2015-16 Alberta Leader Series – Edmonton



2015-16 Alberta Leader Series – Edmonton
 2015-16 Alberta Leader Series – Edmonton
"Seasoned leaders are increasingly more curators of ritual than experts of subject matter. They
possess a collection of hand-crafted crucibles for convening conversations ... and use them with
a quiet confidence to hold whatever specific content requires their tribe's attention."
– Ian Chisholm, Founding Partner
The Alberta Leader Series is an exploration of the role of conversation in leadership. This unique Roy
Group offering allows businesses and organizations in Alberta to select, prepare and invest in individuals
who show promise as leaders, using a modular approach to their ongoing development.
Designed to meet the needs of emerging leaders, the Alberta Leader Series will introduce and equip
participants with tools they will need for a lifelong process of creating their own successful system of
leadership. Each of the four modules explores a proven body of work for the many conversations leaders
must convene:
strategic conversations about the future,
feedback conversations to improve performance,
difficult conversations to address conflict,
community conversations to engage stakeholders, and
conversations about one's own development as a leader.
Since 2005, Roy Group has been dedicated to the creation of indelible leadership experiences, ones that
stay with participants for years and decades after attendance. Every aspect of Roy Group experiences is
designed to enhance this effect.
The Leader's Discipline™
Opportunity in Conflict
Tools of Engagement
Focus on Self
8-10 December 2015
14-16 January 2016
17-19 March 2016
12-14 May 2016
Venues will be centrally located in Edmonton. See current Upcoming Events for more details,
Additional Information
Ian Chisholm
Anne-Marie Daniel
Anna Lisa Bond
Alice Estey
Bob Chartier
Early Bird Price:
Regular Price:
$2,375.00 + GST per individual per course until midnight, Friday, 6 November 2015
$2,795.00 + GST for registrations after 6 November 2015
Canada-Alberta Job Grant
A leader who participates in 2 or more offerings of the Roy Group Alberta Leader Series may seek
employer training funds through the Canada-Alberta Job Grant. The Canada-Alberta Job Grant is a costsharing program that can help employers offset the cost of employee training. Employers cover a
minimum of one-third of direct training costs (maximum government contribution of $10,000/employee).
Full Cost Cost with Roy Group Early Bird Discount (15%) Booked by Oct 2 Canada-­‐Alberta Employer Job Grant Contribution (1/3) Contribution (2/3) 1 event $2,795.00 $2,375.00 N/A N/A 2 events $5,590.00 $4,751.00 $3,159.42 $1,591.59 3 events $8,385.00 $7,127.00 $4,739.46 $2,387.55 4 events $11,180.00 $9,503.00 $6,319.50 $3,183.51 Quoted costs do not include GST, which will be added at the time of invoicing. There are several points to note up front:
Eligible training must be 24+ hours in length and completed within 52 weeks of the training
program start date. (Roy Group courses are 16 hours each.)
Applications should be submitted at least 30 days before the start of the training.
Employers pay costs directly to Roy Group and are reimbursed by the Canada-Alberta Job Grant.
Roy Group awards Open Badges as a digital record of course completion, badges.roygroup.net.
For deadlines and complete details about the application process, please refer to the
Canada-Alberta Job Grant, albertacanada.com/opportunity/employers/jobgrant.aspx.
To register and for more information, call 1.888.656.2420 or email us at [email protected]

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