` Charging the V8 Audi Driver Annual Awards



` Charging the V8 Audi Driver Annual Awards
’ChargingAnnual Awards
the V8
Every year, the readers of Audi Driver
magazine vote online for the individuals,
companies and clubs which they believe
have contributed most successfully to
the world of Audi motoring…
The complete list of nominations,
throughout the many different categories,
is assessed and – by counting the
considerable number of votes registered
against each one – we are able to decide
on the individuals or leading companies
in each category.
Suitable allocations of Gold and
Silver awards are made, although in
some cases, where the margins are
narrow, more than one award of each
type is made in each category and
in this event the entries are listed in
alphabetical order.
The presentation of awards took place
at a gala dinner at the Hilton Hotel in
Swindon, which rounded off Audi Driver
International 2014 on Saturday October 11.
This year the ballroom was packed with
more than 180 guests drawn from the Audi
Centres, independent specialists, clubs and
individual Audi enthusiasts.
Special guests for the evening were
Jon Zammett, head of the Audi UK PR
Department, who presented awards to the
Audi Centres, David Ingram who has only
recently retired from the PR department
after many years and was presented with
the award for Audi Personality of the Year,
motorsport journalist Brian Laban who
presented awards to the independent
specialists and Norman Gault who
presented the club awards.
Audi Personality of the Year
Presented by Ann Browne
Awarded to David Ingram
Audi Centre Awards Presented by Jon Zammett, Head of Audi PR
After-sales Service
Customer Events
Gold: Crewe Audi
Accepted by John Oakley
Silver: Stafford Audi
Accepted by Chris Jones
Awards 14.indd 1
Gold: Swindon Audi
Accepted by Lucy Wise, Robert Lukac, Amy Nash, Callum Burgess-Smith and Lisa Bray
27/10/2014 12:09
Independent sector awards Presented by Brian Laban
Independent Service Provider
Gold: APS
Collected by Jamie Hennessey
Gold: Autotechnica Hull
Accepted by Ben Baxter, Andrew Humble,
Dave Webb and Lee Easter
Gold: Russell Automotive Centre
Accepted by Jane and Steve Russell
Independent Service Provider – Scotland
Gold: Star Performance
Accepted by Ewan McAllister, Brian Curley,
Janet and Jim Curley
Silver: Mastertechs
Accepted by David Davis and Dale Cook
Silver: Tutts of Dorking
Accepted by Danny Gill, Amy Somerville, Suzanne
Somerville, Arthur Somerville and Joe Dowle
Independent Parts Supplier
Independent Accessory Supplier
Gold: Parts Depot
Accepted by Jack Hayward, Ben Conn, Nathan
Paragreen and Adam Marsland
Gold: Awesome
Collected by Stewart Griffin
Gold: The TT Shop
Accepted by Daniel Shaw, Ross Woodhead,
Dave Mahoney and Vince Hickman
Silver: Quattro Corner
Accepted by Peter Reeve
Silver: Forge Motorsport
Collected by Dave Mahoney
Silver: Motormods
Accepted by Alastair Cochrane
Awards 14.indd 2
27/10/2014 12:09
Independent Audi Retailer
Audi Tuner
Gold: Audi VW Centre, Bromham
Accepted by Simon Woolfrey
Gold: Dialynx Performance
Accepted by Jonson Murray, Bernie Smith, Pete Kearns and Dale Court
Gold: Fontain Motors
Accepted by Sunny Bhamra, Aftab Hussain,
Dominic Truman and Marcus Robinson
Gold: MRC Tuning
Accepted by Tom Cockings, Stuart Fourie, Mihnea Cotet and Doug Bennett
Independent Technology Supplier
Gold: Sat Nav Systems
Accepted by Adam Szreder and Hamid Ataei
Silver: Revo Technik
Collected by Andrew Humble of Autotechnica
Infotainment Expertise Supplier
Suspension and Wheel Supplier
Gold: Richter Sport
Accepted by Neil and Tania Ridsdale
Gold: Eibach UK
Accepted by Ben Thompson and Suzanne Burgess
Awards 14.indd 3
Gold: Shark Performance
Accepted by Ben Wardle and Mikko Tuomi
27/10/2014 12:09
Club awards Presented by Norman Gault
Best Audi club – Events
Gold: quattro Owners’ Club
Accepted by John Coughtrie
Best Audi club – Communications
Gold: TT Forum
Accepted by John Handford and Daniela Unwin
Best Audi club – Information
Gold: TT Owners’ Club
Accepted by Nick Goodall and Mal Watson
Gold: Audi SRS
Accepted by David Titterington
Other awards
(not presented on the night)
Audi Centre Retail sales
Gold: Poole Audi
Gold: Stoke-on-Trent Audi
Independent service provider
Silver: AmD
Suspension and wheel supplier
Gold: Bilstein
Club communications
Silver: S2 Forum
Silver: Club Audi
Accepted by John Scott
Awards 14.indd 4
Club information
Silver: Audi-Sport.net
‘Our special guest
Jon Zammett, Head
of Audi UK’s PR
department, gave a
heart-warming report
on the healthy state
of Audi UK...’
27/10/2014 12:09