2004–2005 Annual Report - Assemblies of God Theological Seminary



2004–2005 Annual Report - Assemblies of God Theological Seminary
Annual Report
A Year of
Record-Breaking Graduating Class
A record 146 students graduated this past
spring—a testimony to the effective way in
which this seminary serves our Fellowship with
quality ministers.
New James River Center for
Expository Preaching at AGTS
We have entered into a ground-breaking
partnership with James River Assembly,
Ozark, Mo., to establish the James River
Center for Expository Preaching at AGTS this
fall. Pastor John Lindell’s deep commitment
to biblical expository preaching as central to
a growing church has inspired a revitalized
emphasis on the subject at AGTS. The
program will produce graduates skilled in and
passionate about expository
preaching. In addition, the
center will host a series
of events and learning
experiences for pastors who
wish to heighten their skills
in expository preaching.
We have appointed Dr.
Doug Oss as the first
James River Professor
of Expository
Preaching. Dr. Oss
is an experienced
college professor,
church planter and
pastor. He brings
the scholarly
credentials and
the pastoral
necessary to
fill this position
with great
AGTS Annual Report 2004-2005
J. Philip Hogan
Chair of World Missions
We have completed the initial funding of the
J. Philip Hogan Chair of World Missions. This
initiative, which honors the late missionary
statesman, will allow the finest of A/G
missionary scholars and international leaders to
serve in an annually appointed position. Hogan
Chair appointees will represent the diverse
challenges of global missions and will serve
•AGTS students in the classroom,
•A/G world missionaries with quality
published research, and
•the Fellowship with renewed focus on the
missionary strategies found in the A/G’s
historical commitment to the “greatest
evangelism that the world has ever seen.”
Our first appointment to the Hogan Chair
is Rev. Alan Johnson, a veteran missionary to
Thailand and a Ph.D. candidate at the Oxford
Centre for Mission Studies in the United
Kingdom. He will join us in 2006.
The Challenge
The challenge of developing an effective
seminary that will serve our Fellowship with
distinction is significant. As president, I long
for a broader realization by our Fellowship that
graduate theological education is not a luxury,
but a necessity for continued effectiveness
in God’s Kingdom. The Hogan Chair of
World Missions and the James River Chair for
Expository Preaching are testimony to the fact
that AGTS desires nothing less than to provide
the finest possible learning experiences that
yield leaders who preach with the anointing
of the Spirit and who maintain a missionary
commitment to the “greatest evangelism that
the world has ever seen.”
President Byron D. Klaus
Financial Highlights
Cost per Student—$11,670
Type of Funding
Percentage Amount
A/G General Council Grant
Revenues, Gains and Other Support
Gross tuition/fees
Less allowance for charges to students
Net tuition/fees
Contributions, gifts and donations
Investment return
Interest on student loans
Federal grants
Gain on trusts held by others
Grants from General Council
Auxiliary enterprises
Net assets released from restrictions:
Satisfaction of program restrictions
Change in classifications
Change in donor designated beneficiary
Temporarily Permanently
Unrestricted Restricted
0 $3,062,212
Expenses and Losses
Program services:
Support services:
Institutional support
Library resources
Student services
Auxiliary enterprises
Loss on disposal of assets
Change in Net Assets
Net assets, beginning of year
Net assets, end of year
$897,348 $4,925,457
1. Increase of $76,042 over previous fiscal year due to increase in hourly tuition rate and in number of hours sold.
2. Increase of $309,555 over previous fiscal year due to $192,000 gift of stock plus additional grants and designated gifts.
3. Loss is due to reclassification of trust held by Assemblies of God Financial Services Group. www.agts.edu | 1-800-467-AGTS
Enrollment Highlights
Final Fall Enrollment
Doctor of
1. Independent Studies Program/Directed Research
2. Highest fall enrollment on record.
Degrees Pursued
Doctor of Ministry
Master of Divinity
Master of Arts
(includes Christian Ministries, Intercultural
Ministries, Theological Studies and Counseling)
Development Highlights
The financial investment of our partners (listed below) allows the leaders of today and tomorrow to gain the
educational resources they need to impact an ever-changing world for Christ’s eternal Kingdom!
CIRCLE ($10,000+)
R.B. & Barbara Cavaness
Don & Maxine Judkins
Anthony & Betty Palma
James River A/G
Ozark, MO
Rev. John E. Lindell
The Peoples Church
Fresno, CA
Rev. G.L. Johnson
Victory Church
Lakeland, FL
Rev. M. Wayne Blackburn
Oregon District Council
Rev. Vernon J. Marks
For Kids Only
Newport Beach, CA
Rev. Johanna Townsend
Norman & Dorothy Field
Alumni—$218,319 (includes a gift of stock sold for $192,000)
Other Corporations—$76,485 (includes grants)
Charles & Dixie Hackett
Barry & Karen Meguiar
Capital Christian Center
Sacramento, CA
Rev. Ricky J. Cole
First A/G
Fort Myers, FL
Rev. C. Dan Betzer
First A/G
Erie, PA
Rev. Jack D. Risner Jr.
E. Dale Berkey
Byron & Lois Klaus
Edgar & Louise Lee
Augie & Dina Lopez
Ken & Dorothea Lotter
David & Karen Martinez
J.E. & Anne Martinez
Allen & Darlene Palm
Albert & Nancy Perkins
AGTS Annual Report 2004-2005
James & Linda Railey
Thomas & Shirley Trask
Grace Gunster Tullio
Assembly of God
Monroeville, PA
Rev. James S. Leake
Bethel Temple
Parma, OH
Rev. Russell R. DeBord
Braeswood A/G
Houston, TX
Rev. Stephen E. Banning
Brightmoor Christian Church
Novi, MI
Brookfield A/G
Brookfield, WI
Rev. J. Bruce Headley
Calvary Christian Assembly
Seattle, WA
Rev. John C. Martin
Calvary Church A/G
Irving, TX
Rev. J. Don George
Cedar Valley Church
Bloomington, MN
Rev. Jerry A. Strandquist
Central A/G
Springfield, MO
Rev. James T. Bradford
Central A/G
Great Falls, MT
Rev. Alan E. Warneke
Bethany Church
Wyckoff, NJ
Rev. Donald A. James
Christian Life Center A/G
Bensalem, PA
Rev. David A. Cawston
Christ’s Place
Lincoln, NE
Rev. Brad Riddle
First A/G
Jefferson City, MO
Rev. Lowell S. Perkins
First Family Church
Albuquerque, NM
Rev. Galen M. Woodward
Sheffield Family Life Center
Kansas City, MO
Dr. George W. Westlake Jr.
South Hills A/G
Bethel Park, PA
Rev. Jack C. Stepp
Victory Family Centre Ltd.
Rev. Rick Seaward
Word of Life A/G
Springfield, VA
Rev. D. Wendel Cover
Georgia District Council
Rev. Roger Brumbalow
Michigan District Council
Rev. William F. Leach
New York District Council
Rev. Duane P. Durst
North Texas District Council
Rev. Victor J. Schober
Pennsylvania-Delaware D/C
Rev. Stephen R. Tourville
Randall & Bobbie Barton
Zenas & Rhoda Bicket
Vencil Bixler
James & Joyce Bridges
Larry & Nancy Anne Brooks
Robert & Rosa Clay
Glen & Mary Cole
Richard & Elnora Dresselhaus
Susan Hefling
John & Helen Hershman
Klaude & Mable Kendrick
Wayne & Barbara Kraiss
James & Bonnie Long
Verne & Ruth MacKinney
Joseph Marics
Paul & Rhonda Martinez
Charles & Lil McKinney
Eunice Robeck
George & Jewel Wood
Abundant Life
Indianapolis, IN
Rev. Peter M. Bosworth
Assembly of God
State College, PA
Rev. Paul E. Grabill
Assembly of God
Willmar, MN
Rev. Keith T. Kerstetter
Bethany A/G
Agawam, MA
Rev. Richard E. Adams
Bethany A/G
Adrian, MI
Rev. Richard A. Clay
Bethel Temple of Fort Worth
Fort Worth, TX
Rev. David P. Applegate
Bethlehem Church
Richmond Hill, NY
Rev. H.F. Pete Richardson
Bonita Valley Community Church
Bonita, CA
Rev. Jeffery L. Brawner
Brighton A/G
Brighton, MI
Dr. Bradley T. Trask
Calvary A/G
Decatur, AL
Rev. George H. Sawyer
Calvary Church
Naperville, IL
Rev. Randal L. Ross
Capital Christian Center
Carson City, NV
Rev. Stanley E. Friend
Capital Church in the City
Salt Lake City, UT
Rev. Troy L. Champ
Cedar Lake Christian Assembly
Biloxi, MS
Rev. Murphy R. Matheny
Christ Church A/G
Fort Worth, TX
Rev. Darius L. Johnston
Christian Chapel A/G
Columbia, MO
Dr. Gary A. Denbow
Eastside A/G
Tucson, AZ
Rev. Peter J. Kraft
Evangel A/G
Williamsville, NY
Rev. Stephen A. Artuso
Evangel Church A/G
Sun City, AZ
Evangel Temple
Montgomery, AL
Rev. Michael D. Rippy
Evangel Temple
Springfield, MO
Rev. Charles Arsenault
Evangel Temple A/G
Jacksonville, FL
Rev. Cecil L. Wiggins
Faith Chapel
Spring Valley, CA
Rev. Gary L. Jones
First A/G
Bentonville, AR
Rev. James A. Longmate
First A/G
North Little Rock, AR
Rev. Rodney K. Loy
First A/G
Bakersfield, CA
Rev. Steven J. Hunt
First A/G
Boca Raton, FL
Rev. Mark D. Boykin
First A/G
Ocala, FL
Rev. Drexel T. Brunson
First A/G
Des Moines, IA
Rev. John M. Palmer
First A/G
Lafayette, IN
Rev. Gregory A. Hackett
First A/G
Grand Rapids, MI
First A/G
Rochester, MI
Rev. Richard W. Crisco
First A/G
Concord, NC
Rev. D. Rick Ross
First A/G
Raleigh, NC
Rev. Thomas C. Harvey
First A/G
Las Cruces, NM
Rev. David Vistine
First A/G
Greenville, SC
Rev. Kenneth W. Owen Sr.
First A/G
Sioux Falls, SD
Rev. Ronald J. Traub
First A/G
Conroe, TX
Rev. Lloyd V. Maddoux
First A/G of Greater Lansing
East Lansing, MI
Rev. Curtis W. Dalaba
First A/G of Memphis
Cordova, TN
Rev. Thomas H. Lindberg
Glad Tidings A/G
Lake Charles, LA
Rev. Carl W. Richard
Lakeview Christian Center
Indianapolis, IN
Rev. Ronald J. Bontrager
Life Center A/G
Lakewood, CA
Rev. Charles E. Atherton
Birmingham, AL
Rev. W. Andy Robertson
McArthur A/G
Jacksonville, AR
Rev. Larry C. Burton
Morning Star Fellowship
Bechtelsville, PA
Rev. Steven R. DeFrain
Mount Hope Church
Lansing, MI
Rev. David R. Williams
New Life Church at Renton
Renton, WA
Rev. Troy E. Jones
Newport-Mesa Christian Center
Costa Mesa, CA
Rev. T. Scott Rachels
Oak Creek A/G
Oak Creek, WI
Rev. Jerry A. Brooks
Park Crest A/G
Springfield, MO
Rev. Ted L. Cederblom
Pocono Community Church
Pocono Summit, PA
Rev. David P. Crosby Jr.
Radiant Life Church
Dublin, OH
Rev. David L. Gross
Red Mountain Christian Center
Mesa, AZ
Rev. Jeffrey T. Peterson
The Peoples Church
Salem, OR
Rev. Scott R. Erickson
The Stone Church
Palos Heights, IL
Rev. S. Robert Maddox
Trinity A/G
West Chester, PA
Rev. Daniel E. Clark
Alabama District Council
Rev. Billy J. Glover
Arkansas District Council
Rev. L. Alton Garrison
Illinois District Council
Rev. Harry H. Griswold
Kentucky District Council
Rev. Joseph S. Girdler
Louisiana District Council
Rev. Douglas E. Fulenwider
Minnesota District Council
Rev. Clarence W. St. John
Northern New England D/C
Rev. Dennis W. Marquardt
Ohio District Council
Rev. Douglas E. Clay
Oklahoma District Council
Rev. H. Franklin Cargill
Potomac District Council
Rev. H. Robert Rhoden
Rocky Mountain D/C
Dr. G. Robert Cook
Southern Missouri D/C
Rev. Bill R. Baker
Southern New England D/C
Rev. Otis D. Stanley
www.agts.edu | 1-800-467-AGTS
West Florida District Council
Rev. Robert S. Thompson
LEADERS ($500-$999)
Sheri Benvenuti
David & Maria Bundrick
E.M. & Estella Clark
Roger & Bonnie Cotton
Robert & Roberta Crabtree
Earl & Janet Creps
Arthur & Sharon Dickhoff
David & Beth Grant
James & Moira Hernando
John & Jan Maempa
Bertha Maracle
Gary & Alice McGee
Robert & Beverly Soderberg
Del & Dolly Tarr
Jay & Cheryl Taylor
Ronald & Karen Westbury
Assembly of God
Broken Arrow, OK
Rev. Michael D. Goldsmith
Assembly of God
Allison Park, PA
Rev. Jeffrey S. Leake
Assembly of God
Baraboo, WI
Rev. Michael W. Dotson
Calvary A/G
Atlanta, GA
Rev. Dennis B. Lacy
Calvary A/G
Willoughby Hills, OH
Rev. David K. Welle
Calvary Christian Church
Lynnfield, MA
Rev. Timothy P. Schmidt
Calvary Temple
Wayne, NJ
Rev. Thomas W. Keinath
Carbondale A/G
Tulsa, OK
Rev. Philip A. Taylor
Cathedral of Light
Selma, CA
Rev. Kenny L. Rasmussen
Centerpointe Church at Fair Oaks
Fairfax, VA
Rev. Stephen E. Brimmer
Central A/G
Muskegon, MI
Rev. Gordon D. Aikin
Christian A/G
Lake Havasu City, AZ
Rev. Richard D. Tatham
Christian Life Assembly
Camp Hill, PA
Rev. Paul J. Wislocky
Colonial Heights A/G
Wichita, KS
Rev. Jonathan M. Hollis
Crossroads of Life A/G
Duncanville, TX
Rev. Gaylon D. Claunch
Eastland A/G
Tulsa, OK
Rev. J. Mikel French
Evangel A/G
Wichita, KS
Rev. Vance A. Cauthon
Evangel Temple A/G
Grand Prairie, TX
Rev. Don Paul Gray
Faith A/G
Orlando, FL
Rev. Carl Stephens
First A/G
Monticello, AR
Rev. Alan Womack
First A/G
Lancaster, CA
Rev. James W. Majeske
First A/G
Florida City, FL
Rev. Junior E. Myers
First A/G
Joliet, IL
Rev. Earl H. Thornton
First A/G
Rolla, MO
Rev. William Whitmire Jr.
First A/G
McCook, NE
Rev. Charles P. Hooton Jr.
First A/G
Bristow, OK
Rev. Doug Sampley
First A/G
Ponca City, OK
Rev. Micah K. Wells
First A/G
Beaver Falls, PA
Rev. Paul D. Poole
First A/G
York, PA
Rev. Dwayne L. Campbell
Glad Tidings A/G
Austin, TX
Rev. James K. Bell
Harvest Time A/G
Greenwich, CT
Rev. Glenn A. Harvison
Kalamazoo First A/G
Portage, MI
Rev. Phillip E. McElhenny
Kettering A/G
Kettering, OH
Rev. Douglas L. Cooper
La Trinidad Church
San Fernando, CA
Rev. David P. Espinoza Sr.
Lakeside A/G
Shelby Township, MI
Rev. Philip D. Krist
Living Hope A/G
Forest Hill, MD
Rev. J. Scott Bailey
Living Water Community Church
Bolingbrook, IL
Rev. Kenneth J. Hansen
Mount Olivet A/G
Apple Valley, MN
Rev. Mark J. Olson
AGTS Annual Report 2004-2005
New Life A/G
Kokomo, IN
Rev. C. Randal Blankenship Sr.
Northville Christian A/G
Northville, MI
Rev. Brooks T. McElhenny
Orlando Calvary A/G
Winter Park, FL
Rev. D. Clark Whitten
Portview Christian Center A/G
Port Washington, WI
Rev. Paul O. Hanson
Raleigh A/G
Memphis, TN
Rev. Ronald K. Woods
River of Life Assembly
Dickinson, ND
Rev. James P. Hessler
Riverside Community Church
Oakmont, PA
Rev. William J. Ellis
Solid Rock Assembly
Midland, GA
Rev. Jay R.P. Bailey
The Peoples Church
Arnold, MO
Rev. Boyd D. Brooks
Woodlake A/G
Tulsa, OK
Rev. Ted R. Heaston
Tennessee District Council
Rev. Robert E. Turner
Irvine, CA
ASSOCIATES ($250-$499)
Benny & Barbara Aker
Peter & Tixieanna Dissmore
Jonathan & Gwendolyn Glover
D.V. Hurst
Leslie & Earlein Martin
Dan McBride
H. Scott McChrystal
Bruce & Twyla Menzies
Paul & Lucille Parks
T. Burton Pierce
Darrin Rodgers
Randall Rogers
John & Veronica Smith
Robert Spence
Richard & Kathryn Sundquist
Loren & Milly Triplett
Randy & Karen Walls
Earl Waugh
R. Paul & Dene Wood
Assembly of God
Linton, IN
Rev. Mark D. Dunlap
Bella Vista A/G
Bella Vista, AR
Rev. Jonathan D. Watson
Bethel A/G
Franklin Square, NY
Rev. Richard S. Catapano
Bethel Christian A/G
Dayton, OH
Rev. Danny W. Brown
Bread of Life A/G
Upper Darby, PA
Rev. Joseph F. Maloney Jr.
Celebration Church A/G
Akron, OH
Rev. Jeffrey A. Wade
Fair Ridge Pentecostal A/G
Shade Gap, PA
Rev. Wilson E. Boyd
Faith A/G
Granbury, TX
Rev. Charles L. Dickson
First A/G
San Diego, CA
Rev. Todd Hudnall
First A/G
Deland, FL
Rev. Michael Modica
First A/G
Danville, IL
Rev. Dennis P. Rogers Jr.
First A/G
Ellettsville, IN
Rev. Jimmy R. Severn
First A/G
Madison, IN
Rev. Stephen T. Perry
First A/G
Topeka, KS
Rev. Bo I. Melin
First A/G
Henderson, KY
Rev. James K. Stone
First A/G
Bourbon, MO
Rev. James M. Austin
First A/G
Columbus, MS
Rev. Derek D. Youngblood
First A/G
Gastonia, NC
Rev. David L. Scruggs Sr.
First A/G
Akron, OH
Rev. Kent R. Jarvis
First A/G
Warren, OH
Rev. Larry Albanese
First A/G
New Castle, PA
Rev. Kenneth M. Meyer
First A/G
Mesquite, TX
Rev. Joseph M. Chiles
First A/G
Riverton, WY
Rev. H. Dale Jackson
First A/G Church
Silsbee, TX
Rev. Sidney F. Woods
Grace A/G
Spring City, PA
Rev. Jack A. Mason
Harbor Christian Center
Wilmington, CA
Rev. Donald G. Ezell
Kailua A/G
Kailua, HI
Rev. E. Jerald Ogg
Liberty A/G
Girard, OH
Rev. John D. Musgrave
Mountain View Christian A/G
Sandy, UT
Rev. Siegfried Krueger
New Franklin A/G
Chambersburg, PA
Rev. William E. Dick
New Life A/G
Ellendale, ND
Rev. John A. Brady
Praise A/G
Pueblo, CO
Rev. Bobby J. Wilson
Southside A/G
Jackson, MS
Rev. Bryan D. Wilson
Tampa A/G
Springfield, MO
Rev. Frank W. Davis
Trinity A/G
Lanham, MD
Rev. Tino A. Cione
Uptown A/G
Grand Rapids, MI
Rev. William J. Trim
Urban Park A/G
Dallas, TX
Rev. Robert W. Brashear
Victory A/G
Sharon, MA
Rev. Richard W. Ingram
Way of Faith A/G
Fairfax, VA
Rev. Ellen K. Blackwell
Gulf Latin American D/C
Rev. Teofilo J. Aguillon
West Texas District Council
Rev. Robert G. Slaton
YesterGear, LLC
Hurst, TX
SUPPORTERS ($100-$249)
Andreas Amagli
Larry Barber
Joseph Batluck
John & Christine Battaglia
James Biram
Donald Bowman
Joann Butrin
Lon & Stella Calloway
Jack & Kathy Clarey
Kelly & Sarah Clark
Barbara Clark
Robert & Sherilyn Cook
Charles & Joellyn Cox
Larry & Arlene Dilley
Jonathan & Dusty Distaulo
Chester & Rhoda Egert
Jonathan & Irina Frazier
R. Wayne Furr
Paul Graban
Hayward & Jennifer Hall
Tracy Harrington
Paul Heidt
Geneva Heiskell
Lois Hodges
R. Horton
Stanley Horton
John Houser
Harris & Elizabeth Jansen
John & Rebecca Johnson
Rick & Ruth Johnson
Donald Kammer
Craig Keener
Myung Kim
Frank Klapach
Charles & Dawn Kollar
Lawrence & Wilma Larsen
Young & Woon Lee
Linda Ligate
Stephen & Yen Sha Lim
Dwight Miranda
Tadashi Najita
Warren & Annette Newberry
David & Melissa Nicholson
Lori O’Dea
Rick & Susan Ross
Dan & Theresa Saglimbeni
Harold & Mary Sallee
Robert & Georganne Schweickert
Roger & Norma Simmons
Roy & Vickie Smeya
Russell Spittler
Joseph Stanley
Everett & Alice Stenhouse
Robin & Dawn Storer
Paul Tibbets
Steven & Gwen Tvedt
James & Sharon Tygrett
R. Van Der Stoel
John VanderKaay
Thomas Vaughn
Gordon & Faye White
Robert & Barbara Wyler
Agape A/G
Saint Marys, PA
Rev. Edward J. Carocci
Aptos Christian Fellowship
Aptos, CA
Rev. Jimmie D. Brewer
Assembly of God
Arvin, CA
Rev. Craig A. Amos
Assembly of God
Marlton, NJ
Rev. Russell W. Eggert
Assembly of God
Everett, PA
Rev. Virgil N. Frazier
Bethel Assembly
Carlisle, PA
Rev. Chuck G. Kish
Bethel A/G
Chambersburg, PA
Rev. Garry L. Kipe
Blue Mountain A/G
Newburg, PA
Rev. Mark A. Clark
Calvary Temple
Springfield, MO
Rev. Alan B. Bixler
Cedar Valley Church Eagan
Bloomington, MN
Rev. Darin F. Poli
First A/G
Millville, NJ
Rev. Gerritt W. Kenyon
First A/G
Wadsworth, OH
Rev. Al Templeton
First A/G
Bartlesville, OK
Rev. Darryl E. Wootton
First A/G
Lancaster, PA
Rev. Kris E. Newman
First A/G
Jackson, TN
Rev. Joe Dee Kelley
First A/G
Waxahachie, TX
Rev. Rennie J. Baker
Fountain of Life Church A/G
North Richland Hills, TX
Rev. Von Lombard Jr.
Glad Tidings A/G
East Peoria, IL
Iglesia Cristiana Del Valle
New York City, NY
Rev. Luis O. Robles
Mandarin First A/G
Jacksonville, FL
Rev. Ronald A. Nichols
Neighborhood Church A/G
Tualatin, OR
Rev. Kenneth J. Vanderhoff
New Life A/G
Chalfont, PA
Rev. Leocadio V. Chua
Newtown A/G
Newtown, PA
Rev. Harry F. Pearson Jr.
North Providence A/G
North Providence, RI
Rev. Pat Manzo
Orange Park A/G
Orange Park, FL
Rev. Duncan A. Wiggins
Pacific Coast Community Church
Huntington Beach, CA
Rev. Richard A. Winter
Renewal Christian Center, Inc.
Mitchellville, MD
Rev. Albert K. Appiah
Spotsylvania A/G
Spotsylvania, VA
Rev. Dale P. Donadio
The Crossing
Hueytown, AL
Rev. Michael D. Sharp
Victory Christian Center A/G
Lowellville, OH
Rev. David L. Thomas
Word of Life Fellowship A/G
Steubenville, OH
Zone 5 Photography
Springfield, MO
FRIENDS ($1-$99)
Gary & Arlene Allen
Robert & Cathy Angles
David & Judith Atkins
Scott & Tamara Bailey
Carolyn Baker
Jason & Gina Baker
Kenneth & Cynthia Barney
Robert & Carol Beasley
Dan Bell
Richard Bishop
Ellen K. Blackwell
Robert & Joyce Blevins
Edward Boehling
James Book
William & Jennifer Borovsky
Kenneth & Marie Bryars
James & Marilyn Bugg
Ronald & Deborah Bush
Michael & Leanne Carl
Barry & Alicia Chole
Ruth Clark
Lonnie Collins
Michael & Linda Cook
Daniel & Rhonda Davis
Gregg & Rita Detwiler
Thomas Dooley
Richard & Linda Dupont
Steve & Nadja Durasoff
Brady & Debbie Durling
Douglas & Betsy Earls
Russell Eggert
Tommy & Oksu Ellis
Scott & Kelly Evans
James & Sharon Ferrell
George & Deborah Flattery
David Flower
Kent & Shari Freeland
Francis & Yong Friedrick
Greg & Jennifer Gale
Patrick Gallagher
Scott & Kathy Gallivan
Thomas & Lois Gilman
Linus & Catherine Gittens
Wayde & Rosalyn Goodall
Fannie Hall
James & Laurie Hatch
Herbert Hawthorne
Randall & Jacalyn Hedlun
Ronald & Carolyn Hittenberger
www.agts.edu | 1-800-467-AGTS
1435 N. Glenstone Ave.
Springfield, MO 65802-2131
Friends ($1-$99) continued
Keith & Linda Holt
David & Amy Hornbuckle
Theresa Hughes
Si-Wai Hung
Vicki Jacobson
Vicki Johanson
Marcia Johnson
Peggy Johnson
Ronald & Earline Johnson
Ernest & Marjorie Jones
Donald & Heidi Joppa
Samuel & Cathy Ketcher
Edward S.T. & In Sook Kim
Sung & Chong Kim
William & Judy Kirsch
Winston & Grace Kyser
Robert & Edith La Fon
Richard & Ellen Lafferty
Norman & Sharon Leslie
Michael Loya
Charles Lynch
Ann Lytle
Arthur & Denise Maddock
Kim & Carol Mailes
Christine McCommons
Lloyd & Toni McCutchen
Gareld & Sheryl Menke
Craig Miller
Troy & Dawn Mini
David & Mary Moore
Daniel Morey
Gary Mormino
William & Jeanette Muilenburg
Sharon Nachamkin
Nathan & Julianne Nelson
Wallace & Dyvonne Nelson
Daniel & Brenda Odean Mark
& Robin Opperman Dennis &
Noreen Ottalagano Darryl &
Mavis Paddock Eleanor Parry
Harry Pearson Jr.
Gene Petty
Burton Pierce
Jimmy & Kathleen Powers
Joseph Register
Shawn & Melanie Reidy
George Rennau
Lawrence & Valetha Rose
Robert Rose
James & Janet Rozmiarek
Douglas & Stephanie Schneekloth
Richard & Barbara Schoonover
Phillip & Lois Sharp
Larry Short
Thomas Sims
Donald & Debra Smeeton
Michael Speir
Timothy Sprecher
Otis Stanley Jr.
Dale & Nancy Sutter
David & Cassia Towne
Brian & Waterlily Tung
Seaula Tupai
Jack & Irene Van Wieren
Everett & Carolyn Ward
William & Annette Whitmire
E. Joe Wilmoth
Bryan & Lynette Wilson
Ronald & Peggy Wright
Lori Wyss
Daniel & Gail York
Thomas & Laura York
John & Joy York
Paul & Lisa York
Richard & Sharon York
Abundant Life A/G
Greensburg, PA
Rev. Dale S. Murrell
Assembly of God
Clifton Park, NY
Rev. Dwight L. Moore
Assembly of God
Fletcher, OK
Rev. Robert L. Whitley
Bethel A/G
Perrysburg, OH
Rev. Paul R. Rea
Bethel A/G
Shelton, WA
Rev. Leland M. Geer
Bethel A/G
Martinsburg, WV
Rev. Gary L. Felton
Bethel Tabernacle
Ridgeley, WV
Rev. Darrell S. Tichinel
Bloomer A/G
Bloomer, WI
Rev. Phillip J. Halverson
Calvary A/G
Irwin, PA
Rev. Todd J. Neveu
Christ Church International
Minneapolis, MN
Rev. Darrell J. Geddes
Christian Life A/G
Willimantic, CT
Rev. W. Dwayne Harper
Family Worship Center
Sturgeon Bay, WI
Rev. Mark R. Schwarzbauer
First A/G
Sylacauga, AL
Rev. William R. Lutz
First A/G
Jonesboro, AR
Rev. Charles M. Glover
First A/G
Grand Junction, CO
Rev. Phillip S. Neely
First A/G
Raceland, KY
Rev. James E. Wells
First A/G
Jamestown, ND
Rev. Darrell D. Losing
Forest Avenue A/G
Springfield, MO
Rev. James E. Dougherty
Fountain of Life Christian Center
Houston, TX
Rev. Robert A. Millsaps
Greece A/G
Rochester, NY
Rev. Patrick B. Medeiros
Journey A/G
Bradenton, FL
Rev. Donald R. Carter
Lincoln Christian Life Center
Lincoln, CA
Rev. Kenneth C. Rowley
Marshfield A/G
Marshfield, MO
Rev. Steven N. Crino
North Central A/G
Houston, TX
Rev. Paul Emerson
North Side A/G
Springfield, MO
Rev. Alvin G. Blackard Jr.
Real Life A/G
Salem, OH
River of Life
Munford, TN
Rev. James R. Laymon

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