2006 - 2007 annual report



2006 - 2007 annual report
barium sprin
Her lunch at preschool just might be the only hot meal she’ll get today.
Enrolled in one of our preschool programs, Isabella is a
petite child with big brown
eyes. Only four years old,
she is often scared and
unsure of her surroundings.
Isabella speaks very little.
She is shy and withdrawn.
For her teachers, it is evident
that Isabella’s family doesn’t
have much in the way of
material things. Food, a
warm bed, and safety, seem
commonplace for us—but
not for Isabella’s family.
Isabella qualifies for the free
More at Four preschool due
to her family’s low income.
At snack time, the wide-eyed
little girl seems to hunch over
her food as though fearful
that someone might take it.
Sometimes, her teachers find
her hiding scraps of food to
take home.
At Barium Springs, Isabella’s teachers work diligently to help
her feel safe in a school setting. They work to get her ready for
kindergarten and the public school she will attend next year.
Her scared, guarded demeanor has been replaced with a giggly, carefree grin.
Dear Friends,
We are truly honored to have you as part of the Barium Springs family. Many of our children
don’t have a family unit that loves them. And that’s what we do. You & I simply love the
children in our care—unconditionally.
In this booklet, you’ll see images that represent many of the dreams that most of us had as
children. I can remember aspiring to be a football player for the Green Bay Packers when
I was 11.
But to be able to have dreams like this, you have to have hope. To be able to hope, you have
to have faith. And finally, to be able to have faith, you have to know love. To many of our kids,
faith, hope & love are foreign concepts. It’s simple really. They cannot understand what they
have never experienced. And, without hope, faith and love how can anyone dream?
At Barium Springs Home for Children, we believe that every child has the right to dream and
hope for their future. We believe kids deserve to be kids. We owe it to them to preserve the
wistful, dream-filled nature that being a kid is all about.
But, in a world that sometimes seems to cast a black cloud over the dreams of children, what
can we do? First, we can pray. And then, we can do something. Whether your gift is time or
money, try to keep the children of the world in your thoughts and prayers this year.
Let’s give them a reason to dream.
John Koppelmeyer
John Koppelmeyer, MSW
Barium Springs Home for Children
With your help, we can make dreams come true.
Support Barium Springs Today.
barium springs home for children
served children & families from
north carolina counties last year.
Services to children & families
# Served
Early Childhood Education (capacity 145)
Alternative Education (capacity 117)
Residential Services (capacity 32)
Foster Care (capacity 11 homes)
Clinical Services
Community-Based Services (capacity 150)
College Assistance
Total Children & Families Served
Our goal is to serve every county in NC.
With your help, we can!
early childhood education: Race, & Gender
This program offers early childhood education to children, birth to 5 years old. Our services are offered on a sliding scale so
that low income families have an opportunity to receive quality care at a price they can afford. This award-winning program
also provides consultation and training to childcare centers, providers & agencies throughout North Carolina.
African American
alternative education: Race, Gender, & Age
Barium Springs Home for Children understands that some children learn best in a variety of settings that aren’t always available in the
traditional educational system. To ensure these youth do not get left behind academically, we offer alternative educational environments
that focus on behavioral & educational needs.
African American
Under 10
10 - 12 yrs
13 - 15 yrs
16 - 18 yrs
Residential services: Race, Gender, & Age
Our residential program provides a caring place for children to live while helping them overcome issues that have not allowed
them to succeed in a traditional family setting. Currently, we operate five group homes & a foster care program.
6 - 12 yrs
African American
13 - 17 yrs
18 - 20 yrs
over 21 yrs
Community-Based Services
This program is made up of a community of licensed professionals and support workers who help children and families by
providing counseling, diagnostic assessments, therapy, service coordination and much more. This group of professionals works
together to ensure that children and families get the support they need whether at home, school, or out in the community.
African American
A discharge is when a child completes a
program or therapy successfully and is
moved to a less restrictive environment.
We are always thrilled when a child
reaches this pivotal moment! Through
hard work, this means the child is
making progress!
2005 - ‘06
2006 - ‘07
Under 10
10 - 12 yrs
13 - 15 yrs
16 - 18 yrs
Restrictive Interventions
Over the past 3 years, our restrictive interventions have decreased by
60%. This is a great accomplishment and represents success of our
Teaching-Family model of care.
This year he experienced a loving family environment for the first time.
A victim of severe child
abuse, Nicolas suffers
from post traumatic stress
disorder. He is angry, prone
to outbursts and suicidal at
times. In another time or
place, Nicolas would be a
typical rambunctious boy.
Once in a while when his
anxiety fades, there is a
glimpse of Nicolas’ wonderful
sense of humor.
While living in one of our
group homes on campus,
Nicolas receives the counseling needed to overcome
his feelings of anxiety. His
family teachers teach him
behavior skills and ways to
manage his emotions. But
most importantly, Nicolas
experiences a loving, caring
family environment.
Now living in one of our foster care homes, Nicolas is being
considered by several adoptive families. He is happy and is
no longer struggling with anger outbursts & stress.
With the help of Barium Springs and people like you, nicolas is on his way to a better life.
kindergarten readiness survey
The Kindergarten Readiness Survey is specifically
designed to rate the effectiveness of our program
at preparing children who are discharged to enter
kindergarten. Kindergarten teachers fill out a
survey that rates our students on a scale of 1-4 in
various skill areas. A score of 1 means the teacher
agrees that students who came from our programs
were not adequately prepared for kindergarten, a
score of 4 means they strongly believe the student
is prepared for kindergarten. We are very proud
that the 2007 survey revealed above-average
scores in many areas of observation!
Listening Skills
Following Directions
Self Help Skills
More At Four (Statesville)
Early Childhood Education Center (Barium Springs)
Not well
Close to
parent satisfaction survey
2005 - ‘06
2006 - ‘07
Early Childhood
100% 100%
Foster Care
Group Homes
New Program - No Data
In certain programs, parents are asked to fill out a survey to
give us feedback on the performance of our programs. We
welcome comments and concerns and try to keep the lines
of communication open to parents & family members. We
are proud to report high ratings in this category and strive to
continue to encourage involvement & interaction with entire
family units whenever possible.
Make your gift
operating expenses
Total = $7,717,662
Please complete this form & return to
Barium Springs Home for Children.
we’ve even given you an envelope!
Services to Children &
I would like to join the Barium Spring Giving Society at the following level:
❏ Platinum Society ($10,000 +)
❏ Gold Society ($5,000-$9,999)
❏ Silver Society ($2,500-$4,999)
❏ Bronze Society ($1,000-$2,499)
❏ Copper Society ($500-$999)
❏ Pewter Society (up to $499)
❏ Other ___________________
operating revenue
Total = $8,040,267
Name ___________________________________________________________
Address _________________________________________________________
City/State/Zip ____________________________________________________
Local Church I belong to and/or attend _________________________________
Date of Birth
❏ Male ________________ ❏ Female __________________
❏ I’ve enclosed a check.
(Please make check payable to Barium Springs Home for Children.)
Fees for Service
Donations & Grants
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Card #_________________________________________________
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Exp Date _____________________ Security # _________________
Name on Card ___________________________________________
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Your gift is tax deductible
to the full extent of the law.
We will send a receipt for your records.
Gift In Memoriam
Name of deceased person _______________________________________
Date of death _________________ City/State _______________________
Survivor to be notified ________________________________________
Addicted to drugs and pregnant, she had worked hard to overcome her past.
At the tender age of 14, Allison has already
lived through more obstacles than most
of us handle in a lifetime. She was
raped at age 11 and has no parents to
help guide her through the emotional
trauma she endures. All alone in the
world, Allison quickly turned to drugs
and a dangerous lifestyle.
Survivor’s address ___________________________________________
City/State/Zip ______________________________________________
My/our relationship to the deceased/honored _______________________
Note: The bereaved family or honored person is notified of the memorial or honor gift by mail. The
gift amount is not mentioned. Please fill in the above information so that we may thank you for
your donation.
Gift in Honor
Honored person ________________________________________________
Address ______________________________________________________
City/State/Zip __________________________________________________
In Celebration of ________________________________________________
(i.e. birthday, wedding, birth, special occasion)
❏ I have included Barium Springs Home for Children in my will.
In trouble for not attending school,
Barium Springs’ community support
workers were asked to help Allison. On
drugs and newly pregnant, it became
vital that Allison get help with her drug
problem so her baby would survive.
When one of our staff picked Allison up
to take her to the rehabilitation center, it
became evident of just how little Allison
had. Her house was empty. There were
no sheets, bathroom items or clothes to
pack. Her house seemed to reflect what
had become of her heart—empty and
❏ I would like to be contacted regarding planned giving.
For more information, please call 1-800-320-4157
“Financial information about this organization and a copy of its license are available from the State
Solicitation Licensing Section at 1-888-830-4989. The license is not an endorsement by the State.”
Allison has experienced first-hand that people love and care about
Platinum Society $10,000 +
Mr. J. Roy Davis
Mr. E. Bryant Norville
Mr. & Mrs. Murray White, Jr.
Gold Society $5,000-$9,999
Mr. J. C. Barnhardt, Jr.
Mrs. Mary Mac & Mr. Tom Bradshaw
Mrs. Pat Gibbs
Ms. Trish Greer
Mr. & Mrs. James R. McLester
Ms. Emily Millis-Hiatt
Mrs. Marilyn Knight North
Trust of Mr. Lewis P. Orr, Jr.
Mr. Thomas H. Sloan
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Woods
Silver Society $2,500-$4,999
Today, Allison is drug-free and a healthy baby is on the way! She has a
long road ahead of her but she is now part of the Barium Springs family
and will get the support she needs to build a better life for herself.
her unconditionally—something she had never before experienced.
Mr. & Mrs. Tom Barnhardt, III
Mr. John G. Barrows
Mr. & Mrs. Al Bentz
Mr. & Mrs. W. Jeffrey Booker
Mr. Marion Cooper
Mrs. Ruth G. Cross
Mr. & Mrs. Henry J. Fieselman
Mrs. Lillian Gaskill
Reverend & Mrs. James F. Hubbard
Mr. & Mrs. L. Richardson King
Ms. Carolyn Leith
Mr. & Mrs. John A. Mitchener, III
Mr. W. B. Nivison
Mr. & Mrs. Grover Shugart
Mr. J. T. Spence, III
Bronze Society
$1,000 - $2,499
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Adams
Ms. Dana J. Bailey
Dr. Hilda Bailey
Mr. James W. Bailey
of 2006-2007 Donors
Honor Roll
Mr. Jason Bailey
Ms. Jo Beatty
Mr. John M. Belk*
Mr. & Mrs. Denis Bilodeau
Mrs. Eleanor C. Boyd
Mr. & Mrs. W. F. Brown
Mr. & Mrs. Holt F. Callaway, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. J. Byrum Carter
Mr. & Mrs. Bret Chapman
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph R. Cole, Sr.
Mr. & Mrs. John W. Collins
Mr. & Mrs. Christopher W. Davis
Ms. Hilda Dietrich
Mr. Douglas M. Faris
Mr. & Mrs. Alan M. Fiorenza
Dr. & Mrs. Tom Fulcher
Dr. & Mrs. M. James Gaskill, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Kelman Gomo
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Gordon
Dr. Jerry & Dr. Kathryn
Mr. & Mrs. William C. Griffin, Jr.
Francis* & Emily* Grill
Miss Josephine Hambrick
Mr. & Mrs. Robert T. Hambrick, Jr.
Ms. Margaret Hargis
Mr. & Mrs. Jerome H. Hollenbeck
Mr. & Mrs. Billy S. Howell, Jr.
Mr. Ralph E. Hunt
Mrs. Dorothy F. Jennings
Mr. Jason Roy Jones, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Don S. Kelly
Mr. & Mrs. John E. Koppelmeyer
Mr. & Mrs. Costi Kutteh
Mr. & Mrs. Alan Lawrence
Mr. & Mrs. William P. Loughnane
Mr. David MacCallum
Mr. & Mrs. James C. Mahony
Mr. & Mrs. James S. Malphrus
Governor & Mrs. James G. Martin
Mrs. Sylby P. Martinat
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Mason, III
Ms. Linda McDonald
Mr. & Mrs. Gary W. McKenzie
Ms. Katherine McKenzie
Mrs. Eleanor Meech
Ms. Carol Miller
Ms. Joan Morgan
Mr. & Mrs. Joe Morgan
Mr. Lowell Morgan
Mr. & Mrs. Larry W. Oehler
Mrs. Mabel R. Osborne
Mrs. Jeanne Patterson
Dr. Frieda Elaine Penninger
Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Powell, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Peter M. Quinn
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel B. Reeder
Mr. & Mrs. Arden Reiser
Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Riffle
Mr. Joseph Ryan
Mr. Bill Scibetta
Reverend & Mrs. Grant M. Sharp
Dr. Laura Skinner
Mr. & Mrs. M. Troy Slaughter
Mr. & Mrs. James D. Stuart
Mr. James Henry Trexler
Mr. H. Jay White
Mr. Charles Willis
F. P. & Gloria Wright
Copper Society
$500 - $999
Mr. & Mrs. B. Ross Angel
Mr. & Mrs. W. F. Askins
Mr. & Mrs. J. Murrey Atkins, Jr.
Mrs. Betty J. Averitt
Mr. & Mrs. Randy Baker
Mr. & Mrs. G. H. Baldwin
Mr. & Mrs. Wyatt Bell
Mrs. Sallie D. Belperche
Dr. & Mrs. Neil C. Bender
Mrs. Vada Boardman
Mr. & Mrs. Tony Bodenheimer
Mr. John V. Boehme
Mr. Gerald C. Brown
Mr. Mark A. Bryson
Mr. & Mrs. George Watts Carr, III
Mr. Brian Caughman
Mr. & Mrs. Adnan Choudary
Mr. & Mrs. Dave Christenbury
Mr. & Mrs. Frederick W. Claybrook
Mr. & Mrs. William K. Conger
Dr. & Mrs. James R. Crawford
Mr. & Mrs. Bobby K. Dagenhart
Mr. & Mrs. Richard L. Dean
Mr. & Mrs. E. R. Dimmette, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. M. K. Douglas
Mr. & Mrs. Alan W. Duncan
Mr. Edward H. Easley
Ms. Billie Erwin
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Mrs. Sarah C. Feely
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Mrs. Lila P. Friday
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Ms. Trish Gleason
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Reverend Gregory Green
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Ms. Maureen Harkins
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Mr. Cliff Hester
Reverend & Mrs. Paul A. Horne
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Mr. & Mrs. W. Keith Kelly
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Mr. Robert C. Osborne
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Mr. Timothy Parsons
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Mr. & Mrs. E. C. Powell, Sr.
Mrs. Lynn Powell
Mr. & Mrs. J. E. Rankin
Mr. & Mrs. Neill Salmon, Jr.
Mrs. Betty J. Sample
Mrs. Hansford Sams
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Mrs. Jane Shingleton
Mrs. Margaret Simpson
Mr. & Mrs. Bill Smith
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Mrs. Elizabeth Smith
Mr. & Mrs. W. P. Steele
Mr. John Steffen
Mrs. Bryson Stinson
Mr. James W. Surane
Mr. & Mrs. John A. Taylor
Ms. Bettie F. Thompson
Mrs. Lesia T. Thurber
Mr. John F. Trexler
Dr. & Mrs. Thomas N. Triplett
Mr. Woody Washam
Mr. & Mrs. Terry Watts
Mr. Joseph A. Wearn
Mr. Edward I. Weisiger
Ms. Elizabeth O. Welker
Mrs. Barbara A. Westgate
Mrs. Betty B. White
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Mr. H. Newton Williams
Mrs. B. E. Wooten
Mr. & Mrs. Donald A. Worsley
Ms. Nancy Ann Wright
Mr. & Mrs. Jerry K. Young, Jr.
Pewter Society
Up to $499
Mr. Bruce R. Abbott
Mr. & Mrs. William Abbotts
Dr. J. Curtis Abell
Ms. Dorothy L. Abernethy
Mr. W. David Abernethy
Ms. Ann N. Ackermann
Mr. David L. Acree
Ms. Connie White Adams
Mr. & Mrs. Herb Adams
Ms. Tommye Adcock
Mr. Charles W. Adkins
Ms. Nancy T. Adkins
Mr. & Mrs. Franklin E. Aiken
Mr. Randy L. Albertson
Ms. Sarah Alcorn
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Grey Alderman
Mr. Charles Don Alexander
Mr. & Mrs. James Alexander, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. John B. Alexander, Sr.
Mrs. John L. Alexander
Ms. Marianne Alexander
Mr. & Mrs. Ralph S. Alexander
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Mrs. Anna Mae B. Allen
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Ms. Vada B. Allen
Mr. & Mrs. William M. Alligood
Ms. Laura Allred
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Dr. & Mrs. Reevis S. Alphin
Ms. Jo Anne Alston
Mr. Dallas Lee Ammons
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Ms. Betty Steele Anderson
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Mrs. Dorothy W. Burtis
Mrs. Helen Burton
Mrs. Jerry Bustle
Mr. & Mrs. Ken Butcher
Mr. Smith Butts
Mr. & Mrs. Michael S. Butzgy
Ms. Marilyn Buzbee
Dr. & Mrs. J. William Byrd
Mr. & Mrs. William F. Caddell, Jr.
Mr. Geo. T. Cade
Mr. Samuel H. Cadieu
Mr. Odell C. Cagle, Jr.
Mrs. Elizabeth R. Caldwell
Ms. Elizabeth W. Caldwell
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas M. Caldwell
Ms. Darleen Callaghan
Mr. Thomas B. Callahan
Ms. Carol J. Callahan-Jarvis
Ms. Carol Cameron
Mr. & Mrs. Cecil C. Cameron
Ms. Geneva H. Cameron
Mrs. Gloria H. Cameron
Mr. & Mrs. J. Elton Cameron
Mrs. Kathryn Gorham Cameron
Mr. Ted H. Camp
Ms. Barbara K. Campbell
Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Campbell
Mrs. Diane E. Campbell
Mr. & Mrs. Gary Campbell
Mr. & Mrs. Jimmy Campbell
Mrs. Nancy Grady Campbell
Mr. & Mrs. Charles F. Campen
Ms. Mary Jo Canady
Mr. & Mrs. Richard P. Cannon
Mrs. Johnsie H. Canny
Mr. & Mrs. Robert D. Carlough
Ms. Pansy B. Carlton
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Carman
Mr. & Mrs. Carson Carmichael, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. E. B. Carmichael
Mr. & Mrs. Keith R. Carpenter
Mrs. Marilynne E. Carpenter
Ms. Emily Moore Carr
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Lee Carr
Mrs. Virginia G. Carr
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas E. Carroll
Ms. Dorothy V. Carter
Ms. Dorothy Y. Carter
Mrs. Hettie F. Carter
Mrs. Lillie P. Carter
Mrs. Myrtle O. Carter
Mrs. Reba Carter
Mr. & Mrs. Roger D. Carter
Mr.* & Mrs. Allen Carter
Ms. Carol A. Caruso
Mr. & Mrs. Chester E. Case
Mr. & Mrs. Edward M. Casey
Mr. & Mrs. James E. Cashatt
Mr. & Mrs. J. Lee Cashion, Jr.
Ms. Frances H. Cassidy
Ms. Christine K. Castle
Ms. Margaret Castleberry
Mr. Al S. Cates
Mrs. Peggy E. Cates
Mr. & Mrs. Roger Cates
Mr. & Mrs. David J. Cathcart
Mrs. Mary Ann Cathey
Mr. & Mrs. George E. Caudle
Dr. & Mrs. John H. Caughran
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Cawthon
Mrs. Frances Cayton
Mr. & Mrs. H. D. Cayton
Leila Giesenschlag &
Stephen R. Cefalu
Mr. & Mrs. Robert R. Chadwick
Mrs. Clementine Chaffee
Mr. & Mrs. Max F. Chandler
Mr. & Mrs. William E. Chandler
Mrs. Frances Chappell
Mr. & Mrs. Arthur B. Chard, Jr.
Ms. Gwen Charles
Ms. Lizabeth Chase
Ms. Kathy Jo Cheek
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Cheek
Ms. Jean Lee Cherry
Ms. Trina Chester
Mr. & Mrs. Hobart Brian Cheyne
Ms. Lena E. Childress
Mrs. Elizabeth G. Chilton
Mr. & Mrs. Gary D. Chilton
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald A. Chislaghi
Mr. & Mrs. William S. Christian
Mr. & Mrs. Don Christopher
Dr. & Mrs. Joseph Y. Chung
Ms. Maxine Claar
Mr. & Mrs. David M. Clark
Mr. & Mrs. Douglas G. Clark
Mr. Gaylon Clark
Mrs. Henrietta C. Clark
Mr. & Mrs. J. Benton Clark
Mr. John B. Clark
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph M. Clark
Mr. & Mrs. Louis P. Clark, Jr.
Ms. Ruth R. Clark
Dr. & Mrs. William B. Clark
Mr. & Mrs. B. Donald Clayton
Mrs. Lee Clement
Mr. & Mrs. Phillip Clement
Mr. & Mrs. George E. Clements
Mrs. Alice Clendenin
Mr. & Mrs. Robert N. Clendenin
Mr. & Mrs. B. F. Clifton
Mr. Joe H. Clifton
Reverend & Mrs. Charles W. Coats
Mr. & Mrs. Joel P. Cochrane
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Coe, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Edwyn L. Coffey
Mr. & Mrs. L. Stephen Coffield
Mrs. Gertrude R. Coghill
Mrs. Annie Laurie W. Cole
Mrs. Elizabeth L. Cole
Mrs. Esther E. Cole
Representative & Mrs. Nelson Cole
Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Coleman
Mr. Kenneth S. Coley, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. William A. Coley
Mr. & Mrs. Reed Colgin
Mrs. Atha J. Collins
Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin F. Collins, Jr.
Mrs. Lyman A. Collins
Mrs. Sara W. Collins
Mrs. Alison E. Combs
Ms. Terri Jo Combs
Mr. Glenn Lee Compton
Mr. J. Richard Condor
Mrs. Alice Connelly
Mr. William F. Conner
Mr. & Mrs. Gregory A. Conover
Mr. Chris Cook
Mr. David S. Cook
Ms. Jean Cook
Mrs. June S. Cook
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth L. Cook
Ms. Donna L. Cooke
Mrs. Mildred Cooper
Mr. Roy A. Cooper, Jr.
Ms. Dixie Copeland
Mr. & Mrs. G. Harrill Coppala
Ms. Jo R. Copper
Ms. Kathleen D. Corcoran
Ms. Doris A. Corl
Mr. Billy Ray Cornatzer
Mr. Rickey F. Cornatzer
Mr. & Mrs. William H. Corne, Sr.
Mr. Parks S. Cornelius
Mrs. Virginia P. Cornet
Mrs. Dorothy Miller Cornwell
Mr. & Mrs. James R. Corvo
Ms. Geraldine L. Corwin
Mrs. Jean Couch
Ms. Christine M. Countryman
Mr. & Mrs. Jack B. Cover
Dr. & Mrs. A. M. Covington
Mr. Faison S. Covington
Miss Catherine L. Cowan
Mrs. Gloria Farnell Cowan
Ms. Margaret R. Cowan
Ms. Mary Virginia Cowan
Mr. & Mrs. Boyce Cox
Mr. & Mrs. Ernest S. Cox
Mr. & Mrs. Jack Cox
Mr. & Mrs. James A. Cox
Mr. & Mrs. Tony Cox
Mr. & Mrs. Dick Cozart III
Mr. & Mrs. Meredith Craig
Dr. George W. Crane
Mr. & Mrs. Dwight L. Cranford
Mr. & Mrs. Carlyle C. Craven
Mrs. Fred T. Craven
Ms. Nelle B. Crawford
Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Crawford
Mrs. Ruth Crawford
Mr. & Mrs. John P. Creason
Mr. & Mrs. Ron B. Creasy
Mr. Charles N. Creech
Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Creech
Mr. W. Hamilton Crenshaw
Ms. Connie Crisp
Ms. Marjorie Y. Crisp
Ms. Anna M. Critz
Ms. Cathy Critz
Ms. Nancy B. Croce
Mrs. Lela D. Crocker
Ms. Rebecca K. Crosier
Mr. & Mrs. James D. Crosland
Mr. & Mrs. Wayne M. Cross
Mrs. Frances G. Crotty
Mrs. Vanda Lippert Crowell
Mr. & Mrs. Byron E. Crowley
Mrs. Hank Crowson
Ms. Gertha W. Crumpler
Mr. Sidney Crunk
Mr. & Mrs. Donnie Cuddington
Ms. Linda H. Culbreth
Mr. & Mrs. Michael G. Culbreth
Mr. & Mrs. John Cullers
Mrs. Lucinda E. Cullers
Mr. & Mrs. Gary Culp
Ms. Sadie M. Daughety
Mr. & Mrs.* John M. Davenport, Jr.
Mr. F. J. Daves
Ms. Betty Stone Davidson
Mr. Charles M. Davis, Jr.
Mrs. Gloria Davis
Dr. & Mrs. Hal A. Davis, Jr.
Dr. Joe V. Davis, Jr.
Ms. Kay H. Davis
Mr. & Mrs. Larry West Davis
Ms. Loyce S. Davis
Mrs. Martha J. Davis
Dr. Philip C. Davis
Mr. & Mrs. Albert M. Cumbie
Mrs. Susan Cunningham
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Curran
Mr. John D. Currie, Jr.
Ms. Nora Jane Currie
Mr. & Mrs. Cromer H. Curtis
Mr. & Mrs. John M. Curtis
Mr. John R. Cutler
Mr. R. Duncan Cuyler
Mr. & Mrs. Mack Dagenhart
Mrs. Margaret W. Dail
Mr. T. Mark Dail
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen L. Dailey
Mr. John T. Dalrymple
Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. Dalrymple
Mr. Charles O. Dalton
Mrs. Ruth D. Dalton
Mr. & Mrs. John H. Daniel
Mr. & Mrs. Lee F. Daniels
Ms. Virginia A. Dansey
Mr. & Mrs. Graham W. Darden
Mr. & Mrs. J. Olin Darnell
Ms. Faye Darst
Mrs. Lisa Daugherty
Mr. Roger P. Davis
Ms. Sadie H. Davis
Mrs. Amaryllis G. Dawes
Dr. Tyanna Yonkers Day
Mr. & Mrs. Bruce L. Dayton
Mrs. Coit Deal
Mr. & Mrs. Harold Deal
Ms. Mary C. Deal
Mr. & Mrs. Stuart H. Deal
Mr. & Mrs. Robert F. Dean
Mr. & Mrs. John Wayne Deans
Ms. Oneita M. Dease
Ms. Debra Decker
Mrs. Marie Shaw Dee
Mrs. Louise P. Deegan
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Dellinger
Mr. & Mrs. Michael H. DeLong
Ms. Judy N. Deme
Ms. Joan A. Dempsey
Mr. & Mrs. Gordon Denbleyker
Ms. Faye B. Denning
Mr.* & Mrs.* John C. Dennis
Mr. & Mrs. Keith Denny
Mr. & Mrs. Steven G. Detter
Mr. & Mrs. William C. Deviney
Mr. Jason B. Deyton
Mr. & Mrs. James R. Dickens
Mr. & Mrs. J. Dwight Dickerman
Ms. Becky Dickerson
Mr. & Mrs. Gordon A. Diegelman
Ms. Jane G. Diehl
Mrs. Katherine P. Dietler
Mr. & Mrs. Ed Dietrich
Dr. Franklin G. Dill
Mr. & Mrs. J. W. Doar
Mr. & Mrs. Christopher G. Dockey
Ms. Joanne Dodick
Mr. & Mrs. Michael K. Doelling
Mr. & Mrs. William Doheny
Mr. & Mrs. Edwin C. Donaldson
Mr. & Mrs. John W. Donaldson
Mr. & Mrs. Clarence Dorman
Mrs. Nancy Dorrier
Mrs. Anna Lee Dorsett
Mrs. Florence M. Dossenbach
Mr. & Mrs. Gerald W. Douglas
Mrs. Louisa Douglass
Ms. Susan Downard
Mr. Matthew Dragone
Mr. & Mrs. William T. Dubose
Ms. Alana C. Ducker
Mrs. Laura Dudley
Mr. & Mrs. Atwell Dugger
Mr. Fowler Dugger, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Brode T. Duke, Jr.
Mrs. Peggy Dulin
Mrs. Sibyle M. Dulin
Ms. Kaye DuMond
Ms. Lu Dunkelberg
Mrs. Betty Dunn
Mrs. Joseph B. Dunn
Mrs. Nancy Barr Dunst
Mrs. Enes Durand
Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. DuRant
Mr. Russell S. Duren
Mr. & Mrs. Mark W. Durham
Mr. Rodger W. Durham
Dr. Daniel L. Durway
Mrs. Jane W. Dwiggins
Mr. & Mrs. James W. Dyer
Mrs. Robert Dyer
Ms. Sara Dykstra
Mr. & Mrs. N. Windsor Eagle
Ms. Betty S. Eagles
Mr. John J. Eakins
Mr. & Mrs. Bob Eberle
Mr. & Mrs. Bernd W. Ebert
Mr. Jurney S. Edgerton
Mr. & Mrs. Gregory A. Edison
Mr. & Mrs. Jim Edmiston
Ms. Phyllis W. Edmiston
Mr. & Mrs. Don L. Edmonds
Mr. & Mrs. A. Ferrol Edmondson, Jr.
Mrs. Mabel H. Edmonson
Ms. Corinne Edmundson
Ms. Mary G. Edmundson
Mr. & Mrs. Dana M. Edwards
Mr. David N. Edwards, Jr.
Mr. H. Palmer Edwards
Mr. & Mrs. James Edwards
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph B. Edwards
Ms. Margaret C. Edwards
Mr. & Mrs. Michael E. Edwards
Ms. Octavia Edwards
Mrs. Phyllis P. Edwards
Ms. Sandi Huddleston Edwards
Ms. Sylvia A. Edwards
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas H. Edwards
Mrs. Helen Eggleston
Mrs. Laivora S. Ehrhardt
Mrs. Florence Elam
Ms. Juanita I. Eldridge
Mr. & Mrs. Millard H. Eller
Ms. Betty H. Elliott
Mrs. Elgerine Elliott
Ms. Kathryn H. Elliott
Mr. & Mrs. Clawson B. Ellis, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Fred M. Ellis
Mrs. Helen Spencer Ellis
Mr. & Mrs. Hildon Ellis
Mr. & Mrs. Phil H. Ellis
Mr. & Mrs. William J. Ellis
Mr. Ernest Ellison II
Ms. Rebecca Gale Ellison
Ms. Shirley Elton
Ms. Jennifer Embs
Mr. Steve Emerson
Mr. William B. Emerson, Jr.
Ms. Hazel M. Emmerling
Ms. Kay Emory
Mr. & Mrs. Spencer B. Ennis
Jerry & Rosemary Enos
Mrs. Angeline Ensign
Mr. William Henry Ensley
Ms. Leigh Ann Epperson
Mr. & Mrs. C. Robert Ernest
Mr. & Mrs. Hugh H. Ervin
Mr. & Mrs. Gregory A. Erwin
Mr. Kenneth F. Essex
Mr. Eric H. Estes
Ms. Sue J. Eubank
Mr. Donald O. Evans
Mrs. Mamie P. Everett
Mr. & Mrs. John D. Everette
Mr. & Mrs. David Ewing
Mr. & Mrs. Alton M. Faires
Mr. Yates W. Faison, Jr.
Mr. Carl Falacara
Mr. & Mrs. Marshall S. Falkenberg
Ms. Cathi Farber
Mr. & Mrs. Carl N. Farmer
Ms. Mary Farmer
Mrs. Helen S. Farrar
Mr. & Mrs. Herbert J. Farrar
Mr. & Mrs. David M. Farris
Mr. & Mrs. M. Robert Farris
Mr. Paul Farris
Mr. & Mrs. James V. Faulkner, Jr.
Mrs. R. Dean Featherston
Mr. Thomas Fee
Ms. Ellen D. Felton
Mr. Earl J. Ferguson
Mr. & Mrs. Herman W. Ferguson
Mrs. Paula Ferguson
Ms. Barbara Ferguson-Syrimis
Ms. Jennifer F. Ferrell
Mr. & Mrs. Randy Ferrell
Mr. & Mrs. Ervin N. Fesperman
Mr. & Mrs. William D. Ficklin
Mrs. Sue Fiedler
Ms. Lillie M. Fields
Ms. Cherry Fife
Mr. & Mrs. Stanley A. Figlewski
Mr. & Mrs. Lorenzo Finch
Ms. Ruth E. Finch
Mrs. William S. Fisher
Dr. & Mrs. Rolf H. Fisscher
Ms. Janice Flack
Mrs. Virginia Fleming
Mr. & Mrs. Dale W. Flick
Ms. Mary Anne Flick
Ms. Carrie D. Flye
Ms. M. Catherine Flye
Mr. & Mrs. Chris Folk
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth T. Fore
Dr. Steven R. Fore
Mrs. Maude Forlaw
Ms. Louise Price Formisano
Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Fornes
Dr. W. Davis Fort
Mr. & Mrs. E. Richard Fortanbary
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Fortier
Ms. Thelma H. Foster
Mr. & Mrs. A. Whitfield Fountain
Mr. & Mrs. Arthur G. Fountain
Mr. & Mrs. Richard T. Fountain, Jr.
Mr. Eugene H. Foust, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Earl L. Fowler
Mrs. Katherine A. Foye
Mr. & Mrs. Todd Fraley
Mrs. Frances B. Francis
Mr. Thomas Francomano
Mr. & Mrs. Bart Frankena
Mr. & Mrs. Elwood E. Franklin
Ms. Marietta G. Franklin
Mr. & Mrs. Joe Franzle
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Freeland
Mr. & Mrs. Eddie Freeman
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Freeman
Mr. Ney E. Freeman
Ms. Rachel H. Freeman
Reverend & Mrs. Robert O.
Mr. & Mrs. Roland E. Freeman, Sr.
Mrs. Joan Frickhoeffer
Mr. Robert V. Frierson, Sr.
Mr. & Mrs. J. Kelly Fullen
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Fuller, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Kent Fuller
Mr. W. David Fussell
Mrs. Betty Ann Gable
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas E. Gaffigan
Mr. & Mrs. Frank R. Gailor
Mr. & Mrs. Bob Gallagher
Mr. & Mrs. D. Forest Gallahan
Mrs. Gail G. Gallimore
Mr. & Mrs. Gary D. Galloway
Mr. & Mrs. Elmo Galyean
Ms. Cecelia M. Gambill
Mr. & Mrs. Norman C. Gambrell
Mr. & Mrs. David Gant
Mr. & Mrs. James M. Gardner
Mr. & Mrs. Norman A. Gardner
Mr. & Mrs. A. Jack Garner
Mrs. Ralph C. Garner
Mrs. Blake P. Garrett
Mr. & Mrs. William J. Garrison
Mrs. William P. Garriss
Mrs. Catherine Y. Gartrell
Mr. & Mrs. A. J. Gaster
Mr. Matthew Kevin Gaunt
Mr. G. E. Gauss III
Ms. Doris Geiss
Mr. & Mrs. James E. George
Mr. & Mrs. Maurice H. George
Dr. Kenneth W. Gibbs
Mr. & Mrs. A. E. Gibson
Mrs. Estelle Gibson
Mr. Frank O. Gibson, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Gibson
Mrs. Grace C. Gibson
Mr. & Mrs. James P. Gibson
Miss M. Smithie Gibson
Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Gibson
Ms. Vivian D. Gibson
Mr. & Mrs. John N. Gilbert, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Gillespie
Ms. Amy E. Gillis
Mrs. John McNatt Gillis
Mr.* & Mrs. Robert Gilmore
Mr. & Mrs. Tom Glass
Mr. & Mrs. Gene Glaze
Mrs. George-Anna Glenn
Mr. & Mrs. S. Bailey Glenn, Jr.
Mrs. M. M. Godfrey
Mr. & Mrs. Felton R. Godwin
Mr. & Mrs. Henry Godwin
Mr. & Mrs. Steve Godwin
Mr. & Mrs. Horace Goff
Ms. Nancy Goforth
Mr. & Mrs. William L. Goforth
Ms. Alison Goldstein
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Goldston
Ms. Laurie Golsch
Ms. Linda S. Goltz
Mrs. Susan Q. Goode
Mr. & Mrs. B. H. Goodnight
Mr. & Mrs. Steve Goodnight
Ms. Elaine Goodwin
Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Fountain
Goodwyn, Sr.
Mr. William L. Goodwyn, Jr.
Ms. Marjorie Gootee
Mrs. Alfred Gordon
Dr. Susan Gordon
Mr. Carl Gore
Mr. & Mrs. David J. Gospodarek
Mr. J. Michael & Mr. Patrick
Mrs. Jean H. Graeber
Mr. Robert D. Graham
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald L. Graham
Mr. Tom Graham
Ms. Phyllis Grant
Mrs. Helen H. Gravette
Mrs. Becky Gray
Ms. Marie Gray
Mr. & Mrs. Robin B. Gray
Mr. & Mrs. Gil Graybill
Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Grayson
Ms. Irene Green
Ms. Monica J. Green
Ms. Genora H. Greene
Ms. Julie O. Greene
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Greene
Mr. & Mrs. William Mack Greene
Mr. & Mrs. Bob Greenock
Ms. Myra A. Greer
Ms. Sue Gregory
Mrs. Mildred Grice
Ms. Dorothy W. Grier
Mr. & Mrs. Charles R. Griffin
Mr. & Mrs. Charles W. Griffin
Mr. & Mrs. David G. Griffin
Mr. & Mrs. Haynes Griffin
Mr. Ira L. Griffin, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth M. Griffin
Dr. & Mrs. Marion Griffin
Ms. Martha Griffin
Mrs. Mary S. Griffin
Mr. & Mrs. Paul M. Griffith
Reverend & Mrs. Walter G. Griffith
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph L. Griggs, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. R. C. Griggs
Mrs. Marguerite M. Grimm
Mr. & Mrs. Anthony D. Griswold
Mr. Hollen E. Groff, Jr
Mr. John S. Groff
Reverend & Mrs. Thomas M.
Groome, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Fred W. Grotophorst
Ms. Nancy T. Guiton
Mr. & Mrs. Cyril L. Gulledge
Mr. & Mrs. Douglas L. Gunnell
Mr. & Mrs. Woodrow W. Gunter II
Mr. & Mrs. Bhupender Singh Gupta
Mr. Aubrey T. Haddock
Mr. & Mrs. David B. Hagan
Mr. & Mrs. Irvin R. Hager
Ms. Debra G. Hagler
Mr. B. B. Haigler
Mrs. Jimmy Haire
Mr. Charles H. Hale
Mr. & Mrs. Terrance O. Hale
Mr. Bobby R. Hall
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Hall
Mr. Charles F. Hall, Sr.
Mr. & Mrs. Frank G. Hall, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Franklin G. Hall
Mr. & Mrs. J. Olin Hall
Dr. & Mrs. James S. Hall, Jr.
Mrs. Thelma M. Hall
Mr. & Mrs. Victor C. Hall
Ms. Nancy P. Haller
Ms. Jacqueline Hallowell
Ms. MaJeana Hallstrom
Mr. & Mrs. Robert T. Hambrick, Jr.
Dr. & Mrs. Mike P. Hamby
Mrs. Mildred I. Hamby
Mr. & Mrs. Allen L. Hamilton
Mr. & Mrs. Michael B. Hammons
Mrs. Fay M. Hand
Mrs. Mildred D. Hand
Mr. Moses H. Hand
Ms. Dona Haney
Mrs. Rosemary R. Hannell
Ms. Katherine Hardiman
Mrs. Gay S. Hardin
Mr. & Mrs. Wilford H. Hardin
Mr. & Mrs. Allen E. Hardy
Mr. & Mrs. Edwin C. Hargrave
Mr. & Mrs. M. Cliff Harkey
Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Harling
Mr. Paul Frank Harmon
Mr. & Mrs. Mark A. Harms
Mrs. O’Neal W. Harpe
Mr. & Mrs. James C. Harper, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Harper
Mr. Richard C. Harrell, Sr.
Ms. Shirley W. Harrell
Ms. Susan D. Harrell
Mr. & Mrs. Harry L. Harrelson
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas A. Harriett
Dr. Anthony R. Harrington
Mrs. Eloise Harrington
Mr. & Mrs. John Wayne Harrington
Mr. & Mrs. Kelly Harrington
Miss Virginia Harrington
C. E. Harris
J. Harris
Mr. & Mrs. Joe Harris
Mr. & Mrs. Junius C. Harris, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Leonard H. Harris
Mrs. Martha G. Harris
Ms. Mindy Harris
Mr. & Mrs. James Louis Harrison
Ms. Jane D. Harrison
Mr. Jeff Harrison
Mr. & Mrs. Donald Hart, Jr.
Mrs. Genevieve Hart
Mr. John B. Hart, Jr.
Ms. Frances W. Hartsell
Mr. Lawrence W. Hartsell
Mr. & Mrs. Wesley W. Harvell
Mr. Stephen M. Harwell
Mrs. Carietta B. Haskett
Dr. & Mrs. Charles M. Hassell, Jr.
Colonel & Mrs. Thomas W. Haven
Mr. & Mrs. John R. B. Hawes, Jr.
Dr. & Mrs. Henry C. Hawthorne, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Sam Hay
Mrs. Doris G. Hayes
Ms. Elaine D. Hayes
Mr. & Mrs. George Lewis Hayes
Mrs. Nelle Head
Ms. Ruth D. Heafner
Mr. Walden M. Hearn
Mrs. Marie Hedges
Dr. & Mrs. Joseph R. Hedgpeth
Mr. Barry G. Hedrick
Mrs. Elora Carriker Heffner
Mr. & Mrs. Steven A. Hehr
Ms. Shirley A. Heintjes
Ms. Jess Heizer
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth R. Helms
Mr. & Mrs. Harold Helton
Mr. & Mrs. Marcus G. Henderson
Mr. & Mrs. Ray M. Henderson, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Richard P. Henderson
Ms. Lois Small Hendrix
Ms. Marilyn T. Hendry
Ms. Claire C. Henley
Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Henry
Ms. Karen Hensley
Mrs. Ray Hensley
Ms. Lindsay Henson
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas R. Henson
Mrs. Evelyn K. Hepler
Mrs. Camilla G. Herlevich
Mrs. Willard I. Herring
Mr. & Mrs. Jack M. Hess
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Hester
Mr. Brent Hetland
Mr. Jeffrey Hice
Mrs. Marguerite B. Hickox
Mr. & Mrs. Carl E. Hicks
Mr. Clawson Hicks
Ms. Mabel Billings Hicks
Dr. & Mrs. Larry A. High, Jr.
Ms. Beatrice B. Hill
Mrs. Donese C. Hill
Ms. Elizabeth A. Hill
Mr. & Mrs. Frederick E. Hill
Mrs. Josephine Hill
Mrs. Mary M. Hill
Dr. & Mrs. J. Pack Hindsley, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Todd Hines
Mr. & Mrs. Gope Hingorani
Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Hinkle, Jr.
Mrs. Anna H. Hinson
Mr. & Mrs. Tommie M. Hinton
Mrs. Loretta N. Hipp
Ms. Margaret Hipple
Mr. & Mrs. B. Grant Hitchner, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. James G. Hobbs
Mrs. Mary T. Hobbs
Ms. Marie Hobgood
Mr. A. Lamar Hodge
Mrs. Coley Hodges
Mr. & Mrs. Glenn O. Hodges
Dr. & Mrs. H. H. Hodges
Mrs. Jane Gardner Hodges
Mr. Neal H. Hodges, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. David Hodgin, Sr.
Mr. & Mrs. John G. Hofler
Mrs. Nancy C. Hoggard
Ms. Carolyn A. Holden
Ms. Rebecca B. Holder
Ms. Elizabeth Y. Holding
Mrs. Barbara R. Holland
Mr. & Mrs. Dwayne Holland
Ms. JoAnn Holland
Ms. Melinda Holland
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas M. Holland
Mrs. Margaret H. Hollingsworth
Mr. & Mrs. J. S. Holmes
Mrs. Marjorie R. Holmes
Ms. Dixie Adams Holt
Mrs. Blue L. Honeycutt
Mrs. Sara G. Hood
Mr. & Mrs. Milton S. Hooks
Mrs. Sadie R. Hoover
Mrs. F. Louise Hord
Mr. & Mrs. Harvey M. Horne
Ms. Laura F. Horne
Dr. & Mrs. Roger E. Horne
Dr. & Mrs. Fred R. Horner
Ms. Pamela S. Horrell
Mr. & Mrs. Donald L. Horton, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. James R. Hotz
Mr. & Mrs. James Lee House
Miss Bennie Houston
Mrs. Anne Howard
Mr. & Mrs. John E. Howard, Sr.
Mrs. Kathryn H. Howard
Mr. Robert H. Howard
Mrs. Sarah Parcell Howard
Mr. Bob Howell
Mrs. Edna B. Howell
Dr. & Mrs. John M. Howell
Miss Robbie Howell
Mr. & Mrs. Ben J. Howie
Ms. Carol G. Howie
Ms. Katherine Hoyt
Mrs. Evelyn Hubbard
Mrs. Frances Hubbard
Mr. Ronald R. Hudgins
Ms. Barbara H. Hudson
Mr. & Mrs. Mack Hudson
Mr. William I. Huey
Mrs. Joan Huffstetler
Ms. Jo Anna Hughes
Ms. Myrl Jean Hughes
Ms. Virginia E. Hughes
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas L. Hulsey
Mr. & Mrs. Stanley J. Humienny
Mr.* & Mrs. Harold B. Humphrey
Mr. William B. Humphrey, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. C. William Hunt, Jr.
Mrs. Walter Hunt, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Bynum Hunter
Mr. & Mrs. Edwin Hunter
Mrs. Helen L. Hunter
Mr. & Mrs. M. Hampton Hunter III
Ms. Rebecca D. Hunter
Mr. & Mrs. David Husted
Ms. Margaret Husted
Mrs. Jo H. Hutcheson
Mr. Philip W. Hutchins III
Mr. Chris S. Hutchison
Mrs. Becky Hux
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas E.
Hyatt, Jr.
Ms. Kathleen J. Hynes
Mr. & Mrs. Grady Ingle
Mr. & Mrs. Charles A. Ingram
Mr. & Mrs. James Ingram
Ms. Margaret D. Ireland
Mr. Larry H. Irons, Jr.
Mrs. Martha H. Irving
Mrs. Bertha M. Irwin
Mr. & Mrs. Bobby Ivey
Ms. Betsy J. Jackson
Ms. Carol P. Jackson
Ms. Caroline Jackson
Mr. & Mrs. Dewey Jackson
Mr. & Mrs. Greg Jackson
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph G. Jackson
Mr. Malcolm C. Jackson
Mr. S. Watt Jackson, Jr.
Mrs. Theramae B. Jackson
Mr. Francis B. Jacobs III
Mrs. Mary D. James
Ms. Susan Janiczek
Mr. & Mrs. Billy E. Jenkins
Mr. & Mrs. Ralph L. Jenkinson
Mr. & Mrs. Alexander T. Jennette
Mrs. Harriet Jennings
Mrs. Dalma Lee Jessup
Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Jessup
Miss Sarah E. Jetton*
Ms. Cherry Johnson
Mr. Douglas Wayne Johnson
Mr. & Mrs. Eddie Johnson
Mr. & Mrs. Floyd Johnson
Mr. & Mrs. Francis J. Johnson
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Johnson
Mr. & Mrs. Greg Johnson
Mr. & Mrs. Howard S. Johnson
Mr. J. M. Johnson, Jr.
Mrs. James V. Johnson
Mr. James E. Johnson
Ms. Jane S. Johnson
Mr. John C. Johnson, Sr.
Ms. Judy L. Johnson
Mrs. Kathryn B. Johnson
Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence McN.
Ms. Lovic P. Johnson
Ms. Margaret Johnson
Mrs. Margaret H. Johnson
Ms. Marian G. Johnson
Mrs. Marlene Johnson
Mr. & Mrs. Merwyn S. Johnson
Mrs. Nancy T. Johnson
Mr. & Mrs. William Junker
Ms. Delores B. Just
Mr. & Mrs. Randolph M. Kabrich, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Kadlecik
Mr.* & Mrs. Dick Kalbfleisch
Mr. Stephen Kandel
Mrs. Helen D. Kapps
Mr. & Mrs. Steven J. Kathman
Mrs. Peggie M. Kearney
Mr. Robert Keasey, Jr.
I want to be a fire fighter
Mr. & Mrs. Nathan R. Johnson
Mr. Randall D. Johnson
Mr. & Mrs. Russell L. Johnson
Mrs. Ruth Johnson
Mr. Samuel H. Johnson
Mrs. Sandra P. Johnson
Ms. Shirley Johnson
Ms. Shirley S. Johnson
Mr. & Mrs. William J. Johnson
Ms. Martha P. Johnston
Mr. Ed Jolley
Mr. Clarence Jolly, Jr.
Mrs. Alma C. Jones
Mrs. Bertha H. Jones
Mr. & Mrs. Ivey W. Jones
Mr. & Mrs. Larry Jones
Ms. Luanne Jones
Ms. Patricia M. Jones
Mrs. Rachel Jones
Ms. Vera Jones
Mr. & Mrs. Clarence Jordan
Mr. & Mrs. Max H. Jordan
Mrs. Ruth Freeman Jordan
Mr. & Mrs. Franklin A. Joyce
Ms. Lisa Joyner
Mrs. Lois A. Joyner
M. M. Judy
Mr. & Mrs. Phillip J. Juneau
Ms Dorothy S. Keel
Mrs. Melissa Y. Keel
Mr. William L. Keesler
Mrs. Mary B. Keith
Mr. & Mrs. Henry H. Kellam, Jr.
Ms. Cathie Kelley
Mr. & Mrs. Loren B. Kelley
Ms. Audrey M. Kelly
Ms. Eva R. Kelly
Mr. Robert H. Kelly
Mr. & Mrs. Wilfred M. Kenan
Mrs. Mary M. S. Kennedy
Mr. Richard Steve Kennedy
Reverend & Mrs. Ira K. Kennerly
Mr. Thomas A. Kerns
Mrs. Stuart Verdery Kerr
Mrs. Beverly Key
Ms. Pauline S. Key
Mrs. Mattie R. Keys
Mr. & Mrs. Robert F. Keyser
Mr. & Mrs. Michael D. Kicidis
Mrs. Bettie Y. Kidder
Mrs. Amelia Killian
Mr. & Mrs. Charlie M. Killian, Jr.
Ms. B. Elizabeth Kiltie
Mr. James A. Kimmons
Mr. & Mrs. Carl W. Kimrey
Ms. Annie King
Ms. Bessie P. King
Mrs. Campbell R. King
Mr. & Mrs. Carl H. King III
Ms. Elizabeth T. King
Dr. Jack D. King
Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey M. King
Mr. & Mrs. John C. King
Mr. John H. King
Ms. Leslie A. King
Mr. & Mrs. Merle King
Mrs. Myron King
Ms. Susan King
Mr. & Mrs. W. S. Kingsolver
Mr. & Mrs. Robert D. Kinniburgh
Mr. & Mrs. Charles L. Kirby
Mr. David V. Kirby
Ms. Fonda W. Kirk
Mr. & Mrs. J. E. Kirk
Mr. & Mrs. J. William Kirk
Mrs. Thelma Kirk
Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Kirkland, Jr.
Reverend Charles E. Kirkpatrick
Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Kiser
Mr. & Mrs. Victor B. Kittrell
Mr. & Mrs. David J. Kleiber
Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin G. Klein
Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Klingenschmidt
Ms. Lauretta Klock
Mr. Clarence V. Knight
Mr. John Knight
Miss Anna Lois Knox
Mr. & Mrs. Bobby B. Knox
Mrs. Mary H. Knox
Ms. Judith A. Koelmel
Mr. & Mrs. Donald J. Kohne
Ms. Ann Koppelmeyer
Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence J. Korth
Mr. & Mrs. Scott A. Kremers
Mr. & Mrs. K. J. Krider
Ms. Sharron Krieger
Mrs. Elizabeth Mc. Kroeger
Mrs. Susam M. Kroupa
Mr. & Mrs. Bradley J. Kuegel
Mr. & Mrs. Alan Kuester
Mr. & Mrs. Harold E. Kullman
Mr. & Mrs. Elmer Kumhyr
Mr. & Mrs. Walter C. Kunz
Mrs. Daisy W. Kuzio
Ms. Roni LaBarbera
Mr. & Mrs. Charles F. LaBella
Mr. & Mrs. Ray Lackey
General & Mrs. William D. Lackey
Jem H. Lai
Ms. Mary C. Lail
Ms. Eileen A. Lainson
Mr. & Mrs. Michael W. Lamach, Sr.
Ms. Judy Lambe
Ms. Joan K. Lambert
John & Betty Lynn Gilbert Lambert
Mr. & Mrs. Philip L. Lambert
Mrs. Wilma Ross Lambert
Mr. & Mrs. James Thomas Lamm
Ms. Nancy Lammers
Mr. & Mrs. David E. Lane
Dr. & Mrs. Edgar W. Lane, Jr.
Mrs. Eva M. Lane
Mr. & Mrs. Gene Lane
Mrs. Mary A. Lanear
Mr. & Mrs. Larry Laney
Mrs. Frankie W. Lange
Ms. Jackie Lankford
Ms. Rubye W. Lankford
Mrs. Naomi LaRoque
Mr. & Mrs. Larry Larsen
Mr. J. S. Lauerman
Ms. Tara Lavender
Mr. & Mrs. Gary Lavinder
Ms. Anne E. Leach
Ms. Martha A. Leak
Ms. Diana J. Leathers
Mr. & Mrs. Raymond J. Leavee
Mr. & Mrs. Walter Lederer
Ms. Betty B. Lee
Ms. Elizabeth B. Lee
Mrs. Harmon M. Lee
Ms. Janet D. Lee
Mr. Randall W. Lee
Mr. & Mrs. Robert R. Leech
Mr. Maurice K. Lefler
Mr. & Mrs. L. Karl Legatski
Mrs. Carole Lemon
Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas R. Lenaeus
Mr. & Mrs. James H. Lenhart
Mr. & Mrs. John T. Lentz
Mr. Richard J. Lentz
Mr. & Mrs. Robert S. Lentz
Mr. & Mrs. Morton W. Lester
Mr. & Mrs. Harry D.
LeTourneau, Jr.
Mr. George LeVander, Jr.
Ms. Doris C. Lewis
Ms. Jane A. Lewis
Mr. & Mrs. Leland D. Lewis
Mrs. Priscilla A. Lewis
Mr. & Mrs. Roger D. Lewis
Ms. Bettie Liffrig
Mr. Edward G. Ligon
Mr. & Mrs. Roddey M. Ligon, Jr.
Dr. & Mrs. Richard V. Liles, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Lilly
Ms. Claire M. Lincoln
Mrs. Laurie P. Lindsay
Mr. & Mrs. T. C. Lindsay, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Roger E. Lindsey
Mr. & Mrs. Bobby D. Lineberger
Mrs. Grace Ward Lingerfeldt
Mrs. Elaine M. Linn
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas E. Lipe
Mr. George W. Lipscomb
Mr. & Mrs. Marion Lipscomb
Mr. & Mrs. Cecil Little
Mr. & Mrs. James T. Little
Mr.* & Mrs. William E. Little
Mr. & Mrs. William D. Little
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Liuzzo
Ms. Frankie Livingston
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Llewellyn
Mrs. Rexine Kelly Lloyd
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald A. Lochbaum
Mr. & Mrs. Drew Lockhart
Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Loftis
Dr. & Mrs. Bobby A. Lomax
Mr. & Mrs. Clyde A. Long, Jr.
Mrs. Hazel G. Long
Ltc. Joseph H. Long
Mr. & Mrs. R. M. Long
Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Long
Mr. & Mrs. William A. Long
Mrs. Kingsland B. Loughlin
Mr. John N. Louttit
Mr. Charles Love
Mr. & Mrs. Ralph D. Lovin
Mr. & Mrs. Ed Lowder
Mr. & Mrs. John Spencer Lowe
Mrs. Wilma S. Lowe
Mrs. Dorothy H. Lowery
Mr. John Lucas
Mr. & Mrs. John Lunsford
Mrs. Mary K. Lyons
Mr. & Mrs. Murray Lyons
Ms. Jean T. MacArthur
Dr. & Mrs. Robert J. Macaulay, Jr.
Reverend Malcolm Maccubbin
Mr. & Mrs. E. L. MacDonald III
Mr. Jim MacDonald
Ms. Anna M. MacGregor
Mr. S. Mitchell Mack
Mrs. E. J. Mackley
Mrs. Katherine O. MacMillan
Mrs. Elizabeth C. Maddux
Mrs. Nancy Madliger
Mr. & Mrs. Joe Magee
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph A. Mahaffey
Mr. George P. Maier
Mrs. Carolyn J. Mallard
Mrs. Pattie Mallison
Mr. & Mrs. Roswell Mallory, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Samuel D. Maloney
Mr. & Mrs. Robert S. Maner
Mr. & Mrs. John K. Maness
Ms. Ruby Maness
Mrs. Catherine N. Mangum
Mr. & Mrs. Julian Mann III
Mr. & Mrs. J. R. Manning, Jr.
Mr. William E. Manning
Mr. & Mrs. Robert P. Manno
Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Marino
Dr. & Mrs. James R. Markello
Mrs. Louise Bradshaw Markle
Mr. & Mrs. Fla A. Marks
Ms. Sybil C. Marks
Mrs. Mary Marlow
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald L. Marlow
Ms. Peggy H. Marshall
Dr. David T. Marshburn
Ms. Gladys S. Marshburn
Dana C. Marske
Mrs. Dan W. Martin
Mr. & Mrs. Hall A. Martin
Mr. & Mrs. Leroy B. Martin III
Mrs. Lois L. Martin
Mr. & Mrs. Neal Martin
Mr. Phillip H. Martin
Mr. & Mrs. W. Robert Martin
Mr. & Mrs. J. Wayne Martindale
Reverend & Mrs. Richard T.
Mrs. Katie C. Marvin
Ed & Joanne Marz
Mrs. Anna M. Mason
Ms. Anne H. Mason
Mr. James L. Mason, Jr.
Mrs. Jean F. Mason
Mr. & Mrs. John C. Mason III
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Mason III
Miss Trudy S. Mason
Ms. Marion F. Matthews
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Matthews
Mr. Michael V. Matthews
Mr. & Mrs. William Matzkevich
Mr. & Mrs. H. C. Mauney
Ms. Rose K. Maurer
Mr. Thomas M. Mayfield, Jr.
Ms. Terri J. Mayhew
Mr. & Mrs. Michael T. Maynard
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen A. Mayo
Ms. Connie McAdams
Mr. & Mrs. John W. McAden, Jr.
Mr. A. L. McAlexander
Mrs. Caldwell G. McAlister
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph A. McArthur
Mrs. Margaret S. McArthur
Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. McArthur
Ms. Grace C. McBride
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas F. McBride
Ms. Jo Renee McCachren
Mr. William K. McCachren
Mrs. John L. McCain
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Lee McCain
Mr. & Mrs. Ben W. McCall
Ms. Carolyn McCall
Mr. James H. McCall, Jr.
Ms. Jane H. McCall
Ms. Melanie P. McCall
Mr. & Mrs. Walter F. McCall
Mr. & Mrs. James M. McCarl
Reverend Carole R. McCartney
Ms. Bobbie M. McCaskill
Mrs. Elinore F. McCaskill
David E. & Betty C. McCaw
Mrs. Gloria B. McClintock
Mrs. Joyce Kelly McClure
Mr. & Mrs. William H. McClure
Ms. Angela McConnell
Mr. & Mrs. Harry J. McConnell, Sr.
Mr. & Mrs. David McCord
Ms. Deborah McCord
Mr. & Mrs. Jerry R. McCorkle
Mr. & Mrs. George W. McCormick
Mrs. Fred D. McCoy
Mr. Edward M. McCue
Mrs. Joyce D. McGee
Mrs. Coline T. McGehee
Mrs. Dorothy C. McGehee
Mr. & Mrs. Charles L. McGill
Mr. Jack B. McGirt
Mr. & Mrs. Shannon McGlamery
Ms. Barbara McGrew
Mr. & Mrs. Patrick McGuire
Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. McGuirt
Mr. Curtis McInnis
Mr. Daniel F. McInnis
Mr. & Mrs. Julian H. McIntyre
Ms. Karen Goelzer McKaig
Mrs. Margaret L. McKay
Dr. William P. McKay
Mrs. Anyce McKee
Ms. Ann McKenzie
Mr. Freddie McKenzie
Ms. Sue B. McKenzie
Mr. & Mrs. Leon R. McKusick
Mr. & Mrs. Mike McLain
Mr. & Mrs. R. W. McLain
Mr. & Mrs. John B. McLaughlin
I want to make movies
Mrs. Audrey McCullen
Mr. & Mrs. Ron McCullough
Mr. & Mrs. Jim McDade
Mr. & Mrs. Mallory S. McDaniel
Mr. & Mrs. Randy McDaniel
Mr. & Mrs. J. Archie McDiarmid
Mr. & Mrs. F. M. McDonald
Ms. Hilda M. McDonald
Mr. Lee R. McDonald
Mr. & Mrs. Charles A. McDougal
Mrs. Jean T. McDowell
Mr. J. Vann McDuffie
Mr. & Mrs. Arch McFadyen
Mr. & Mrs. George A. McFadyen
Mr. & Mrs. Al McFalls
Mrs. Jean McFarland
Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. McFayden
Mr. Bob McFerren
Mrs. Laura McLaughlin
Mrs. Edna L. McLaurin
Mr. & Mrs. Clarkson B. McLean
Mr. R. C. McLean
Ms. Betty M. McLeod
Mr. & Mrs. Joe M. McLeod
Mr. Neill McLeod
Mr. & Mrs. Randall A. McLeod
Mr. & Mrs. Bobby McMannen
Mrs. Kathryn D. McMeans
Mr. & Mrs. Marshall K. McMullen
Mr. & Mrs. Ed McNair
Ms. Ethel B. McNair
Mr. William D. McNaull
Ms. Abbie McNeill
Mr. & Mrs. J. R. McNeill
Mr. & Mrs. Lewis McNeill
Ms. Sarah McPhaul McNeill
Mr. & Mrs. William G. McPheat
Mrs. Maxine W. McPherson
Ms. Mary M. McQueen
Mr. F. L. McRackan
Mrs. Priscilla I. McRee
Mr. & Mrs. David W. Mead
Ms. Mary H. Mead
Mrs. Athene P. Meads
Ms. Ann Medlin
Mrs. Dorothy Medlin
Ms. Hilda B. Medlin
Ms. Kathleen Y. Meffert
Dr. Josephine T. Melchior
Mr. & Mrs. John K. Mellen
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel W. Mellinger, II
Ms. Brenda H. Meredith
Ms. Kendra Merlet
Ms. Claire A. Merritt
Mr. & Mrs. Paul J. Merritt, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Ralph M. Mesel
Mr. & Mrs. Paul S. Metters
Mr. & Mrs. John M. Mewborn, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Louis B. Meyer, III
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Meyer
Mr. & Mrs. John I. Michaels, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Dewey Michelle
Ms. Frances M. Middleton
Mrs. Loretta W. Midgett
Dr. John C. Midgley
Mr. & Mrs. Sherif G. Mikhael
Mrs. Carol Miles
Ms. Grace W. Miles
Carroll Miller
Dr. & Mrs. Grover C. Miller
Ms. Jessie Miller
Ms. Kristy R. Miller
Mr. & Mrs. L. Dent Miller
Mr. & Mrs. Paul F. Miller
Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Millican
Mr. & Mrs. Charles C. Mills
Mr. & Mrs. Gary Mills
Ms. Margaret King Mills
Mrs. Vendetta W. Milner
Mr. & Mrs. William Milner
Mr. & Mrs. Aubrey W. Milstead
Mr. Alan Misenheimer
Reverend & Mrs. Kay Moser
Mr. Joe P. Mitchell
Mrs. Marilyn Thies Mitchell
Mr. Joseph P. Mitchener, Sr.
Mr. John Mitterling
Ms. Georgia Mixon
Mr. Larry W. Mobley
Mrs. Helen M. Mohan
Ms. Lulu B. Moller
Ms. LaVera R. Monroe
Mr. & Mrs. W. Dallas Monroe
Mrs. Mary O. Monte
Mr. & Mrs. Russell Montfort
Ms. Rebecca P. Montgomery
Mr. & Mrs. Charles J. Moore
Mrs. Edna M. Moore
Mrs. Emily H. Moore
Mrs. Geraldine Moore
Reverend Lardner C. Moore
Mrs. Pat S. Moore
Mr. & Mrs. Peter F. Moore
Mr. Robert L. Moore
Dr. & Mrs. Robert M. Moore
Ms. Sandra W. Moore
Mrs. Stella J. Moore
Mr. W. R. Moore
Mr. & Mrs. Wade M. Moore
Ms. Brenda Moorefield
Ms. Barbara M. Moretz
Mr. Bruce J. Morgan
Captain & Mrs. F. Tyler Morgan, Jr.
Mrs. Gene H. Morgan
Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Morgan
Mr. Jeff F. Morgan
Mrs. Lydia H. Morgan
Reverend Molly D. Morgan
Mr. & Mrs. Street Morgan
Mr. & Mrs. W. Paul Morgan
Mr. & Mrs. Charles G. Morris
Mrs. Lou B. Morris
Mr. Boyce M. Morrison
Mrs. Judy G. Morrison
Mr. Payton A. Morrison, Sr.
Ms. Sheryl Morrison
Reverend & Mrs. William H.
Dr. Sarah T. Morrow
Mrs. Shirley Morrow
Ms. Willa Dean Morrow
Mrs. Jane T. Morton
Miss Lene T. Morton
S. W. Moses
Ms. Elizabeth Ann Moss
Mr. Harold D. Motts
Mr. Robert L. Moul
Mrs. Byrd L. Mount
Ms. Judith F. Mountjoy
Mrs. Mary Lee Jones Mousel
Ms. Bonnie M. Mullen
Mr. & Mrs. Graham Mullis
Mr. & Mrs. John B. Mullis
Mrs. Julia T. Mullis
Mr. & Mrs. Leon O. Mullis
Mrs. Matilda O. Mullis
Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Mullis
Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Munguia
Ms. Ashley B. Murphey
Mr. & Mrs. Scott Murphy
Mr. William A. Murphy
Mr. & Mrs. Donald Murray
Mr. & Mrs. John Murray
Ms. Susan R. Murray
Reverend & Mrs. N. Samuel
Mr. Robert Musselwhite
Mr. & Mrs. James C. Myers
Mrs. Nell Myers
Mr. & Mrs. Richard O. Myers
Ms. Emily Nantz
Mr. Freddie R. Nantz
Mrs. Pearl Elizabeth Nash
Mr. & Mrs. Marx S. Nathan
Ms. Catherine D. Neal
Ms. Lillian Neal
Mr. Drew B. Nealeans
Mr. Vann A. Nealeans
Ms. Cynthia Neel
Mrs. Esther W. Neel
Mr. & Mrs. John B. Neely, Jr.
Dr. & Mrs. Richard D. Neidinger
Mrs. Althea W. Nelson
Mr. & Mrs. David L. Nelson
Ms. Helen F. Nelson
Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Nelson
Mrs. Sara Nestler
Ms. Joyce A. Newton
Mrs. Scotty Nicholls
Mr. & Mrs. Cheyney A. Nicholson
Ms. Jennie Nicholson
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen P. Nicholson
Mrs. Ellese O. Nickles
Mrs. Carolyn S. Nisbet
Mr. & Mrs. J. M. Nisbet
Mr. & Mrs. J. Scott Nisbet
Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Nisbet
Mr. & Mrs. Melvin G. Nixon, Sr.
Ms. Sharon Noble
Mr. & Mrs. Robert F. Noblett
Mr. & Mrs. C. R. Noegel
Mr. & Mrs. Eugene P. Noris
Mrs. Elizabeth B. Norman
Mr. & Mrs. Robert P. Norris
Mrs. Faye W. Norton
Mr. & Mrs. N. T. Norville
Mr. Charles L. Norwood
Ms. Hilda S. Norwood
Mr. & Mrs. Robert P. Nutter
Mr. Warren Nye
Ms. Sheila S. Oates
Mr. & Mrs. Harold F. O’Brien
Mrs. Alice Odell
Mr. & Mrs. Terry L. Oglethorpe
Ms. Harriette G. O’Hair
Mr. Donald Carson Oldham
Ms. Betsy Ann Olive
Mr. Perry Olive
Mr. & Mrs. Clarence W. Oliver
Dr. & Mrs. J. B. O’Neal, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Oscar A. Oregar
Ms. Jacqueline P. Orr
Mr. & Mrs. William M. Orr, Jr.
Ms. Pat Osborne
Ms. Adeline H. Ostwalt
Mr. & Mrs. John A. Otten
Mr. & Mrs. Linwood H. Overby
Ms. Martha Overby
Mr. & Mrs. Dale M. Overcash
Ms. Elizabeth A. Overcash
Mr. & Mrs. Dan Page
Mr. & Mrs. J. Earl Page
Ms. Betty H. Palmer
Mr. & Mrs. Henry H. Palmer
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas E. Pangborn
Mr. & Mrs. Charles T. Pappendick
Mr. & Mrs. Bruce R. Park
Mrs. Blanche K. Parker
Mr. & Mrs. David P. Parker
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Parker
Mrs. Samuel L. Parker
Mr. & Mrs. William R. Parker
Mr. & Mrs. Donald Parks
Mr. Jack F. Parks
Mr. & Mrs. Richard E. Parris
Mr. Robert C. Parrish
Mr. Roy T. Parrish
Mr. & Mrs. William J. Parrish
Dr. & Mrs. Larry H. Parrott
Mrs. Eliza M. Paschal
Reverend & Mrs. Herbert H. Pate
Mr. & Mrs. Howard B. Pate, Jr.
Mrs. Martha A. Pate
Mr. & Mrs. Marvin D. Patillo
Mr. Earl L. Patrick
Mr. & Mrs. Paul E. Patton
Mr. & Mrs. Charles M. Paty, Jr.
Ms. Mary P. Paul
Mr. & Mrs. James L. Peacock
Dr. & Mrs. Latham C. Peak
Ms. Ruth B. Peake
Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin M. Pearce
Mel Pearce
Mr. Robert G. Pearce
Mr. & Mrs. Peter C. Pearsall
Mr. & Mrs. J. Norman Pease, Jr.
Mrs. Faith C. Peaseley
Mrs. J. L. Peeler
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph W. Pegram
Mr. James D. Pender
Mr. & Mrs. Roger L. Pennell
Mr. & Mrs. Dick L. Pensinger
Mr. & Mrs. Francis D. Pepper, Jr.
Ms. Dixie H. Perez
Ms. Mildred Perrell
Dr. & Mrs. Jack Perry
Mr. & Mrs. John Perry
Mr. & Mrs. Jones C. Perry
Ms. Ola Mae Perry
Mr. Arthur C. Peters
Mrs. Frances Peters
Ms. Nettie Peterson
Mr. Tom Peterson
Mr. & Mrs. Timothy P. Peticca
Ms. Lena A. Petrea
Mrs. Edward M. Petrie
Ms. June Pettigrew
Mr. Roger T. Petty
Ms. Barbara Pharr
Ms. Anna Marie Phillips
Mr. Ellis E. Phillips, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. J. D. Phillips
Mr. Joe W. Phillips
Ms. Nancy C. Phillips
Mr. & Mrs. Paul V. Phillips, Jr.
Mr. Raymond J. Phillips
Robbie Phillips
Mrs. Sue S. Phillips
Mr. & Mrs. William E. Pickard
Mr. & Mrs. G. Dick Pierce
Mrs. Marie L. Pierce
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen F. Pierson
Mrs. Cynthia Pinion
Mr. & Mrs. E. Piraino
Mrs. Teresa Piselli
Ms. Rebecca B. Pitchford
Ms. Susan W. Pitt
Ms. Martha Ann Pittman
Mr. & Mrs. Michael K. Pittman
Mr. & Mrs. Paul H. Pittman, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Samuel Lane Pittman III
Mr. William H. Pittman
Mrs. Mildred L. Plaster
Mr. & Mrs. William H. Platts, Jr.
Mr. Jerry V. Plummer
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph D. Plunkett
Mr. & Mrs. Beal B. Plyler, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Michael B. Podesta
Mr. & Mrs. George S. Pollard
Ms. Marjorie Pollard
Ms. Anna Mae Pollock
Mrs. Ruby Clark Pons
Dr. & Mrs. James M. Poole
Mr. & Mrs. John G. Poole
Mrs. Susan Rader Poole
Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Poore
Mrs. Helen P. Pope
Dr. & Mrs. Robert C. Pope
Mr. & Mrs. Robert H. Pope, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. William Paul Pope, III
Mr. Bronwyn C. Poplin
Mrs. Doris W. Porter
Mrs. Elizabeth L. Porter
Mr. Richard C. Porter
Mrs. Kate H. Post
Ms. Georgia B. Potter
Ms. Mary E. Potter
Dr. Ronald S. Potts
Mr. Harry W. Powell
Mrs. Katherine B. Powell
Dr. William C. Powell
Mr. Charles F. Powers, II
Mrs. Martha B. Powers
Mr. & Mrs. Royce Poythress
Mr. & Mrs. Michael M Pratt
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Prendergast
Mr. & Mrs. Nollie C. Pressley
Mr. & Mrs. W. Richard
Mrs. Anita A. Pressly
Ms. Meghan L. Price
Mr. & Mrs. Mott E. Price
The Price Family
Mr. & Mrs. Walter E. Prillaman
Mr. & Mrs. Jim Pritchard
Reverend Raymond Privott
Mrs. Tracey E. Prochaska
Ms. Carol M. Proctor
Mr. Charles Propst
Ms. Doris Setliff Pruitt
Mrs. Eula Pugh
Mrs. Madeline Purcell
Mrs. Elizabeth R. Puryear
Ms. Elizabeth W. Quaiff
Mr. Louis D. Quin
Dr. & Mrs. Heath K. Rada
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Ralston
Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Ramsey
Mr. & Mrs. Samuel L. Ramsey
Ms. Mary Rand
Mr. S. R. Ransdell, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. William T. Ranson, Jr.
Mr. Mervin R. Ratchford
Mr. & Mrs. C. Frank Rawls, Jr.
Mrs. James D. Ray, Jr.
Dr. Carole A. Rayburn
Mrs. Robert W. Rayburn
Mr. R. Ben Rayford
Mr. & Mrs. Rodney Readling
Miss Alice C. Reaves
Ms. Kathryn R. Reaves
Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin Reckendorf
Ms. Shirley J. Reddick
Ms. Charlotte H. Redmond
Mr. & Mrs. Brent Reed
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Reed
I want to be a world traveler
Ms. Bonnie L. Reese
Mr. & Mrs. James M. Reeves
Mr. & Mrs. William W. Regen
Ms. Laurie M. Register
Mrs. Betty Jo Smith Reid
Mr. & Mrs. Jack R. Reid
Mrs. Nancy M. Reid
Ms. Nancy Renea
Mr. & Mrs. William O. Renfroe
Mrs. A. Jean Rericha
Mr. & Mrs. H. Stone Reynolds, Jr.
Mr. Lamer H. Reynolds
Ms. Stacey Neel Reynolds
Mrs. Virginia N. Rhoades
Mr. William K. Rhodes
Ms. Kathi A. Rich
Ms. Carol L. Richard
Dr. & Mrs. Ferry E. Richards
Mrs. Julia M. Richards
Ms. Betty M. Richardson
Mrs. Etta Richardson
Dr. & Mrs. G. Irvin Richardson
Reverend & Mrs. Leland A.
Reverend & Mrs. Homer T.
Mrs. Caroline Riddle
Mrs. Lucy Lane Riddle
Mr. & Mrs. Monroe H. Ridenhour, III
Ms. Patsy S. Ridgeway
Mr. Alton H. Ridgway
Mrs. Marian A. Rippy
Mr. & Mrs. Charles M. Ritchie
Ms. Mary Jane Rivers
Ms. Mildred M. Rivers
Mr. & Mrs. Lester Roark
Mr. Hawk Robbins
Dr. & Mrs. Thurlow R. Robe
Mrs. Mary Hadge Roberson
Mr. & Mrs. Charles N. Roberts
Ms. Claudette Roberts
Reverend Earle D. Roberts
Mr. & Mrs. Edward S. Roberts
Mrs. Helen S. Roberts
Ms. Susan E. Roberts
Ms. Susan Fore Roberts
Mr. Virgil Bruce Roberts, Jr.
Mr. Wayne B. Roberts
Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Robertson
Mr. & Mrs. William C. Robertson, Sr.
Mr. & Mrs. Bill J. Robinson, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Frank T. Robinson
Mrs. Jeannette D. Robinson
Mr. Rodney E. Robinson
Ms. Dorothy E. Rochester
Mr. John H. Roddey, Jr.
Dr. Laura & Dr. H. Winslow
Rogers III
Ms. Janet K. Rogers
Mr. William H. Rogers
Mr. Ivon D. Rohrer, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. David Rokes
Mr. & Mrs. Robert G. Roland, Jr.
Reverend William Rolland
Ms. Barbara Romano
Mr. Craig Fredrick Romeo & Dr.
Roshnara Singh
Ms. Patricia S. Rorie
Mr. & Mrs. Jack E. Roseberry
Ms. Alta M. Roseman
Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. Rosenkoetter
Mrs. Angeline J. Ross
Mr. & Mrs. Gilbert L. Rosser
Mr. & Mrs. Reggie Rosser
Mr. & Mrs. William D. Rothwell
Mrs. Louise H. Rouse
Mr. Leslie Howard Row, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Alan Rowe
Mr. Christopher Rowe & Ms.
Carol Richard
Mrs. Sue Wilson Rowell
Mr. & Mrs. Marion C. Rowland, Jr.
Mrs. Pat Kerr Rowlett
Mr. Walter C. Rowley
Mrs. Virginia C. Royall
Mr. William F. Royster
Mrs. Joyce Ruark
Mr. & Mrs. Dana H. Rucker III
Mr. & Mrs. Aubert L. Ruddell
Ms. Sue Alice Ruddock
Mr. & Mrs. William K. Rudolph
Mrs. Winnifred B. Rush
Ms. Esther K. Rusmisel
Mr. Don Russ
Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Russell
Mr. & Mrs. Merrill Russell
Mrs. Miriam Russell
Mrs. Sandra Russell
Mr. Richard C. Rutherford
Mr. & Mrs. Barry Ryall
Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. Ryals
Dr. & Mrs. David C. Sabiston, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Peter I. Sahhar
Mr. Kareem A. Saleeby
Ms. Jane S. Sampson
Ms. Karen Keeton Sanders
Mr. & Mrs. O. Sam Sanders
Mr. & Mrs. Sam L. Sanders
Reverend Wilburn M. Sanders
Mr. & Mrs. Henry E. Sands
Mrs. Betty J. Sargent
Ms. Dorothy Saunders
Ms. Myra J. Scarboro
Mr. & Mrs. Tim Schaap
Mrs. Lee Scheirer
Mr. & Mrs. Mike Scheppele
Mr. & Mrs. Harvey H. Scheuer
Mrs. Linda B. Schrock
Ms. Karen Schroeder
Mr. & Mrs. John Frederick Schultze
Mr. & Mrs. James M. Schwartz
Ms. Ann B. Scism
Mr. & Mrs. Jack L. Scism
Mrs. Bobbie P. Scott
Ms. Brenda Scott
Mrs. Joan R. Scott
Ms. Mildred M. Scott
Ms. Pamela A. Scott
Mr. & Mrs. Ray M. Scott, Jr.
Reverend & Mrs. Steve W. Scott
Mr. & Mrs. William J. Scott
Mr. & Mrs. Michael E. Seagroves
Mr. & Mrs. Greg Seamster
Mr. & Mrs. Donald R. Searcy
Mr. Calvin Sears
Mr. & Mrs. Brian E. Seeley
Mrs. Robert M. Seeley
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Seifert
Mrs. Betsey Blades Selig
Mr. Stoney D. Sellars
Mr. & Mrs. Bobby L. Sells
Mrs. Josephine C. Sells
Ms. Beatrice S. Setliff
Ms. Mary E. Settle
Mr. & Mrs. Bobby R. Setzer
Mr. & Mrs. Dennis R. Setzer
Mr. & Mrs. James R. Severs
Mr. & Mrs. Philippe Sevin
Mr. & Mrs. William T. Sewing
Mr. Steven M. Shaber
Ms. Dorothy H. Shade
Dr. & Mrs. Ross E. Shaffer, Jr
Mr. & Mrs. B. E. Shannon
Mr. & Mrs. Frank E. Sharer
Mr. Robert E. Sharpe, Sr.
Mr. George W. Shaw
Mr. Kevin P. Shea
Mrs. Elizabeth T. Sheegog
Mrs. Mary M. Shelby
Mr. & Mrs. C. I. Shelkofsky
Mr. & Mrs. William R. Shenton
Mr. & Mrs. Bruce M. Sheridan
David & Kirby P. Sheridan
Ms. Gwen Sherman
Ms. Willie Mae Sherrick
Mr. & Mrs. Henry M. Sherrill
Mr. & Mrs. Woodford A. Sherrill
Reverend Ethan C. Sherrod
Mr. & Mrs. Alan Sherrow
Mr. Don Shew
Mr. & Mrs. Allen Shifflet
Mrs. Elizabeth Shinn
Mr. & Mrs. Hal Shinn
Mr. & Mrs. David B. Shippee
Mr. Jeff Shoe
Ms. Phillis Shoemaker
Mr. Robert Dale Shoemaker
Ms. Linda G. Sholtz
Mr. & Mrs. Zeb Shook
Mrs. Mary C. Shore
Buffa W. Short
Mr. & Mrs. Russell H. Shouse, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Ray B. Shrum
Mr. Patrick D. Shue
Mr. & Mrs. Forrest H. Shuford II
Mr. William B. Shuford
Miss Eleanor F. Shull
Mrs. Elizabeth Shumate
Mr. & Mrs. N. Sidden
Mrs. Mildred M. Siderman
Mr. & Mrs. Herbert Silbert
Mr. & Mrs. David C. Silden
Ms. Lynne Simeon
Mr. & Mrs. Robert F. Simon
Ms. Patti Simons
Mr. Alexander D. Simpson
Ms. Janice H. Simpson
Mr. Roy Edwin Simpson, Sr.
Dr. & Mrs. Robey T. Sinclair, Jr.
Ms. Ruth Sinclair
Ms. Gene Singer
Leith Singletary
Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Sink
Mr. Clifford A. Skelton
Mr. Frank R. Slaughter
Mrs. Pat Sliwinski
Mr. & Mrs. George A. Sloan
Ted & Judy Sloan
Mr. & Mrs. John V. Sloat
Mrs. Mona Smalley
Mr. & Mrs. Lenny T. Smathers
Mr. & Mrs. Michael T. Smid
Mrs. Aileen Smith
Mr. & Mrs. Allen J. Smith
Mr. & Mrs. C. Donald Smith
Mrs. Carolene K. Smith
Mr. & Mrs. Charles W. Smith, Jr.
Mr. Charlie Smith
Mr. & Mrs. Clyde H. Smith
Mr. & Mrs. Donald Smith
Mr. & Mrs. Donald T. Smith
Mrs. Dorothy Smith
Mr. & Mrs. Edward I. Smith
Reverend & Mrs. Gerald Smith
Mrs. Harold L. Smith
Mr. James E. Smith II
Mr. & Mrs. Jerome W. Smith
Mr. & Mrs. Jesse L. Smith
Mr. & Mrs. John Smith
Mr. Johnny C. Smith
Mr. Joseph P. Smith
Mr. & Mrs. Lamar Smith
Mrs. Lois M. Smith
Ms. Margaret Smith
Mr. & Mrs. Myron Smith
Ms. Nancy Eason Smith
Ms. Phyllis B. Smith
Mrs. Rebecca H. Smith*
Mrs. Ruby T. Smith
Ms. Sandra Herrick Smith
Mr. Stephen J. Smith
Mrs. Zannie T. Smith
Ms. Jewel Smyre
Mr. & Mrs. Ray W. Snell
Mrs. Shirley B. Snell
Mr. & Mrs. Eddy L. Snow
Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Snow
Mr. & Mrs. Rodger Snyder
Ms. Marian K. Solleder
Mr. & Mrs. Walter G. Somerville, Jr.
Dr. & Mrs. Richard L. Sommers
Mrs. Emma W. Sommerville
Mr. & Mrs. Curtis A. Southard
Mr. & Mrs. Robbie Southerland
Mr. & Mrs. Winton Southerland
Ms. Mary A. Sowers
Dr. & Reverend Thomas C. Spangler
Mr. & Mrs. Milton G. Spann, Jr.
Ms. Janice K. Sparrow
Mrs. Monie Sue Spell
Mrs. Charlotte Speltz
Mrs. Brownie P. Speros
Mr. & Mrs. Walter Barry Spicer
Reverends Rick & Delores
Spielman, Jr.
Mr. James U. Spring
Mrs. Eli B. Springs
Mr. & Mrs. Marvin Spruill
Mr. & Mrs. George W. Stacey, Sr.
Mr. & Mrs. C. W. Stacks
Emilian & Lorraine Stadnyk
Mr. James L. Stafford*
Mrs. Elizabeth J. Stahl
Ms. Jean E. Stainback
Mrs. Elizabeth H. Stallings
Ms. Fairy Stallings
Mr. & Mrs. B. L. Stancil
Mr. & Mrs. Harold Stanfield
Mr. & Mrs. John D. Stanley
Mr. & Mrs. William H. Stanley
Mrs. Myra Stanton
Mrs. Doris Starling
Mrs. Sybil M. Starnes
Dr. & Mrs. H. Frank Starr, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. G. Richard Staunch
Mr. John F. Steele
Mr. & Mrs. Steve Steele
Mrs. Elva B. Stephens
Mrs. Mildred Stephens
Ms. Nina C. Stephens
Mrs. Gilbert D. Stephenson
Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan P. Steppe
Mr. Charles H. Stevens
Mr. & Mrs. Charles W. Stevens
Ms. Irene W. Stevens
Mrs. Margaret J. Stevens
Mr. Mark T. Stevens
Mr. & Mrs. David Stevenson
Ms. Deanna E. Stewart
Mr. Ray Stewart
Mr. Steven E. Stewart
Mrs. Elizabeth B. Stieglitz
Mr. James S. Stilwell
Reverend Jamie D. Stimson
Mrs. Gloria Stipp
Mr. & Mrs. Howard D. Stitt
Ms. Ruth D. Stoddard
Reverend E. Lee Stoffel
Ms. Charlotte Stone
Mrs. Loraine K. Stone
Dr. & Mrs. John R. Streb
Ms. Martha M. Strickland
Dr. Ernest Stricklin
Mrs. George T. Stronach
Mrs. Swaim Craig Strong
Mr. David R. Stubbs
Ms. Elizabeth Stulz
Mr. & Mrs. Harold J. Sturdivant
Mr. Joe E. Sturdivant
Mr. & Mrs. Johnny E. Stutts
Ms. Janie Styers
Ms. Mary Sugg Styres
Ms. Ann B Styron
Mr. Jack G. Suddreth
Mrs. Frances Adams Sullivan
Mr. & Mrs. John R. Summerlin
Mr. & Mrs. W. Reid Summers
Mrs. Grace Giles Surles
Ms. Carol L. Susann
Dr. & Mrs. George H. Sutcliffe
Mr. & Mrs. Frank W Sutterlin, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Billy G. Sutton
Mr. & Mrs. James M. Sutton
Mr. & Mrs. W. S. Swaim
Mrs. Ann Vann Sweet
Mr. & Mrs. Conrad D. Swick
Mr. Daniel A. Swindell
Mr. & Mrs. Vance L. Sykes
Ms. Helen H. Tallent
Mr. George L. Tally
Mrs. Vera L. Talton
Mr. & Mrs. Thornton P. Tappy
Mrs. Janie M. Tarlton
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Tarlton
Mrs. Nancy Tate
Ms. Sarah Lindsay Tate
Ms. Phyllis E. Tavel
Mr. Alvin B. Taylor
Mr. & Mrs. D. K. Taylor, Jr.
Mr. Eddie W. Taylor
Mr. & Mrs. Michael G. Taylor
Mrs. Rebecca Taylor
Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. Taylor
Ms. Susan S. Taylor
Ms. Virginia Taylor
Mr. & Mrs. Eric L. Tellefsen
Mr. & Mrs. Landis M. Temple
Mr. & Mrs. Barry K. Templeton
Mr. & Mrs. William H. Templeton
Mr. & Mrs. Charles E. Terhune
Mr. & Mrs. Charles R. Terry
Mr. & Mrs. Bennie Thacker
Mr. & Mrs. Gilliam B. Tharpe
Mrs. Irene R. Thigpen
Mr. & Mrs. James W. Thomas, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. James L. Thomas
Mrs. James R. Thomas
Nikki C. Thomas
Mr. & Mrs. Roany B. Thomas
Mr. & Mrs. Russell S. Thomas
Ms. Susan E. Thomas
Chaplain William L. Thomas
Mrs. Willie D. Thomas
Mrs. Clara B. Thomason
Dr. & Mrs. Glenn C. Thomason
Mr. & Mrs. Raymond B. Thomason
Mr. & Mrs. Charles P. Thompson
Mr. & Mrs. Dinks Thompson
Ms. Dorothy K. Thompson
Mr. J. Russell Thompson
Mr. & Mrs. James T. R. Thompson
Mr. & Mrs. John W. Thompson, Jr.
Reverend Joseph Thompson
Ms. Marie Choate Thompson
Ms. Martha F. Thompson
Mr. & Mrs. Reuben D. Thompson IV
Mr. & Mrs. S. Duane Thompson, Jr.
Ms. Tammy Thompson
Mr. & Mrs. Thermond E. Thompson
Ms. V. Ruth Thompson
Mr. & Mrs. Jimmie Thorne
Mr. John J. Thrower, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Charlie L. Tingen
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Todd
Mrs. Sarah L. Todd
Mrs. Mildred C. Tolar
Ms. Linda G. Tomlin
Mr. & Mrs. Donald J. Toney
Ms. Marie Toney
Ms. Phyllis J. Tonnacliff
Mr. & Mrs. Deryl W. Torbert
Dr. & Mrs. Winston Tornow
Mrs. Georgia C. Towns
Ms. Jill M. Townsend
Ms. Anne P. Trego
Dr. & Mrs. G. Earl Trevathan, Jr.
Mrs. John E. Trevvett, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Troutman
Mr. & Mrs. John B. Troxler
Mrs. Rosemary Troxler
Mr. & Mrs. William H. Troxler, Jr.
Mr. Robert S. Troy, Jr
Ms. Mary R. Trucks
Ms. Nancy L. Truluck
Mr. & Mrs. W. R. Tryson
Mr. Michael Tsitouris
Mr. & Mrs. Fred J. Tucker, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. L. Campbell Tucker
I want to Be an interior designer
Ms. Mary C. Tucker
Mrs. Phyllis F. Tucker
Mr. Rodney D. Tucker
Ms. Barbara Turner
Ms. Dianne P. Turner
Mr. Elliott Lee Turner, Jr.
Ms. Miriam A. Turner
Mr. & Mrs. Roy Turner
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas P. Turner, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. W. B. Turner
Mrs. Mae H. Turpin
Ms. Elsie L. Tyler
Ms. Edith H. Tyndall
Professor & Mrs. Mack Tyner, Jr.
Mrs. Geraldine Tyren
Mrs. Betty Tysinger
Ms. Ruth H. Tyson
Mr. & Mrs. Karl Uhlig
Mr. & Mrs. Hamilton P.
Underwood, Jr.
Ms. Sallie S. Vallereux
Mr. & Mrs. Albert Van Dorp
Mrs. Marie T. Van Pelt
Ms. Allyson K. Van Wyk
Mr. & Mrs. William J. Vanderlip
Mr. & Mrs. Odell W. Vaughn
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph R. Veasey
Ms. Dianne L. Veenstra
Ms. Barbara Ventyers
Ms. Bonnie A. Vest
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas L. Vick
Mrs. Eileen S. Vickers
Mr. & Mrs. James J. Vickery
Mrs. Abby Vinez
Mr. & Mrs. William Vinson
Dr. & Mrs. Paul E. Viser
Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence D. Vitez
Mr. & Mrs. David V. Vollmar
Mrs. Virginia S. Von Seth
Mrs. Elizabeth W. Wackerhagen
Mr. & Mrs. Donald Rube Waddell
Ms. Ruth Waddell
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Waddington
Mr. & Mrs. Alton P. Wade
Mr. & Mrs. L. Vincent Wade
Ms. Susan Wade
Mrs. Berta L. Walker
Mr. Edward W. Walker
Mr. & Mrs. John N. Walker
Mrs. Lola Walker
Mrs. Rosalind Walker
Mr. & Mrs. James Wall
Mr. & Mrs. James O. Wall
Ms. Paula Wallace
Ms. Peggy Wallace
Ms. Terri Wallace
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas L. Wallace
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas N. Wallin
Ms. Maxine Wally
Mrs. Albert Walser
Ms. Etta Walser
Mrs. Doris W. Walsh
Dr. & Mrs. Michael F. Walsh
Mr. & Mrs. William Norvel Walsh
Mr. & Mrs. H. H. Walston
Ms. Charlotte Walton
Mr. & Mrs. R. O. Walton, Jr.
Pat Wannamaker
Mrs. Annie H. Ward
Mr. B. Thomas Ward, Jr.
Dr. & Mrs. Calvin L. Ward
Ms. Iris C. Ward
Ms. Jennifer J. Ward
Ms. JoAnne W. Ward
Ms. Katherine Ward
Mr. Leonard Ward
Mr. Marvin S. Ward, Jr.
Ms. Susan W. Ward
Mr. & Mrs. W. Dace Ward
Mr. & Mrs. William F. Ward, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Yates D. Ward
Mrs. Carolyn G. Warlick
Ms. Patricia Warlick
Ms. Peggy D. Warlick
Mr. & Mrs. Charles H. Warner, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. John Allen Warren
Ms. Elaine C. Watkins
Mr. & Mrs. Terry Watt
Mrs. Rosa Lee Watters
Ms. Mary L. Watts
Mrs. Blanche L. Wayboer
Mr. & Mrs. Wayne A. Waylett
Ms. Shirley S. Waynick
Mr. & Mrs. Howard C. Weast
Mr. & Mrs. Norman Weatherly
Ms. Jeanne Weaver
Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey W. Weavil
Mr. & Mrs. Glenn T. Webb
Mr. & Mrs. John E. Webb
Mr. & Mrs. John E. Webb
Mr. & Mrs. Michael L. Webb
Mr. & Mrs. Randolph Webb
Mr. & Mrs. Robert H. Webb, Jr.
Mrs. Viola Olivene Webb
Mr. & Mrs. Samuel Weir
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas H. Weir, Jr.
Mr. Rylan C. Weisner
Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd W. Welborn
Mr. C. Ronald Welch
Mr. & Mrs. William J. Welch
Ms. Regina S. Welsted
Mr. & Mrs. John G. Wester
Mr. George D. Wetherill
Ms. Regina D. Whaley
Mr. & Mrs. Richard L. Wharton
Mrs. Melba B. Wheeler
Ms. Linda Whicker
Mrs. David P. White
Ms. Doris T. White
Mr. & Mrs. E. Anthony White
Mr. Harry L. White
Mrs. Helen B. White
Mrs. Judy M. White
Mr. & Mrs. Ken White
Mr. & Mrs. O. Wendell White
Mrs. Seth White
Mr. & Mrs. Wilburn D. White
Mr. & Mrs. Andrew O. Whiteman
Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Whiteman, Jr.
Ms. Carolyn Whitener
Ms. Mary Mac Whitener
Mr. Owen H. Whitfield
Mr. John B. Whiting
Mr. & Mrs. Douglas B. Whitley
Mr. James D. Whitley II
Mr. & Mrs. Olin C. Whitley
Ms. Wanda Whitlow
Mr. & Mrs. Steven Wicks
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth G. Wiggins
Dr. W. J. Wiggs
Mr. & Mrs. William M. Wilcox, Jr.
Mrs. Frank C. Wilkinson
Mr. J. C. Wilkinson
Ms. Katherine M. Wilkinson
Mr. Stan Wilkinson, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Emerson Willard
Mr. & Mrs. Martin S. Willard
Dr. Ben R. Willeford, Jr.
Ms. Anna Ruth Williams
Mr. & Mrs. C. D. Williams
Ms. Donna Williams
Mr. & Mrs. Ernest R. Williams, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. John Williams
Mr. John A. Williams, Jr.
Mr. John S. Williams, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. M. R. Williams
Ms. Patricia Williams
Dr. & Mrs. Paul F. Williams
Ms. Rosemary Williams
Mr. & Mrs. Roy D. Williams
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas W. Williams, Jr.
Mr. Clarence O. Williamson, Jr.
Mrs. Hilda Williamson
Mr. & Mrs. William J. Williamson, Jr.
Ms. Carolann Connor Willingham
Mr. & Mrs. Marvin H. Willis
Ms. Virginia H. Willis
Mrs. Alice Edmondson Wilson
Mr. & Mrs. Boyd E. Wilson, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Carey D. Wilson, Jr.
Ms. Charlotte H. Wilson
Ms. Dolores W. Wilson
Reverend Edward C. Wilson
Mr. & Mrs. Jack L. Wilson
Mr. James A. Wilson
Reverend & Mrs. James K.
Mr. Joseph W. Wilson
Mrs. Peggy O. Wilson
Mr. Robert C. Wilson
Mr. & Mrs. Steven M. Wilson
Mr. & Mrs. Tom G. Wilson
Mr.* & Mrs. Harry Wimbish
Mr. & Mrs. Linwood L. Winbourne
Ms. Janice Winchester
Mr. & Mrs. William E. Windham, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. K. Shawn Winfree
T. Latane Winfree
Mr. William Winfree, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Bruce A. Winner
Ms. Judy K. Winslow
Ms. Raye Winstead
Mr. & Mrs. William H. Winston
Mr. & Mrs. E. James Wisner
Mr. Bruce M. Wold
Jeff Wolfberg & Alla Ostrovsky
Mr. & Mrs. Richard W. Wolfe
Mr. & Mrs. C. Thomas Wood
Ms. Corlis J. Wood
Ms. Melanie A. Wood
Mrs. Nancy T. Wood
Mr. Sabert D. Wood, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. William Z. Wood, Jr.
Mr. Billy T. Woodard
Dr. & Mrs. R. Scott Woodmansee
Ms. Betty A. Wooten
Mr. & Mrs. Earl D. Wooten
Mr. & Mrs. James Work
Mr. & Mrs. Rex Worrell
Mr. & Mrs. Robert H. Worth, Jr.
Ms. Doris H. Wright
Dr. Elizabeth Ann Wright
Mrs. Faye P. Wright
Mrs. Florence F. Wright
Mr. & Mrs. John S. Wright
Mrs. Layne M. Wright
Mr. Melvin O. Wright
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald F. Wright
Ms. Barbara B. Wynne
Mrs. Debra Xedus
Dr. Benjamin H. Yarborough
Mrs. Elizabeth Yarborough
Mr. & Mrs. Dan G. Yates
Mr. Wilbur X. Yerton
Mr. & Mrs. Lauren W. Yoder
Mrs. Edith B. Yopp
Mr. & Mrs. Theodore York
Ms. Hilda Willis Yost
Mr. & Mrs. Fred Younce
Ms. Annie W. Young
Mr. & Mrs. Harry Young
Mr. & Mrs. Clifford A. Younger
Ms. Karen W. Younts
Mrs. Marguerite M. Zagora
Ms. Elizabeth Taylor Zipf
* denotes deceased
Estate of:
Mrs. Mary Lore Brown
Mrs. Patricia B. Davis
Miss Hazel D’Orange
Mrs. Ann Augusta Rogers Frank
Mr. James W. Martin
Mr. William B. Moore
Mrs. Helen Parks
Mr. Douglas W. Swink
Rebekah Carpenter Fund for
Rick Cross Memorial
Milton James Gaskill Memorial
Annie Hartsell & James Perry
Gray, Sr. Memorial Endowment
Miss Leigh Elizabeth Nisbet
Memorial Endowment
Flake F. Steele, Jr. Endowment Fund
Irma W. & Joseph H. Thompson
Memorial Endowment
Agnes T. McCallum Trust,
Richmond, VA
Arthur M. Ingold Trust,
Bernard C. Barnes Trust, Dallas, TX
C. H. Hopkins Trust, Charlotte
C. Lee Knox Trust,
C. P. & Ruby Robertson Trust,
Carl Hodgson Trust Fund,
North Wilkesboro
Caroline Wood Miller Trust,
Diamond Trust, Statesville
Edward H. Little Trust, New York, NY
Elizabeth Hampton Davidson
Memorial Trust, Jeffersonville, IN
Elsie Curtis Alexander Charitable
Fund, Charlotte
Emma F. Whitman Trust, Concord
Grace M. Batten Trust,
Jeffersonville, IN
H. L. Shuey Trust, Dallas, TX
J. N. Ingram Trust Fund,
Jeffersonville, IN
James Douglas Bernhardt Trust,
Providence, RI
John & Helen Morrison Trust,
John Mack Walker Jr. Trust,
Jeffersonville, IN
Joseph F. Cannon Christmas
Trust, Charlotte
Kate B. Reynolds Trust,
L. C. Wagner Trust,
Lois Hogg Charitable Lead
Annuity Trust, High Point
Margaret C. Woodson Foundation,
Margaret Johnston Vance Trust,
Margaret S. Williamson Trust,
Martha Woodard Davis
Charitable Trust, Wilson
Mary G. Riggins Trust (Wilkinson),
McCoy Moretz Trust,
Jeffersonville, IN
Minnie Stowe Puett Trust, Dallas, TX
Rufus D. Wilson, Jr. Trust, Dallas, TX
W. J. Williams Trust, Charlotte
W. M. Andrews Trust, Fairmont
William Frank Hall, Jr. Trust,
Amentra, Inc.
American Tower Corporation
Architectural Railings & Grilles, Inc.
Bank of America
Bank of America Matching
Gifts Program
Bealer Wholesale, Inc.
Bell South Matching Gift
Bi-Lo Charities, Inc.
Bufkin & Company
Burchfield Insurance Group, Inc.
Captain Telegram, Inc.
I want to drive race cars
Ceres Transportation Group, Inc.
Charlotte Express Center, Inc.
The Chris Anthony Team, Inc.
Citizens South Bank
Consolidated Vending Services, Inc.
Cool Comfort Heating & Air
Conditioning Company
Crescent Resources, LLC
Crouch Brothers, Inc.
The Daily Reflector
Data Line Consulting Services
Dellinger Building Supply, Inc.
Denver Construction Company
Duke Energy Nuclear Plant
Duplin Winery
Ed Jolley & Associates, Inc.
Elmer’s Products Inc.
Equity Commercial Properties
First Charter Bank
FLH Holdings LLC
Food Lion, Inc.
Fred’s Pallet Company
Gillooly, Inc.
GlaxoSmithKline Foundation
Hampton Road Grocery
Harris Teeter, Inc.
Hospira Employee Giving Program
Jerry Gregory & Associates
Joe Gibbs Racing, Inc.
Keller Williams Realty
KW Cares
Lake Norman Chrysler Jeep
Lake Norman Custom Glass, Inc.
Lake Norman Medical Equipment, Inc .
Lake Norman Realty, Inc.
Lee Boy
Maestro Travel, Inc.
The Mega Force Staffing
Group, Inc.
Midrex Technologies, Inc.
Oakbrook Solutions Inc.
Pal-A-Roos Child Development
Pfizer Foundation Matching
Gifts Program
Premier Alliance Group, Inc.
R. T. Dooley Enterprises, LLC
S & D Coffee, Inc.
Scenic Homes Marketing, LLC
Security Plus, Inc.
St. Paul Travelers Foundation
Strategic Staffing Solutions
Surf & Turf
Taylor Oil Company
Tek Systems
Veolia Environmental Services
Vertical Management Systems, Inc.
Wachovia Foundation Matching
Gifts Program
Wachovia Wealth Management
Yadkin Valley Bank
Barium Springs Alumni
Barrington Place Residents,
Charlotte Camellia Society,
Garden & Gab Club, Wilson
Harnett County Department on
Aging & Elderly Nutrition,
Holiday Benefit Concert, Statesville
Idiot’s Open Golf Tournament,
Kannapolis Area Presbyterian
Men, Kannapolis
Lake Norman Charter School,
Lynnhaven Middle School,
Virginia Beach, VA
Mitchell Community College,
Mooresville Lake Norman
Newcomers Club, Sherrill’s Ford
North Mecklenburg Women’s
Club, Huntersville
Precepter Chi Chapter-Beta
Sigma Phi, Corryton, TN
Statesville Women’s Club,
Whiteville Womens Civic
League, Whiteville
Annie Jack Foundation, Wilmington
Arlene L. & Gerome R. Gerber
Family Foundation, Syracuse,
Blake P. Garrett, Sr. Foundation,
Fountain Inn, SC
David Belk Cannon Foundation,
Duke Endowment, Charlotte
Griffin Family Foundation,
Hambrick Memorial Foundation,
J & TH Wilson Foundation, Lenoir
J. F. Hurley Foundation, Salisbury
John William Pope Foundation,
M & J Foundation, Inc., Goldsboro
Nivison Family Foundation, Raleigh
O. H. Rankin Foundation, Charlotte
Ravenel B. Curry Foundation,
New York, NY
Shugart Family Foundation,
Sullivan Foundation, Charlotte
Trexler Foundation, Charlotte
Campaign Donors
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Adams
Mr. Charles W. Adkins
Alamance Presbyterian Church
Presbyterian Women-Faith,
Hope & Love Circle, Greensboro
Mrs. Eleanor Alexander
Mr. & Mrs. Steve Alston
Mr. & Mrs. John Ammons
Mr. & Mrs. W. Warren Arnett
Mr. & Mrs. Bobby Austin
Mrs. Betty J. Averitt
Mr. & Mrs. Perry Bailey
Mr. Sidney E. Bailey
Mrs. Joan Balfour
Barium Springs Alumni Association
Paul C. & Elsie V. Barnes
Mrs. Charlotte Barney
Mrs. Amy P. Barnhardt
Mr. J. C. Barnhardt, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Jacob McIntyre
Mr. & Mrs. Tom Barnhardt, III
Mr. & Mrs. Larry G. Batts
Mrs. Martha P. Baucom
Mr. & Mrs. W. Joseph Beavers
Belk Foundation, Charlotte
Ms. Kathryn H. Bell
Mr. Kenneth A. Bell
Mr. & Mrs. M.B. Bing
Mrs. Robena H. Black
Dr. & Mrs. James N. Blackerby, Jr.
Mr. Graham Blake
Dr. & Mrs. Robert A. Blake
Mr. Frank Blalock Jr.
Ms. Mary Boardman
Ms. Jo Boggs
Ms. Dianne Martin Boik
Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Bounous
Miss Becky S. Bowden
Mr. & Mrs. Ed Boyette
Mr. & Mrs. James P. Branden
Ms. Catherine K. Breeden
Mr. & Mrs. Charles A. Bregier, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Victor Briscoe
Mr. & Mrs. Sydney P. Britt
Ms. Peggy Ann Byrd Brooks
Mr. Mack P. Brown
Mr. Robert O. Brown
Dr. & Mrs. Edwin L. Bryan
Mr. & Mrs. Hugh F. Bryant
Mr. & Mrs. Bob Buckner, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Harry Buehl
Mr. & Mrs. L. Henry Bullard
Mr. & Mrs. James E. Bunnell
Mrs. Sandra Burgess
Mrs. Tina Burgess
Mr. & Mrs. W. D. Burgess
Dr. Calvin Ray Burleson
Mrs. Lila Burney
Reverend Constance Button
Mr. Steve Cagle
Mrs. Mary Stewart Calhoun
Mr. & Mrs. Holt F. Callaway, Jr.
Mrs. Julia Clendenin Callaway
Mr. & Mrs. Lewis A. Canter
Mr. & Mrs. Sean Capparuccia
Mr. Bob Chandler
Mrs. Marilyn Chester
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald A. Chislaghi
Mrs. Evelyn B. Choate
Ms. Dorothy C. Clayton
Mr. & Mrs. Vance Clayton Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Cargill Cole
Mr. & Mrs. Lewis C. Coleman
Mr. & Mrs. Roy A. Cooper III
Mr. Roy A. Cooper Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Boyce Cox
Mr. & Mrs. Howard R. Cox
Mr. & Mrs. J. T. Crawford
Crutchfield Family Foundation,
Mr. & Mrs. Fred P. Culbreth
The Cumbie Family
Mrs. Jane C. Cunningham
Mr. & Mrs. Cromer H. Curtis
Ms. JoAnn Darby
David Belk Cannon Foundation,
Davidson College Presbyterian
Church, Davidson
Mr. J. Roy Davis
Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Dick
Mr. & Mrs. Henry Dieffenbach
Dr. Franklin G. Dill
Mr. & Mrs. Harry M. Donaldson
Ms. Paula M. Donaldson
Mr. Merritt A. Donnell
Mr. & Mrs. Jerry M. Drumm
Mr. & Mrs. Alan W. Duncan
Mr. John J. Eakins
Mrs. Jane Eakle
Ms. Hazel M. Emmerling
Mr. & Mrs. Ciro Errichiello
Ms. Billie Erwin
Mr. James D. Everett
Mr. & Mrs. William G. Faris
Mr. Thomas M. Faw
Mrs. Sarah C. Feely
Mr. Neil Ferguson
Ms. Mary Anne Flick
Ms. Doris J. Flowers
Mrs. Wanda Floyd
Mr. William L. Foster Jr.
Mrs. Katherine A. Foye
Mr. & Mrs. Archie Gabriel
Mr. & Mrs. Douglas B. Gardner
Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Gaunt
Ms. Doris Geiss
Dr. & Mrs. Stuart W. Gibbs
Miss Eula E. Godwin
Mr. William I. Goewey
Ms. Marie Gray
Mr. & Mrs. Carl B. Grayson, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. W. Richard Grey, III
Mr. & Mrs. David J. Griffin
Mr. W. H. Griffin
Mr. & Mrs. Paul M. Griffith
Dr. & Mrs. Charles Gunn
Mr. & Mrs. Robert T. Hambrick, Jr.
Mrs. Mildred D. Hand
Mrs. Fay L. Haralson
Mrs. Amos R. Hardy
Mr. H. E. Hardy, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. William H. Harkins, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. John Wayne Harrington
Mr. Henry M. Harris
Mrs. Mary J. Hart
Dr. & Mrs. Joseph R. Hedgpeth
Mr. & Mrs. G. Houston Helms, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. John R. Hicks
Paul & Karen Hinkle
Mrs. Minnie B. Holt
Mr. & Mrs. James C. Hoover
Mrs. Virginia J. Horn
Reverend & Mrs. Paul A. Horne
Dr. & Mrs. Fred R. Horner
Mr. & Mrs. Craig Horsman
Mrs. Kathryn H. Howard
Mrs. Edna B. Howell
Mr. & Mrs. Nathaniel A. Howell
Mr. Ronald R. Hudgins
Reverend Edsel M. Huffstetler
Ms. Virginia E. Hughes
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Hultberg
Mrs. Elizabeth Hunt
Mrs. Bonnie Trent Ingle
Mr. & Mrs. L. S. Inscoe, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Howard S. Irvin
Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Jackson
Mr. Francis B. Jacobs, III
Ms. Jane Jennings
John William Pope Foundation,
Mr. & Mrs. Ira Kimbrell Johnson
Mr. & Mrs. Jimmy Lee Johnson
Mr. & Mr. Grower Jones
Mr. & Mrs. Dick Kalbfleisch
Mr. & Mrs. Don S. Kelly
Mr. James A. Kimmons
Mrs. James A. King
Mr. & Mrs. L. Richardson King
Mrs. Valeria C. King
Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin G. Klein
Mr. & Mrs. John E. Koppelmeyer
Ms. Judy Shealy Kuceswsky
Mr. & Mrs. Walter C. Kunz
Mr. & Mrs. Costi Kutteh
Mr. & Mrs. Lantham E. Latta
Ms. Elizabeth B. Lee
Mr. John M. Lennon
Mr. & Mrs. Karl O. Leuthner
Mrs. Edith Powell Lewis
Mr. George W. Lewis
Mr. Fred E. Little, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. William D. Little
Mr. & Mrs. R. M. Long
Mrs. Ruby C. Long
Mr. & Mrs. Rufus A. Long
Mr. & Mrs. Ralph D. Lovin
Lowe’s Charitable & Educational
Foundation, Mooresville
Mr. William Lybrand
Mr. David MacCallum
Ms. Janice Mack
Mr. & Mrs. Nolan B. Mackey
Mr. & Mrs. James C. Mahony
Mr. Jack A. Mangum
Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Mattocks II
Mr. Robert W. May
Mr. John Edsel McArthur
Mrs. Margaret M. McCarty
Reverend Graham C. McChesney
Mr. Charles G. McClure Jr.
Mrs. Joyce Kelly McClure
Ms. Leora C McElroy
Ms. Margaret McIver
Mrs. Margaret L. McKay
Mr. & Mrs. Mike McLain
Mr. & Mrs. James R. McLester
Mr. & Mrs. Bobby McMannen
Mrs. Kathryn D. McMeans
Reverend Mary C. McNeal
Mrs. Frances Lowrance McNeely
Mr. & Mrs. Shearin L. McPhail
Mrs. Eleanor Meech
Mercantile County Bank, Elkton, MD
Mr. & Mrs. S. Russell Mickle
Mr. & Mrs. James C. Miller
Mr. & Mrs. Hugh M. Milton
Mr. Joe P. Mitchell
Mr. & Mrs. Larry G. Monroe
Ms. Joan Morgan
Mr. & Mrs. Ken Morgan
Ms. Frances Morisey
Mr. & Mrs. J. Ben Morrow
Mrs. Frances C. Moseley
Mr. Robert L. Moul
Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Moye
Mr. & Mrs. David K. Murray
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas E. Murray
Mr. & Mrs. Bob Neill
Dr. C. Louise Nelson
Mr. J. Tipton Nicholson
Mrs. Elizabeth B. Norman
Mr. & Mrs. Harry B. Northrup
Mr. & Mrs. Dan Noyes
Mr. & Mrs. Verne F. Noyes
Mr. & Mrs. James L. Odum
Mrs. Nina Berryhill Overman
Ms. Michele Palladino
Mr. & Mrs. Don Patterson
Mr. & Mrs. Lee H. Peery
Mr. & Mrs. Dick L. Pensinger
Mr. & Mrs. Dan Phillips
Dr. & Mrs. George H. Pierson, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Ashmead Pringle
Mr. David Pitser
Dr. & Mrs. James M. Poole
Reverend & Mrs. Scott M.
Poole, Sr.
Mr.Harry W. Powell
Presbyterian Foundation of
Lumberton, Inc, Lumberton
Dr. & Mrs. J. J. Priester
Ms. Myrtle Pringle
Mrs. Katie Mae Dunn Propst
Ms. Leeannah T. Rachel
Ms. Velma C. Ratcliffe
Mr. & Mrs. Gene Rees
Mr.Joseph R. Reese
Mr. & Mrs. Rick Rhyne
Mrs. Lynn W. Richardson
Mr. Jerry Ridenhour
Mr. & Mrs. Alan Robson
Mrs. Lucy Troutman Rochelle
Mr. Javan H. Rogers
Mrs. Sue Wilson Rowell
Mr. & Mrs. Edward Russell
Mr. & Mrs. Don Schieve
Ms. Susan Jane Schmitt
Ms. Sallie W. Scott
Sedgefield Presbyterian
Church, Greensboro
Mrs. Betsey Blades Selig
Ms. Rebecca Sexton
Mr. Harry Shackelford
Reverend & Mrs. Grant M.
Ms. Kathryn G. Sherard
Mr. John M. Sherrill
Mr. & Mrs. Tony D. Sizemore
Mrs. Brenda Blake Skinner
Mr. & Mrs. James F. Sloan
Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. Sloan
Mr. & Mrs. Bill P. Smith
Roscoe L & Helen V Smith
Mrs. Maria S. Smithson
Mr. & Mrs. Milton G.Spann, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. J. H. Sparger
Mr. & Mrs. Richard C. Spears, Jr.
Mrs. Charlotte Speltz
Mrs. Brownie P. Speros
Mr. & Mrs. Alston W. Stafford, Jr.
Dr. & Mrs. Ronald Stanley
Dr. Joseph F. Steelman
Mr. John Steffen
Mr. & Mrs. W. Paul Stephenson, Jr.
Mrs. Margaret J. Stevens
Mr. & Mrs. William E. Stowe, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. James D. Stuart
Mrs. Jane K. Studstill
Ms. Carol L. Susann
Mr. & Mrs. Carey M. Swann, III
Mr. & Mrs. William C. Thacker
Third Presbyterian Church,
Ms. Mary W. Thomas
Mrs. Glenda Thompson
Mr. Donald N. Tillman
Toter, Inc., Statesville
Mr. & Mrs. Roy Turner
Ms. Theresa Underwood
Mr. & Mrs. Walter D. Underwood, Jr.
Mr. Jimmy D. Vicars
Mr. & Mrs. Claude U. & Helen M.
Voils, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Harold T. Waddington
Mr. Stephen C. Wallace
Mrs. Doris W. Walsh
Mr. B. Thomas Ward Jr.
Mrs. Carolyn G. Warlick
Mr. L. David Warlick, Jr.
Dr. Charles E. Warner
Reverend Connie S. Weaver
Mr. & Mrs. W. D. Whisenant, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. J. Graham White
Mr. & Mrs. Ken White
Mr. & Mrs. Murray White Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Whittle
Mr. & Mrs. C. D. Williams
Mr. & Mrs. Boyd E. Wilson, Jr.
Dean & Patsy Wilson
Mr. William W. Wilson
Mr. & Mrs. William E. Windham, Jr.
Mrs. Katie Wireman
Mr. & Mrs. James Work
Mr. Melvin O. Wright
Mr. & Mrs. Bill D. Yarbrough
Mr. & Mrs. Jerry K. Young, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Clifford A. Younger
Mr. & Mrs. Dick Zande
In-Kind Donors
Todd & Candi Abramson
Gina & Rick Addison
Henry, Karen & Austin Albert
Mrs. Ruth Alexander
Alphagraphics- Robert Reed,
Al’s Family Farm, Ft. Pierce, FL
Always in Bloom, Cornelius
Architectural Railings & Grilles
Allison Dula, Charlotte
Mr. Lance Armstrong
ASSE Student Exchange
Program, Statesville
Axion America, Archdale
Bass Pro Shop, Concord
Mr. Jim Beckley, Vero Beach, FL
Ms. Amy Bender
Berea Baptist Church, Mooresville
Bessemer City Presbyterian
Church, Bessemer City
Boatwright Trucking Company,
Alma, GA
Mr. Andrew Bocker & Family
Mr. Brian Brady
Mr. Scott Brettin
Broad Street United Methodist
Church Youth, Statesville
Susan & Joe Brooks
Tracy & Natalie Brown
Brownie Troop # 169, Mooresville
Bruester’s, Statesville
Jackie & Tracy Bryant
Byrums General Store, Charlotte
Business Today, Concord
Linda & Bobby Caddell & Family
Cake Design- Michelle Crawford,
Cannon Middle School Student
Council-Jill Letchworth, Concord
Cape Fear Presbyterian Church,
Carolina Panthers, Charlotte
Carolina Restaurant Group-Quint
Graham, Charlotte
Allen & Emily Cartee
Ms. Judy Carter
David & Elizabeth Cathcart
Central Cabarrus High School Civics
Class, Midland
Charlotte Bass Masters-Pete
Towery, Charlotte
The Charlotte Knights, Charlotte
Mr. Mike Chatham
Ms. Alison Chavez
Cheerwine/ Carolina Beverage
Company, Salisbury
Chick-fil-A, Statesville
Children’s Community School,
Ms. Beth Christenbury
Susan & Chris Christianson
Christies Hallmark, Mooresville
Circle K-Mitchell Community
College-Gail Elmore, Statesville
Miss Abby Cloer
Coca-Cola Bottling Company
Consolidated, Charlotte
Donna & Greg Cochrane
Mr. Tim Collins
Cool Breeze Cyclery-Steve
Doolittle, Mooresville
Ms. Ashley Cosby
Ms. McKenzie Cox
Mr. Charlie Craveling
Crossroads Church, Concord
Ms. Irene Cucurullo
Kisha & Scott Curtis
Curves, Troutman
Ms. Donna Davenport
Davidson College Presbyterian
Church, Davidson
Mr. Eric Davis
Mr. Ken Davis
Dawn & Doug DeLoach
Derrico Construction Corporation,
Melbourne, FL
Discount School Supply,
Spreckels, CA
Mrs. Freda Donaldson
Dressler’s Restaurant-John
Glenn, Huntersville
DSC Logistics, Huntersville
Duke Energy Employees,
Mr. Guy Eakes, Sr., Cherryville
Eastfield Presbyterian Church,
Eez Fusion Sushi-Marcus Hall,
Elmer’s Products, Inc. Statesville
Energy United, Statesville
Estates & Homes, Charlotte
Ms. Renee Fellner
Finley Chiropractic Center,
The Firm Real Estate Staff,
First Baptist Church, Mooresville
First Presbyterian Church,
First Presbyterian Church Senior High Youth Group,
First Presbyterian Church,
First Presbyterian Church,
Bret & Michelle Fisher
The Fisherman’s Friend, Kannapolis
Fitness Today, Statesville
Nancy & Rob Floyd
Food Lion #0701, Troutman
Ms. Pam Foris
Ms. Kimberly E. Fox
Fruitful Ministry-Archie &
Lynelle Lane, Vero Beach, FL
Archie & Judy Gabriel
Galatia Presbyterian Church
Circle #2, Fayetteville
Girl Scout Troop #647
Golden Corral, Mooresville
Golden Corral, Statesville
Grace Covenant Academy,
Mrs. Tonda Gregory
Griffin Brothers - Larry Griffin, Jr.,
Ms. Jeanne Guerin
Mr. Aubrey Haddock
Carol & Jim Harwell
Rene & Jay Harwell
Ms. Traci Harwell
Havana Social Club & Ballroom
Josh Hurley, Cornelius
Ms. Betsy Hazelton
Ms. Elna Hedgepeth
Hickory Grove Presbyterian
Church, Charlotte
Ms. Nancy Hilton
Homes & Lands, Charlotte
Hope Baptist Church, Lincolnton
Ms. Amy Hossord
Mr. Ken Howiler
Mr. Ronald Hudgins
Ms. Courtney Paige Hummel
Huntersville Presbyterian
Church, Huntersville
Donald & Alise Hyatt
Iredell Memorial Hospital Phar
macy Employees, Statesville
It’s Fashion, Statesville
Jamestown Presbyterian
Church, Jamestown
J. C. Steele & Sons, Statesville
Jerry’s Bait & Tackle, Charlotte
Jobear/Warden Construction,
Palm Bay, FL
Journey Church, Cornelius
The William John Family
Ms. Michelle Johnson
Kathy & Mike Johnston
Kapital Accumulations, Charlotte
Karsten America, Troutman
Dr. Neil Kassman
Mr. Robert Keasey, Jr.
Mr. Michael Keough
Kimono Japanese Restaurant
Mr. Jae Park, Clemmons
Knight McGuire Association,
Inc., Vero Beach, FL
Knight’s Stadium, Charlotte
Lake Norman Business Group,
Lake Norman Custom Glass
Rick West, Mooresville
Lake Norman High School
Keywanettes, Mooresville
Lake Norman Medical
Equipment-Allen Brawley
Lake Norman Times, Mooresville
Lakeshore Elementary School
Second Grade Class, Mooresville
Lakeside Family Physicians,
Jesse Leadbetter
Legend’s Espresso Bar &
Sweets, Mooresville
Richard & Andrea Lima
Lion’s Jewelers, Charlotte
Locust Presbyterian Church, Locust
Lowe’s Home Improvement
Distribution Center, Statesville
Mr. Joe Magee
Mallard Creek Presbyterian
Church-Presbyterian Women,
Mr. & Mrs. Phillip Mann
Marquee Cinemas, Beckley, WV
Mr. Michael V. Matthews
Ms. Joyce Maylone
Ms. Lane McCabe
McCar Homes, Charlotte
Linda McDonald, Inc. – Ms.
Linda McDonald, Charlotte
Ms. Claudia McGlothlin
Ms. Judie McGuirk
Angela & Robert McKenzie
Mrs. Linda McLester
Bobby & Louise McMannen
Meadowlake Presbyterian
Church, Huntersville
Merle Norman, Statesville
Ms. Sharon Mims
Ms. Shirley Moore
Mooresville-Lake Norman New
comers Club, Sherrill’s Ford
Mrs. Gale Moose
Ms. Julia Moyer
MVB Engineering, Vero Beach, FL
Names in a Hurry, Fort Mill, SC
Pampered Chef- Heather Moore,
Parkway Presbyterian Church,
Ms. Silva Parra
Jeanne & Dick Patterson
Deidre & Aaron Pavlick
Peace Presbyterian Church,
Ms. Pilar Pedersen
Peninsula Yacht Club - Julie
Towson, Cornelius
Philadelphia Presbyterian
Church, Mint Hill
Phillip’s Lures, Gaines, PA
I want to be an artist
New Friendship Presbyterian
Church-Presbyterian Women,
New Hope Ministries,
Vero Beach, FL
Mr. Jeff Newman
Newport Properties, Mooresville
Randy & Angela Nixon
Ms. Marie Norris
North Carolina Bass Federation,
The North Highland Company,
North Mecklenburg Women’s
Group, Cornelius
Office Max, Charlotte
Office Max Employees, Charlotte
Ms. Jacqueline P. Orr
Oslo Groves- Bobby Sexton,
Vero Beach, FL
Rick & Karen Padgett
Ms. Valerie Phillips
Cris & Tina Piephoff
Mr. Jim Pinkham
Pleasant Hill Presbyterian Church
Women’s Circle, Charlotte
Ms. Shirley Plott
Meliea & Roger Plyler
Poinsettia Groves, Vero Beach, FL
The Pointe Lake & Golf Club,
Poplar Tent Presbyterian Church,
Poplar Tent Presbyterian Church
Circle #3, Concord
The Power Sports Center, Cornelius
Professional Firefighters &
Paramedics of North Carolina,
Providence Presbyterian
Church, Angier
Mr. Ralph Quackenbush
Redeemers Light United Methodist Church, Mooresville
Mr. Norman Richards
Ms. Mindy Rinehimer
RLS, Inc., Batesville, AR
Robert Yates Racing, Mooresville
Ms. Petra Rotteck
Ryan Newman Foundation,
Diana & James Sanders
Ms. Marissa Sandridge
DeAnn & Mike Scheppele
Ms. Chris Schiemer
The Scholtz Family
Ms. Gwen Scott
Serena & Doug Scroggins
Ms. Kristina Segur
Shakespeare Fishing Tackle,
Columbia, SC
Shanska USA Building, Charlotte
Ms. Debbie Shapiro
Ms. Stephanie Shaw
Mrs. Jan Sheridan
Sigma Alpha Omega-ASU, Boone
Scott & Liane Simmons
Site-Werks, Inc., Vero Beach, FL
Mr. Conrad Sloan
Ms. Barb Smelser
Ms. Laurie Smith
Linda & Bill P. Smith
Ms. Martha Smythe
Sneads Ferry Presbyterian
Church Patchwork Squares,
Sneads Ferry
Sneads Ferry Presbyterian
Women, Sneads Ferry
Mr. Steve Snoberger, Vero
Beach, FL
Solutions FYS, Inc., Cathy Critz,
SoyKa Engineering, Inc.,
Melbourne, FL
SpeakEasy Communications,
Inc.-Ms. Myelita Melton,
Speakeasy Productions,
SPS Construction, Inc., Vero
Beach, FL
Starbucks, Cornelius
Starbuck’s, Mooresville
Mrs. Tonya Steele & Seth
Ms. Sharon Steffy
Ms. Sonya Stevanovski
Mr. Steven Stiltner
Stella & Emily Stroud
Strictly Bass Lures, Charlotte
Subway, Mr. Jamal Amer, Troutman
Subway, Ms. Frances Knight,
Tar Heel Classic Thunderbird
Club, Statesville
Mr. C. Matthew Taylor
Tel-Vac South, Inc., Pompano
Beach, FL
The Perfect Gift-Mr. & Mrs.
Jake Bussolini, Mooresville
Ms. Sandy Tilley
Triplett United Methodist
Church, Mooresville
Mrs. Anne Trego
Tri-Sure Corporation, Auburndale, FL
Mr. Martin Truex
Cindy & Dave Tucker
UNC Charlotte Financial Aid
UNC Charlotte Records &
Registration, Charlotte
UNC Charlotte Office of Adult
Students & Evening Services,
United Federal Credit Union,
USAir Cares
Mrs. Jenny Van Dyck
Ms. Vickie Vaughn
Veolia Environmental Services,
Vendor’s Ministry-Mr. Bryan
Watts, Weatherford, TX
Wachovia Championship, Charlotte
Wachovia Wealth Management
IT-Employees, Charlotte
Mr. Darrell Walden Walgreen
Neil Graham, Vero Beach, FL
Ms. Ashlee Walker Walker,
Robinson, Clark Insurance
Company Employees, Statesville
Wal*Mart Store #1156 Department Managers, Mooresville
Wal*Mart Supercenter-Mr.
Scott Byers, Statesville
Susie Walsh Family
Ms. Susan Walters
Ms. Emily Ward
W. F. McCain & Associates,
Vero Beach, FL
Ms. Vivian White
Williamson Chapel United
Methodist Church, Mooresville
Ms. Michelle Wilson
Ms. Michelle Woldman
Yachta, Yachta, Yachta-Brian
Brady, Cornelius
Mr. Ben Yarborough
Mr. Fred Younce
Diane & Dale Young
Yuvan Medspa- Wendy Speckman, Cornelius
Mr. Gary Zaccagnini
Ms. Julie Zacholl
Altan Presbyterian Church, Monroe
Antioch Presbyterian Church, Jacksonville
Antioch Presbyterian Church, Red Springs
Asbury Presbyterian Church, Mount Airy
Ashpole Presbyterian Church, Rowland
Barbecue Presbyterian Church, Sanford
Bear Grass Presbyterian Church, Williamston
Berea Presbyterian Church, Four Oaks
Bethany Presbyterian Church, Graham
Bethany Presbyterian Church, Wilmington
Beth Car Presbyterian Church, Tar Heel
Bethel Presbyterian Church, Beulaville
Bethesda Presbyterian Church, Aberdeen
Bethesda Presbyterian Church, Statesville
Bethlehem Methodist Church, Statesville
Bethlehem Presbyterian Church, Rocky Mount
Bethpage Presbyterian Church, Kannapolis
Beulah Presbyterian Church, Monroe
Biscoe Presbyterian Church, Biscoe
Bixby Presbyterian Church, Advance
Boyd Memorial Presbyterian Church, Greenville
Bridgewater Presbyterian Church, Morganton
Brookston Presbyterian Church, Henderson
Brownson Memorial Presbyterian Church,
Southern Pines
Buffalo Presbyterian Church, Greensboro
Buffalo Presbyterian Church, Sanford
Bunnlevel Presbyterian Church, Bunnlevel
Burgaw Presbyterian Church, Burgaw
C. N. Jenkins Presbyterian Church, Charlotte
Calabash Presbyterian Church, Sunset Beach
Calvary Presbyterian Church, Davidson
Calypso Presbyterian Church, Calypso
Camden Presbyterian Church, Wadesboro
Cameron Hill Presbyterian Church, Olivia
Cameron Presbyterian Church, Statesville
Cameronian Presbyterian Church, Rockingham
Candor Presbyterian Church, Candor
Cape Carteret Presbyterian Church, Swansboro
Cape Fear Presbyterian Church, Lillington
Cape Fear Presbyterian Church, Wilmington
Carolina Beach Presbyterian Church, Carolina
Center Ridge Presbyterian Church, Kenly
Chadbourn Presbyterian Church, Chadbourn
Charlotte Presbytery, Charlotte
Christ Presbyterian Church, Charlotte
Church of the Covenant Presbyterian Church,
I want to be a doctor
Church of the Covenant Presbyterian Church,
Spring Lake
Church of the Cross Presbyterian Church,
Coastal Carolina Presbytery, Elizabethtown
Community in Christ Presbyterian Church,
Community Presbyterian Church, Pinehurst
Concord Presbyterian Church, Statesville
Cook’s Memorial Presbyterian Church,
Covenant Presbyterian Church, Charlotte
Covenant Presbyterian Church, Wilson
Covenant Presbyterian Church, Winston-Salem
Cross Roads Presbyterian Church, Mebane
Culdee Presbyterian Church, Pinehurst
Cypress Presbyterian Church, Cameron
Davidson College Presbyterian Church,
Ebenezer Presbyterian Church, Morven
Edgemont Presbyterian Church, Rocky Mount
Edward Webb Memorial Presbyterian Church,
Mount Airy
El Bethel Presbyterian Church, Eden
Elise Presbyterian Church, Robbins
Elizabethtown Presbyterian Church, Elizabethtown
Englewood Presbyterian Church, Rocky Mount
Eno Presbyterian Church, Cedar Grove
Ephesus Presbyterian Church, Lillington
Ernest Myatt Presbyterian Church, Raleigh
Erwin Presbyterian Church, Erwin
Fairfield Mountains Chapel, Lake Lure
Fairfield Presbyterian Church, Efland
Fairmont Presbyterian Church, Lexington
Faison Presbyterian Church,Faison
Faith Presbyterian Church, Laurinburg
Falkland Presbyterian Church, Falkland
Farmville Presbyterian Church, Farmville
Fieldstone Presbyterian Church, Mooresville
First Presbyterian Church, Albemarle
First Presbyterian Church, Ahoskie
First Presbyterian Church, Asheboro
First Presbyterian Church, Bessemer City
First Presbyterian Church, Burlington
First Presbyterian Church, Carthage
First Presbyterian Church, Charlotte
First Presbyterian Church, Concord
First Presbyterian Church, Dunn
First Presbyterian Church, Durham
First Presbyterian Church, Eden
First Presbyterian Church, Edenton
First Presbyterian Church, Fairmont
First Presbyterian Church, Gastonia
First Presbyterian Church, Goldsboro
First Presbyterian Church, Greenville
First Presbyterian Church, Henderson
First Presbyterian Church, High Point
First Presbyterian Church, Jacksonville
First Presbyterian Church, Kings Mountain
First Presbyterian Church, Kinston
First Presbyterian Church, Lenoir
First Presbyterian Church, Lexington
First Presbyterian Church, Lumberton
First Presbyterian Church, Mocksville
First Presbyterian Church, Monroe
First Presbyterian Church, Mooresville
First Presbyterian Church, Morganton
First Presbyterian Church, Mount Airy
First Presbyterian Church, Mount Gilead
First Presbyterian Church, New Bern
First Presbyterian Church, Parkton
First Presbyterian Church, Pilot Mountain
First Presbyterian Church, Raleigh
First Presbyterian Church, Reidsville
First Presbyterian Church, Rockingham
First Presbyterian Church, Rocky Mount
First Presbyterian Church, Salisbury
First Presbyterian Church, Smithfield
First Presbyterian Church, Spring Lake
First Presbyterian Church, Statesville
First Presbyterian Church, Washington
First Presbyterian Church, Whiteville
First Presbyterian Church, Williamston
First Presbyterian Church, Wilmington
First Presbyterian Church, Wilson
First Presbyterian Church, Winston-Salem
Flat Branch Presbyterian Church, Bunnlevel
Flat Rock Presbyterian Church, Mount Airy
Forest Hills Presbyterian Church, High Point
Forest Park Presbyterian Church, Statesville
Fountain Presbyterian Church, Fountain
Francisco Presbyterian Church, Westfield
Frank Price Memorial Presbyterian Church,
Black Creek
Fuquay Varina Presbyterian Church, Fuquay-Varina
Galatia Presbyterian Church, Fayetteville
Geneva Presbyterian Church, Oxford
Gilwood Presbyterian Church, Concord
Glenwood Presbyterian Church, Greensboro
Good Hope Presbyterian Church, Kings Mountain
Grace Presbyterian Church, Beaufort
Grace Presbyterian Church, Winston-Salem
Graves Memorial Presbyterian Church, Clinton
Greenwood Presbyterian Church, Reidsville
Griers Presbyterian Church, Leasburg
Grifton Presbyterian Church, Grifton
Grove Presbyterian Church, Dunn
Grove Presbyterian Church, Kenansville
Hallsville Presbyterian Church, Beulaville
Harmony Presbyterian Church, Harrells
Harper-Southerland Presbyterian Church,
Deep Run
Hawfields Presbyterian Church, Mebane
Hebron Presbyterian Church, Oxford
Hickory Grove Presbyterian Church, Charlotte
Highland Presbyterian Church, Fayetteville
Highland Presbyterian Church, Winston-Salem
Holly Grove Presbyterian Church, Clinton
Hollywood Presbyterian Church, Greenville
Hope Baptist Church, Lincolnton
Hopewell Presbyterian Church, Huntersville
Howard Memorial Presbyterian Church, Tarboro
Hudson Memorial Presbyterian Church, Raleigh
Immanuel Presbyterian Church, China Grove
Indian Hill Presbyterian Church, Stanfield
Indian Trail Presbyterian Church, Indian Trail
Ironton Presbyterian Church, Iron Station
Jackson Springs Presbyterian Church, Jackson
Jamestown Presbyterian Church, Jamestown
John Calvin Presbyterian Church, Salisbury
Jonesboro Presbyterian Church, Sanford
Kenly Presbyterian Church, Kenly
Kirk of Kildaire Presbyterian Church, Cary
Kirkwood Presbyterian Church, Kannapolis
Laurel Fork Presbyterian Church, Laurel Springs
Laurel Hill Presbyterian Church, Laurinburg
Laurinburg Presbyterian Church, Laurinburg
Leaflet Presbyterian Church, Lillington
Lillington Presbyterian Church, Lillington
Little Chapel On The Boardwalk Presbyterian
Church, Wrightsville Beach
Littleton Presbyterian Church, Littleton
Lloyd Presbyterian Church, Winston-Salem
Locust Presbyterian Church, Locust
Love’s Chapel Presbyterian Church, Belmont
Lumber Bridge Presbyterian Church, Lumber Bridge
Macclesfield Presbyterian Church, Macclesfield
MacPherson Presbyterian Church, Fayetteville
Madison Presbyterian Church, Madison
Mallard Creek Presbyterian Church, Charlotte
Manly Presbyterian Church, Southern Pines
Marks Creek Presbyterian Church, Rockingham
Marshville Presbyterian Church, Marshville
Marston Presbyterian Church, Marston
Marvin United Methodist Church, Stony Point
McKinnon Presbyterian Church, Concord
McLean Presbyterian Church, Ellerbe
Mebane Presbyterian Church, Mebane
Memorial Presbyterian Church, Charlotte
Memorial Presbyterian Church, Greensboro
Micaville Presbyterian Church, Micaville
Midway Presbyterian Church, Maxton
Milner Memorial Presbyterian Church, Raleigh
Montpelier Presbyterian Church, Wagram
Morton Memorial Presbyterian Church, Rocky
Mount Olive Presbyterian Church, Mount Olive
Mount Pelier Presbyterian Church, Rowland
Mount Pisgah Presbyterian Church, Rocky Mount
Mount Pleasant Presbyterian Church, Willow
Mount Vernon Springs Presbyterian Church,
Siler City
Mount Zion Presbyterian Church, Rose Hill
Murphy Presbyterian Church, Murphy
Myers Park Presbyterian Church, Charlotte
Nahalah Presbyterian Church, Scotland Neck
Neuse Forest Presbyterian Church, New Bern
New Friendship Presbyterian Church, Huntersville
New Hampton Presbyterian Church, Charlotte
New Hope Presbyterian Church, Winnabow
New Philadelphia Moravian Church, Winston
North Wilkesboro Presbyterian Church, North
Northminster Presbyterian Church, Hickory
Oak Grove Presbyterian Church, Kenly
Oak Hill Presbyterian Church, Oxford
Oak Island Presbyterian Church, Oak Island
Oak Plain Presbyterian Church, Wallace
Palestine Presbyterian Church, Linden
Parkway Presbyterian Church, Winston-Salem
Paw Creek Presbyterian Church, Paw Creek
Peace Presbyterian Church, Fayetteville
Philadelphia Presbyterian Church, Charlotte
Philadelphus Presbyterian Church, Red Springs
Philippi Presbyterian Church, Raeford
Piedmont Presbyterian Church, Burlington
Pinetops Presbyterian Church, Pinetops
Pinewood Presbyterian Church, Goldsboro
Pittsboro Presbyterian Church, Pittsboro
Plaza Presbyterian Church, Charlotte
Pleasant Grove Presbyterian Church, Charlotte
Pleasant View Presbyterian Church, Albertson
Pocket Presbyterian Church, Sanford
Pollocksville Presbyterian Church, Pollocksville
Poplar Tent Presbyterian Church, Concord
Presbytery of New Hope, Rocky Mount
Presbytery of Salem, Clemmons
Priest Hill Presbyterian Church, Carthage
Providence Presbyterian Church, Angier
Providence Presbyterian Church, Charlotte
Quail Hollow Presbyterian Church, Charlotte
Raeford Presbyterian Church, Raeford
Ramah Presbyterian Church, Huntersville
Red Springs Presbyterian Church, Red Springs
Rex Presbyterian Church, Rex
Riverview Presbyterian Church, Eden
Rockfish Presbyterian Church, Wallace
Rourk Presbyterian Church, Ellerbe
Rowland Presbyterian Church, Rowland
Roxboro Presbyterian Church, Roxboro
Rumple Memorial Presbyterian Church,
Blowing Rock
Saint Andrews Presbyterian Church, Charlotte
Saint Andrews Presbyterian Church, Henderson
Saint Andrews Presbyterian Church, WinstonSalem
Saint John’s Presbyterian Church, Durham
Saint Paul Presbyterian Church, Greensboro
Saint Paul Presbyterian Church, Louisburg
Saint Pauls Presbyterian Church, Saint Pauls
Salem Presbyterian Church, Sanford
Sardis Presbyterian Church, Charlotte
Second Presbyterian Church, Kannapolis
Second Presbyterian Church, Lexington
Second Presbyterian Church, Rocky Mount
Sedgefield Presbyterian Church, Greensboro
Selwyn Avenue Presbyterian Church, Charlotte
Setzers Gap Presbyterian Church, Lenoir
Shallotte Presbyterian Church, Shallotte
Shallowford Presbyterian Church, Lewisville
Sharon Presbyterian Church, Charlotte
Sherrills Ford Presbyterian Church, Sherrills Ford
Sherwood Presbyterian Church, Fayetteville
Shiloh Presbyterian Church, Burlington
Shiloh Presbyterian Church, Raeford
Shiloh Presbyterian Church, Statesville
Siler City Presbyterian Church, Siler City
Siler Presbyterian Church, Wesley Chapel
Smith Presbyterian Church, Pink Hill
Southport Presbyterian Church, Southport
Southview Presbyterian Church, Hope Mills
Sparta Presbyterian Church, Sparta
Spring Hill Presbyterian Church, Lucama
Springwood Presbyterian Church, Whitsett
St. Anne Catholic Church, Edenton
Stanley White Presbyterian Church, Roanoke
Steele Creek Presbyterian Church, Charlotte
Sugaw Creek Presbyterian Church, Charlotte
Summerville Presbyterian Church, Lillington
Sunnyside Presbyterian Church, Fayetteville
Third Creek Presbyterian Church, Cleveland
Three Forks Baptist Church, Taylorsville
Thyatira Presbyterian Church, Salisbury
Triangle Presbyterian Church, Durham
Trinity Avenue Presbyterian Church, Durham
Trinity Presbyterian Church, Laurinburg
Trinity Presbyterian Church, Salisbury
United Presbyterian Church, Lenoir
Unity Presbyterian Church, Newton Grove
Unity Presbyterian Church, Woodleaf
University Presbyterian Church, Chapel Hill
Vandalia Presbyterian Church, Greensboro
Vaughn Memorial Presbyterian Church,
Vass Presbyterian Church, Vass
Wallace Presbyterian Church, Wallace
Wanoca Presbyterian Church, Washington
Warrenton Presbyterian Church, Warrenton
Wentworth Presbyterian Church, Reidsville
West End Presbyterian Church, West End
West Haven Presbyterian Church, Rocky Mount
Western Avenue Baptist, Statesville
Western Boulevard Presbyterian Church, Raleigh
Western North Carolina Presbytery, Morganton
Westminster Presbyterian Church, Charlotte
Westminster Presbyterian Church, Raleigh
Westminster Presbyterian Church, Wilmington
West Raleigh Presbyterian Church, Raleigh
White Memorial Presbyterian Church, Raleigh
White Memorial Presbyterian Church, Willow Spring
William & Mary Hart Presbyterian Church, Tarboro
Windermere Presbyterian Church, Wilmington
Winter Park Presbyterian Church, Wilmington
Woodburn Presbyterian Church, Leland
Wycliffe Presbyterian Church, Virginia Beach, VA
Yanceyville Presbyterian Church, Yanceyville
Young Memorial Presbyterian Church, Manson
Church Groups
Agape Ladies Circle of Alamance Presbyterian
Church, Greensboro
Faselo Class of Church of the Covenant
Presbyterian Church, Greensboro
Vacation Bible School of Ernest Myatt
Presbyterian Church, Raleigh
Blanche Stewart Class of First Presbyterian
Church, Concord
Bette Penick Bible Class of First Presbyterian
Church, Raleigh
Vanguard Bible Class of First Presbyterian
Church, Raleigh
Women’s Bible Class of First Presbyterian
Church, Morganton
Henderson Memorial Sunday School Class of
First Presbyterian Church, Smithfield
Presbyterian Men’s Bible Class of First
Presbyterian Church, Mooresville
Circle #1 of First Presbyterian Church, Durham
Vacation Bible School of Francisco Presbyte
rian Church, Westfield
Circle # 2 of Galatia Presbyterian Church, Fayetteville
Circle #1 of Grove Presbyterian Church, Kenansville
Vacation Bible School of Holly Grove
Presbyterian Church, Clinton
Circle #3 of Lillington Presbyterian Church,
John McInnis Sunday School Class of
McKinnon Presbyterian Church, Concord
New Friendship Class of New Philadelphia
Moravian Church, Winston Salem
Martha Circle of Parkway Presbyterian Church,
Vacation Bible School of Philadelphia
Presbyterian Church, Charlotte
Blue Circle Class of Piedmont Presbyterian
Church, Burlington
Sam Morris Sunday School Class of Raeford
Presbyterian Church, Raeford
Vacation Bible School of St. Andrews United
Methodist Church, Raleigh
Circle of Westminster Presbyterian Church,
Sunday School Class of Westminster
Presbyterian Church, Raleigh
Presbyterian Women
Alamance Presbyterian Church, Greensboro
Antioch Presbyterian Church, Red Springs
Ashpole Presbyterian Church, Rowland
Bethany Presbyterian Church, Graham
Bethany Presbyterian Church, Wilmington
Bethel Presbyterian Church, Beulaville
Bethel Presbyterian Church, Raeford
Bethpage Presbyterian Church, Kannapolis
Bluff Presbyterian Church, Wade
Brookston Presbyterian Church, Henderson
Buffalo Presbyterian Church, Greensboro
C. N. Jenkins Presbyterian Church, Charlotte
Calabash Presbyterian Church, Sunset Beach
Cameronian Presbyterian Church, Rockingham
Charlotte Presbytery, Charlotte
Church of the Covenant Presbyterian Church,
Coastal Carolina Presbytery, Elizabethtown
Community Presbyterian Church, Pinehurst
Covenant Presbyterian Church, Charlotte
Covenant Presbyterian Church, Winston-Salem
Elise Presbyterian Church, Robbins
Faison Presbyterian Church, Faison
Falkland Presbyterian Church, Falkland
Farmville Presbyterian Church, Farmville
First Presbyterian Church, Asheboro
First Presbyterian Church, Bessemer City
First Presbyterian Church, Burlington
First Presbyterian Church, Concord
First Presbyterian Church, Dunn
First Presbyterian Church, Durham
First Presbyterian Church, Fairmont
First Presbyterian Church, Gastonia
First Presbyterian Church, Goldsboro
First Presbyterian Church, Jacksonville
First Presbyterian Church, Lumberton
First Presbyterian Church, Mocksville
First Presbyterian Church, Monroe
First Presbyterian Church, Mooresville
First Presbyterian Church, Morganton
First Presbyterian Church, Parkton
First Presbyterian Church, Raleigh
First Presbyterian Church, Reidsville
First Presbyterian Church, Smithfield
First Presbyterian Church, Washington
First Presbyterian Church, Williamston
First Presbyterian Church, Wilson
First Presbyterian Church, Winston-Salem
Galatia Presbyterian Church, Fayetteville
Grove Presbyterian Church, Kenansville
Hickory Grove Presbyterian Church, Charlotte
Highland Presbyterian Church, Fayetteville
Highland Presbyterian Church, Winston-Salem
Holly Grove Presbyterian Church, Clinton
Hudson Memorial Presbyterian Church, Raleigh
Jamestown Presbyterian Church, Jamestown
Jonesboro Presbyterian Church, Sanford
Kirk of Kildaire Presbyterian Church, Cary
Lillington Presbyterian Church, Lillington
Lumber Bridge Presbyterian Church, Lumber Bridge
Madison Presbyterian Church, Mayodan
McKinnon Presbyterian Church, Concord
Milner Memorial Presbyterian Church, Raleigh
Montpelier Presbyterian Church, Wagram
Mount Pisgah Presbyterian Church, Rocky Mount
New Philadelphia Moravian Church, Winston Salem
North Wilkesboro Presbyterian Church, North
Parkway Presbyterian Church, Winston-Salem
Philadelphia Presbyterian Church, Charlotte
Piedmont Presbyterian Church, Burlington
Pleasant Grove Presbyterian Church, Charlotte
Pollocksville Presbyterian Church, Pollocksville
Poplar Tent Presbyterian Church, Concord
Presbytery of New Hope, Rocky Mount
Presbytery of Salem, Clemmons
Providence Presbyterian Church, Angier
Raeford Presbyterian Church, Raeford
Red Springs Presbyterian Church, Red Springs
Rockfish Presbyterian Church, Wallace
Rumple Memorial Presbyterian Church,
Blowing Rock
Saint Pauls Presbyterian Church, Saint Pauls
Second Presbyterian Church, Kannapolis
Second Presbyterian Church, Lexington
Second Presbyterian Church, Rocky Mount
Sedgefield Presbyterian Church, Greensboro
Shallotte Presbyterian Church, Shallotte
Sharon Presbyterian Church, Charlotte
Sherrills Ford Presbyterian Church, Sherrills Ford
Shiloh Presbyterian Church, Burlington
Southport Presbyterian Church, Southport
Southview Presbyterian Church, Hope Mills
Stanley White Presbyterian Church, Roanoke
Steele Creek Presbyterian Church, Charlotte
Stephenson Presbyterian Church, Monroe
Summerville Presbyterian Church, Lillington
Sunnyside Presbyterian Church, Fayetteville
Third Presbyterian Church, Charlotte
Trinity Avenue Presbyterian Church, Durham
University Presbyterian Church, Chapel Hill
Vandalia Presbyterian Church, Greensboro
West End Presbyterian Church, West End
Western North Carolina Presbytery, Morganton
Westminster Presbyterian Church, Charlotte
Westminster Presbyterian Church, Raleigh
William & Mary Hart Presbyterian Church, Tarboro
Windermere Presbyterian Church, Wilmington
with your help we can make dreams come true.
Barium Springs Home for Children
PO Box 1
Barium Springs, NC 28010
US Postage
Permit #3307
Charlotte NC

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