IronWorks Article, March



IronWorks Article, March
Hogs On The High Seas
Caribbean Cruise 2005
photos by Dain Gingerelli
f you weren’t a Crew Member for
the 2005 Hogs on the High Seas
Caribbean Cruise, then we won’t
rub it in and tell you what a great time
you missed. Instead, we’ll let the accompanying photos do the talking.
However, there are a few details
that you should know, among them
that the HOHS’s vendors gave away a
total of $308,897.90 in cash and merchandise to the 1,200-plus cruisers.
And the cruise’s big winner was Judy
Hafer, who was presented with the
keys to one cool chopper built by
Vince Doll’s crew at Redneck Engineering. With only about 1,200 other
people vying for the bike, Judy enjoyed pretty good odds at winning—
certainly better than what you get
with a state powerball lottery!
There was a lot of giving on the part
of the Crew Members, too, and by the time the Mariner
of the Seas cruise ship docked at Port Canaveral eight
days later, $67,433.00 had been raised and donated to the
Kidney Dialysis Fund. For landlubbers not familiar with
Hogs on the High Seas, the goal for this vacation cruise
that explores the western Caribbean Sea is twofold. First,
Crew Members, most of whom share an interest in motorcycling, should have a fun and relaxing vacation,
which you don’t need to work very hard to achieve. The
second goal is to raise money for the dialysis charity,
with the proceeds donated so that kidney disease patients can enjoy the same cruise; money raised pays for
doctors and nurses who can monitor the dialysis procedures while the ship is at sea. A noble cause? You bet,
and for every $10,000 raised, one patient can join the
next cruise. That means as many as six will make the upcoming second Alaska cruise this June.
Dates for this year’s Caribbean cruise are also locked in
(see below), and Dean and Debbie Anderson, head Hogs
and coordinators of this sea-going rally, say that they’ve
also secured use of the 137,000-ton Mariner of the Seas
again. That’s good news because not only is this one of
the largest and most luxurious cruise ships in Royal
Caribbean Cruise Line’s fleet, it’s also captained by a
biker. See, Captain John Faevelen rides a Harley. In fact,
he owns two Harleys—a Heritage Softail with sidecar that
awaits him at home in Norway, and the ’05 Road King
Custom that he keeps on board the Mariner. This was the
same bike that he brought ashore at Labedee for a quick
ride on the beach! Captain John has been riding since he
was 12 years old, and is a member of the Norwegian
HOG Chapter.
But enough about the cruise. Enjoy the pictures presented here, and if you’re looking for a different kind of
bike rally, this might be it. Check out the High Seas website, then get ready to take the plunge for a bike rally like
you’ve never attended before. As their ad states: “Too
much fun, 2 times a year.”
Hogs on the High Seas • 800-444-8795
Alaska Cruise: June 25-July 2,
Caribbean Cruise: November 5-12
People’s Choice
Judy Plexico • Philadelphia, PA
2004 H-D Low Rider
tank and
fender murals, highway lights, a
custom seat
and plenty
of chromed
helped Judy
cruise into the sunset with the People’s Choice Award.
Editor’s Choice
1st Place
Bob Sheldon • Sanger, TX
2000 Ultra
though Bob
has a few
more nuts
and bolts to
put on his
hybrid Ultra
this bike
warrants attention because it represents the spirit of hot
rodding that makes custom bike building so fun.
2nd Place
3rd Place
Julie Sanaszak-Hansen
Hartland, WI
John Joy
Deer Park, NY
1998 Mid-USA Special Construction
1977 XLCR
Hogs on the High Seas
Rally Bike Show
ell, we did it again. We held our
third IronWorks Hogs on the High
Seas Bike Show, and despite distractions
of endless margaritas, beer bribes (yes,
we can be bought, but we weren’t…), a
wild party at Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville that would even make Sonny Barger blush, and a day swimming with the
dolphins, we managed to select the class
winners. In fact, our job was made
tougher this time because we expanded
the show to include more classes, and we
even threw in an Editor’s Choice (losers
wanted to throw boy-editor into the drink,
but he was already there). But in the end,
IronWorks and the winners prevailed, so
with the margarita blender finally run dry
and the Mariner of the Seas safely back in
home port, we serve up this year’s IW
show winners. Actually, we’re making
this a three-martini show because we’ve
listed the top three bikes in each class,
with top honors going to the People’s
Choice winner (some say this was the
only bike selected by people with clear
minds, although even that remains debatable considering the goings-on of the
week-long cruise).
And for cruisers who will join the Alaska Hogs on the High Seas cruise this
June, get your best pictures ready for the
next IW bike show. We intend to hold another show during the cruise north, and
entering it will be as easy as before. All
you do is bring a photo of your bike no
larger than 5”X7”, fill out the form we
provide on the ship (or on the HOHS website, then settle in to enjoy the rest of the
cruise while your bike basks in the glory
of the on-board photo gallery for all to
see. Is this a great country, or what?
Reader Service No. 43
Reader Service No. 44
IronWorks March 2006
Twin Cam Class
Evo Class
1st Place
1st Place
Gerald “Fuzzy” Karlen • Monroe, WI
2003 H-D Road King
Orlando Ortiz • Orlando, FL
1998 H-D Fat Boy
glides down
the road in
style thanks
to a
95” kit that
through Bassani True
Duals to produce 100 hp, 105 ft.-lbs. of torque. Custom paint is by H-D.
pulled out the
stops with the
folks at Wide
Open Cycles,
using a plethora of Paul Yaffe
Originals parts,
Thrashers seat,
RevTech 6speed and
Xtreme wheels for his Fat Boy.
2nd Place
3rd Place
2nd Place
3rd Place
Dagmara Robinson
Navarre, FL
Bruce Wakefield
Ronkon Koma, NY
Mark “Shifter” Hirst
Kewaunee, WI
Johnny R. Popp
Hardland, WI
2003 H-D Fat Boy
2002 H-D Road Glide
1991 H-D Sturgis
1999 H-D Heritage Softail
Pre-Evo Class
V-Rod Class
1st Place
1st Place
Tom L. Snyder • Colorado Springs, CO
1948 H-D Panhead
Allen Tillis • Clermont, FL
2003 V-Rod
Tom lists
his bike as
“old school.”
We list it as
“too cool.”
He also told
us that “half
the state of
had a hand
in getting this rigid running. The Panhead engine has been
stretched to 98”.
Take a VRod, then
add Cycle
Vision’s bolton components, H-D
Reactor front
wheel and
seat, custom
fabrication and paint by Vicking Cycle Art, and you have a
cool ride like Allen’s.
2nd Place
3rd Place
2nd Place
3rd Place
Jeff Brown
Hallsville, TX
Wilbur Warnock
Ovaquaga, NY
R. Keith Dawson
New Freedom, PA
Pete Boyle
Logan, OH
1965 H-D Panhead
1966 H-D Shovelhead
2002 V-Rod
2006 Screamin’ Eagle
IronWorks March 2006
Sportster Class
Special Construction Class
1st Place
1st Place
Sharon Warnock • Ovaquaga, NY
1975 XLCH
Derek Law • Brandon, Manitoba, Canada
2004 Cycle Boyz with TP 124"
You might
say that
Sharon’s XLCH
is lost in the
‘70s. It sports
an early-‘70s
Super Glide
rear fender,
leather bags,
and a wild
paint job by
Tim Williams. It even retains those ornamental AMF brakes!
Derek called
on Cycle Boyz
Customs of
Canada, to create this custom
powered by a
TP 124”, using
a Hi-Tech primary and
Roadmax tranny to put the power to the 280 Metzeler rear. Alligator Bob stitched the seat.
2nd Place
3rd Place
2nd Place
3rd Place
Dee Dawson
New Freedom, PA
Tom Ozimkoski
New Smyrna Beach, FL
Jeff Brown
Hallsville, TX
Kerri Judd
Brandon, Manitoba, Canada
2005 1200 Custom
1967 XLCH
2003 with TP 121"
2004 with S&S 113"
3-Wheeler Class
Other V-Twin Manufacturer
1st Place
1st Place
John Deidengard • Wintersville, OH
1937 H-D ULH Sidecar
Dori Johnson • Atlanta, GA
2003 Kawasaki Vulcan 800
John’s classic
’37 ULH with
sidecar features
paint and pinstripes that
makes those
old bikes look
so darn cool.
That box on the
side qualifies as the world’s largest lunch box, too.
Of all the
Harley wannbe
bikes, the one
that looks most
like it was born
in Milwaukee
is Kawasaki’s
Vulcan 800.
Dori dressed
hers with
Michael Swan custom paint, Road King taillight, and Corbin
2nd Place
3rd Place
2nd Place
3rd Place
Mike Costic
Cumberland, RI
Bob “Sprocket” Eckardt
Saratoga Springs, NY
Todd Sparpana
Buron Center, MI
Steve “Ruggy” Allen
Navarre, FL
2005 Rewaco Trike
1957 H-D Servi-Car
2000 Indian Chief
2003 AIH Texas Chopper
IronWorks March 2006

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