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Bandito Flyer - J. Allen Designs
Coming to Fort Bend
There are 2 unique benefits of joining the Bandito Black Fort Bend Team. First, we encourage our
players to play for their local little leagues and on more than one select team as long as that is
what they want to do. We feel that the more baseball the boys play, the better they will become.
Second, we have a great sponsorship program in place that will allow parents to help bring in
sponsor dollars that will then be credited towards the player expenses. Taking advantage of this
tremendous opportunity could provide a player with the same first class baseball training that
the Banditos are famous for, with little to no out of pocket expense to the parent.
The Banditos Baseball Club was established in 1996, over the years Banditos Baseball Club has
become a highly successful, nationally recognized powerhouse program.
Bandito teams are select youth baseball teams consisting of players residing in and around
the Houston, Texas area.
The Banditos teams continue to win State and National Championships at various age divisions
across many competitive baseball associations, sanctioned league and tournament play.
All teams are affiliated with the Banditos Baseball Club, which directs teams beginning at 6U
through 18U age divisions.
Our Mission: To provide opportunities and exposure while competing at the highest level,
instilling discipline, teamwork, sportsmanship and honesty. To provide professional training,
improving the game of youth baseball at our State of the art training facility. Banditos Baseball
Club teaches players to respect the game, establish a good work ethic, and to play hard.
Banditos Baseball proves to be one of the most successful youth baseball programs around!
We have won numerous National Championships thoughout the years and have had
overwhelming success at every level.
Coming to Fort Bend
Jamo Tallion - Rice University
Tyler Spurlin - Rice University
Erich Weiss - University of Texas at Austin
Tyler Coker - University of Texas
Dwayne Snider - Air Force Academy
Spencer Davis - Texas A&M University
Derek Barosh - Texas State University
Eric Fisher - Arkansas University
Drake Roberts - Arkansas University
J.P. Ramirez - Tulane University
Danny Amendola - Pro NFL Football Player
J.P. Ramirez - Washington Nationals
Shea Robin-Houston Astros
Blake Stouffer-Washington Nationals
David Macias-Chicago Cubs
Kyle Walker-Colorado Rockies
Brett Parsons-Tampa Bay Devil Rays
Tyree Hayes - Tampa Bay Devil Rays
Blake Stouffer - Cincinnati Reds
Bradley Suttle - New York Yankees
Danny Lehman - Minnesota Twins
Taylor Grote - New York Yankees
Alumni - 2012: 2, 2011: 2, 2010: 18, 2009: 18, 2008: 4, 2007: 8, 2006: 12, 2005: 7
MLB Prospects/Drafted: 2008: 6, 2007: 5, 2006: 6, 2005: 3, 2004: 1

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