20, 21, 22 & 24
Join the men and women
of the Sacramento Fire Department,
community leaders, city officials, and volunteers
at the dedication and grand opening of Sacramento’s newest fire station, West Natomas Fire
Station #43.
California State Capitol Museum Free
Admission Day Celebration
10th and L Streets
Friday, September 9
In honor of California’s 161st year of statehood,
the California State Capitol Museum has coordinated a day of music, cake, ice cream, and free
Come to the South Natomas Library Book Sale to
pick up a thrilling paperback or cherished childhood favorite at a discounted
price. All proceeds from the
sale benefit library programs.
Office Hours with Sarah
September 9th, 2011; 11AM to 2PM
September 16th, 2011; 11AM to 2PM
September 23rd, 2011; 11AM to 2PM
Natomas Police &
Community Resource Center
2701 Del Paso Road
Suite 140
29th Elly Award Ceremony
Certified Farmers’ Market
The Crest Theatre
1013 K Street
Sunday, September 25th
The Elly Awards are Sacramento’s
regional theatre awards; they honor outstanding achievements
of community theatres (including high schools and community
colleges) and artists in the Sacramento area. The awards are
named for the late Eleanor McClatchy, who was a devoted patron of the local arts.
Join Sacramento’s theatrical community September 25th at the
beautiful Crest Theatre for an award show that acknowledges
the dramatic talent of this city.
Inderkum High School Parking Lot
2500 New Market
(Open May—
Cesar Chavez
10th & J Street
(Open May-October)
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Thank you for reading our newsletter and being an engaged, informed and involved member of our
great City.
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