Cardiovascular disease kills 2,150 Americans a day, one every 40



Cardiovascular disease kills 2,150 Americans a day, one every 40
Cardiovascular disease
claims more lives than
all forms of cancer
Here are three of the many
patients we’ve helped
beat the odds.
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attacks, strokes and
arterial disease.
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Arteriology to:
A 44-year-old executive was so buff that we
nicknamed him “Superman.” Our tests found
the arterial equivalent of kryptonite: huge
plaque deposits. Early detection and treatment
helped this muscular Man of Steel avoid a heart
attack or stroke, unlike his father who suffered
both events at a young age.
•Conduct a longitudinal study
of the best ways to reduce
cardiovascular events;
After a 37-year-old dentist had a stroke, we
identified a surprising culprit: Ironically, she had
the disorder she specialized in treating: gum
disease, which can double or triple heart attack
and stroke risk. Improved dental care and other
therapies have lifted the threat of another stroke.
•Bring together a community of
experts from doctors and nurses
to dentists, personal trainers and
dieticians. A team approach is
key to treat arterial inflammation.
Arteries link every organ and tissue
in the body.
At age 83, a grandfather was at high risk
for a heart attack due to a severely blocked
“widow-maker” artery. We traced the problem
to an inherited cholesterol disorder that can
be treated with an inexpensive vitamin. Almost
miraculously, his heart gradually healed. He
recently celebrated his 90th birthday
by skydiving.
•Accelerate adoption of a
revolutionary and systemic
approach to arterial wellness;
disease kills 2,150
Americans a day,
one every
40 seconds.*
Imagine a world without heart
attacks and strokes, where
people could live well, without
fear of cardiovascular disease.
We have a path toward this
goal, and we need your help.
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Institute of Arteriology
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A registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization
Institute of
The Institute of Arteriology is a
non-profit organization dedicated to
advancing the science of arteriology
(the study of arteries). Our goal is to
harness the latest science of arterial
inflammation to help individuals live
free of cardiovascular disease (CVD).
To protect your heart and your brain,
our approach is based on keeping
your 60,000 miles of blood vessels
healthy. Many forms of CVD occur
when plaque builds up in the artery
walls. If a clot forms, it can block
blood flow, which may cause a heart
attack or stroke.
Our integrative health method
includes in part genetic testing,
lifestyle changes, oral health and
a comprehensive personalized
management program carried out in
partnership with your doctor.
1 in 4 Americans is living with cardiovascular disease.*
We have a revolutionary plan to optimize their arterial health.
Two major initiatives anchor the Institute of
Arteriology’s mission:
1.A longitudinal study.
In collaboration with the Johns Hopkins
University School of Medicine Cardiology
Department, we are establishing a registry
of patients. Their cardiovascular risk will be
assessed at baseline and managed with a set
of predefined interventions.
Our goal is to show that cardiovascular
events (such as heart attacks or strokes) can
be substantially reduced or even eliminated
for many patients through systematic
monitoring and optimal management of their
arterial health.
*American Heart Association Heart disease and stroke
statistics - 2015 update.
This multi-generational registry and study will
track the patients’ outcomes to identify the
most effective management.
2.A peer-reviewed journal featuring
the latest science on arterial health.
Now in development, the peer-reviewed
Journal of Arteriology™ will provide a
translational platform to evaluate leading-edge
science, studies and other discoveries about
arterial health.
Aimed at keeping clinicians on the scientific
forefront, so they can rapidly incorporate the
latest evidence into practice, the journal will
also build a multi-specialty community of
medical, dental and allied wellness practitioners
working together to end the CVD epidemic.

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