2008 – June - Women`s Business Network of Peterborough



2008 – June - Women`s Business Network of Peterborough
June 2008
President’s Message
This is my final message as President of this great
organization. My time on the Board has been
exciting, challenging and an opportunity to grow.
Congratulations to Kim Appleton your Member
of the Year for 2007 / 2008. Kim has updated
your website to automate many features and
along with Deb Csumrik was instrumental in the
revamping of the Constitution.
Congratulations to your new Board Members,
Yvette Peplinskie, Betty Halman-Plumley, Angela
Murdock, Lia Evangelista, and Lisa Hogan. You will
all make a wonderful addition to the Board.
A very BIG Thank You to the Ladies who served
on the Board this year: Patti Clark, Amy Simpson,
Ann Marie Maly, Deborah Paris, Susan Joyce, Sally
Harding, Laura Foster, Kathryn Fanning, Lisa
Smith, Margaret Jackson, and Kim Appleton. This
group of Ladies is dedicated to the Network. They
all worked hard for the membership and made me
look good.
As I mentioned at the last meeting, our program for
next year is confirmed. Please watch the website
for the new listing and the updated membership
application with our new rates.
On a personal note, I will be leaving the community
sometime over the summer to join my husband in
Vancouver. Thank you for allowing me to serve
as your President and be part of the Network and
Board for the last eight years. Getting to know
each and every one of you has been a delight!
See you June 4th.
Happy Networking,
Colleen Hoggarth
June 4th, 2008
Eganridge Inn and Spa
Cocktails And Appetizers served at 6pm • Dinner served at 7pm
Dancing to live DJ Jeanne Korpi 9pm
Beginning at 3pm there will be optional Golf/Shopping and SPA treatments
available at your own expense.
Bus leaves from the Memorial Centre and ZOO
First bus leaves for Bobcageon @ 2:30pm from Memorial Centre and 2:45 pm from Zoo. Bus will
drop off shoppers in Bobcageon. Bus carries on to Eganridge to drop Golfers/Spa
Second bus leaves for Bobcageon @ 5pm from Memorial Centre and 5:15 pm from Zoo. Picks up
the shoppers in Bobcageon at approximately 5:45. Delivers everyone to Eganridge for cocktails.
Bus leaves for Peterborough at 10:00pm back to the Zoo and Memorial Centre by approx 11pm.
Bus fees are $20. Questions can be directed to [email protected]
To reserve a spa treatment or book a tee off time, call 705-738-5112 • www.eganridge.com
Eganridge Inn & Country Club R.R.#3, Fenelon Falls Ontario, Canada K0M 1N0
705 738 5111 telephone and fax
888 452 5111 toll-free
email: [email protected]
Membership Renewal Process
Now that our membership applications are electronic, this year’s renewal
process will be different than in the past. You will be able to renew your
membership much more quickly, however, there is a series of steps that need
to happen in the background that you should be aware of.
1. On June 6, after our last meeting of the year, all members’ accounts will be
reset to “Inactive”. All of your personal information will still be in the database,
however, until you renew you will not be able to access the “Members Area” of
the website.
2. Right after we reset the accounts, you will receive a Renewal Notice from us.
This email will contain a link that will take you to the WBN site and display a
secured renewal page, pre-filled with all your information.
*iÌiÀLœÀœÕ}…ÊʙÊÎÎ UÊiÜiiÀÞÊ,i«>ˆÀÃÊ>˜`Ê««À>ˆÃ>Ã
3. Simply confirm or update your membership data, add your payment
information, and click on “Submit”.
4. In 2-3 days, once your payment has been processed and your account reset
to “Active”, you will receive a membership confirmation and your receipt by
email, and again have full access to the website.
If you have any questions of feedback please send and email to Kim at:
[email protected] Thanks very much.
2008/09 Membership Fees
Special Early Bird Rate - Valid until August 15/08
Single: $325.00
Corporate: $425.00
Full Year Membership
Single: $350.00
Corporate: $450.00
Half-Year Single Membership - Valid January 2009 to June 2009
Single: $250.00
Corporate: $350.00
*/,","1Ê-EÊ7 "7-Ê/°
Three equal payments, dated June 15/08, July 15/08, and August 15/08 are
Member of the Year Award.
Twenty-six years ago, Maureen Taverner, of ReMax Eastern Realty, initiated
the WBN Member of the Year to recognize a member who has gone above and
beyond the call of duty. This years’ recipient is Kim Appleton, of Emmatt Digital
Solutions. Kim has been an invaluable resource, creating the WBN website and
making it totally user friendly as well as delving in to re-vamp our constitution.
Kim has made herself completely available to the membership and to the
current board. Congratulations Kim!! This award is well deserved.
Babes In Business
Come Support the WBN Dragon Boat Team! Saturday June 14th 9-5pm. There will
be a tent set up with a WBN sign, come have a chat at our base camp! Rowers
please contact Jennifer Welsh regarding uniforms if you have not already!
Jennifer Welsh [[email protected]] and get collecting those pledges!
Member News
Bev Robson – ENJO
ENJO FACTS: Clean grease and dirt from your home, cottage, car, boat the
environmentally safe way with an ENJO glove and water.
In 2006 ENJO Canada made a difference! We
• eliminated 200,000+ plastic bottles from landfills.
• saved 75,000 liters of chemicals being “dumped”
• saved 50,000+ rolls of paper towels from being produced.
Call Bev Robson 944-8974 or e-mail [email protected]
Rosemary Campbell – Rose Manor Stained Glass
Rose Manor Stained Glass – Website Launched!
Rose Manor Stained Glass, located 10 minutes from downtown Peterborough,
now has a website: http://rosemanorstainedglass.com/. The site shows
pictures of their large retail sales area as well as works created by patrons,
students and the studio. Updated monthly, the site also provides information on
upcoming workshops. Rose Manor is a supplier to the stained glass enthusiast
with a huge selection of glass, tools and supplies. Lessons are offered in a
relaxing atmosphere, from the beginner to the advanced student. Located on
the Drummond Line, Rose Manor is a professional, fully-equipped studio with
facilities for expert repairs, custom windows and sandblasted glass signs. Visit
the website or call (705) 740-9328.
Betty Halman-Plumley – Investor’s Group
Career Night at Investors Group. Due to the huge success of our previous career
night, we have decided to offer 2 more opportunities. For many Investors Group
Financial Consultants it was time; TIME to be their own boss, time to balance
career and family and TIME to be paid what they were worth. Is it YOUR time?
Take control of YOUR life, enjoy the benefits of an income limited only by YOUR
potential. Become an Investors Group Consultant, build your own practice, reap
the rewards of the Investors Group Advantage, and receive the best training in
the business and outstanding professional support. For more information about
a career at Investors Group you are invited to attend a Career Night Wednesday
June 18th OR Wednesday July 16th 7:00 p.m. Please RSVP to Betty HalmanPlumley at (705) 876-1282 ext. 256 or email at [email protected]
174A Charlotte Street, Peterborough, Ont, K9J 2T8
Phone: 705.750.0859
Toys, Board Games, Puzzles, Arts and Crafts
Robotic, After School and Weekend Programs
Birthday Parties and Children’s Gift Registry
Day Care Supplies
trillium services
mental health programs
Jennifer Robertson
Program Manager
Tel: 705-930-2095
[email protected]
Kelly McDowell- Kalico Healing Arts Centre
flowyoga @ kalico healing arts centre
252 1/2 Charlotte St. (between Aylmer and Bethune)
Take some time for yourself - your whole self. Experience a flow of yoga postures
designed to build strength, flexibility, focus and peace of mind. Schedule in your
renewal on Tuesday nights 7-8:30pm and Wednesdays 1-2:30pm. For more
information contact [email protected] or call Kelly at 745-1078.
Sue Hosang of Weekenders. I’m new to Peterborough and the WBN and haven’t
been able to make it out to many meetings. This past meeting, I was finally able
to work out childcare and happily made my way through the rain to the meeting.
When I got to the Holiday Inn, not only was I completely soaked but I discovered
that I had left my wallet at home. Not knowing quite what to do I just wondered
over to the displays and found myself telling my sad story to Sue Hosang.
Without blinking an eye she took out her wallet, gave me ten dollars and told
me to get myself a glass of wine. Thank you Sue and all of you WBNers for your
generosity and welcome.
Kelly McDowell – Kalico Healing Arts Centre
“Celebrating 25 years in Peterborough”
753 Erskine Ave.,
Peterborough, ON K9J 7Y6
E-mail: [email protected]
Tel: (705) 876-1177 ext. 125
Fax: (705) 876-9515
Website: www.microageptbo.com
The #1 Source
for News and
Information in
Kathryn Fanning
Retail Sales/Marketing Manager
Tel: (705) 745-4641 ext. 235
Fax: (705) 741-3217
E-mail: [email protected]
Creating Marketing
in Print and Online
w w w. p e t e r b o r o u g h e x a m i n e r. c o m
Helping Turn Things Around
Confidential & Affordable
Call 742-4258
[email protected]
July & August Birthdays
Angella Gallon
Dayna Clancey
Cheryl Healey
Lisa Robbins
Karen Laws
Lisa Alguire
Susan Fisher
Bethann Handley
Angela Murdock
Miranda Hume
Judy Heffernan
Kathy Church
Heather Bayer
Anne Arnold
Anne Cox
Laurie Jewell
Francine Piche
Debra Rimes
Kim Winter
Cheri Davidson
Lynn Hill
Susan Mackle
Joanne Culley
Wanda Clancy
Luann Ford
Jennifer Nikulka
Lisa Hogan
Kathryn Fanning
Juaneta Henderson
Heather Chong
Leah Curtis
Lisa McKay
Annie Siegel
July 5
July 6
July 7
July 8
July 9
July 14
July 14
July 14
July 19
July 20
July 22
July 24
July 25
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July 30
August 4
August 4
August 4
August 4
August 5
August 5
August 6
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August 11
August 15
August 20
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August 24
August 26
August 29
August 30
August 30
Door Prizes
Here is the list of members who brought door prizes for either showcasing
their products with a booth or providing table drops... thank you to all who
Who is taking care of
Betty Halman-Plumley 876-1282 ext. 256
[email protected]
Laurie Jewell
Sue Hosang
Rita D’Ilio
Beata Bak
Debra Rimes
Theresa Foley
Janet McLeod
Bev Robertson
Jennifer Welsh Angela Murdock
Wanda Clancy
Sue Field
Katherine Yandt
Michele Kadwell-Chalmers Lisa Smith
Wearable Art Designer Jewellery
Fifth Avenue Collection Jewellery
Arbonne International/Beata Nails
Kawartha Clean Safe Water
Star 93.3 & 107.9 The Breeze
East City Flower Shop
Welsh Marketing
Advanced Mailing Services
Party Lite
Basket Express
The Original Flame
Holiday Inn
Member News
Deborah Van Pelt – Mount Pleasant Group of Cemeteries
Deborah Van Pelt has resumed her position as a Cemetery & Funeral
Pre-Planner for the Mount Pleasant Group of Cemeteries in Toronto. They
have 10 Cemetery properties across the GTA. which she can assist people at,
Thornton Cemetery in Oshawa, Duffin Meadows Cemetery In Pickering, Pine Hills
Cemetery, York Cemetery & Mount Pleasant Cemetery in Toronto to name a few.
Many of you may have senior loved ones and family members in the Toronto and
Greater Toronto area who may wish to pre arrange their Cemetery and Funeral
arrangements. Please don’t hesitate to call me or email me directly for an
Informative package and a Free Life Estate Planner. Telephone: 416-881-9458.
Toll-free: 1-866-293-1257 ext 6751 E-mail: [email protected]
Website: www.bettysellshomes.net
Denise Olver – Peterborough Golf & Country Club
Fun, fun, and more fabulous fun! Ladies, you do not want to miss the 2008
Peterborough Golf & Country Club Ladies Invitational on Saturday, June 7th.
There will be an afternoon of golf, followed by Chef Joe Pirie’s mouth-watering
hot n’ cold buffet dinner and prizes. Professional golf skills are not required. All
you need to do is generate a fantastic team of 4 and then contact Denise Olver,
[email protected] or by phone (705) 743-5010 to register or for
more information. See you there!
Cora Whittington – Golden Pathways Retreat and B&B
The Ultimate Program Designed to Detox and Revitalize Your Team. Is your staff,
team or group of friends needing a lift? Then there is no better time to invest
in a refreshing staff retreat to de-stress and revitalize. The program includes
the amazing benefits of a infra-red sauna, a healthy cell nourishing menu, an
instant Vaporize Your Anxiety workshop, an inspiring movie plus much more.
Call Cora Whittington, of Golden Pathways Retreat and B&B at 705-745-4006 to
pick your date and custom design your program.
Kathy Church – Sustainable Solutions
SEPARATING is tough enough... Move forward through Mediation. Family
mediation is a voluntary process that assists you to resolve the financial and/or
parenting issues that arise during separation and divorce. As a lawyer-mediator,
Kathy Church has assisted more than 180 families in the Peterborough area
to resolve issues that arise at the end of a marriage in creative, sustainable
ways that satisfy both clients. Contact Kathy at Sustainable Solutions: phone
743.7650 ext 4, fax 743.1989 or email [email protected] .
Di Farquhar - Peterborough Kids Magazine
Are families your target market? Our three magazines: Northumberland Kids,
Peterborough Kids and Lakeridge Kids (Whitby, Oshawa, Brooklin, Port Perry
and Clarington) reaches thousands of readers. The strengths of our publication
are the well written feature articles, the resource based listings section, and our
targeted distribution. When families are looking for new businesses, programs
to support the family, dance lessons, tutoring, daycare, private schools, or just
for an event for the whole family to enjoy, they reach for our magazine. In our
readership survey 82% keep our magazine on hand for 2 weeks to three months
and 98% of respondents rated our advertising as excellent. The next issue is the
Back to School Fall Registration August/September issue. The deadline is June
30th. We have rates to suit all types of businesses. www.peterboroughkids.com
[email protected] or 742-5829
Development Corporation
Judy Heffernan
Take the Lead - with
Ontario E-lite Dog Training
Preparing you and your dog for your lifestyle
We offer evaluations and custom training packages
Tailored to meet the lifestyle needs of you and your dog
20+ years experience
Professional IACP member
Remote training specialist
Veterinarian recommended
Karen Laws
Bethany Ontario
Ph: 705-277-1503
Club Protocol
Meetings are held at the Holiday Inn the first Wednesday of each month with the
exception of January which is the second Wednesday. Social hour begins at 6:00pm.
Attendance of members and guests must be confirmed in advance of each meeting. If
you do not receive a call the week prior, please call the hotline with your RSVP. Guests
may come to a maximum of two regular meetings before full membership is required.
Display booth and/or table drops are available, for a member’s registered business only,
on a first-come, first-served basis, and must be reserved in advance of each meeting.
A door prize is required for each display or drop. Contact Patti Clark, Past President
[email protected]
Keep the Network informed about your business and/or community events by contacting
Kathryn Fanning, Bulletin Director [email protected]
Maureen Henderson, CSP™
Essential Staging Inc.
Home Staging Experts
Newsletter advertising is available for $35 per single page insert. Inserts must be
supplied pre-folded by the 15th of the month for inclusion in the next mailing. Call or
email Kathryn Fanning, [email protected] to book your insert.
Concerns or questions related to the Women’s Business Network, its Board
and/or members, should be directed to your President, Colleen Hoggarth,
[email protected] All concerns will be addressed in a timely fashion.
705 761-1000
[email protected]
Lakeshore Designs
10% off for WBN Members
Learn 8 ways to grow any business...
without advertising
Special dietary meals require one weeks notice. Please advise your board
Annual Membership Fee for 2007/2008 is $325.00 or $425 for corporate. Convenient
payment options may be discussed with Sally Harding or Laura Foster. Just want to
try us out or bring a friend? Guests may attend for a fee of $35.00.
2007/2008 Board of Directors
Colleen Hoggarth, President
B: (705) 876-1717 x203
F: (705) 876-9446
[email protected]
Kathryn Fanning, Bulletin Director
B: (705) 745-4641 x235
F: (705) 741-3217
[email protected]
Patti Clark, Past President
B: (705) 745-7694 F: (705) 745-6054
[email protected]
Deborah Paris, Director At Large
B: (705) 652-6444 F: (705) 652-8410
[email protected]
Anne Marie Maly, Secretary
B: (705) 740-6035 F: (705) 799-1616
[email protected]
Susan Joyce, Director at Large
B: (705) 755-0321 F: (705) 755-0323
[email protected]
Lisa Smith, Publicity Director
B: (705) 740-6581 F: (705) 740-6570
[email protected]
Kim Appleton, Technical Director
B: (705) 750-0476 x71
F: (705) 750-0768
[email protected]
Flexible marketing solutions from brainstorm to rollout.
Cheri Davidson
Mary Carolyn
design branding print web display
Amy Simpson, Social Director
B: (705) 876-1177 x125
F: (705) 876-9515
[email protected]
Laura Foster, Membership Director
B: (705) 748-5155 F: (705) 749-0064
[email protected]
Sally Harding, Membership Director
B: (705) 652-6118 F: (705) 652-5002
[email protected]
Margaret Jackson, Social Director
B: (705) 745-9793
[email protected]
Promoting and supporting women in business through personal
and professional growth opportunities.
Women’s Business Network Box 1693 Peterborough, Ontario K9J 7S4
Phone: 705-740-6199 • www.womensbusinessnetwork.net

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