Senior Slideshow15 Master



Senior Slideshow15 Master
Madeline Caye Aberegg
Favorite Memory: “when we were at
the ranch in Wyoming playing
horseshoes and I hit Joey in the shin.
Also when Jerry Kincaid asked me to
marry him.”
Future Plans: To attend Kent
Salem and bank money.
Briana Nicole Aberegg-Blake
Favorite Memory: “Teen night at the
Future Plans: Attend Mount Union
and major in early childhood
education or nursing.
Logan Bryant Barnes
Favorite Memory: Running on the
football field with my brothers every Friday
Future Plans: To attend Youngstown
State University for a bachelors degree in
Marketing and minor in business
management. After college, I hope to start a
family and continue schooling to get my
Kristen Taylor Bates
Favorite Memory: Meeting my BFF
Future Plans: To go to Akron
University and major in Early
Childhood Education.
Tim E. Bradley
Favorite Memory: Hanging with my
friends and going to Rock and Bowl.
Future Plans: I plan on attending
Akron University for an undecided
Aleecia Marie Braham
Favorite Memory: The three years I spent
being a Sebring Cheerleader, and pizza
parties at the barn.
Future Plans: To continue working at
Copeland as a Diet Aide, while taking
STNA classes, then get a full time job there.
Adam David Patrick Brown
Favorite Memory: Going out to
Connon’s grandparents house, and almost
rolling his truck coming around a turn.
Future Plans: Continue in the work
force, and go to culinary school. Hopefully
open my own restaurant or bakery.
Sidana Paige Carr
Favorite Memory: Getting a call and
Aaron turning around to tell me, “we got the
Future Plans: I plan to go to college to
become a vet assistant.
George Vladimir Clark
Favorite Memory: Going to Jaliscos with Srah
Thagard and her making a U-turn in the middle of
state street. Kelsey from the back of the sedan yells,
“Wait! What are we doing?!” And is then thrown to
the side of the vehicle. ¡Arrrrrrrrrrriba!
Future Plans:
To attend THE Ohio State
University to major in Biology. Then enter medical
Tyler Christopher Clark
Favorite Memory: Going To The MCCTC
Future Plans: I plan on going t o YSU in
the spring of 2016 for Forensic Science and
work in a crime lab.
Christopher Lee Clemens
Favorite Memory: When Alex shot Aaron
McDaniel in the eye with an airsoft gun.
Future Plans: To attend John Carroll
University and major in Biology, and play
football. After I acquire my bachelors degree,
I want to attend graduate school to obtain
my PHD in Physical Therapy.
Favorite Memory
Crying myself to sleep thinking of going
to certain classes
Future Plans
Attend Clarion University for pre-law OR
join the Carpenters’ Union….$31 an hour
“ain’t nothin to scoff at bruh!”
Jacob D. Crewson
Favorite Memory: Going to
Future Plans: To go into the United
States Marine Corps.
Cody Jeffrey Dennis
Favorite Memory: Setting off a works bomb
with Jerry Hollback.
Future Plans: Attend Thiel College and major
in Computer Science while playing football.
Cassie Lynn Eddy
Favorite Memory: Getting lost on the way
to Walmart with Sierra and ending up in
Future Plans: I plan on studying
Phlebotomy at the Alliance Career Center.
Sierra Ennis
Favorite Memory: When Cassie, Jon and I
lost the car at the Canfield Fair. We
looked for over 2 hours and were so late
getting home my mom thought we were
Future Plans: Work at the Essex living
center in Salem and get my STNA
certificate then go to the Alliance Career
Center and work in the medical field.
Jessica Marie Fotheringham
Favorite Memory: Going to South Carolina
with my cousins
Future Plans: Going to Mount Union for
Justin T. George
Favorite Memory: When Tim, Branton, his
mom and I went to Akron for a visit, and
Branton called the girl giving us a tour a
name then she gave him a death stare and
he said to me, “I thought I said it more quiet
to you..” but he said it really loud
Future Plans: Attend the University of
Akron for Criminal Justice
Destinee Anissa Green
Favorite Memory: This years cast party at Miss
Doyle’s house when Joey and I brought too much
caffeine and things got a little crazy..
Future Plans: to attend Ashland University and
double major in Social Work and Criminal Justice
with a possible double minor in Psychology and
Spanish. I wish to become a counselor for the
criminally insane, work in a psychiatric ward or
join the BAU as a profiler
Kendra Hammond
Favorite Memory: Going over to the Career
Center. The best two years of school,
making friends, and getting me prepared
for the real world.
Future Plans: To attend Brown Mackie
College to become a Vet Tech and work with
children until I am a certified Vet
Joseph Gilbert Hollback
Favorite Memory: When Cody and Kayla
had an altercation in the Teton National Forest
Future Plans: To attend Wilmington College
to major in Animal Science and Agricultural
Science. I also plan to play on Wilmington’s
baseball team.
Emma Hope Holodnak
Favorite Memory: Bus rides to games and
band shows. Also Junior year road trips with
Destinee, George and Joey and cast parties.
Future Plans: Attend Kentucky Christian
University and major in Psychology, then go
onto the Occupational Therapy field.
William (BJ) Hughes
John Christopher Jackson
Favorite Memory: Talking BJ into doing
things that result in him getting in trouble or
Future Plans: Serve my country for 8
years, attend Kent State University, get my
degree in criminal justice, become an officer
or use the skills I have gained in the military
to become a mechanic and then live to my last
Zeth McDonald
Favorite Memory: Sub day’s
in IT (Halo)
Future Plans: To work at
Circle K
Megan Lin McIlvain
Favorite Memory: Anytime Connon or Adam
were nice to me.
Future Plans: Attend Alliance Career Center to
become certified in Medical Assisting and
Amber Nichole McMullen
Favorite Memory: Being in the band and
doing flag line.
Future Plans: To get more training and
work with kids.
Diamonte James McMullen
Favorite Memory: Zane’s famous quote
“I didn’t even want to be in this class.”
Future Plans: Go to college for computer
science, hopefully work for a gaming
company one day, and propose to my girl
sometime in college. I want to move to
California by the beach, avoid having kids
and buy multiple Siberian huskies.
Branton Michael Allen Alex
Favorite Memory: Brett and I beating
Wheeler with a broomstick freshman year
when they spent the night.
Future Plans: Go to Akron University for
Diesel Technology.
Arianna Jean Papic
Favorite Memory: Maddi and I making two
kids cry while riding go-carts in South
Future Plans: I plan to attend Ursuline College
to study Art Therapy/Counseling, then work
in the Pediatric Ward at Cleveland Clinic.
Connon Thomas Raber
Favorite Memory: “All the pizza parties at the
barn with the goon squad! Like when Adam and
Tyler broke the couch, Nick saw tigers, and
Les Lee said cylinder blocks.”
Future Plans: I am leaving for boot camp in
South Carolina on October 10th for the Marine
Corps. Until then I’ll be working at Copeland
with the rest of my loving family.
Logan Taylor Richards
AKA Hollywood
Favorite Memory:
Being the Trojan Mascot
Future Plans: Helping my family, and
working odd jobs.
James Schreckengost
Future Plans:
To get a job and
“start making bank!”
Katherine Schwechten
Favorite Memory: Being able to feel welcome
at a new school and being in Art Class.
Future Plans: Graduate high school and go to
school to be a photographer.
Kellie -Rae (Ann) Skelding
Favorite Memory: The Dairy Queen Car
Mishap… upside down thickness… LIES
Future Plans: I plan to attend
Youngstown State University in the
fall, for either English Education or
Graphic Design
Jorden Snyder
Favorite memory. Coming to the career
center and meeting people that will stay lifelong
Future plans. Going to Capital university
in the fall. I am going to major in Art Therapy
and Psychology.
Erin Katherine Suggett
Favorite Senior Memory: Going to the
MCCTC for Early Childhood and meeting new
Future Plans: Go to Kent state for Nursing
Madison Elizabeth-Lynn Sutter
Favorite Memory: Playing Powderpuff with
the Senior girls
Future plans: Plan to move back to Georgia
and attend Georgia Highlands College and
major in nursing.
Zane Alexander Twaddle
Favorite Memory: Study halls with Pat Eaton,
anytime with Wheeler and Chris, Friday Night
Lights, when I prank called Mr. Clark in the 7th
grade and told him they left me at the Zoo..
Future Plans: I'm going to get a job after high
school. I plan to purchase my own house by the
time I turn 23. I will probably be living in
Lakewood, Ohio which is in Cleveland. I plan to
work at Great Lakes Brewery as a brew master. I
will be a Cleveland Indian season ticket holder,
and live my life with two bull mastiffs. And if I
meet a nice girl, a family is a possibility.
Brenden Lee Umbs
Favorite Memory: Going to
the Cleveland Zoo in the 3rd
Future Plans: Get a part time
Kelsey Lynne Wagner
Favorite Memory: Spanish 4 Jalisco's trip,
“Wait - what are we doing?!”
Future Plans: Attend Kent State Main and
major in Psychology and minor in Spanish
Jordan Walrath
Brett Allen Weekly
Favorite Memory: Ty’s dance moves down
in the locker room
Future Plans: Attend Kent University
major in Engineering and get a job as a
petroleum engineer and work in the oil field
Andrew David Weingart
Favorite Memory: Winning the City
Championship for little league baseball.
Future Plans: To try and play basketball in
college, but if that doesn’t work, I plan on
going to Akron University to study Sports
Alexander Charles Eugene Wheeler
Favorite Memory: I felt so bad but… shooting
Aaron McDaniel in the eye with an airsoft
gun… Trick shot of the century!!
Future Plans: I plan to work in the area until I
turn 21 then I am going to the Police
Jeremy Lee Young
Favorite Memory: Building and
racing cars with my friends
Future Plans: Continue to work
full time at East Fairfield Coal
Reagan Marie Zeppernick
Favorite Memory: “ When I went to Key West
with the Wind River Science Club and I fell out of
Mrs. Weibush’s van. Also when I started talking to
a guy named Rando in Spanish”
Future Plans: To attend Waynesburg University
and major in Criminal Justice.
Group Memories