the Attractions Guide HSF 2014 - SADC du Haut-Saint



the Attractions Guide HSF 2014 - SADC du Haut-Saint
Guide to
Haut-Saint-François area
This initiative has been made possible through funding
from Canada Economic Development
East Angus
Ascot Corner
La Patrie
Parc du
Touring the Haut-Saint-François means leaving worries and stress behind. Seeing nature
at its most productive and beautiful. Setting aside preconceived ideas and opening hearts
and minds to discovery. Experiencing a different way of measuring time.
prendre le temps
Small wooden churches, majestic heritage residences, fields in bloom under the summer
sun: these are only words that attempt to describe what the Haut-Saint-François has to
offer. Residents and visitors alike can find a rare and precious kind of peace and tranquility
here. As you travel alongside our lakes and rivers, be sure make a few detours to visit
our artists’ galleries and workshops. The Haut-Saint-François is where nature, culture
and heritage come together.
GOING THROUGH THE Haut-Saint-François, IS...
A new way to discover the Haut-Saint-François:
Le Chemin des Cantons :
La Route des sommets :
To find out more about the Haut-Saint-François:
Ascot Corner
East Angus
La Patrie
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Daniel Audet from La Ruée vers Gould, Chantal Bolduc, Jeannot Desfossé
from Aux Murmures des Vallons tourist inn, Martin Mailhot from the Tourism
and Cultural Association of Dudswell (ATCD), Nil Lévesque from the Vallée
heureuse du Mont Élan, Thérèse Ménard Théroux from La Riveraine tourist
inn and Denyse St-Pierre, development coordinator with the municipality of
Saint-Isidore-de-Clifton. A big thank you goes out to all of you!
Please note that participation in the Guide to Attractions was solicited by invitations
that were sent out through the regional Journal as well as by mail. If you were not
reached by these means, we invite you to contact us so that you can be included in the
next edition of this guide. Call 819 832-2447.
You can find this guide on our website:
Graphic design : Geneviève Patoine / Printing : Impart Litho Imprimeur
Photos : Parc national du Mont-Mégantic / 123RF / Microsoft Corporation
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. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Ascot Corner
As you exit Sherbrooke’s eastern city limits, you will find yourself on a road leading to the hills
and valleys of the Haut-Saint-François. The first municipality on your journey is built upon the
crossroads of four townships: Ascot, Stoke, Eaton and Westbury.
Ascot Corner’s location makes it the gateway to the Haut-Saint-François Regional County
Municipality (MRC), and this MRC has opened its doors wide to community vitality and
economic enterprise. As you cross the bridge over the lovely Saint Francis River, you will sense
the unique atmosphere that drew the first pioneers to settle in this area. In Ascot Corner,
« là où il fait bon vivre » as they say, where you will experience the charms of a dynamic
community that lives in harmony with its surroundings.
This municipality provides a bridge between the conveniences of urban life and a tranquil,
picturesque countryside. Ascot Corner has built a vibrant environment that combines youthful
vitality with the vigor of its elders, resulting in growth and stability.
Agritourism and Gourmet Pleasures
Entreprises Serricoles Bo-Jardins
Established in the region since 1996. Greenhouse produce can be purchased
at the Kiosk which is open during the summer on chemin Lemelin.
Many different field vegetables are produced and harvested fresh each day.
Denise et Alain Rodrigue
5677, chemin Lemelin
Ascot Corner
819 563-4629
[email protected]
Ferme au Pré Bleu
Berry picking: strawberries, raspberries, blueberries.
Ready-picked fresh or frozen berries available for purchase on the farm.
Olivier et Nicolas Simard
409, chemin Paul, Ascot Corner
819 832-3959
Fromagerie DuMatin
Fresh cheese made here every day. Whey is available every Friday,
Saturday and Sunday from 11:30 to 12:30 am. Come taste our cheese
at the family restaurant!
Christian Béland
4676, Route 112, Ascot Corner
819 820-0220
[email protected]
2 | Guide to attractions in the Haut-Saint-François area
Monsieur Poutine
Family restaurant open from 10 am to 8 pm every day. Come and visit
the DuMatin cheese factory on the same premises as the restaurant.
Germain Béland
4676 Route 112, Ascot Corner
819 820-0220
[email protected]
Resto Chez Mom
Family restaurant: all-day breakfast service, daily specials and the
best poutine in the region. Take-out orders. Open Monday to Friday
from 6 am to 7 pm | Saturday
and Sunday from 8 am to 3 pm.
Louise Roy
4495, Route 112, Ascot Corner
819 820-2854
Nature | Sports | Outdoor Activities
Les Vivaces de Carmen
This company grows daylily hybrids. Potted and bare-rooted plants available for purchase. Open to all horticulture enthusiasts, particularly those
who are looking for cultivars that cannot be found in garden centres.
Carmen C. Gaudreault
882, chemin Boucher, Ascot Corner
819 569-9888
[email protected]
Please call to let us know you’re
Guide to attractions in the Haut-Saint-François area |
Located in the heart of the Haut-Saint-François MRC, this picturesque municipality serenely displays its architectural treasures
with their original cachet. The architectural styles range from
vernacular to Victorian and they are sure to impress. Even if your stay
is a short one, or you’re just here to visit relatives or friends, you are
cordially invited to join the annual Canada Day celebrations, or take a
drive along the Chemin des Cantons. Bury is pleased to welcome you.
Agritourism and Gourmet Pleasures
Bleuetière Chez Dan
Fresh blueberries you can pick yourself or purchase ready-picked.
Greenhouse production of blueberry plants; the plant nursery is open
from May to November. Call us to
reserve your visit to the greenhouse.
Daniel Jacques
301, Route 214, Bury
819 872-3877
Specialty Boutique
Karité Delapointe
Pure SHEA BUTTER beauty care products that are certified organic and fair
trade. Artisanal soaps, lip balms and 4 product lines of rejuvenating face and
body creams.
Mme Praxède Lévesque Lapointe
786, chemin Herringville, Bury
819 872-3346
[email protected]
Please call to let us know you’re coming.
Les Jardins de Parômel
Sea buckthorn grown on site, and production of sea buckthorn
cosmetics. Fruit and other products are available for purchase on site.
Christiane Chartier
488, rue Stokes, Bury
819 872-1009
[email protected]
Parc Mémorial Park
Located in the heart of the village right on the chemin des Cantons.
Building with washroom facilities. Water park games. Site of Canada
Day Celebrations.
Yvan Fortin
569, rue Main, Bury
819 560-8414
[email protected]
4 | Guide to attractions in the Haut-Saint-François area
Culture and Heritage
Annual Painting Exhibit
Come spend the day, to view a remarkable selection of paintings from a
gathering of local artists. Everyone is welcome, entry is free. To be held
in September.
Bury United Cultural Centre
560, rue Principale, Bury
Shelley Jacklin
819 889-1472
[email protected]
Canada Day Celebrations in Bury
Organized every year by the Bury Athletic Association: a big parade,
youth athletic contests, amateur singing contests, orchestra, an evening
of dancing, prizes and fireworks. Consult the website and regional
newspapers for the dates
and program.
Parc Mémorial Park Bury
Athletic Association
569, rue Main, Bury
Lodging and Accommodations
Café des rêves
Located in Bury, the Café des rêves Bed and Breakfast offers inviting and
comfortable rooms, a delicious country breakfast and an outdoor environment that feels like paradise. Reservations required.
Julie et Guy Chagnon
494, rue Stokes, Bury
Cantine Soleil
Family snack bar, open 7 days a week from May until Thanksgiving,
from 9 am to 8 pm.
819 872-3810
[email protected]
Nature | Sports | Outdoor Activities
Pen-Y-Bryn Golf Club
This nine-hole golf course is recognized as one of the oldest in North America. Restaurant services in the chalet.
307, rue du Golf, Bury
Hélène Lafond
608, rue McIver, Bury
819 872-3737
Bistro du Golf
A small wooden chalet with patio. Friendly family atmosphere.
Meals served: daily special, home-style meals, breakfasts, pizza,
snack bar, beer and spirits.
Everyone is welcome.
Julie Gervais
308, chemin du Golf, Bury
819 872-3488
819 872-3488
Guide to attractions in the Haut-Saint-François area |
The municipality of Chartierville was founded in 1870 by Abbot Jean-Baptiste Chartier. Believe it or not, at the time,
many gold miners sought to get rich by panning the Ditton River. The gold mine interpretation centre provides visitors
with the opportunity to learn more about those heady days.
In addition to the gold mine, the magnetic hill is another excellent reason to visit Chartierville. Optical illusion or
magnetic irregularity? The new Magnetic Hill interpretation centre will help you to unravel this mystery.
With its historical gold rush, mysteries, and picturesque hills and
mountains, Chartierville is a lovely out-of-the way destination
that’s worth the detour!
A Must-See in Chartierville
Magnetic Hill Interpretation Centre
Culture and Heritage
A series of coincidences came together in creating the Magnetic Hill phenomenon:
a hidden horizon and a steep slope create a sensory illusion….indulge your sense
of wonder, fun and surprise. The interpretation centre is open from mid-June to midSeptember. The Magnetic Hill experience is available year round.
Claude Sévigny Sculptor
Raymond Fournier
Route 257 Sud, Chartierville
Sculpting workshop and furniture creation.
819 560-8522
Claude Sévigny
170, route de Verchères, Chartierville
819 656-2383
[email protected]
Please call to let us know you’re coming.
Galerie d’art André-Philibert
André Philibert has hosted his art gallery since 1998. This is a wonderful
opportunity to meet the painter of the night in full daylight. Greeting cards,
posters, laminations, silkscreen.
André Philibert
181, route Verchères, Chartierville
Wilderness Campground
Behind the municipal offices, you will find a
pleasant and peaceful wilderness campground.
The five sites are maintained and there is access
to two outhouses. Unfortunately, there is no
water at the site for now. Free.
27, rue Saint-Jean-Baptiste, Chartierville
819 560-8522
[email protected] |
819 656-2369
[email protected]
Please call to let us know you’re coming.
Gold Mine Interpretation Centre
Several activities await you at the old gold mining site on Mining Brook.
You will be initiated in the ancient art of panning for gold, and discover
the fascinating history of the site.
Raymond Fournier
200, Route 257 Sud, Chartierville
819 560-8522
[email protected]
6 | Guide to attractions in the Haut-Saint-François area
NATURE | Sports | Outdoor Activities
Border Trails
A 135 km long network of walking trails linking
the Chartierville and Woburn border crossing
stations, and including the Mont Mégantic
national park. Point of entry located at the
roadside rest area in Chartierville.
Trails map:
[email protected]
The municipality of Cookshire-Eaton was created in 2002 with the merger
of Cookshire, the township of Eaton, and Sawyerville. These are the oldest
agglomerations in the Haut-Saint-Francois Regional County Municipality (MRC).
It was in 1801 that Josiah Sawyer named his concession Cookshire, in memory
of Captain James Cook, who had accompanied the first English settlers to the
territory. Several families settled here and the village experienced significant
economic growth. Wealthy businessmen of the era ordered the construction of
many buildings that bear witness to the municipality’s rich history.
RURART contemporary art in a rural setting
Bringing together culture and agriculture, this is what RURART is all about.
An artistic journey to farms where you can experience contemporary dance,
breakdancing, music, visual arts, and
more. When? We offer one event per
season: end of April-May, mid-August,
beginning of October, and beginning of
Consult our website or call to find out
the exact dates.
Agritourism and Gourmet Pleasures
Amélie L. Choquette
540, chemin Labonté, Cookshire-Eaton
819 342-9348
La framboisière de l’Estrie (Raspberry Farm)
Seasonal vegetable farming combined with raspberries enables us
to offer clients quality farm-fresh products directly all summer long.
Cynthia Ouellette et
Philippe Boulanger
48, chemin Couture
Johnville sector
[email protected]
Cookshire Agricultural Exhibition
Traditional agricultural exhibition with livestock judging, rides, and all
sorts of stands and kiosks.
When? Mid-August, visit the website
to find out the exact dates.
Manon Corbeil
580, Route 108, Cookshire-Eaton
819 875-3771
[email protected]
Érablière Landry
Come and enjoy a traditional home-cooked meal. With family or friends,
you have time to take in the welcoming charm of a family sugar shack.
Bring your own wine for the meal.
Reservations required.
830, rue Pope (Route 108)
819 875-3851
819 574-2473
[email protected]
Danielle Nault Designer – Annual Sale
This fashion designer uses unusual combinations of materials in her
creations. The Nault line is available solely through fashion trade shows
in Canada. See the website to find
out the dates of the sale.
Danielle Nault
33, rue Principale Nord
Cookshire-Eaton, Sawyerville sector
819 889-1040
[email protected]
Guide to attractions in the Haut-Saint-François area |
Specialty Boutique
Bicyclettes Claude Chabot
Bicycle repair and sales, clothing, accessories. Snowshoes available for
purchase in the winter.
Claude Chabot
55, rue Principale Est
819 875-5757
[email protected]
Ferme La Généreuse
A three-star operation, La Généreuse is an organic farm with forests,
trails, ponds, a petting farm and 7 cottages to rent in in a peaceful forest
environment. Reservations required.
Amélie L. Choquette
540, chemin Labonté, Cookshire-Eaton
819 875-5156
[email protected]
Culture and Heritage
Musée Eaton Corner Museum
The Eaton Corner Museum presents an all-new permanent exhibition
illustrating the settlement of the first pioneers from New England in
the Eastern Townships.
Mai 15th to October 15th.
374, Route 253, Cookshire-Eaton
819 875-5256
Hôtel Sawyerville
This 16-room hotel offers various package deals: evening supper event,
music, lodging. We’ll be happy to host your family, friends, or colleagues!
Carole Vincelette and
France D’Amour
18, rue Principale Nord
Cookshire-Eaton, Sawyerville sector
819 889-2967
[email protected]
NATURE | Sports | Outdoor Activities
Johnville Bog & Forest Park
A natural park with rare and protected bog ecosystems. You are invited to
come and walk, ski or snowshoe the 8.5 km trails.
Nature Eastern Townships
Access via North Road at
Cookshire-Eaton, Johnville sector
819 569-9388
[email protected]
Le Joyau Ancestral
An enchanting gourmet inn located in a heritage residence built in 1905 at
the entry to the picturesque village of Cookshire-Eaton. Le Joyau Ancestral
has 3 sumptuous bedrooms available
for visitors. Reservations required.
Robert Beauchemin
& Paul Leclerc
320, rue Pope, Cookshire-Eaton
819 875-1203
Sleigh Ride
Come and enjoy the countryside in the wintertime: take a sleigh ride
with family, friends or colleagues. Package deals available.
Consider yourself invited!
Carole Vincelette and France D’Amour
18 rue Principale Nord, Cookshire-Eaton,
Sawyerville sector
819 889-2967
[email protected]
Paquin aviation
Offering plane tours of the region.
F. Paquin
900, chemin de l’Aéroport
819 832-3333
8 | Guide to attractions in the Haut-Saint-François area
[email protected]
Le Joyau Ancestral
Joyau Ancestral. Gourmet restaurant located in a heritage era home (c. 1905)
at the entrance to the picturesque village of Cookshire. Le Joyau Ancestral is
open on weekends, offering five-course,
haute-cuisine meals as well as Sunday
breakfasts. Reservations required. The
restaurant can accommodate up to 66
people in its dining room.
Resto Sawyer
Family restaurant with an outdoor patio. Open all year long, the
days start at 5 am. 70 places available, varied menu, seafood.
Licenced establishment.
Nancy Dearden Pratte
98, rue Cookshire
819 889-3251
Robert Beauchemin
& Paul Leclerc
320, rue Pope, Cookshire-Eaton
819 875-1203
Resto de l’Aéroport
Family restaurant open 7 days a week. Full menu and catering service
offered. Reception hall available for rental. Customers will enjoy the view
of the landing strip at the Sherbrooke
Resto 108
An unexpected haven of good taste and charming decor, Resto 108
invites you to try its hearty fare. An attractive terrasse with country
charm that will help you leave
the cares of the city behind.
Éric Leclerc
900, chemin de l’Aéroport
444, Route 108
819 875-1043
819 832-2669
[email protected]
[email protected]
Restaurant Les nuages fous
Come and indulge in gourmet cuisine and local products in the enchanting decor at Les nuages fous restaurant.
Your hosts, Marc and Serge
50, Route 108, Cookshire-Eaton
819 565-9090
[email protected]
Resto du Vieux Tonneau
A family restaurant with a welcoming atmosphere: traditional
menu, gourmet fare, table d’hôte featuring local products.
Sonia Gosselin
645, rue Principale Est
819 875-3782
Guide to attractions in the Haut-Saint-François area |
The municipality of Dudswell was established with the merger of Dudswell Township (est. 1865),
and the villages of Bishopton (est. 1912) and Marbleton (est. 1895). The municipality’s population is
currently approximately 1800 inhabitants.
Dudswell features beautiful landscapes, abundant plant life, wildlife and other natural riches, a dynamic
artistic and cultural community, and a visibly authentic history and architectural heritage. All of this is
located around the Saint-Francois river basin and lakes including Lac Miroir and Lac Argent.
Come for a walk through Dudswell’s Forêt habitée , or hike along other multipurpose trails to see
our breathtaking landscapes up close.
Take a drive along the Chemin des Cantons: it leads directly to Dudswell, a dynamic municipality that
offers a wide variety of activities for all tastes.
Agritourism and Gourmet Pleasures
Charcuterie Laval Lemelin
Sale of traditional deli meats and pâtés: sausages and game meat rolls,
dry sausage, terrines, rillettes. Fresh meat: beef steak, ground beef,
locally sourced bacon. Open year round. It’s preferable to call ahead
in to purchase our products.
Laval Lemelin
530, rue Champlain
Dudswell, Marbleton sector
819 887-6772
Érablière LPDG.
Maple products for sale directly to the public: syrup,
sugar, taffy, butter, cones, caramel. Also available:
maple product gift baskets. Prepared on site, open
all year round.
Denise Lemieux
75, chemin de Ham, Dudswell
819 887-6661
Érablière du Lac d’Argent
This family business going back four generations invites you to come
and take part in copious French Canadian meals at their old-style cabin
with a view on the lake. Snow taffy included! Open Wednesday to Sunday
(March and April). Reservations required.
Murielle Carette and
Réal Rodrigue
1050, chemin Carette
Dudswell, Marbleton sector
819 887-6623
819 887-6392
Érablière Paré
Open every weekend during the sap-running season, a place where you
can hold a traditional sugaring-off party with snow taffy and samples of
various products. 100% pure maple
products available for purchase on
site: syrup, taffy, butter and candies.
Period: March and April.
Mariane Paré
155, Route 112 Est
819 887-6621
[email protected]
La Pause sylvestre
A small sugar cabin that can accommodate up to 22 people, combining
maple products and a vegetarian cuisine. Come and try our varied and
original menu for an unforgettable
experience. Open March and April,
reservations required.
Carole Bouthillette and
Mario Tremblay
58, 11e Rang, Dudswell
819 828-0049
10 | Guide to attractions in the Haut-Saint-François area
[email protected]
Agrotourisme et Plaisir gourmand
Ferme CloDel
Grain and grass-fed lambs are produced on this farm according to a philosophy that respects environmental and humane considerations. Quality meat, free
of hormones and antibiotics. Organic
garlic is grown and sold directly on site
as well. Available for purchase directly
on the farm.
Specialty Boutiques
Antiquités BluBarn Antiques
A lovely collection of vintage and antique objects, as well as small and
large pieces of furniture available for purchase “as is” or refurbished.
Open June to November: every day
from 10 am to 5 pm; open weekends
only during the off-season.
Nancy Guillette
91, Route 112 Ouest, Dudswell
Sylvie de Lafontaine and
Réjean Cloutier
188, chemin Hooker
Dudswell, Bishopton sector
819 884-2151
[email protected]
819 884-1117
[email protected]
Ferme Criadorable
Agritourism farm specializing in alpacas (Huacaya and Suri breeds)
for the past 3 years. Guided visit
of the farm.
Antiquités Yvon Lessard
All kinds of antiques and unusual objects purchased directly from private
owners: posters, art, decoration, carriages, furniture and more. Year round
with reservations; open daily during
the summer season.
Yvon Lessard
95, Route 112, Dudswell
819 884-2105
Nancy Bouchard
177, chemin Poulin, Dudswell
819 887-1138
[email protected]
La Corne d’Or
Homemade, ready-to-serve products: pies, casseroles, pizza, quiche
and various desserts. Various cuts and selections of farm-sourced
meat is available directly on site.
La Poterie de Dudswell
Come admire the work of potters, learn about their methods and purchase
their creations. Come and visit the boutique and workshop any time during
the year. Please call to let us know
you’re coming!
Carole Bouthillette and
Mario Tremblay
58, 11e Rang, Dudswell
Open Tuesday to Sunday from
9 am to 10:30 pm.
819 828-0049
[email protected]
Mireille Naferville
139, Route 112 Est, Dudswell
819 887-1003
[email protected]
Ferme Criadorable
Our boutique features many products manufactured from sumptuous
alpaca fibre: mittens, gloves, neck warmers, slippers, throws, soft
blankets. Come and visit!
Nancy Bouchard
177, chemin Poulin, Dudswell
819 887-1138
[email protected]
Guide to attractions in the Haut-Saint-François area |
Culture and Heritage
Gîte la maison bleue
This inn has three rooms to rent. Suppers served with a prior
reservation. Outdoor jacuzzi and free wifi. Guests have access
to the fields and gardens. Reservations required.
Hélène Dumesnil
35, chemin Gosford, Dudswell, Bishopton sector
819 578-3155
Permanent Exhibition Gordon Pearson
Retrospective exhibition of the watercolour works of the artist Gordon
Pearson, featuring landscapes in the Eastern Townships and heritage
buildings. Open during the summer season: weekends starting June 24
and ending on Labour Day.
Léger Robert
Église Saint-Clément de Bishopton
73, rue Main, Dudswell, Bishopton sector
819 560-8474
[email protected] |
Galerie d’art Anne Bergeron
A small art gallery featuring the works of the artist Anne Bergeron. Mme Bergeron uses oils and a palette knife in the creation of her
paintings. Please call during the season to schedule a visit.
Anne Bergeron
28, Route 255 Nord, Dudswell, Bishopton sector
Relais des Mésanges
The Relais des Mésanges provides cottage and chalet
rentals for your weekend getaway for couples, family or
friends. Cottages with 2 to 23 rooms available according
to your needs. Reservations required.
Pavillon des Mésanges-Auberge
The Pavillon des Mésanges is a country inn with 23 rooms,
a pool and a jacuzzi. It’s the ideal setting to host a group
of 40-50. Rooms can be rented as part of a package deal,
and entertainment are also available.
Reservations required.
Jeannine Brossard
148, Route 112, Dudswell
819 884-1232
[email protected] |
819 884-1248
Collection Louis-Émile Beauregard
This wood carver with an autodidactic approach produces
miniature dioramas and tilling devices that bear witness
to rural life in the early 1900s. His work is completed with
extraordinary precision and makes a definite impression
on heritage design enthusiasts.
La Belle Tournée de Dudswell
A tour of the architectural heritage of Dudswell, with the authenticity of its
history on display. The brochure and self-guided tour is available at the tourist
information bureau.
Hommage à Éva Tanguay
Collection of artefacts in honour of Eva Tanguay, the
Queen of Vaudeville. Born in Marbleton, this grande
dame of Broadway theatre charmed the public in the
early 20th century.
ATCD | 900, rue du Lac, Dudswell, Marbleton sector
819 560-8474 | [email protected]
La Maison de Lime Ridge
Presenting the scientific exhibit: Du calcaire à la chaux
[Lime and Limestone], a heritage building located at
the heart of the Miner’s Gardens: a mining era outdoor
photo gallery. Open weekends during the summer. Free.
243, rue Principale Ouest, Dudswell, Marbleton sector
819 560-8474 | [email protected]
12 | Guide to attractions in the Haut-Saint-François area
La Salamandre
Three-star tourist lodgings with a panoramic view on the shores
of Lac d’Argent. Can accommodate up to 9 people. Balcony and
patio on the lake. Wireless internet. Reservations required.
Sylvie-Anne Jeanson
16, rue Florence, Dudswell, Marbleton sector
416 599-8244
[email protected] |
Chalet À fleur d’eau
Charming cottage located on the shores of Lac Miroir,
with much to discover! Lake access, can accommodate
up to 8 people. Weekly rentals. Welcome!
Reservations required.
Sylvie Lupien
819 887-1008
Cantine Au vieux moulin
Fast food family restaurant. Seats 30 inside in addition to the outdoor patio.
Daily special from Monday to Friday. All-day breakfasts. Beer and wine served.
Céline Tardif
199, rue Principale Ouest
Dudswell, Marbleton sector
Restaurant Le Cordial
Family restaurant with home-cooked meals, noon specials, and chef’s
table on the weekends. Licenced establishment. Patio. Open year round
(closed on Mondays and Tuesdays
from January to April).
Manon Paré
37, rue Main, Dudswell, Bishopton sector
819 887-6760
La Crèmerie du village
A warm welcome awaits you at our dairy bar: we offer 24 flavours of soft ice cream
and a variety of ice cream desserts for young and old alike! It’s the place to go, all
summer long. Open from April to October.
819 884-5659
Le Sommet du golf
Gold course with practice holes. Bar and restaurant on site.
Richard Martin and Nicol Labbé
625, rue des Érables
Dudswell, Marbleton sector
Francine Charbonneau
537, rue Champlain
Dudswell, Marbleton sector
819 887-6370
819 887-1069
NATURE | SPORTS | Outdoor Activities
Tourist Information Bureau
The friendly and helpful staff at the tourist information bureau will help you
plan your excursions and adventures. The boutique offers a range of gourmet
products and items made by local craftspeople.
Le Sommet du golf
Golf course with practice holes. Bar and restaurant on site.
Richard Martin and Nicol Labbé
625, rue des Érables,
Dudswell, Marbleton sector
900, rue du Lac, Dudswell, Marbleton sector
819 887-6370
819 560-8474
[email protected]
Le Pavillon des Mésanges
The Pavillon des mésanges offers special prices for groups. Guided tour, shows
and visits to various sites in the region are available.
Jeannine Brossard
148, Route 112, Dudswell
819 884-1232
[email protected]
P.-E. Perreault Beach
The crystal clear waters of Lac d’Argent with its lawn-covered beach
welcome swimmers and sunbathers to a quiet and peaceful stay. Kayak
and pedalboat rentals available. Entry
fee applicable. Open on June 24 with
entry fee applicable from June 25 until
the end of August.
Rue du Lac, Dudswell
819 887-1116
Dudswell’s Forêt habitée
Dudswell’s Forêt habitée offers walking (and snowshoeing) trails for the
whole family in an enchanting atmosphere. Several viewpoints and rest
areas along the way. No entry fee.
900, rue du LacDudswell,
Marbleton sector
819 560-8474
[email protected]
Guide to attractions in the Haut-Saint-François area |
Festival Les Pierràchaux
A fun family festival offering several activities for young and old alike.
When? The second weekend in August
Group Exhibition at Dudswell’s Maison de la
Culture Art Gallery
Group exhibition featuring approximately 50 works mainly by local artists.
When? From June 24 to Labour Day weekend.
Every day from 10 am to 5 pm. Free.
900, rue du Lac, Dudswell, Marbleton sector
900, rue du Lac,
Dudswell, Marbleton sector
819 560-8474
[email protected]
819 560-8474
[email protected]
La Boîte à cadeaux
A charming crafts salon that brings together 30 artisans on the third
weekend in November from 9 am to 5 pm. Restaurant services on site.
When? 3rd weekend in November. Free.
900, rue du Lac,
Dudswell, Marbleton sector
819 560-8474
[email protected]
14 | Guide to attractions in the Haut-Saint-François area
East Angus
The Town of East Angus was founded in 1912. William Angus, a proud Scottish
industrialist, set the course for the industrial focus of the village by building a
pulp and paper factory on the banks of the Saint François River. Nowadays, while
the paper industry continues to be the economic motor of the town, the future
inclines toward sustainable development in the agri-industrial park.
One of the prettiest churches in the Estrie region is located here: Saint-Louisde-France’s neogothic style is a pleasant surprise for many visitors. The DeuxRivières park, with its many paths, extends over 27 hectares of abundant plant
and wildlife, and offers exceptional views of the surrounding landscapes. The Golf
Club hosts a high-quality 18-hole course. East Angus’s inns, restaurants, stores
and services provide a warm welcome to all visitors.
Culture Days at La Petite Mitaine Workshop
Contemporary art exhibition by six artists of the region. Includes a
presentation of the history of the Christ Church, built in 1886 and
today houses the La Petite Mitaine art workshop.
When :Balada Artistique Mai 17th to 19th.
Culture Days September 27th et 28th.
Francoise Euzénat
252, rue Saint-Jean Ouest, East Angus 819 251-0506
[email protected] |
Concerts de la Gare
Culture et patrimoine
Free outdoor concerts organized at the East Angus Veille Gare du Papier.
See the website for the program.
David Fournier
200, rue Saint-Jean Ouest, East Angus
819 560-8600, ext 2405
[email protected]
Atelier La Petite Mitaine
Workshop and permanent exhibition of paintings and comtemporary art in this
charming little white-frame church. Please call to let us know you’re coming.
Francoise Euzénat
252, rue Saint-Jean Ouest, East Angus
819 251-0506
[email protected]
Atelier d’art Le Témiscoutin Art Workshop
Joe Beaulieu is an artist who uses an oil-based medium. His canvases display
a figurative and impressionist style. This country’s nation-builders are the key
figures in his work. Please call to let us know you’re coming.
Joe Beaulieu
261, rue York, East Angus
819 832-1802
Auberge le Brest
Le Brest offers 4 rooms for rent in an enchanting
decor. Reservations required.
Stéphane Dugal
131, rue Angus Nord, East Angus
819 832-4281
Inn: Entre 2 dodos
Église Saint-Louis-de-France Church
A public place of worship that is also a heritage building, and one
of the prettiest churches in the Estrie region. The neogothic style
of the church is definitely eye-catching. You are cordially invited
to come and visit during Culture Days.
166, rue Saint-Jean Est, East Angus
819 832-3033
[email protected]
Tourist residence located in downtown East
Angus, in close proximity to attractions (golf
course, park, etc.) Prices include breakfast
and applicable taxes. Reservations required.
Nicole Gobeil
56, rue Angus Nord, East Angus
819 832-3289
[email protected]
Guide to attractions in the Haut-Saint-François area |
East Angus
Auberge le Brest
Open for business for the past 7 years, Auberge le Brest offers noon meals
made from market produce from Tuesday to Friday and fine evening
dining from Wednesday to Saturday.
Stéphane Dugal
131, rue Angus Nord, East Angus
819 832-4281
Cantine d’East Angus
Fast food: fries, spiral fries, hot dogs, hamburgers, pizza,
beaver tails, daily specials, and more.
Lynda Delorme
82A, rue Angus Sud, East Angus
819 451-0808
Au Petit Café
Le Flambant N’œuf
Family restaurant offering breakfast and lunch. Dining room: 105 people
capacity and a sunny terrace. Open until 8 pm from Thursday to Saturday.
Charles Lamirande
& Gérald Turcotte
150, rue Angus Sud, East Angus
819 832-4555
[email protected]
East Angus Golf Club Restaurant
The restaurant serves breakfasts as well as noon specials.
Reception hall with catering service also available.
171, rue Angus Nord, East Angus
819 832-4748
Rôtisserie Angus
The best chicken and poutine in town. Skewer-roasted chicken.
Danny Poulin
178, rue Saint-Pierre, East Angus
819 832-2161
[email protected]
16 | Guide to attractions in the Haut-Saint-François area
Discover our terrasse to enjoy the most pleasant ambiance in town.
Come for breakfast, or stop by for a hot dog and fries, or some
garlic-flavoured shrimp. Come and taste our homemade meals and
sauces. Free WiFi.
P. Labrie
213, rue Saint-Jean Ouest, East Angus
819 832-2366
Facebook page Au petit café
La Petite Sara
The best poutine in town according to the high school crowd.
Offered: home-cooked products, patio, méchoui, reception hall
for parties of under 40 people.
Nicole Durand
201, rue Kennedy, East Angus
819 832-3724
Resto Chez Bob
Daily specials and all-day breakfast. Open from 6 am to 8 pm
every day. Everyone is welcome!
Josée Grondin
168, rue Angus Nord, East Angus
819 832-1313
NATURE | SPORTS | Outdoor Activities
East Angus Golf Club
A par-72, 18-hole course. The club pro is
Mr. Yves Mandeville.
Richard Ravary
171, rue Angus Nord, East Angus
819 832-1756
Parc des Deux-Rivières
Deux-Rivières park is a 27-acre site with walking and
bicycle trails, lookouts, picnic sites, fitness trail and more.
Parc des Deux-Rivières
Access via Willard street, East Angus
819 560-8600 ext 2405
[email protected]
East Angus Tourist Information Bureau
Welcomes visitors and promotes the region’s attractions.
Nancy Grenier
221, rue Saint-Jean Ouest, East Angus
819 832-4950
[email protected]
Guide to attractions in the Haut-Saint-François area |
Canton de
Photo :Parc national du Mont-Mégantic, S. Giguère
If you’re looking for a place where urban influences haven’t conquered the countryside,
Hampden is it. The residents of this hamlet inhabit a charmed site on the edges of the Mont
Mégantic national park, one of the loveliest in all of Quebec. Come and enjoy hiking, bird
and nature watching, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing or simply admire the view from
the summit of Mont Mégantic. For all this and more, Hampden is the ideal rural getaway.
Photo : Parc national du Mont-Mégantic, Rene Poulin
NATURE | SPORTS | Outdoor Activities
Parc national du Mont-Mégantic
Travel from the Earth to the stars with a visit to the ASTROLab and observatories, and explore the 60 km of mountain trails. Welcome to the world’s
first International Dark Sky Reserve!
189, route du Parc, Notre-Dame-des-Bois
819 888-2941
1 800 665-6527
Photo : Parc national du Mont-Mégantic,
Remi Boucher
Photo : Parc national du Mont-Mégantic, M. Dupuis
18 | Guide to attractions in the Haut-Saint-François area
Photo : Parc national du Mont-Mégantic, JP Huard
La Patrie
La Patrie’s more than 135 years of existence tells the story of courageous
women and men who settled in virgin territory. Bringing nature under their
control, they learned to rely on farms and forests to earn their living. They
developed ingenious ways of transforming abundant raw materials and
protecting their environment.
La Patrie relates the history of the Repatriation Act to the present. This is the
story of an industrious, dynamic people with hearts open to the future, and their
pride in their natural surroundings. La Patrie, it’s all of this and much more.
Aux Berges des Étoiles
Forest shelter rentals. Aux Berges des Étoiles is
located 13 kilometres from the Mont Mégantic
ASTROLab. Reservations required.
Mimi Brassard
130-A, Route 212 Est, La Patrie
819 888-2997
[email protected] |
Culture and Heritage
FROS Glass-Blowing Workshop
Francine Mercier and Oscar Bajofer, professional glassblowers and
creators of contemporary stained glass, mosaics, fused-glass sculptures
and superpositioning. Open year-round, make an appointment to visit
the workshop.
Francine Mercier and Oscar Bajofer
17, rue Racine Sud, La Patrie
819 888-1169
La Patrie outdoor activity centre
Lodgings for all seasons. 80 spots available:
30 campsites, 3 wilderness campsites on the
riverside, pool, washroom facilities. Reception hall
with a capacity of 125, bar, licensed establishment.
Reservations required.
Denis Poisson and Carole Dolbec
44, chemin Petit Canada Est, La Patrie
819 888-2555
baseditto[email protected] |
[email protected]
Villa Prévost Swiss and Scandinavian tourist
lodgings. Luxury decor, welcoming atmosphere in a
sublime natural site. Reservations required.
Resto-Bar La Patrie
Our enthusiastic and caring staff welcomes you to their pleasant modern
decor. Our mission is to offer customers a diverse menu that will satisfy
all, at a reasonable price.
Marie-Ève Verret
10, rue Principale Nord, La Patrie
819 888-2979
Fernand Prévost
Scandinavian chalet: 69, Route 257 Nord, La Patrie
Swiss chalet: 71, Route 257 Nord, La Patrie
1 888 826-2511 | 819 888-2511
[email protected] |
NATURE | SPORTS | Outdoor Activities
Domaine Nature L & M
Pond trout fishing, u-pick blueberries, teepee, walking
trails, picnic area, petting zoo: rabbits, chickens and
pigs. Pond opens in mid-May.
Michel Poirier and Lise Pratte
97, Route 212 Est, La Patrie
819 888-2338
[email protected]
Guide to attractions in the Haut-Saint-François area |
Canton de
The municipality of Lingwick was founded in 1855. Lingwick Township
includes the villages of Gould and Sainte-Marguerite, with Gould continuing to remind us of the Scottish origins of the first settlers. It was only
in 1886 that the first French Canadian settlers arrived in the area. By
1891, there were 72 Francophones and 950 Anglophones in Lingwick.
Gould is an off-route destination of the Chemin des Cantons, and the
town features several heritage buildings. The Ruée vers Gould Inn has
preserved the original cachet of the general store, built circa 1850. Take
the opportunity to admire Chalmers Church, the old Town Hall, and the
vernacular style homes, then you can discover the town’s three cemeteries and the lookout on the banks of the rivière au Saumon.
The McVetty-McKenzie covered bridge was built in 1893: it’s the longest
covered bridge in the Eastern Townships and one of the most beautiful in
Quebec. Enjoy a picnic at the beautiful site on the banks of the rivière au
Specialty Boutiques
Les Artisans de Lingwick
Handmade crafts: sewing, weaving, paintings, stained-glass, jewelry,
wood, one-of-a-kind items. The boutique is open on weekends from
May to October, including the last two
weeks of July (construction holidays).
Coordinator: Mariette Langlois
Covered Bridge, Route 257, Lingwick
(on the way to Weedon)
819 877-5009
[email protected]
Agritourism and
Gourmet Pleasures
Culture and Heritage
Ô Jardins d’Églantine designs and handcrafts body care
products using the plants from our gardens. We also offer herbal
teas and dried medicinal plants.
Le Cochon SouRiant, travelling theatre troupe
Églantine Vignon
22, chemin North Hill, Lingwick
819 877-5505
[email protected]
A travelling theatre troupe that creates and presents original theatre
under a big top. The troupe also offers theatre workshops and organization of festive events, invites artists from outside the region, and hosts
live shows (music, puppets, theatre). Provides a welcome for visitors
at the Marché de la petite école.
Martine Fordin
66, Route 108, Lingwick.
819 345-5094 year round
Mid-June to the beginning of October.
819-877-5614 or
[email protected]
20 | Guide to attractions in the Haut-Saint-François area
Auberge la Ruée vers Gould (Inn)
The inn and general store has 2 country style
rooms, with a private bath and wifi. McAuley
house can accommodate 2-8 persons in a
past-century décor. Reservations required.
Daniel Audet
19, Route 108, Lingwick.
La Ruée vers Gould
With its exceptional cuisine and ambiance, La Ruée vers Gould
ho-nours the first Scottish settlers who arrived from the Highlands.
Enjoy this unique experience in the first general store (c. 1850)
established in the Township of Lingwick. Open from Easter until
New Year’s Day. Reservations required.
Daniel Audet
19, Route 108, Lingwick
819 877-3446
819 877-3446
[email protected]
[email protected]
Le Pionnier
Family restaurant with a large and varied menu: traditional pizza,
fried chicken, submarines, smoked meat, home-style spaghetti
sauce, excellent poutine made with real home fries and several
other classics. Licensed
Véronique Ferland
71, Route 108, Lingwick
819 877-2511
Guide to attractions in the Haut-Saint-François area |
The municipality of Newport was established in 1801 and extends over nearly 270 square
kilometres. The municipality’s 127 kilometres of roads travel through forests and farms, letting
you take in the lovely scenery.
According to the seasonal rhythms, several activities draw people to the area, including
hunting and fishing. You are cordially invited to stay at our charming tourist lodgings. Local
products, such as goat cheese, honey, maple products and others are available for purchase at
various outlets. The works of our local artists are sure to charm. This is only a brief summary of the
wealth you will discover during your stay!
Agritourism and Gourmet Pleasures
Culture and Heritage
Ferme d’ORée
Atelier d’art Denis Palmer
(art workshop)Denis Palmer draws and paints
This environmentally friendly family farm specializes in producing meat,
honey and hay, using natural methods. Products are available for purchase on site and at a Montreal outlet.
using watercolours. His subjects are the people and
landscapes of the region. Visit upon prior reservation,
or during the Sentier artistique des Hauts-Boisés.
Sarah Hui and Gert Janssens
273, Beaver Ridge, Newport
Denis Palmer
1149, Route 210, Newport, Randboro sector
819 875-1606
819 889-2549
[email protected]
Fromagerie Caitya
Traditional farm cheese. Agritourism (farm kiosk and educational tours).
Please call to let us know you’re coming!
Journée champêtre à la Ferme d’ORée
Marypascal Beauregard
1023, Route 210, Sawyerville (Newport)
This farm holds an open house day, inviting you
to come and discover their products and environmental methods. Sample farm fare and have fun
with your family.
[email protected]
Sarah Hui and Gert Janssens
273, Beaver Ridge, Newport
819 889-2958
819 875-1606
[email protected] |
Sentier artistique des
Hauts-Boisés (art circuit)
A circuit tour of the many workshops of
participating artists in the region. Mid-July.
For the exact dates, please contact :
Denis Palmer
22 | Guide to attractions in the Haut-Saint-François area
819 889-2549
Aux Murmures du Vallon
Two four-star tourist lodgings that can accommodate 8-12 people.
Available on site: jacuzzi, small private lake, outdoor activities
(swimming, snowshoeing). Reservations required.
Jeannot Desfossés
and Benoît Gagnon
1285, Route 210, Sawyerville
819 889-2587
[email protected]
La Charmille
Tourist accomodations. A charming inn surrounded by the peace and
beauty of nature. Comfortable rooms, with fireplace and whirlpool bath.
Full kitchen available. Come for
the beauty, stay to relax.
819 875-1785
[email protected]
La Riveraine
Four-room tourist residence on the banks of a river: hunting, fishing,
maple season activities, and outdoor activities. Reservations required.
Thérèse Ménard Théroux
819 366-2028
[email protected]
Oasis de la tranquillité
Tourist residence that can accommodate 10 people, with heated pool,
jacuzzi, lake, and no neighbours. Reservations required.
Lyne Charpentier
349, chemin d’Island Brook,
Cookshire-Eaton (Newport)
819 875-1129
819 571-3166
[email protected]
Guide to attractions in the Haut-Saint-François area |
Located exactly 35 minutes from Sherbrooke, the municipality of SaintIsidore-de-Clifton invites you to visit. From the roadside rest area, take
the time to admire the larger-than-life landscapes. Follow the directions
that will lead you to the centre of the village, four kilometres from route
253. The various restaurants, accommodations and grocery stores will
help you relax into the journey and discover the attractions, and meet
the people who are the heart and soul of their community. Forestry,
maple production, and agriculture are the pillars of the local economy.
In 2003, the population is undergoing a green revolution and has adopted
an eco-village vision as its model. Concern for sustainable development,
local consolidation and autonomy, and dynamic initiatives reinforce the
feeling of pride in a community that stands up for its members. To see
and find out all you need to know:
Agritourism and Gourmet Pleasures
Ferme Thomas
Grain-fed veal producers since 1980. Come and visit our farm: we provide
the picnic table and barbeque for visitors to come and taste our products
on the patio. We also have the biggest and tallest elm tree in the Estrie region
on our property. Reservations required.
Antoine Doyon and Rolande Poitras,
52, chemin Thomas-Doyon,
819 658-3614
Bleuetière Paul-Gérard Jacques
Culture and Heritage
United Church and Cenotaph
The church was built in 1866. The cenotaph,
built in 1919, is among the oldest in Canada.
The names of four soldiers from the region
who were killed in the 1914-1918 war are
engraved on it. Reservations required.
Burton McConnel
215, Route 253, Saint-Isidore-de-Clifton
819 569-3306
Normand Gladu’s Workshop
Normand Gladu is an autodidact who uses
painting, sculpture, drawing and assemblages
to express his vision. His media include oil paint
and natural and recycled materials. His work is
on exhibition in Canada and the United States.
Reservations required.
Normand Gladu
50, route de Clifton Ouest
819 889-1265
24 | Guide to attractions in the Haut-Saint-François area
U-pick and ready-picked blueberries available for purchase. Frozen
products available year round. Please call to let us know you’re coming!
Paul-Gérard Jacques
260, Rang 9, Saint-Isidore-de-Clifton
819 658-3596
Produits d’érable purs Léopold et
Carole Tessier (pure maple products)
Agriforest farm combining maple syrup and other products, a mobile
sugar shack, a potted cedar plantation, Christmas trees and wreaths.
30, chemin Randboro
819 889-3150
[email protected]
Camping Vert
Come stay at one of our 28 scenic country campsites, which come with
everything you need: firepit, picnic tables, water, electricity, washroom
facilities, showers, washing facilities,
community hall, waste station.
Camping for tents, tent trailers, and RVs.
Cantine St-Mathias
Family restaurant, meals and home fries, open Thursday to Sunday.
To order: various meat pies (chicken, salmon, Mexican), meatball
stew, and more; vacuum-packed and frozen.
Doris Vachon
141, rue Curé-Mauger
64, chemin Auckland,
819 679-2005
819 889-2742
[email protected]
Restaurant le Huppé
Le Havre de Noé
Family menu, daily specials, specializing
in pizza, open every day except Monday.
Tourist lodging. This nearly 100-year-old house (1917) can accommodate
groups of up to 25 people for all types of events and meetings (weddings,
training sessions, anniversaries and more).
Yvon Pouliot, Nicole Dodier
41, chemin Auckland
Noëlla Fauteux
101, rue Principale, Saint-Isidore-de-Clifton
819 658-3734
819 571-3231
[email protected]
Cantine au Coq d’Or
Snack bar, home-cooked items, daily menu, open year round.
Maryse Bolduc
30, chemin Auckland
Oasis des 4 Lacs
Charming country house, everything included, able to accommodate up to 12
people. Covered jacuzzi, exceptional views, swimming in private lakes with a
lake trampoline. Visit our website.
Reservations required.
819 658-2240
Lyne Charpentier
Rang 9, Saint-Isidore-de-Clifton
819 875-1129 | 819 571-3166
NATURE | SPORTS | Outdoor Activities
Les Étangs Labranche
Rainbow trout fishing in four ponds. Please call to let us know you’re coming!
Michel Labranche
375, Rang 9, Saint-Isidore-de-Clifton
819 658-3390
Roadside Rest and Picnic Area
Roadside rest area with a fantastic view, picnic area, dry toilet and
gazebo. Information panel describing the municipality’s services.
Gaétan Perron
Carrefour route Clifton and Route 253
819 658-3637
[email protected]
Water Games at Pionniers Park
Water games, picnic table, volleyball, lawn bowling, swings, gazebo,
located in the village centre. Free.
Gaétan Perron
64, chemin Auckland
819 658-3637
[email protected]
Guide to attractions in the Haut-Saint-François area |
English gardens, elegant mansions from another era, water gardens, themed flower borders,
colourful planters, four church steeples and a massive chimney... Come and discover these
features and more, in a typical village in the Eastern Townships, nestled at the foot of Mont
Megantic on the banks of the Saumon River.
Scotstown was founded in the late 19th century by Scottish settlers, and in spite of the
inevitable influences of modernization, it still boasts architectural roots that are firmly
planted in the heritage of that era.
The village has two themes to guide tourists on their visit, using gardens and heritage sites.
Use them to discover the history of Scotstown, appreciate and even tour some private gardens,
where enthusiastic gardener-owners will often come out to meet and accompany you. Take time to
smell the flowers: by bike, on foot, or by car or on motorcycle!
Agritourism and Gourmet Pleasures
Scotstown Market
Organic and health products, fresh fruit and vegetables, perennial plants,
traditional homemade bread, maple products, goat cheeses, and “Achetons
Québec” products from around the province. Local products are a special
feature of this popular market.
Summer season: mid-June to the end of
September (according to the weather), every
Friday from 12:30 to 5 pm. Visit the town’s
website to find out the exact season opening
Andrée Doyon
Market located at:
Walter MacKenzie Park
Rue du Parc, Scotstown
819 231-8643
[email protected]
Charcuterie Scotstown (delicatessen products)
Charcuteries Scotstown is a company founded on traditions, carefully preparing its 30-odd products, such as dry sausage, traditional capicollo, ham,
terrines, etc. using locally sourced meat.
Jean Désilets
40, rue Victoria Ouest, Scotstown
819 657-4955
[email protected]
26 | Guide to attractions in the Haut-Saint-François area
Specialty Boutiques
Antiquités La Neuve-France
Antique shop featuring Quebec heritage items
from the colonial era between the 17th and 19th
centuries, as well as antique books. Mark Hart
reconstructs antique chairs with seats made of
sinew lacing.
Myriam Sainson
146, chemin Victoria Ouest, Scotstown
819 657-4265
[email protected]
Le Martin-pêcheur
Country house available for rent. Four-star tourist accommodation
that can host up to 8 people. Reservations required.
Michel Chrétien
73, chemin Victoria Est,
819 657-4317
[email protected]
NATURE | SPORTS | Outdoor Activities
Walter-MacKenzie Park
Municipal park: picnic tables, barbecues,
shelter, games (tetherball, lawn bowling),
walking trail, boat launch, dock.
Monique Polard or Chantal Ouellet
Rue du Parc, Scotstown
819 560-8433, ext 7
[email protected]
Camping at the Mont-Mégantic national park:
the park has opened a campground in the Franceville sector.
There are:
10 Huttopias (ready-to-camp tents)
21 two-facility campsites
16 sites without facilities.
In the sector, there are also 11
km of hiking trails with access to
streams, waterfalls and lookouts
over the Franceville peaks and
valley. You can reserve a site by
telephone or by internet.
Entry to the Franceville sector is
located between the Scotstown
and Val-Racine municipalities.
520, chemin de Franceville,
Scotstown J0B 3B0
819 888 2941
1 800 665-6527
Guide to attractions in the Haut-Saint-François area |
Generously endowed with its natural surroundings, Weedon has
many lakes and rivers throughout its territory. Each one of its parks
has been given a special mission: rest area, lookout, fun and games,
market, and others including information on the region and its history.
Come and admire the “Fresque de Weedon” a five-scene mural
painted by volunteers.
Weedon is a reference in the tourist industry in Quebec, thanks to its
accreditation with the “Village-relais” program. Weedon’s landscaping initiatives earned it “trois fleurons” of awards. Entertainment,
recreational activities, culture: Weedon’s got it all. A multi-sports field,
arena, pool, cultural centre and more.
Come and visit! Weedon welcomes you.
For more information: |
Agritourism and Gourmet Pleasures
Aspergeraie de Weedon (asparagus plants)
Asparagus and rhubarb grown on site and available for purchase.
Specialized products available year round, upon request. Open every day
in season (springtime). Opportunity for
distribution through purchasing groups.
Micheline Lacroix
1113, 2e Rang Sud, Weedon
819 877-3368
[email protected]
La pointe aux sangliers
Culture and Heritage
Weedon Cultural Centre
A charming cultural centre with a concert hall in an intimate and professionalcalibre setting, an art gallery, a boutique featuring local agri-food products
and a salon devoted to the Weedon History Society.
280, 9e Avenue, Weedon
Outdoor boar operation. We offer a good variety of homemade products
made from this tasty meat, such as: terrine, rillette, and creton pâtés, as well
as fresh meat products (sausages, ribs),
and prepared dishes. Please call to let us
know you’re coming!
Stéphane Palardy
2372, Route 112, Weedon
819 877-3116
[email protected]
Facebook: La Pointe aux sangliers
819 560-8555 ext 4
[email protected]
Les Serres biologiques Fontainebleau
(organic greenhouses) This company specializes in the production
of organic vegetables: tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers. We also produce
organic strawberries in our greenhouse.
Simon Beauregard & Reina Gilbert
20, rang Lisée, Weedon
La Fresque de Weedon
The history and identity of Weedon, St-Gérard and Fontainebleau are
unveiled in the nine scenes of this series of murals. Let the pictures tell
you the stories of those who came
before us.
Lucienne Gravel
Coin St-Janvier, Route 257
Close by the railroad tracks
819 877-2692
[email protected]
819 877-3320
[email protected]
Fromagerie P’tit Plaisir
Different varieties of fresh cheese prepared and sold on site. Other quality
local products also available. Come visit the family restaurant and dairy bar!
Céline Grenier
503, rue de la Carrière
Weedon, St-Gérard sector
819 877-3210
28 | Guide to attractions in the Haut-Saint-François area
Specialty Boutique
La Vieille Cachette
art and
du terroir,
crafts, boutique
gift storecadeau
and decoration.
et déco.
Gently used clothing.
Camping Beau-Soleil
152-site family campground serviced with water, electricity and sewer
system. Licensed dépanneur and snack bar on site.
Lyne Gagné
280, 77ee Avenue,
1225, Route 112, Weedon
819 877-5000 (summer)
819 434-2516
[email protected]
Festival de Weedon
A family festival offering diverse activities such
as tractor pulls, firefighter contests and emergency
vehicle presentations, an automobile exhibition
and a children’s program.
Le Reflet de la Rivière B & B
Waterfront: two rooms with a queen bed, including a suite with a balcony
and view on the river. Boat landing, ATV and snowmobile trail, nearby golf
course. Reservations required.
Louis and Jacqueline Roberge
86, chemin Rousseau, Weedon
When : August 2nd.
For more details, consult the event’s
facebook page.
NATURE | SPORTS | Outdoor Activities
La pointe aux sangliers – penned
Your chance to hunt penned up animals.
Reservation required.
Stéphane Palardy
2372, Route 112, Weedon
819 877-5033
[email protected]
Le Zena
Three-star tourist lodging that can accommodate up to 8 people, includes
internet wifi, located lakeside on Lac Louise in Weedon. Le Zena invites
you to enjoy this private and peaceful
site. Reservations required.
Maryse Jodoin
2617, chemin l’Oiseau, Weedon
514 755-2617
819 877-3116
[email protected]
Facebook: La pointe aux sangliers
Parc du Vieux Moulin
Historical park, tables, benches, walking trails,
interpretive panels on mills and plant life in the
area. Accessible year round.
Access via rue St-Janvier.
Guide to attractions in the Haut-Saint-François area |
Restaurant Da Rita
Fine Italian cuisine. Our restaurant offers a warm family atmosphere, in addition to
offering local products (game meat, vegetables, etc.) Bring your own wine or beer.
Reservations required.
Season: Wednesday to Sunday
(evening meal) during the summer.
Or upon reservation: groups of at least six people.
New : catering service.
Rita Staniscia, owner
353, rue St-Janvier, Weedon
819 877-2090
Rendez-vous des Cantons
Breakfast is served starting at 5 am, with a selection of light or complete meals.
Home fries, counter service and take-out orders.
Sylvie Labrecque and Carole Roy
370, 2e Avenue, Weedon
819 877-2262
Restaurant Le Moulin 3
Family restaurant. Featuring Greek and Italian fare, with noon specials.
Le Moulin restaurants are available for your receptions (anniversary celebrations,
funeral wakes, etc.)
Rabbani Akbari
541, rue St-Janvier, Weedon
819 877-3992
30 | Guide to attractions in the Haut-Saint-François area
Canton de
NATURE | SPORTS | Outdoor Activities
La vallée heureuse du Mont Élan
This outdoor activity centre boasts 70 acres of natural
settings. Walking trails, snowshoe trails, mountain biking,
cross-country skiing, fitness trail, slide, nature and wildlife
interpretation, dug-out salt swimming pool, jacuzzis,
sauna, Nordic bath, camping and accommodations.
The municipality of Westbury Township was established on August 16, 1858
and the Town of East Angus separated from Westbury in 1912. This rural
municipality’s 1017 inhabitants enjoy the harmony, tranquility and beauty of the
landscapes in their daily lives.
Many tourist attractions and businesses have set up shop in our territory.
Nil Lévesque and Andrée Boisvert
229, chemin Gosford Est, Westbury
819 832-2605
[email protected] |
Interpretation Trail of the
“La Guadeloupe” Geological Fault
A geological fault that is 480 million years old, and the only place in Quebec
where you can observe the overlap of tectonic plates from different eras,
in a partnership with the UQAM.
La Vallée heureuse du Mont Élan
229, chemin Gosford Est, Westbury
819 832-2605
La vallée heureuse
du Mont Élan
Glamping is more than just camping:
different types of lodging, yurts, wi-tents,
prospector camps, Scandinavian shelters,
high-capacity chalets, camping with or
without services. The only four-star campground with fewer than 50 sites in the
Nil Lévesque and Andrée Boisvert
229, chemin Gosford Est, Westbury
Les Sentiers de l’Estrie
Happy valley is where you set out to explore the
East Angus zone of the Stoke Mountains. From our
lodgings, the bear cave is 9.6 km away, the Rang 11
shelter is 10.5 km away and the Rang 14 shelter is
16.5 km away. Access East Angus zone of the
Sentiers: La Vallée heureuse du Mont Élan
(Happy Valley)
819 832-2605
[email protected]
229, chemin Gosford Est, Westbury
Les Jardins vivaces de Fernand
Spectacular, world-renowned gardens. Over 100,000
plants and 2300 perennial varieties can be found in
the 140,000 square feet of gardens. Enchanting site:
antique furniture, bridges, basins, fountains, and
picnic area.
Fernand Gosselin and Lise Boisvert
480, Route 112, East Angus
819 832-2714
Guide to attractions in the Haut-Saint-François area |

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