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Summer Cool New Review Look onGrowth
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Cool New
FALL 2015
on Growth
“Melt in
your mouth”
In With the New
Facelift for Scotsburn
The Next Chapter
Lebel Joins the Family
Frozen Yogurt
Greek Yogurt
Traditional Favourites
Smart Indulgences
Promotion Perfection
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Flavour of the Day Contest
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30 Years of Giving
A Publication of
We thought we
had something
special on our
hands, now we
have the trophy
to prove it.
Scotsburn Ice Cream
Company is proud to
announce that our new
Hoof PrintsTM and Udderly
DivineTM premium inclusion
bars were recognized by
the Retail Council of
Canada as one of the year’s
best new products at the
Canadian Grand Prix New
Product Awards.
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Out With the Old~
In With the New!
Scotsburn Co-operative’s very first corporate newsletter, the Dairy
Diary was published in October 1979. Initially it was a bi-monthly publication, produced by Elspeth McLean, Public Relations Representative,
introduced as a means of sharing information between Scotsburn’s two
important groups of people- the employees and the shareholders.
It was developed to provide
the parties a better understanding
of their roles in the
Scotsburn organization, and an
Jennifer MacLennan,
overview of corpoMarketing Coordinator
rate operations.
When Elspeth left to pursue other
interests, the role of compiling the
articles was taken over by Thelma
Casey, who continued to produce the
document until her retirement in
June 1998. With her departure, the
responsibility of generating the
newsletter fell to the capable hands
of Marinus Van de Sande, along with
the assistance of Jennifer MacLennan. Jennifer took over the responsibility after Marinus’ retirement in
June 2006.
The initial newsletters included
articles about employees, producers,
special projects, etc. and encouraged suggestions, feedback, submissions of information and details from
the readers.
Over time, due to growth and
change in the organization, the
newsletter underwent additional
modifications throughout the years,
including being published six times
per year, to four then down to twice
per year. It has been over a year since
the last publication was issued in the
fall of 2014. We felt it was time to
bring the premise of it back, but with
a revamped appearance more conducive to our current corporate personality and vision of becoming the
premier provider of value added ice
cream, frozen desserts & novelties in
North America. It is therefore with pride and
pleasure that we introduce you to
our first edition of Scotsburn Ice
Cream Company’s appropriately renamed corporate newsletter, the
Scotsburn Scoop!
The material contained in the
newsletter will provide updates on
new products and promotions that
we’ve been doing, consumer feedback from social media and the consumer line, operational and innovative processes, recipes and the
occasional tidbits and anecdotes that
our employees and shareholders are
inclined to share with us as it pertains
to Scotsburn.
The responsibility of the newsletter remains with Jennifer, and the intention is to publish it twice per year,
as it had been previously with a
Spring/Summer issue around May or
June and another one for Fall/Winter
around early December.
If you happen to come across any
interesting stories, photos or information that relates to Scotsburn and
you’d like to share with our employees and shareholders, we encourage
you to send it to Jennifer’s attention
via email to [email protected] or to Scotsburn Ice
Cream Company, 332 Willow Street,
Truro, NS B2N 5A5. The deadline for
the Spring/Summer Issue will be April
30th, and for the Fall/Winter Issue will
be October 31st.
So read on to get the Scoop on
Scotsburn. We hope you enjoy!
A selection of covers
from the Dairy Diaries
over the years.
A Facelift
for Scotsburn
We often see celebrities on tabloid covers after
a nip or tuck they felt was necessary to make
them “look better” in order to compete in an
industry that seems to thrive on youthfulness
and transformation.
With the announcement last year
of the sale of our fluid milk division
to Saputo (who continue to support
the Scotsburn brand through a license agreement), and our own focus
shifting to ice cream and novelties,
members of the Sales & Marketing
and R&D teams felt it was necessary
to consider rebranding ourselves
in the hopes of eliminating any
confusion that consumers and customers have over which ”Scotsburn“
they are dealing with. This was felt
to be particularly important when
dealing with new and existing private
label customers.
The process of changing a corporate logo is not an easy one as there
are many things to consider before
selecting the final version. Things
such as font styles, colours, symbols,
etc., all need to be taken into consideration so when combined together
they create an image that conveys a
strong message to consumers about
the type of company they are choosing to support when they purchase
its product. The hope is to create a
logo that will be recognized and resonate a positive response with the
consumer so they will become loyal
to a company.
This would certainly not be the
first time Scotsburn “went under the
knife”, so to speak, to have a new logo
developed. During its 115 year history,
there were four completely new logos created, with the most familiar
and more recent daisy flower logo
being introduced in 1988 when the
three corporate names, Scotsburn,
Brookfield and Eastern Dairyfoods,
were brought under the one banner
daisy flower logo had some minor
modifications made since its introduction with respect to the addition
of its century celebration logo and
“The Dairy Best” slogan, but the
same sentiments of freshness, quality
and tradition remained at the core of
the message.
This time around the team felt
it important to convey the message
of quality and innovation, with some
undertones of familiarity and fun, but
with a contemporary design. The
team was diligent throughout the
year participating in many discussions and presentations with designers, and reviewing reports on numerous layouts and suggestions. Once
the group had narrowed the selection, they wanted to gauge the reaction of the change with consumers
before making a final decision. Several focus groups made up of ice
cream consumers were conducted;
all with very positive responses to the
new logo.
The swirl above the corporate
name of Scotsburn (includes ICE
CREAM CoMPANY on corporate
items like signage, letterhead, etc.),
was inspired by a child’s toy pinwheel,
as well as the similarities it had to the
daisy petals of the previous logo. The
colours of the swirl represent the variety of flavours we offer, as we’ll
continue to exude an “innovative and
fun” persona bringing thoughts of
pleasure to consumers about the ice
cream and novelty flavours they enjoy from Scotsburn.
The font style of the corporate
name SCOTSBURN was selected for
its contemporary, clean form while
the colour blue was selected as it is a
familiar hue long associated with
Scotsburn, most likely due to the cold
temperatures that are required for
our products. The psychology behind
the blue colour suggests it has a tendency to evoke feelings of calmness,
serenity, joyfulness and productivity.
From a perspective of doing business, it exudes quality, reliability and
trust; the exact traits that prospective
customers appreciate in a company
they’re doing business with.
The “Makes It Special“ slogan was
selected based on the number of
connotations the motto conveys
with one simple phrase: Scotsburn Makes It SpecialCorporately we produce innovative
qualit y products that deliver a
special taste sensation unique to the
Scotsburn branded products.
Scotsburn Ice Cream Makes It
Special - When consumers choose
Scotsburn ice cream and novelty
products they can be sure everything from a big celebration like a
birthday or anniversary meal, to even
the simplest moment of sharing a
cone with a friend will be turned into
a special experience like no other.
The same goes for customers who
serve our product at their establishments as part of their menu; it will
certainly keep consumers coming
back for more, making their business
special as well.
Scotsburn Employees Make It
Special-When a private label customer sees this slogan/motto, it describes the special service they will
experience when working with our
employees; from our R&D employees
who source quality ingredients to
create special recipes and flavours
of ice cream and novelties consumers
will love, to Production staff who
carefully mix the ingredients and
fill the packages to ensure the
product tastes special and do their
best to eliminate product shortages
through scheduling. From the QA
team who constantly review and test
policies, procedures and products
to ensure we meet the special requirements of HACCP and SQF
qualifications and in turn the Shipping/Receiving and Accounting
department personnel who provide
our customers with the special treatment they deserve by working
toward providing error free deliveries, correct invoicing and timely
bill payments. The members of the
Sales & Marketing and Consumer
Services department strive to
respond to our customer and consumer requests in a timely fashion
so they are always made to feel
special, no matter how big or
small their business is, as they are the
reason we are here today.
The transition to the new logo
on packaging, signage, promotional items, etc. will take time as
new designs are reviewed and selected, existing packaging is utilized.
The new corporate logo has begun
to surface in a number of our communication pieces including letterhead, envelopes, business cards,
some signage, promotional material,
etc. We look forward to the transformation as we embark on this exciting
new path and look forward to
sharing the journey with you, our
key stakeholders.
The Next Chapter…
This past year began a new chapter in the story of Scotsburn as personnel
from both the Dartmouth and Scotsburn offices transitioned into the new
corporate head office located on the first and second floors of Covington Place.
The new civic address is 332 Willow Street, Truro, NS, B2N 5A5 and the phone
number, should you need to contact someone, is the same as that for the Ice
Cream Plant; (902) 895-8430. The entrance monument sign for our corporate
office was recently updated with our new logo to make it easier to locate our
new space. Signage updates featuring the new corporate logo will occur at our
other facilities throughout the upcoming year.
With respect to the new premises, the close proximity to the Truro
production and distribution plant, along with having team members
all in one location, has resulted in
improvements in a number of
capacities, but most importantly has
increased communication between
the various departments.
The additional boardroom facilities
have also been beneficial, especially
with the increased training sessions
that have been required as Scotsburn
works through the process of implementing new information systems
which will fully integrate all aspects of
the organization. These systems will
undoubtedly be valuable tools as we
enter the next phase of our goal to become the premium supplier of ice
cream and frozen desserts across
North America.
to the
Scotsburn Ice Cream Company is continuing
to grow and expand into new markets across
Canada and the United States. The company
announced on September 1, that it had
completed the purchase of Les Aliments Lebel
Inc., a Quebec-based manufacturer of
premium ice cream products.
Doug Ettinger, Scotsburn’s CEO
explained, “Scotsburn is all about
value-added ice cream and frozen
novelty products. As we pursue innovation and growth across North
America, acquiring and partnering
with companies that have broad
product and customer reach – like
Lebel – is an important way for the
company to grow for the benefit of
our customers, our employees and
shareholders who own Scotsburn.
Lebel is a good company with quality
brands marketed across Quebec
and Canada and Scotsburn is looking
forward to working together with the
Lebel team to reach new heights.”
The story of Les Aliments Lebel
Inc. dates back to the 1930’s when
Augustin Lebel manufactured ice
cream at a dairy in the Kenogami, Saguenay region. His son Gaëtan Lebel,
inspired by his father to offer ice cream
lovers a superior product, decided to
continue using his father`s original
recipe for ice cream and founded Les
Aliments Lebel Inc. in 1986, for which
he is the President and CEO.
In order to better serve customers
and centralize operations, the company acquired the facilities of Laiterie
Lowe Inc, in Lachute, QC in 1997. By
1999, the demand increased for Lebel’s traditional frozen treats and private label products. Around the same
time, there were a number of production factories closing their doors in
the Quebec and Ontario region. To
adjust to these changes, Gaëtan Lebel
decided to start a major factory construction project.
By 2000, Lebel Foods completed
construction of a modern facility in
the former Lowe Dairy buildings,
which enabled them to meet growing product demand while offering
new items their customers requested.
A second expansion occurred in 2008
with the purchase of new manufacturing equipment capable of producing extruded frozen novelties,
allowing them to develop new premium ice cream products. By January
of 2009, an additional major plant
expansion gave Lebel an opportunity to develop improved operational
functionality and increased ef f iciencies for the organization.
At the time Scotsburn purchased
Lebel, it was the largest ice cream
and frozen novelties manufacturer
in Quebec and the only company
to produce frozen treats on a stick in
the province. The production facility
is a nut and peanut free plant producing products under the brands of
Augustine Originale, Lowe, Iceberg
and Ideale.
Les Aliments Lebel Inc. will continue to be operated locally at its
plant in Lachute, Quebec, under the
leadership of Gaëtan Lebel. Lebel’s
workforce of approximately 160 will
also remain in place.
Following the announcement of
the purchase, Gaëtan Lebel had stated, “I was always confident that we
would secure an agreement that
worked well for Scotsburn and Les
Aliments Lebel Inc. We already have
so much in common – from our roots
in smaller communities to our focus
on innovative ice cream and novelty
products. Moreover, as a co-operative, Scotsburn Ice Cream Company is
an organization that respects local
autonomy and shares our family-oriented values.”
We wish to welcome the Lebel
employees to our Scotsburn family
and look for ward to working
with you.
These popular
Christmas logs,
produced by Lebel,
will be available in
the Atlantic provinces
this year.
And the
John MacKay, VP Business Development & Marketing, accepts
the 2014 Canadian Grand Prix New Product Award from
Stephen Mandzak of Chase Paymentech. Scotsburn received
the award in June for their innovative Premium Inclusion
Hoof PrintsTM & Udderly DivineTM ice cream bars.
Winner Is...
This past winter our new Hoof
PrintsTM and Udderly DivineTM premium novelty bars were entered in
the Retail Council of Canada’s Canadian Grand Prix New Product
Awards for 2014 in the hopes of
being selected.
These annual awards celebrate new
products in food, non-food and private
label categories and give participants
an opportunity to showcase their
products to a panel of industry experts
and be recognized by their peers. The
program encourages new product development and innovation. Scotsburn’s new premium bars
were selected from numerous product entries as one of three nominees
in the dessert category. Two private
label products that Scotsburn produces were also nominated in their
respective confectionary/snack/dessert private label categories.
On June 3, 2015, John MacKay, VP
of Business Development & Marketing attended the gala event
held in Toronto, hosted by the Canadian Retail Council. As they announced Scotsburn’s new premium
inclusion bars as the winner, John
proudly accepted the award on behalf of everyone involved in the proj-
ect. In addition to this, one of the
products from the private label category that Scotsburn had produced
was also a winner.
We would like to both congratulate
and thank all the employees who
make receiving these types of honours, in such a competitive industry,
a possibility. Awards such as these
showcase our capabilities to prospective customers and demonstrate how
we can make them successful.
This is not the first time Scotsburn
has won the award; the Scotsburn
salsa sour cream also took home the
honour in 1995.
Sales &
New Look!
New Flav urs!
When the snow begins to melt in
the spring, we always look forward
to warm breezes and a sense of renewal and new beginnings. It felt like
the perfect time of year to launch
some new flavours and a new package design for our frozen yogurt
product line.
The packaging is very vibrant, featuring a green and blue colour
scheme, with a treatment that makes it
appear as though a ray of light is shining to highlight the image of the frozen
yogurt and flavour pictograms. The
packaging emphasizes the key nutritional features of the product, most of
which indicate they are 97% fat free, a
source of calcium and the amount of
calories per serving (all between
100 to 120 calories per ½ cup). The three new yogurt flavours,
blueberry ripple, black cherry and
salted caramel, have proven to be
successful additions to our product
line. These can be found in your grocer’s frozen food section, so look for
our new design and be sure to try the
new flavours.
It’s All Greek to Me!
Due to the growing trend for Greek yogurts in the marketplace,
Scotsburn didn’t want to be left out, so with the new packaging
launch for its original frozen yogurt line, a new line of Greek frozen
yogurt was also introduced.
Some would suggest that Greek
yogurts have seen an increase in
popularity over the last couple of
years due to the perceived naturalness of the product, reduced sugar,
high source of protein and thickness
that allows one to feel more full.
These features make it a popular item
for those on calorie reduced diets,
and athletes looking to provide extra protein for their muscles.
The three new flavours introduced to Scotsburn’s Greek frozen
yogurt line include vanilla, lemon
and honey. Nutritionally, these products are 97% fat free, and high in
calcium and protein with 6g per 1/2
cup serving.
Whether they are served on their
own or topped with fruit and nuts,
we’re certain you will find them to
be a refreshing and tangy treat that
makes a nice dessert or a healthier
snack to other alternative options. Be
sure to give them a try and let us
know your thoughts.
Even with all the new product concepts that get introduced to the
marketplace each year, it’s always interesting to note that it is
often those familiar traditional treats such as the ice cream
sandwich, water ice products, fudge and ice cream bars or good ol’
cream pops that become the favourites being served up to kids of
all ages in many households.
Whether it’s because of the economic value of having twelve treats
so there’s more to share, or possibly because of the wonderful
childhood memories evoked when
we enjoy the various flavours and
sweet combinations of ice cream
and chocolate that make them
popular, there’s no denying these
are a must– have item in your freezer.
Scotsburn was very pleased to be
able to reintroduce these popular
novelty treats under their own brand
name this past spring. With the exception of the ice cream sandwich,
they are also peanut free. In addition
to the original cherry, orange and
grape flavour water ices, a second
variety of flavours was launched as a
tropical version which includes fruit
punch, pineapple and lime.
These products are a great way to
make it feel like it’s summer all year
long, so be sure to stock up so you
won’t run out!
Consumers have become more conscious about the type of products they purchase. If they
happen to be one of many individuals who have tried to maintain a healthier lifestyle, but
find it challenging because they hate to give up on their favourite treats, then they will be
pleased to learn Scotsburn has introduced a Smart Indulgence product line of novelties that
will allow them to “have their cake and eat it too”, so to speak.
Four of these products are
extruded novelty bars available in
5 x 80mL retail packages, with
flavours like raspberry ripple yogurt, caramel Greek yogurt, fudge
and mint chocolate chip bars. The
fifth product is a 5 x 115mL round
vanilla sandwich. These new products, ranging
between 90 and 150 calories per
serving, are anywhere from 96 to
99% fat free. The raspberry, fudge
and caramel bars also provide a
source of calcium, while there are
also 5g of protein in the caramel
Greek yogurt bars.
The packaging design is comparable to the new frozen yogurt
package to create a stronger shelf
presence and enable consumers
to make a connection to the “better
for you” products that Scotsburn
offers. The great thing about these
treats is, even if you can’t stop at
just one (because they taste that
good), it will still likely be fewer
calories than a single chocolate bar.
For more information about
these, or any of our new products, check out our website at
LEFT: Delaney MacKay
(far right), one of the
Special Events Coordinators
for C100, was kept busy
this summer promoting
our new Smart Indulgence
Bars at various community
events like this one
in Halifax.
Promotion Perfection!
Summer is the perfect time to indulge in Scotsburn’s delicious treats. It’s also the perfect
time to promote them with so many festivals and community events going on and people
wanting to cool off. That’s why Scotsburn continued its longstanding partnership with
both C100 (Halifax, NS) and Hits 99.1 FM (St. John’s, NL) radio stations and provided its
new Smart Indulgence frozen novelties for their summer cruisers to sample.
Scotsburn kicked off the season in
Halifax by partnering with C100 to
promote its healthier novelty options
and 12 pack traditional novelties
at this year’s Scotiabank Bluenose
Marathon. This event gave Scotsburn
the perfect opportunity to promote
these new products to a specific
target market that would be interested in healthier products and
products for kids. With over 10,000
participants, the marathon has become a signature series event for
companies to promote their products. The fudge bars and caramel
Greek yogurt bars were very popular,
as was the coupon handed out to
encourage future purchases.
Both Special Events teams trav-
elled to many locations and events in
their respective territories each week
throughout the summer promoting
the new treats which were well received. In addition to the advertisements played on the radio stations,
both teams utilized social media
feeds on Facebook, Twitter and blogs
that promoted their whereabouts
and the Scotsburn products they
were sampling.
In addition to the radio ads and
product sampling, the Marketing
Department also invested in digital box advertising with the radio
stations, giving the opportunity
to display ads promoting the new
frozen yogurt flavours and packaging as well as the Smart Indulgence
novelties on their websites. The
advertisements used direct links
to drive online traffic directly to
the Scotsburn website where consumers could learn more about these
and other products.
Marketing also increased exposure for Scotsburn’s products to consumers through print media campaigns including billboards in the
Metro areas of NS, NB and NL as
well as a few select magazines,
including Canadian Grocer to promote the CGPNPA win. The increased exposure achieved
this year will certainly go a long way
in keeping Scotsburn products in the
minds of many consumers.
New Friends
& Followers
with Social
The Marketing team, along with the IT department
and external designers worked throughout the past year
developing the layout, compiling information, sourcing
photos, and creating the new look and tone of the website, while also expanding Scotsburn further into popular
social media sites like Facebook and Instagram.
The new website showcases our focus of being the
premier provider of value-added ice cream, frozen desserts and novelties in North America by providing consumers, as well as existing and potential private label customers, with a wealth of information about our products
and capabilities in a very user friendly format. The website
provides information on the following categories:
ABOUT US: includes information on Our Story, Our Staff,
and Achieving Excellence.
BRANDED PRODUCTS: includes information about our
Scotsburn ice cream, frozen yogurts, home pack and
single serve novelties and our seasonal products.
SCOOP SHOPS: provides information on our full list of
flavours, contact information and POS material for those
interested in our bulk ice cream program.
PRIVATE LABEL: this is an important section of the new
website as it provides potential new clients with an
overview of the process our Scotsburn team goes
through to develop private label products. EMPLOYMENT: an ideal section for current and potential
employees to learn about new and exciting positions
available throughout our company.
CONTACT US: provides users with our company addresses, phone numbers, as well as information for consumers to contact our Consumer Services department.
With Scotsburn taking on a new
identity as an ice cream company
and launching its new logo, the next
phase of change was naturally
updating the corporate website.
FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions): gives consumers an
opportunity to find answers to their questions ranging
from ingredient and packaging information to allergens
and product availability.
We encourage you to check out the new website We are also pleased to advise that we
have an active Facebook and
Instagram account where you can
“Like” our products, share your
stories or photos and hear about
new and exciting events that are
happening with Scotsburn. You
can search for us at Scotsburn Ice
Cream Company on Facebook, and
at scotsburnicecream on Instagram.
You can also follow us on Twitter
@ScotsburnDairy. Be sure to spread
the news with your followers.
LEFT: Flavour Of The Day
contest winner, Alena
Martin (left) with a friend
enjoying their favourite
Scotsburn ice cream.
Flavourof the
To help promote our new web and social
media sites, the Marketing Department launched a “Flavour
of the Day”contest on July 3rd.
Each day a new Scotsburn ice cream
flavour or novelty was promoted on our
Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts with a link to the website to learn
more about the products. Consumers
were encouraged to send in a photo of
themselves or their family and friends
enjoying their favourite Scotsburn ice
cream and novelty products, or share a
story depicting some of the special
times or memories they`ve had with our
products for a chance to win Scotsburn
Ice Cream and Novelties for a year.
The contest was promoted to
Atlantic Canadians who continued to
like and share each of the flavours
promoted each day. The contest also
generated a number of flavour suggestions and requests to bring back
some previously popular flavours,
such as Dinosaur Bones.
Labour Day was the last day for the
contest, with the winner announced at
the end of that week. Congratulations is extended to Alena Martin
of Millsville, NS whose name had been
drawn from all entries received. Jennifer MacLennan, Scotsburn`s Marketing Coordinator had the opportunity
to present the free ice cream and novelty gift certificates to Alena in person.
She said she and her family were very
excited about the win and would be
putting them to good use. She had
hinted that she might be willing to
share with her friends. We`re sure she
will become very popular in her neighbourhood once word gets out of her
special prize.
of This
There is a flavour phenomenon in the Atlantic Provinces
that has been described as truly out of this world, causing
many to travel out of their way to get this taste sensation
and journalists to write articles about it. This is of course the
infamous Moon Mist ice cream flavour. Near as we can tell, the flavour
has been around since before the
early 1980’s. This has been presumed
based on information obtained after
consulting with both Dr. Mac Murray, former Director of Technical
Services as well as Rod MacLennan,
former Senior VP, after being approached this fall by two journalists
wanting to create a feature story
about Moon Mist. Rod had some
recollection that it was introduced
to several dairies around this time
frame by flavour houses promoting
the up and coming trends in flavours
and ingredients.
If you ever read the flavour guides
posted at the road side ice cream
stands, you may discover there is a
difference between the flavour
Scotsburn makes versus the flavour
made by competing dairies; theirs
will read, ‘a combination of banana,
grape and blue raspberry’, however
Scotsburn’s version actually has banana, grape and blue bubble gum
flavoured ice cream. It is difficult to determine what it
is specifically about this flavour that
has made it so popular; the fruity and
sweet flavour combinations, or perhaps the unique colour blend of the
pastel colours that make it attractive.
Whatever the reason for the fascination, over time Moon Mist has grown
in popularity to become one of
Scotsburn’s top five bulk ice cream
flavours, now even beating out our
infamous Hoof PrintsTM ice cream.
There has been a great deal of
buzz on social media sites and Scotsburn’s consumer line by the young
and the young at heart alike discussing and professing their love of Moon
Mist ice cream. This is why it was a
natural for the Sales & Marketing Department to launch it in Scotsburn’s
Family Favourites product line this
past spring. Another flavour combination added to the Family Favourites line they believe will gain in
popularity is Super Sonic ice cream,
which includes blueberry, strawberry
and banana flavours.
If you’d like to read more about
Moon Mist, you can check out Lindsay Jones’ article from the Arts & Life
section of The Chronicle Herald
newspaper in their September 4,
2015 issue which can be found online
artslife/1309365-moon-mist-icecream-cool-colourful-and-out-ofthis-world to see what all the chatter
has been about.
A Little Bit of
This past spring Scotsburn launched four new
ice cream flavours in their bulk lineup for ice cream
shops. This year’s listings provided an array of
inclusions and taste sensations ranging from sweet and
tangy to velvety and smooth that consumers had the
opportunity to enjoy during the warm weather
experienced this past season.
If you didn’t get a chance to try the
new flavours, this is what you missed:
Caramel Explosion- A thick caramel ripple flows like lava through
creamy caramel flavoured ice cream
and explosions of caramel coated
cookie; a seismic taste bud experience.
Double Chocolate Mousse - A
creamy spiral of velvety white chocolate mousse ice cream and smooth
milk chocolate mousse ice cream create a taste sensation that will have you
screaming for more!
Sunny Lemon - A sweet and
tangy lemon ice cream shining with
rays of sunny lemon candy pieces
enveloped in fluffy white clouds of
marshmallow ripple; like a perfect
summer day.
Raspberry-liscious CheesecakeYou’ll be licking your lips for
this luscious creation of cheesecake
flavoured ice cream with ripples
of raspberry, cubes of raspberry
cheesecake and chunks of graham
cookie pieces.
The Sunny Lemon was mentioned
frequently on our social media sites,
however it was the Double Chocolate
Mousse and Caramel Explosion that
proved to be popular in sales. It is
yet to be determined which flavours
will remain on the list for next year,
so it will be worth your while to
take some extra Sunday drives to try
them before the shops close up for
the season. Just Around
the Corner
As the weather begins to
change and the beautifully coloured leaves start to fall off the
trees, we get a bit of a shock
when we realize that the holidays are just around the corner.
Many of us are still reminiscing about the days of summer,
and dread the thought of the change of season. But we at
Scotsburn want to remind you of the wonderful holiday
treats soon to be found on store shelves: Melted Snowman and Candy Cane Ice Cream, as well as the delicious
chocolate covered Candy Cane premium ice cream bar
that was introduced last year at this time. If you missed
out on it, you will want to make sure to try it this year, as it
was certainly a special treat that unfortunately is only
available for a limited time. 18
With the introduction of our social media accounts, we’ve seen an
increase in the number of positive comments from consumers who enjoy
our products. We encourage you to send in your stories and photos of you
and your family and friends enjoying your favourite Scotsburn products.
Who knows, you may find it appearing in our Consumer Corner edition
of the Scotsburn Scoop!
Facebook Posts:
Keep Bringing Great Products
Joyce Donovan wrote in to say,
“Oh my, I love my ice cream, always
have a Scotsburn product in the
freezer for when the grandchildren
drop in; that’s my excuse. LOL It’s the
first place they head for. Our favourite
is butterscotch, then they add their
own toppings, Yummy!!!”
I tried your new Salted Caramel
Cookie Chunks ice cream tonight. It is
delicious. I love ice cream and this is
the best new flavour I have tried in a
long time.
I have tried your new line of Smart
Indulgences as well. Good product.
Nice to have a choice.
Keep bringing us the great products you have been delivering over
the years.
Wendy Munro told us that she
has a new favourite variety of Scotsburn Ice Cream “Chocolate peanut
butter parfait. Hope you’ll consider
making that in 1.89 L packages so we
can buy them in the grocery stores
year round.”
Mat Belanger sent a request to us
through Twitter asking someone to
“Please bring #MoonMist #IceCream
to Ontario.”
Courtney tweeted @ScotsburnDairy
has THE BEST frozen yogurt : ) absolutely delicious!! And no I won’t share
my tub.
Stephanie Steeves couldn’t help
but share with her followers that she
was “Enjoying some @ScotsburnDairy
Heavenly Hash ice cream before @
OnceABC! Perfect pre-show snack!
John Dwyer mentioned he was
“Surviving a flu with both banana
and root beer popsicles and grapenut
ice cream. Thanks @ScotsburnDairy!!”
Linda White
Gander, Newfoundland
Entries for our FOD
Kira Ann (above right) sent us this
photo during the Flavour of the Day
Contest to let us know that even
though every store in her town had
run out of Scotsburn Tiger ice cream,
she and her son drove to the next
town to find some. Alena Martin (our Flavour of the
Day Contest winner, bottom right)
sent in this photo and caption to let us
know that she and her friends enjoyed
a weekend get-away with friends
from all over (Scotsburn, Bridgewater
and Grand Prairie). Her friend Theo, on
the left, is very excited that there is a
small ice cream shop being set up in
Grand Prairie by an East Coaster who
misses Scotsburn Ice Cream and has
plans to ship it in to sell out there.
JB Lee of Truro shared this adorable
photo of her daughter Vanessa (below) enjoying a Scotsburn fudge bar
during our contest to let us know
how much she loves her ice cream,
which she literally eats every day. She
said she can’t choose a favourite because she likes them all.
This section of the Scotsburn Scoop features special interest stories that pertain to
Scotsburn and its employees, shareholders or events. We encourage you to send along
anything you’d like to share with Scotsburn employees and shareholders. We especially
appreciate photos to help enhance your story and remind you to send in high resolution
photos that will reprint clearly. Information can be sent to [email protected]
com at any time, but keep previously mentioned deadlines in mind when submitting. Not all
submissions will be able to be included, and will be up to the editor‘s discretion whether or
not to include in the publication.
Victory Celebration
Jaclyn MacPherson, Human Resource Co-ordinator at the Truro
Branch sent along this photo of her
son Seth and his Home Hardware
team mates, coached by her husband James, after they won the Bible
Hill/Truro Mosquito Championship.
Following the mid-August win,
James and the parents treated them
to some Scotsburn ice cream at
Molly’s Dairy Bar in North River. Seth
is fourth in front with the bubble
gum ice cream. Owen Carr, third
in the back row with the chocolate
ice cream, is son of Darren Carr, an
ice cream operator at the Truro
production plant. Congratulations
to the team!
Busy as a
BELOW: Joey had another celebrity sighting during the
heat wave in Sydney; this time with Sydney’s YouTube
celebrity weatherman Frankie MacDonald. Frankie was
advising all of Sydney to stock up on Scotsburn Ice Cream
and Novelties to get relief from the heatwave! We really like
Frankie’s weather reports.
This past summer, our North- Eastern Nova Scotia
Sales Rep, Joey McVicar was what one might call “Busy
as a Beaver”. Joey could be seen out and about his
territory going the extra mile to promote Scotsburn ice
cream and novelty products.
When approached by several of
his Sobeys accounts to participate in
their co-hosted demos with Select
Nova Scotia to promote local products, Joey jumped at the opportunity
to promote Scotsburn’s three new
flavours of premium ice cream (Orange Pineapple, Death by Chocolate
and Salted Caramel). “It was a no
brainer” he suggested. “You can’t get
any more local than right here in
Truro, NS.”
He really enjoyed getting out to
see the reaction of consumers to the
new flavours and took every chance
to remind them of the “quality product that is produced locally in Truro
by some of the greatest, hardest
working employees around who take
pride in their job, whether it’s in the
office, out on the road, or on the front
production line.”
Joey believes that supporting
these types of events not only helps
him build better relationships with
his accounts, but also creates a closer
connection with the consumers buying the Scotsburn brand. After working with the managers and clerks,
pushing for sales and negotiating for
shelf space to solidify Scotsburn’s
position as the leader in ice cream
and novelties all day, Joey enjoyed
the break of talking with consumers
and listening to their feedback of
their likes and dislikes or about their
memories and funny stories. He said
he enjoyed seeing them walk away
with a smile on their face and a couple
of Scotsburn tubs of ice cream in
their carts.
We couldn’t agree more Joey!
Thanks for your extra efforts to make
people realize just how special
Scotsburn is!
ABOVE: A line up was already forming as Joey got set-up
for a demo at Sobeys, Prince St.,Truro. They couldn’t wait
any longer!
ABOVE: Joey was pleased to
run into Elsa (from the movie
‘Frozen’) while at the
Foodland in Sydney Mines as
she used her powers to ensure
the ice cream was kept good
and cold!
RIGHT: Even while on
vacation in Placentia, NL,
Joey was helping increase sales
by treating his daughter Ella to
an ice cream treat. By the look
on her face she’s suggesting
‘Who needs a bowl!’
ABOVE: It was a hot and
busy day when Joey took his
father, Bill McVicar, out of
retirement to assist him with
scooping ice cream at the
Sobeys demo in Antigonish.
LEFT: L toR: Charles
Maxner, Harold Williston,
Bob Copperthwaite and
Jaclyn MacPherson take a
quick break from cooking
for this photo op.
BELOW: (L to R) Glen
Caissie, Dave Archibald and
Jennifer Thexton take turns
sharing the condiments.
RIGHT: Terry Baillie and
Jessica Curran take the
opportunity to get
acquainted and enjoy a
delicious meal.
On September 16, 2015 employees from both the Truro and Covington locations were treated to an
Employee Appreciation celebration
hosted by Management and Supervisors, to extend a thank you for all the
efforts they exude to make Scotsburn
a leader in the ice cream industry.
To accommodate our production
shift worker’s schedules, the employees were treated to breakfast, lunch
and supper. All would agree that it
was a delicious meal that left few
with empt y bellies.
The Scotsburn frozen novelty
treats served afterwards were the
perfect complement to each of the
meals. Upon leaving, each employee
received a special “thank-you” gift
which included a Scotsburn mug and
key chain sporting the new logo,
along with a gift card.
To those employees involved in organizing these events, we extend our
gratitude and thanks for your efforts.
The St. John’s, NL and Saint
John, NB branches hosted their
Employee Appreciation Days in the
month of October, which were
equally successful.
ABOVE: Served by
Wendy Totten, Patricia
Irving and Susan Scott,
employees Lynn Ballantyne,
Janet Fraser, Clay Lynds,
Beverley Chisholm and
Heather Milley try to decide
what to have.
Doug Ettinger, CEO (left) and Jim Burrows, Board Chair (right) congratulate Gerry on
his retirement.
Senior Sales & Marketing team members, Bill McNeill (left), John MacKay and Scott MacDonald
(right), bid adieu to Gerry and wish him well.
Gerry Smith
This past year Gerry Smith, Senior Vice President- Sales, decided it was time to
spend more time with his family and friends, choosing to retire and making it official
the last full week of September.
Gerry has enjoyed a long and distinguished career with Scotsburn
and, prior to that, the Brookfield Ice
Cream Company. After accomplishing the Chartered Accountant designation in 1974, Gerry joined the
Brookfield Ice Cream Company becoming General Manager in 1979.
When Scotsburn merged with
Brookfield in 1988, Gerry took on the
role of COO of Scotsburn’s Newfoundland operations. In 2002, Gerry
was appointed SVP with added responsibilities for the growing National Ice Cream business. In 2009, he assumed responsibility for Scotsburn’s
total Sales & Marketing effort.
Gerry has been very active in both
community and industry associations throughout his thirty-nine year
career. From 1995 to 2001 he served
on the Atlantic Provinces Transportation Commission both as Vice-Chair
and Director. From 1989 to 1993 he
served as Chair of the Newfoundland
Manufacturing Association and was a
Director of the Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters Association.
Gerry was also an active Director of
the Atlantic Dairy Council serving as
Chair from 1983 to 1989.
Gerry was involved in several
other community organizations and
most notably made a significant
Donna MacArthur
Since Donna MacArthur began
her career with Scotsburn on April 15,
1974, she had seen first-hand the
changes of office functions that were
completed manually transferring to
our computer systems where the information is keyed, reports generated, statements and cheques are
printed and direct deposits made.
Donna’s responsibilities included
contribution to the St. John’s Maple
Leaf Organization as both a Director
and Chair of the Maple Leafs Charitable Foundation.
Gerry has been a valuable member of the Scotsburn Leadership
Team, where his strong business insights and desire for change is greatly respected and appreciated.
Please join us in wishing Gerry
and his wife Patricia all the very best
in health and happiness as they
move forward to the next phase in
their lives, which will include more
time with their three children and
eight grandchildren at their new
home in Southern Ontario.
payroll, IT, G/L accounting, milk producer payments, shareholder equity,
branch reports and many other tasks.
She played an important role in all
aspects of our company from input
to final reports.
We wish Donna all the best in
her retirement.
SOURCE: http://www.coady.
30 Years of Giving
For the past three decades, Scotsburn dairy producers in Atlantic Canada have been
giving back to the world around them through their International Development Fund.
This year they celebrated their fund’s 30th anniversary with a scholarship investment
in Coady International Institute.
Scotsburn made a donation of
$4,000 to the world-famous institute,
with the goal of helping a citizen
leader enhance their leadership skills,
strengthen their ability to confront issues facing development in their
homeland and develop strategic
planning skills to make the changes
they desire. “Scotsburn is very proud of its
producers for their enthusiasm to
make a difference in communities
and lives around the world,” said Jim
Burrows, Chair of the Board of Directors of Scotsburn. “We estimate that
more than $600,000 has been raised
through this fund over the past thirty
years. That’s on top of the many other donations our producers make to
fundraisers in their own communi-
ties. It’s a testament to their desire to
make a positive impact on people’s
lives, both locally and globally.”
Kathleen Provost, associate director of fundraising and communications at Coady Institute, welcomed
the scholarship donation. “The Institute owes much of its
success to our many donors and supporters, such as Scotsburn,” said Ms.
Provost. “Donations like these help
us equip passionate community leaders and organizers with the skills and
tools they need to make positive
changes back home. Last year, for example, Bartolo Teul of Belize was
thrilled to receive support from
Scotsburn, which made his Coady
education possible.”
Scotsburn’s International Devel-
opment Fund is making a total of
six financial donations this year, totaling more than $13,000. In addition
to the Coady Institute, the fund
will make donations to the Canadian
Hunger Foundation, Heri Njema
Widows Development Program, Horizons of Friendship, Purnea Social &
Educational Society and the Wishing
Wells Society. The Coady Institute at St. Francis
Xavier University has been educating
leaders in development from around
the world since 1959. Through its
unique, community based approach,
the Coady Institute equips citizen
leaders to address contemporary
global challenges and opportunities.
Its network includes 7,000 graduates
and partners from 130 countries.
Sinful Brownie
Ice Cream Pie
with Decadent
large oranges
2 cups
Scotsburn vanilla ice cream
or frozen yogurt
1/2 cup fresh peach or drained canned peach,
ice cubes
500 mL
125 mL
2 cups chopped brownies,
(with walnuts and frosting)
6 cups Scotsburn chocolate ice cream, softened
6 oz graham cracker pie crust
or a chocolate pie crust
1/4 cup whipping cream
Decadent Chocolate Sauce
1 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips
1/2 cup whipping cream
Remove pulp and juice from oranges. Purée orange pulp
and juice, Scotsburn ice cream/frozen yogurt, peach and
ice cubes in food processor, or blender, until smooth.
Serve in small glasses with short straws.
500 mL
1.5 L
170 g
60 mL
250 mL
125 mL
Fold brownies into softened Scotsburn ice cream. Spoon
mixture immediately into graham cracker or chocolate
pie crust. Cover and freeze until firm, 1 to 2 hours.
Place pie in refrigerator 20 minutes before slicing.
Whip cream until thick. Serve each slice of pie with a dollop of whipped cream, then drizzle with 2 tbsp (30 mL) of
warm Decadent Chocolate Sauce.
Decadent Chocolate Sauce: Makes 1 cup (250 mL).
Combine chocolate chips and cream. Stir over low heat
until smooth. Cool slightly. Serve warm.
Butter Crunch Toffee Ice Cream Pie: Replace brownies with 4 (40 g each) chopped milk-chocolate
covered crisp toffee bars. Replace Scotsburn chocolate ice
cream with Scotsburn vanilla ice cream.
Tips: To soften ice cream, scoop it into a bowl and work with
a spoon or mixer until it’s just ‘stirring’’ soft. Do not melt.
Recipes and images obtained from:
Decadent Dessert
A few scoops of frozen yogurt
whipped up with ice cold milk
and decadent flavours are all it
takes to make these dessert
smoothies. Truly an icy treat for
the entire family!
2 cups Milk
1 cup
fresh or frozen blueberries
4 oz cream cheese,
cut into cubes
1 tsp granulated sugar
3 scoops Scotsburn vanilla
or blueberry ripple
frozen yogurt
2 tbsp
graham cracker crumbs for topping
Peanut Butter
500 mL
250 mL
125 g
5 mL
30 mL
(500 mL)
(50 mL)
(50 mL)
(15 mL)
2 cups Milk
frozen banana,
broken into chunks
1/2 cup
drained canned crushed pineapple
2 tbsp
sweetened shredded
3 scoops Scotsburn vanilla
frozen yogurt or
orange pineapple
ice cream
1 tbsp
toasted chopped pecans for topping
2 cups Milk or
Chocolate Milk
1/4 cup peanut butter
1/4 cup chocolate syrup
3 scoops Scotsburn
chocolate frozen
1 tbsp miniature chocolate chips
for topping
(500 mL)
(125 mL)
(30 mL)
In a blender, combine milk,
fruit and other flavouring
ingredients (as called for)
and blend until smooth.
Add frozen yogurt and
blend until smooth.
Pour into 2 to 4 chilled
glasses and sprinkle with
topping ingredients (as
called for, if using).
(15 mL)
(we aspire to be)
The premier provider of value-added ice cream, frozen desserts
& novelties in North America.
(to achieve success)
S trategic focus on profitable, value-added revenue growth
Customer satisfaction & service excellence driven
On leading edge of product innovation, creating superior products
Training & development that continually engages our people
S tringent product quality & employee safety commitment
B e world-class in operational efficiency driven by visible metrics
Un-relenting on continuous improvement to attain lowest competitive cost
R easonable return on our shareholders’ investment
New growth through strategic acquisitions & partnerships
(how we interact)
FOSTER a safe, open & trusting
work place based on mutual
respect, integrity & honesty.
RECOGNIZE our responsibility to
the environment through
sustainable, eco-friendly
stewardship practices.
ENCOURAGE creativity,
initiative & entrepreneurism
in all our activities with a
customer-first mindset.
FOCUS on continuous improvement
in everything we do to maximize
our product & service quality.
SUPPORT our community
COMMIT to making our value-
as a contributing partner
with active participation
from our employees.
added products the preferred
choice of our customers
through innovation.
(long-term achievement)
To be recognized as “The Centre of Excellence” for world-class
product innovation & operational efficiency on ice cream, frozen
desserts & novelties, supported by partnerships with key customers,
suppliers, universities/colleges & research agencies.