Militia Report, 1875



Militia Report, 1875
~o. 1 .
DIS'PHWT, No. 1.
Qu.rnn:n , Lo:"vo~,
7th lJeccmbcr, 1c:;;;.
Sm,-1 havo the honor to forward fiw ::;u lJmi....sion to the ~fajor-Gcm·ral co111ma11<lin~, t.hc enclo"?'l lnspect!on Report ~f the corps in t.ho 1Ji!il!·ict under my com111ru11J
which ha,·c pcdc)l'rncd thmr annual d1·ill for tlu• year 1 7:>.
The Active )1ilitia Force in thi!i I>ititl'ict c:on ... i t-. of-The 1"t Hcgiment of Camiry. 1 'l'roop ...,
Tho " London " Fieltl Battery,
'.J'ho "Wellington" Field 13attcry,
2 (;arri!'Oll Battorie,,,
fl Hcgimcnts of Infantry,
2 Hegiments of Hiflc:-.
In obedience to your in!itrnction-., tho force nuo,·e named perfi)rme<l their Drill in
Brigade Camps under my C'ommnnd. The fir ...t Brigade nt London i tho 2nd Brigade
at Guelph; for a pe1·iod of 12 day:; each.
The fir:-.t Brigade Division a~:;einblcd at London on the 7th Septeml ·r on groW!c[
well situated a short clistance from the town.
The :;trongth of thi8 Camp watilst Regiment of C'ava!t-y, l Troop!', 13 ofiker:-, lGO non-conunit-. ... ioned oilicc1':f
and men, w·ith 17:> horses, nn1!ur command of Lieut.-Cnloncl Cole.
The Lo1ulon .Fielcl Batlcry with the qarnia harri:-on Battery attachud, 'l
offiecr:-;, 113 non-commi,,:;ioncd otficers and men and 1:0 !iOI"'C..'-, under
command of )faj<w Pclt•t·s.
" 17th Battalion Infantry. :n otlkcr..... 299 non-conuni:-:;ionL'l.l oniccr" and
men, under command of Lieut.- 'oloncl ~facl~th.
" 22nd Batta! ion Rifles, 21 ottkcr-., 301i non-commi ...:;ioncd otliccr::. and men,
under Licut.-Colonel Cc,\\ an.
" Battalion Infantry, Hl ollicci·-.. 2i t non-eommi-.,,ioned otl1ceri; and
men, under Lieut.-Colonel l"mith.
" 2:>th Battalion f11fant1·y. H! oltii•e1·..., 23G 11011-commi""iorH~l otlicc1:- ancl
meu. UJl(ler Lieut.-l'olonel O'~IaUoy.
" 2Gth Battalion Inthntl'y, 2:J oflh·cr-.. :H1 no11-con11ni"''io11od otliter· and
men, tmder Licut.-Colonel Attwood.
" 27th Bnttalion Infantry. 21 officer-., 2!10 11on·commi... sio111..><l 01tic1.•rt\ and
mon, urnler Lit•111. l 1olouel l>nvb.
!being a total ot' 131 officer--, and 20!'10 11on-t·o111mi,,..,ionccl ottice1"' an<l nwn,4 g1111-. u11d 2:m
The 2ncl Brk:vlt• Divi,,ion n-.:s('mhkd at their 11 ... ual c:unpi11~ ground lll·nr Cuulph
on tho 22nd .lune in the followin~ 1'lre11~th, Yiz.
The Wellington Field B~t tc1·y, with the l10<kl'id1 narri,.on Artilh'ry ntt:lt'h1.-.J,
(i otlic•t'r'. 11:3 men nml .)') hor-.e'. under )Iajor )l:tl'f) 11:tld.
•• :!sth Hattnliou I nfantr~, 17 otHccr". :!:>2 1w11-comrni-.... io11ed ofliccr-. n11d
uwn, under Licnt.-C.'-Oloncl •'milh.
" 2!lth Battalion Infantry. 1'i ofli 'l'r"', :!O 11on·commi-.-.io111.1d oflicC'r:. :u1cl
men. nuder Lil'ttt.-Colonol Pock.
" aot 11 Bat I:dillTl Hi flt'"'· :!j otlkl'l'.... 11;) llOll·COlll llli ...... io111.'il ofticc.r.. nml
men, under Licnt.· 'olo11cl Ul:u·kc. :'.\I. P. L.
' L'ho :l:!nd Battalion lnf:mtlT. :?:~ oflicl'l'", '.!fll 11011 commi-.. ionc<l and men,.
under ! ,icut.· " lonel ·. "proat.
. .
33rd llnttnlion lnf:mtry, :!:~ ofilc:t-1·-.., :H!1 non·\'Oinllll" 1011ccl othecrs and
men 1 untler Licnt. Uoloncl Ro-..-.., ,;\I. P. L .
hein~ n totnl of 11:1 oillci.'r..., l:lOs non-oommi ionl'tl ollkcr-. arnl mun, with <1 gun~
:uul 39 hor-..c-...
'l'hu-.. tho total nnmLcr" of the two l':tmp,., '' ns :!Gt oflil'l'l'", 3GDO nou-commisi-ionc(l ollkor,. nml mon, :n l htH'se:> with '"' guns.
l Lo~ to l':tll )Olli' attention lo tho fact th:it thongh the co1·p., ha\'C hecn reduced
in nominnl ,.,ll'l'1Jg tl1, yet lllll gcnernl a~·ernge o_f l'ornpan.ics i,., :-.o complete, t.hat the
1111mhc.r of men \\1111 hnn~ tlrilk\(l tl11-. yl.!:lr 1,., the tl11r1l lar~l'st mu~tcr ,.,111cc the
pa.-..... in~ of the ,;\lilitia Ad in 1::>6~.
'I he localitil ... of <, ndph und London : ppL·nr h1 l1c t h1• 01w Le::.t s111tcd for <·nmps
in thi-.. I )j,fri<·L 011 acconn L of theil' central ,.,[tua Iion :111d t hl· line,., of' rnil" ay which
converge there, mnking the tra11-.po1 t of' nwu :tnd ::.lore:. 111urh le-..~ cxpcn-.iYc than at
the more remote point-...
The London Cnmp Gro1111 l is well -.uitc l for a enmp. lint thcro i-.. no gl'unn<l
-..ulllciontly extcn-..h·o f'or Bri~ado l>rill unk"'" ::-omc v;·cro rL•11tc1l fo1· thi,., pnl'po..;c,
which woi1ld be Yor.r clc-..ira!ilo.
The convenience-.. at (, nolph nrc nll that L':lll be dl'"'1rc l, and tlw ~1nn1c1pnl
Corporntions there do nil in their power to make the camp a ... ucre ...... and plca..;nnt to
the Force.
C.\y .\I. RY.
Tho 1-..t Hc~i mcut of Cavalry under Lieut. Colonel Cole I found much impro..,.e<l
in drill Loth of men a11d hor:;cs and tho men more generally provi1.k.l with thoso
minorroqnircmcnts.'llps, ..;pnrs nml glO\'Cs, &c., which murk tho tlbtinctio n between
tho -..mnrL nncl the . lo\·enl~· c·t1rnlry :;oldicr. The Hegimenl l'amo p1·oyidetl for the
fir:.t time with a mounted Band whil'h prombc ... to be a very gnorl one.
It appo:w-.. :.lll'p1:bin~ thnl -..c1 enicien~ :1. hody ?f 111fan~1-y and Artille!'Y a" w~re
in~pectod by the .\lnJOr <• Cll~rnl t·omman1lm:;. at (, 1wlph Camp,. ,;~ould fail ot homg
complete ou !ICCount of hnnng no Cavalry to Lhat Rngatlc D1n,.,10n; I would most
rc"pcctfully urge that ~ 'f1·oop-. of Cavalry ma,v be fol'med somewhere
nenr tho centre of tho Dh i ion. 1 have frequently received otfor:- to rnisc Can1lry
co11> there nnd i·cquire only tho authority to do ~o. anil l wo11!1l . uggcst that action
be taken nt once, ~o thnt the otliccr-. han: time iu this wiutcr to get .ill rcndy for
camp next year.
'rhc Artille1y fi" at former c:lmp turn ont the most cflich-11! and ~ohlier like
body of men in the l>i trict. selling an excellent cx:unph: lo lhc olhct·::; in Camp
with them. 'l'lie Ficltl B.1ttcric., hnd 1 1l:ty~ ext1·a at Camp for ~hoti ancl shell pr11ctiC'o
whicl1 thoy much profited by.
l nttached the Sarnia t:arri ..011 Battery to tho lJomlon Ficltl Buttcrv an<l lho
Goderich ( :nrri on Ibtte1·y to the Wellington FiPld naLtcl'y, an a1 l'llll"e;nent that
worked vc1y wdl ft11· hoth ct1rp<1. '!'hey were insp1·etc·cl hy the ,\~... i ... ta11t Inspector of
.Artillery ''ho uppcn1 ed well ati ...ficd.
faI:' A!\TRY.
I believe that one thii"<I of the lnfnntry w1•re 11ew rno11 1 but it i~ a to11ish i11~ ho\\
soon they pil'kecl up the duties of 1·nmp life anrl imp1'0;cd l'npidly in dl'i 11.
Tho Brihrndc '\hi ch the. Iajor <rc11eial <·ommanding in:;pectcd al (; m•l ph on dic
1 t July ''as corn po cd of n large proportion ot' recruili; who afte1· ahont a "eek-.
B attulion Drill were put in B1 ignde and " marclicd pa t," porfornwd e\·c1·al Jkiga1lc
mO\'l'lll<'lltb, sl<irmi hirw, "<'., n11d cndoo hy 01;ng "Fcu d joio." 'fo nttornpt uch a
pl'o,;rammo would ap1•e:\I' an nb,;urdity t11 011e 1111n<l'iimint.-Od "ith the 11nlur 1lh·, r\
1111ic:k pcrco11t ivc !a<:ullic .''f (':mndi:111~ ~·hi~h :dried to t~cir gene~ll) good cdtiratio~1
m11kc::1 tho Un11:ulian
:-ol<l1cr pll'k up cli·ill for more on 1ly than 111 b1gli h lwoth .1
I )11'{11tgh it i: more ditlicnlt l<• instil di c·iplinc a111l that u11ht>~itat111g ol · liencc l~
01~lc1~ t<<l fully cm· iCll out in 1101· .Majc~ty':s rc~ulnl' unny and ot .. ur.h vital impor
1111wo in : II 1niliu1ry l>odics.
'J'hcro ca1 1 be no doubt but that the. e c·~'lmp<1 aikr1<l the l>e,,t mclho<i oft nin'11
lh\• fo1·c·1· nt thcit· n11nual d1·ill :1ml 1 1·an conticlcntly n..•N•rt thnt tlw l\\O Brig 1I .. 111
IIi i'l J)i,,1 l'it:t an• now nwre cfli<•i1•n I aucl ready for acti w• en·icc tliun at any 1111.:, i, 11
li me during the la'.jt ten yea1 "•while c:lC'li t·amp givOl'! them mnre cxp1•rie11cc in ( l.
i11 ~ :t!HI 111nki11~ tho bGSt of theit· rntion-., and making thP111~eh·c ... comf<11·tnhlc in th •ir
tl•nt.J.:. th1• i~uoranc·c of whi1·h in a campaign till-. tJ1e ho-pitab nrnl make~ men di"
<·11111011tt• I and .lispi1·ited.
l l1c!icn.! the month" ofJuuc and .'cptcmuer arc the l1e..,t tor ~:11npi11J in thi,.;
dist riet, t l.c ad nal <late for n~-..cmliling mu !. 1lcpc11d 1rn the lntcne ...... or e:wlinc s of tho
,,P:bo11. l1ut the (!cncn1I time fi>1· ca<·h enmp ,,Ji1111ld ho un<lcr"lood -..11 m 11 cnn
m n In· thci r pi·i\·ntc arra11~emcnt ... hoforcltaud.
T ARl.F.'r
All the men in camp with a few cxl·cption-.. fired 15 1·011n 1-. vcr man at Tnr ~<'t
practiec, mn\ing as will he ...cen hy the retm·ri-- a foi1· avcr:l!!C, hnt. I lia,·e t1!..:ti11 to
submit the (!I'caL avantagc that in my opinion wonlcl rc.-ult if pl'izu-.. were gin"!n 11 ...
the best "hots at Tn.rget practice pc1formetl during dl'ill in <·nmp, aial I fl'el "lllC' that
money ~o _!!'l':lntccl woul1l be hig-hly appreciated liy the nwn. whilt• it j ... <widl•nt tlw it
could 11ol lie \li\'iue1! among a fow of the licst ,.,Jiol-., which i-.. I t'eur to' often tho
re-.nlt of money grunted to Rirlc ,\_,.,,.,wiatiou ....
)[ l'STER.
.\ t both of the-.e tnmp- O\ Cl',\. m:in w:!'- rnu ... terod in Ill.' prc:-e11ce. and T I 1e1t-OJ
11ally [11:-.peC'tl'd all the arm~. ael'outJ·cmenh and cloth in!!, wl1id1 I fonud in Pl\ iC' •·
nblc <·oudition. though the forngc l'llJI' appear eap·1hlc of irnp1'0\ emcut. Jfon~ c • l ~
r·equirc new j,,:ouo of !'!in.~' whid1 h:wc l1ccn fairly wom out. tho i"uc ha,·iu!.!; I i.:on
made l:i years ago of old one-. thrown a-.itlc fn)ln tho 1·c~ul:w :11'my.
A nrnr1plCl' n.t ca<'h camp wa-.. 'l't a11a1·t fo1 u-..u oft~1c Y11~11~ Men',, l 'hl'i ti.m ~\ ..
:.01·ialio11, a mo:-.t wortln- iu-.titutio11 :111<l one that I hchcve !!l\"e-.. n tone of mornht)
cronel':lll\" to till' men in~l'amp. and -..11pport-. tho~l''Oll' of .. •ttin:! n !!nod c>xnmpk.
J fol1111l it \"CIT dillienlt to :--top the :.ale of pirituou" lir1nor-. i11 till• l':tnt en.., iii
1·:1m p, nnd after <;011snltatio11 with the <'Om mnnding ottl(•cr-.. l ~cc1·h eel with mu< h an intimation from nil of thl'lll at !J1.))ld1111 (':mp re iuc..trng lhaL at the m'xt.
(·amp no 1·:mll'c1i,., :.hould hl· :dlO\n•d.
l '.\ln:
..1\1ni-., l '1.0T111:-.1o. «c.
1n 01·dcr lit at the man "hn l<N'' :my arti1·k of pnblil' propl·l'ty ( ommittcd tc• hi
l'hat·gp m:w he m"de rc,.,pon-.ihl1• fo1· it in-.tcad of too ofl-01~ fallin~ a 1 urdC'll 011 tho
thl' C'aptain. it Wlllllcl appear to me to he prnetl('ablc to :lrr:lllt!C. for the
p:1,·ment of c:1d1 mau nftt-r hi" :1111mal drill. hy nn order 011 tho J>nymn te1 -..1gned U)
hi~ <'aptaiu to cc1·tif~· that. the mn11 !ta ~.;,·en into <'?mpnny Store- in good 01~!01 tlu
ann , :il'coutrcmcnts ~ loth111g &"., &c.. l"'"ned to )um for use nt ~·nmp ''Iulo nn~
delil'il.!m:ics nnd d:.m:1J ,~ would he clcductcd from the mnount. due 111111 for tho. m11.11ml
ill'ill p:iy and tlto 01-d~~1· on tho Pa.):rnn ...tcir lie fill1•d up for thc l>nlnnC'c to lie p:ud him·
t hi-.. t1r1lor for ( (111\·cnicn<'C "'akc rm~ht IJl' mndc pa.) ab! .. t .my lhnk.
i - ln
The healtJ1 of the men nt both camps wa~ cxcollcn t, and no casualties of auy
'l'ho forcu authorit.L'<l to drill by Gcnoral Onlor, 2:.lnl .\pril, 1 7:;, i a-, follow : -
oon oqucnco O<'cm-roo.
The rntion-. wcr \'Ory good, no comph\intl' of any ki11d and tho <Jli:mtity a-; well
:t'- the qunlity was ...nti-.factory, but the forngc ratio~1 of hay b not l'nllicicnl.
The ~oncrnl comhtt•t of the men was YCIT good1; tlH'l'l' wcro a fow ta;.ic-. of breach
of di-.cipllnc which were pmmptly puni:-.hod : each ycm· [ notice that dbcipline is
l have to ncknowlcd~o the able and cordial snppol't n•mlcrod me from tho l'tntr
nnd eommm1<ling ofticor of tho Dbtrict-n :mpport withonL which--<Jr which
aivcn less heurtily woul1l make my position n very oneron:-; one.
[ ha\'c the honor to he, Sir,
Your obt'tlfrnt ~<·1·Ytrnt,
anJ Men.
llor s
ncncrnl'-. Bo·!\· r.u:ml arnl
:fod H1•gi111011t-(7 T1·1;>Jh) .......... ..
3 Field
Bat1cric~ ............ ............
a Garrif'Ofl
Batteries... . ... ............ ..
Lt. Col01wl,
Deputy Ad,iutm1t General,
Commanding ~lilita1·y Di~trid :N'o. 1.
Tho Adjnt:rrit Gonoral
of Militia. Ottnwn.
15 Battalions; 1 Ritle Company .....
4,fl l 1
Total ...... .................. .
The fim:e which performed the annu:1l drill for the year, b a,.. undermontionod :Caralry.
Sm.-1 hn,·o the honor to forward, for i:;uhmission to the Mt~jor C:cncral ComJT'o.1'11li"~· the cncJo ...ed ln-.po<.:tion Rcpo1·t of co11)~ of the .\ctiYe Militia. which have
pe1'.formu<l the :mnnal drill for the year 1 75-'iH. in 'Military Dislrit:t No. 2. in
ncconlanco with General Orcle1·... , dated Ottawa, 23rd Apl'il. 1873.
In -.nbmitting thi-. report, I Le~ lem·c to lay ucforu the )fajo1· C:oncrnl Commandi11g, the followin~ mcmoran<ln in relation to the strcn~th, m1d the manner in
which the mmnnl dril1 of the fort:e. under my command. wn-. pcrfol'lncd.
The authorized c1•tahli:-hment of the ActiYe )lilitin. in the District, eonsisb of:-
GO\'Crnor c:cncrnl' ... Body Guard and
~rnl Hegimont-(7 1'1·c~p-.)..... .... . ..
1:-1 Battalion ; 1 J?iflo ~C'ompnny at
~:mite Ste.
Marie (the Hiflo
<Jornpany at the Saultc ii; in po-."'' ion ot' two Mountain Hiflcd
Guu ) ...................................
'l'otnl .. •. . .. . .. . . . .. .. . . . .. . . ..
15 Battalions ........... ................ ..
Regimental Officer::. and N.-C. 0. employed on the Brigade Strut: ......
EstauJi ...hment .. .. . ..... ....... ........ .
'rhc fo1·c(• ordered to drill ............ .
'l'hc forC'c which performed annual
B Field Hatlt·rie....... .. . .......... ...... ..
:1 ( :arri..,on Battcrie:-i............ ... . .. . .
3 Pickl J3alteric-i . ......... ............. ..
3 Garri ...on Batteries ................... .
S .-C.Officers
and :\ll•n .
Artill. . ry.
TonoxTU, lGth DuC'cmhcr, 1875
and l[Pn.
GoYomor (;encral's Boil r Guur•l and
2ml HC'gimcnt--(7 Tniops) ........... .
DfoTR10'r No. 2.
drill ................................... .
K .-C.Officer~
and len.
'i ,:! l 0
Hor· s.
'fhcre wt•rt- three comp:rnil'" of infantry, two of which. wore not. roquirod to dl'ill
by un ,alter <h•ncrnl 01·dcr. Hatil~~. them nt .ll10 :.mthor1zod."l.h, ,tlu..•y ":?uld
;;how !-!ix otflc·crs and 118 no1Homm1 ...-.10n0<l olhcor:< :mcl men. Ill f,l\ 01 ol ~ho dnllod
forco,'.th 11 ., approximating the latter force to w~thm .·Hl othccr,.. :~nd 19ti nou·commi~ionocl oflkcr:- and men, to that ordt'r0<l to pertorm 1h :nmunl. «11111.
Tho ~hrcl' Uarrbon Battoric::.-Toronto, 0ollingwoo<l .anll s . Cathcrlllet4-wc1.•
!\~><embk-<l , hy order, at the :Xcw Fort .13:1rr:.wk ..., Toronto, 111 ord1:r to perform their
annual drill, and brigadod then'.
The-.o {'Ot'p., were n..,..,j,..tcd in the performn~1co of then· 1lrill und <lufto.. i.,,~ L1eut.\Vilson. "~\ .. H:ittct'.)', who acted a" Fort .Ad;utnnt, Scr,.,t-.. Bram:ih nml J,:iltlocl.
"A" Bat tcry, a-. I n!:'tructor-:..
'fhey r:ltion<' l 1hom" h c• in n ntbfoctol'y ma11ncr, r1•cciYi11 , the allowm11·l· cil
2f1 cent-. por man.
th to1 ion of their dl'ill, thcy Wt'l'(I i11,1wctod hy Lit•ul. <'ol.
[r \·in, A ...... ·-.t mt to1· of \l'tillory. :w1~111np:rni •ct 1,,,. Lieut. Col. lkni,1111,
B1·iu:1clc 'I 1"or, \\·ho mndo n Yery tiwornuk 1·1·port of lill' 1•tlick1H',\. ut thfl 1• C'm'I''·
::ill np )l.t " to mo to be th mo-.t :-ati ...foctory 111:10lll't' in whi1·h the,.,e eOl'JI'- 1:a11
perform th •ir nnnu.11 drill. del'i\'ii1g all the L1.md1t ot' l 1oi11~ plan• I in lin1·1·:1l'k:-. ""
well a" the p1nct1 ·ul in..,truction of' hca\·} ~un drill-"lwt :11111 :>hl•ll 11rm·tin"
Thl' ((1th ll •ynl~ Jt<•rfiirmcd ih :urnuul lli·ill :it Tol'onto. 'flii,., t'IH'ps j,.. mnt:h
impro\·c I. I oth in plty/j11111e :111cl general nppe:1ra1w1·, \\"ln•n i11-.1 Ct'l1• l by me. 'l'lwy
mu,;krC'd nearly in f\tll -.tr1 n~th, both utli.ee1·o; and nw11. .A It lwngh it ii-; 110t a "atist'aet01·y mn1111c· · to perfhrm it..., drill at home. the gc11l•1·al app1•:m111co o!' thi,., l'Ol'p~ wa...,
very en' litnhll'.
With the o ·ccption ot' thi- coq,... :.uul the fhrt·u 1· >rp... 111·0,·ion:-l_\· mc11tiotll'd, thv
l'l'tn:linfor 1>f tho ful'C\' }lOl"f'>rmcd tho annual drill i11 two Bl'i!.('adc <..:amp-. ot' Ju-.trul'tion. formed nt l\iugnrn on the bt. and nt l111lland L:mclrn!! un th' :!~ml June \:1 ...1.
re... pectiv1 ly. B 1th ca1np ... were under my per,.onal t·om111:rnd.
C.Uf P
:xL\.li.\.R \.
::, l'eri11ten<h'11t of Drill, Licut.-Col. Deni..,011. Hri!.('a le )L\jor; Briµ;ado )lujor,
L..: ll.-(. 11. Yillier-. D1·i~:t1le :'.\1:.\jlll'j c.unn Qun1·tcrma... tt'I', -'lajm· )loon•, i:Hh l3ntl:1llion; .'npply Olllee1·. Capt. )fo-.on, 13th Battalion; ~I nskctry I 11-.trndor, Un pt.
.I hn ... wn; Urdcl'ly Utti.1·c1". !Jieut. Jone .... ~ ~o. 5 Trnop :!n.\ lh:!!imcnl Canih-y; Ofucer
in cirnr.:o o! <'·unp Polin·, En:-.ig11 K<'n, 13th Jhttaliou.
The c.l • •li w:,,, com 1m-c l of tho !i1ll1Jwi.1.; (;,>1·p:-, : X.-C.
l f!(' rimcnt of Cavalry (5 Troop") .............. .
Hatmlt 111 Field Battery ..................... ..... ...... .
;\! I· icld Batlcrv .... .. .......................... ..
2nd B:.ttulion 'ln ccn'~ Own 1Wlc ..................... . '.! l
l•lth 13 tt:1liou ............................................ . Iii
I tth B ttnlion ................ .. ......................... . 17
2tttb l'nttali1111 .......... . ................................. . ~f)
3ith Jj 1t.tulio11 ................. ........................... . '.!U
:1 th Lattnlion ............................ .. .............. . 1"
39th Battalion .......................................... ..
4-ith Batt.'llion ....................... .. ... . ... . .......... .
7ith Battalion .................. .. .............. ........ .
Briga<lo Staff .................... .. ....................... .
r 'tl'tyit1'} out
NU Orclers.
Th< oflh 01'::! c >11\llHlll li11~ 1·r11·p :wuil I·e of tho fa<·ilitie for d1ill Oil
open <·11111mon. whore tho•ro i plenl) of room for e:wh c•orp•.
'1'111• 1•n111p wa ,.i<>~I :u11l in p •ctcJ 011 the ~londay folio\\ in·•. th · i'lh in t., by
the Hon.\\'. B. Vail, the .\lini l<:r of .\lilitin and I> •fcn1·c, nc·c•>mp·111i1 d h.) J,icnt..-< ol.
MacJ>lrnri;o11, ,\cco1111 ta11l at 11 ·a I Cl l:lrtcr, 011 whil'li day the tir,..t hri~ ule pnrndc \\:l
formed . in h01101· of that i\fini ... kr, "ho c\·i lcntly h(Jwed and took th1: g1 catc t iutor t
in Ll1e fcll'<·1•, as well as the wot kin~ of' the c·arnp iu all it .. detail:;.
'l'hc ·'I i1Ji,...ll'l' wa,., orood l'JIOll"h to CXl>l'('"" him~lf Oil J>:ll':Vlc ft;. m111·h plc:io;cd \\ ith
the "l'lll'ral app1•aranc·c1:o11t' the fo1~'l', atul thu ina11ner in which they moved on pru"ndC.
()11 \\~e<\11c ...da\·. the !lth .}11111', -'b1jcn· <ie1wrnl ~clhy-Srnyth. c·om11rn11<li11g the
.Militia. with hi,., A~l).( '., <':1ptai11 th1i 11011 . • Jill· Stapll•ton, \'i-.itcd aml in ...pcctc<I the
(!lllOp, ~,·ith :~ lu·iga lo j):ll'[l(k i ll the at't.l'l'llO Jll.
On tho frJ! d:l:\·, r1•1tursday.
the whol e fi>n·<1 was in,.,por•te<l liy tho -'faJOI' Gt>ncrnl. whr.u n liri!:!aclc hel1l dny took
pince Ull(ll•t· the .. 111w1·,·j ... jcm 11f that <•tli\:OI'. 'J'~c .\J11'orCer~ernl was ~oo~ c11011g!1 to
i;tato on para.Jc hi:, :,ati ... faction with the 10r1·-0 111 camp, their mo\'enwnt-. 111 tho ilold,
ati well as their general uppcnra1Wl'.
The rnu,,le1· of tho force wa \on· !.!OO 1, m fact every corp• rO"'JI mdm~ woll to
the Gcnel':tl Or1lcr. 'l'ho 2nd Battalioi1. <~11ccn't. Own Ritic~. o\'CI' iL... r<:'•tuircd quota;
the P,!Hh .13uttalinn, every otliccr and man pre-cat.
The ::;upply of ration:-; wao; ,.Cl')' good. an<l wn:> well 1·arr104.1 out Loy the ro pecll\'c
contractor,;. '.fhcre were no l·omplainb. 'l'hc co,;!. of ratio1i... pc1· m:in \\!lS :!I contr;;;
the co,.,t of forage per ration wa:-, :ni cent". Tho general t·omlur•!- awl health of tho
men in camp were ~ood.
Tho camp broke up on Satur1lay, tlw 1.~th, awl th.c othccr" au.I men w~rc d1~ly
mu::;lered ln· the Di ... trict Payma-.ter, .-'fa.1or .A.l.!.('Cl". 111 ~he 1~r\;•c1wc llt Licu.t.- (JI.
Deni.;on D1:ill In:-;lrnt'ior. The two Fidel B:ittcl'ic" re111ame1l 10 c~mp. :1r<'?nli11g t•J ii; ord .1. to fioi,,h their ,.,hot arnl ,.,hell 111·:1elicL" Thc~o b.ntNlC"' \\ere Ill pedcd
by Llcut.-Cvl. Irwin , .\_,.,,.i,..tant In,;pt•ctor of .Artilkry.
th U
lloI,LA:-."n L.\.);lH:'\G.
anol )lcn.
'.! I:>
~8 1
l !J!)
:::11 i
The ahoYc force rnovo<l into camp and went under ennvn<1, without any dilliculty, for twelve days' tlrill, on, ht J u110. The is uc ot ratiom; on tho
following moruing took plnro without any delay whv lCYer. 'l'ho muc.!1ine1·y of the
whole cam:r. workod uncommorlly well.
Tho dnll <>f the few dnyA of the fir:-.t week, wns confined exl'lm;in~lv l y the three
a_rms of the force (with the exe.cption of the forco <l.iily detailed for tl~e target practices at the riHe range ) to that appertaining to each.
Brig11de , 'tog".
, 'np•1·intcn<ll'11t of l> ·ill, Lic."1' .. ('ol. llc11i-.on, Brc\et .-'lnjor; B1·i:,;ade ~lajor, .-'fajor
Dl'gh. J:>th Battalion; ~llL•PI~· OtliC'er, Major ::;elliy. l'.!lh B:ntal.iou:. ( '..·111~p.Qun1~cr­
m:hter. Maifll' .-'Ioo1·t>. l;,th lb talio11; )ht kct1·y In,u·uetor., aptm11. "Jnte, 1.-th
Battalion; 'ordt.•rlY Otlicer. Cor11ct Doui 011. l~o,·ernor .l:cnernl' Body l nnrd i Oiliccr
in cha:·~1· ol' Gnm1; l'olic·e. J-:n i,..,11 P~riilt. ?l t Batt.111011.
'£11·•"' C'llU\>
' 1:0ll1JJO•t'<l oi' t!H' follu\\'lll~
~ corp.,.:.S.-U. oekers
General'::; Bo(h- (; 11:\l'll .................... ..
:!ntl J!c~iuwnt of l'a\·ah:y (:.l Troop...) .............. .
'r11ro11to Field B:\ttcry ................................. ·
l:!th Battalion ......................... . .................. .
31:4 Bntt:tlion ........................................... ..
31th Battnlion . . ..... .. ...... . .................... ........ .
lion .. .......... ............. ... ......... .... .. .
H!ilh Battalion ..................................... · ..... ..
Brig:tdo Staff ............................. · .... · · .. . ..... .
Oflicero. anot .Men. Horses.
Total .............................. l l i
~ ....
'!'ho aho,·e force a,-... C'mblL• i :.iml went undor canYa ... on the 22n<l June, for twch·c
day:.' dl'ill.
Tho ...1unc rontinCl of drill nnd duti1..• . . :.mi i-..--ue of mtion'l wa l'arried out in this
camp which took pl:Lce nt Xi1war:1. ' l'he m u-.tc1· ol' the tli1forunt t·orp ... \ 't't')" good.
Gonornl bch:wiour nn l hc.llth nf tlw men, ~oo<I. Ono or two c·.1 1• ... of typhoid fcvet·
rop 1rtc I. Hntion-. cquully :b go I, an I w •II :-npplie I liy thu 1•011t1·actor:-.. Cost of
tJw J'1ltion ... per mnn. 18! t•cnt...; co. . t of tho fo111.g<' rntion .... ;,o l'c•nt-..
'l'ho cnmp '' ''"' 'i ...ito I and i11"pcctc I hy ~laj 11· ( ;1..•111.:ral ~1,lliy-Smyth, Command.
in~ the Militi:t. :w1·c•111panic I by hi ....\. I>. ' .. C:1pt. tl11' 1Iot1. )Iih-s ~taplcti>11, on tho
:!:Ith .lnuc. rr he fo1·c·c 1•:\l':tdc I i11 hri~n<lc Oil till' at'tel'llOC'll of' that d:I,\', when a tiold
dny took plni•t> in the p1·1·"011t·1· ol' tho )lajo:· GcrH't·al. at the tormi11atio11 of whic-h
he a~ai 11 t•xp1·c-.-.('< l Iii 111-.el f i 11 f.-wornl •le 1L-1·m,., ou the :1 ppcnranl'C of tho wholo fi.n'l'O
un parade. atHI the mm1ncr in whic·h they moYed in the 1il'ld.
On the bt ,l lll)· a hl'i~ade p:H":Hlo took place, in houor ot' lbminion Duy, on
w h ich occa-..ion :1 .ft011·d joie wu..; lir~I. with a kw ln·i~:idc mo,·cmcnt-<. An inunon1:;0
c01wom...,o of pcoplo fi·um nil p:u'l ... of the ('onuiry. o-.timatt'J at,, a~"emblc<l to
:-;CC th troop". Xo accident occ111T1XL The c:tmp b1·oke np oil :-iatunla~·, tho 3rd
July . ::'he force, htwin~ been duly mtbtcrc I by the Di::.trict Paymaster, :.llajo1· Algor,
n ml pmd. thon Jll'OCeodod homo,,·anl-..
Target Practice.
I bc_z to f?rw:m:I the report..; of Capt . .lohn ... ton, ~fu..,(rniry Instructor at ~rn~ura Cnmp (mnrko l .\.). arnl lJ:lpt. \\bite, :Hth Battalion, .Jlusketry
I n,.trnctor nt the <.'amp at lioll:nHl Lauding (marked B).
On reference to the-.e report.. it will 1.i_, ... ecn that ut the
Figure of Merit.
Tho brii.;nrlc ti~m·e of mel'it wa-- .. .. .. ....... ....... ......... ... ... ... ... .
Be:-L "hooting Buttalion, 20th Balcalion .... .. ..... .. .. ... ...... ...... .
Tmop. Xo. 1 Tl'oop. 2nd Rogiment .. .. ... .. ... .. .. ..
<~on1pany·, ~o. 3 Comp!ln~-, 20th Battalion ... ... .. .
Bo;,t ..,hot in .Biiu:i1le. Colo1-SL'r,;t. Brady, 2nd Battalion, Queen's
Own J~1tJc.., ....... ..... ........... ..... .... . ...... .. ... . .. ......... ... . ... .
Brigade fi~u·o of inerit. ....... .... . ... . . ... . .. ............... .. .... . .... .. .
Bc;,L ... hooting Batt.:1. ion. 35th Battalion .. ........ . .. .... .. .......... ..
T1·1:>op. Xo. ~ Tl'Oop. '2nd Rcgimc11t . .. ......... ..... .
<.A1mpa 1y, ~o. l Gompany, :J:>th Battalion ........ .
Tic ...t -.h.ot in IMga<le, ( '01 pl. .~ha\·cr, X o. j Uompa11y, :H:-.L J3attahon . .. . . ....................... . ..... ..... ............. .. . . ...... . ..... .
GG points.
rrW.\.UTTOW~, ..\.U!rll .. t
1;) 22
l~1th thc ...o offic·c1·:. r?i•omrncnd a fewer number of'1·ot111di; to he fil'c1l hy the rank
a nd tile (20 ronnd-.. haYing been fin•d), or mo1·e time gi ven in o rder toafford ini;tn1ction in thP l'iflc tnr~ct prnl'licc.
~he G.o.o )"lll'•l.... 1·irngc . appcai·-.. to be a mo,.,t difficult range fi 1· young shots,
o pe<:1ally II th:rc 1 any \\:11ul blowing a<'ro....i; tho range. Youug slto •..; 1 as a rule, firo
a t. the t~rgct w1thou.t 1.11akrng any allowance for wind age, &<'., and a;; the ti mo perm itted b .o v~ry l11nitod. tho In t111c·tor is unable to give thi\t in ·trnctio11 at tho
range , which ts ne<•e ary to mako them fire with any prcci ion or a('c·nrn.r.y.
I would tli~rcfor.o re pectfully ~ugge:.t an<l recommend, that instead of 12 duys,
lG day
allrm·Ol~ m i·amp, when two or threo day;, c·ould bo ~devoted entirely to
mu kotr~ rn t1'Uf·t1rm, }10w~YC_1' fiho~ it. would do much good, p t·eparin" tho men
~or the rifle rn11gcs. \\ hen 1t 1. <·on 1dcre<l hO\v irnportunt a lmmch of inITitury drill
lB "the uc;e of the l'ifle" without it, the amount of ammunition m\Lc;t nuccs::;nrily be
throw n away u111l thc1·1•fti1·c iuoffocth·c. 'J'lu• 1•xtrn time, if bflnctioncd, would \\Cll
ropay t he l'Xpcuditnrc.
Ont of' the l~ d:n·-.' rkill nllow1.><I, tl1cro 111u th<· two dny:. 1 cr1u1red for pt' •
to nml n·l111'11ing fro11\ the tamp and 011c. nnday ! und the rlay hefo!1• thu •·:imp b.renk up
i" "elll'l'Hll.'· 1·eq11ire<I fo1· 1·1:1·1•i\'i11~ pn), :in ang! ng the cn11 p cq.11.1 1:tge.• 1'. l· 1 u1nl )
lll'~ t !i 11 .. takc11 011( of' tlie twdn·, INl\ inir lntt 1·1ght day.., •\en ti the \H"lth .. r be tine,
<lurirw whit-h ti111c :-.1 1ua<l, l'OlllJJflll'~ hattulion, .. Id ·mi,hiug :m 1 h ·il!ndo dnll
togelhf'I' with thv ta1'.gPl p1:wti1·c, 11111i;t Ill' all • arricd out. It nally j,.. llllll"\'1•1lou111
Jo i· i-o short a tinw h11w well the nw11 do.
'!'he fimi· cxt1·;, days would \\1·11 n·pay. moro 1·-.11eciall,,-, n:o al l. the ~xp ·1~0 of
m oving tht· fol'ee to and f'rr1m l111· 1·.11n p, c·a111p equipaJ.!1' :,nd :-ton•,,; 1>1. all k111d,., 1-. all
inc· utTC'cl fi.Jl' eight day:-: drill. [11 a \\Ord, tlw 111c11 lea' c the c·amp Jll't at tho timu
\\.~1en thn·c 01· Jbur day ...' !'Xll'a di ill would li1· \':tl11al1IL•.
The Youn.~ .\fon:,., Ch1·i,.,ti:m .\ .......01·iatio~1 : .. tal1li-hcd thcm-che- at I 1th f•mn 1•"
o tforiuir t•\·ctT indm·cmcnl for the 11orH·11m1111-.:,,10nc-.I nth ·c1'b nnd mc11 <•f tl1 ·camp lo
a.ttcndthcir tent:-, in the way of pen-., i11k 1 paJ>Cl', :lllU the public nuw-.p:tpcrt', IMO Of
311 c hariro.
Ev;ry aftornoo11 and c>oning religious -.en·ice, ''ere held, a "l11ch In•¥<' n~lll·
bors of the force atte11dcd, who CXl'l'C"'!.'<1 tl11•m-ch·e.. much "ratilto.1 by thu 1-.,nd
m anner in which tht·\· were treated by thi-. A .......ociation.
I t gin'" me more than ordinal')' ple:blll'l' t11 be able l? hnu~ ~ e:~ro. ti!'' ·~O~lCll o~
tho 1Iajor (.;cncml l'ommancling. not on(~· the !!l'l'at nt~c11t1011. !Jut .tl)l!lt) d1:'Pl.1) ed. U)
t h e ofii~t·r... on the 8tatf of the Bl'i~ado C:i1111p-. 1 in tho d1-cltar..!u of thc11· '.:mo11 iinu~ ....
I h('g nl;..o to acknowledge the altlu a~.. i-.t11n~1· ~ ban.: uh\.t) . . rlc1wc l lro111 tho
o filcorti belonging to the pormnncnt Statt of tho D1:-.trH't.
I mu,.,l not omil to montirm the zoalou::. exertion ... of oflit('r-. cm~m:111.1l111g eorp~,
i n t h o pul'formance of their dutic:-., and in t·nrrying out the auuual ilnll •li the) uur.
I ha\'e the honor to he. Sir,
Your olit lieut .::cn·ant,
W'r. S . I>UTII E. I.ieut.-Goloncl., •
Deputy ..\.cljutant Gcnt·t~I. )lilital')" DbtricL ~o. '.:!.
T ho A djutant-General of )1ilitia. ~\:c .. &c ..
lfou<l Quurleri-. Ottawa.
l th, 1 ;;1.
Sm -1 ha Ye the honor to ... u hmit l u1·ewit It, th(' praNi1·e 1t•tm·1~-. o~ I h c : nd
'\-. . · f vm 1unc J...t t • I:. t 1 lilt' 1u... 1, •
B r ig:ulc. pcrfonuc<l nt the Camp, 1.1~.un, •
. fftl ... i" \·<'n· low.
It will he 1'Ccn that the li~nrc of nwnl ot the l~~tucn ... U\\ 11 .i_ < • •
• .. t
(j(Jll •• 111
·1 ('\ wn ... -.1rnl !. ott 1111 n•u 11,1 e1}
thiH is actonlltablc lo the ... I1outrng :n
~ • ..., '' 11 1 • ,
after the'' had done firinu, :mJ abo l\l t hu unfavoraltlc . . ,atle ·.it • t 1~ol "?'1ll1·otr.l\\"O·
I t J · I' '•rl t l>e ,eX]l\'l'tt'(
\1 Cl u t no,
m ud1 hi.,Jwr
:t\'Cl':l!!l' m tie w 10 c ing:u u mi':' 1
. .· 1"1.1 'l'I .,
· 1 I
· · · · u Iv broil ·1-.l111t \\It 11 .111 1 ~.
third:-; i11'thc men at pradH'C in1 llC\l't JllO\HI ' · .. 1 ·I ·.i.rcuni,,l'lll('l''
t·.nn l'a-.ily
1111 01
advi1':tltility of' droppit~g: tl.1e. tiOO yardls rnngc: \:
: ~ ; foJlow ~ lll'r ·a Jitlcn111L
he :-.cell an1 I I nm of opnuon l hat icttcr ll'"" ,., "
~y::-ltcm ~f' ri tlc pra<'lil'e while in h1·iT:11lt~·
t . t I o prnct kc in the hort isp:wo of
11 \\ill ltc :-l'l'll thut ~,'.?87 men u\1.. to p11 in . •
1'· I
w111 ('fill l<)Ccivo ·111.r
l'il-{ht d:1y,.., anti fire 20 roumt... pl' t' m:111. to a1·t•?nl1ph:-h w ~w t'o"?,c\. tl11~11wh \\ith 'u10
b t
t l"tlh •r he h111Ttl~ on '0 ·'"
'{ll" tli·in 111 round-. 1 ur innn ho
rn:-;trut t 1011 w 1alever, u mu-. • u
I • th. I would -.nm~c,.,t t 11:1 no n. u .
I thnL .1"'cant. who mulcr"1nll
w or '·
o rcmet ~
· er-.
ti rod; fiyo romllb at 2~0 yt~rd>-! :iml ti.\ e. at W 0 '. nrn int·~ ' 10 c.~h -.qu:1d or 001npany,
th o most important potnh Ill ritle ..,Jioot:~~~· hti ·~Pr)•uul iu-.trnct e\·en· lllllll when in
who~e duty it would be to .st:ty :it .t~w tt 1111 1~ 11 ~.\ : lllumb lH"inirin!! tho -.ighb to tho
th e act of ~hooting. regard mg pos1hon, 1101<rng 11 u
1 11
tlH' l'!i:t1'gl'
1 ~1I ~~ I
or thu
\\Cl'll tlio1·11n~ l d:·
.\( 11,..J,ctry
po::;tl•d in thc:sc
of l he b1·ign le has
a E
Re ark
.;:: j
112 I
I 32
1Ptc. William Fro t ............... 66 j
Qr. ~faster!" r-cant Spctrs .. ... 58
\Ptc. ~tratbnrn ....................... Ill
ICurroral All1111 ..................... 1 Ill;bootin•l'ompnny.
S1;rl{l. rt Wulllon .................. 5G
11 uuilton,............ .... H
31 ·33 t Ptt-. Wm. Aoder•on ............... o5 !Best .Shooting rompany.
W . •\ tcheson ............... L5 \'cry foto rab!P for shoo! ng.
27 l 1 ~ ·rgt. C:. \lar........................ 44
22·v:; Serirt. W . Hood ..... ............... 53
:.!!J"fH :»rgt. Hewson- ..... ..... ......... 48
.1 .•1u11x:ToX.
( 'aptai11 B. ..'.1. l.
lJepnt~ .\<:tit~ .\
llc111 Shot in Company.
..::.._,~ - - - - - - · - - - - - ~1--------------1
" 11 I If) 21;·\0 IHrrgt. H. l'ctman ..... !............. 62 \"er~ ra"ourahl~
To lJicut. (' I. l>ul'i<'.
g ~· \ ~
ljutn11t-C:l lll'l":tl ) l ilitin. Toro11 ~0.
28·112 Gorp!. A tki 011....................... 50
L5· t 7 Scrgt. BJ.ii•e......... ....... ......... 34
;. I.
~ • ::Q
Be t Shot in Comvany.
66 r.e,t Shooting Uompnny.
.;7 !::trong "md from the We-t,
;ery unfu\ 1r hie tor hoot'ng
16 7~
9 !J
la 5
I~ .
· 1·
- - - - - - - - - - ----'--18--'---
I I~.
.e ci0
__'_ _
C 1.-' rgt. Ilolloham .............. 132
. · rgt. Roger ........................
l'te. Beatty...........................
"' rgt. • 'mmennan.-...............
Pte. Geeg&IJ)'. ..... ........ ........
Sergt R. H1 cott ...................
38 Strong "inil.
39 Be t ~hooting Uompnny.
3., l:strong wrnd.
46 \"ot fa,·ournhle for Shooting.
n., t ~booting
5'.! Favorable for Shooting.
49 Be t Shooting Gomps.ny.
~.§ ~ I~4·~ :~.~; ~~~~tCl~~kc.
• .'.'...: ::.'.'.'. '.'.'.:::
·q!I Hon:;e ................ _ r.-1
29 82 1l' te. Gritlith ...................... ..... 47
l~ c
... ~
lfl·(Js r.olor-Scr~ennt Tal'I'-· .. ......... 41
1 \ ~.7.-,
22·08 ~tatf-Ser~tanl )Jul otk ........... GI Be~t sbooti:Jg Cot:lpsny
2 1
:i 3!l
13· 1:1 \Private :\ 1clwls....... ............... 3'.!
IX ~ 111.;JA
I~-= .
~ .-::: c
20·23 \corpl. ~!\urnn ..... .................
'.!~• 41 Pte. Quick ...........................
12'48 do lhll............... ................
2:;·90 dv Brat ...............................
16·iti 110 )lcJ.?o~ald ......................
14·ii'' do W'l.11t~1•lc ............ ...... •••
'.!2·82 do ·w. Tutf< ............ ...... ......
'.!8·61 do Par!..... ....... ............
.!:: "'
~ \~l
.; ~
:; 1_ _ _ _ _ _
= c
:;: ·"E
-- -~
38 I
11 ·G'.? Irie. Cromwell.. ................... \
8'65 St>r~t -MA.jor Bnrhcr ...............
15·52 Pte. Tibbit~ ..........................
23·78 Corp\. Hunter......................
23·i8 Cur1il. )JcLoughlin- ...............
IB<:st :5hoooting Oornpan~.
5 I :h;
G 1 .'5
-.i-~-·""'l-1-" 1 ' ,., I
I -~
\I \13
do \\'(•a,·cr ...... ..... ........ ·•
1Y2i Corpoml Lee ....................... 44 I
HJ·25 l'rimtc Young............. .......... 52
~ 14
, 1M
11 ' '
Ip,,,.,, p.,,=················I"
U nd rhil!................... 2i
Glmy ..•...•...•••.••...•••• aq
t..!. ~
co ;~
;:: -o
- c.
Th hest shooting Hl\ttahon i• the 20th; fig r• of m. rit, 26 30. The ,best '.!ioot n •CB•
c. Co., :! th Bt1llnlion i figure of merit, 33•41), Hcst shot m the Brigade, Golor-' r 1 t
llcore uf GU.
Brigade figure of merit. IS 14.
\\'Ull'll'I:, ,July l!l,
l:!th Yurk ........................
31-.t G·roy .................. ......
31th Ontario . ... .. .... .. .... .. ..
;.{.'itl1 'imcou ........ .............
JGth Peel . . .. . .. .... ... . . .. . . . .. ..
Cavalry, 14 round· .. .... .. ... ..
17· Uan:-;tnf'k .........
19· 77-COl'pl. 8haYe1· .... ......... .... .
17·57-. ergot. )hjor Clti:-holm.. .... .
22·92-. crgt. ~ .•\.Scilly........ .. . .
20·4S-!'-\t. John .. .. . .. .. . .. .. .. .. .. .. . . .
12·60-Peter J. Boynton . .. .. .. .. . .. .
Figure of merit of the brigade ..... . 18·53
The fnll norninal ... t 1 ·l·11~th of the alJO\'c Force under tho Militia and Vefcncc .,\ct
another yc:n'.
It is my plea ... i11~ duty to report, that the COUl'.:!O was gono through without a
wingle accident to either marker or mark,,man.
In conclw.. ion l licg to bring before your notice the fac·t that I was Mmpellod on
the two lnst day ... pm<'tice to keep the . . ame marker,; in lite bulb frmu si:< o'clock, n.m.
uutil -.e\·cn o'clrwk, J,.m.; which they did without corn j1lai ut. and I liopo hoforc another
camp that an a lditirmal allowurwc be again granted, or t•l-.c it will be impossible to
got 1rood m •n for 1narl:e1 ...
I romnin, Sir-,
Your most ob(•rliont ~erT:mt,
'fo Lieu t.·Col. l>urie,
Deputy A lujunt General,
~lihtnry Di trfrt No. 2.
2 fleirimcnb of C'avalt·y.. ......
'1 Troop~.
~ l·:icl<l. Battcrie:-..:: ............ · · } Artillery.
·l l1:u·1·1-.011 Batteno:-; ........... .
1(J 13:tttaliom;. (Ii± Companie ...).
In cmnpari::.on with la ... ( year I find a. Fllight improvement. Tho rcn"on I believe
the men tako t-o little intore... t in l'itle shooting is tho want of some• badgo or prizo as an
induccmtmt or honor to strive for, as at prel>ent the rnon take litt lo or 110 interest, and
feel relieved when they can get ri1l of their ammunition.
I would sugge-.t that fowor rounds be tired another year, a!:! I believe more
instructions can be impm·t-O(l and real benefit do1frod from teu rou1Hb being fired; as
under the prc-.ent ~}':.tom tho men ha>e to bo huITiod fa.ster than is proper to got
through with the brigade in tho :-hort time allowc<l.
I cannot clo...c this i·cport without mentioning the eflkient manner in which
Scrgo~nt Dunford performed his duties, and hope ho will be cmploye1l in the same
JOSEPII \\'lll'l'E, ('apt.,
BrigadP .\Ju kc t 1·.\· Instructor.
Ou 1cr.
Xo,·emlJ<!t' I'.!, 18i.'.),
Srn,-J 11 <'ornpli:mce with )filit!a General 01~l~t"6 ( ! ) ~r.•\.~1~i l ~a. ~~i5,. I hn\•o
the horrol' to tran~mit my Report. of the A1~11ual U11 11 of .\{rl1ta1) D1,,t1 ll L .'\o, :1, fi11·
sulimiHsion to t Ito ~\fajor Gc•no1·al Comma~1d1n~. .
The l•'orcc ,,r Active Militia in this D1.-,trl<'I co11.,1 t of the following Corp . . ,
practice to tho I> •... t of my ability in tlw limit\.' l tinw at n~y c~i~1Jo
The totitl numltor who 1· •rnpletc 1 tho cour-.o was 1..10.>. I ho he-.t llu::. .)'Par,
Corpoml Shin ur·, Xo. "j Uompany, :lbt Battalion, "ho "'('Orcd li:l out of a pos~ihlc
0 }IOlll!:-.
Thi..! l.Je,..t lioPtin~ battalion. the :~:>lh Rimcoe Forrc... tcl' : fi.~111·c of' merit, 22·fl2
Bo:-t -..!iooti1w
.Xo. l Uo11111:nn-,
l3:1tt.tlin11; fi~m·e ut' • rnCJ·it. ~8·00. 1
wonl1l -.ay that the -.amc ('om pan~· an f hattalwn 1H•l1l tho snmc p<>::.t of lHmor la.;t year.
The tignro of merit and tho be ... t :-bots of each battalion :rnd 1·a,·al1·y beingB1 '' Shot.
D£l'L'TY .A1>.Jtr1· \.\T <it!\F.RAt.'
] C:j:),
~lit,-! h:we tho honor to 1·epol'I. as )fn,J;:cfr:; ln tt·udor to lhL' brigade a ... -.olllbl1• I
!'It 1l(ll111r1 I Lan lmg, .June :!:!nd, that 1 earl'ied out tho or<lc1·.-. i11 r1..'~·a ·ti to t;11·gtil
Figure of :irerit.
_ T.
C. O. and )fon.
IT <H'!;C ....
The uniform e--tabli'-hm<>11 l of Troop-i or Comp:inlc-. . b 3 ~ffir.t•r-. .nn~l :.>:> X;, 0. ~~
ancl men but tbi'I year tlrc number aLIOWL'<l to roc:Cl\'c drrll paJ w.1 ... lrnutcd to - 0
. and' r> ~ (J o ·md me11 por Troop or Company.
<'CJ:> The J~itt:~lic;n St~tt' anti the .Field Battery c"talili--hmcnt wc~·e u11c·hang.l.'.d ..
Urniei· this Rocrulation the number of Oilh:er,, und ~[en entitled to pct ltH 111 Annnal Drill fo1· pay ~1 this Di"tl'itt, wa-i : -
x. c. u.
and mco.
7 'rronps in two H.e,.dmc11ts of ':n·nlr.Y ... .
Two Field Batterie:-;...... ... ..... · · ..... ·· .. · .. .
Four (~arri-.on Battl·1·ie:-. ........... ....... · · · ·
Ii-! Compnnil'' in 10 B.1ltnlio11,, of Infantry.
Hi "
'Potal. . . ............... · ............ ·
The numbe1·:- who haYe been mu-.tercd anJ p:.iJ np to the pre ...enl tlat~, urc : Onic
7 T 1·oop:-i Ca\':tlry .... · · .. · .......... · .. · · · · .. · .. · · · · · · · ·
2 Fit•ld Battcr·i1'" with S gun ................. · ...... .
., (;al'l·ison 13:\ttcrie:-. ......... .. ............ ........: ... -~
Hl 11fantn Ratta.lion-., i·ompriHiug :12 ('ompame--. 1.>h
B 1 ·i~:\<lc ."tnff in C:unp,., ....... · · · .. · .. · .. · · · · · · ·
·>1 •)
Total .......... ········ ············· - -
;\. c. (),
l:! !
and meu.
Tho l'1'l'JI' which h:\vc not perfc1r11wd tl~~ir drill thb year, are:2 <;!\rTi-<011 Battc1 ie:-:. of .Pn~·t llopc and :rr~'uton ,
., JhttaJi,'lls ot' lnlhutry. \'t:I.:
\l p
_, • ltith Pr·inl'e Edwmd. LL l 'nl. \\a1t<·1: \O"'\· . .,
.~:lth ll:1"'ti11~-.. JJL l'.11. ,James B•·o\\ n, '1.10. ft' •r,., tiw the nnn·perform:im·c
oi\'Cll U\" the nlxw~ lt:lllllld
• •
N o rca:-.on Irn-. l)et.:•rt ;:.
-Of the Dr·ill by the C0rp... nrnkr their romm:uh.
~·ho '·nnlry. F d I B.1ttcril
nml Infantry wcro di\'id ··I into two Brigade,,, an I
a:-..cmhle I in l'·nnl'' of ExQrCi ':tl ( 'obourg an I King,ton. :i,., li>llowt>: For l~ <In,\· .
'l'h • Field B.1tteric tor Hi dnJ "'·
lith Brig:11lo Dj,·i:-ion nt <• >bonr,.r. 1m tl11· I Ith .f unl'. 18;:-,,
I Prt)\"i-.ion:tl l~e~iment of l ':n-nhT.
( . 1JOui·,; <"nmp. :h
Dnrhnrn Fil'M TI:ittcl'\'.
Wth. nth, H.ith. :tn l ~ith Battalin11 ....
1\tngston amp.
itlt Hri~ndl' {lj,·j,.,jon at K n~ston, 1111 tl11•
Ith l'rmii:;ioual Hc~imcnt ot'C:tYaln·.
Ki11~-..t1111 Fit•ld Battery.
14th, J.)th. lith, and 4 th B.1tlalio11 ....
.June, 18T.).
'!'ho Field Battcl'il:': ... mblt~l on the 10th Ju111· nm! lith .June. re'J>l'Cli,·ely.
joined the l':11111i-.<1n th ir formation. arnl <:omplcte I tho l>rill with the l'l:maindcr of
the r11roop,--.
r:nrri ...on Bnttei ie .. of Artillery who.. c lkwl {~uartcr were within :>O miJc,., of
Kin~... ton wore ordc1 eel to be drillll\l at that :-tntion, undL•t• tho :-11pcrintelllle11c:e of the
( •, •mm:mdnnt c1f the School of{; unncrY.
r1he1 crnuinin~ Hatteric . . were permL!tcd to '1lrill under tho ~:unc r0gulutions a,;
ap11li('d to 'orp-. of lnfontr).
The ~npaucc Gnrri ..on Battci·y. Captain Hooper 1·nm mm11li11g, tame to King. . ton
on the ~:~1·! Au~u. . . t L ii'>. nnd were pr11Yi<led with harrm·k ateommodution nt the
;o-;rhool of'l;trnne1T for 1~ 1l:n·....
'Ihe Cobonri
fr.:on 'Bat I Pl'}", C'aptain Dnmhl~· 1·omm:1u1li11g, being !nOl'e than
.ill mil, from J\i11g:.Lon. I l'rforntl·rl drill at their own J lead Qnartl•t',; 011 <lifforcntdayi;
under the n·.!!Hlat101i-. nppli•·al1lc lo Uity Battalion,, as rcgar1l,.. pay and without nllow-
unc<' ...
\n order i.., ... llc1l on tho ~ith ~cptemher, lSi.), pr11hihit1·d f'nrthcr drill for pay
ft om that date. in 1 on ... N111cm•e of the mouey \'Otcd for cl rill hl•ing exhan,.ted.
Tho ' hourg Gnrri ... n Bntt1•r,r had performed nim· dny ..· drill only up to that
dut au I were pai I nee 1'Cli11gl.). 'l'hi ... Bntt<.'ry wa~ in~ pcclrnl on llw l~t h Oc:toher,
h j j nt (' l>om·g hy tho \ . . ~1 ... umt ]n ...-pcclor of Artillery for Ontnt'io. :111d the Brigade
Maj 1r G h Brigndl' l)j,·i,ion.
'l'hc total trcngth of the <!olJOlll'!!' <·amp nt mus1l•1·1 irl<'lwling tlw Bl'i~wlc Haft~
w., 1, l.lti ofi1ccr:; and men, nnd 1 l hor~e... 'fhe l'l1,,1 ,,f ration" and forage wu~
·~, ~Hl.~j ot whi1·h i;u m S ti=6fl wus fo1· forn~c. Tilt' pay of officer~ anti men
amounted t > Sli,.)tG·i:i, 11111l,i11g u total for pay and :-ubl'i,..t<;111·c in thi .. t·:unp of $21.-
The total 't10ngth of' the King ton camp at 11Hbl1·1·. i1ll'ludiu~ the Brigade Stall'.
1,:,n ffi c • 111.l 111c11, .md '.! ;g hot''<.''. Tlie 1·<1,( of ratio11 ... alJ(l forngc wa~
.,:1 1.ii:}.J , f \\ hi 11 um Gli ·92 mi<- for f.>r:1~e. The p.t~· of 1JtliC'e1 awl men amounted to S1G,jli:~· l9 mnJ,iu~ a tlit:d fol' i•a.'· awl ..,uJ, i"totH.:1• i11 thit< l'lllllJ' of' $20, l:Hi·!)S.
The Orbourg c·nrnp wn ... Ulldl'I' the l'Otnlll:tlld ot' Lien I.-( 'oloncl rJ' Ar1·y lfonl ton,
::iii Pro\•' ional He<rimcnt of ('u\ nln·. \\ ith tl11· followi1w !-'tatr, \'il'.:
C01nmandi11g. -Lieut. ()o]o11el i>'Arc~· B<1ulton. :!J•l Ca,·ah).
Brig:vlo .\Ia 01·. Major· II. :imitli . .\filitin Staff.
''u1•P y Offitcr.-<l1111rter-111astcr \'an l 11~c11, HJ th Battnli11J1.
Mu ;kctl'y In tructor.-l',1ptnin .\I. John ton, :;'ilh Battalio11.
<'nmp (lu:trtc uu\Stl'l. Lrc\Ct ~Jnjor .I. McDcnni<I, Wth Batt.1ho11.
Aidc-<lo-rnmp.-Lieut. H. \. Morro". ~fret <'avaln·.
Prmcip.11 Medi ·nl Oll1ecr.-.'urgcon H. B. Heed k I>.. ~:;th Hatt:dion.
Camp Sergc .. nt M.ciJOr.--. crgoant ~fojor Burke, f>Tth Battalion.
Pr-0\ ost. 8cr 'cunt.--. CJ'"Ctmt :-'hca, 40th lbttalion.
Supply Sc1·gc·mt.-Scrgc:t11t ~I. Y. < alcutt, :i7th Battnli•>n.
Mutikotry 'crgcnnt.-Not 11umod.
Qr. ~la,..ter , · 'rtiennt.-Xot 11:11ncd.
II pita! Sergi:nnt.-~ot n:unod.
Brigade Hu~lc1·.-Bu~li·r .J 'Jhll .\ft.Callum.
JkiguJc Ulc1·k.-:'l'1·g1'ant .Muj(11· Polki11ghorno, <.'ohom ~ Gnrrbou Hn tc1·y.
'l'ho l\ingston <'amp \\a" to Jinn: 1.x.IClt nndPr the comm n 1 ofLicute111nt l'ol ncl
A. C:u1111hcll, 13th ,\rg,\·!1• Light J 11fantr,\' of l}ollu\ illc, Lt t owin.r to the il111 .,,,. of
that ot1wu1· at the la"t mollll Ht, I went i11tn 1•:unp, \\ ith pe1 mi" ion ~
11 .1d
<l11artc1·:-, and took tlw c·ommaml with tht· following Bri •ado. "Lail, ,·ir. :
C11mmaruli11g.- Lit•11tcnant-Colnncl S. P. J arvi'. \Ii11tw 'tail.
Brig:11lL ~ajor.-Li1•11te11a11t-('olo1Hd P. \\r. \\'01· le.' 1 ~Iilitia Stnfl.
Supply Oflit-l't'.-( 'aptain \\'. I>. (;1mlo11, 11th I'. \\'. (). I:iflc,.
)fu I.cry l11,11·11rti11'.-C'aptain .J nmo B.n-11(', litl1 Bnttnlion.
Ua1111 • 'l11a1·tc1·-111:i,..11•1'.-<~11al'lt-r-ma"tC1' <'1 oz:c1, l:ith B:.t tulio11 .\ 1g) I 1.ight
l\idi•-dc·Camp.-Lil·11tc11:111t J. F. \\'ii on,".\ ' D:itto1y.
l'rincipal .\11·dical Ollitcr.-Snr~t•on Bril'itol, Ith t '1w.1h_r.
Camp :-;crgc.rnt )f:sjor.-.C.:crgca11t )l:tjor Charle I"icld. 14th .l'. \\~. O. Hille ...
l'rm'o"t, crgc:mt.-:-;er!!c:mt J. H1mso11, 11th P. \Y. O. Tiifl(h
$11pph . 'c1·!!cn11t.-~crge;mt All'x. "mith. 11th 1). W. O. Hifl~.
Jl11 ~ketry ~er.r('~nt.-:-;l'''~l·:1nt c:. '!'. Saltl'1·, J uh 1'. w. o. ltifte ...
Qn:1rt1..·1··mastc1· :-\l·rgcu11t.-Cul111·-Scr~oa11t H11bcrt (~leu, l th B:ttrnlio11
Jlo,pit:tl. 'cr~t'a11t.-~c1·!!e:rnt .I. F. )Jiller. 1th C:wnlry.
B1·i~:ulc 'k·1·k.-:-3c1·!.!'l'a11t P. ()'( · 1n11or. 1 Hh l'. \\". 0. Hifle-,.
Bri~a<le B11~lt•1".-./11-l'j1h R ,iJj11 ...f)n, 4ith lhttalion.
)Jarkcr~.-~e,·cn men from the I !th :11111 lith B:illnlion"' in <'am!'.
'l'hc dntic,.. of the ('am1h w1.•1·e Mmlm·t0<l with n'guhuity unt! zeal 011 the )l.ll't of
all C:Ofll'el'llC<i.
The wcathm· wa,.. mo...t fa\·oralJlo; thl· "nJlplie .. \\en· !!110<.L '!'lie c·mnp ;.;1'0u11 I,..
wore well c:ho-<en, and the f't.1tt' being earcfully ,c(cded, ull tlte inachin1•1.,·11J 11 r.mnp
life wOl'kc<I ~moothlY.
OllitcrH awl mc'n Yicd with eadi othe1· in their· cxel'tion, to ma ... k1 the tlet:1ili;
of drill and tamp 1luti<.'.... -.o fa1· a' tltl' lirnitod time would pci mit.
The twch·c d:n-:; indwlc<I lhl' d:n,.. of <'<•mi1w :irnl gC1ing, 011c •'undu_r, :\1 d 0110
field llay for in ... pet:tion antl ntll .. tor and pay. :-;O that ci~hl cl::rdU)"Ollly\\Cl'Ofl\lliJ
abk fo1· rt'gttlur work. a period mueh too ... hort to he of mah rr:-il mlrnnt: gc ti1r drill
pnrpo~t·,.., tlwn~h -.uttil'il·nt to fo1 m the Squa l... , Troup-. •)I' ( 'omp:mic-. :w<I Battalion
:u11l i11..,pcct the pro1icrty ill their chnrgo.
A ,..nrnll portion onl\ oftlw forco eoultl rec·e1Ye p1:1cw:il 111,huchou 1n mou11l111g
Guard and Piquet. hut' a \'cry lar.rc proportion of hoth Camp ... J crfo1·m1 I 'I': rgct
prnctitc with };) ro11111!-. pc1· m:111. at :!00, 4fltl :tn I tiUO yard Hill~• ... .
The Hcport (,\) of LL Col. Boulton. ac{'Olllp:Lnii: this 1 I or .1... well•;" the
rcporb (B)ofthe~lcdi.1al<>lli1•t•1·.. i111·lrnrge nml the Hcturn'- 11f \lu-.k 1 t1J p1.1rt1cc a-.
t'tlrnislH'd hY tlw :lpf'Ollllc1l )fu ... kdr~· f11,,t1nc101 '.
I h:ne 1hc mcl:nwholy duty ol'rt•portiug the dlJ:tth of tlll l:1t..• B!1;u~lc Mn.JOI' 1. •
('ol011t•l "" P. Phillip... Oil the 1st ;::;l'ptl'lllUC'I', :1tlc1· a !1111~ :.n d lu!-:cnug ilh C"· ,
Ui.., n'mnin,., Wl'l'C i11tc1Tl'CI on the ;)1·11 :-lcptemh•r with n~1litar.) ho11or..:. rlw
"A" Battery t'111·11i-.hc<l hand, '"Un-c:uTiage, li<•t''l' .. , :tllll <111\"l'l', and lht
P. W. u. Hille:-; in whi1·h <·tirp:- f,t. Colonel l'hillip.... fo1111crl~ hml '011m:m<l of a
c•ompnn~·, formed the l' .. t111·t.
Owing to Jtj,., illne:-i.... at tlw ti11w 11f tlic c:unp". :rn I n~•ll m.\ upplic: ti~n to l l ~.1d
(ltrnrlCI'" for the\"i1·c. 11f another oflicer to perform Bng:>dl .Mn1 11 ... dut~~, Lt.( ol.
P. W. \\',1r... lcY. Bri~ndc Major oft ho (; rnnd 'l'nmk llrig 1dc w.1 ... 01-dd'ccl to h.lll,.,. ton °11
that dut\, and I ha\ t' m11l'i1 p'l'llMU'O in L11·ingi11~ to~ on~ nottl c• the' nlu.1blc n:-,1stn!'c?
atl'orcluci'liy thi .. oflfrer. \d10. . l' thOt'Ough kruJ\\lcdgo of Ins ptofi "'10n. great re1:>ul. i!t)'
diligi'111·e.':1rnl good temper. l'Ontrilmtnd in 1!0 . . m:1ll d('!-: c<· to tho 'Ill(' ,._f\tl t<.'l minn
tion of' the King ton ():imp 'dth perfect ..at1,furt1on to nil ('OnC'm11cd.
l li
'fho oth01 t:1fl' otliccr ... were al-..o urtive in thoi1· re JHll'liw duties. I would
c:pecinll) mention l 'nptain B.' rm ·!ith, the ~[u ...kct1·y lui'itructol'. and 'aptain Gordon
l Ith, tho ::-i11pply oflic ·r, who e nclmimbk aiT:tll0 l'lllouts and <·01i-..t1mt, attention were
very cou-..picnou-..
I ol>--ct·Yc '' ith afo,fnction tl1nt Licutcn:mt.Coloncl Boulton l'XJH'csscs his grntitndo to tho Brigade Statl of tho l'oho111·~ C:unp, a~ Wl'll as to tlw ()tlice1·:- and men of
sll 1·ank-., in t hoi r ready co-0p rat ion, sit PJ>IH'l, and C'l1ecrf11 I ohe Ii1•111·c to 01\lcrs.
nurin~ th l\ i.1g-.ton Camp a t'ril·11tlly mnteh wns "hot with thl' 1·ifll' by OffiC'ers
of the lith and J th B9.ltalio11..,, 10 un l':t<:h si1lc, in which the lith 1·1rnH' off\'icto1·M.
C:tptnin Hyr1w, lith lhttalion, the Camp )fu,.,kctry lu~l1'\H'tn1·, ,.,1•01·i11g 5:! out of a.
p<..' -..ibll· fill. 'l'hi-. '' n-. tJil, hi~hc-.t :-.<·01'l' mtlllc in tho J)i,.,ti·iet.
'l'hl' 4ith Frottlcnne Hatt:llion also attained the hil,{hcst fig"111·0 of merit in the
Di-.trict at tho It 111gc...., with ~O ·O " poi11L" as ti~ut'l' of merit.
The hcnlth or thu troo\'' in both l'Hmp-. wt~ c:u·l'llt'nt nrnl no accidents of any
.con-.eqncnct' oc<·ur1·c<l to ( >t ll'Cl'... or men. lt11t t \\'O hm·:-.o-.. 1)1' the Pil'llllt Troop or Cavalry nt the Kin!!-.tOn Camp W<'re h:1 II~· injlll'l,'ll on tlw nuu·ch, onl' by :t spr:1in of the
fotlock joint on a Ruilway l'ro-.-iin~. and tho othel' Ly 11 nail thron!.{h tho foot, hoth arcidenl-. ca" cl'ion-.. lameuc... -. for thl' time l>eing. The uwm•1· ... were promptly in-tlcmnitiotl hy a lihernl gratuity from the .\Iilitin Dopnrt mont as snon tb the ca...cs were
ot6ci:1lly reprc:.011tC(I. Libl'rality on the part of the Government in such cases will
b~nr uoo<l fruit.
in the reports (TI) of the mcdil'al office!'::.;, it will be ohserwd that n Piug~estion is
<>lfore<l Ly one uf the Surgeon-. fo1· some n<lditional me<iieines in the Field Panicrs.
It will al-.o ho noticed that a tent fl11· a Ficlcl IIo-.pital is n•r1uired 011 all oetasiont- of
ro:Hl would lie open to them \\hc11 r('tiri1w
at till\" part lo tltt• shelter uflon'rnl t1y
'l'hc iucn i'I grwltrnlly spread in~ th al tho old <'arnlry w:rn \\ itl1 ~word mu! pi t.ll
muHL soon lie rcplu1·c<l, <>r at any rutc 1mpplo111<>r1t<.~l h,· thl' 11101111t<;J IWlcrn:w "ho
woul l li~rm u, t!<'rc?n for in ti< of tl.c J11fo11try, :uui in their turn lie well pro~cct<.J
Ly tho hrc of Artillery more than n tltou~und \·nrd11 iu tht'ir n•ar.
Jt, i ... a ftwt to Le noted that. tho rnernbcr~ of ('iwnln· in the two <'.1111f1a ,rcro
withiu ono ofliccr and one hor~o of the full num Lt•r allo\~cd to 1lrill. '.'\o ot 1cr arm
was !IO fully r ept·l•scntcJ in proportion.
Many young fa1·!n.or.s who owu l.wr~o!I wou,lt! glivlly c11rol i11 :'ifoun te<I <'•>rri", when
they uro m·orso to .JOI Ill ng tho l 11fa11try. lt thc-.c mt·n wc1 e cm·1mrngt1d to enrol
thom..,clvel:! an I tlto1r hori;o:-J, the number of fine ttoima!~ that would th1i... lie Hwnrod
for ficn·icc, tt·aincJ to tho i;ightx nml i-ouwb of ltfu in C'urnp, th well ~L" ritt<•I with
saddlory and nccustom<-'<i to lllO\'O tOJCth1·r 01· ~cparntdy, to t1ta11d whill' lt11•ir ow1it•r1i
dismount to firl'. and t-0 the da11gl•ro11.:; habit <1f kirkiug at <':id1 other in t lio rnnk 1
or wheu picketed, which nil hortoe5 nic liable to <lo\\ hen tii-.t Lrun~ht in < loto Mnlttel.
with t.trangcrh of the same 6poc·ic!I, woul<l mo1·e than eornpcni:atc for tho outliw :m<l
cost of sub~isting them for a fow d11y:-. in tho :rein·.
Tho Infantry lhttulion'i were generally mMc up of uw materiul. It i~ prcr
sume<l thnt th,, men arc enrulle<l for :i yearb and bworu in. ~uch i~ flt.ited w lie thu
case, but it mtty I.Jo doubted whether there aro nut now many exceptions iu the r~nki
of some of tho Battalions. To go through every Batt:1li<m. man Ly man, 11fler they
reach Camp to flS('ertain whether they aro all rognlarly cnrullt."1 tl"<"Orclirl" to l11w
could still further r c<luco the time for <lrill nod cx~n·i~o-t, and u11lc.,:1 tho ~t·n·ie~ 1•a11 bo
made 1mfficiently ntt.rncti\e by extra remuneration. or liy oth~r me:m!:t, to c·:i1i...o a r u~h
for places in iL, rather than l>y the importunit,y of oflil'cr1; tu <·<•&X an inforior clt\•'l of
men to join thc.•ir compan ies on !\ny terms. I fear the aetive fu1·1·e 1 M now ~uppo•l'<i to
exist., will grt\l..lually molt away <luring peaco time.
Two fiuo B~ittalions of Infantry in thit1 Di~trit'l h~n· failc.'<l to perform drill thi"
yoar. No reason has yet beon gi>en, and J <·an only suppc, ... e th11t tho men will nol
turn out even wi th 1mch influential mcmbel'.., a-; tho< 'om111:rndi11g Oflkcr~ oft he Princu
&lwrtnl and lla.'l:ings Il:ittalion . I <lo not think that c·ompuJ ...ory ocn·icc or tho
ballot, in 1icat·c time will 1mcccod in th is <'Ountr~-.
rhe tl'ottule au<l expense of trninin~ and m:1n:1ging nnwilling re<:rnit11, forc<.'<l
into tho i:;c1·vice Ly the ballot woul<l lie m ore tl1:tn 0111· prc-ent _Jilitia 11.1w, which
wns frame.I fur a purely Toluntcr forte, would t·11nltlc lh t•1 neC"ompli ... h. withonL tho
:ii<l of a bn<ly or poliee to arrest the rn~kontc1 L-.. au l .111 :mny of mRd--tJ·atc .. to
a< ju:itico upon them, tlnd even tben we t-honl.I lo,c a l.irbc proportion of
them .
ln timo of trouble. if >olnntccr" were not forthC'ornini.:. Martial Lim· would
prol>n bl.} prcn1il, aml then militnry power w111lil l·o put in :wtive operation with ti l•
Jbllot. A fow ~ummnry exmnpk" of enforcing tlbri11li110 l>y the ProH>--t Mnrt inl
mi"11 t be a powerful incentiYo to ohl'dience anrl order. ttud 1111tler ,..11ch eomlition"
th; h:\llot might 1:1uper~c<le the prc--ent Yoluutccr 1-y:.te111. with ~1 prrJ!t:tbility uf
~neampmcnt-. .
It i-. litml on the utln r Ol'l'Upant-.. of tent-. to have s ick 01· injure<! C'Omra<los put
into the -.ame tent-. with tltcm. 'l'hc tenb being alway:; tillc<l to their utmo.,t, capa-city,
• I h:wc hert· to mcntirm th:ti :.\f1. John Creighton, the \Varden of the Peni tcntia t'}',
whicl_1 i ....on tl~c 1·om! to the King,.ton Camp ground, kindly furni..;hctl a large quantity
-0f qu1cklnnc 11 r ":lnttnry pnrpo c.... Thl· hor:-<cs and ffil'll under his order~ delivered
ihe l.ime within the l 'mnp-. witlwut 1·h:11·~c, and althou.!rh this may appear a slight
,en·1ce. the thank::. of tl1c Depart mcnt. a-. well :b of the Otti1·l·1·-. :mcl mon in Camp~
m·c due to )Ir. Creighton for hi"' prompt attention to our re1111l•-.t.
The \'ctcrinary ;:.;ur~co11-.. --lwul1l abo Le t'nrni"hcd with applianee,., and medicines
for the prorupt trcatmcut of :.i ·k or injured hor:-e-..
. It i-. a matter for eOll!!rntulation that the ~evcral bo<lie ... of CaYalry in thi;i Distr!ct hm·e nt lougth been formed into two ProYi-;ional Hcgimenl:-i with a full Staff. I
... t11i adrncnto the CllCOUl''lgCml'rtl of' this lmmch Of the !>Crvi<·e. l>nring thu year 18/4
~wo fine troop-.. wore dbhnmk><l. The 3rd Hcgiment ha" Ill)\\' but:} troOpi'i and there
J-. not a ucttCJ' lo(•ality in the Dominion for C:waliT than tlw C'ounties of T>nrham
.No~·thm1~borlancl awl ·~,clcrlJ1ll'_o~1~.h. Th~. 4th Hc·~i1;1011t has only 1 t1·oop::. and coulci
.ca;,1ly ra1 1· tw.o m0rc m the v1c1111ty of h .1Ugi'ito11.
Each Rc.~nnont ..,lJ<ml<l htn-c at 11-usl t; troops.
'fllf' ~r t ('O"t of f\:uldlery and Ca1·Lines i:s the c·hit>f expense,
It will he seen hy lho- . 'upply Offi<"ors' Rctums that tho ('C)H( of forugo during
th?~e c·nmp-. ha-. only been thri•c dollar:-; for cacb horsl' fo1· the whol<1 1wriod of annnu.1
lnll. mid the avc!·ugc c·o"t of ea<·h offi?':n' and ma11 1 inclwli11g the payment of hori:;cs of
the mounted port10n. h:.h been 1111dc1· tifte<'Tt dollai·s a head fot· the i-amo period .
. . ,\ hody of 111111! nted men, co-. ting "o Ii ttle i11 ti me of p<·ac·<·, would lw of un tolrl "nl ue
rn t!me l)fwar or 111t1·rnnl dhturham·c, fin· 1rntp<.1... td11ty awl to warn the Infantry and
.Artillery of
apprciach <JI' wherea bouh of the cuemy.
Cmmda 10 not a clo::.e country with cleep Ian<•,., hL-<lgc-., wall-., 01· dyk1's, whore
mounted men. w:)Uld he unable to nHJ\'e without h1·l't1k-n1·1·k leap" 01· making long
d,etou~ to avoH~ m urmou11t:1hle ob-.tadc-.. The fcrn·c•,., an• no obstadc to a body of
<Ja\'a.J1y ma1"('.l1111g or couti11g ac1·1>--.. <·<nmt1'Y. Ilalf a clot.<'ll mc11 <ocnt on ahead<I Jowc1 icuce fa te1· tha11 the main body would n•<1uin' to follow, nnd the same
'rho g1·culcst ''nnt ob::.;en·llulc in the arrangement~ rnatll• fur the .\.1111unl Drill
was the absentc of quulifiNl Bnttnlion l>rill Jnstrul'lor-<. Sou c of the Battalicm~ "ero
bettor off in thi~ respect than otherti, lint nono 01 them ha· I n really ~ood om•.
'rhe po::1t of ergenl )fajo_r i:" n mo:'lt difficult pl:l~l' to till i1_1 ~hi::._eoulllr_,.. "hero
Jlil the e:tperionccd non-comm1s,;10ne I otllt:cr:1. whn~o ftll'mcr tra1mng rn the arm.\ onro
qualified tlwm for 11uch duties with the )lilitin. am now bcllindharnl in kno1' bl~e of
Drill n::i at prc,;cut practisc<l,. :mu who,.c h~Li1:->.n~1~l manners havu u1i.lort;;o111.1 a l'.uu-.tderaulo chancre by eonstan~ rntcrcour:<e with l'I\ 1ltn11:1.
ln the c~... e
u.c,ton Feld Bnttcry. the "<ll}>erior f:etling up. and -..oldicrlikc appenra1tce in drc-~~, 3.,, well a in behaviour, of t~~ men, was rc111.•1·kubll' : 111~,
this touhl only be accounted for by the e~nmple and tmlton ofS~rg~.nnt, larke of .~
lltttten·, from tho R oy:tl .Artillery, who wn attached t-0 th1i; held Battery :\<: a:i
11 If a country l11ntlrl mai11tai11 i11 ti mo of pc.ict, ti l rnilit.ln 1 tnbli bm r 1 onh
v:hirh ii- required i11 li1w• of pea("••, it wonl1l keep up no milit: 1 \: f! 1 • tu I. \ mi
!it~ry forc·u !-; mnint".lincd i11 ti11Jo 111' poa~o n;; n prcpar.1l~o, n~: 111'.•t a Io ii I<: \\RI, nn•l
1t1i;anad1111t1cl a::-.10111 tha tlH'lTI() lcflc tne pi pa· l )11.gain t 1l'! n• cl l'"Cll<'\
hbtmd 11· 11} p<'rmi ion of the f•om111:mda11t • f lhl· • \•hool ul'C:111111l'I'.\' al !\i11gslo11.
'lhc l'i~ld Bntl'ri<'"' \\CIC llfl11i ... hC'd \\ith :-Pnic1 :1n111111nition for g r<>al ~1111
rrac·ticc. 'l'his prnclice ":1" "'upc·rint1'11dC'tl h) th1.' \ ... ..,istnnt ln'l ''tor ot .Ar1ill<>ry
!or Onturio, "ho nlso m:vlo hi" 1)tlicinl in ...p~·1•t i o11 and m:ut.J:•1vc1·i11•' •)f tliit> arm. iu
t•omp:uw with the \l nio1 1;cnuml <'Oll11J1:mdi11~ tht' ~liliti:i , :it !.11th ('amps.
'l'ho \l ujor (11 tll'rnl. n<'<'Om·1nni1'd hy hi" pur...onnl Stall', in'l>l' Ctc<l tlw ( 'a111p!'I 011
tho ~ 1th .T111.1c :ll <'ohourg :lllU :111 th1• ~;1th .f11lll' at 1\ingt; l11n.
' l'hc folio\\ in" ... ums WCI'(' I):tid 1hi ... n•ar for l'llil·il'nl
1!.... in tl1i!; Tli •t1·ic!.
na ..
::Hl H1·.~i111t'nt of <'ah :111·.'·· l ',.hour~ ............................. . ... . ~ 75
I Ith Hntt:di1Jn . l\ing:-!•111 .. . ............................ .......... ..... . 100
d I
lll'l!t0 \ ii 11.' • · •... ••• •••. •• •••••• ••••••"• •••.. ••••••" •• •• 100
1;)( h
I 00
d I
( 'olJ<lllJ'g. • ••,. . .,., ...... ••.,.. •. ·•., .. • .. •.. . •....... • ..
d •
II m man' ilk ......................................... .. 100
l'orl ll opt' .............................. .............. . 10(1
Ii I h
I\ i ng-.t11n ... ... ...... .. ................................ . 100
, ... ,Ji
·np:UH'P .............. ... ........... . ........ .. . ........ . I oo
l!lt Ii
Belh·vill 1• .. ...... . ...... .. ....... .. .................. .. 1011
1 Oil
i: ~'t()rhoroug h .................. . ..................... .
·• .\ " B:1ttu1 .'. h mg-.1011 .. ... .... ...... ..... ....... .................. .
Sl n:w
'l'l 1e ahO\P ... urn« \\C111.· "l':ltuitk-. gi\l'll 1')· the \1iliti:1 lhpartmt·nt in aid of the
cxpcn"l"' iu •urrcd 11.' the ... e,•c1·al Battnlinn ... i11 maintainin~ th<'i1· Band-'.
Tho i 11"'1 r11 mc11t«, t•xc·1·pl I h0 ... e of ...\ ·· lhtt <'I')·, ar·· t lw pro1w1'L.\· of' t lw Corp"
lll•'Il 1ionc I. an1l paid fi11· L.v -.11 h-.t:1·i1 •limb rai--L·d aruong"'t I·0 ....
'fl1e Ba111l of the H1~l ! ":I\ :dry i-. 11wtrntcd.
The Hilk A ... ,, ·i:ition., of' tlw Di-.tJ·irt wen· :d..:11 aided I" 11111111'.\" grn n t<i. a.~
follow ... :
nth Brigaih• . 1.\ ,..,0 ·i:irion, Col onrQ" .................................... .. $7:->
Kin!!..:tou . .. ............... .. ....... .. ..... .. l;l
Ha"'t iug...
BcltcYille ................................... ..
Le111111'; :rnd .\dili11~t1111 .\ <:so<:iati(in. N:t}HlllL'C ......... . ........... .
C'ohou1g .\ .. ._o<·iatit•11. <'ohourg ........... . ....... .. ............... .. .
'7 i)
f11t· :il•O\ 1• a <;u1 intiun., n <.:all afliliatc l "itlt the D0111i11i1111 Hiflc A-.•oc·iation. or
wit h tho< >ut:u io Rit c ~ soc·iatio11. aJlll I'\< 1,·
. .,·cro· an' inc·n'a"itw,., in 1111mh:r:> and
improving i11 tlw n c of th· riti.
111 P01wl11f>ion I h: \1• lo o::p1 ..,~in.'· tl1:mk~ l1.11hc e111nrnn11ding oniCC'I'" of Corp=<
null to tllll fi11r· • gc lll'rnlly: rnl :11 <•lo LiouL \\' il"OH of·' A ·· B:ittci-y, whn porformecl
the 1lutie nf' 01d1 1l,\ otiie1r1111 rn~ Staff, for their·c :t11d pcn.,011:11 cxortion~
iri 1·nr1yi11g •H1t tlw <•rclm i Ill tl for the ~oid11n,·c of the for"C'C wht'll 11nrlc1· nrms.
~nd \\ith 1 tfl•r 11<:<' t•) th•• •1m·... tion lately nlluill'd to in the· ~1 ajo1· (;t'neral's Re
pnrt a t<• tho cmploy111111t Ill' qu.ililic1i army Drill 1!1~lr11C'tor, J tl1i11k th<: followi11g
logical r1:t: 011i1w of th<' li>111wr ,\djn~mt c;1•rn•ral ,\f:w l li11irr~1ll, \Hiflt'n in J, ti8, corr<>·
horat '" thc \[ajor (:c1H rnl' 11pinion 1111 thi.- point : M
"1\ di,·i!;i11n •Jl' Bl'igrnl r. of th e re~ul.1r n•·in:'· i ~ a 1·oml':1r:iti\·ely JH'rf~'t:I nrnl'hinc.
uf\\ hidi 1hc pad nhHiY i11 Wlll'king orJcr, rl'<Jllit·c· lint littlo rcg11latio11 . A militiu
fore~, on tlte other laalHI rCJ cm hie~ a ma<:hin<', or whid1 th1 he a ring :u u ~on,.t:mtly
hcattnl{, n111I t hi ('\'crel I art r1·qmrc (•On tant rcgnlntion .
"Of th1 brn dcnomiualion .., bllpj • ... jn•r l1olh to tnko the fit· Id agnin L tho ouomy,
it will hardly I c di putc1l that the milifo~ \\01t!cl roquire hcttUl' Slut\' om('Cl"/l1 to mako
it ~n cflki1•11t force lhnu the r~ultu~.
ill ;,1
,\1 '1~111 '1
h 1 i.: ·11111. i 11r 1n ro
11 • : 1m till l' 1.1r h
tu t \
. c1r ;.u ·ha 1-l-cl ·on • ,, 1i11•
c •e11ti11l : Ill 1l•1' Ir·, L ( u th·
it 11 of t:XJ·Ul1 lilll , i at· 1io,c'1
principull,r hy thu rcdudion <1f'tlic rnnf, :111I1i1t; i11 n \e:·.1 "Ill. II l1·!I•t· <mh Ii\· tho
i·c1lu<"tio11 of 1hu S!all' :111d <1flii-cr .
· •
"If then :lll\ milit:u·,· li1rt..: is lo 11• 111ai11 :1il'1tl at all. a ,·crl:1ii. 1111111hu ol
;,istrur.tul Stall Oi'lict•r:-; i" i;uli ... pc11e:il !, :·
'L'he ah<1\'l' cpw!" I 1·. m.P·k c•l1':trl.\ ti fm tit• \'.ant 1d1i1 b i 11 rn l' I•'
~,·1•1·y 1·11rp" of tlic .\c·ti\'<· ~[iii tin th 1\:.1 I 11J '· i1, 1111< h l ::-itafT < llhU'~.' I i not I
~ibll• tli:tt lhc indi-, itlu:tb <'.O lllpfoin,; tiJ <..:tafl of tlw \ J'ut:,nt f: I :1}
J } "llllC'lll
c·:tn lic('omc ini;tnwto1·~ of'C0mp.111y :m I llattnlion 1 lrill f 1· 1·vcry •'<•1v~. 'J' "r d11lil
at'(' 1n·111if1 !ti and their whr·I·· tii •e i rh \ 1te I to the: 11. i11'l t • ,., o! ti f'
milita ry 11 ,;.111iz:tti1111, and iu <'at 1~ in~ on !Ill' 11 l "':U,\ 1· till p r • l ' ll« c 0.1 c llicinl
matter 'vilh lite JI.•a<l Qm11·Lcr... 11! the militi:\ i11 Ulhrn a. E. rcpt \·Ii~: iu e:om111:m i
of largo l>odic:> or mt•11 a ... -.cmbl~cl for :mnunl drill, wl en a'- <·om.11:111di11~ offi<>cr of th..:
camp!> of in btruction, tlici1· ilnty io( to look afte1· llw !! 't cr:.l rnnnngcmcnt, :u,11 11111
nreuvrc the troops in Hl'i!.(:td<!. 1:ttlter tli-m i11 pc1 li11111in;; tlic dnti1.., nf \ ; • 11 ... t•J
R:lttalionf' as Drill ln:-tn1c:tm·-..
The Major <k11cral'"' Hc11or1 1lntod F1 I run1.', 1~7."l 1c · 11111 ·11 J th.1 J l'l'l 1:u1t•lll
Ad jui:rnb nml Set'JC!.ttl, }l:t.i"l'" :-hould IJ(' appoi11ll I to 1•:1 ·h lbtt:tliou nf Int. nit), an I
a. l'aYaky lnl-ipcctn· to t•:\ch Pru\i111•1'. \11 l tlw· l11f:111lt;\ ~d1ool \\Olli.( "llPJll.\ tlw
Atlj11ta11ts an<I Sergeant 1lajo1·:. a'l \H'll :'I:-; d1 illl'<i i11-..t1 m·tor.... i11 :.111111<1: 11cL
'rl1c'-O Acljntnnt,; ;uHL ~crgt·:ml .\ \\Ottld fnmi-.)1 tlH• r.iq11irul J1u111h, r 11(
in ... trndcd Staff Otlitcr... Jll'llllOlllll:Ccl L1y ( :( neral \la(· nuu~al I
(111!;! :i·~o :I P'lj'-. :\..'\
indi..;1wns:tblc to llH· maintunaN·c ol a \lilit:uy Fon·1·.
But 1111!il tlio.,e .\[iliuu-y :-)( h' it.... h:l\'l' licc11 o,tnbli ho<l, n111l thorouJ!:h l~ in t.rul'ft.ll!
Otli1·(•r... and X on-( 'om mi "1<111t<l OOi< er" tnrn1•d out ti· >m tl11 in. it is 1li fiku!t to im.1gi11t
how 'lnaliticcl i11 ll'llcL01l' ar, 1.1 t .. obtained, 1 '.1.·cpt lrom tl e I!··~11lar ,\tm.} . •\1111
in Ol'<lcr to ,.... talili:-h ti..:- prnp0'{ I -.ehool. ill the lir-.t in-.t.11 c. till' . . (' 'Vi c--' r mh
nwn mn-.t lie tm~:t.!!('d 1111tiJ 1 l1or ... \i('h)11gi11g lo the co1:ntr~· ha\c I c:on m.1 l i crll.N
in nit thl' dntics a11d habi l..; of trained -.ol1li 'I'.
~ P. J .\ lff 1:--, Ct•IOIJ(•I.
I >,•put:- .\ dj11t1111t. ( ;l'll( r:tl,
)lilia1·y fli-..tril'L _'r•. :'t
Th o Adjutant Gencr~\I nf .\filiti:i.
pt·.~('1• the ) c•Jct'lll
l1f:111 art I.\
wl H JJ flu: r>cc:tt1io11 :i1·:i\ c•. .\ -.lwlc~111 fi.11(t· 1 f'l
val11nltl c :l" a 1u·ccautw1iar.r mca::.urc Ill )' • cc .111! 111
than a -,111·111 arm.r c·11111plutu in all if« p:11 h \\ ould I
general :-i•aff aurl the o{lic·e1'1', lii1111 at 1111c·o tlio 11 J t
p~i;·t.-. Ilcm·c :tL tlw tcnni11ation 11f a 11.1r, tin· lt: lui
in~ a
[.\ .]
llt' \n QuAn·r>:R~ <H' lin1 B1tw\11r: J>iv1s10~.
Co11ot Hu, ,Juno '.!· , J8'ifi.
Rrn,-1 h:wl" tbo honor of 1 cpc•r. in~ !Cl y\>11 that 1his da~ tl1l' t!'OtlJ•;, ·it' tlii
D iv iflio11 fini-.h\'d their annual llri~:t,h• Camp mt.'-IC'r awl 111.11·cli •J c111l 111 good ordl'r
u11d cxccllun l lll'alth.
'Pho Yariou,;(•orp" orca"h brancl_1 ,,nJw !'>l'l"\'i.1·1', (';w:1lr3, .\rtillcry ~m I Infantry,
wuro nomplcl\! iu mun bur" a.-. nnlhon;:~~l.of t•t\~·<·tn·c :1wn. 1 ,
Ac·cordin" lo the r1•11ort of tho ch1ot mc<l1C'al ulhcur, ·'I he ,:ln1t:\r) 001iditi\1n of
• .J
U1 0 camp w:t~0 all th~t t•oulll bt' d c ..1tl'11.
Tho camp wl\... 1:011dut t ctl thl'Oughout in :U'l'Ordance ''ith rul(•o 1uHI re~11lntion11
for the cli-l'iphm of tlH• camp.
'l'hc1·0 wn- a zcalon ... :.ttc11tin11 to dt"ill nrnl rlnly 011 th<• part of otlil'er;; :md m<:n
of all .~rn "'"·
' l'ho l :1mpi11g gl'onnd \\!I., w1•1l snlc<:tP<L
Owi1wto11 limit1•1l:wcommo l:1tio11 the Cavalry Y.cr1' 1111:1hle to firoufftbc1r target
rou111t... ofll:tll :11n111u11itio11.
1 fool "'t"Htct"ul to the Bt"ior:ult• staff. tho Conunnnding ofli<'cr:-1, offl<·ori; :rnd men for
' ol l' t1·a'nt·c to onIer~.
their rea ly~ l'O·opl' rnt ion nnd "':-11pp•>rt.1\111l d1ocrf11l
I h:\\"O tht• honor to he. Sir,
Your ohcdicnt t<cn:111t ,
~·wK UF.POltT 4
th Batt. wi th list of .Mcdi ciucs pre criLed.
D. R norvroN,
:~rd Hc~ l. GaYal1-y,
Co111111:md ing tho Camp.
I1i(lut. (' ol. .l A .n 1~ .
D pnty .Adjnt:lll t GC'n cr:d .
•\lilitary"id X o . 3.
C'A~t P "Po r~T
lh:nmrn ,"
July 2 , 18'15.
S11~ 1- l h:trn tl it• h onor to l'<.'}10l'l that the h<.>alth of lht• men ('On1pri :1in~ the 18th
Re!!irne nt in 1·11111p th is ypar wns irnlcc<l <.> x collent. 'l'he henutiful lot•ation orthe camp
on the ...h orc of La k e 0111arin. with itK Mol bracing breeze. and the ahsc1H·c of i-;piritnn1t" li rp1ror,.,. was in rny opinion th e :-olc cau:,e of tlw h ealthfulness of t he troo~s.
Th u w i,.u -.dt'l·tiou or t h l· " itt• fo r th e C'amp hy l1ie 11 tenant Colonel J :n-Yi:>, G. !If. G..
n. A. <:., ('0111m :u1d:1111. j., liidil.r ('l)nlJnC!HlnLlo.
'rht• r ntinu .. 0 11 tilt'\\ li<>lc were Ycry good. with one exception, vi;r.: the meat, which
wa-. for 100 lc.111 lo he tcnd t·•· :ind nn ti·itiou". I wou ld r ccu mm Pn1l that in fut11 1·c cam ps,
:stall fed liccfl1e l'ern~ I'atl of g m-" fed. c-pe1·i aly at thi - sca<;on o f th e y ear, in fact,
it WfJnld 1Jepr1•rablc at m1y time. Tho co•>k" o f the diffc1·ent Companies mad e no
COID}'lainl-., they a ll CXprc" Cd tJicm <:eiYC" "l:\!isfil'J With the tpiality a11d 11uan ti ty Of
tho food.
Of ti1<' few 1·a-.c-. tr..alt~ l, dy.;cntcry a 11<l <·onstipat ion (billio usn c,.,~) w e r e tho
mo,,t prPvnl1·11t fo m 1" of d iscn.-.c. '!'here wer e; h owc,·cr . three <:n,;es of a i-;evere nn tnro
viz, one of. l'Onge tion ot' tho Inn ~ .... 0n e of 1·holera m orbu.;, an<l one of intermitte n t. fovcr. all ofwli i ·Ii s peed ily rc1·on11 '< I nn<ler treatment.
I would s ug !!;c:il t hat t he followin~ mcdil'ine" be added to the list already
furnbhed Yi7. : " Chloral lI) tlr: tc.'' •· G lyc<>rinc," •· J,inimontnm .Ammo11i1e," anti
"Pulv. I pcw:w."
I lHl\·e th e honor to remain,
Yc·1y respectfully yours,
Surgeon 48th
l<'A IR Ft ELD.
Coromnndnat 48th Battalion.
~le d icines
"''"'"" i;,_ rn. Odl.
'' ........... Prim.ti;' 'iath. Wurmworlh ... l'Oontu ion un !teal... Pit. Cu th. Co. Pul'I'. Co.
3 " _... .....
Chn'. \\'aJ,worlh ......
Ed. Smith ...... ......... IUonetipflt'On-.......... Pit. ('Rlb. r.o.
John Brown.............
TTic-k~ ............ ...... jl ntcrmitt
ofluug . Puh. Jnlapac Co. P u!Y. fptcae
Vo. Qurninc.
\l~r. •.
.\ . l111milto11 ... .. ... .... \;..,uatipatfon ..........
J.1.Kimber..... ......... 1
I(••• ••• •• • · · .
J. Curti~ ................. Dyscntcr.' .............. ("arrbO'a :.Jixt.
3 '"
" G
1•re cril>ecJ .
..-..-.. -...-..-..
4 (' o . ........ 'fk rgean t Filson .... .·l
Rnnk trnd Xume.
No. Uompany.
" I
I;aLcock .. .... Sp1·~·ncd
nl Ii
.......... ll'i.h.J11l•t111cCu ......... Tur1~ntinr, Pol. fp< U\C Oo
P eter Ha 11cock ......... Felon ..................... !'ii. Ca th. Co.
6 "
Abraham 8 ...... Dy-cnlcry .. .............. l>i irrL<.C..\ !>lixt Pil. Opii.
" ........... ,Sergeant .\ . Brown...... .. . ....
...... . ......
'' .......... \Pl"i,11le J. II \\ky ...... ... ..... ,
...... .. . •..•
•· Han•l ... 1
•.\ nrl. ~cUre~ir..... .. Sore c;,.
........ 1.mci ~ulph~·i•
"_ ::5:d. •Chari tou ....•.... lh· u cry .............
5 '' ........... ,_ _
that till' nl1'\"(•
lhxt. !, Pil. Op
1·or11; ·t.
T. K. HOS:--; ) f D ..
~ HgMn "th B:ih.
Hrn, -1 hnvc tlH" h 111 1· to trnm.n1it hen·\\ ith a ~011cral rtip 1rt c r the h<'.1llh f
the T11 Cll, a I utUl'lll' I in till' lllO•nin~ ,.,jek rep ...... or thl' -urgMn-. ntt.1ch cl Ul th'
vario11. lbttalion-. :uni curp~ in camp.
\'0 11 urn,· oli-.l•n l' that the ~:·c tl• .. t number rep rte la h.rnn~ np l lC I ti r J1tl· l1c. l
rolicf w ns tl;irtccn ciu a 11\' one 1bl'. :111 I of the" "ix wcru roport' I a . . u11ht f~>r duty.
1h1c wholo number r~·p1wtcl ~"' h:I\ ing- applic I <luring th. twch • ·· ~"
boiug- s i.xh··lil'\'l'll.
· l
I m a\~ 1·e111ar k that nearly :111tho1'a"c" ahw• nllnt1 'H l were -nch a mg at o
()X (Hctcd ·from a cha11g1• o f d iot a nd occn p:iti1 n .
M l Ll'l'.Alff 1!1:--'f 1:1< T ~ 11 • t
Tn nd rti m to the .11.>o o thc1·c Wlb )UC C':t'l' of -.ral 1 >l fr11111 tho 1 lth Ballulion,
\\ hkh \\:l~ tr,•::itl I in a te11l )),· it .. 11~ 11 l' l li11· a ~lll• I ho-;pital, arn l one case of
!oilabbing, ,., itkh w:t.-< l·nl home •Jn :-it·k INn l' by the :->l1
011 111' lhl' K ingston l'icl<l
l>•.l'1·ry .\ UJl 1A s
l J;\ttcry.
, \ c: a r tl<' I th;n k tho 1'amp mny hl· .,:ml to h :wc hl'Cll pa1·1ll'Ulal'ly healt hy.
I hn .,, the "l"t: 11tc t pll'lhll l'•' in st a ti 11g th:tt tho :-11 rgeons al tm.:lwd to th c variO\tK
co:·p ... in 1 amp ..~n lcrcd 111 • l'\.l r.' p i-.sihll' :is..,istan~·t• in 1'.1r1·yi 11~ 1111! .the :-ll~~ostioUR
u11 I 01'\.lc1· ..., th \t it lll·ramc •ny d11t.'· f'n•m trnw to time to m·1kc.l n•l:\ll\ c to tho health
:111 I ...:111itnn• a r:i11,~1'nw11t.... ut' tlw ( 'amp.
I han~ th h01101· lo 110, , 'ir,
Your obc fa•nl ~C 1 T:rn t ,
,\.. S. Blll :-l'l'Oli.
Hh H cgt. Cavalry,
P . ~1.0 .. K ingston B1·igndo Camp.
L it' ll l.
.T \H.\ 'I". u..u ;..
ll ilitan' l>bt1·i('[, ~o. :t
C.:1)1fln\lllHl:rn t.
( (JJ.
I; t:'it:R \l.'s lln 10:
:'rn,~f. J.t:t\'.I' lhl'_h•>1H~1· ti.? "lllJtaiit thit! II\)" :lllllllal ll'pot't 011 lhC ope1•adn11:;
; \.1·t1\'l' '1 il 1l1a Ill t\u:; D1slnd for ]~7;;_71;, to•rctlw1· \dlh '' ~\.lJ:.lraC'L Ju pc"l.IOtl
I'w po r I . '. ' I I )'ti; I l'H'
. t ']'lll',!;CL ·y) r:t<:lH·e
Jlet urn," a11d
r- H(>jl >l'L (.\ ) of th 1· ~h1skl'll'Y
... ) 11•
t'lll'll dOI'.
:.ind J uly, 1~75.
.l UJW
B1tn1'K\' ll.1.t:, lst JJ"'re rnl•\ 1·, J 7:;,
, ' l'he 1t111:1lie1· of'.~l i1ifia ~vho 1111.~·o pe1·f..11·tncd tlw ('l'C"('l'il1cd drill, t•xc111 j'" f1l till!
• <~ O\l~rno1· l,crwral s ! 'ool Cruard-.., an• as follll\\ :-. :-Ollic·l·r". 1:w; 11<111 ('~ 1 1 11111 \~.. i<mml
otlkc1·s :tll•l J1H•11, l ,9.J8; ho1·sc's, :!:3 ~; total olli1•t•r::. :11111 1111•n, :!,U!1:i; l11·i11g ri'.! i i11
••xce:;s of' t lw 1mmlwr-< who pcrfi1n11t•1l d1·il l l:t!>t \'car.
.\. Brigade C'amp \\';h fiJJ'lllc<I at Hn1clnil!t.'011 tlac :!2wl .J11110, \\hid1 \\II t·urn·
p0:-cil or the following t'Ol'Jl:-0 and slt'l'll!_{lh. dz.:,
IHfl .... ..... . . .. .. ...........................................
x. ('. onicus
aud 'fen.
P rc..,cott Tl'<>Op. Lieut. (now C'apt.) Ha1wY ........ .
Otl11" a 'l'roop, Capt. Sp:u·k<; ................ ~........ ..
I~·~ I;~ '1·•~1~1~
i ~ 1g IJ.1. I
II~ 1\i1i1ilf1
~d~ 1 f': 11~·~1~,1 f ~ ~ ;1; 1
1 :11~
I ~1
,. ::~:. . I,,
'1· " "" "
'.! ......
...... ; .....
21...... ......
:.: ..... .1...... ......1..................
2 .....
1.... "
I ,,
1, . . ..
1......1. .
" .......... """
...... ' "' .. " 1· '·
1°.....1 .... ......1..................
Total in Brig:n k l'amp ................
j (I
1i I
l fi
•) •)
- '- -
··-:3 •
] Jrilfnl i11 R<1tf1ilio11 Co11111 at (',1/1 du11i11 Sj.11 i11g::-:.
1·1>11!/11<'11ri11'} 71 It S, 11t1•11d1t r.
18t h Battalion. Lil1 nl..t'ol. l ·1'<pth:11·t, Ii
'ompanit•.., ..... ... . ... .. ................... . ...............
13 '
A. S. HH L"'TOL, M . D.
P. M . 0 .
<:r:\111l Total. .. . .......................... J:{!I
L" ' I
!.....'.....'j'........... 1.. ...
Lieut.-Col. ( 'olc, :; ( '•1111pani1"• ... .
Jjcnt.-Col. lfol•ll. 7
... .
)fo~. :l. 6, and !) <'0111panic........ ..
£1icnt..Col. Jc~.. np. 7 < '111npa11ic... .
I1ieut.-( 'ol. Bergin. 7
·w akctirhl l 11fa11t1·y C'omp;rny, <'apt. <'afr........... .
~i\ ylwi11
I"·;· ..'......'..L'...i.'.. I::: ' ·~ ~ I::::1. .'..! :::.1: :::1 : I
:::::1 :
Fr11111 Jlilitary n1'.-l l'id ..\-., . .I.
1 ...... ......
Ottawa Fit•l1l Bat tc1-y, ( 'apt. 8l<'wart .. ....... .. . .. .
(;a11a111>qn<' Field Batt<'ry, ( 'apt. ~kl\1 lli'.ie ..... .
Ottawa B 1·igade <+:n rii;on .Artilll't'y, Lit>nl. <'ol.
Eg:lc;.on. 7 Rall cries ................... ......... ..
l bl Battnlion,
. "C
"O I !!:: (i:::
:1 ... .1 ............ 1...... .................. \ ..... \...... .... ..
l ,......
1; ...... .. .............. .1 J \ 1 , .. .. .. 1...... .. ....
i' .....I '· 1...... ......
" -· .... " ····· I ·
J ,,,
I , ................. . ,
'Jj ......
'· ........ 23 ......
Artill1 ry.
~\:_: ~; ; ~ 1~ I
;1~1~1=1~ ~~I] ; ~1
• r:::
Tn<' .. (: •>H'r1101· (; t'l'•"·a(',.. Fo at <; 11:1 nl ... " :1 pp ar tu form :l part of the •t uutn tor
thiri 1li strid, hut I\' tlwy :\l'l' :\ ~)ll't'i:tl 111·;r.111iY.ati1m olhl'l'\\'i't'. :uni t'(1111mun"c:tlll
•lin'<'t with h 0a•l·qll!ll'll't''· I ha.\' 1H1 11w:11" of lrno\\ in~" hat 11mnlirr pcrfi11·111~l tlto
:\n1111a I d ri 11. ' l'h i-.. ol t•n1u·...1'. m:tkl'" llw ...1n•ngtIt of Ihe• di ...t riet n ppc:u· , m:tllc•r thnn
it l'l':tlly i ....
'l'hPrH wcri- 110 t•1:io~1., h1·~ac:hc.'! of_ di ..dplinc, nor nny complaint rcporW..I. Gunner
,John Lyon-., 0. h. I 1. .\.rtillcry. died 011 the la t 11i.,ht of tho cnc·11mpt11ont of• tion of the lt1111.;•. Prc,·iouf' tu thi , l10Wfl~cr, h~ hn I been icrno\" I to' u hotel
i11 ~he tow1~. .\ ud one 1.w •~c of tho <:a11anoquc Fioltl B:ltt r) wn acei 1, ntnlly killo l
whdl' at <!nil. l'roroeding of tho Bo:u·ds appointt I to onquiro into the o c CJ "cr1.1
forw:ude I at t hl• time. Ou lhe wlwli•, the hcaltla ot' th .. <•:11np wa« cxc ptionally
good, a~ the f111lowi11g report of lhc :-5urgoo11 vf tltu J>ay for the :! th ,r 11110 "ill
By 'JlCCinl pcrufr..... io11, r ugnin ... ccurcd the sor\'iC'c:- of r,iout.- 'ol. Lovelace, who
took chnrg~ of thi-. arm of the -.orvice, nn<l hy whose l'Cl:Crtions, ably nssbtod by Lho
t>Ovcrnl oflh-01 , the -.qu:ulron wn-. hronght to :1 fai1· stnto of ollicicucy.
'l'hc Pn:-.cott ' L'roop rnm·t·hl'd to a111l from tho rump, 1:~ mill-:'. The Ottawa
'froop mnn·Jwtl to tho c:uup. iH milt--., a111l rct11nn~tl by rail. f fountl that it l'OSt loss
lo ~end this trnop by rail than the mart'l1ing nllowantc would have umounlod to, with
the additiunnl nd,·:mtagc of l'.'Cl'lll'ing two day" more drill.
Hhow : ('A'll', !11tOOK\'JJ. r.E .
'I'ho Ottnwa Ficl,l RltlCI',\" Jl):ll'('hC I to camp. 76 miles, nnu "rcturncd hy rail, tho
eamc fi"' the 'andry, and with t'qual n lvantagl'.
Tho Unnnnoq11c Field Battery m11 ... te1·cd, hnrnc-,,.;cd, nrnl mnrchctl 3G mile~ to
camp ~11 one dn:-:, the 1·c~11r11 journey ot·cupying the ..amc time.
"hen the .iom·ncy is too £!n•at lo be nrnrchc(l in one day, and wht•n tho period
of drill b :-o -,hort. I nil\ ot' opinion that it i,., helter to 1novo mountc<l corp~ l1y rail,
and tho. peculiarity of the di-.trict i... -.ueh that corp"' mnst necessarily mo,·c long dist:mcc-. rn order to concc11tratc.
'l'ho A .... i-.t:rnt-111 pcotor of .Artillc1T in-..pettc I thc .. e bnttol'ie~ an<l exprcssml
him-.clf plca-.e<l with tho drill and gt>11er;~l cllkicmT. H1)th batteries' carried out l:ihot
arnl -.hell praclicl•.
Tho Ottuwa Bri~adt' uf nani-.on Arlillt•ry, ,.,onn batll•t·ic:- sfro1w. pcrformcu tho
m~nual tl1:ill i-Or the tir"t time i_n Ikigade Camp, nrnl although there '~c1·0 no big gnu::;
with ':h1ch lo. c•atTy ou.t art1llcr.'· prnetirc ur 1lrill, the time was ntlvantagoou~ly
spent m bnttalwn aml ln·1~:11lo drill arnl target pnwtiCl'. 'l'hc cflicicncy aUaine(l was
f\ncl~ a:. coi~hl rn~t h:l\·c Leen nc1p1irL•1l in auy othc1· way. 'fho As::;i::;tanl l111:ipectol' of
Art1llcry hkcw1"c rn ...1iol'lccl thi-. 1·nrp".
I11fa11try 1111d
With the osccpti<•ll •>f tho 43rtl Battalion, m<'sl of the corp~ mnstcrerl full
hlrcngth, au I, a n rnle. the physique !'ihO\\o l much i111pro,·cment o\·er tlw pa--t fow
year... .i.h mmnl, ench eorp-. Juul many rcl'rnit". a1Hl a-. tl11•rc wc1·0 lrnt 11im· t'ic:u·
day.. for drill nnd t·1:,..:et pructicu, the wowler i"' that. -.(> great a state of 1•fii ·ierwy
t<hould ha,·c lll'en i.ll!lllll' I. 'fhcrc ha(l been liuL tht'<'l' da.} . ' drill wht•n the camp
w~,, i.n-p ct~I by t!H' \laj r Genornl ~omn 111rlin~. a111l a-. tho,..e days had hee11 -;pent
J?rrnc1p:illy 111 .. qu·u_I. mul compnny dr~ll, l111t fr•w J. .. igadt· 1110\'Cllll'llh con Id Lo pert rmcd 011~th11t otc·n 1011 j Lut by tho tune the 1·amp brokn up. a' m11C'h t•flicie11t',\' hail
It' n arqn1rod a f·oul I 1111\ o heen cxpcctcJ in ..,., :-lw1·t a pe1·iod, ancl \\hi eh t·ould 11ot
hiwe been rc,1chc I liy pcrfonning the drill in a11\· of hc1· ''a\' than in B1·i~:ide Camp.
'l'hc "A.L::.tract J11:,pcetinn Hot urn ., wilt -.Jtow tl1c 111m Cllll;Vh pu1·ti1nncd ntHl st a tu
,,f cfli ienc>y Of the re }ll'Clin• ('01')>"
. many men.of tlw l th f~attali1111 arc Cll!-{Ug1•1l d111'i11~ till' i-;11111111or t-l':\ on in
~umh ring, tho o1lwflr .<·0111111a11 l111g t 11e <·01·p, thought it l11'ltl•t· to ('l'rt'o1·111 the drill
Ill lialtul10~1 c·~mp, whH·h wa-. fiir111t,~l at Calc<lonia Spl'inr-. on t 11P it h Scplt•mi>l'r.
I nm lot m fnY01· .of 1wmll 1·arnp-. Tl_10C:'l:pt11 .. c i~ grc.ale1· i11 pi·op•>rtio11, aJHl
tho ame arnount uf c.thcJCnt·y cannot lio acq utrl'd; and at that lat c -c·a •011 or th1• year
tile 1 1 j nro i:;ho~t :nut th? wentlwr i .liable to be wcl , which pri.:\·cn tcd the t:irgul.
p~ct1tc from hc11w carr1c I out at tl11-. <·amp. At rny in.,pcction t lw co1·p~ 1-.howt•d
~ory JH'?cirC sun lcr lhe d1·c11m tam·o-, a111J so long a"' tho olliPC'1'8 and men
1larly 1tuntcd? I. prt• u~e the a111!11al d1·ill will have to J,.. pcrf;n·mecl in thi~
I ut. I am of op11110u it will work 1ls own <·un· a11d cvc11tuulh• t l1t· otnccr-. will
n han'l.1ge, an~ rnnk<• the 11ecc m-y nrrang1 11:• nb to join tl1.1· <':1111ps.
1111 ~ 111 Bn •ado C 11np "cJ·p <'arric I out :l'I 1lirN·tcd i11 <: .. 11"1·al Onh•rs of
:!:~rd \pt ti :md cvor~ tl1111g \\ ork (t mor•• .. mo •thly t l11m 011 :tll) fi,>rmct• ur<':t"ion.
l i3.
Rm.-llnYing ut•c n appointed )le licnl Olli ·er of tho chi\· for :.\fo11rlrw, th1• :! th
June inst., [ h:l\"l' the honor to repo1·t t!ta~ in the di-c-harge
111\" dntios '111olic l 1~
1110-.L ~:iti~t:lt'tot'.)' -.a11ita1·y co11ditio11 of affair.... in c·n111p. Thu ah'> 111..:1• of l':l11Loc11,.,,
:uul till• di.,.taucc t'r11rn town. ba\'c h:ul the cffocL of lin1iti11~ tl1t• upply of ardent
spi1·its amon~ the men, while tho 1v·1·uli:11·ly hcalt hy ituntion of the ea111p. l ho en
with :111 eyt1 to <·omfol'l a111l (·onn•ni1•m·o, ha :l""i Le l i11 nwking- tlti"' l'!llllJl 0110 of tlio
liealthie t within my ex1H:ric11<·c. The water for clt-inkin~ and 00<_1ki11~ :purpo o i
abundan t :iwl of ~oo l 11nality. Tllc lntri11l'" ar" clcmly .rn l <le\·oid or otl'c11 h·o
odm·... , in C'o11-.cq11c1H:t· of the 11-0 of dry 1•arlh and a little chloride of lime, 'dii<'h Jin
hccn latt•ly -,1•1·n~l ont. 'rhc i11-.pectio11 uf hr.-•:ul n11 l 111c:1t \\'11 ... equally ~ati factory.
J find , up 111 t·utffCl'-ing with '-lll'g • 111s frcim the 1litrorcnt h.1lt:ilion~, tht) hnvo
lratl 110 1·:t--t•., of' sil·!,ne"'· cx1.:epl :;nl'h :-li~hl <1110- t~1 t :ire in\·arial•ly inl'i lcntnl ton
change of Ide. a -. in a i;ti,·o voiuntccring.
J ha,·u th~ honor to be,
.'L I\. mrrncn.
A~::.i:-tant ~11r~co11.
51.ith BnttalifJu .
To tho Officer commanding at Camp,
""Whil<' 011 thi::. .,uhjl•ct, I wi,,h to l'l'JWrt that I tof•k tht• l'<''P{ln-.ibilit_Y of i uing
an order di:-alln\\ ing C':\lltecn-. :h at fonncr r·imp-. · at tlac .. :111ie time I nrr1111gctl
with two l'•'"'P m--iLk anrl trustworthy por ... 011" to opcn !!l'(h.:c1·ie... 011 the gromJd, for
tho supply of :-uclt necL•,-.n1) artick-. nt tl10 mi,nimum prit:•' a-. t!ac mc11 might
rcq11i1·c: ancl J quite C'(llll'lll' \\ith llr. Chur h, tlut 110L only w:i.. the !!OOl hu.1lth
l:u·µ;oh· aLfril111tali!e to thi~. but likewi-c th1• ~l'l'.1t impro\"omcnt in tho 01 lcrly 1·ond11~t.
the 111on ~e11crnll.r. :.\II I shoul I there I lt bo an •>r<ll'l· frolll hen 1--qunrtcrs to
the eon trn1·~·. l 1'1~1110-.e carn·i n~ out the 1e~ulntiou"' het l'nftcr.
l I1111!!
.\t 111\·.1 i1i-.pcetiu11. the• arm-:.
acc mtrcmt•n , nmI rot
wen.• 1· Ie. 11. 'J'I 10
~1u~kotry i 11-,tl"ll'tor rcp~1·b abo 1t h•n p · t
1 f the ritJ<', 1111--en ict·abl •, f. r the
W:llll ot' OlllC \'Cl'~ trifling l'1.'J1'1ir... , prin('ip:tJI~ about the or:cch-blocl,,
'l'h cro \\'t'l'l' ~omo 1kticielll·i1.':; in the :tl'Cuutr mc11t-.. whu•h art' !!l'Jwrally H'portl•1d
losL while goi nµ; to 01· n•t11 r11i11g from <':lmp. , mo of thc-.c article·, ho\\ c\ er, h:n·o
UcCll 111is..,in•• sill('C the Fcni:1n d1tli1•11ltil'
'l'hu <'loth1n~ i..; gcnorall.\' t<On iccabh•, l 1 t c Ill'\\' ::-crgc };°orfolk j:ickl.ll ·arc too
long in tlH' ~ki1·t-:, an•l tin• J,dt:> cn1·eely c\ · c me u1!d\'r llio lt•atbtr w.1ist I olt ... ,
con~oqncntly they ~in~ tho m en an 11n uldit'. • :m~i 1111t1dy UJ'pear:ull <'. ,It nppcar
to 11 w that a p:ttrnl jarkl·t "t.\'ll' eould he mn to \\1th much le:>... doth, .md the cut
woulrl "iH' 111on• ~em•rnl :-:1ti,..foctio11. 'l'h1 1lC\\ t1ou n; nrc of \cry l:i l r r, au l
nppc:ll' to be of poor quality.
'l'hc 1ww fora~<' cap... nppMrc1l to ~1\ () ... ati nc 1011 to the men ''ho \\01. them,
mor1' p.1l'tic11 larh· (Ill :wconnt oft lw protoctio11 t t H cy ., hy the pcnk; bu~ I m tho
[lCl'lllt.11' hard f1;1llld:ttio11 ll'\• l in tho l'~llSll'l '
I Of tho body of the (•:tp. )\ • ppcnr
liahl<' to o 11 hceonw tlnmogcd .mil un,.,1ghtl~··
'l'hc 1111 ..,1.oi· pnr:dc>::i took pince in the u ual "· y, nn l I noticed a g1cat im1 rO\e·
mcnl i11 th1' t•orreet11c:--. ofth1..• wl1" nud lllllll I'll.
'l'hc difficulty of proc111·ing nitahlc grountl!'l for l't11•amp1!w11t, .drill, urnl. t:trgel
prnctico seem to b i11Cl'l':t"'i11g. '!'hi ... ,\'l•:u· thu l 'orp >ration ul. Brocknllc'. at
cou"i lcrnblo xpcn:1t', provid" 1 ground, erl'l'kd butt~! anti 1mpphC'1l wat '!' ft'.l't'
to tho () partmcnt. '!'hi" !no lu of pro,·id!nl-{ .t~H'"c t.h111~~ ea11nul he kt'pt up 101·
an\· g1·N1t. nnmbor of year... , 111111 tho du ...1ralitl1ty ut h:n tn~ pcl'mancnt grountli:\:
"l~ 1·c tho mon ey expond(,'<l :rnmrnlly \\ill gl'atlnally prn\'idc wod.: ... of a t~u.rable
nnturc. i becoming morll nppnl'enL U\' Ct')' )'l't\1'. .1b thcro arc. large 'lu:u.1t.1l1ct:> of
Ortln:mco lntHb in tlH· Province. whieh an• not likely to be 1·cqu11·C'd fo1· m11ttrn purP'hC ... , thl' :-rile of :-Ollll' pm·tion ot' i:\llth lund. and thL' i1l\'.e>1ti11~ of tht• p1·ot:cctl::; i.n a
camp gro11n1l in this distt·il't , i<:, l think, a :-ubjcd rcqnil'lng favorable co11:mlcrat10n,
an1l one I eannot too i:\lron~ly lay before you.
I fonn l that the hriga'to· c:rn'c·onl'('lllrnto mnth more quickly and c·onv~niontly
st Hroc k\'ille than at :my point. pt·l·viou ... t_y tried in tbc district, and 1hc :rnpphcs wore
qnito n ... l he. p, and of ~or> I q1mlity. Tbtion ... <'O ... t 1n~ t't' nh per m::tn per <lny, and
forn~c ·10 cent-. pol' r:1tio11 ot' lOlb.... of nah and 1511.i:- of h·1y.
'l'o the whole ot' the otlicor,; who h:lvc perfoi·ml'(I drill I nm i11<kbtcd for tho :r.oul
nrnl cncr!.!Y fli ... playo l in the di:-ehar~e of their re,.,pocti,·c dulil'"; and the fo!lO\\'ing
officer~ wlio "'t.:l'\'e l 011 rny i-t:ltf n•1ulcrc l mo ,·cry gn:nt 'l'rvicc. Yi:r..: )faj01· )fatlice ,
13rigalc )fojur ; ~fajor Wylie, Di ...trid Paymu... tcr; Captain Weatherley. (~ovcrnur
Goncrnl',.., Foot G u:mb, <:amp Q11nrton11::tster; Captain nn<l J>aym:i...tcr J onc>1, .J:ls1
Battalion, Supply Offic er; C:1ptain (now )fajnr) Butterfield. 1 th Battalion , Orderly
Officer; arnl lJicut. and Adjutant Dartncll, 1 th Battalion, Mu...Jn'try Iustrudor.
I hnn tho honor to be, .'ir,
Your mo,,,t obedient ~orvanl,
W. H. JACKSO"N", Liont.-<'ol.
Deputy Adjutant ({oncral. )Jilita1-.r Di.,frict No. 4.
'rho Atljutan l G onernl of ){iii tia,
'l'h• Wl'athc·r 1lnri11~ tlw <;amp ' ' ru f:,vornlilc for hooting, 11ot 1 :n i11g mud1 '' i111l
tlic tfrin l{ wa.. g•1i11g 011. \\' hat \\i n I there \\.ts wru mo,,tly f1om th•
lC'l't and left fr ont.
f hll\'C no ('lhll::tftic•s t rJ l'uJ>Ol'l. till' }>l':\Cli<'C 11:1' in~ h {'II got th ron ~Jt Wi thout Oil.\
acl'idl'll t having occ·unccl, wi t h t he 1•x1·1·pt ion oft h e hn•c('h .hlock .. of two or th re of
f he l'illcs ha,·ing blown open \\ hl•n lici n;.{ fi rc1l, hut '' itl1011t cloi11~ any 1 ·iou injury.
As well as I <.'onld a ... c·crtain, t hc!il' :tl·1·iclc11h wc1 c· 1•m1 ... eil throu~h ofpfc1 ti\ c Lrced1·
I wo n lei :tli:\O draw y o nl' a tt<'11 li o11 to th1' sf ate of th e m 111•;, fu lly kn per "'out. ot'
tlw rifles nn th e gro1111u being until for .. e n ic·c.
'£he foll owi rig arc the principal c·au ...t• .. n•11dt•l'iug 111<' r ifh•,, un-.,·n ·i1·t•:ible :] . 'J.'he brcecli-hloc: k t atd1 being o ni of 01~ l cr, or w orn 011t, :il l•n' ing the lir ·cch
to fly OJH' ll whe n tlw rifle is fi n•cl.
2. 'l'he 11ippll'"• flung·c1·:--. awl Jiltmuo1· "!Jl'i 11~,.. t!l'i11g IJrok cn.
:i. 'J'h c llpjl<'t' t'llU Of th l\ p)Ul\ £!CI' hH\'it1g :-O}ll't.::ttf 1 fr<rtn ('O!l:-!anf ~llftJl(li llg or tltil
tifle wi t hont :-.11ap·cap~ on , (·a11-.i 11g the p lunger to tic k foo; t m t he 111pp lc, :111d th u..
p1·c,·cnti11g tho b1·cc<·h licing opc11 cd .
1. 'l'h c brcC'ch -hl ock hin~c bl'i11g out of orJl•r, "'l i hat t he rnon arc 1•1th1•r u r1l 111'!t•
lo open tho brcl·<· h, or have to u ~c lore? tll <lo :-o.
5. D cfctti\·c lm· ks, some nnt wol'k111g at all. other ... go111g ott a t l111 lf.<"O<'k, 111111 s
hll'"'O 11umhcr of them pul lin!-{ cithC't' more 01· le ... than n•gulnt1io11 .
"'6. Tho 1-liding bat' on tho bat: k -.igl1t bC' i11g eitl1l'r t oo tight t o move up und dow11,
or t:>O loo:-c as to fall whene Ycr th e rilll• is tired.
Jn about thl'ee-fourth:-1 of the rifles tho thrc::tcl of tlw -.crew on the c:lca11111g r 1xl 1
wom ont allowinrr the rod to fly out wheneYcr tho rifl e j.., d i:-churg;e<l., t hu ... <lc... tn>,\ ing al J :\~(' Ul'acy ~·firing. I wou ld f'Ug~L':-1 that the rf\U., i-hould l~Ol he it-"'llL'll at all.
ti8 a piece of string with some rag tic~ on it woul<l cl e~lll thN!' <1~11tc :~ ... wc!l:.
:Many of thc:o;c defects are no t c:u;1ly <lctcc tc~ unt!l th e r1~ c ts bt• h 1c 1l. ll t'
ab~olutely nccc~sary, if tbe arms arc to be kept •.n a tit ~ta~ c tor :-:ervH·c, that a com-.
potent armourer 1-bould vit>it the Yarion~ urmount'" p en cxl 1t·nlly, f0t: the purp :-c ol
examining and repairing the arms, 80 a s to pre ,·cnt t hem lrecommg u .. d c...~"· In
many case" a few minutes' work by a co mpe t e nt p cr-;on woulrl put a number ot tho~I"
now out of repair in good w o rking 01·dC'r.
I have the ho no r t o he,
u11y·da~· while
Y our o bedient
J,ieut ena ut. uml Br igade ?\Iu:-kctry In truc lo r.
July :~rd , 1875.
Srn,-I havo the honor to hancl you herewith the return~ of thl' tnl'gct pral'licc
of lhe different corp,, in c·amp hc1·c, performing their annual drill for the yciu· 1 75-'ili.
a),.o a ~ummn1·y of the prnctice.
'rl1e figure of ml•ril of' th<' bt·i~ade is 1-!·85; iho best 8hooting hnttalion iH th~
4'.~rcl. who ..o figure of merit is 20· l:J; tho be.,t shooting <·ompany iH )fo. 4 of that
battalion, figure of merit, 2::· 18; and the bc... t shot in tho brigaclo i~ P1·in1fo Truman
Guil1l 1 of ::\o. 5 Company, ·12nd Battalion, who s<·orc<l 47 point1-1.
Jn con uqucncc of the ... horl time in <:amp, there hcing hut Reven days on whith
· we <·_< mid h::.vo !nrgcl J>1':u·tit·1•, there being hut five t:u·gcts, an<l tll<' l'hngc having to
be g1,·cn np O\'cry aOornoon 1111· clrill J>Ul'!Hi ... c~, I found it impo~sililc to C'Ompletc th<"
firi11g. 'fhc two 'l'roop~ or C.:a\'alt'.}', ancl Companies Xo,... 1 nnd 2 of tho :>9th
lhttnlion, be idc a nurnbcr of cnsual from other corps, licin~ urrnlilc to fi1·0.
Ow~ng ~(', the wn1 1t of a longer mn~e. the firing wa~ all clone at 200 nnd WO
ynr . ~. nz. : en rounc1 per man at :WO yard ..., ancl 1i\'c rour11h; at IOO yard~. 'fhi,.i i.,,
I thmk, hcttr:r thnn firing fi\'e rnund~ at GOO yarcl-., n~ with "o many raw recruits,
wh'lrn thcru i:; no ti mo to in trtwt properly. tho grcatc1· p:u·L of thl• a111111unition fired
at th:.t l :mgo i wa tell.
~<' l'Y: mt,
Licut.-Col. JACKSO~,
. .
Doputr .A.djutnnt GcnCl':tl, )11htury D1stnct ~ o . .J ,
('o mman<ling Brign<lc C':uup, Brocknllc.
MJLIT.\.RY J>lSTHlCT :\o ;).
from tho 1 t Bt ign l~ I >i\ ision, the Il uut ingclon 'l'l'oop 1;r L'm airy aml tho :iOth
:iml ulst B:1th1lio11s of Iuf:mtr~ from tho :!rnl Bl'i~n k l>i, i-.icm.
L'hc -.ti cn~th of tho c·nm1; "n n folio'':-- : ~
::-taff.... ........................ ... .. ....... ....
~! ont rC':tl Cavalry................. . .. .. .. . .
llm1ti11gllo11 (':l\::tl1-y................... ....
:iUth Bat talion... ............................
5 l l't Bntlalion..... .. .. .. . .. .. .. ... .. . .. .... .
S . <'. (ltfc1 r.;i
and )l c11
l he :,t,ron~tlc wa-. at fi1ll<1 \'• : -
SI afr..............................................
Hors s
.\I issis1111oi Troop ............................. .
Brn 111 c
Sheffrml Fic:ld B:;;j;."1~;::::: .: :: .. ::::::::::::
21st lb ttali1m ... .... ......... ........ .. ....... .
...··-.. -,
l !l:l
! I:!()
'l'nt:t I. ............... ........ .
L'hc corp-.. mnrcl.u: I i11to t·i1mp on the :!l--t June and drilh•tl I~ d:1y:-. 'l'ilo camp·
fi11c picc·c of !_!1·0111111 helon!,!i11,; lo }fr. <':mt well who libc1·:dly ~aye
the u-.c of it free of l'harge. 'l'he condul't ot' the men was !!Oo I. thl' 1"atio11s --upplicd
~ave good --ati ...faetioll. 'l'he corp:> matlo ~ood prngre ... -. i11 dl'ill and target practice.
Dh inu -..crvico wa.... hcltl 1111 :-;undn,'" in camp, mum in~ and af1e1no111 by the J:c, ~ro11d::.
.\[e-..1-s. Fulton :md l.i\ in~-.tonc, good ordo1· wa,., kept. and ,.,(rict attuution paid hy the
mc.·ll nt thl',C l'r\·i1:l.: . 'l'hc Homr.n ( 'atlH•lic ... man:hed to the 11c:u·c.-.t Pm+·h l'hurch.
'Pwo Hri!!u•lo Field <In.):-. wen· held, tho la t on D.1mi11io11 I >ay, when ~· ti tie joic wad
tirt,; nud tl111:c hearty 1c.,·nl c·boer Wt'rc d'c11 fo1· our <~11l'en am! nu1· D iminion. 'l'hc
m:mcruvre c 11 i-.t~l l)f~ mo\ cmenb in coln111u, deployment:, ~ilHl skirni !ting, tiring
i11 Iiue, ...qunro :ind :-kinni<ihin". all of which wel'e well done. Tho la-.t review was witnc .... 00. o~· o\·t,;r 1,IHHI ;;pcc·lal11r-., many of them from the other :-.ide of the line, nnd all
ex 1re...-.ccl I hl m-.oh·", highly plea~e<I with the nppcaraucc all(l ctlickncy of the
( 'nnadi:m .\.rm,·.
'l'hc -.eco11·1 tnmp wn~ hcl<l at Bcllcn!c, Carillon. u111kr the command of IJicut.<'uloncl Uacon, Briga l<'.\fajor. commc111•i11g on the 2 th .June n11tl drilled lt days, and
wa-. cofupo,etl of the •. ~\11drcw:- Tl'oop of C:l\"alr~, 7 t'omp:rnic.... of' the lllh
Hutt.nlion (X • ~ <'omp:my cl id not and the E:mlle~ fnd l'pcn lent Company,
<'apt. Lawlo1·. 'l'hc carnp wn.... well pitehed 011 a fi11c Held bolon!~i11g 1o R
!"hcpp·ml, E ir., ''ho kinclly .~:n·e 1hc u o of the gro1111d ~rntis to the F<1rec, 1ho
lhnnk ... of office~ an l m ·n :u·c hereby tcndcre<l In him fol'lci:- lihvrnlity ...\11 :dl'lwance
iu lie 1 ot rnti'>n wa ~hen to this camp, the ofliccr.; contrac'c I fo1· th(' rations which
c•.o ~ ~5 c.· n~ pl'r rnn11 rrhc t·nmp wa-. in jlCttcd on the i tlc .I nl_y b~· the Deputy
J\1ljuU:1nt (, ucral, the.• · 1rp Jlro cntcd a fine appcnrnncc on parade, the 11w11 W<'I't'
de Ill nnd ol licrlil: , all nblo >O lied an l uC'tiYe. the troop hor~c' H'Cl'IW I \\"l'll fitted
for (':n nlry en i<'e, p:11 a<le and !11; Id mon~ment""'·cn' gn11c th 1·011~h with. hl:.111· liri 11~.
1.irmi hi1 g, n h·am·inJ, and retiring. an I in lmc. all -..hewed g1"Ca1 t te11tio11 li::tl
hccn p:tid to the eftit-icnt iu tJ Ucti 11 of the Ofiil'CI' <·omm,111diu.~ tlcc c•am1>· 'J'lte lllCll
w ere put through a co111 c of t:m~ct prnC'ticc, at ~JO, :wo and .HJo y: 1d,.., r, 1·ou111b al
t•nclc, a longer 11111gc th 11 100 eould not he obtained. 'Phl'rc wc11~ 110 1·11mplni11t~.
'l'hc strcngtu •Ji' tho ('am I' waq a follrrn ~ : 1
wa.~ pitchM on a
:-)t:ifl' ................ ..................... .
<'avnlry ................................... . .. .
11th Battalion .. ... ............... ......... ..
gmdley Compnn~ ........... ... ........... .
Hatll'rt, :!ht, 1Battal io11 :; ('ornpa11ic, :i2rul Battalio11 :; (' mpaui~, GO h an I ';'!Ith
:-,·. ('. <lfficcra
und 111r.11.
llor 'CS
'!'ho thii l l"ntnp \,.l helJ al f:rnuhy, County of Shcfnwd, und r Urn C'omniand of
tl.c l> p 1ty AJjut 111t ljonernl. 'J'h • <'amp c•omrncn1·c<I 011 tho (jth. ·ptl'mbc1·, ancl
com po od of the ~li i q uoi and Bro no 'l'roop of G:.wali-y, tho Shcffo11.l Field
'l'l~c ".amp Wlh fiJl'~1~c1l 011 a pi(•c·c of hi git gro11111l l1vl1in~in" to )! r. t:ohcrl
w:i-. pa1 I lor tlw u-.o ot 1t Ii.,. tlil• vill11~1· ('ouu<'il ot" <:ranlJr, \\}~1 ,·c1.,,· 1iLl•rnlly
money 1or that ]>~ll'J~O"'t'. There . wa-. a plt•ndid drill ~1:•11t11d ntl:1 ...·lccd, the· r:UlPCs
';l·t·e 011. Jfr .•\loek,, 1'ann who k111dly ~an• the1 n-c of' it free 11,.. t.lrg~t prnPl1ce.
The rat101i-. awl wakr -.upply !!:lVP ~ood !';nti.. fa('lio11. The 1·.11np dntiP ... were 1•:1ri-il><l
011 r<'gularly. ancl the torp, made ~011•1 progrc-.-. in drill. 'J'ho wc.1tlccr wo. foir
\~lllil th~ l:i-.t two d~.f!> or t!tc Jufantr.r Camp." hen hc:t\'). rain Cl in, wl1iclc intcrfen~.d with ~he pac·k111!! of t1·11h; a party from each eorp ... ha I to bo dl'ltlilo I to l'Cmnin
beh11~cl t'.' pad~ tl'11ts whL'll tho w~·ather r-l~nrl'd np. 'J'hc Fieill B.1tter.\· It \'ill~ to
l'Olll:tlll fur lour clay:-, 1011gcr for lti tla_v-. tlnll, had tot Olllplctc their tar rct Jll'Hl'lh:c
in tlio rain, which the\· did c·lwel'f'ulh· and eflici1·nth·
:On Sn11day tho T1·o·)p4 m:11·cht·1l to l>h·ino Scr\·icc in the \"illa!;!'1., cnd1 de11umin1a.tinn lo it~ nw11 <·l 1t1rch. Tit~ Bri.~.:Uil' \\::.t-. i11 peeled t.y the J>cputy \!ju nut
Ct eucral oil t Ill' 15th . l'pl. ~\ft l'I" 111"pctt 1U11 a f• 1t·l<l d .1y wa-. J1cld. t Ice mo\ l'lllcnts wc1 l'
in 1·o!um1~ uni\ line. fon:1inf!; "'111lll'Cc-... skirr:li-.hin~. lirin.~ ailn11wi11~ :rn•I roturninl!,
all nt ." hll'h wc1·c nc htahly pc1·f.1rnwd. \ Fra11klit1. tlcc 'l'<'('lat ..1-s ll1lt11UCl'L><l
!'iOlllC 1011"' thou ...aiHI. th<·:· all --<'l'llll' I gralilictl with lhl• :1ppc:11·:1111.:(' •lf the Bo1~h r
:)qldil 1·:- awl lite m·rnncr ill wl1il'h thl'Y :icquitlt' I tlil'm,eJn-. 011 thL' field. 'l'hc llllluili.•st i11lc:·l· t t,1kc11 in the voluntcl'1'-.., 1,,. tJ1e uttcnd:mre •Jf ... o 111:rn,· of their f1 ieu J.;
nllll well wi-.lw:·..;. 'onw of whom c·amc ti1irtr milo.-.. 10 ht' ]Ir' 'nt :\t the H \ ic" , wa-. ~1·atityiu~ .111tl cm·o111·a~iu~ tn Otli1·f·r~ and men, an I will li:l\·c the cllect nl'
kl·cpin~ up the popul:lrity of the "lll'\ iC'C th1·011~hout tht• Onrder 1' untie-. 'l'lce Field
Bal t 1•1·y '' u,., !lhJ>edc<l 011 t lw l I' h Sept., liy Licnt.-Uolo11cl In iue,.\ ..... j ....1•mt Inspector
of Dominion .\rlillc1'.'·· \\'ho l'Xl'l'l'"c<I hi-. ,ati-.f:wtio1n with th<' clli<'ient tntc of lhl·
J3al tl'l')'. 'J'ho old hc:n-y :--n111oth Jior1•-. ill ]H'""C"'iOll of' thi~ corp .... should Ill xchall!!C'd
101· rilfr1l g1111-.. ii' it Mnld po-.-.il1ly he 1!0110, n-. their li,.!)ctm•" "oulrl im·rl' I o thte
mnl1i lity oft 111' li:tttl'ry in lhl' c~N.t of :u·t h·e -.en ic·c, ol' rn:1rl'hi11~ :l c!i-.tnnl'O to cmnp.
'l'hc f.HU lh 1·:Ullj1 \\°:!..; Jwld at a!,ont thl'Cl' mite ... from tl1c rcm11 uf:-.hl rbro k~.
commc11eiug <in tlw :!0th ~l'P 1•111hp1· nuder thl' 10111m:11HI of thl' l>e11nly- \ ljutallll11•11cral, and was fol'llH l ol tho thllm\ '11µ; l'Orp .... 'iz 'l'he Pr•l\'i-..i•mnl I: '1{iment. Qf
U:nalry, l'nn-.isting of tho <'nok-,hi1·~'. Sl11·rlir110!-1 . ...., 1i-.1ra I and <' unpton l'ro 'ii',
:>:~rd Batt:tlio11, :! nm1p:1nic;; of th,• :-1 Ith lhtlalio1 "ith thl' llr11mmn11 h·illl' l11 icpc11dc11t. Comp:tn.) :1ll:1t·hl' I. arnl !l 1·n111pa11i1•..; of till' :i"'th lla11:1li1111, all from the :;rtl
Brigade l>i\'i..;io11. Thi• sl t'l'llgt h \\"a" a' fol lnws : 1
............. . ................... l
l'n1\'isio111tl Hl'~i111e111 Cm·:cln· ............ 11
:i:;1·ll B:tt talion ... ..... ........... ."............. 17
f>llh Battalion Dl'ltlllnt0111h-ill1• <\llnpany 7
5 th Batt~tlion ...... ......................... :!~
\".C Oflkcrs llorac .
and ,\fen.
:l;) l
'!'he l'utnp wn" formed on ~round b..'I n~ing to ."11·. I 'hn111bL•rli11 111' !4hcrbroukt•,
who kirt<lly g:wo it g1-nli . ' l'hc pin<'(' would h·tn- b l.'11 Wl'll tittP I fiw l':tmp p 11·pc1,e-. in
dry woath r, lmL thcwc·ttl1cr haviu~} , l \\l'l fi11·!i~'\t'l':tl ~la~.; l11'll•tl' t!11• e:u11p, :ind
nft r th <'rllnp \\:h forme l, cn'l'-0 l the ten· to be pt ·lw I 111 1·a1licr :111 11T<'rilll111· li11c,
wot 'JI b hn«I t) l>t' m <ii II' l. 'I Ill Wl':l h 1· wa-.; unt:l\ 111'alil1· tli1·011glio11t t hu I:! days,
(thl: ll\ttor ,•nd of', ·~pa•111lwr i, !<1'> I 1t( t'ir l'llllll'ing) h111 11!l 1'11111pl11i11t" Wl l'•' IH':ll'll,
ofiiN•t :md men to >11 it well. ' l'hL· 1· n-ah·,· •'I'•' ·lo l ><h1·lt1•1· ... i.n 1 ti11· lh1, ho1't-1t•s
whiC'h :1•1,.w1 r1• l the purpo"'t: w111. ' l'h · ratioib gaYc ~OL>tl !itlli fat·lic111. Dl'ill, l:trgot
prnctkc, and 1·:unp <111tic,, wer<' alh' n ll• I to t'l'~n\nrl~.
On Sn111l:w, l >h·ine S 1\'ir1• wa ... holtl on !ht• µ;1 .. nwd. at ' n.111 .. Ii>:· ( '.1tholic:s by
th~ H. ('. l'ki·~·O m:tn nt' tlw l':u·i,,h, :11111at1 I :i.m. fi11· t•:pi-i1·orntlian-; by tho R ov11.
.\{ r. Tirook 1 holh "<Cl'\'i 'l' Wl'l'l' \'\ 1'.'f impr '°'-<in'. judging f't\)lll till' good Ol'li<'r and :ttll nlion of the mon. ' l'he "\• !cyan ... marrhc I to t:hu1·1·h in l11w11 in thl' cnniug. . ir.;
The l>< puty A<ljntant (;<'ncral i11-.pcdc1i tho Bri~:tdc on tlit• ~:Ith ~cplombcr;
after in ...pcctiou, tho troop,, wrnt through a numhv1· of fh•l1l 1110\ 1•mcnt<=, firing in
li11 . in -.qunrc, echelon, anti ... kirmi-.hin.;, all ol'whid1 '' l'l'l' well don1·: t·on id<"ring the
,Jiort time the i·orp-.. ha I b'cn to~elhc1·. anti the :-.hlto of the Wl'athl'l' whill' in camp.
At tlij,... in,pc ·Liou :1--. nt lho ... c at the other c:1mp,;, a l:u·~o m11nl1c1· of :-poctalor~ \YCl'l'
vrc cnt, ..,h(lwillg tho intcro t ancl -..ympn:hy till' people of the tm\·11 ... hip,.., h:I\ L' for tl11
_\ t each of' th<' c:un P' :1t {; rnn hy :mu 8hcrbrook,•, a l>0nnl o · ot1kcr:- held an
l'Xnminatiou lllr 1st , n I :!ml cla-..ti Infantry certifkak-; of tLu:diti<':ll ion, a number of
oftitcr" at b >th 1•amp pn ...... ocl for both cJa,...;c.".
'flw Bri,.,~[ulu 1·amp... in the Distri('( this ye:u·, h:l\·1· ti,•en n ~lll'l'C::.s. 'rhc ofli<:ct':'
,,f' the rnral l'~•rp~ arc all in th,·ou1· or drilling in brigade. :is lhl>y fi111l by cxpericiic·c·,
that it i-. the nnlr nwtho I uf' ac·1Luirin~ a knowledge o!' tho:.o dutit•" rcqnirc1l of :m
otlkcr when called ont for ~l'l'\"il•c. An ctforl will k made next Year, to hrJlcl all tho
bri~:ulc t•amp-.. at :111 l'arlicr,on, the laltcl' part of'. 'cplcmbc1· i:, too late fo1· cam p·
in~ out in the J'r.,,·i111·p f,r Q1ll'ht•l"
Tho Git.y (\11·p,..,,-\\ ith thl' t•xception ot the Jlontrl'al Troop o•· (':walr.\· which
mnrchod to the F1·!.nklin Camp-\\ Cl'() )'l'l!\'CTltc I o.r c·i1'('UlllStanrC\-i he\ ind the ('Ontr11l
of otlicor... and men, fr 1111 ~oing- to c•arnp. an1I c011,e1pw11tl.r the am111·1l 1i'1 II wa"' performod h~ O.'H.:h corp,.. 'cparnlcly in "ul'h t\rill mom,.; anrl rink", :t!:i lhc oil c1·;; could ~c>t
the u o of, hut i11 thi ... way of 1lrilling, no opportunity i. afforded the o1liccr,; anti men
of lcarninJ bri!){llfe dutie-. and drill. [I' the sauw "')'1llcru i,.; to l•c followc l in t"nturl',
wo~1hl oarnc-.tly ~·ccommt.:11<l, lhaL it be m:~dc imperative for tlw ~'it_\ l'OI I'·' to·1·
m .bngnclc. liy _1layhgh.t, tw1tc ut lcu L 1l111'.111g lite yc:tr, at a " 011:11Jlo time, for
hr gadc dr ll, 111 a ... u1tahlc />lace, when ticld moYc·rnenl · skirini-hin ,. and blank
tirin!!' in O\'C'I',\. p ')itio11 1•oulc Ii· praetiscd.
Tlic <'ity l'••rp~ ar, all f'nll, the drill Lan hccn well a1lond••d. At thl' annmll
i11 .(> ·•ion'> hy the .D.cpul_\ ~\ <\jula11t Gener.ii, all tb• 1·01·ps wcro W<'ll up in Bal 1alion
dr1 I, m:11111al and hnng (•x1w1·1''" a11d the men lo 1kocl elt•an a11d ... otclicdike. \Yhcn
~he !1cncral_<·c~m~m1u~i11g TL)~. fo1·.:cs pa nd t_hmugh ;\f •)11l1·Nil.<lll tho 11th <1 ·tobcr.
.111 opp,,rt11n1 t~ \\ :i-. g1 vc11 the ( r1•1wral ot m:-.pc('f 1!16t110 lhlt alt on 11ncle1· Til.-l 'olonc I
\f;.rtin. li t• PXJH'l' cd h im"ull' hi~ltly pkt L'll with the appoa1·it111·l1 atHI efli<'icn<·~
of the I atlnlion.
011 the 11th M.u y the :~rt! H:1t1. Viet •ria TWk·" t'urni ...ltcd a "ll!IHI of ho110L' to [Ji,.
.b!l:C<' ncy the <;ov•·rnor C:Pn<•ral ,,., his al'rival at th o J:ailw:~ , 'lat ion 1·11 l'Ont u to
Enul: ul. On tlic ~1.:t \l ay. tho lith H.1tl. "ll\"C :1.~11urcl of' lw1101· to Il is Excclle1:cy
<ir Wm.()"( ;r14.<Jy Ila!;·, I\ .<'. B.,. (;c11e1·al ( :~1~1mn11ui ng II. :\f. Forc·os, u po11 his rc111r~1
from Ottawa :ifU:.'1· l c111g swMn w :t:i .\drn1111 tmto1· of U11• t:1w<•1·11u1c11t. II is E xl·ell~?CY ~:-imp}irnuut<- l. tho gu:ml 1J11 il'I fine appoara111·1·. On thP ~:~rd 0l't. tho :lrd Ball.
' 1ctorm H1flcs fu~m h~l a gu:i ·d .of h<rnor tu His r~xcolleney the (~ovt.ll'JIOl' Gt•ncrnl
l\ tho wh:irl on h1~ arriYal from h11~lan1l , nnrl 011 Liu• ,,amc day, the 1st Halt. Princt•
of'_ W.1}cs' IWles ~urni ... Jtru:l a guartl or honor t.o lli l:xcollc11cy at tho Haih\ a\· S ntion.
l I 1n hXC'l'llmwy 111spN·lc<l tho gn:u,ls and wn« ph"1 cd to compliment them 011 thci
fi11t, nppcar:me<'.
On lite llith -~•n-('111\ll'r the C'ily Brigndo 'rn'! called out in a·d of tho ('h·il
I 11\\"t•r, mu! m11;;t .. 1·l·d at ''< 1y ... 1i..1·t 11otirc 10 I of' all rnnks, the t • lit c of the
rorp~ on paradl' a11rl 011 lhl' lo11g lim· of rnardt th1·011~h mud :md mukr 11 pelting rain
!'>hl'Wl'<l au l'Xl·olll•11t i;tatc ot' diiwipline in tho BrigaJ,•.
('ity Artitlf!7'!J l11'1pectio11 .
'l'hl' ,.\Jqt~lnml Fi1•l1l 1fatle1·y, and the Brigail1· of c:al'l·i~<lll Artill1•n·. W CH' Ill
'JlCCll•d l1y. J,1l•.ut..Col<!lll'l. Strn11gl', 111 t•t·l'tot· of .\l'tillcr.\·; lrotli corp pa·,.,, In i;ttict
:l1Hl st•:l!'l·l1111~ m:-pcrlwn 111 g1111 drill in all it !<l1·t:1ii .... and acquitt<d th,•m hc.-1 to
till' ~ati,..,f:lt'I ion or thl' In JH <.:tin~ Ofli<'CJ".
_,-; ll
(.,'r,17 s.
Tw11 ~ICW "0111p:\llic• huYo I _en :l.(~dcd to tho liLh Bathlion Jntdy. Tl, c comp:111ic~
h:t\'e ]H'l'I •l'lll••d th•• :1111111al 1lnll \\tlh llH• other cornpanic of the Bnttnlion. 'fhi ,
101·p~ ,l1a-;_:1a I it'd ·:i.:nation t:l1:1n~C1d from'' li,1ht !1~fm1try" If•" F c~ilin ''
., . ~ lu· ;11li Batlali 111.h:~s 1Jcc1~ l'l'01g:~11i1.o I lakly 111111·1· the dc.,ignntiou of tht .ith
1•11..;1Jtc1> .At thl· p :·t~l1111111nry lll"'JlCl.'tlf)Jl 11,\· the J)cputy Adjutant <icncral tli si~
t·ompnnH!:- lllll,(l'l'(.'< l tn full ::.trl!n.~th, a lino lJo ly of arli\'t' }Olllll; men. 'I'hi Corp"'
":II no doubt p1'0\'e a ,·::i.htahlc :1cldi tio11 t l the .MontrC\nl Brign1lc.
Th"' ... (I l'llgh c•f City Corp· at annual 1\J·ill at II cad <~11:1rl1·t"S j ... :h follm\ s ·
Field Buttery ~\.rtillcry .................... .. .. ... ........... 3
Garrison Artillery ... .. . .... .............. .. ... .. .. :!II
No. 1 Company Engineers ................ ... .... ......... .
h.L Battalion. P. \Y. n ...................................... HI
\~. V. l~ ...... ............... ... ......... ... . l S
Fu,ilier........ ....... ............ ....... ... .... 17
Total. . .. .............. ........................... i'°'
c·. IJffit"
11ntl men.
10 G
'fhe tal'g1•t p rncticc of the Cit} C!orp"' was 1wrfon11l.lll h~ 'qun I during tl1••
Rummer month"', !mt nut in as H'g11l:ll'::. m:lmll'l': it <·.oultl li:wc been doric in l~'lmp,
"omo of tlw p·netico return>< :ire mi:-:-ing, and olhorR of tht..I' sh~\\ that i;orno Ull:fl
lirwo fired more than their share of ammunition. l~' cry man wn afforded an oppor
!unity-it' he \\onhl h:\\'l' a-.::ailc!l hinv•olf of it-of' lcaming the u~c of Iii 1 iflc•, :.ntl
!lomo of them liaYe made good 11·0 of Lhc opporluait.\. 'l.'wo or the men ROllcl I for
tho Winbledon let\m 1\1'0 from tho ht nattalion, P. '\Y. R r would !iCl'C ~late that the
5th Di,.trict ha~ the honor of f11rni"'hing tho lirn.- l'ompctitor~ fur the Province for
·w inblcdon 18'76, the fourth being En ...ign Wrigh t. of'lhc 50th B!ltt:tlion, who goc-.. for
tho second time.
'J'ho COl'Jl" in tho (ily in ~Iilil:Lry J>i,.,ttid :X1l. [1 ... ecm to \'iC w_"th l':l<'l.1 othe1• ~
to which will be tho mo~t dli<'il'nt. The officer"' spar'' 11() ti~pcu"c m makrng lhl'lr
f;O'\'Ortil t·orps tomplctc; each eorp:- h:h a goo,t bnntl.
Drill $licds.
Tho ('Ol'Jl" in the City Ruffer for want of drill t'~J~::.. the City ~rporntion h~
kindly granted tho 110.:c of tho ~o.n"'l'<'0.111~ Ilnll. but 1l ~" t?O remot~· tror~. ti o ~\·c ...~
part of tho City whore the mnJOnly of tl1l' mt•mbor of br1g:ulo n•,1Jc. l he otl1ccrs
J huvc m uch p lcai.ure in reporting for your flwo11rahlc 0011-.idcration, the oor<li
and very efficient :.upport retcivcd hy mo frotU the Stat\ Office~ of tho l>i tli~t, and
to express my t;inccro thank~ to them fm· their aiil in cnrrying on the wo1 k of' tlrn
l>iKlrict, yjz: Licut.-Coloncl B11co11 allfl )ll\jor 1Io11. :M. Aylmer, Hrigarlc Majors, nrnl
.Majol' A 1myraul<l, Di-.tricl Paymaster. J hcg also to tha11k ('apL l'11p1', J'io,·iucinl
Hlorc Kccpor, fi>l' his prompt attt•11tion to 1«•qui.~itio11~ for camp oquipagc ttnd tor "·
T he cflicicnt t'crviccs of Lieut.-Colonol Lovclaec, as h1i.t mctor of l.'urnlry J >ri ll
~t t he 1'0\'Cral CUllilJS, iti UC:.crving Of :-.pcc:ial lllClltilJlt,
-0fthc 1st.. ml ~lrd Battnlion ... h11 l l11nc to prot•111·c the 11 c oftl11• i;l,atin;; rink fot· drill
puq>ose,.., th<' u t•Of\\hich \\as oh~1i11cd either a t the cxp•'tl->C ol' t he <•fliccr., comrn:mchn"
or h,·
the lilK'r:1lit\"
of tltc director:- ol' the l'ink.
_~o. l ('>mp:rn.' En~int'l't's, .\l ontn'!ll, <'apt. Dc\'ine, pc!·fonm•d tho annual drill'
arnl were in-..pcl'lc1l Ii.' tho lh•puty _\.1lj11tant Ut•ncral.
'!'he men "1•re all tl<'th o. and ..;oldicl'likc, and appcnrcd well titted for :in Engineer
'ompany, th1•.' "Cll't' wt•ll up in 1·ompnny dril l. Capt. Dl•vine ha~ had a l'lnsti in hit>
cump:m ~ t11a t ha\'t' gtJuc th rough :1 ton 1·.,c of l~ngi nei::ri ng.
~ ) '..! ('omp:tn~ l:11~in1•1•rH die! 1wt drill thi:- year.
t'i St. John'-. ll:tttl.!1'.' of' l;arri-..on .\. rtillc ry did not compkto the 1rnmtal drill.
rrhc Drnrnmonddllc I 'ompany Wl'llt to the :::lhcrbrnokc <'amp and W<'l'C atlachod
to tho :iHh Battalion, for drill. '1'hl1 lfanllcy Company joined the l'amp at C:11·illon
uud were att:ichc I to the 11th lbttalion.
rrhc \ \"akdiC>l l :ind .Aylwin 1ompa11ic..; jnine<l the Camp :ll BrockYillc undor
L ie11t.-Colo11cl Ja<·k 011, they mn,..tero<l :
WnJ,etiold t 'omp:my........ ......... ..... ........ ! officer:-; nnd 35 men.
.\ ylwin
.... . .. . ....... .. . .......... .. ~ <lo and 38 tlo
Colonel J .n:k!.!on gin!s a goocl report of the appear:mcc and be haYi ur of the:-e
compnnic,, at tamp.
An o.1'cr ha" Leen ma.Jc liy tlw lion. I L Aylmer, M. P .. and acrcplerl Ly the
go>ernmcnt, to form a Fi1•lil Battery ot .\..rtillcry in the 3rd Brip;nde Dh·is10n, head
qmu1er, to be UL :\1olJ.onrnc. .,b ..,oun :h the ~un shed i'{ ready the lhllcry will be
I woul I !l.!,;:lin rc,pcctfully recommend, that nil the Troops of C:n-alry in the
I!i .. trict, ~ formet~ into a r1•gimcr.1t lt> ho de"i.:.;natcd the ~th Di•trit t Hogirncnt of
( :wn)ry. rhc l' ~lllll'Ill <' >Ultl C:t"d." :b,cmblc 1or :tnnua] <ir1l1 at tho Tl10:-.t COnYCllicnt
Brirr:ulc Camp. l>rillin~ togclhl•r a'3 a Hcgimcnt won ld ho of mo~·t· praclienl u~c to nnd men, thun by drilliu!.{ in "mall dntaehmcnt'{.
Hec:apitulatiou of~tn•ugtli uf'Corp' ut
A11 1111:1I
Uijlt. 1.1.WJciation.s,
Hor e8
. . . . . . . . .!
Fru11kli11 Carn/•·
St. Andreic& Camp.
Slaff .................................... ............ ......... .. · .................. ····
011.vahy ......... .................................................................... .
Infantry ............ ........................... ........... ............. . ............. ..
Gran /11/ Oam11.
Slaff..................... ························· ......................................
Ca\'alry ......... .................. ····· ··· ·········· .......................... ..... ..
Artillery ..................... ...... ·························· ...................... ..
In fllll lry .......................... · ··· ·· · ·· ·· ··· ·· · ··· .... ···· ............. · ........ ·
fn~:~~~- .:: :: :·.: ::::: :: :::::: ::: ·:: ::::::: :::::.:::::::: :::::::·::.::::::·:::· :::.::::::
Artillen, Fi1•ld .................. ·· ······· ············ .....................
do • Garrison ............... ······ ...... ·····················...............
I•:uftinccrs ...... ·· .... ··· ...... ······ ········· ........................ · ............... 1
Hit cs aud lnfontry ······~·;~~·~~:~;;~··~~·~,;:........................... ...... ;
l"" ·····i".i7"""1
\ .................
1................. .
................ .
l nfontr) ............................................................... ............ , _ _
Total......... ............. ...................
. ' a r c ten R ifio Ae.,noiat iou:i in the dh;lrict, all worko•I d li<'i1·ntly. Thc~c A'l'ri;or·11.ll10ns lu~,·c p:m·cd l!y an c ·pc1 icnec of some twch·<' yoarii, to be ofi'<·al practical
n o in teach mg lJ >th ofh ·~r:: and mon the value of the efficient rillu placccl in their
I lfficcrs and
::)luff .................................... ··· ......... ·····• ............ ···· ........... .
an l acc<1utrcmcnt.. arc in a foir :-11.ak. and nearly all in i:;crviccablo
or•lcr, -.omc 01 tho rifle.; in 1'a"11 of' the 1ural corp~ arc 1mt of' n'pair. If a11 armourer
w:i:, c:c11L th1ough the cli:;iril'l t•' repair thc:i-c rifle..;, il would not t•o;t as mtH·h as iL
won! I to gathc~· them up :111:1 Hell<! them to ~fontrcal fol' rt>pair.
N uw Plotlung Jia, bccu 1 :;11c<l to mo .• t of tho rut·al c·orp.., in lht.: :li»t rict · lite armH
accout~mon~ and c:l1)thi11g "'.ill be butter looked aftel' i11 future, :u; .;f 1·ieL o;·dcr.'i hos~
been g1,·c n tu h:wc every art1clc plar·ctl and kept iu the nrmouric:i. uf'tcr the com11letio11 of the annual drill.
"· c.
l'l&ce of Drill and Corps.
ShuLrook,, Ca /'·
'rhe ar111
Dri ll.
• I___,;II1
................ .
l?oc. pitulation of Strunth cit' CMp,.; ut Annual Drill.-Uoutintud.
~~~inal strcn:th~f
.\rms~nd ll~~~s
1\11 .Ann nnd Rnnks ollow:d1tn•ngth ofnll
to Jl{'rfonn tbe nnnunl Drill for 18i5-76 by
Rllnks thnt
the Ocneral OrJer of tin• 23r•I .April 18"5
the nnnunl Drill
' .
lfor 1875-'iG.
-------------- ----·----- -!-------- Drill
15 I
~~!i~i::::::::::::: ~.:·::::::::::::::.::·::::::::::..::::·::::.·:::::. 342
Field • rlilll"ry ..................................................
Arlilleory ............................................ .
d Infantry ......................................... . 1,080
Not drilled...
ti II lo perIC l\llllUll)
for 1875-76.
I hn,·c the honor to be Sir
' bervant,
Your ol.iulient
.JOILT FLETCHER, Licut.-Colonol ,
Tho Adjutant General of Yilitiu,
Head QunrtcI'l', Ottawa.
Deputy .Adjutant Gcnornl,
)lilitary Di..;t.riot No. 5.
4th December, 18ti5.
, SIR,---:I have the h_onor lo report to you, for the informati~n of Lhe Major-General
~~and~ng, that owing to the camps being all held at the ~amo time in Military
:-itrict ~o. G, nnd lb I_ 1·011l<l not po,... ibly find time to in«pect them all, Lieut.Colonel D Or...~nnen~. flr1gad~ Majol' of the 4th Brigade Di•ision took command of
the tw~ ~att:ihon ~amp~ m hi.. I.kigatlc Divi~ion, and inspect-Od' these battalions a.t
tho te1 mmut1on of the a111111al dl'1l1.
One of th~.,e ha~ttlio11" i ... the ti-1th: under <:ommand of Lieut-Colonel Prudhomme
anil the other , .. the 1 Gt h_, 1111tlcr comma1HI of Lieut.-Colonel P.A. Rodicr.
B;•th '!f tJrn,.o lmt~~lio1.,, entel'cd into (·amp 011 the 12th of ,July la'lt; tho G4th a.t
Hrti.uh.1rno1~, nud the ut Stl' . .\lm·ti11c.
Li~ut.-Col 111wl ~.)'< h"" 111111•11s had to go from one to the other tamp leaving the
1't!.-.pect1vo t'O_lrmel 1.11 1·0111ma11<l during hi-. ah:-.enC'e.
. At. the m;-1p?ttlo11 ?J' the fi1t.h, whi('h took place on the 22nd July la11 t, there
~ci ~ ptlY.-!out at llhJ>l'c·l1011 l o offwcr-. alHI 178 n1)11-tom missioned oflic:c1·1"J •tnd mon
w·m,1~ <:ml'.j' ~he general c·u11d11c·t of' the tOl'J>:i was good.
'.l'he dr1 ~ ~n c·a111p wa ... 111:.dc aPc:<mling to the Adjuta11t -Gc11crnl'ti in::;fructiom1.
thTc t.forl .I uly la,.,t. th1• l•it h (Lieut.-('oloncl Hodicr) wns im.pcdcd ut. Ste.
-"~r me. l here wc1·e pros;cnt at i11 ... pc·l'tion lH offic:erl'< and 2Hi non-c:ommis1<ioned
< anr rnc:n.
~~ 0 ,gcnora! conrii~ ·t of ~lm.L 1·orpn wa" gl)<>d, and the drill in camp wa~ made
· ccc;in rn g to £\dJn lmi t- 1 H'ncml 111 ... trud iont4. I t \'Cry· irood 1>r<wrol'l8 i 11 dri 11
<.1urmg t 110 c·amrb
_ On the_ :!ui Deccmlicr, I ill pe ·tc I ttl the Cit\· Ilnll h(•rt• in t hl• l'\'Oninir tb~
6.)(h Battalion, n111i<·r tlie 1·om111;i11 I ,,f Lieut. ( 'olo11~·l i\ap:,1eo11 .Lab1·~11clac.
t {
Th ~s corp.,_ ha~ only ju-,t <•omrnen_c· ·I its :111nur1l 1lrill, nud n [ h:wcto f1•rwn 1~ my
l'ogorl 101· the .>th, 111:.~a11t, l tl1•mghL 1t :uh i ahlo to in pcct it before the termination
ol 1l~ l\~·clvo days 1lnll--111ol'eonr. thl' roo111 in th o ('1ty llnll is to be gh..,n nl o to
other city corp,, that have not, a"' yt•t, tinii;l11 I tlwir 1lrill.
'rhere were pre~cnt at in pc1·ti1J11 14 ofliccrs nncl !!4~ 11on-commi ... ionetl ofliccrs
an<l men.
'!'he men :11·e a tine ho<ly of llll'n, awl under Lieut-Colonel T.alirnrwl11· "ill soon
become ono of1ho mo'lt efficient (·orp-. in llw Militia.
Their arm-i w~ro in goo<~ orde1·1 ~mt the men. an• almo,..t all without C'IQthing and
accout,remcn t~. 'I hey haYo JUst re<'e1vcd a new l'-sll<' of great coati;.
'l'hc G5th IlaHalion has a very good baud.
'.l'hc few movomcnti. they made at the inspection \\'l'l'C very !.{ood. an1l \Ji1l wdl
for Llrn future.
'rhe three independent Compa11il•s of' Laprairie, Hc:mharnoi~ :md St. .I mm Bt1•.
Village, havo not performed their mmnal drill.
ln a«cordauce with yonr telegram of tho 27th Scpkmhcr Ja. . t, I ga\'('Ol•ll.'1"' ((I tlie
Brigade Major of the 4th 131-igade Di\'i,,ion, Licut.-C11loru•I T>'Qr . . 01111c11 ... tr1 c:ountcrmaud their drill.
fu the 5th B1;gado Divi,,ion, the .Joliette Pro,·i•iorn1l J3attali1111, 11111h·1· Major
5hephcrd, met in Camp at Jolietfo on tho !Ith July la,,t, for a twl!h·c day' drill.
There were pre--cnt at inspection 15 ollic·cr~ and 210 l11J1J-cu111roi .. ..,io11cd nllicers :md
Tho general conduct of the corps wa" uood. Fair )'l'OgH•..,.., in drill rnade.
Tho Throe Rivers Provil>ion~l Battalion, under lfajor L:unl-e11, met in \.amp aL
Uivioro du Loup (en ha1lt), alBo, on tho !.Ith July. There -.•;erc prc..,cnt :it in pcl·tiou
15 otlicen; and 210 non-commit<i-.ionod ottiC'-OJ'l-i and men. 'fhe t:omluct of thb corps
was gootl, an<l real progrollB jn drill made.
1 was well pleased with both thei-e corp;., which I in~ll\!Cte"I my ... cll:
I regret to i;ay that in Mililary Dist.rict No. 6 there ii; ouly ont• Hille .\ ......<>ciation.
lt ib 1:1ituated in the 5th Brigade DiviHion, 1mde1· Lieut-Colonel 1I:tn':(111, Bri~udo
:M:.ijor. To that officer great credit ih due for the effort!\ lie make" to k\.·op it up.
In tho 4th and 6th Brigade DiYi~i1111'- 1 it ha,.;J>e1•11 found irnp ,..,~i ulc 1111til uow to
get up a Rifle Association.
However, I tru1>t that next year J will he aulc to . . 110\' :,tlllll' impr<1\'\.11H:11t in
that quarter.
On the 12th and 13th October la:-.1 1 a rifle match \\ :i... h el<I at Hm th icr ( c11 }, wt).
Thero was somo very good fu·ing. l haYc the hono1· of ~1rwardi11g you, wilh thii;
i·eport, a 1·eturn of this rifle match.
Jn the 6th Brigade Di\ i-<ion the 80th Batt:1lin11. l'O llllll:Ut I of )foj11r n ~foyl',
enlercd into tweh-e dny:; camp at Nil·oll't on tlw , th of .Inly la-t. Hi uillccr ... antl
252 non-commbt>ioned oticer-. an<l UJl'll wen• pre.,l!nt dul'i11.!! t hi ... t:lm p. The gt'tll l nl
condnd of the corpti wa::; good, and fair p1·0.~rc ....... ma1k in drill.
The Pro\·i::;ional Battalion of Rt. Uyaci11thc did not drill thi . . yl:ir, for thl' following l'C:li>Ol1" : •
. •
lifajor St. Jacque" hn.nng re:-1g11ed tl11o.; -.ummc1·: . . omc d11lic11ll11!:- Ill""'' : rnong
tho otlico1·s :\'l to whom would succeed him. 'rho ..ummer p:i..,...c<l. and late in '-'uph:mbc1· ?ilajor J. U. Doherty wa,; appointctl to .the t·ommand o!· the baltalivn.
It wai; tht•n thought rather lo go 111to l':lmp.
Under tht•::.o circum::;tancc::i, nppli1·nlion w11"' ma It- to O .t:iwa to all " tho
<:ompanic.~ to drill at U10ir rc::;pettini lll':td •1nartcr:;.
A fow days after n tclcgr:\m came to nw. ilntu<I ~'ith "' 'J''l!mbcr, l IJ. co11t:1111mg
the followi11~ order: .. Owing to latc1w.,~ ot' ...e:Mm it , . . I
.c I all runt! < rp~
not aln~ndy drilled be relieved from drill thi~ ,Yl':ll'."
'l'hc t~>mp:tnies of A.rthab:bkn. 'W otton a11d BnJ ... tro I, h.1\ u n1>L pcrlurm<.'ll lhe1r
:1 u mi:tl clri 11.
. 1
It i"' unfol'lunute that the eorp• in etH:h Brigu.clc l!i"i:-i '.11 of tt.i ... .1> 1... t 1l' 111) • o\.
come togothcl' iu Brig:we Cnmp--. 'fh~y ti•!clU l) prc!c: g 1111~~ tu _d:1ll lo 1t,: lion l Y
hattr11iu11 in difft·rcnt plnf'f"•, "ith1111t wi.,hing to t'omc together; nn<l it b almo"t
impo:..-.ihle to gl t thu o11i ·er... to 1'llll .... l"11t to join togctlH'r in Brig:ulc C'amp... When I
i,a_y the offic:C'r-., I <If) rn>t nw:rn the Hrigadl' )fojor,;. \Yi th t ht'lll I um Ii i~lily plea•..;t•<l.
'l'hl')' do nil that lil'' in thl•ir JK)\H'r to promotl' the i11l1•1'l' h of tho fmcc.
'l'hc'l' difl\.•re11t Battnlion Camp"' wen• nil held nbout the ~:mw 1.ime.
'fhoy werl· far awn~· from 1•:1ch ollH'1·, and I eonhl not possibly fi11tl time lo Yi~it
<':lCh of thl'm.
I tl.•ar you will tine! this 1·1•po1·t t·ompnrn.tiYcl." shod, but unless I 1·cpoatcd th6
remark .. and .. 11g~l'"tio11,.; to lie n•nd i11 my former report:-., nothing more could I say.
Ilnd tlw1·t' hcl'll lht·l'l' Brigndl• Camp:-. in th is'ic·t, n moro extc11si\'C and, no.
donut. a more inll'n•,..ting n•p1wt l'nuld hnY<' been furnished you.
I ha Ye t lw honor to be, Sir,
Rl'"PN· tfu 11) your",
.A. '. l>dJC)TBJXf £<-:rm-HA HWOO I>, T1iou t. <'ol.
Dcput~· .\.djutant-G<.'neml. )fililn1·y Di>itril't Xo. 6.
The Deputy .\djnt:m t-l:c11crnl of ;\Cilitiu.
.1 rf ill1 ry.
The (~nch<•c· Field Battc1·y w1·11t t\11·rn1,gh a 1• ,111.,..e <JI° 11; 1lny,..' •liill; 1~ ul th
Briga.c.lo U:unp, l/•,•i,,, awl rc111aini11~ clay-. 1·arrying ont hot pr:1clicc :it tlrn I Ian l of
Orh•an . •rtii~ liatte1·y wa~ in.,tru<·tcd arnl 11111"INcd liy me i11 tho nh 1wc nf
LicutA'o] oncl ~(l'all/.{C, ltb}JC't'IOr of Artil lery. Thi~ uattc1·y 11111 tM~I it full
Ht1·ength, nn<l was well mou11tc<l 11n1l ofli<.:cre I. Tho gun., :mil carria,;c .. were in g00<l
conditio11; th<11 harnossc.... ~ad<llcry, &c., in \'l~ry good 01'(lcrancl well tiLte<l. Ir 111nrked
th<' 11bse1we of spur:i. in <·onsecp1cnc·0 of whi<·h the <lri\·01·1> failed t<J make h<tl'
an1-1wo1· pro11,plly to the w<mli; of e<>mmaud.
'£ho field m·m<l'll\'1'<'"• under )f:~j<>1' Baby, the ottlN•r <"nnmnnclin~ thu battery,
wcro well p <·1·fo1·med considering tltc natnn• of tl1t• gro11111l, wh1eh wa-. \'ery 1x111gh
nrnl limited. 'l'he gun drill was good, anrl the olliccrs awl men appcarod I 1 wdl
undo1·stnnd tlH'ii· diff<•1·enidutil''l. Xo injury to horse ... octt11Ted, cxc<•pt in the in!»lt"111co
of one horse which was kicked 011 tl1c leg or ot!torwihc i11j111"od. )f: ~or Baby. "Jiu
comman<b thi" battery, is an indcfiltigablo awl ,·cry competent otliccr.
'l'he Grosso Ile Detachment of Artillery, c•omrna111lcd by Captain )fonti1.:1111hl'rt,
wn."I also inspected by mE'. Tito manual nod firing cxcrci-.c Wl•re perform~ l w•ry
creditably; tho non-c;ommis,..ionc'I ollico1~ and 111c11 were niry C'lli<:iu11L in gun drill,
and answerc1l 1·e:1dily anrl willingly t-O the detail-. of their ...e\'cral dutic'.
:\II LIT.\ R\ DISTRTC'T So. 7.
Jnfctntry .
Hr..\ D Qi \RTF.RS. QuEt1Ec.
26th . . .Tovcml1l'I'. 1 75.
f..1R.--Jn c:o111pli~111·p with the (~t·11e1·al 01·dc1·s of' the 23nl April In!-!. T hn\e the
ono to !-.t1hm1t 111~ t'l'J>tll't till· tht· militnn >car 1875-lli. on the ~tat1· of' the ~lilitiu
in Military l>i,'i< t Xo. 7. of whid1 I h~n:c 'been in c·ommand :-;inc:o ('11lo1wl ('a-.a111t'H
'fhl' e"'talili ... li1111•11t of tht• different <:01·p,.. wns rej1ncerl to two offic,•1·s and 42 noncommi-....io11ed 11lliccr... and men per <.:ompany lo meet the amount votc•d i11 the ~Iilitia
e-.timall•,.,, thcn•by 1·e<l11ci11.~ the fo1·ce in ~filitary Di~tri<'t No. 7, whiC' h hm·c drilled
up to thi-. datt•, from ~lG ottfrcr,.;, 3,12~ non-commi ..... ioned offic·cn; and men. to 175
oilicer-. n11d 2.-lifl 111111-commi ...,..io11e1l officer:i anrl men.
The actual nntnl><'r of offiecr-. and non-commis<;ioned ofllcers ancl men who have
performed 1hc a1111unl ddll of 1 7:>-7G up to this dnte, with 1.hc name-. of' till' ditfrrenl
(•01·p.... nrc ,,Jiown i11 the followinl-{ Recapitulation:-
Dist ribution.
!- - - -
IN. c.o.I
Head Quarters.
I '1 c n.
Quebcc Piel I Battery........... ,~lajor Iluhy.................... Quebec...................
Grosse Ilepctachment ......... Uaptain ..\lontir.aml>e rt.. .. Grosi'C lie...............
9;h Battali?n ...................... f,icut.-Colonel Vohl. .... .. IQncbcc........... .. .......
I~ th B11tt11l!o11 ...................... ,
BlanC'het.. T,evi~.. ....... ...... ......
euth B11tt11l!on.....................
Kiniz ........ Invcrnesa................ .
10th Ba_ttahoo ......... ............. I . 1lo . .\fa•sicottelSt. Oenevii·vc..........
Count;> of Q111:b~c Battnhonl'l!1Jor Lnurm ................ ; \flciennc Lorette.....
P ortneuf Hattnho~ ............. L11:11t.·<}olonel Pancl.. .... IPointc Hll't Trembles
~orchest<'r Bntt11h~n. . ....... 1 lnJor c.enest ................ St. Anselme...... ......
Kam.ouraska linttal!on ......... J. •11 <Joi on cl Tachr ..• ,K1u11011rnek:1.............
TRem1 co~ntsi lint.talion.........
Hnrlon ..... Rivi1 re du-Loup......
,1moo k1. Battnhu!1 ...... .....
Martin .... Rirnonski ................ '
~ bn{}c:vo x B:itt11hon ........... ~lajor Dufour.............. Buie St. Paul.. ........
, ot ~m r "._ompnny........ r·. pt 1io f'illlun ...... ...... Lothinit re...............
• tall Snt:adc ............ lh'l"il re 1}ucll( anti Lc\·is ......... ............ .........
:~ 1
]!I '
Hi 1
1 ;o
Jf:A ;
The 9th Bn.ttalion :rn1l the Kamouraska. ' L'cm i.. f'ott:Llll an·! Rim Provi ..ioll'1l
Battnlions pcdh1·med thci1· annual drill in Brigade Camp, at St. Deni-. Wln1f, Bi\·i?r•
Ouollc. The Staff comi)f),.ing the Brigade wc1·e •ls follow,· Comm. n1 l:rnl. th~ .\f'lmg
Deputy Adjlltn11 t-noneral of .\1ilit,wy District ~o. 7; "ll"'kt•try I n--tr11do1·. )faJOr 'I'. H.
Amyot, 9th Battalion ; B1·igacle ~[ajor. Captain Dn<.:h<'sna.'-. ·• B ", lbtt 1 •1:.'·: Orderly
Officer, J;ieut. Phidimc Belan~c1·. Ght Battalion; ancl 1-( 1pply Otli··,•1'. Lieut. Ol"!m•c
Sylvain, Himou, lhttalion .
'J'ho th·ill was c·:HTied out. a., near a-. pos-11lile 111 ac:cordam·l• with th" (,encr:1l
Order8 of the ~~l'cl ~\.pril. }Qjfi; unrl the 1laily routine in ('unp --tri<'t!y entl>1"t',C ~·
Of the c >n<l ·1t't o!' the 1101M·11m111i ..... ioncd otlic<:'rs au I men cOtn}'O"lll~ the Hr1gn1 lc,
I cannot, ~peak tno
. .
'fhc supplil'' f'urni . . hed to th\! t1w>p' w~n· foun~l -.uthc1cut, nu I t l~l.'re WCl"l' no
complaint.. a ... t·1 <L11<llit,\-. .\n extr:11lnr's rat1011. '~~... '"'ne to '.he Tc11~1-.l'AJ11' n ..nnd
.Rimou.. ki lhllalion .... 11nan111lahly d<'la1nc<l at Rn·11 11·c <J 1a•he tli1 on~h \\;lilt 0 r tt.lll
port.The tt"u:ll target pr:wt i1·c w:1 ... ~one thronJ;h , a11d notJC•e
· :: g.rc:1t t.1
· 11·~Ill! o tt Iirom
former vea1·-., pcrhap' owing: lo thl' ... hort timti :11low I for prl'h.m111nr.'· drill.
The health oi' the mt.>11 w:1s ,·cry ~ood, nml the only ... cno1i.. l'n-.lulty \\:\ ~he
<loath ol' a p1·iY:iteof'tlw !Hh Batt:tlion, from 1· of the l,1111~'. ''011!1M1 t',l I 1 .111 ~
('.'lmp. An ac·cidcnt n.l>\O ()('('lll'l'l'•i to Printtc ( 'cfi.•lla. of the rl'llll ..\'1lll'll:t J, 1ttt1lton,
who fract111·ed hi-. col1:11· hn:w hy fallin~ during a h:tyonot cha1·..!1'. ,
Diviiw scr\"ite on S1111d:1\· wu" heh! in c·:1mp, aml the llc,· . .\[r. < n.....rra111. C hnl'lf11n
of the 9th B•thlion, ollici:ttl•~I. l w»nlcl rccommun•I thnt an allnwa111.:c ho·~ ·nnt.c I to
1lefray the i1widontal expl'IN~ . . tor this H'l'\'icc.
. .
'fho band ol' tlw !Hh Batt·dion. <'lllnpo"<'d of ~l m11... wt:111 ..... uncll!t' the d1rcl'lt<rn ~I
, 'er •cant V<• w:ls pn'sl'lll 1n l':llnp. It i.... \'l'I'~· l'lli~ieut. nnd :·ollc ·~.. g1"1. l'l" ht
olfil'<'l''I of the h:lltalion.
1t .... prt'"l'lll'l' in l':11np. nn 1 t":l lllll'"~ 111 ti1r!1111~ •mt
whonc\'Cl' wanl<•d to cnli,·ci: tlw 111010tony ot' 1·nmp lifl•, w:i... grl':itly npprt,'<'lfitc I liy
:i.11. The bri:J;:Hk wn" mti...ten\ll on tho 2tith ot' .\11~11... t, l ;:>, .lml nftcnrn1 ... pcct~2
h r me each battalion !win~ ..,cp:1 •:tll'l.\• put throu~h l'il lllp' I hatt:ihon lllOH:
n~ont.."I 'which wore t'l'l'!lit:ibly pcrliH'mC t. Tlw !lth lbttnhon. l?Y th <'lc:m :11~1!c-.1nrne ·,
dtea.1li;tc:-<~ al cfrill, l'lllll ~encral ctti •il'nry, c rnrnrnnd ·I my pc ·1:ll rl•mnrk-.. I he other
-----Jn hringing my Report to a cl•H), I cnu110Lfail to bring to your fn,•ornblc uotice,
tho l'UJ>J>Orl and n-i::;istam·c I harn cxporicn ~Oll at th o.h:md ot' th~ Stn~ otllc r ? ft~10
District :-Lieut-Colonel Lamontag110, Br1g nd o )fnJOr ; anil \la;or 1 orrc t D1 tr1ct
P t•.r mwtor.
I haYo the honor to be, , 'ir,
Your oboclic11t cn ·ant,
'l'..J. IH iGIIl-:.'3 ~.\ Y, Lieut.-Co l.,
Actinf.{ fo1· Deputy ~\..1ljntant General, .\Iil itnry Di ~t.rict .......o. i
Tho Adjnlant General of Militia,
Head Quartc1·s, Ottawa, Ontnl"io.
balt:11ion .... nl t houtih ''ell lri II • I. h) ]'· ·Lia I nl sen re of :tl'1·011 t rcnw11 t a nil ('lot hi ng did
not f) I · n" good nu nppcni nHCI'.
'l'he oflicc1;;- of lll) ::::11\ll 'H'lc i11dcfatigahlc in tlwil' l'llCll'll' to <"•rry out my
'l'hL' 17 th lbttnliou :m<l the Ihl'choslo1· Provi~ional Battalion Wl'l'1' l11·ign1le<l
togL•thcr nl Lovi', with tho Q11l'llcc Field Battel'y, under tho ('Omma nrl of Lient.-C'ol.
BI:uwlwt. lit h R1ttt1lion. :rncl the m u-.tcl' nnd inapcdion took plaee on llw 1Ot h Sepll'mber. 1 i5. l n111 hnpp,Y to hear tc-.timony to tho cllkil•ncy acquired hy the Bl'igadc
during their :111n11al trai11111g.
It wa ... i11tc11tlod to a,.,:-t•mhlc the 70th Rat talion nntl Portncuf :111d l'o11nt,v of Quoboc
Pnwi ... ional Battalion" ttt a 131'igadc Cnmp. but owing to tho pl'ovnh•nc·o of smallpox in the 'ounty of Quobec, it wa~ not thought tllh;~ablo by modiC'al men lo do so.
The.,• hnttnlions camped :-t•pnratcly at their own hcnd-qunrter~. The 701 h Battnlion
nt M. Goncvit1\ c, of' Balise:rn, undl·r Liemt.-Coloncl )fassit'ottc's command, and as far
~i... I am inft•rmod, Col<1ncl C:ll':mlt, \"rho made tho inspoction, was well :-ali~tictl with
tho hatt.Alion; and mndl· pccial notice of the banJ,which is kept al a grcatcxpc11::.;(• h.r
the ofliccr:- of tho b:lttnlion.
The Port11cuf Pnwi,..ionnl Battalion, encamped at I>cschmnb:mlt, wns nl!"O
in,pcct l hy Uoloncl Cn-.anlt, and reported efficient. The County 1)f Qnchec Proyj ... jonal lbttnlion, cncnmpt:<l at Ancicnne Lorette, was i11:-.poctcd by me and
found cllieient. l am sony to !'ltate that through the improper use and tiring of a.
gun during tho c:s:on·isQ-. in <'tunp, l1y incxpcricncc<l hands, a ~cl'inus aecidcnt oecu1TeJ,
c111i...i11~ the complete mutilation of tho hand of a private of I he name of Churtre,
belungin6 to the :-aitl lmtt:llion; ancl the acc:ident i:; more deplorable, as tho man who
,..o meL with the mi,fortune j,, unable to a>ail himself of the lx>on granted to vo lnntcc!'-. who nro injo.rc:<l on aclunl ~cn· it'o, in tho duo pcl'form::mcc of th e ir rcirnlated
.lrms, rt1Ahi11;1 awl ACN)llf/'OT!ents.
The arms nnd nccoutrerncnt-< a!'c in ~ood orJer nrnl :-c1Ticeable. The clothing is
good, l'on;iidoring that many of the <·m·p~ han:~ now bcc:omc entitled to a new issue.
Aceoulrcment;i lrnn• li<'cn fi>nncl cleticier1t. aurl the stoppage of the allowanC'o fol' the
1·nre of
. .urm:-i ha
. ..l had tho ~ood otfoct of makincr
o o"OO<l , in mnin·
" instanr:es, tho prices
o f IDb:,mg arllt' e ....
Ri;te A.<:.sociatiuns.
Theru are nO\v 1~.iti ... ting in Militan· f>i ...trict ~o. 7 six efllcient lWlc• Associations
\Vhich arc di .. trilmtod a-< fi;l Im.-":- '
i Tll Brtm.U>F. D1 nsro\'.-The County of )fo,,antic Hiflo Association President
IIOU. ('T. T.
t l10 17th Battulion Hitlo . .\. ... -iociation,
Pre,,itlent, Liout.-Uoloncl
. nr, Bain \DE D1 nsw"'.-The , 'll\dacona Rifle Assoc:iation, Prc.-1itlent, 0 . .F.
" _m1th. E,..q.; tho ()ounty of Qncbcc Hi tic ,\.~,,oc:iation, President, Li out.-Coloncl Lliu11n, Rlf.; the County of Champlain Hiffo ,\-;-;oc·iation President IJicut.-{)oloncl l\Ias:-icolte, 70 th B:ittalion; 8th Battalion Rifle Association, Prosldont, Lieut.-Colonol
Alleyn, 8th Batta.lion.
Th." above •\""oc.ialion<1 h:n-t• ha I .their regular meetings every yo:u·, at a yearly
O.ltpc~rlituro of s.~-!O JO 'T th Br1gatlo Dt\'ision. and Sl,OflO in 8Lh Brigade Division.
Scvc~al C<>rp~ h:wo not yet c·o111plctccl thei1· annual Lrnining, a list of which h ero
follow", VIZ. : -
(luebcc Cavalry....... . ........ . ..... ............................
Gn~po Battery Artillery. . . ..... ............... .............. ...
th lhtt.aliou Hitlc!i .. .. ......... ... ..... .............. ..........
6lst Battalion Infantry .. ........ .. .. ..... .. . .. .. ... ... . .......
I•'ox Hiver Company, Infantry...............................
l~Jnavonturo,Infiu1Lry. .. ...... . ... ......... ........... .........
St. l~ymoncl Iudepcudont Company of Infantry (not yot nccoutrod or clothed.)
PROVJ:'\OE OP Xt: \l' B1tU:'\::.WICK,
llEADQUARTElts, Fnt:1H:1u cTo:-o. :! Hh X o vum l>c1·,
SIR -In C'-OmplianC"e with tho in:.truc:tinn ~ contni nod in <:L•ncral Orders (~o. 7) of
the 2:3rd April lust, I ham the honor to !'illbmit th~". Ill} Hcport o~.,th;. ltl tc ••f thl'
Militia of tho DiAtrict un<lm· my c·onunantl for th e m 1 h t~ry_ ycar, 18 1.>-1 ti.. ,
Tho total nominal i:;trcngth of tho f otTC i n the D1 ,., lr~ct '. as r cdurcd_rn bcuom 1
Order:; aLoYe quoted, is 15 .1: officer ::. :u11l ~ . Hli non-crnu m 1s~1?nu. l offiecrs nrn l m e!•·
Tho total actual Htrenglh of the force, when mu ... tcrcd al th.o t.1mo of tho an.nual lirill
of the year 1875-76, wa8 150 officel'11 nn<l 1,!li ~ ~on·l'Otnn~t"'>toncd ofUccr"'.'uu~ m01:·
•rhere arc fow· officei·t> and 1a3 non -comm1""1onc<l othcer:i nnd men "nnt mg t >
complole their annual drill.
1i· , 1 • t th
The Active Militia oi' the District ('Ollst~t:; or tho lullowrng corp~. w I C I a
time of the annual drill tumcd out M follow::. : ,
. .
Officers. 7'o n-C ommw1oned
Officers nnd )Jen .
St h Regiment oj Caralry.
Lieut.-Col. Saunders (7 troops) ..... .......... · .. .. · .. · · .. ..
Neirca.~tle FieUI Battrry of Artillery.
Brevet-Major Call. .... . ..... ..... ........ · .. · .. ····· .. ·· · .... ·· ..
Wood:stot·k F1dd Battery of .Artill r~··
Captain Donnell .. ......... ........... ........... . :.... ··· .... ..
1'...e1c Brw1:swick Brigade Garnc:on ~1rt1llay.
Liout.-Col. FostCL" (5 natterios) .... ........................ ..
:Neu• Bruns1tick Enyi11crr Corps.
0 ap"''lln er ey.. . .......... ·.. .... .... .... .. .. ...
Lieut.-Col. Sullivan (6 Companie~) ............... · .. ··· .. ..
62wl Battalion, St. J ohn, b~tallfn/.
67th Battalion, Carldo11, L ght bi_r mtry.
Liout.-Col. Upton (10 Companies) .. ......... ........~ ..... ..
' Battalion of lllf<111try, J r.rk.
Liont.-Col. Marsh (5 Companie:;) . ............... ·· .. ..... . ..
Officers. Non-Commissioned
Otlicors nod Meo.
I mu~t ad<l tha~ I cou,,idor the C:cncml Onlc1 .. , r<lgulatin!{ t.h sy lom Lo be
ob~crvod .m con.d~1cttnl? tho~o cnmp~, convey f1!1l in~orrnation upon 1•\"1•ry m.>cc ary
po1.nt, wl.11!0 sujjwc>1.t .~1~cret1onary power rcmnm with olliccrs in oomm:md. H"gn·
'i3rd Battaliot1 of b1f1111try • ..1.Yort humberl<l11 l.
Major ~hcritl (5 Compauic ....). .......... .... . ............. ....
7-!tA Battalion or Infantry.
Liout.-Col. Beor ( 4 Comp!\nios) .......... ..... ...... .. ..... .
I:-io~PJ:Nll.tNT Co'1 PA NIES.
Daf/if)usic Infantry Company.
Cnptnin Bur boric .......... . .................... ... ............ . .
net:r blawl !nfantry ('ompa11y.
Captain Lloyd......... . .......... .... .... ................ .. . . .
, ·t.
St1p/1t·11 ln(<mtry Company.
'l'otnl .. .. .. . . .. .. . . . . . . . . . . . .. .. . . . . . . . . . . . . 147
Brigade .\fajor!'l.............. .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Captain Hntton ... ........... ..... ........................ ... . .
(;< "rge !t~fmdry
Mcl~l'C ....................................... ............ .
l n '-ubm1lling my annuul n·portt-- during~ tho pnbt ton yoarl), J have invariably
mulc:worcd to rc,·icw the variou" :-teps taken from time to time to cn~ure efficiency,
,·iz. : the fal"ilifo·,., for d1·ill and di,.t•ipline afforded by the country through its repre...cnt:ltivo,, in Pa1·liu11uml, and the manner in which the force availed it-fiolf of such
1hc ilitk-. I propo"l' to pur,.,m· tlw ,.,ame course on the present occ:n:-.ion.
J11 the fir,.t plucc, if l ma~· aJ vert to the most important point of new departure dnr· 11~ the p1hl y ..:11·, the appointment of the :~fajor.neneral to command the
~Iilitia. "'ith that of tho ...\djntant-Gcnerul to tho highc>1t rank and position which
I ';u111 lin11 -oldicry may n-.pirc to. i,; C'alculated, I 1:onteiYe, to :-.trengthcn tho conti1lenco of the mcmhl•r. . of thP fi1rtc. and "'iYc fre,,h im1rnbe to their eifo1't-. townrd!-l
' •
~lorom-cr, Lite ni ·cut c--1:il1li,;hml·nt of the Military C'-0llege at King.. ton c:nunotfail
!'' . . nrp!l"" tho expocta.tion"' 1Jf tho most ranguine, aa it ii:! '·for the purpose of impni·t·
111~ a l'O: nplcte eJucat1on in all bra111·hcs of military tnc tics fortification cn,,.ineerin°·,
·· I
an<j genera l 8t:1ent1tic- rnowled~c in ~ulijett connected with, and nec·c:;sary to, a
tlto1·ou~h knowledge of th~ military profe~sion, and for <1ualifying offiee!'S for comm1u1d and 101· o;tatf appointment,;."
.A.nd while tlti-1, 1md more than this, has been actompliRhecl-whi le the fkhool-; of
<ru11!'~ry a•·c "~ruling forth trai1wd artillerymen to diffcrcnL [Hll'l8 ofC'anada, and the
Man tnne Provin1·ei.. li11n beon pla<·cJ on the same footing aa the rest of lhe Do minion
a-, regar l~. the :.LpfrHr1tnH•11t of ttn Inspector of Artillery,-whilc an important.p twt. of
Ll1e Canad1:u1 forcus- the .~fortlt-Wc:;t Mounted Police-ha!! "CrformC'cl
a work with
<:r~1t to it'1-0lf and ai~· to the t·onntt-y, ''under many d iffic ullici. :w<l in uncertamt;.- of th,. <ll\~1ge:~ 1L ''onld luwc to encounter;" at11I, l>c-;i1lcs, while ou1· ' 'marksmen ' !!ave ag:i.1n be n •u ~·c·o.,,.ful. ~t \V'imblodon, it i:- g1·ati(ying to know !hat tho
founrfat!<lll . ~?. ~· peak, of the military 1t>tructu1·e 1 the clcveloprnent of cffieiency in
the Acll\"ll .Mtl1t111 forf'e, hM 1111t bcon overlooked.
. Ca~n p-1 of exerci8~. whi ch now oc(;u p.r no unimportant po .. i tion among~t th(!
1111t1llln~10ns of tho _i·ountry, are annually becoming more.• and more !-illt<·os!iful a111l
:i.ttract •·G-SuccclY!ful, not unfrcciuently, in proportion as they are rcn<lcrod atlraetivo; conducted with 1<yHtorn anrl rc·gnlarity, and with no laxity of<liticipli110.
]at1om1 for ""upply,
"transport,' "payment,'' "medical regulntion " (n mor
libornlly furnished medicine box in Htill required)," in"tructioni. a . . to tlau courso of
drill Lo be carried oul from the 1-qnacl to tho brigade;" ull arc clearly defilllxl.
I ma.> h ere t>tate that heretofore, in :.01110 in .. tnnceR I, ronc·cive our <"hi1•l fault
lay in th e dcHfrc lo become efHcicnt in batl..'.llion and bri.~ade drill and fiold
manoouv1·es, too little attention !icing given to preliminary drill11: 1<qu:ul nnil rompany d1·ill. I called attention to this fact in my lai;L report. Of cour•u when the
period oi training is extremely limited, a-> in ou1· ra-.e, it b difficult to arnitl tl1e error
of endeavouring to grasp general prin<:ipl1•,.: at the expcn•e of ne<'C"'-nl'.Y 1l1•1ailtl.
In ad1lilio11 to tho al>0Ye ~afo•factory urrangcmcnb for tho well·l ...·inl.{ of tho
A ctive .Militi a, with the view t() the forc·c of the Dominion, rcprc-.c11tin~ <lifll•tonl.
localities, with various interest., nnd p11rl"t1il ... , l>ciug hound hy n11 '' ea.'it-il'oll 1·nle," in
special c·a"cs City Corps are now permitted to p1·1form their annual J1·ill at theil' loca)
head-quarters on different dny!", a" may be mo,,t com·cniont. -.nhjoct to thl' appro\•al of
tho D eputy Adjutant-General oft he l >i--tt ict; an<! rcrtain i . . olutcd corp• an• permitted
to perform their drill in camp at Battalion head-quarter:-, under --omewhat -.imilinr
regulati on,, oxc•ept a., r egards ratiou!". to tho•e for Brigade Camp"-1>1' c()u1 o il iA
·desirnhlc that such instance" a., thc:-c t--ltould he a,, few a.... l'°""'ible.
'l'o !ipeak. however. mo.. t particularly of the work going on in my Distri1·1, I may
state that here we have but fow officer:-. or 11011-commi-.,,ionc.'<l officer,, of tiic Imperial
Army, or thoi-e trained in the ·' t--hort ·• arnl "long" c·our-.c:-. of the Sd100J .. of< :n1111cry
at Kingston ancl Quebec, to Rene :b '' models" for the Rcc·ruit,.., or to ru !'!i ...t in the
training of the A<:tirn )filitia; and it can H'arccly he expected that the iwlividnal
soldier w1tl1 110 other ad,·antages than tho:-e afforded in tweh·e (12) d~lp dt'ill per
annum, tan hecome thoroughly effiC'ient, though. happily (a:- in the 1:a-.c of many of
every grnde in my District) be rcmuin m:111y year:. in the .orcc. .\.11d while the
"material " of the rank and file of the forc·c i:- llll'lll<'"tionalily a.-. good :1s <:an he produced in a11y eountry. intelligent. actin'. hardy meu. accu..tomed to Ya1·io11:- i11d11-.trial
occupations under varied c·ircumbtanecs-we !tnvc, in the appointment ot'lllli<'cr-. and
non-c·o n11ni,.,,.i oncd otticcri', nece,..t--arily to depend in a g1cat mea:;ure (1 ) upo11 tLo:-e
who like no unworthy desrendant,, of the" ~cw Brun . . wil'k Loyali:-t;-.," who-.e f'Ul'e •r
iR now a matter of hi·4ory. Succ·c..-.ful a" a rnlc in their c:idl avoc:ntion•. n•Jll"l''ent:1tiYc men of th(• couutry, the acqui-.ition of military knowledge. m~d thl:\ impo.,_trng of
it to othcr:-1 ltns been to thc!1~ a duty ca-.ily al·rompli ... hcJ. and f:uthfully l'a11·1l'<I out
whenevl'r oppo1tu11ity offered. 'l'lwre is ~11,.o hero (~) a fa:-t innea--ing ~·la-;,'·P:t~t.
cadcL" of the ~Iilitn ry School) Yery many of whom have !!in-11 rnluahle proot-. ol their
intc lligen<'C nnd ability of eom111u11il'alin!! in..,trul'tion.
\\'it h ,,m·h ottlc:cr~. und :-nth nmH·ommi-sioncd otliecr,. anti men untll.'r m.' l'O mm:inct, at <·amps of' ~crYi('C and at drill:- :\t thci1· rc-.pceth·c loral hl':ld·q11nrtH-. it ha""
invnl'ial 1l~' bct•11 both my duty and m.Y pka...urc to. report mo-.t forn~·abl~~ at thl· ~l'on­
dnsion or the annnnl training, :lnd the l'l~sulh of the pa~t mer.., drill 11111'1 form
no cxc·pption to the ru le. The full quota, or nearly t->O. of my Di:;~ril'l ha,., c·o11!p!etcd
itH pr<'~Cri bed cl rill, the "rcgnlntions" und "01·dl'!":s '' hnn~. ~ con:-1dcr, l>cl'n ....~t1-.1twto­
rilly c·arricd out, and when n'c1uircd to ad in 11i1l of the nvtl power. :tb thll l111tc h:~
twi<'c of late• hccn rnllcd upon to do-hoth onin•1-s and ~ncn IHn·c pl·rfi~rnH'AI th~1r
duticR and oh<:'yt•d th o orders i-.s1lt'd to tht•m with promptitude and nlnlTlty. n" will
appea1· h c1·c.1f'tcl· in thi" Hcport.
. .
It i" true that much yet remain" to bo clone to 1li:.'vclop th3 ctlw1cnc·y ot tho
Th<' hrtt••r trnin- fnrrc; r:w:1iry otlil'l'r" rc(111irc t n1i11in~ in Can1ly Sch•>ol-;,; ~u·lillery
otlkl'l'" hnn•:in man~· in-.tancl"'• to. attunJ the:::; ·l~tl4lb ol ~ 1 11nnt•ry,
and n fow inf:tntrv oillccr" mul non-<·ommi .......ioncAI otht·crs "till rcmarn unt1~1m.Q(l f~r
these la~t. there i; bC!lrccly any c:xctN', n-. nn I nf:mtry ~chool ~1n-. l>C'cn c"ta\Jh ... he< Ul
thei r 111idst for !'ICvcral vcnr,i) nml, hl•.,icll'" thi". (an importnnt 11npro,·emcnt 111:gontly
requirod) the incretl. e· or the number of day:-. annunl drill from twdvc to M.·tce n.
'I his hn been done with :uh-:rnt:1~e in tin' t·a..;e of' tield al'lilll•t-y. ~[uy
uoL th · smno rule he . ppliccl to carnh-y-for whil'h :ll'ln of t I1c l't•rvi<'c
it j .. Yt r) c-. ... (lntial-:md nho to infanfry '? lt i:- a "tep lookl•d lonrnnl to "·'·all who
~I.JO thO p1•incipal vnrt of the WOl'k Of dt•~t'll<'~I in tho hour of' ~lnngt'I', \7h?thOI'
from intt•rnnl orPxtcruabourco" m1bt llOl'C':-:1rtly tall, not nn tht• tow co1:'l"'"'lllg a
r-tandinrr army howc,·e1· ol\kicnt, but on tho comp:\rntin• nrnny-tho .Adive Militia
of the t~nnt1:y' :11ul tho-.c w!:o han• retired from the IU1·cL' on t•mnplding their period
of ,..crvh O, and Wonltl immodiatcly tlock to ib r:1nks, ;-;hou\d till')' bo relptit'ell to <lo
hO, in :my cmurgum-y.
l l'l'"'}Hlt'tfully rct'ornmt•ml that the'' 1·egulat1011;; for '' ;;upply of
8 upp1~ ·
rat ion"" he applied to n11 corps in camp. w hclhor in Hcgi men la! or B1·igadc
Cnmp. a-. whilu in 0110 (1·e~i11wntal) <':1'0 a corp::; may be :~hie to obtain tho :rnth~rizcd
mtion ... for lhl' amouut allowed (~:> Ct'llts per mun per diem) in anotho!·, owing to
lo('nl c•ir •11m,..fa11l'o. . , no such s:1ti-..factory arrangcmonti; can be made (aH rn tho case
of tho 7;:rd Battalion of my l)j,.tricl.)
Pt1yment offult
It i:- hoped too, that in future the fu 11 numht•r oft hn•c offiec1·:- por comnuml r of com- p:my may be nutlwrizctl for payment on compktion of their annual
pruiy officer,,
drill.... '.l'hi:-, J concci,·c, j,., an important matte!', as it <'nm1ot be
t•xpcctc I, e: pcciully in c01mh'y torp". that all the non·commi"sioncd ollicers should
l;c qualificrl to act n.-. .. ~nille:- ·· in company drill tlutic"; they would,:iu turn, nec:cs
ollrily be l':tllcd upon to perfonn under !Jl'C::>cnt circumstauco,..
wetu·ing Ruch lio<>ti :Ii arc 1·e1111i1·o;I, would he ol"·int0<! nnrl the cori> n
would bo road.)· for "a dnv'
, . ·I " aml t I111 prepared ' fur r al crvic ·.'
n hody,
• J r- mau 1,
Annual <lrill.
Care oj .Arm~, Arcoutrement.' and Clotliing.
Thu bi.ue 0f thl• General Order,., of the Hth August, 18'1-t , and BOth .Apl'il. 18~5 .
with 1 e,.pcct tu t·:u-o of arm:-, &c,, has already, I con,.,ider, producell ex ell en t rc!mlt~.
More -.y:-t\lmatic· :u·nrn~enll'll b than heretofore, for tho i;afo keeping of a.11 Gove1:nment properly in cha1·ge of corp,.,, have been made, and t'aptain:-< of rural compame::1
tincl it to their own advantage, a:, well a,, that of tho Dcpartnient, to cnforee t~c
rule J"O<p•ii i11g ovcry articlo of clothing and equipment. to be returned into thell'
armo111ic,.. on tho co111plclion of tho annual drill. I i:;uggo:-.t, however, that a s.up~ly
of the .. c article-. of' c:l1lthi11g am! equipment be nn1ilablc for is:-nc from tho District
store at rca-.011nhlc prite-., to maku good any lo""· A captain of a company may
thu". hydcdnc-ting the co,..t ofpcrhap" a single artide ofclothi!1g from tho drill pay
of tho man Jo.,ing it, on it:- being replaced, become cntitlcll to tho full GO\'Crnmont
:lllownnce for" care ofnnn .. ," which he othorwi"c won Id he precluded from receiving;
and, moreo,·or, umfon11ity of drtss in camp will he facilitatcll.
'l'ho <p1e .. tion of uniform clothing for the force h:h already n•ceivcd the :-erious
«oo"i<leration of' tho ~Iajor-<:eneral an<l yom·,.,ell~ with the happ.r rc:-nll, that a Kcrgo
frock ha.., licen 1'-llbr.titute<l for "the heavy cloth tunil', which ha~ boon found too bot
fo1· nUllHller <11 ill."
Tho quc .. tion a!'! to tho "hea<l·dre-.::. '' still remains. Uniformity ·with the prosent
I nfantry forage <'ap, (which i:- ncithel' u:-eful nor orname11tal) iH difficult to
Compuuic:-. arc allowed to wear " lilwclocks," pr<n-i<le<l iit. their O\Vn coRl, but l:!ome
eompanics elect not to avail thcmsekcs of thi::; rule; hcnC'c, in part, tho absence of'
vniformity. A i;olution of thi::1 diffic.ulty ii:! lookcll forward to wiLh eagornc::;s by
the for('{:.
188ue of boots.
J,ieut.-C'ol. Jago and myf'elf sul1mittc<l for f'uvorahlo considor~tion,
the dcsirahlcnes,., of having n. supply of boots available for issno to corps of Active
Militfa at co-.t price, in a ~omcwl1at ::.imilar mannc1· to tho other t1toreH above adverted
to, adducing the following arg11me11t: 'l'hat it ill ditlicult, if not impo;;sihlc, undor
present cu c·um. tan<'cs, tully to carry out the important Cicnoral Ordon. ( U) of tho
31,.t .May, 1 7~, dirc<'li11~ "officer" commanding infantry corpl'I to Ul.ko Hpeciul care
tl1at their men arc proviclcd with boot:-; of a proper clt•:--tri pt ion, suitnblo for marching,
such boota houl<l Lo broad rnk<l and low heeled, titting tho wea1·cr cani ly."
13y adoptiug this Ayi!tem of isi;ue, I am of opinion that tho <lilliculty of men
Artillery Practire, •"'-"·
. J,ipul~·~ol. J:!.go hn<i referred in hi rcpo1·t "to tho al 111ilit"\of nrniin, 3 mn~r
with the Anulor rtfb, and cx1u·c....~cd a hope that at some ti mo or otlll'r the rf:oh ci·
m.a~. I.Jo ad?ptcd H!i the pc~·.. onal wcapo11 for a11 artillrrym:m; and, tlmugh a tow t:md
~! 11~cs m'.~h.t h~ l~ft w1t,h n hnttcry, in ordor that tho member,; muy compote in
~ iflo <.omlwt1l10n, ~1~ut.-Co1. Jagc~ trust~ that thl' ti~nc is not Ycry for <li t'lllt when
it will JO th~ dc;;110 .of lhc artillerymen to pcrfl'<'t him"clf in 1hl· handlitl" oi
orC111a11<'c, leavrng tho nflo to ib rightful ownc1·, Jij,, info11try comradL'.
1'argrt Practir1'.
'l'h e <'O~tr•c of ta~gct pr:wtice (in whic·h, a" a rule, impro,·emt'nl "ill he hown
very much 111 proporl10n to the number and ctticicnC'r of Hillo .\. OL·iation and rifle
matc·hc~) h'.'" licen earrie<l out in thi,., Oi ~trict :b ..a.ti fhctorily as can
when l'on-.1<lcr~d. that but li!'tcen 1·oum1" per mnn <':lll l>c fired with ah nutngc i~
c1~ml', ~ho 1·c.ma1.mng twcnty-ti:e rouncb per man hcing cxpcntlcd aftcrwnrd at the
d1:;cn•t 11~n. of office~·s ~om m~m<l 111g corp-. n.t their loc:nl hend-qunrtcr'.
Pos1t10n an.d auning drills woro carriod out so far n... the limited peri )II nncl the
many othc1· dul1c.-; lo he pm-formed permitted.
I again 1·el'pcctfully call :~ttention to the de.. irabk·m• .. ..; of g1-:1utiug money prize!\
for t~1e bo...; t !4ho~., of battalion,., n.n<l companic..; in the ann11:1l t:our~e o•' t·1r!,;et
practice., as ::;tatccl rn my reports for 181:1-11, the aino1mt-.., though small, SHI nud ~;;
rospodtully, lrnd b~cn granted fo1: two ycal's in su<·cc:--..ion, (e xcept in the c•a. . c of the
ru:t1llory, who rece~vcd money pnzcs for :-hot and shell practice <lurin~ mu11y ye:irs
past), and tho p~1zcs were clo..;cly conte:;tc<l, and when won, wcrc rnuch n1l11ecl,
accompanied. a:; tliey were, with badges.
lsT BRro.u>E Drnsro:-1.-Brigndc )fajor. Licut.-<Jolont'l Inche-..
CaN1p Tilley, St. _!mlreu;.,.
It i" a subject of congrntulation, hoth to the Brigadt• )faj •r anti tho otlice,r-. nllll
men of. the DiYiiion, that every corps of the Brigade a-. ... cmblcd in thi .. eamp it"' full
numenC':tl strength.
Iu ngnin i;clceling St. Andrew~ :\~ tho point of concentration for corp-- of thi"
brigade, mnny rea..;on-<, from the cxpcriem•o of l:bt yc:ir, m:iy bo a-.:--igucll, :nnon"--l
which aro tho following:-fat. .\.n excollcnt t-ile for the C'nmp. '2nd .•\.u nbm•d:mt
suppl_\· of w:\lor. 3rd. Kxten...;iYO grouncb for drill and ncld Jll:\llll!UHl''; arnl )a ... t,
not least, the cool, healthy C'limato of St. .Andrew:. during the summei· months. when
tho hl':\l is great, in the interior of tho Province, arnl a time when it is moru convenient than any othor for corps to perfi.>rm their annual drill.
'.l'hc following corp8, with Brigade Stnff, a""•.m1blod in rump :-Brigrulic1-, liil•ut.
Colonol )fannl'ell, Deputy Adjutant (~onornl; Iiiout.-Colo1wl Iurhet>. Bri.~:\cfo .\(:1jor;
Captnin and .Adjutant A.G. Bockwith, 'ilst Hnttaliou, Supply Otliccr; 'I'. Tl. ll o~g,
Tuq ., 7 bt Batta Iion, .Yusko try l m.trnctor; Quartornuht(')' 11. Emt•ry. Git h lbtt:11ion,
Ctm1p <luartcrmastcr; Lieut. J. R. 'l'ompkin-., uith lbtt:ilion, Orderly Ot\iror.
Tho cnmp occupied tho 8tlme ground n."I that orcupit•d 1:\.-.t year, cx:ccpt that th
wituation of' tho camp of tho field h~ttory W:li in front, where tho tree~ ntfonlcd ... Jwltor
for the hori-cr;. Tho routino of camp du tic~ wn~ cnrriod out in a somcwh:lt ,.,jmilnr manner to that prc:-.cribod for Camp St. Arnlrew~ la:.t ycnr. Ui ... hown in my report. all'i 1t i~
now only nocos:-inry to add that whoro oflkor11 and men then evinced zeul anti nclidty
in tho di:-ehargo of' their duties, there was in this t'amp 110 foiling off in thc-.c ...otdiorliko qu:ditics, aud whore a corpli thon displttytxl ctticiency through tht' ccmtinuod
exertion-.. of the component pnrh thereof, thero wa
hel'C no want of onol'gy in its
rifl e a -.tea<ly an1l.1lirel't hayonct (·hargc· wa mndc upon the c1H·mv temniniug in ti &
fort. The fort gan~~l, th~ town 1mrroundcd, a111l tlrn wn olitainno po " iou of 0 ~
of .t lie i;t rn11go:.t i>o... 1l1?1"' 111 the country I 'l'ho "n "ern hly " wns then oumlod nn<l th«"
brigade formed 111 to line of quartered colum11~, olliccr n11d c.olonrs were i•nll~ to th~
'J'lio following hriga<lo _or<lorb on the l.1n~uki11g up of the C'amp wore then
road. the be"~ ... hot:i of liattal1011s and compnn1l'' we1·e call oil lo ll1c front and 11 i
Ho~ot· tho I110ut.-Governor n<Mresqe<l tho troop-.., rcforring in te• mi: of higl; C'Otnmt•n·
<lnt10n to tl10 goocl C?nduct of the_ men, both 111 <·amp and in town-cornmondation
~ell d?.~crvcd, a"!, with tho e~ccpt1011 of ~nc man, who mi,,<·on<itH'ted hi111~c1r on th<'
~111<.' of m:u:ch,. urnl was puna;hed and <~1si:ni~~e<I the f<n·<·c. there w:h 1101. a inr{le
rnstancc of cnme1 and no breach of d1:,c1plmo eYon was reported. 'l'hi may be
accounted f.>r as follows :(1.) .A.s tit~ obj~ct for which tho force i:i Ol'ganizo<l and maintnine I bocomoa
bettc1· known (tt bcmg the only force upon whi<'h the «<nmtry has to rely i11 the hour
of dangel') c·ompany officers can recruit from a hctl<'r cla--. of men than hcm•tofim.!.
(~-) l! nving carried out the suggc:ition~ C'ontuincd in my report for l 1:~.j .J, a
to not ~1 a~·mg_ a c~~teen for the "ale c,·en of bel'r or nlc 011 tlio ground~. a" J fonn•l that
when• tippling m camp wa-.. preYentc<l, therc wa-.. th a rc:,ult no drnnlwnn ,.,., in
tho 11cighboming town on the part of the troops.
'l'he Fi eld Otti<:oro of the <lay fully bear me out in my :-..tntemcnt;. a~ abon.' \\ ith
re~p?t·t to ~ood conduct and discipline. I ne<:<i only a~d- tbat the repo1 ts
}fod1cal Ofriccrs of the day, as regards the Hamtury cond1t1ou of the troop . arc u.-;
1mtisfa('tory a-; those o.f the Field Oilkcrs arc with rc:-pect to di:..l'iplinl•.
Thl' target prnchce was conducted in the u-.ual careful nrnnner by nn- rfficicnt
:Mnskctry InRtruC'tor of two years' experien<'e, the late 'l'. H. 1Io~i.r. f··,'I·· 7ltit
who took no small pride in the shooti1w,
and in c:om11nrinir
t!H• '' tiirure
. ,, "
merit from year to year.
\Vi th deep regret I haYo to record tho death of this uttirer. acC'irlentally but
a fr" day~ ago by his own hand, though him~elf the mo... t t•ompetont arnl pain .. t:1king
in in ... trncting othc1·-.. in the p1·opcr llt'C of the gun aml rifle.
l 11 his death the fo1·ce ha~ lost the sen·icc-.. of a zealou-.. and u-..cful olli1·m·. mad tho
community one who was ever ready to a<h-ocate awl nphol 1 the in ... tit111io11" of the
m ember....
'l'ho weather w:b nil t hut oonl<l bt' do... ired, and unq nc,,tionahly tho troop~ fully
nvaile i thcm-..d\'C;; ot' it for imprm·emont in drill.
'rho cour-.c of dt·ill in<licatu l in l~llncml Orders Wlh closely iollowcd, and, m
the wo1·1!:, of my ln-.t report, ol_lkc1·:-. comrn:uuling corps ~nid thnL their men _were
.. cxcrcb0<l !h much :i-. }IJ''ible w :;cp1ad and company <lnll 1 preparatm·y to bngl'do
drill nml tiehl nrnmcunc .... "
On the 8th .July I uc c-omp:lllicd His Ilonor tha 11icutt'na11t C:o,·ornor to
Apolrnqu i, to in ... pcct the 8th Hcgimcn~ of C:wnl.1-y, th?n in t'nmp, and the com•uand
of thu liri~a le llovolvod upon the Dr1gn. lo lfuJOl', l.i1ont.-Co loncl Incho,.;. On my
return, on thl' 10th July, I found that sntliciont progn~ss hnd been mntl e in battalion
drill to commence bri•radu tll'ill on the Bth. This Wt\\ followe1l by Jiolti mann.~uvres
on the I:Hh, the groun7l in the \'icinity of the camp affording evc1-y facility for out.
post duty.... kirmi-.hin~. and ehang,•s of front of the b1·i!.{:tilt'.
The fid1l 1hty
the 1 Hh in pre<:ence of lliti Honor the I.i1out.-G O\'Cl'llOl' Wlli:I
mo:::.t -..ucco-. ... t'ul in C\"cry particular, an.l I haYo no hc ... itation in :-:tying af'tcr ten years
experience in l'Onncction wilh the militia of :N'ew Bnmswid~. that on no p1·e,·ious
occa..-..ion hail I wit r11.:.... -..c1l :,0 -.afr.. factory a ::-tate of proficiency in the force as thnt here
db11layc1l-In the rapirl tran-..ition from drill to field man<cuHes it :;ccmod to n'r1uirc
no "teachinrr" to impro ...-.. upon the mintl:; of otllcers and men that "/tllrry. or forced
!"tltC Of lllfll"l:l1ing i-.. to be prC\'Cntctl (except in re-inforcing ::-kirmi:,;hers 01' seizing U.
po::-ition under tire. Frequent <'h:tngc;; of front wore 11rnde 1 fresh ... kirmi-.her:-. thrown
out without hurry. I m11"-l a1hJ, however, that while thcro appear~ ns a rule no
diilicult,\ in m-..tru!'!in.~ the men at manceune:i to avoitl h111Ty in marching, there is
nnquc.... lionnbly -.0mc ditlic.:ulty in inculcating the noce~sity fo1· tho mo-;t economical
rn;e of ammunition, not tu tire hnl'l'iedly. or without an object. IIencc the nocos:sity for
a more extended period of annual cll'ill.
lla,·iu1r un p1'e\•iou-, occa-..ions, both last year ancl clnl'ing this period. of training,
-0mpl11~ C(l tlie Brigade in acting on the tlefonsive, in clitfo1·cnl clirec·tions in the neighborhood of Lh o cncampment-... St. Andrew:-. to be attacked hy an uwading
forcc--on the VHh I marched the briµ;ade in column of route tlu·ongh St. Athlrcws1
and took up :t l' ... ition at .. Kate,\·'-. eo,·e." whc1·e WO wore -..uppo-..c1! to have tli-,ombarked i11 th e early 111or11ing1 with the ,-iew of making an attack upon Fo1·L Tipperary,
and thu~ t!CCuring the key to the town.
1, 67Lh and 1.
.\. :-.t1·011~ line of' -..kirmishors, with thci1· ~upporh, wa~ conce. led
il sl B11llalions. iJ-Otwcen the CO\'C anrl the fort. while the main body W:t~ drawn up in
line near the water':- e.lµ;e. with a half l1nttcry of artillery on en.c h tlank, otcnpying
advanta~oou::. po:-.itiou . with the ol~jcct of -,helling tho fort and town on the :;ignal
being µ;iH111 to attack.
1'he following correct ncCf>nnt of the"" is taken from the Tefograph newspapc1·, of the 17th July:'· _111 the :.ignal t•) 'att1wk · being given, it wa~ at fir;;t fonIHl ~omowhat 1lilficulL
oo hriug a hall' battery into llw dc:.ircd po:,ition, but aiclctl by tho i11font1-y in:-;npport,
trncl witl1 1111l('h por-..cvcnl111·c 011 the part of both offitors a111l men, tho diJik111ly was
Whc11 the atta<"k wa:. <:ommenc:cd, a rnpi<l fi ro was opc111 cl by the
t>kirmi-..licr-.1 meanwhile tho artillery on both flanks pourccl in l'<hot, a11d sl1oll. It
wa:. 1;oon fo1111d rlc irnbll' to advance, and bub,.c<ptently to roinfol'CO the t-tkirmishcrs1
tbe 2ucl Curnp:my of' the 7J..t Battalion coming to the front in ~oo<l The
a<lvanl'.e wus r.tcad.,\·, and C\'Ol',\' :uka11tagc wao; taken of the fcat1u·e~ of the gl'ound 1
and where po ihlc, (Jll a halt bcill!.{ -..01111.Je<l, 01' when a ucltc1· oppol'tllnity offcro1l fol'
sl1cllin.; the fort awl town, the al'tillcry came into action. Af'lcnrnr1ls by shol't ru:::.heH
on the part olthc kirmi hers, oYer c,·cry anlilablc open gro11111l, !IH· :ul\'anec wti:;
Again hy 2, r.7th. 1liroctly upon the fort. The skirmi-..hel'~ ha1! liccn :,o ;-;trongly re inforced
they pr ' cutecl mo1·c the appearance of a Lattalion in lino than tluit of
..skirmi hers, with much i11tcrval.
So soon a tho artillery and infantry had drmo thcii· wol'k with field gun and
COUii tn-.
1 ~tl:-o 1·cg1"0l to have to record the death. during thi-. 1·arnp. of anothc1· l'Xrelll'nt
otneer of tlw lwigade, Captain IL Hutton, who. bnt for hi-. cxc·c....,ivl' zcnl l•>r the
liCl'\"iC'c. -..lwnld not, in hi~ phyt-i('ally unlit state of health. ha,·c 3.,...cmlih:d in thi
('nmp with his fine company.
I c:111not ronC'lndr this rcpot·t conecrni11g Camp Tilley without e.xprc-..... in•• my
ac·kuowlcdgmcntli to Ilis Ilono1· the Liculcna11t <.;<H'Cl'llOJ'. for the intl'I' t runnifoste<l hy him h ere, and at all time~, in the wdfaro of the Active )filili:l forct. My
hes! th:rnkli arc also due to the Uonoral.Jlc the. urn'yor (;encral. for :1gain ~eruriug
for the t 1·oops the lll:iC vf the gronn1ls at .Joe'-. Point j a-. wl.'11 a... to 11. o,..h )rll{', E-..q., fot•
hi:s exc.:ellcnt tran~port al'!'a ngemenls: and, hc:-idl'"· tn tht> High .Jwrifl', l>r. Go\'c,
Cap I. Pol ll•ys. J. S. Mngee. Esq., and the ri t izcn-.. gcnemll~-. who left nothing 11ndonl'1
m-i l'l'g:mls hospitality lowtU'lb tlw oilker~ nnd kindnc-.:-. tow:111.I ... tln• nwn, to make
our ~tny cnjoyaulo.
Ct1111p Tillry.-'!.nd.
'\.IL l:lth .Inly, 1 7:l.
!1riqm1~ Ordirs btf /,ic f .• r'ol ..Mtwmcll. D .. l.f,'.Jf.. Brigaditr.
~o. 5.
.\.t the <·onl'lu<on ot' :111nthe1· lfri_!_{a1lo C:imp,
of a ,.,(•rics of l':tlll}h
:1~-.<'ml1lld fro•n ti111e to tilnl' in thb Di ... tl'ict which h:n o produe<'Cl ,·arit•d ...llCl'l "''ful
rc:-.tilh, thl' Bri.~adicr has again nn opportunity to oll'l'l' hi-. to,
n01H·ommi ..:-ionccl olli.l'Cl',.. :rnd men fol' !ht' ... a1i-.f:1ctory m:a1111~r 111 wh1C'h dutae" hnYO
been perfo 1 m<:d. :lllll order :11111 di.,ciplinc h~\'C been maint:~inc<l; and, p:u·tic·u.lal'ly, n.rc
tlurnl, due to the Btigndo 'tnfl', and to olhec1" t·om111:uHl111g Mq?<:· l~r. then· :or1lml
,.. ppo t nnd n si-.umco in t·arryiug out the. '· 01,\cr:- ullll rt•gnlat wn:s
1,,sued Jor the
,guid:mce of the troops.
Tlw 1 t Brigalit' Dh·i..,ion, which has nt all t 11nc,; pmdu~'ed t·o1·1~:s 1·omarkahlo _for
thoir cfiicicncy. i.., rqinN.mlt.'<l in thb. camp hy coq,,., with thc11· .full nnrn~ncnl
-.trength, \\ bilctbe quota of' CHJr)" conn ty 1s complete-1~ re:;ult upon wlu~·h the Bngnde
.Maio~· (liit•ut.-Culoncl lnc·hes), and oilicors comm:11Hlmg c·orps may ,Jthtly be con1-!r<ltuiatc<l.
1' \YOO\btock Fieltl natter~·, ~o 1·ocently .orgnnizcd u11tl cq Ill ppcd, l~ report<.'Cl
upon a~ follow:- hy tho Assit<tnn.t In::.pcctor of Ar~1lle1·y. "Tho hon,es are of cxcollont
quality and well titt~l for th.01r w?rk i. both o~cori; .alH.l ~nen haYo made romarkublo
prolYn•,.., in kuowlcd~o of the11· duties omco their urnval lll <:amp, and they all :.i.ppoar
mixiut1" arnl willing to learn." liieut.-Col. Jng.o "uttrihntes. mud1 of the success
to the pr --cuco of Lieut. Dibblee nml S?rgt.-)faJOl' Lynch'~ ctlods, a1~~l ho trust~. thaL
th~· ox:unple they havu r,,ct, in nttondtn~ tho Gunnery School at Kmg:ston, will ~e
follow()(l hy other· ollicors of tho force." Tho 67th a~<l 7lst Battali~n", a~ lbual, vie
,vi th each other in ctlicicncy; and as r~g~·d~ the isolated co1·p? J.ron~ Deer ft1land,
St. ••tcphcu 111111 :->t. Gcor~c. iL appearb rnv1d1ous t-0 mako any d1st1nc~1011. hnally,
Lient.-Ool. Maun..,ell will with plcasm·c, raport mo~t f~worably respectrng tho camp,
to tho l\lajor General ~mmanding, and it only remain:s for him to expr<N1 tho hope
that o'\"cry member of tho force, who having so ~atii:;.factorily .discharge~ ~ii; duty «>
the Stnto as a soltliur, nrny L>c equally i:;ucces:sful m his avocat10nl'l as I\ c·1t1zon.
By Order,
J. A. INCITES, Lieut.-Col.
Brigade Major.
JT'ood$fock Field Battery.-Liaut. II. Dibulce.
Tho Inspector of Artillery in his report states, that" tho 'Yootl:stock Fi~ld BatI 11ad. t?e
pleu...urc of scrV'ing on your Staff at that camp, and so had excellent opportunities
of not only inspecting the hattery but of ob:ierving its whole interior economy and
di~eipliue while in camp. Captain W. P. Donnell, since deceased, was un:tblo t-0 be
pre--ent bnt in Lieut. II. Dibblee, the battery bad an excellent commandmg officer.
Tho lto;,.o.., were of an excellent stamp, and the driverd being principally tho owners,
had tho proper induc·cmcnt to see that they wero well cared for in camp. The
hanrn" wtb well looked after and well fitted, anti the store~, &c. in good order-the
1.mttery worked well, both in ib own drill~, and abo when acting with the infantry
in brigade. The ::,hot uncl :-.hell practice wa'i very good. IJient. Dibblee il'l a bmnrt,
capable young oflker, who would be u credit to any service, and whoso knowledge of an
artilleryrnan'b dutic,, -.peak:, well for the Dominion Schoohi of G nn nory, from one of
which ho ha.o; jn:>t returned.
Owi11g to tho \'aricd intcrc'lt of tho fi1rco of this Brigrnde J)h·i ion ( lher 1.,,.·111 ,
. c·orp .. , 111c•
. I tu 1·lllg c•1nrr1· cm ~\rtillc•ry nncl tho time u·wl
a I argc p1 op1>r t 1011
o f' city
1 l
for pm·lur111i.11g the a!11111al drill 11ot heiug tlrn snmu in the 'd ill'urcnt "'-'rl') j t ">'~
dce~nt•cl ach-1 able tlus year to hu:e the drill of mo t of the corp,, carried out in
reg1w.c11tal t·ump~, tha~ of the r~111:u!11lcr. at local hoad-cpinrtnr:-, ultho11g h the opinion
prevail:; ~bat had tho tune of dnll smto<l Ill a Brigade Cnmp, it would lm\ 11 bee n tho
more ~alhfa<"lory rnodc of' performing it,-ancl Shcdiac, where a \'cry hncce:i:;rul mp
was tt"s.cmblcd last year (or some point on the I11tcrcoloni11l Railway) woultl hen
·co11von1cnt place for r;uch a c·amp.
8th llegim,,nt of 0arnlry.-Liout. Col.
. 'rhi~ r1·~i1~ent a"semb~od i~i camp ~t A1~oha11ui .on the 29lh Ju~1e, on tl11• grouud 11
of .the J,ic~1t.-Col., and ha,:mg fully arntled 1t cit of tho 11horl per10d of'twcln\ day'
cl nil, wa..., mo.,peeted by Il1,; Honor the Lieutenant novernor ancl my:-clJ' un tlte !Ith
of July.
11:.lving hu<l 1he pleasure of inspeding thi" n·gime11t annually for th e pn t tcu
years, 111 order t? co1~vcy ar.lcqnately my opinion on it.. 1m... cnt eflh:iPll<'y , I mn~t
tul\'t•rl to my \'anons m"pection repo1·t"', as to oach year being marko l by frc Ii t 'P"'
of pro.~rc:-s, and a<ld that, whether amoug,,t the " recruib" or the "ol<l olrlie~ "
Lhe drill nnrl discipline of tho corp~ appt•ar to he all that could be expected. Whiie
as rcgardH tho hon;es, they were, at this tamp, even of a helter stamp than 11 unithe Licut..Colonol and bii; vetcrinm')" surgeon having made a c.areful llXmnin:ition
before pa,.... iug any hor'be ai:; fit for l'ervico.
The i-.addlery of' tho regiment is undergoing much-needed repair,., anrl when tha
repairi; m·c completed, the Lieut-Colonel intend,; taking ~tep::. t-0 en,;urc the -.:\ildlc.>R
boing better fitted for the ho1·:ios than. I imngine, they hn.vo heretofore bcl'n.
In conclnsion, while nothing nppenred to bo lefl undono nt this t·amp to "1•cur •
efficiency. tho popularity of U10 regiment und tho ho:.pitality of the LiC'nL·O)lnnrl
uncl hi~ ofllC'cr,.; continue.
tery performed its annual drill at the Brigad..: Camp, at St. Andrews.
2ND Barn.WE D1visrox.-Briga<le Uajor, Jiioul.-Ool. :MncShnne.
1 reg1·et extrcmPly to have to 1·cwcml the i;uclden death, in .June last, of the laLe
Bri~adc J(aj<>r of this Di\·i:-.io11 1 Lieul.-Col. Otty, a Staff Officer of mnth ?.cal and
ability, who hnd marle tho military profession hi!-1 chief i;tucly and ptmmit for many
year:,, pa.-..t,-:m officer ever ready, eithor as .A:djutan~ of the .Military ~chool, or in his
capacity of Ikiguilc .M ajor, to a<l\'ance the interest~ of the -.orvice, nncl both ready
and willing to a i t tho"c having that object in view.
Licut.-Col. :\facShane has i;uccee<led to tho Briga<lo .\faj01·,,hip. 'rhi~ offiter
is well qu ditied for the po,,t, holdin~ both 2nd u111l l:;t cla~!-1 certificatc8 from tho
2G•h April 1 c·1,
Milit.'\ry !:)chool of thi~ Dibtriet, and he ha~ tommarulccl tho G2nd
21stJuue: 18ti9,
'St. John" 13:w\talion (except. for a fow monU111) since April, 18'71.
.Ncic Br111is1cick Briyade oj Ga.i·ri.,01i AJ·tillery, (..:.Yo.,. 1. 2, 3 and 10
'.l'he four batterie" of Garri~on ..lrtillery, at St. John. performed thl1 ir drill at.
their own ho111-:;, and were in,;peetcd by tht• .\.s.. i...t'lnt ln-.pct•Lor of Arti llu1y and
mysolt', on tho 2l"t 'cptcmbcr, l:-175. On thi" da.Y the :mnu:tl competition in shot.
pratt ice <·amo oft~ undc1· rult'" cnt lo,<l ht>rewi th. f ,ieut.-C·ol. Jago ~t:nc, that ht• h:i11,
in his Report to tho Jn:-;p<·ctor of Artillery, with re~ml to thit' t01npl'lit11111,
mrulo tho followin"
i·cmnrkt>.: "The .,
uuu~ u-;e«l hy
tlw-..o b:utcrio, arc I :t! . P '. .B.,
"garrison t'Ca-sorYit't' t·arria~cs. and when I :•tat('. that they ca11 a I h_1'l' tin!
" rounds from these gnn::. ut 1,-100 y:ll'll-. umlor 111111• 1111nutc... and makl' prnc l1ee th:\!
"could not be beaten, l think it is t·ll':1r that th u~· nn' tlwrou~hly cffcctiv11 ~u111w1-..;."
Jiit'nt.-<'ol. Jugo .. that li,·ing. :h ht• h:h d1~nc ~ill' man~· yoar-., i11 the -.:~m •
phtto with thu,o men ho h:t-. natul'alh· taken 11 Jll't'nlta1· 111ll'l'l''t m them, and he lt'l''"'
ploao.,11ru in 1-tiLtin•r !11;\t the\ :ti\.! :t-. ~1;0<1 :t ,·ol11n11•L•1· t·~•rp ... a" .:nn Ix• 'cen nuywhon•."
It on Iy re nm in::- t~r me to b~ty t h:1 t (1 m 1ht ht• t•x t 1·e1111.~l.\· gra t ity ing to Colom•! Fo-..lcr,
\VbO iuh demo much lt1 c,;l~\hli'h c.'prit de corf"; :i... tho fi11111dt1tion of l'llicic11t•y. le
n ,'Ccive for hi;i hricrndo tiltt'h hi"h comnwntl:1tio11 a-. the abon• from our 1n--pocto1· of
.~rtUlc..:1')". 1'lio a~·outremcnt" 7md t·hithin~ o!' the. t·tirp,, are .in cxccllc11t wmlition,
:mc..1 wl11lt• attcmlin!.( tu thei1· nt-H't• :ulnllll'tlll cl11t1c... :\-. art1llcr.\·mt>n 1 I am happy
t.o ndcl that tlw 1lt'ec...,,itr fo1· -.k: line,, in th1• r:111k .. and in m11rl'hi111!' 11:1- not been
lo'lt ~ight of'.