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EAuZoNE plus ulTRA bEspokE
E xclusively besp oke
Space and shape are no longer prerequisites for a luxurious bathroom. Matki
EauZone Plus offers thousands of possible door and panel combinations to show
you can still have a premium quality enclosure whatever the space.
Whether you have a loft conversion, sloping ceiling or would simply like to fit a
shower enclosure around a bath Matki can work with you to create the perfect
showering solution.
If you are planning a project and our vast range of standard sizes do not fit
the picture, find your nearest EauZone Plus Showroom at www.matki.co.uk/
wheretobuy or call our Sales Team on 01454 322888 for bespoke advice and the
address of your nearest EauZone Plus Showroom. Matki EauZone Plus dealers
are specialist bathroom designers and will help you get the most out of your
bathroom design using advanced virtual design software. Most local Matki
EauZone Plus dealers will also be able to arrange measure and installation by
experts for complete piece of mind. Matki also have its own expert Measure and
Installation team.
Matki’s bespoke service does not stop at special shapes and sizes; Doors and
panels can, in addition to Matki’s clear glass be ordered in ultra clear low
iron finish, in various tinted colours as well as etched and frosted glass. The
door glass can even be manufactured to take your own handle design – the
possibilities are endless.
❙❙ The best of both worlds can be achieved by fitting the bath and shower inline. With the side panel cut to fit around the top and outside of the bath, the
feeling of light and space can be maintained. The drawings above right illustrate
a typical in-line installation. The dwarf wall can even be extended slightly to
provide a handy shelf within the shower.
❙❙ The Matki Preference Solid Surface shower tray is also available to suit your
exact size requirements or to fit around existing obstacles.
EPHC1200 with side panel - Ultra bespoke
C H OIC E S . . .
Glass wall bracket can be used where the
top bracket cannot be used.
22mm frame with mitred corner or choose
the 90° brass connector shown right.
22mm frame with 90° brass frame connector
as an alternative to a mitred frame.
Recess floor glass channel with chrome
infill under door opening
22mm frame with off-set brass connector
Recessed wall and floor glass channel for
an all-glass look
Recessed floor glass channel without infill
View of recessed floor glass channel for a
beautiful seamless look
EauZone Plus Bespoke offers the option of nickel for a luxuriously elegant
finish, matched here with Swadling Invincible brassware in polished nickel.
Also available in chrome and antique gold
EPR900 Traditional handle, polished nickel
E a u Z o ne PLUS
S p e c i f i c at i o n
...the possibilities are endless.
EPR900 Ultra bespoke
EauZone Plus comes complete with all the necessary seals and wall frames.
The standard wall frames are discrete and provide approximately 15mm of
adjustment each, for size and out-of-plumb wall conditions. The wall frames
also help to provide an efficient water seal.
For an all glass look, the EauZone Plus panel hinged surrounds can be installed
without wall frames, resulting in a size reduction of 5mm each side. In place
of the aluminium wall frames we will provide a clear seal, neatly attached to
the glass edge between the panel and the wall. Some water seepage is likely if
shower spray is directed at the wall joints. Please indicate when ordering if wall
frames are not required. This does not affect the price of the product. Doors
hinged from the wall require the wall frame on the hinge side for adjustment
and security.
For a total glass look, EauZone Plus can be installed without wall frames and
seals, but expect some leakage if shower spray is directed at joints. For a shower
proof installation we recommend that the EauZone Plus is installed complete with
wall frames and seals – all provided as standard.
EauZone Plus Bespoke service is available across the range where our standard
sizes do not provide the perfect solution. Your Dealer will be happy to assist
you and can even recommend a specialist installer to measure and install
the EauZone Plus shower enclosure. Matki also have their own Measure and
Installation team, see page 76.
No n-Slip
H ing e Details *
Non slip locking screws
All Eauzone Plus Shower
Doors and Bath Screens are
fitted with Matki’s unique
non-slip hinge assemblies*,
retaining perfect adjustment
of the door glass in use.
*Patent no. UK: 2470778
Unique Brass Hinge Adjustment Block
for exact door closure adjustment.
Ultra Clear, low iron glass, various tinted colours as well as etched and frosted
glass finishes are available as a bespoke option.
The above illustration shows our EauZone Plus Bespoke Wall Hinged door with minimal 12mm wall frames and seals. This Ultra Bespoke door can also be
fitted without any wall frames and seals where splash protection only is required.
When you choose our Measure and Installation service our surveyor will work with you and your showroom to choose the options most suitable for your
scheme and the finished look you wish to achieve.
In addition to the vast range of EauZone Plus standard sizes listed in our Price Guide EauZone Plus can be tailor made to your exact
requirements. The list below is a guide to the surcharges for bespoke panels and doors which should be added to the next nearest
standard size listed in our Price Guide.
Should you need any additional information to establish the cost of the size required please call or email [email protected]
Special Hinged Doors
Increased Recess Door Width – £250.00
Reduced Door Width – £250.00 Increased Door Height - Over 2020mm contact Matki
Reduced Door Height – £250.00
Bespoke Panel Sizes
Hinge Panels
Inline Panels
Side Panels
& Wet Room Panels
Up to 2020mm high**
Contact Matki
Contact Matki
Inline Panel
Hinge Panel
* Panels over 1100mm add stability bar at £95.00
** Panels over 2020mm please contact Matki.
Cut-Outs and Angles
For Angles add £90.00 per Angle to above prices
For Cut-out add £120.00 to above prices
For Cut-out and Angle add £190.00 to above prices
Special Glass Finish
For Ultra Clear Low Iron and frosted glass add 40%, for tinted and black glass add 20% to above supplements.
Optional Measure and Installation Service
Specialist trained installers are available throughout Mainland UK and Measure and Installation can be undertaken at the following costs.
Measure only - £145.00
Measure and Installation:
Single Door/Bath Screen - £300.00 Door Plus One Panel
- £425.00 Door plus Two Panels - £485.00
Door plus Three Panels - £575.00
Delivery of bespoke products normally - 4-6 weeks
Supplement may apply for Scotland and the South West, please contact [email protected] All prices above are excluding VAT.
Matki has its own expert installation team or your Dealer may also be able to recommend a specialist installer to measure and install your
EauZone Plus surround.
Side Panel