Volume 6, Issue 6
April 2013
©Jacqueline Boyer
Int CH/Am CH Rio’s Luca Brasi Monster RN
©Jacki Boyer Photography
Int Ch/Bronze GCh Rio’s Fino Monster WAC
(Arg. Am. GCh Phillmar Sobe Monster WAC x Rio’s Funny You Should Ask v Moa)
Congratulations Patton on your 20th Major! Our heartfelt thanks to the following
judges for rewarding recent placements of Group Fourth, as judged by Mrs. P A
Mowbray-Morgan, Eukanuba First Award of Excellence as judged by Mrs. Wyoma
Clouss and Best of Breed wins as judged by Dr. R S Pritchard, Mrs. B G Speich,
Ms. A Cooper, Mr. T Nesbitt, Mrs. C H Daugherty and Mrs. F W Schwartz.
Charlsie Haynor, Karen
and Kayla Beskau
Dave Slattum, AKC Reg. Handler
April, 2013
Breeders of Merit:
Karen and Kayla Beskau
[email protected]
The Doberman Pinscher Magazine | 3
CH Irongate’s Winter Knight CD ROM
x GCH Irongate’s Hot Buttered Rum
Paladin and Trisha would like to thank everyone who
helped and encouraged this Novice Owner Handler with
her first show dog as they began their journey together.
Special Thank You to Judge Sharon Ann Redmer for
recognizing Paladin’s qualities and awarding him his first
major at ten months of age. We look forward to returning
to the show ring this spring to continue our journey.
4 | The Doberman Pinscher Magazine
Armand & Trisha DeStefani
Janesville, California
(530) 253-3133
Breeder: Eve Auch
Irongate Dobermans
Truckee, California
April, 2013
Ch MiraVia UR Time is Gonna Come
Ch Wendorf’s Valor x BIS BISS Ch Paradigm Paradise Regain’d NA NAJ CGC ROM
Ziggy is awarded 2 BOB and 2 Group 1st his first three weekends
out in the Special’s Ring.
Special Appreciation to Mr. James Noe and Mrs. Tomas Gomez
Breeder/owner-handler: Lisa D. Smith
MiraVia Dobermans
[email protected]
April, 2013
The Doberman Pinscher Magazine | 5
Fayek Fancy Don’t Let Me Down
Am/Can/Int’l/Mex/UKC Ch Thriller De Black Shadow
Ch Inaqui De Black Shadow x Jessy De Vulcano
Kurbans Before He Cheats
Ch Cambria’s Rascal Flatis x Rebayla’s Vodkatini Amazona
Our appreciation to Judge Lisa R. DeReulet for Reba’s
finishing Grand Champion points!
A BIG thank you Kerry Boyd for her expertise in bringing Reba to her Grand Championship
at 18 months with 6 majors!
And last but not least thank you Elizabeth Zellmer for entrusting us with our first show girl.
Breeder: Elizabeth Zellmer, Fayek Dobermans
6 | The Doberman Pinscher Magazine
Owner: Christy Jordan • [email protected]
April, 2013
April, 2013
The Doberman Pinscher Magazine | 7
On The Cover . . . . . . . . 10
Someone You Should Know...
Jim Briley
Dobermans of Aquarius
From The Publisher. . . . . 12
Greetings From Nancy Jewell.
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Featured Stud Dog
Ch Darwin’s dance of the hour
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Litter Announcements. . . 61
Top Twenty Conformation Stats
2013 stud dog register
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Top Twenty Agility Stats
Doberman Hisotry
ch. delegate von der elbe
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 63
Top Twenty Obedience Stats.
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April, 2013
TOp 20 Winner, BiS, MBiS, GCH
Dakota congratulates all his show puppies and owners
VWD - Clear
Hips - Excellent
Elbows - Excellent
Thyroid - Normal
Heart - Echo
(Normal) 10/2/12
CERF - Normal
Color - #7 bbDD
See pedigree in the
Stud Dog Register
Owner - Robert Hennessey
email - [email protected]
phone - 219-663-2960
April, 2013
The Doberman Pinscher Magazine | 9
Int CH/Am CH Rio’s Luca Brasi Monster RN
Baby Luca (8
weeks) - first
day home
Breeder of Merit:
Karen & Amy Beskau, Rio Gran
651-480-4726 [email protected]
Owned by: Dr. Megan Rheingans
Michael & Karen Beskau
Inquiries about Luca welcome.
Please contact Rio Gran
10 | The Doberman Pinscher Magazine
Arg/Am GCH Phillmar Sobe Monster WAC x Rio’s Standing Room Only
Luca translated from Italian means “light.” In a world that can be filled with
darkness and difficulty, the wag of a Doberman’s tail, the perk of his ears, and the
look of unconditional loyalty in his eyes brings light shining through the heart of every
Doberman lover. Luca was born on a day of significant personal meaning to me. Five
years to the day before his birth marked a day of darkness in my life, the death of a
loved one. When one light extinguishes, another spark ignites to burn brightly. While
it took time to cope with my loss, I see now how wisely life circles back again to
brighten that once dismal anniversary in July with the birth of a bouncy puppy. Luca
is that light.
A dog of light, grace, beauty and love. Then, why give him a name for one of
the most infamous fictitious mob characters in all of literature? Luca is my protector.
This dog, who emulates happiness and silliness, is as fiercely loyal to me as Mario
Puzo’s Luca Brasi was to his don, The Godfather. As any Doberman owner knows,
that unmistakable growl that comes as a warning to anyone threatening his family is
this dog’s highest honor to bestow. We are his to protect. Fearless, uncompromisingly
loyal, and willing to sacrifice himself for us. Like many Dobermans loved among us,
Luca’s loyalty knows no bounds. I can’t help but think Puzo would be proud.
When my husband Jeff and I went to look at several tiny red male puppies on
Visiting Day at Rio Gran in Hastings, MN, I wasn’t sure this was the right time in
my life to take on the work of raising a puppy. I had grown up with Labradors and
Schnauzers as a child, and remembered some of the commitment of dog ownership.
While my mother was currently breeding her Miniature Schnauzers and had firsthand
experience at raising litters, she lived across the country. The work was left up to just
Jeff and me, along with our two older daughters, Lauren and Anna. Jeff wasn’t exactly
a ‘dog person.‘ And, I was newly pregnant! Apparently, I was a little more daring than
rational while pregnant. After throwing caution to the wind, we came home with a
feisty red boy who wore a brown ribbon in September 2011. Hand picked at eight
weeks old to be a show dog by my dear friend Vicki Barker, a top terrier handler, Luca
was gorgeous and extremely intelligent. Vivacious and determined, Luca, however,
April, 2013
2nd Place Puppy Sweepstakes
12-18 mo. at 2012 DPCA National
Luca gazing at
Karin Fox at
2012 Nationals
Megan, Luca and Ella,
February 2013
wasn’t the easiest puppy to raise. As I grew bigger, he grew stronger. With plenty of
help from the Beskaus and staff at Rio Gran, I was able to manage Luca’s intelligence
and audacity and turn it into trained responsiveness. That spark in Luca that gave me
fits as a pregnant puppy owner also gave me great comfort that he would protect me
and my unborn baby someday. That same inextinguishable flame we all saw at eight
weeks old grew brighter in Luca, giving him a charisma that lit up the show ring and
promises to guide him to a very bright future.
Sincere thanks to the incomparable Karin Fox for finishing Luca’s Championship
at just over a year of age — with four majors. Karin, you afforded us the opportunity to bond with our newborn daughter Ella by taking Luca under your care. We
are incredibly grateful for that gift. I didn’t know how lucky we were to have Luca
handled by you until I saw the way you moved with him in the ring and that look of
devotion he still has for you.
To Karen, Amy and Kayla Beskau at Rio Gran, I am so grateful to have such a well
bred, well trained and sweet tempered dog because of you. Your help, guidance and
expertise throughout this journey has meant so much to our family. Thank you to all
three of you for handling Luca to his Grand Championship majors and International
and National titles. Sincere appreciation to DaKota Tilleraas for all of her training,
devotion and handling Luca to his first Rally (RN) title. This has truly been a team
Thank you, Libby Hargrove, for training us how to train Luca. We are better
Doberman owners because of your guidance. To Vicki and Emily Barker, thank you
for always being there during this journey. Your advice has been top notch. I look
forward to watching Luca shine in the specials ring with you soon.
Without Mary Klein, Hector and Alicia Farias and Phillip Martin who allowed
Arg/Am GCh Phillmar Sobe Monster WAC to be bred into Rio Gran’s program, we
would not have such a bright light in Luca. A special acknowledgment to all the
judges along the way who have recognized Luca’s excellence in the ring. I am forever
grateful to you all.
To my husband Jeff and our daughters Lauren, Anna and Ella, thank you for living with this silly, spunky dog who brings such a warmth to my heart. We are his to
protect and love.
April, 2013
Currently, has 12 GCh points with
three majors as Select and BOS
2nd Place Puppy Sweepstakes
12-18 mo. at 2012 DPCA National
Working on Rally Advanced,
Agility and WAC titles
International and
National Champion
Canine Good Citizen
Working toward Therapy Dog
Certification to visit children
at University of Minnesota
Amplantz Children’s Hospital
The Doberman Pinscher Magazine | 11
Spring has finally sprung! Although it was a relatively mild winter here in Wisconsin, it sure did last a long time. But now the melting snow has produced....
MUD. Over the years I have tried many ‘solutions’ to the problem, from wood
chips (they blew away when a tornado hit a nearby town) to horse shavings,
none have worked for long. Short of pouring a concrete yard, (and who wants
that?) it seemed hopeless. For the first time I have tried sand and it really seems
to be working! 30 bags of tube sand (a unique
combination of sand and some unknown gritty
stuff) later my dog yards are mud free! Time will
tell on how it holds up to heavy rain and the dogs
do bring sand in on their fur but it is easily swept
or vacuumed up.
This is the editors page and I get to talk about
what ever I like, right?
Okay, enough silliness. I really enjoyed putting together the Doberman History this issue,
what a fascinating article on Delly. My whole
life I’ve been interested in history, my philosophy
is, it is important to know where you’ve been
to know where you are going. Not only can
we learn from someone else’s failures but their
successes as well. Thanks to Ray Carlisle for his
reprint permission. And a get well wish for Ray
after his surgery in March, hope we see you judging at shows soon.
I was very surprised when Marj Brooks and Wanda Gipp guessed the
December’s Who Dat? I didn’t know either one of these ladies when I was in
my early forties. It was supposed to hard to guess! This issue’s Who Dat? is also
supposed to be hard — let’s see if I’m right.
The June issue brings us the owner handlers. I haven’t been in the ring with
one of my Dobermans for over two years, just can’t run around the big ring
anymore! So far I can still manage with my terriers. Although I know handling is
not for everyone, it is so very rewarding to be a team with a dog you live with
and possibly bred. This issue is one of my favorites and I am looking forward to
our featured owner handlers: Mallori Nickerson from Texas. Eric Peterson also
works with elephants, I hope he brings some of his zoo experience to his article.
Ashlee Claggert is our youngest owner handler feature finishing the Von Orman
Dobermans. It’s wonderful to see the young handlers coming along. Nancy
Young of Dillon Dobermans has a long history in the breed and has done very
well with her dogs.
This is the time for the owner handlers to do their bragging! In a breed
known for being handled by the pros lets show everyone how many of us there
really are! Contact Nancy at 608-359-6519 or [email protected] to arrange your advertising! Make sure you take advantage of the Early
Bird promo and your color ad will only be $275. Sign up for the notices at the
website and then watch your inbox for
the details!
‘Til next time....
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April, 2013
April, 2013
The Doberman Pinscher Magazine | 13
I wish t
Ch. Aquarius Wally World v Sandia RN, CGC
& Briley Casanova
Jim, thank you for your mentoring, our daughter Briley’s name AND our lovely boy WALLY!
Watch for Wally in the obedience and breed rings this fall!
Bev and Zelda Casanova 972-672-1939
14 | The Doberman Pinscher Magazine
April, 2013
AKC/CAN/UKC Ch Gorrmae’s Rock The Rim CGC
( Ch Trotyl De Black Shadow X Ch Gorrmae’s Absolutely D’Vine, who just turned 12 yrs young!!!)
Jordan can be seen with his favorite lady, Kathy Caton Eiler.
Jordan will literally “jump through hoops for Kathy”!!
Kathy and Jordan are gathering some impressive reviews from their
peers... Watch for them at shows near you!!!! He is more than half
way towards his Grand Championship in just a couple weeks of his
debut with Kathy!!!!!
Jordan would like to congratulate his Sire Trotyl
and owners Jim Briley, Ron Babics, and Dr.
Irena Babics, and Trotyl’s breeder, Elsa, on the
great producing record Trotyl has..and a big hug
and slurpy kiss for his paternal Grandma Jessy
who turned 14 recently!!
Jordan would also like to congratulate his litter
brother, Remi, (now Ch Gorrmae Remington’s
Way CAT CGC) and his owners Cheryl and
Steve Ray on his owner/handled Championship..
Way to go Bro!!!!
© Jim Bowman
April, 2013
Breeder, Owner
Lori Gorr
Gorrmae Dobermans
[email protected]
Casco, Michigan
The Doberman Pinscher Magazine | 15
Jim Briley
of Aquarius
Jim and Dessa, Winning Best in
Show, April 1990, under judge
Lena Wiseman at the Olive
Branch Mississippi Kennel Club
16 | The Doberman Pinscher Magazine
the late 1960s a friend asked me to go with him to an Obedience Trial he
had heard about so I accepted his invitation and off we went. I knew very
little about dog shows or obedience trials. My love then was horses and racing
horses at the county races in our community and sometimes even riding as a
jockey. Any way, upon arrival at the trial I was truly amazed at what I saw these
amazing dogs performing. One young girl in particular, totally impressed me her
with her well trained Doberman. She had him do all sorts of exercises using only
hand signals. This young girl happened to be none other than Theresa Nail. At the
time I had no idea who Theresa Nail was, but fortunate for me I have gotten to
know her very well through the years. I’d like to add I think she is the model all
should follow as far as good sportsmanship goes. On that day she had the best
trained Doberman there and besides he was gorgeous (very much like a stallion).
I mentioned to my friend that I thought I would like to try to do something like
that. He thought I was kidding, but I was serious.
Some time later this friend called and said he had heard of a gentleman in
Lafayette, Louisiana who had a young female Doberman for sale that he thought
he might like to buy and did I want to come and have a look also. So off we went
April, 2013
1979, Ch. Bailes Beau Rikki of
Rehbar. Beau was Jim’s first
owner handled Champion.
1989, Ch. Ravenswood Odessa
Von Aquarius winning Best of
Breed under judge Judy Doniere.
Jim’s favorite Dobe, Ch. Aquarius
Hy-Lite V Ravenswood. Sandy is
by Vanessa, out of Cryptonite.
to see this Doberman. I thought she
was gorgeous but my friend had small
children and said he would pass on
buying her. The owner saw how much
I liked her and called me that night
and offered to sell her to me. I was
a school teacher and had very little
money but the man said I could buy
her for $150.00 and he would deliver
her. I decided to do this and the next
day the owner delivered her to me
and when she stepped out the van I
thought she was the most beautiful
creature I have ever seen. Her name
was Anamor Holly V Marks-Tey so at
least I had gotten a Dobe with a good
This was the beginning of my
Doberman life!!! She had no training and I had no training experience,
so off I went in search of a book on
obedience training. I lucked out and
found an obedience book written
by Blanche Saunders. I immediately
began training. I heard of an obedience trial being held in Baton Rouge
so I decided I would attend and learn
how much progress I had made in
my training. After all the judging had
been completed my number along
with the number of another exhibitor
was called to return to the ring. I had
no idea why but when I got to the
ring was told that there had been a
tie between the two of us so to break
the tie we would be given commands
to perform and the one who held out
the longest without error would be
the winner. After a few commands of
“forward, stop”, etc., I was declared
the winner and to this day I have
never won a larger trophy. I continued working Holly in obedience and
she was HIT several times. I brought
through her CD, CDX, and her UD
in just shy of two years. While doing
all of this I started teaching obedience
classes in our little town of Opelousas
and enrolled all dogs (purebred or not)
wanting to participate. We held classes in the city park so we had many
spectators, especially on graduation
night where all were given certificates.
Even today and quite frequently I have
someone come up to me and talk
about the fun we had in our obedience classes forty plus years ago.
I later gave up obedience and
wanted to try my hand in conformation and contacted breeders advertised in the Doberman Quarterly. I
contacted Holly Woods Dobermans
and ending up buying Holly Woods
Hot Chocolate, a beautiful red bitch
sired by Derringer who was a Dictator
son, I believe, and she was from the
last litter he sired. Both Jeff Brucker,
and I tried to finish her but too many
judges found her too big. She did earn
6 or 8 points with a major won under
Bob Slay. At the time we were going
through the wave of Dobes being ‘too
big’. We all know the different characteristics in our Dobes go through
wave changes from time to time.
Mrs. Peggy Adamson of Damasyn Dobermans was the most influential person in my Doberman life.
She consistently bred Dobermans that
were standard and with good temperaments. She was always willing
to help a new comer and further
shared her knowledge through the
many articles she wrote. She devoted
her life to the betterment of the breed
in her breeding program and later as
a judge. She was my mentor in the
Doberman breed and gave me many
good lessons on proper judging. Some
of the lessons she taught me, I still
have and review from time to time. In
her judging she was very much into
seeing a dog stand on his own rather
than being strung up by the handler.
Her untimely death was a great loss to
the Doberman breed and I’m sure, like
me, she is missed by many.
I am a ‘pack rat’ and have maintained a library of most Doberman
April, 2013
The Doberman Pinscher Magazine | 17
books, magazines going back to 1968,
and even have several Doberman
Organs, the title of the official DPCA
magazine back in the late 60s. I still
like to read these and find them very
interesting and it helps to see the
changes in the breed both good and
bad. Over the last 45 years I have
seen many changes in the breed,
and I say mostly good, but then I am
an optimist, and many still say the
breed is going down hill. I look and
study my old DQ’s, Dobe Monthly’s,
Top Dobes, Dobe Editions and find
many Dobes pictured would not cut
in the ring today. Too many straight
fronts, roachy toplines, too croupy,
and too many low tail sets, etc. I think
breeders have concentrated on making a Doberman pleasing to the eye
and totally with ‘the look of eagles.’
That’s what I try for anyway!! As I
mentioned earlier, Doberman characteristic sought after changes come
and go in waves. So as time goes
by we, as breeders, breed to change
whatever characteristic we feel needs
to be changed. As an example I don’t
know many in the breed who like
down faces so we breed to change
1994, Ch. Aquarius Fist of Fury.
Bruce being awarded Winners
Dog under judge Lowell Mathis.
18 | The Doberman Pinscher Magazine
this or whatever other characteristic
we feel is not correct. All of this,
in my opinion, is very good and
important as we are all striving for
producing the perfect Doberman. To
me, this is what breeding is all about
and I feel the state of the Doberman
today is in good hands with the many
good breeders all striving for the same
thing, the perfect Doberman.
Like most others just starting out,
I had no particular kennel name in
mind and tried out several but none
seemed to fit and didn’t last very long
until I came up with the name Aquarius, simply because I am an Aquarian, love the water, and like the way
it goes with names I choose. I used
Aquarius on my first show litter and
have used it on all breedings I have
been involved with since then. That
first litter was co-bred with my friend,
Richard Brue, who I had known for
a long time and was happy when he
asked me to co-breed his beautiful
Ch. Rehbar Anissa to Ch. Angels Beau
Geste. This breeding went back to
mostly all Ahrtal Dobes. From this
breeding came Ch. Rehbar Delissa V
Aquarius, my foundation bitch, Top
20 bitch and dam of my first 7-8
AKC champions. By then I felt I was
on my way in handling and breeding. After all, I had already finished
my first champion, Ch. Bailes Beau
Rikki V Rehbar! My goal then, as is
today, was to breed Dobermans who
were standard, healthy, and could
achieve AKC Championship titles. As
the years have come and gone, I
have bred and/or co-bred 85+ AKC
champions with most coming from
Aquarius bitches. I always try to stress
to prospective breeders this fact — it
is a waste of time, money, and effort
to try to breed a poor quality bitch to
a super stud and get quality. It doesn’t
happen. I stress the fact to get excellent breed type you must breed quality to quality. Only then do you have a
good chance of getting what you are
striving for. If one cannot do this then
the breeding should not take place.
Back when I first decided to get
a show dog it was between getting
a Boxer or a Doberman. I decided
on the Doberman because of its elegance, cleanness through the head,
and little drooling. Yet today my sec-
1994, Ch. Aquarius Damien V Ravenswood, sired by Ch. Marienburg’s Teller
of Tales out of Aquarius Anissa V Ravenswood.
1994 Quaker Oats Award Winner • 1994 #1 Working Dog • 1995 Best of
Breed Winner DPCA National • Winner of 50+ BIS
Handled by Carlos Rojas
April, 2013
ond choice would be a Boxer as this
is a breed I thoroughly enjoy judging.
Someone recently asked me to
name the three best or greatest male
Dobermans I have ever seen or knew
of and to give my reasons for choosing these. The best three Dobermans
I have seen and know of are Ch.
Brunswig’s Cryptonite, Ch. Nello’s Lex
Luthor, and Ch. Marienburg’s Sun
Hawk. All three have been able to
prove themselves in the show ring
by winning under top knowledgeable
judges nationally and internationally.
However, in my opinion it takes more
than ‘just winning’ to be classified as
best or great! These three Dobermans
also were very pre-potent and had the
power to transmit heritable characteristics to bitches that were lacking
these characteristics. Breeders who
had insight and knew what they were
looking for in their bitches utilized
the services of these studs and rightly
so making each of these dogs ‘great’.
Hence, this is certainly why today we
see the names of these three Dobes
in a high percentage of pedigrees of
the dogs winning in the ring today
and we will continue to see these
names in pedigrees for many years to
come. Dobes who are lacking in the
two mentioned criteria: show success
and prepotency for making a dog best
or great do not appear as frequently
in pedigrees. There are exceptions to
every rule and I realize there are best
or great who have not reached this
status for many reasons such as lack
of finances to continue their show
career after completing their championship.
For example almost eight years
ago Ron Babics, my co-breeder, and
I had the opportunity to purchase a
male from Argentina with a pedigree
which included Aquarius Dobermans
who had been sent to Argentina years
ago. Immediately when I saw Inaqui at the Nationals and thought of
him as great or best and perhaps we
should get a puppy, if possible, with
this pedigree. The blending the South
April, 2013
American dogs with our Dobes has
been a big plus. So, lucky for us, we
were able to purchase an Inaqui son,
Trotyl de Black Shadow. Trotyl finished his championship here in short
order, however, neither Ron nor I had
funds to finance a specials career for
Trotyl, therefore he was never shown
after he completed his championship.
However, I feel that he has achieved
greatness in what he has been able
to produce with bitches of totally different pedigrees and to date has produced 55+ AKC champions and many
more other countries. I feel that he
certainly qualifies for great of best in
the prepotency category.
Of course we all know of many
other great dogs and bitches who
qualify as great or best but have not
been able for one reason or another
to continue their show career. About
10-12 years ago Ron Babics and I
joined forces and have bred several
litters and I feel have been successful
in this endeavor. We have incorporated South American Dobes into
the program though the utilization of
semen from Ch. Nellos Lex Luthor,
Inaqui, and Trotyl. One of the most
successful breedings was the cross
between Ch. Aquarius Black Rain, a
Lex Daughter, to Trotyl, a Lex grandson. There were 7 puppies and four
finished their AKC championship with
Garbo, one of the puppies, being Best
Puppy and Reserve Winners Bitch
at the Nationals in 2009. The other
3 puppies went to show homes but
for whatever reason were not shown
and did not complete their championship. Thankfully they are in loving
homes which is what comes first with
Aquarius Dobermans.
Many years ago being certified
to teach exceptional children, my
class always called me Mr. B and our
slogan was “In Mr. B’s class every stu-
2008, Ch. Aquarius Red Sapphire
Ch. Trotyl de Black Shadow
x Ch. Aquairus Black Rain,
onwed Tim & Jaron Stone.
dent is a winner!”. When I was really
active as a breeder our slogan had
become “Aquarius where every dog
is a winner!”. I believe in the slogan
and feel that every dog we breed can
be a winner in something whether it
is in conformation, a good pet, a good
obedience dog, or an agility dog.
Whenever we plan a litter, careful consideration is given to all the
usual health testing, prepotency of
the sire and dam if known and also
many of the dogs in the pedigree. I
have always had a little ‘philosophy’
in my breeding program and this is
“If you like what you have don’t stray
too far out or you will lose the traits
you like”. By this I mean I study the
traits of both male and female and the
traits of the other dogs in the pedigree
and try to learn how dominant these
traits have been in puppies produced.
For instance, I used Cryptonite several times mainly because I needed
to improve fronts, in depth and width
of fore chest. Until I used him I had
With the low point system almost any
Dobe shown for a long enough period
of time can earn the title of Champion.
The Doberman Pinscher Magazine | 19
2012, Ch. Aquarius Hayworth Returns
Ch. Trotyl de Black Shadow x
Ch. Aquairus Black Rain, owned
and loved by Salli Gorman.
Wally, (Ch. Aquarius Wally World v
Sandia) owned by Zelda Casanova
is Aquarius’ most recent Champion.
always had front problems. Knowing
the pedigree of both parents and their
ancestors is of utmost importance in
making a breeding decision.
One of my favorite breedings was
the cross between Vanessa and Cryponite. This breeding was a co-breeding
done by Betty Clark and me. The first
breeding produced 7 puppies and the
second breeding again produced 7 puppies. Four finished in the first litter and
all 7 finished from the second breeding.
Apart from these two breedings, Vanessa produced 3 additional champions
sired by different studs giving her a
total of 14 champions, making her dam
of the year in 1991, with her daughter
Odessa winning the DPCA Top 20
20 | The Doberman Pinscher Magazine
same year with me handling. In addition to all this, Betty Clark and I were
breeders of the year also. What more
can a breeder ask for?
Have I ever had bad breedings? A
definite yes to that question. Back then,
I had a beautiful black champion bitch
and Jim White had a beautiful red male
sired by Cryptonite and some said he
looked more like Cryptonite than Cryponite did. Anyway, I loved the dog
and bitch and all looked good so the
breeding took place. Fortunately, there
were only 3 puppies and all 3 turned
out to be very pet quality. This was a
disappointment and the bitch was bred
once more but nothing good came of
it so she was spayed and I let a good
friend keep her so she was a loving pet
the rest of her life.
My last breedings have been cobred with a long-time friend, Tim Stone.
He has been interested in breeding for
some time. I know he will be an asset
to the Doberman world as he has long
been very passionate about the breed.
Several champions have been realized
since his involvement.
Changes in the ‘Dog Show Game’,
my take:
I have been in the ‘dog show
game’ for 40 plus years and basically
the shows have stayed pretty much the
same in purpose and procedure. As in
the past, the point system changes each
year based on numbers shown in the
past year. The addition of the Grand
Champion has been a good change as it
allows exhibitors to show off their dogs
for a while longer and seems to me the
exhibitors like this new class as there
are always several entered. Probably
the biggest change in dog shows is the
high cost of the whole dog show scene,
including the entry fees, staying in
hotels, and here recently the outrageous
rise in the cost of gasoline. When we
look at all the increases it is easy to see
why the entries in shows have gone
down so drastically. When I first began
showing, entry fees ranged around
$7.00 compared with today’s fee being
in the area of $30.00. I remember one
of the first shows I attended was in
Meridian, Mississippi and up in the front
of the hotel was a large sign welcoming
dog show exhibitors stating “Reduced
Hotel Rates $11.99 per room.” Now
the rates would be around $99.00 per
night. Because of the vast increases
in all areas of showing it is making
dog shows something for the elite only
and this is very unfortunate. It is being
realized more and more as one travels
to shows and not seeing exhibitors
who were always present before. The
cost of shipping dogs, like everything
else, has gone up so much it is near
impossible to ship. When I first started
showing I shipped a bitch to handler
Monroe Stebbins in New York from
New Orleans and the shipping cost was
$39.00. Now it would cost $500.00.
Additionally, he charged a handling
fee of $35.00 and a boarding fee of
$5.00 per day. Compare this to today’s
costs! Probably one of the things that
have changed dog shows more than
anything for the Doberman breed is the
big change we have seen in the entry
numbers which resulted in the lower
point system. When I first began showing Dobermans it took 35-38 males to
make a major. Now in several areas
it takes 13-15 for a major. This is not
a good thing as I see it because it has
lessened the value of the meaning of
Champion in front of a Dobes’ name.
With the low point system almost any
Dobe shown for a long enough period
of time can earn the title of Champion.
This is just my take on it and I’m sure
is not agreed by many. The breeding
of dogs has changed more than dog
shows because today serious breeders
are requiring more health testing than
in the past. Before all this testing came
about, usually the only test breeders
required was an x-ray of hips so an 0FA
# could be obtained. Now the number
of tests required is endless. Again this
is very costly but I certainly feel this is
something which is much needed.
Thank you for asking me to be
a part of your informative magazine.
I hope I managed to cover some of
the topics our Doberman world faces
today! g
April, 2013
Thanks Jim for starting me out.
Ralph and all my dogs go back
to your wonderful Vanessa.
Here’s to many more Champions!
Look for Ralph’s daughter,
Southsong’s It’s My Party,
here in the south this spring.
Grandpa and Ralph, Ch Southsong’s Only You, WAC
Southsong Dobermans
Tanja Todd Kellum
Germantown, TN
April, 2013
The Doberman Pinscher Magazine | 21
In Memory of Dandy
Gallant-Ciden All Champion Litter
CH Gallant’s Witching Hour v Ciden
2000 Futurity Winner
2002 and 2003 Top 20 finalist
Best in Show, Best in Specialty
CH Gallant’s Midnight Hour v Ciden
2001 Top 20 finalist
Multi Champion Producer, Sire of
the only Bitch who was in both the
Top 20 conformation and Top 20
Mona Fasth DVM
22 | The Doberman Pinscher Magazine
April, 2013
This was the first litter that
Gallant-Ciden produced together.
CH Gallant’s Symphony Hour v Ciden
Tempo lived to be 13 ½ years old and
continued her Therapy work until she
was 12 years old.
CH Gallants Happy Hour v Ciden
Dam of 11 puppies and 7
Cindi Huckfeldt PHA
April, 2013
The Doberman Pinscher Magazine | 23
24 | The Doberman Pinscher Magazine
April, 2013
April, 2013
The Doberman Pinscher Magazine | 25
Ch. Darwin’s Dance of The Hour, WAC
Dandy at 5 weeks, asleep on his toy.
Below: Dandy’s stacked pic at 8 weeks.
The Dandy Man...
Dandy’s story will be told in three parts from the three
women who’s lives he touched the most — Marilyn
Altheide, Darlene Young and Erin Pina Cody.
By Marilyn Altheide
Dandy’s Early Days
1996, Dandy at 1 year with his
breeder & handler Darlene Young.
26 | The Doberman Pinscher Magazine
When our Ch. Darwin’s Fantasia was pregnant with the Ch. Maco’s
Sugar Twin litter, I said “Tasia, this is going to change our lives!” I never
knew how true those words would be! Tasia and Maco produced a litter
of two red bitches and four red dogs. One of the boys was given the
blue collar. This puppy always stood out on the ground or on the table:
he carried himself with a lot of confidence, and despite my best efforts
to only pay attention to the girls, the blue collar boy continued grabbing
visitors’ attention. Grading day arrived and everyone picked the blue
collar boy because, ‘He had it all’.
By that late evening, we had very sick puppies: Parvo virus, every
breeders nightmare. I worked at a veterinary hospital and probably
brought it home, an experience I never wish to repeat. We nearly
lost the entire litter, and after spending 12 days in intensive care, and
losing one of the bitches, Dandy and his litter mates were shells of
the outstanding puppies with so much potential we graded just nearly
two weeks prior. After we controlled the physical damage of Parvo,
our work was cut out to repair the emotional damage the disease
caused. This was certainly a set back for the puppies with socializing,
training and getting into their new homes. However, with much intensive work
April, 2013
Left: Dandy’s sire, Ch Maco’s Sugar Twin
Below: Dandy’s dam, Ch. Darwin’s Fantasisa
on both Darlene’s and my part, each
surviving puppy was able to make
a full recovery both physically and
mentally. Despite their encounter
with a potentially devastating disease,
the puppies grew and blossomed into
incredibly sound dogs.
Dandy’s Family
the DPCA Futurity
Ch. Maco’s Sugar Twin was awarded the DPCA’s Grand Prize Futurity in
1990 from the 6-9 month class, judged
by Carol Petruzzo. Dandy won Grand
Prize Futurity in 1996, following in his
father’s Maco’s paw prints. Michelle
Lewis awarded Dandy Best Junior.
Her comments, as published in the
DPCA Pipeline read, “This dog was
one of the soundest overall dogs that
I judged.” Cindi Huckfeldt awarded
Dandy Grand Prize Futurity. Her
published comments were, “When
viewed standing, his overall appearance was that of a compact square
dog with lovely bone and substance
of correct size. When viewed moving
he was undeniable.” We now had
two generations of a family tradition!
Two years later, 1998, the Grand Prize
April, 2013
Futurity winner was a
Dandy son from the 6 – 9 months class:
Ch. Foxfire’s Gotta Dance,WAC. This
was now three generations of futurity
winners. In 2000, Grand Prize Futurity winner was a beautiful, compact
black bitch: Ch. Gallant’s The Witching Hour v. Ciden, Mona and Cindi’s,
Gracie. I was so nervous watching
because I didn’t think it could happen again. All I could do was ‘coach’
ringside with Mona and Katie Fasth
by repeating, “Pretty, Pretty, Pretty”
until Alisa Brotherhood pointed at
her; it was Gracie’s day. 2000 was
the only year Dandy was shown in
the Stud Dog Class. Dandy won with
littermates Gracie and Kohl, Ch. Gallant’s Midnight Hour v Ciden behind
him. What a thrill!!! Two years later
in 2002, Kohl sired the Grand Prize
Futurity winner, Ch. Gallant’s Midnight Fiesta v Ciden, a Dandy grand
daughter. Grand Prize Futurity winner
in 2003 was the Dandy great-grandson, Ch. Cha-Rish Star Quest Blu-J’s,
Hunter. Hunter took my breath away;
it was like living the futurity win all
over again. This was the same location
that Maco had won in 1990 under the
same judge, Carol Petruzzo. The 2006
DPCA Grand Prize Futurity Winner
was Ch. Gallant’s Meadow Magic
V Ciden. Wishes is a Dandy greatgranddaughter. I was there to see her
win and the thrill never gets old. But
Dandy still had some more dabbling
to do in the DPCA’s futurity. Ten years
after Michelle Santana won Grand
Prize Futurity with her Dandy son,
she pointed to the double Dandy great
granddaughter, Ch. Perfex Cyclone
Mahina in 2008. It is such an honor
to have Dandy represented this way in
an event his sire won in 1990.
Dandy as a Stud Dog
Dandy was an easy dog to live
with, a great house dog, companion
and protector. He ran the household
and kept our girls in order. Dandy was
fortunate breeders chose to use him in
their breeding programs. A stud dog
is only as good as the bitches brought
to him. It takes two! Dandy seemed
to help improve shoulders, fronts, and
strengthen rears. I enjoyed the ‘Visiting Ladies’. One Lady arrived with
her own hanging bell for me to place
on the doorknob of her guest room,
and when she needed to go out, I
would hear her bell ringing.
The Doberman Pinscher Magazine | 27
1997, Dandy at 2 years winning his first group.
It was always very rewarding to be
ringside and have Dandy represented
in the ring by his get. Few times have
been more emotional than the Colorado National in 2003. Dandy was
retired from the ring and stayed home,
but his get were making their mark.
Top Twenty Conformation evening
came, and Dandy had three get in
Top Twenty that year. When numbers
were picked, all three Top Twenty
dogs would be judged in the same
group. What a thrill to sit ringside
and watch three beautiful Dobermans
represent their sire, all in the ring in
front of me, just so I could well up
with tears. They were; BIS CH. GnR
Take No Prisoners; Ch. GnR Crystal
Method, CD, ROM; and BIS Ch. Gallant’s The Witching Hour v Ciden.
But the National was not over…
We must save the best for last,
which was that year’s Top Twenty
Obedience event.
Dandy’s daughter, Ch. Cha-Rish
Dance with the Wind UDX2, Brea,
with co-owner and trainer Jean Kos
28 | The Doberman Pinscher Magazine
qualified for Top Twenty. Brea was
a silly red girl who could be a clown
and loved to give Jean a hard time.
The exercise was the drop on recall.
Brea began the recall, Jean gave the
down command, and Brea’s front end
dropped beautifully, but her rear end
stayed up! She looked all around at
the gallery with a twinkle in her eye.
The spectators could not keep themselves from giggling, and Brea seemed
to say, “Are you watching me?” Brea
knew how silly she was! She looked at
Jean as if to say, “Gotcha!”
Another Top Twenty Obedience
finalist in 2007 was the completely
owner-handled Dandy son, Ozzy,
Group winning, CH GnR After Midnight, CDX, ROM. Ozzy’s accomplishments in the ring are only a small
piece of his amazing gifts. Shortly after
Kris Harner acquired Ozzy, Kris began
having debilitating seizures. Soon Kris’
husband noticed Ozzy had the ability
to alert to Kris’ oncoming seizures. At
a mere year of age, Ozzy was officially trained to be a seizure alert dog,
which gave back the freedom for Kris
to live life. Ozzy has not only been
Kris’ ongoing seizure alert dog, he has
also alerted others to medical problems from cancer to emergency gall
bladder surgery. He truly is a special
boy, and I have always looked forward
to the nationals to have my yearly visit
with Ozzy.
As a producer, Dandy had the
ability to help create ‘balanced’ dogs
— dogs with titles on both ends.
Several of Dandy’s get have dual ring
titles, and as a mark of this ability to
create ‘balance’, Dandy is a proud sire
of these ROM dogs: Ch. Irongate’s
Time After Time, CDX, TD, CGC; Ch.
Gallant’s Happy Hour v Ciden, CD;
Ch. Irongate’s Time In A Bottle, CD;
Ch. GnR After Midnight, CDX and Ch.
GnR Crystal Method, CD.
Dandy’s Golden Years
As I enjoyed watching Dandy’s
legacy in various rings across the
country, Dandy enjoyed his days
regulating the girls, a position he
never relinquished, and patrolling the
yard for squirrels. After Dandy had
April, 2013
reached his tenth birthday, I really
wanted to do photos of him. Melissa
Bates offered herself for the photo
shoot, and I am so thankful for her
generosity. It was a wonderful sunny
day, and I will always remember the
joy I felt watching him posing for the
camera like the show dog he was.
Little did I know Dandy would be
gone in two short weeks from sudden death. Dandy had annual cardiac
physicals of holters and ultrasounds.
A couple days after his photo shoot,
he was diagnosed with DCM. He was
a very healthy dog, and only in that
last week did he show any signs of ill
I am proud of what Dandy produced, but I would be remiss to ignore
the quality of the bitches that were
brought to him. He could not have
been as successful as a producer if
the bitches themselves were not of
outstanding quality.
Because of Dandy’s show and
stud career we have developed a
wonderful family of friends; this was
Dandy’s gift to us. Dandy had a logo
that said “Who Can? ‘Dandy’ man
can!” Later Bellinda Rossmiller surprised us with a little change to the
logo, “Who Can? ‘Dandy’s’ kids can!”
I knew that the Maco and Tasia
litter would change our lives, but I had
no idea how substantially our lives
would change. From get, to grandget, Grand Prize Futurity winners,
Top Twenty Obedience, Top Twenty
Conformation, and most importantly
friends and family; we owe all of these
memories to Dandy. Thank you D
Man, for all you have given us.
from Darlene Young
It seems like a lifetime ago when
the litter was born with Dandy, Ch.
Darwin’s Dance of the Hour, WAC.
Marilyn and I wanted to breed Tasia,
Ch. Darwin’s Fantasia, to a nice, standard dog; she had lots of curves, and
we needed to tone them down a bit.
We found that standard dog in Ch.
Maco’s Sugar Twin. When the litter
was graded at eight weeks, the stand
April, 2013
Dandy – List of Titled Get
Ch. Cha-Rish Lancia
Ch. Cha-Rish The Shag Dancer
Am. Can Ch. Cha-Rish The Rain Dan
cer, CD
Am. Int. Ch. Cha-Rish The Macaren
a, OA, OAJ
Ch. Cha-Rish Dance With The Wind,
UDX2 Top Twenty Obedience 2003
Ch. Irongate’s Sierra Capers, CD,ROM
Ch. Irongate’s Time After Time, CDX
Ch. Irongate’s Time In A Bottle, CD,
Ch. Irongate’s Time To Wine N Din
e, WAC
Ch. Datelis Hot Proper T Alisaton
Ch. Gemstone’s Fine N Dandy Ravenn
Ch. Gemstone’s Gem Dandy, CGC,
Ch. Foxfire’s I Have Everything
Ch. Foxfire’s Gotta Dance, WAC
Ch. Gallant’s Cactus Moon
Ch. Gallant’s Happy Hour V Ciden,
Ch. Gallant’s Midnight Hour V Cide
n Top Twenty Finalist 2001
Ch. Gallant’s The Witching Hour V Cide
n Top Twenty Finalist 2002, 2003
Ch. Gallant’s Symphony Hour V Cide
n, CD, RN, TDI
Ch. Kendra’s Wildflower
Ch. GnR Crystal Method, CD, ROM
Top Twenty Finalist 2003
Ch. GnR American Pie, CD, CGC
Ch. GnR Take No Prisoners WAC, Top
Twenty Finalist 2002, 2003
GnR Wild About Red, CD
Ch. Horizon’s Best Of Luck
Ch. Kimlund Annabell Lee Horizon
Ch. Brass City’s Midnight Magic
Ch. Shatera’s Private Dancer
Ch. Shatera’s Magic Hour
Shatera’s Liberty Dance, AX, AXJ
Ch. GnR Barely Black NA NAJ
Ch. GnR Girls Got Rhythm, CGC
Ch. GnR After Midnight, CDX, ROM
Top Twenty Obedience 2007
Ch. Dalclar’s Trump Card
Ch. Dalclar’s Blackjack
Dalclars Deck of Card, RN
Ch. Holmrun’s Burlesque
Am. Can Ch. Holmrun’s Emerald Mar
quis, WAC
Am. Can Ch. Holmrun’s Heliodor Mar
Am. Can Ch. Holmrun’s Morganite
Can. Ch. Holmrun’s Sapphire Marquis
Ch. By Design In Another’s Eyes
Ch. By Design War Emblem
Ch. Royal Tudor’s Wish Me Luck Win
Ch. Royal Tudor’s Black Ambition Win
Ch. Royal Tudor’s Black Lace Winmar
Can Ch. Sleepycoves High Wire Dho
bu, TT, CD, CGC, ROM
Can Ch. Countyline The Landlord
The Doberman Pinscher Magazine | 29
Dandy, at 6 years of age, and Darlene winning an Award of Merit
at the 2001 DPCA National under breeder judge Linda Krukar.
out was a beautifully compact male
with great bone and substance; we fell
in love with him immediately.
Dandy’s Show Career
Dandy arrived on the show scene
in Hanford, in the 6-9 class. The
first day he said, “I don’t want to do
this.” He would not stand still for
one moment, wiggling all over the
place, and he was jumping on me and
being a real nerd. The rest of the day
we spent training, and the next day he
walked away with WD/BOS over specials for his first points. He went on to
finish at Redwood Empire Doberman
Pinscher Club’s specialty, from the
puppy classes at 11 months of age,
under noted judge Gene Haupt.
We were going to let Dandy grow
up a bit, but since he was already
entered in some up-coming shows,
we moved him up. The rest, as they
say, is history. In summary, Dandy
won 1996’s DPCA’s Grand Prize Futu-
30 | The Doberman Pinscher Magazine
rity, 61 Best of Breeds, seven Specialty
Best in Shows, 43 Best Opposite Sex,
six group ones and multiple group
placements. He was a Top Twenty
contender for the years 1998, 1999,
and 2000. He won DPCA National
Specialty Award of Merits in 1997
under breeder-judge, May Jacobson,
1998 under breeder-judge Mary Rodgers, and 2001 under breeder-judge,
Linda Krukar. 2000 was the lone time
he was entered in the Stud Dog Class,
which he won under breeder-judge
Ray Carlisle.
Two special occasions come to
mind when showing Dandy: first and
foremost was winning the futurity.
I’ve always believed that winning the
futurity is an honor, and the most
prestigious award a breeder can win
from the DPCA. It was such a thrill
to be honored with the award of a
lifetime with a dog of a lifetime. The
second occasion was the Doberman
Pinscher Club of Northern California’s
host club specialty for the National
in Sacramento. Judge Michelle Billings was going through the dogs and
getting down to expressions. She
came to Dandy, lifted up his head,
and looked into his eyes. He stood
up, and stared right back; the crowd’s
cheers were deafening. Dandy went
on to win BOS to Ch. Toledobe’s
Serenghetti. When Ms. Billings gave
me the ribbon, she said,“I told you I
have always loved this dog.” (She had
given him a four point major from the
puppy classes en route to his championship.) That day in Sacramento was
very special.
Dandy taught me a lot as a handler. He was not an easy dog to show
because he was always ‘on attention’.
He had a mind of his own at times,
and I had to learn how to outsmart
him. Dandy had a little trick he would
pull, we would gait up and back, and
when we came in to free stack, he
would start jumping. All I could see
was his little face looking at me as he
jumped up and down, and up and
down. This little habit was especially
difficult to break, and although we
were able to control his jumping, we
never quite got it completely eliminated. I remember at one National
I gaited him up and back, and sure
enough, he jumped up. I was asked to
move him again, and I told the judge
he would probably jump again. She
said, “Please don’t let him.” He didn’t
and he earned an AOM that year.
Another trick Dandy liked to pull
was one he saved for the Best in
Show ring. In the Working Group,
I always put Dandy behind shortcoated breeds. This was not always
possible for the Best in Show ring.
Very sneakily, when I was congratulating the winners, Dandy would take
the opportunity for a mouth of tempting, long, flowing hair. I had to be
very mindful of him and often opted
to send out congratulations from afar.
Dandy was a great companion
and protector. I remember one time
he and I were traveling alone and
April, 2013
stayed in a motel. I was walking him
when the security guard approached
us. Dandy moved out in front, positioning himself between the man and
me, and gave him ‘the look’. I took a
cue from Dandy, and I told the guard
to move on. For some reason, Dandy
did not like the guard; this was very
unusual because he had always welcomed meeting new people. Later
that night while settling in to bed, all
of a sudden, someone tried to come
in our door. Dandy hit the door hard,
barking and growling. I rushed to the
door and looked out the window in
time to see the same guard rushing
away from our room. I knew then that
I would always be safe in Dandy’s
when he was awarded Select Dog.
I was standing with his owner the
late, Howard Kidwell and we hugged
and congratulated each other as we
watched Austin float around the ring.
Two months later, Howard was gone;
it was a thrill of a lifetime for him, and
I felt honored to have been there to
watch it with him.
I will always treasure the time in
my life I was able to share with this
wonderful dog and his get and grand
get…Thank you Dman….
‘MY’ Dog Dandy
Erin P. Cody
Everyone has ‘their’ dog — the
dog that captures their hearts, their
imagination, and sets their mental
archetype for their breed. ‘My’ dog
walked into the ring at the 1998
National Specialty Top 20 event. I
was there, a Doberman-less newbie
trying to research the breed, and set
to watch the best our country had
to offer. In trotted this red dog from
Livermore, California. I shouldn’t say
trot; he floated. An experienced rider,
I felt as though I was watching a
Grand Prix dressage horse in a fantastic ground-covering trot: effortless,
powerful and flowing. And then this
dog stopped. He turned to his handler, a teeny-tiny thing of a woman,
and stared; I got goose bumps. His
ring presence and intensity was palpable from across the ring: the look of
eagles. ‘My’ dog, CH. Darwin’s Dance
of the Hour WAC, introduced himself
to me at that moment.
I had the honor of working for
Darlene the last year Dandy campaigned as a special. Dandy knew he
was spectacular, but his confidence
was not the fickle shell of cockiness
so many young dogs seem to have; his
confidence was deep rooted within
him. I think it was this confidence that
gave him such ring presence. Dandy
was the phrase ‘own the ground he
stood on’ come to life. When prompted for an example of ‘the look of
eagles’ at a wrap-up session following
a specialty, judge Jeraldeen Crandall
said that “Eagles were far-sighted, and
Dandy’s Get
Dandy sired a total of 101 puppies from 19 litters. Of those puppies,
34 had titles, and of those, 31 were
champions. He was very consistent in
what he produced, many times adding
improvements to shoulders and bone.
He sired several litters with multiple
champions in them, and one all champion litter.
Dandy’s offspring always made
me proud. One memorable moment
was at the 2010 Kansas national. In
the ring was a lovely dog, Ch. GnR’s
Crystal Method, CD, ROM, ‘Austin’.
I was in awe watching this veteran,
a Dandy son, who went out there
and owned the ground he stood on.
His handler never had to lay a finger
on him; he free stacked and showed
himself. He brought tears to my eyes
April, 2013
Dandy, at 10 years of age, with his new flame, Erin.
The Doberman Pinscher Magazine | 31
Marienburg’s Sundancer
Ch Marienburg’s Sun Hawk CD
Ch Marienburg’s Desert Flame
Ch Kristea’s Sugarlion
Ch Brown’s B Barret
Ch Brown’s E Exacta of Equinox
Windrush’s Amber
Sire: Ch Maco’s Sugar Twin
Ch Wynterwynd’s Wild Tempest LC-10D
Ch Royalmead’s Joker’s Wild
Ch Tolivar’s Belle of the Ball WAC
Ch Excalibur’s Ba Ba Black Sheep
Ch Wynterwynd’s Wild Tempest LC-10D
Ch Excalibur’s Prelude to Fame
Ch Amulet’s Elf v Gluckliche
that they looked straight through you.”
The dog she felt that typified this common breed characteristic was the dog
that looked through her, “Darlene’s
red dog”. I couldn’t have agreed more:
Dandy didn’t look at you, he looked
through you. Dandy’s movement was
something I have seen few dogs equal.
(Though his niece, CH. Darwin’s Love
is a Song WAC came darn close.) I
never tired of watching Dandy move.
One weekend an equestrian friend
had come to watch the Dobermans
show, and as Dandy moved around
the ring, my friend turned to me and
said, “Close your mouth, you’re drooling.” I simply responded, “Can you
blame me?” She retorted, “Not with
that movement.”
Along with seeing Dandy compete, I was also able to spend some
time with him as a house dog. Always
a gentleman, I was shocked the first
time I was sitting on the couch at
Marilyn’s house, when Dandy came
running down the hall and proceeded
to smash me into the cushions trying
to snuggle. Who knew such a toughie
had such a soft spot?
My fondest personal memory of
Dandy came from an ill-fated photo
session at Marilyn’s house. Marilyn
asked me to stack Dandy so she
32 | The Doberman Pinscher Magazine
Ch Shinya’s the Jewel Thief
Ch Array Point Blank
Ch Elexa’s Whirlaway of Array
Ch Platinum’s Back in Black CDX, ROM LC-11D
Ch Electra’s the Wind Walker GHC
Ch Royal Tudor’s Wild As the Wind UDTX ROM CGC LC-12D
Array Exclusive CD LC-11D
Dan: Ch Darwin’s Fantasia CGC, GHC
Ch Zeitlin’s Rogue Force v Kerri
Ch Erin’s Irish Rogue WAC
Ch Donmar’s She Hawk Selket
Ch Darwin’s First Love Song CD ROM LC-12D
Ch Teraden’s Double Dealer LC-12D
Ch Desert Aire’s Kendra Rose LC-12D
Donmar’s O So Snazzy Abagail
could take some pictures. I remember being incredibly excited to stack
this amazing animal, even if it was
only for pictures in the back yard. I
didn’t care! I was stacking Dandy!
As I started to set him up, I remember
thinking, “This is a lot of dog”. And as
I worked him, I thought again, “Wow,
this is a lot of dog” and then again,
“JEEZ! How did Darlene handle all
this dog?!?” (My respect for her skill
grew immeasurably!) It wasn’t his size
that made me feel there was so much
of him, but his body, and the strength
that oozed from him was undeniable.
Once Marilyn was situated in the
proper position for pictures, and I had
Dandy all stacked up, Marilyn, with
supreme confidence said, “Just tell
him to stay, and then throw the bait.”
No problem, I thought. With an equal
amount of confidence, collar in left
hand, bait in the right, I commanded
Dandy to “STAY” and then tossed the
bait. In about two nano-seconds, I
was airborne, completely jerked off
my feet, flying and trailing behind
Dandy who took no heed to his perceived suggestion of a stay; he wanted
that bait. As I landed in a heap on the
ground, Dandy looked at me as if to
say, “What’s your problem?” I think
both Marilyn and I were crying with
laughter. “He’s a little rusty” was all
Marilyn could get out between tears
and fits of giggles. We didn’t get a
great shot that day, but the memory
of the power of this dog has never
left me. He was and still is to this
day the most powerful dog I’ve ever
laid hands on. It was no wonder he
exuded strength in every movement.
I consider myself privileged to
have known the dog outside of his
magazine advertisements, and ring
appearances, and even had the
opportunity to put my hands on him.
I knew him as a snuggle bug, a true
gentleman, a Doberman with true
Doberman temperament: a dog who
was fearless. Often I will hear wellmeaning breeders or handlers tell Darlene or Marilyn they have a dog who
“looks just like Dandy”, or this puppy
“is a Dandy”. I know these statements are meant to elevate a dog’s
conformation, to give merit to its quality, and to peak the interest of those
who knew and respected Dandy as ‘a
great’. I always think back to ‘my’ dog
— the dog that captured my imagination and heart at that Sacramento Top
20, and I silently disagree with this
well-meaning person. No, you do not
have a Dandy. There was and only
ever will be one Dandy. g
April, 2013
It all began with a Dandy daughter, Ch. Cha-Rish The Macarena, OA, OAJ ...
Who could have imagined the places it would take us!
art by Stewart Tate
Ch. ‘Rena’ssance De Otre Tierra
(His name means “of another land”)
GCh. Alex de Akido San x Ch. ‘Rena’ssance Perfect Alibi
“Ruben”, pictured with Marj Brooks, is a Dandy great, great grandson
And the 13th ‘Rena’ssance champion to date.
Here’s to Dandy and our mentors and friends,
Darlene Young and Marilyn Altheide, with gratitude!
Wayne and Bellinda Rossmiller
April, 2013
The Doberman Pinscher Magazine | 33
CH Darwin’s Dance of the Hour, WAC
A vital part of our breeding program!
CH Shatera’s
Private Dancer
Dandy X CH Brass City’s
Midnight Magic
Shatera Dobermans
Dan Turcotte
Chris Groover
CH Shatera’s
Magic Hour,
Dandy X CH Brass City’s
Midnight Magic
34 | The Doberman Pinscher Magazine
April, 2013
Thank you Marilyn, Darlene & DANDY
CH Shatera’s Black
Star Sapphire,
a Dandy granddaughter
BIS/BISS CH Cha-Rish Star
Quest Blu-J’s X CH Shatera’s
Private Dancer
Tolland, CT
[email protected]
CH Shatera’s Cut
to the Chase CD,
a Dandy Grandson
Tallyesyn’s Dream Chaser X
Shatera’s Shadow Dancer
April, 2013
The Doberman Pinscher Magazine | 35
Thank you Darwin for the years
of love and joy Dandy kids
And grandkids have given....
Ch. Irongate’s tIme In a Bottle CD rom
Ch. Irongate’s tIme after
tIme CDX tD rom
Ch. Irongate’s tIme to WIne
anD DIne WaC
Loved immeasurably by Donna Irvine
36 | The Doberman Pinscher Magazine
April, 2013
Join us for the June Issue
— featuring —
The Owner Handlers
Beautiful Bitches
owner handlers
Q & A with
Eric Peterson
Nancy Young
Mallori Nickerson
Ashlee Claggett
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and get a 6th
one free!
April, 2013
April 25
contact Nancy Jewell
[email protected]
or call/text 608-359-6519
to reserve your space!
featured someone
you should know
Susan & Brian
Van Orman Dobes
The Doberman Pinscher Magazine | 37
from Nancy Jewell, in Marana, Arizona.
With this issue we will present
to you some of our top stud dogs
throughout the USA, including the 6th
annual stud dog register for 2012/2013.
This is an issue you can keep from
year to year taking it out to study and
help with your decision on what male
you would consider for your breeding
program. The register is small price
to pay for a 1/3 page which include a
nice picture, health and contact information plus a 3 generation pedigree.
Jim Briley, Dobes of Aquarius,
is the featured breeder along with
the influential stud dog, Dandy, CH
Darwin’s Dance of the Hour. Both
have influenced many people to get
a Doberman, start their own breeding
program or have the Champion(s) they
always hoped for. I hope you enjoy
their stories as much as I did working
on them.
Since I have moved to Arizona, I
am learning about all breed dog shows
and Doberman specialties in Arizona.
The end of January I traveled to the
Arizona State Fairgrounds, Phoenix,
for an all-breed show. From Marana
that was about 95 miles one way, very
easy to find and the fairgrounds are
just like so many fairgrounds throughout the Midwest. The end of February
in Scottsdale the Desert Valley DPC
held their two specialties with obedience, one in the morning and one in
the afternoon. This is about a 2 hour
drive for me and the Phoenix traffic
reminded me of California, very congested. The club members are very
well organized and know how to put
on good shows! Go to www.dvdpc.
org for details and pictures on these
So happy to have some congratulations and brags for this article and
they are as follows. Sawyer, Boland
N’Krimson’s Citation, appeared in the
TV show Supernatural (http://www. Owner Nicole Henkels and
Breeder Katherine Stead. Birthday
wishes for Jammer vom Aurachgrund,
V1A, CGC turned 12 on 3/14/13.
Akolade Dobermans, Cheryl MorrowCrippen has several of her Doberman
turn 10 on 2/22/13: Akolade’s X-press
Yo’Self, Akolade’s X-tremely Pleasin,
Akolade’s X-tremely Perfect, Davidson’s (Akolade) Midnight Majestic,
CGC and Akolade’s Kadaff.
The June issue will feature Owner-Handlers and Beautiful Bitches.
We have Susan and Ashley Claggett
(Texas), Nancy Young (Alabama), Mallori Nickerson (Texas) and Eric Peterson (Utah) writing articles about their
start in Dobermans as an owner-handler. Send in your support ads for them
by 4/25/13 – remember your pictures
need to be 300 dpi resolution. Sign
up for reduced prices on ads — www. and
subscribe to the e-blasts!
Contact me at [email protected] and/or 608359-6591 to reserve your page or with
questions on advertising.
Best of luck at future shows!!!!
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38 | The Doberman Pinscher Magazine
April, 2013
Dogs are listied in alphabetical order, index on page 67
Ch. Black Coral’s Irreplaceable
Health testing
information available
on request
Nancy Jewell
303-840-3981 • [email protected]
Electra’s Wind At My Back
Ch Electra’s Pick Your Poison
Cynderwood Poisonite
Ch Electra’s Remedy
Ch Electra’s Turn Back Time
Ch Electra’s Jouvence
Electra’s Over the Moon
Cynderwood Exactly Electra
Electra’s the Nite Walker
Cynderwood Poisonite
Electra’s Plum Out of Time
Electra’s Expose
Ch Electra’s Always Timeless
Cynderwood Poisonite
MBISS GCH Caryola’s Major Dickason WAC
Ch Cha-Rish the Rain Storm
Ch Cha-Rish Star Quest Blu-J’s
Ch Blu-J’s Wind Star Cha-rish
Ch Cambria’s the Captain
Ch Cambria’s Cactus Cash
Ch Orion’s Rasberry Beret
Ch Orion’s Ultimate Dimension
BIS/BISS Ch Soquel’s Distant Thunder
Ch Juris Reign Storm at Soquel
Ch Wingate’s Flashback CD ROM
Ch Caryola’s Cranberry of Manorie
Ch Lilly’s Ode To Apollo LC-12D
Ch Eastwin’s Wildfire Vonganden
Ch Eastwin’s Red Hot Rhythm WAC
April, 2013
VWD Carrier
Cerf Normal
Full and Proper Dentition
Bill Haburjak
The Doberman Pinscher Magazine | 39
Element Rock Star
Black #3
vWD Clear
OFA Echo Normal
OFA Thyroid Normal
Full and Proper Dentition
Hips/Elbows Pending
Denise Kusey and Leah Kusey
[email protected] •
Ch Cambria’s Cavalleria LC-10D
GCh. Francesca’s House of Blues
Ch Cambria’s Secret Desire BFL-1
Kaywood’s Highly Classified (ptd) LC-10D
BISS Ch Ravenswoods Azure Sky, RA, CGC
Ch Wendorfs Phenomenon, LC-10D
Ch Judons American Pie v Rvnswd CD, RN, ROM, LC-10L
Ch. U-AG1 Ravenswoods Sweet Ms Behavin ROM CGC TDI ATT
Windspirit’s Cool Ice Man
Ch Windspirit’s the Peacemaker
Windspirit’s Dream Catcher
BIS Ch. Dawn-Ri’s Going Down Swinging Dawn-Ri’s Sheer Fire Power
Windspirit’s Ice Crystal
Dynamic’s Midnigt Cinderella
Ch Briarwood Storms’ A Brewin LC-11D
Ch Kaywood’s Clear Nite Mission
Kaywood’s Clear Nite Broadcast
Ch A-List N Moa’s Knight Strike
Ch Cambria’s Highly Regarded Bfl-1
U-Ch Moa’s Diamond Tiarra
Ch Moa’s Have You Ever Lc-10D
Ch Cha-Rish The Rain Storm
Ch Cha-Rish Star Quest Blu-J’s Ch Blu-J’s Wind Star Cha-Rish
Element Reach For The Stars
Ch Durke’s Bubba Just Moved In LC-11D Bfl-1
Ch Bruda Moonlight Over Paris Bfl-1
U-Ch Bruda Here N There LC-10L
VWD - Clear
Hips - Excellent
Elbows - Excellent
Thyroid - Normal
Heart - Echo(Normal)
CERF - Normal
Color - #7 bbDD
Owner - Robert Hennessey
email - [email protected]
phone - 219-663-2960
Ch. Gormae’s Rock The Rim
Lori Gorr Gorrmae Dobermans
586-727-975 [email protected]
Casco, Michigan
40 | The Doberman Pinscher Magazine
Am/Int/Mex/Arg/Brz CH Nello’s Lex Luthor WAC
Arg GRCh Inaqui De Black Shadow
Echo 10/12 Clear
GRCh Cindy De Black Shadow
Holter was 0 PVCs
Liver panel normal
Argus Wind Magic
Thyroid low normal
Cerf’d Hips OFA Good, Elbows Arg Ch Cora Mia de Vulcano
Red # 7 (Deep dark red) Ch Promise’s Bugatti CDX, ROM LC-11D
no dilution
Ch Gemrose Cavelier v Promise
28 x 28 square with
Ch Sunburg’s Ebony Genuine Gem
heavy bone
Ch Gorrmae’s Absolutely D’vine LC-11L
Ch Alisaton D’Wild Ruler D’Mascus
Gorrmae’s Mar D Gras LC-10D
Ch Gorrmae’s Aster Drift LC-14D
April, 2013
GCh. Katoba’s Emerald City, RN
Ch Platinum’s Back in Black CDX, ROM LC-11D
Am/Can Ch Horizon’s Topp Hat ‘N Tails LC-10D BFL-1
Ch Horizon’s Chiclet Dob Mann LC-12D
Ch Tijac Classic Topp Model
Am/Can/Int’l Ch Aeolus’ Arabian Knight WAC CGC TDI RN
Ch Tijac Victoria’s Secret NAP NJP NAJ ROM
Am/Can Ch Horizon’s Dressing Smartly LC-14D
BIS/BISS Ch Soquel’s Distant Thunder
Ch Foxridge’s Journey v Soquel
Ch Foxridge’s Secret Garden
Can Int’l CH Sudahr’s Raindance CGC, WAC LC-10
Ch Foxfire’s Devils N Demons WAC
Am/Can/Int’l Ch Starlaine Some Rainy Morning CD
Am/Can Ch Bluhaven’s U Got the Look CD ROM
Cerf - Normal,
Hips -Good,
Thyroid - Normal,
Echo - Excellent,
Holter - Pending
Elaine Richman
281-498-1437 • [email protected]
BISS Am GCH/Can/U CH. Lyndobe’s
Ch. Brunswig’s Cryptonite
Cavalleria, LC-10D
Turn On Da Charm CGC, WAC
Ch. Cambria’s Mauna Kea, Ghc, Lc-14D
A/C CH Cambria’s Caped Crusader CD CGC TT WAC ROM
vWD Clear
Thyroid Normal
Ch. Cambria’s Cactus Cash
OFA Hips And Elbows Normal
Ch. Orion’s Raspberry Beret
Cardio Echo Normal 10/12
Ch. Orion’s Ultimate Dimension
Meurs DCM Negative
Eye Cerf Normal
Ch Lexus Financial Burden CD ROM CGC TDI
#3 Black, No dilution
Ch Kaliber’s Southern Gentleman AX, AXJ, CGC, TDI LC-10D
Full and Proper Dentition
Ch Horizon’s No Mo’ Foolin’ WAC, CGC, TDI LC-14D
C/U-GRCH Lyndobe’s Five Alarm Charm CD CGC WAC TDI ROM
Ch Gunzhof’s Texas Treasure LC-12
U-CH Lyndobe’s Texas Tootsie CD CGC WAC TT TDI
Can Ch Lyndobe’s All That Glitters CD CGC TT WAC TDI
Ann Wulbrecht
586-731-1134 • [email protected]
Michigan Based
Ch. MiraVia UR Time Is Gonna Come
Owner: Lisa D. Smith
[email protected]
April, 2013
vWD Clear
No Dilution
Thyroid Normal
Function Normal
DCM Positive Hetero
Additional Health
Testing Pending
DOB: 3/7/2011
Ch Cambria’s Secret Desire BFL-1
Ch Ravenswood Azure Sky RA CGC
Ch Judons American Pie v Rvnswd CD, RN, ROM, LC-10L
Ch Wendorf’s Valor
Am/Ca Ch Madre’s Active Assets
Wendorf’s Simply Irresistible RN CD LC-10D
Wendorf’s Passionate Kisses
Ch Coppertree Dr. No
Ch Chez D No Holds Barred
Dobmenz Georgia
BIS BISS Ch Paradigm Paradise Regain’d NA NAJ CGC ROM
Ch Lilly’s Ode To Apollo LC-12D
Ch Paradigm Pryzm
Ch Paradigm’s Two To Tango
The Doberman Pinscher Magazine | 41
Ch. Moa’s Leave It To Me
OFA hips Good
OFA Elbows Normal
Thyroid Normal MSU
vWD Carrier
CERF Normal
OFA Cardio Normal
Fresh chilled and frozen
semen available
upon request
Margarita Files • Moa Dobes
262 893 6284 • Beaver Dam, WI
Ch Cambria’s Cactus Cash
Am/Can/Int’l Ch Aeolus’ Arabian Knight WAC CGC TDI RN LC-11D
Ch Wyndem’s Knights Quest
Ch Gemini’s Christmas Chaos
Ch Moa’s Twenty Five And Out CGC
Ch Bruda Honor Bound LC-11L
Ch Moa’s Have You Ever LC-10D
Moa’s v Equinoxx Born TBA Star
Ch Bruda Honor Bound LC-11L
Ch Moa’s Turn Me Loose WAC
Moa’s v Equinoxx Born TBA Star
Moa’s I Am The Won
Ch Bruda Honor Bound LC-11L
Moa’s Summer Breeze
Ch Moa’s Once in a Blue Moon LC-11D
Ch. Moa’s Twenty Five and Out
Am/Can/Int’l Ch Aeolus’ Arabian Knight WAC CGC TDI RN LC-11D
Ch Aeolus’ Little Bit O’ Gypsy
OFA hips excelent
OFA Elbows normal
Ch Wyndem’s Knights Quest
Thyroid Normal
Ch Legends Extravaganza v Deco CD, LC-12D
VWD Clear
Ch Gemini’s Christmas Chaos
Cardio normal
Ch Five-Starz Gemini v Teraden
Ch Cambria’s Cactus Cash
Fresh chilled and frozen
Ch Bruda Honor Bound LC-11L
semen available
Ch Bruda Matter of Pride CD LC-10L
upon request
Ch Moa’s Have You Ever LC-10D
Ch Datelis Talk Back Alisaton
Moa’s v Equinoxx Born TBA Star
Moa’s Nothin But the Devil LC-11D
Margarita Files • Moa Dobes
262 893 6284 • Beaver Dam, WI
AKC/UKC GCH Paradigm’s Presumed Innocent
Health testing
vWD Carrier
Hips Good
Elbows normal
DCM test negative
Echo normal 2012
Erica Tate
[email protected]
42 | The Doberman Pinscher Magazine
Am/Int/Mex/Arg/Brz CH Nello’s Lex Luthor WAC
Am Ch Arg GRCh Inaqui De Black Shadow
Arg/Urg GRCh Cindy De Black Shadow
Ch Trotyl De Black Shadow WAC
Arg Ch Marienburg’s Argus Wind Magic
Arg Ch Jessy de Vulcano
Arg Ch Cora Mia de Vulcano
U-AG1 Ch BJ’s Voodoo Fighter CD ROM CGC TDI VCX
Ch Coppertree Bat Outa Hell CD NA ROM
Ch BJF Much Ado About Nothing CDX NA ROM TDI VCX
Ch Paradigm Persuasion
Ch Marienburg’s Repo Man
Ch Paradigm Periana
Ch Touchstone’s Easy As A-B-C
April, 2013
Ch. Rauschund N Fabert Kiss This
Jaladeck Dobermans • Janice & Larry Decker
607-967-4078 • [email protected]
Ch Cha-Rish the Rain Storm
Ch Blu-J’s Wind Star Cha-rish
Ch Blu-J’s Wind Star Cha-rish
OFA- Good Ch Shatera’s Brass Star
CERF- Normal Ch Darwin’s Dance of the Hour WAC LC-10D
Cardio- Clear
Private Dancer
Thyroid- Normal
Ch Brass City Midnight Magic
vWD- Carrier Austin
full & proper
Ch Kalora’s Latin Sensation
Can Ch Fabert’s Fast N Furious
proven sire of
Can Ch Fabert’s Very Special Lady CD
Ch Fabert’s French Kiss Rauschund
Am/Can Ch V Ragus NX Generation Manarjj CD ROM CGC
Can Ch Fabert’s Circus of Life
Ch Fabert N Wildacre’s Emma Peel
Int Ch/Bronze GCh Rio’s Fino Monster WAC
Ch Beaulane Hot Topic
Ch Eastwick’s Meadow Monster LC-10D
Ch Sunset First Love v Eastwick LC-11D
GCh Phillmar Sobe Monster WAC
BIS/BISS Ch Soquel’s Distant Thunder
Ch Phillmar Thunderella CD
Ch Karmabeck Bella Nina CGC
Ch Bruda Honor Bound LC-11L
Ch Moa’s Turn Me Loose WAC
Moa’s v Equinoxx Born TBA Star
Rio’s Funny You Should Ask v Moa
Ch Moa’s I’d Rather LC-10L
Moa’s Bet the Pot
Ch Moa’s Have You Ever LC-10D
vWD Clear
Charlsie Haynor, Karen & Kayla Beskau
[email protected] • 651-480-4726
GCh. Shal-Mar’s Spectacular Bid
Call for Health Testing
Sharon Betts & Gerrie Hart
[email protected]
April, 2013
Ch Cambria’s Cactus Cash
Ehlhaus Gunsmoke
Ch Legends Red Neck Girl v Deco
Ch Shal-Mar’s Latin Sinsation D’Erica
Ch D’Erica’s Treasure Hunt-V-Ebone
D’Erica’s Fiona-v-Shalmar
Shal-Mar’s Forrest Belle
Ch Knotty Pine’s Bodacious Bobbi
Grandeur’s Fire and Brimstone CGC
Ch Cambria’s Last Tango in Paris
Shal-Mar’s Taylor Made
Herro v Bogenstadt SchH III IPO 3 ZTP VG1B WAC CD
V Wolf Count Your Blessings
Harmony vd Horringhauser Hoh AD, BH, TDI The Doberman Pinscher Magazine | 43
Ch. Shatera’s Braveheart
Dan Turcotte 860-896-0629
[email protected]
BIS/BISS/HIT Am/Can Ch Maxidobes Dream Maker ROM CD CGN
Multi BISS Am/Can Ch Tallyesyn Dream Chaser
Ch Tyobi’s Astarisborn v Patriot
Cut To The Chase
OFA Good
Darwin’s Dance of the Hour WAC LC-10D
Shadow Dancer
City Midnight Magic
Analysis Report
Full & proper
BIS/BISS/HIT Am/Can Ch Maxidobes Dream Maker ROM CD CGN
Multi BISS Am/Can Ch Tallyesyn Dream Chaser
Ch Tyobi’s Astarisborn v Patriot
Bravespirit of Grun Grunge Chaser v Tallyesyn
Ch Wishes Wisdom of Solomon LC-10L
Bravehearts Blue Opal Blau
Cambria’s Forget-Me-Not Ch Sherluck’s North By Northwest v Olympic Cove
Am/Int/Mex Ch Arg/Brz GRCh Nello’s Lex Luthor WAC
Ch Inaqui De Black Shadow
Arg/Urg GRCh Cindy De Black Shadow
Ch Foxfire’s All Star
BISS Ch Cambria’s Highly Regarded BFL-1
Ch Foxfire’s All That Jazz
Ch Foxfire’s Take That
Ch Kilimanjaro Dob Mann
Ch Thomas Jefferson Dob Mann
Ch Embar’s Zena Dob Mann
Ch Tosca On Melrose
Am/Can Ch Simca’s Jesse Jaymes
Ch Rosehill’s Personal Ensign
Ch Serena’s Song of Rose
Normal holter/echo
by a board certified
(June 2012),
Normal liver/kidney
panel (April 2012),
Normal thyroid panel
(April 2012),
Hips OFA good,
Full and proper
Kathryn Smith & Faye Strauss
(360) 601-7729/[email protected]
Ch. Tres Time Traveler
vWD Carrier
Echo Normal 10/12
Full & Correct Mouth
Marcy McGuire
[email protected]
44 | The Doberman Pinscher Magazine
Ch Cambria’s Cavalleria LC-10D
Ch Cambria’s Secret Desire BFL-1
Kaywood’s Highly Classified (ptd) LC-10D
BISS Ch Ravenswoods Azure Sky, RA, CGC
Ch Wendorfs Phenomenon, LC-10D
Ch Judons American Pie v Rvnswd CD, RN, ROM, LC-10L
Ch. U-AG1 Ravenswoods Sweet Ms Behavin ROM CGC TDI ATT
Ch Rahdy’s Sail the Seven Seas
Ch Cambria’s Cactus Cash
Ch Cambria’s Nocona v Texas UD
Adele von Morr
Ch Knotty Pine’s Kellogg CD,CGC,TDI
Ch Miriel von Morr RN, CGC LC-11L
Ariel von Morr
April, 2013
Ch. Wendorf's Valor
Jacqueline & Pete Schilling
AKC Breeder of Merit
815-385-0528 • [email protected]
Ch Telstar’s Icon
Ch Cambria’s Cavalleria
Ch Cambria’s Secret Desire
Kaywood’s Highly Classified
BISS Ch Ravenswoods Azure Sky
Ch Wendorfs Phenomenon
vWD clear by parentage Ch Judons American Pie v Rvnswd WAC
Echo Normal
Ch. U-AG1 Ravenswoods Sweet Ms Behavin ROM CGC TDI AT
Cerf Normal
OFA Hips Excellent
Ch Wendorf's Love Me Tender
Am/Can Ch Mandre's Active Assets
Ch Lilly's Mandy
Wendorf's Simply Irresistible RN CD
Ch Lilly's Ode To Apollo LC-12D
Wendorf's Passionate Kisses
Am/Can Ch Wendorf's My Best Friend LC-11DLC-10L
Ch. Wilken’s The Persuaders v Kani TT
Ch Cha-Rish the Rain Storm
Ch Cha-Rish the Rain Dancer CD
Ch Cha-Rish Star Quest Blu-J’s
Ch Cha-Rish Dusenberg
Ch Blu-J’s Wind Star Cha-rish
Ch Blu-J’s Wind Beneath My Wings CD
Ch Cambria’s Cavalleria LC-10D
Ch Cambria’s Irish Rebellion WAC
Ch Orion’s Rasberry Beret
Ch Wilken’s Futurama
Ch Aquarius Barbarosa
Ch Aquarius Buckarette v Wilken
Ch Steeplechase’s Red Velvet
VWD- Clear
Red Type- 8
Full and Proper Dentition
Owners- Shelby & Ken Williams & Lynndon Bais
316-200-0970 • Wichita, Kansas
sign up for notices at the website
April, 2013
The Doberman Pinscher Magazine | 45
doberman history
Digging deep into Doberman
History it seems only fitting to
feature Ch. Delegate v.d. Elbe in
the Stud Dog Issue. The following
appeared in October 1976 issue
of Top Dobe Magazine and is
reprinted with permission.
46 | The Doberman Pinscher Magazine
April, 2013
“I would feel remiss if I didn’t mention many of the Doberman folks who contributed in
one way or another to our interest and enthusiasm in promoting our pursuit of breeding, showing, improving, and loving our Dobes. It will be impossible to list everyone, since there were so
many, so, off the top of my head, here are some: Eleanor Carpenter, one of the most knowledgeable; Ruth von Hoegen, who with her husband, Maximilian, translated Phillip Gruenig’s book,
and gave us much encouragement to show our Runic, first of ours to become a champion; Elliott
Blackiston, whom we first met at shows where we were in competition, and who always urged us
on; the Knoops, who were close personal friends, and offered help when needed; Bea Rickert,
who had the courage to breed her lovely blue bitch (the first) to Delly and became a top breeder
in her own right - one of her most notable was Ch. Singendwald’s Prince Kuhio, a beautiful
grandson of Delly’s; Marge Kilburn, a friend, who had a fund of wisdom; Peggy Adamson, a
friend, whose great Dictator was an inspiration; Henry Frampton, whose enormous enthusiasm
was contagious — he was a true dog lover; the many people it was just fun to know; the Denckers, who had fine dogs; likewise, the Knauers; the Brint Edwards, who, in spite of their many
great Rancho Dobe dogs (most important, Ch. Roncho Dobe’s Storm) were just plain nice folks;
Charlotte Glicken, who bred fine Dobes, but, to me, most heartwarming was the fact that she
painted portraits of both Runic and Delly after their deaths, and gave them as gifts (they still
hang on my wall, Charlotte); those who had no interest in showing, but bred to Delly for temperament; and, to the others who are too many to enumerate, but crossed our paths, I have feelings
of much warmth toward them all. Many of the above are gone, but will always be remembered.
“Most grateful thanks to Art Soucy, president of the Manasota Doberman Club, who made this legible, by doing the typing which, otherwise, would have
been totally unreadable if it appeared in my original hand-written form.
“And, finally, but not of small significance, I want to thonk all those who made this article
possible. I did the writing, but without their help and encouragement, it would not have been
done. It seemed to monumental, at first. But their encouragement and cooperation rekindled my
dormant, but lasting, love of Dobermans. I am no ‘writer,’ so I let my heart do the writing. In
spite of the amount of work, digging, and recall, much love went into this piece. I’m grateful to
have been asked to do it. Thank you, Ray; thank you, Bonnie; thank you, Leslie; thank you all.”
CH. Delegate Von Der Elbe
1947 ~ 1955
Top Producing Sire in the History of the Breed (in 1976)
by Ruth Castellano
Delly has been gone over 21 years. When I was asked to
do this article, I thought it would be most difficult to throw
my memory so far back. Not so. As I think of him, the years
drop away, and it could be yesterday that I was looking at
the sleek, elegant, well-muscled, handsome, and beloved
dog that graced our home for many years. His story is not
to be a tale of statistics. I’d like it known he was not merely
a show dog and great producer. He was a personality, and
a most delightful and endearing one. Nick and I first saw
him as a young puppy in a kennel. The kennel, Kitchawan
Kennels, was owned by our very good friends, Winnie and
Rene Fels. The manager of the kennel was Hans Schmidt,
who had a vast knowledge of breeding, and had his own
breeding program going at the same time.
April, 2013
We had bought our third Doberman from him many
years before; Ch. Runic v.d. Elbe, who became our first
champion. While visiting the Fels’, Hans took us out to see
his new litter. As he opened the door to let the pups into
the run, one raced out, pushing the others aside, and clambered at the fence, tail wagging, tongue eagerly reaching
out for human fingers to lick. Hans said, “Here comes the
Delegate,” and indeed, he was just that. Hans named him so
fittingly. At this point, I do want to praise Hans for his intelligent and successful breeding programs. Delly’s dam was Ch.
Belydia v.d. Elbe, a Best In Show winner, and a fine producing dam. Belydia’s dam was Ch. Doricka v.d. Elbe, a truly
great bitch. Hans owned them both, and with his thoughtful
breeding program. the Von der Elbe name became one of
The Doberman Pinscher Magazine | 47
note. The sires were. respectively, Ch.
Kama of Westphalia owned by the
Nintzels of Westerholz Kennels. and
Kama was a great producer. The sire
of Kama was Ch. Westphalia’s Uranus,
a top producer in his time (also the
sire of our Runic). As is evident, this
was all intensive with one ‘touch’ of
outcross: Belydia’s sire, Ch. Domossi of
Marienland, a worthy touch.
We saw Delly several times at the
kennel, and watched as he developed
into what seemed to be — and proved
to be — an outstanding dog. Hans had
no intention of parting with him. We
saw him shown as a puppy a couple of
times, and finally the day came when
Nick was able to buy him. I’m sure
Hans knew we would not only show
him but also love him we had made
that very clear. Soon after we owned
him, we received offers to buy him.
One, particularly notable, since it was
from a breeder of prominence and the
owner of a top stud dog. All
offers were firmly refused. As
Nick said, “We know we’re
going to have a lot of fun
with him, and enjoy him. No
price is big enough!”
He had been a kennel
dog, and none of ours ever
were, so he was brought into
our home. He made a quick
inspection of the house, ran up
the stairs, and leaped on the bed.
He certainly learned fast! From then
on, you could see him stretched out
on a sofa, curled in a chair too small
for him, or asleep on a bed. He loved
people in general, the family, the children, our friends and myself, but there
was never any doubt about the fact
that Nick was his favorite person. He
adored him — and I know that Nick
loved him dearly.
As do all dogs, Delly had special
endearing, and funny traits. When
Ch. Runic v.d. EIbe, our first champion. He, too, had very
similar bloodlines to Delly. . . Westphalia’s Uranus was his
sire, and Delly’s grandsire. By the way, in his day he was
considered to have one of the most beautiful heads around.
48 | The Doberman Pinscher Magazine
Delly, smiling on request . . .
“Delly was a great ‘talker,’ he’d
plant himself in front of you and
‘chomp’ away in his version of
conversation, and he wouldn’t quit
until he was noticed, and answered.
His persistence, and the sounds
he made, were very funny.”
Nick cut his nails, he turned his head
as far around as possible, with a
patient, tolerant look, but it was as if
he couldn’t bear to watch! He learned
early in life to smile on request, and
to the uninitiated, it was a scary sight
to see the curled lips showing all those
teeth. He loved to watch T.V. with
us, and would back up to the sofa,
squeezing himself in, so he could sit
with us.
Who says you can’t teach an old
dog new tricks? It occurred to me one
day he was the only dog we’d had who
hadn’t been taught to shake hands. I
taught him in two minutes. He was 8
years old. There are so many anecdotes
that flash into my mind. He was very
much of a ‘home body’, a ‘fireside’
dog, but one time a yard man left the
gate to the large enclosed area open.
When I glanced out and discovered it,
I saw no sign of Delly and, of course,
went out to find him. He had ventured
no farther than across the street, and
was having a fine time watching a little
boy playing in his fenced yard, Delly
loved children. He was also extremely
April, 2013
obedient and trotted over to me as
soon as I called.
I should add back then there was
not the frightening traffic problem of
today. Delly’s favorite playmate was
his daughter, Ch. Runicast’s Delona’s
Leila. Leila, ‘the redhead’ and Delly,
both adult, would romp together for
hours, like puppies. Our Delly was not
always the sedate, dignified dog he
appeared. In general, though he had
no formal training, he was always anxious to please, and obeyed requests
quickly and eagerly. However, one day
I entered a bedroom to find he had
discovered what fun a pillow could be
— especially a feather one! He looked
so funny engulfed in feathers — in his
nose, ears, paws, I could only laugh. I
didn’t laugh too hard while vacuuming
the room, though, for days! Which is
how long it takes to get the last feather.
No story can be a total ‘Pollyana’
one, just as no life is perfect. There
was one episode which I can never
forget that was near tragic but, happily,
I can tell you that it turned out fine. As
Ch. Runicast’s Delono’s Leila,
bred by Ruth Castellano and
owned by Runicast Kennels - 2nd
champion of Delly’s to finish.
April, 2013
a preface, I must digress enough to tell
you shortly after we acquired Delly, I
wanted a bitch with breeding compatible to his. We visited many kennels,
and looked at countless puppies. I
finally picked a 10-week-old lovely
little puppy, Kitchawan’s Tamara. Her
sire was Kilburn’s Conqueror, owned
by Marge Kilburn. Marge (Margaret)
owned and bred some very outstanding Dobes, and in judging, always
enjoyed a fine reputation. The subsequent breeding of Tammy and Delly
was excellent. We kept one male
puppy, who became Ch. Deltamo v.
Tamara. ‘Moe’ as he was known, finished easily, became a Best In Show
dog, and himself sired many champions. As for Tammy (the bitch, I say
with pride, l picked at 10 weeks), her
first big win was fantastic. At exactly
one year old, her birthday, she won the
open class, went Winner’s Bitch, Best
of Winners and Best of Opposite Sex,
at the Westminster Show in Madison
Square Garden. Pete Knoop handled
her. That was one of our real thrills in
showing dogs.
Delly and his puppy son, ‘Moe’
(Ch. Deltamo v Tamara), who
became the first of Delly’s
champion offspring.
Now, back to the near tragedy.
We had shown Delly and Tammy
at the Huntingdon Valley K.C., and
there was a show the next day. Ginny
and Bill Knauer had made a custom
of having a party at their home the
evening between shows. Nick and
I left the show before the others,
and since we had been there many
times before, knew the way and also
were spending the night there. Their
home was set far back from the road,
and we let the dogs out to exercise.
They raced around happily for a few
moments, then spotted a wall. We
had one on our own property, and it
looked the same to them — about 3
feet high. Our wall led to ground the
same height on both sides. They had
jumped it many times. So they both
leaped over this one. We heard an ear
piercing shriek, and then silence. Nick
ran to it and said, “My God, it’s about
a 30-foot drop.” We called to them
— only silence. Nick found the stairs
leading to the bottom level, and found
Tammy, very shaken and frightened,
but not injured. But no sign of Delly. I
got into the car, turned on the headlights (it was dark by then) and started
down the driveway calling to Delly. I
had gone only a short way, when my
lights picked up an object crawling on
it’s belly; I jumped out and ran to him.
He was terrified, and so happy to see
me. We pieced it together and realized
Delly had reached bottom first,
with Tammy landing on him. We
rushed him to a vet, who found no
The Doberman Pinscher Magazine | 49
broken bones or severe injury. However, the poor fellow was very sore,
and we stayed up all night with him,
using a heating pad on him. He was
fine the next day, and was shown,
and won Best of Breed. When we got
home, we had our vet recheck him,
and for several days continued wet
packs and heat treatments. It was, to
us, a miracle. I’m sure the good Lord
was watching over him that day. I
might add that 1 was almost a ‘basket
case’, and Nick wasn’t far behind!
Now, more pleasant and funny
things to recount. Leila was a digger
par excellence, and one day I glanced
out the window and saw her furiously
digging. Her dignified dad joined in.
The next time I looked, no dog was
in sight. Between them, they had dug
so deep a hole they had disappeared
in it! Sounds incredible, but it’s true.
Needless to say, two Dobes were well
bathed that day; the hole filled, and a
watchful eye kept on them henceforth.
Delly always had a marvelous
appetite. Nick used to say eating was
his favorite pastime . . . and that he
wondered if you brought a bitch ready
to be bred to him, and carried a dish of
food in your other hand, which would
he choose! Well behaved as he was,
there was the day a carved roast beef
was set on a counter, and when it was
to be brought to the table, it was in
Delly’s stomach! His appetite, if not
watched and curbed, was too much!
You couldn’t open the refrigerator. No
matter what part of the house he was
in, he flew to you, before you got the
first bite of anything. A first bite into
an apple had him at your side; he even
loved grapefruit and ate all the grapes
from our grape arbor if we didn’t beat
him to it. The arbor was fairly high, but
he’d leap up to reach them.
He loved the snow, and after a
heavy fall during the night, he’d dash
out in the A.M. and plough a path
through it. He never wanted to come
in . . . I’d get him dried only to have
him go back out again, and come in
50 | The Doberman Pinscher Magazine
Ch. Kitchawan’s
Tamara at 1 year
old. She was
owned by Ruth
Castellano, ond
bred to Delly
produced our
Ch. Deltamo v.
Tamara - Tammy.”
looking like a smooth coated Samoyed!
Have I mentioned what a lovely
temperament Delly had? It is of particular importance, since it was largely
passed on to his get. Of course, they
had dams, too, but while many had
good dispositions, there were several
who were not as stable as Delly. The
impact he had on the breed is the
more apparent, since it is difficult to
find a pedigree of today’s illustrious
dogs which does not revert back to
him and his forebears.
In the conformation ring, Delegate
showed like a million. He was not a
flashy dog, but steady, patient, willing, and extremely cooperative. His
stamina seemed to me to be incredible. Once set, he stood, ears erect, tail
up, not moving a muscle, endlessly. I
recall a show where there was a large
class of Specials, and the judge took so
long that even the spectators became
restless. The poor dogs were showing
fatigue too, and yet our Delly ‘hung in
there’ and won. He never let down.
I’m sure it will be of interest to the
present day Dobe fanciers to know
that Delly was at least 90% owner
handled. He never went to a show
without either Nick or me, or both.
Nor was he ever crated or sent with
handlers. Nick liked handling himself,
and did an excellent iob, and finished
a very large number of other Dobes as
well. What part did I play in all this?
Nick did have to earn a living! My job
was the care and feeding, taking to
the vets, handling our dog correspondence, writing the monthly magazine
articles, raising litters, going to shows,
occasionally handling a dog myself,
judging (as did Nick) and raising three
children. I loved every minute of it.
This is an opportune time for me
to speak of some of the fine people
who were instrumental, and so helpful, in our many pleasurable years with
the Dobes. Ellie Buckley and Hermy
(F.F.H.) Fleitmann, owners of Westphalia Kennels in New Jersey, taught us
so much. We were privileged to see
the great foundation bitch, Ch. Jessy
v.d. Sonnenhoehe at their kennels
many times, as well as their famous ‘R’
and ‘U’ litters., all of which became
champions — and are in Delly’s pedigree, as well as that of many greats
of yesteryear, and today. We also had
the distinction of breeding our bitch,
a Westphalia Rajah daughter, to West-
April, 2013
phalia’s Favoriet v. Franzhof — his first
breeding. We had a beautiful litter, and
Favoriet soon became a top producer.
So much credit is due Hans
Schmidt, who was so knowledgeable
about Dobes, and had a true love of
them. To Tess Henseler, thanks are
due for recognizing the potential of
the subsequent breedings, and showing her faith in it. The breedings of her
lovely bitch, Meadowmist Isis v. Ahrtal,
to Delly played no small part in Delly’s
recognition as a good producer, and
also put Tess on top as a breeder. She
has continued her fine work, and is
recognized as a top breeder of today.
But, most of all, credit goes to Delly
himself, for his great quality of being
so outstanding an ambassador of good
temperament for the breed, coupled
with his beauty and ability to produce
correctly as good as, and better than,
himself. Earlier, I said this was not to be
a statistical article
Ch. Delegate v.d. Elbe was bred
by Hans Schmidt and owned by Ruth
and Nick Castellano. He was one of
three champions in his litter, the others being Dacki and Dyke. Delegate
was a large dog for his time, standing
28 1/2 inches and weighing about
90 to 92 pounds in show shape, with
such outstanding qualities as: Solid
topline, good tail set, excellent layback
of shoulders, correct brisket, good rib
spring and fore chest, well balanced;
overall, a very sound dog.
His head had good parallel lines,
proper length of muzzle, long dry
neck, full mouth and excellent dark
eyes. He had excellent feet and, of
course, a fabulous temperament.
Even the greats had their faults, so
for the benefit of the readers I would
like to set out what I considered were
his faults.
Delegate’s eyeset and falling off
under the eye detracted from his
expression, but only slightly. He perhaps could have had a little more
stop, and he was a little long in hock.
Delly was not shown too extensively as he was a family dog and
we did not wish to have him traveling without us. Still, he compiled an
impressive record of over 70 Best of
Breeds, 21 Group Firsts and 2 Best In
Shows (all breeds), one being a Best
American Bred in Show at thirteen
months of age.
One day Delegate’s record of siring champions will be broken; however, it will most likely be along time
before his percentage of champions
compared to total numbers of offspring
is bettered. For the 55 champions
came from only 60 litters, really a
small number of litters for a top producer to have sired. We must also
consider the fact that he died at the
relatively young age of eight. Delly
was the top producing sire for five
consecutive years, 1954 through 1958.
On the preceding pages is a list
of Delegate’s champion offspring.
It has not been possible to get such
information as owners, breeders, birth
dates, etc. on every dog, but these are
included where known.
Delegate produced 60 titters totaling 360 pups (average of 6 per litter);
185 dogs, 175 bitches. Colors: 255
blacks, 66 reds, 34 blues, 5 fawns.
Bitches bred: l7 champions, 43 nonchampions. Colors: 52 blacks, 6 reds,
2 blues. 22 years after his death he
still holds the record of having sired
more American Champions than any
Doberman to date. We do not have
the records of his get in other countries.
Teaneck, New Jersey, March 22, 1953, in standing order, left to right: Ch. Delegate v.d. Elbe, Best of Breed;
Ch. Dortmund Delly’s Colonel Jet (Delly son), entered in Specials; Freiderun vom Ahrtal (Delly daughter),
Winner’s Bitch; Dagobert vom Ahrtal (Delly son), Winner’s Dog; Reserve Winners Dog and Reserve Winners
Bitch were also by Delly. The handlers, from left to right: Ruth, letting Delly ‘do his own thing’; Pete Knoop
handling Colonel Jet; Tess Henseler handling Freiderun: Nick Casictelklan handling Dagobert.
April, 2013
The Doberman Pinscher Magazine | 51
1. (B) Ch. Achermar Von Degan W-513705: ex Ch. Lisa V.D. Seltzerhaus
W-204587 ; wh. 4-20-54.
Ch. Barlynn’s Clean Sweep
2. (B) Ch. Alioth Von Degan W-513707: ex Ch. Lisa V.D. Seltzerhaus tN -204587;
wh. 4-20-54.
3. (B) Ch. Barlynn’s Clean Sweep W-526443: ex Ch. Kitchawan’s Emma V Grunberg W-27050”1; wh. 6-29-54; bred by Barlynn and Runicast Kennels.
4. (D) Ch. Barlynn’s Country Squire W-526442: ex Ch. Kitchawan’s E mma V G
runberg tN -27 0502 ; wh. 6-29 -54 ; Black; bred by Barlynn and Runicast Kennels.
5. (B) Ch. Conayr’s Yuletide W-454898: ex Conayr’s Onli-won: Black;bred by
Connie Ayers.
6. (D) Ch. Courtier of lrisland tN-613327: ex Zita of Norfleet Road; wh. 6-26-55;
Black; bred by Clinton and Margaret Treliver; owned by Ruth Castellano.
7. (D) Ch. Dagobert Vom Ahrtal W-226789: ex Meadowmist lsis of Ahrtal
W-105116; wh. 10-29-50; Black; bred by Tess Henseler.
Ch. Barlynn’s Country Squire
8. (B) Ch. Delisis Vom Ahrtal W-226792; ex Meadowmist lsis of Ahrtal W-l50116;
wh. 10-29-50; Red; bred by Tess Henseler.
9. (B) Ch. Delissa Vom Ahrtal W-226793: ex Meadowmist lsis of Ahrtal W-]05116;
wh. 10-29-50; Black; bred by Tess Henseler.
10. (D) Ch. Deltamo Von Tamara W-’166817: ex Ch. Kitchawan’s Tamara
W-89597; bred by Runicast Kennels.
11. (D) Ch. Dorian Vom Ahrtal tN-226788: ex Meadowmist lsis of Ahrtal
W-150116; wh. 10-29-50; Black; bred by Tess Henseler.
12. (D) Ch. Dortmund Delly’s Colonel Jet W-313819: ex Tauzieher Lady Ambercrest W-102628; wh. 9-5-51; Black; bred by Mrs. Orpha Diaz.
13. (B) Ch. Dortmund’s Ballerina V.D. Elbe W-450057: ex Tauzieher Lady Ambercrest W-102628; wh. 4-2-53; bred by Mrs. Orpha Diaz.
Ch. Dagobert vom Ahrtal
14. (B) Ch. Dortmund’s Black Dart W-450059: ex Tauzieher Lady Ambercrest
W-102628; wh. 4-2-53; Black; bred by Mrs. Orpha Diaz.
15. (B) Ch. Dortmund’s Lady Victoria W-323613: ex Tauzieher Lady Ambercrest
W-102628; bred by Mrs. Orpha Diaz.
16. (D) Ch. Elblac’s Zafiro, C.D. W-533267 ex Elblac’s Oriana; wh.3-7-54; bred
by Elliott Blackiston.
17. (B) Ch. Elblac’s Zalina W-533268 ex Elblac’s Oriana; wh.3-7-54; bred by Elliott
18. (D) Ch. Elblac’s Zapotec W-533263: ex Elblac’s Oriana; wh.3-7-54; Black;bred
by Elliott Blackiston.
19. (D) Ch. Elblac’s Zarco W-533264: ex Elblac’s Oriana; wh.3-7-54; Black; bred
by Elliott Blackiston.
Ch. Dorian vom Ahrtal
52 | The Doberman Pinscher Magazine
April, 2013
Champions -26 Dogs,29 Bitches
Colors - 39 Blacks, 14 Reds,2 Blues
20. (D) Ch. Fafmer Vom Ahrtal ll W-303-6-4: ex Meadowmist lsis of Ahrtal
W-105116; wh. “12-25-51; Black; bred by Tess Henseler.
21. (D) Ch. Falstaff Vom Ahrtal W-303606: ex Meadowmist lsis of Ahrtal
W-l05116; wh. “12-25-51; Red; bred by Tess Henseler.
22. (D) Ch. Faust Vom Ahrtal W-303603: ex Meadowmist lsis of Ahrtal W-l05116;
wh. 12-26-51; Black; bred by Tess Henseler.
23. (B) Ch. Frederica Vom Ahrtal W-303608: ex Meadowmist lsis of Ahrtal
W-1051.16; wh. 12-25-51; Black; bred by Tess Henseler.
24. (B) Ch. Friederun Vom Ahrtal W-303611: ex Meadowmist lsis of Ahrtal
W-105116; wh. 12-25-51; Black; bred by Tess Henseler.
Ch. Delisis vom Ahrtal
25. (D) Ch. Gaylord of Westphalia tN-269461: ex Ch. Adithkin O’Lon W-11’103;
wh. 5-17-51; Red; bred by Ellie Buckley.
26. (D) Ch. Hagen Vom Ahrtal W-389627 ex Meadowmist lsis of Ahrtal
W-105116; wh. 1-21-53; Red; bred by Tess Henseler.
27. (D) Ch. Hamlet Vom Ahrtal W-389628: ex Meadowmist lsis of Ahrtal
W-l05116;wh. “l-21-53; Black; bred by Tess Henseler.
28. (D) Ch. Heiko Vom Ahrtal W-389631: ex Meadowmist lsis of Ahrtal W-l05116;
wh. 1-21-53; Blue; bred by Tess Henseler.
29. (B) Ch. Helwig Von Christensen W-503132: ex Ch.Chris’s Heidi W-208846 ;
wh. 3-19-54 ; Black.
30. (D) Ch. Horst Vom Ahrtal W-389634: ex Meadowmist lsis of Ahrtal
W-105.116; wh. 1-21-53; Black; bred by Tess Henseler.
31. (D) Ch. lago Vom Ahrtal W-444035: ex Meadowmist lsis of Ahrtal W-105116;
wh. 9-29-53; Black; bred by * Tess Henseler.
32. (B) Ch. lsolt Vom Ahrtal W-444033: ex Meadowmist lsis of Ahrtal W-105116;
wh. 9-29-53; Black; bred by *Tess Henseler.
Ch. Deltana v Tamara
33. (D) Ch. .;amboree of Skip N Chuck W-406310: ex Ch. Beowulf’s Gaiety
34. (B) Ch. Jenifer of Rilos W-406306: ex Ch. Beowulf’s Gaiety W-322532. wh.220-53.
35. (B) Ch. Jubilee of Skip N Chuck W-406307: ex Ch. Beowulf’s Gaiety
36. (D) Ch. Jupiter of Rijos W-406309: ex Ch. Beowulf’s Gaiety Vl322532;wh.2-20-53.
37. (B)Ch. Lakecrest’s Bacchante W-605361: ex Ch. Apache Lady of Lakecrest
W-270380; wh. 3-19-55; bred by Nicholas Orlanda.
38. (B) Ch. Lyric of Skip N Chuck W-488614: ex Beowulf’s Glorial; wh. 1 ,6-54.
39. (D) Ch. Myra’s Duke of Kingston W-336148: ex Countess Joselyn; wh.2-16-52.
Ch. Hagan vom Ahrtal
April, 2013
The Doberman Pinscher Magazine | 53
40. (B) Ch. Our Very Own Pamela, C.D. W-407281: ex Duchess of
Holliswood;wh.’12-28-52; Red.
41. (B) Ch. Philandra Vom Ahrtal W-551201: ex Meadowmist lsis of Ahrtal
W-l05116;wh. 10-2-54; Black;bred by Tess Henseler.
Ch. Delissa vom Ahrtal
42. (D) Ct’t. Pierot Vom Ahrtal W-551203: ex Meadowmist *
lsis of Ahrtal W-105116; wh. 10-2-54; bred by Tess Henseler; owned by Charles
43. (D) Ch. Ravensburg’s Bert W-530830: ex Ch. Ravensburg’s Roda W-250666;
wh. 7-5-54; Red; bred by Walter and Mae Dencker.
44. (D) Ch. Ravensburg’s Billy W-530827: ex Ch. Ravensburg’s Roda W-250666;
wh. 7-5-54; bred by Walter and Mae Dencker.
45. (B) Ch. Ravensburg’s Bitzen W-530832: ex Ch. Ravensburg’s Roda W-250666;
wh. 7-5-54; bred by Walter and Mae Dencker.
Ch. Dortman’s Delly’s Colonial Jet
Ch. Heiko vom Ahrtal
Ch. Falstaff vom Ahrtal
54 | The Doberman Pinscher Magazine
Ch. Federica vom Ahrtal and Ch. Friederun vom Ahrtal
April, 2013
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46. (D) Ch. Ravensburg’s Blitzen W-530831 : ex Ch. Ravensburg’s Roda
W-250666;wh. 7-5-54; bred by Walter and Mae Dencker.
47. (D) Ch. Ravensburg’s Brint W-530828: ex Ch. Ravensburg’s Roda W-250666;
wh. 7-5-54; Red; bred by Walter and Mae Dencker.
48. (B) Ch. Refloco’s Vickie W-438048: ex Jerry Run’s Orpix; wh. 6-15-53.
49. (B) C’h. Rockland’s Pandel W-350185: ex Pandora lll W-174972; wh. 4-7-52;
bred by Mae and Bill Walker.
Ch. Steb’s Point of Order
50. (B) Ch. Rockland’s Tehri W-39050.1: ex Pandora lll W-174972; wh. 4-7-52;
bred by Mae and Bill Walker.
51. (B) Ch. Runicast’s Delona’s Leila W-208898: ex Oona of Westphalia; wh.
9-30-49; Red; bred by Ruth Castellano.
52. (B) Ch. Singendwald’s Delisal, C.D. W-619689: ex Ch. Lydomel’s Azure of
Gracewood; Blue; bred by Dale and Bea Rickert.
53. (B) Ch. Singendwald’s Demitasse W619691: ex Ch. Lydomel’s Azure of
Gracewood W-313056; Black; bred by Dale and Bea Rickert.
54. (B) Ch. Steb’s Point of Order W-5O5232: ex Tauzieher Lady Ambercrest
W-102628; wh. 3-28-54; Red.
Ch. Ravensburg Blitzen
55. (B) Ch. Tessa V.D. Gutenheimat W-536551: ex Ch. Sigrid V.D. Gutenheimat
W-252373; wh. 6-23-54.
Ch. Jamboree Skip ‘N’ Chuck
Ch. Hamlet vom Ahrtal
April, 2013
Ch. Isolt vom Ahrtal
Ch. Phillanda vom Ahrtal
The Doberman Pinscher Magazine | 55
Right: Ch. Delegate v.d. Elbe
Below: Two of Delly’s Greatest
Winning and Producing Grandsons
Left: Ch. Singendwald’s Prince Kuhio
Shown in 1963 winning the Ch.
Delegate v.d. Elbe Memorial
Challenge Trophy — Best of
Breed at the National Specialty.
Right: Ch. Steb’s Top Skipper
56 | The Doberman Pinscher Magazine
April, 2013
Ch. Troll v.d. Engelsburg
Ch. Blank v. d. Domstadt
Ch. Cherloc v. Rauhfelsen
Gr. Ch. Angola v Grammont (8th gen)
Ch. Jessy v.d. Sonnehoehe
Ch. Lux v.d. Blankenburg (wh.1918)
Ch. Westphalia’s Uranus
Ch. Kurt v.d. Rheinperle-Rhinegold
Ch. Doricka v.d. Elbe
April, 2013
The Doberman Pinscher Magazine | 57
58 | The Doberman Pinscher Magazine
April, 2013
April, 2013
The Doberman Pinscher Magazine | 59
As you were in life, sleep gently
dear Delly, cherised friend.
It is a human story, sketchily outlined. It is a tale I’ve
attempted to do without undue emotion. But as the memories come to life in my mind, it is impossible not to state that
Delly cannot be remembered without emotion. His impact
on our lives was enormous. He was a beautiful specimen of
a Dobe and so pleasing to look at, but far more important
he was a gentle, loving dog, always anxious to please and
be loved. And loved he was. As all dogs who achieve do
he fed our egos but more important he enriched our lives
and nourished our hearts, He always slept with us in our
About 2 years before Delly died, Nick had
thought it a good idea for him to get the most
thorough physical examination possible. I. too,
thought this an excellent idea. I drove him to
Boston to the Angel Memorial Animal Hospital,
where he underwent every possible test for two
days. It is a remarkable clinic, and he received
competent and kind care. I was permitted to visit
with him during the day, which made Delly and
me very happy. Nick flew up and joined me for
the trip home and Delly was ecstatic. So were
we for he go an excellent bill of health.
The night that Delly left us, he came over to
the side of my bed for his ‘goodnight kiss’. This
was his regular routine. At 5 a.m. I awakened
to a farewell whipper. He died instantly of an
embolism....How do you mend an aching heart?
Above: Delly always
slept in his own bed
in our bedroom.
Left: Candid shot of
Delly, July 1955, 3
months before he died.
Left: Ch. Courtier of Irisland, one of Delly’s
last sons and my last Dobe. Known to all
as ‘Courtie’ he was a unique personality,
a perenial puppy and in Florida played a
large part in making the Dobe not only
desireable and acceptabe, but very much
loved. The Sarasota Herald Tribune carried
a beautiful article on him when he died.
I had him shipped to Long Island to be
buried next to his father. He is shown here
pictured from 6 months to 4 years of age.
60 | The Doberman Pinscher Magazine
April, 2013
litter announcements
Whelped February 2, Four beautiful black bitches
Sire: either Ch. Primary Caught Redhanded or Ch. Alex Von Morr
Dam: Ch. Zima Von Morr
Contact Margie Morrison, [email protected],
(419) 238-5228 or (419) 238-1672
Litter Announcements are free
to subscribers. This N That are
free announcements for clubs.
Email to [email protected] or UPS to
DPM, 2811 Milton Ave #368,
Janesville, WI 53545.
Correctly Name 3 Who Dat features in one
calendar year and win a 1 year bulk subscription
to The Doberman Pinscher Magazine!
You MUST name both the
dog and the human!
Contest rules: Relatives or owners of the featured “Who Dat” are not eligible.
Only one subscription per person per calendar year. Calendar year will be
from October to September. Correct answers will be printed in the following
issue of The Doberman Pinscher Magazine. Deadline for submissions will be
the same as the ad deadlines, check the rates and deadlines page for exact
Send your answers by email to [email protected] (bes
sure to put “Who Dat?” in the subject line) or by USPS to DPM, 2811 Milton
Ave #368, Janesville, WI 53545
December’s Who Dat?
Marcy McGuire
Correctly named by Marj Brooks and Wanda Gipp.
February Who Dat?
Marge Cox
Correctly named by Marj Brooks and Wanda Gipp.
Congratulations to Marj and Wanda — They have both won a 1 year subscription!
April, 2013
The Doberman Pinscher Magazine | 61
Doberman Pinscher Club of America
Top Twenty
Conformation Statistics
2013 DPCA Conformation Top Twenty • July 2012 - June 2013 AKC Award Gazettes.
Gwen Lucoff,  Top Twenty Conformation Statistician E-mail: [email protected]
Rank/Name of Dog
Owner 1 GCH Protocol’s Veni Vidi Veci*
J & K Mullins, S & D Lundy
2 GCH D’s Remember When
Dr. A. & S. DiNardo
3 GCH Caryola’s Antigua
N & M Barksdale
4 GCH Vondura’s Xcelerator Belle Amie
K. Fox, D. Tracy, M. Dellorto
5 GCH Jaroe Legend of Irish Spirit
R. Kelly
6 GCH Tiburon Ariel Bella Dona
M. & T. Moyer, K. & J. Drake
7 GCH Foxfires Best To Come Along
N. & P. Besand, T. Ross, M. Santana, S. St. John
8 GCH Holly Woods Catwoman
T & L Kronovich
9 GCH Gallant’s First And Foremost V Ciden
P Healy, C & D Huckfeldt, M Fasth
10 GCH Cambria’s Mint Condition
S. Wang, B. Singh
11 GCH Sunburg’s Street Sense
J. Davis, T. Galle
11GCH Tiburon Arsenal
J. & A. Dolan
13 GCH Protocol’s Flagrante Delicto
J & K Mullins
14GCH Carry-On Merchant Man of Ravenswood
L. Heffernan, B. Clark
15 GCH Treu’s Above Suspicion V Touchstone
J. & S. Lynch, A. Brotherhood
16GCH Tevro’s Director’s Choice
T. Miller, A. Padilla
17GCH O’s Godiva Dark Demitasse
M. Byrns, P. Onley
18GCH Festival de Canes Queen Latifah A. Wulbrecht, G. Lajeski, N. DeBedout, S. Guarin
19GCH Raklyn’s Talbot of Alisaton
P. Healy, H. Engel, C. Shimpeno
20GCH Kamterra’s Legato
K. & M. Moats
21 GCH Bellnhans Wannabe Irish
M. Harrison
Statistics are compiled from the July through the following June AKC Gazettes. This may not correspond to any particular show
dates. The results only reflect the wins reported in those Gazettes.
62 | The Doberman Pinscher Magazine
April, 2013
Doberman Pinscher Club of America
Top Twenty
Agility Statistics
2013 DPCA Agility Top Twenty • May 2012 - April 2013 AKC Automated Doberman Agility Reports
Linda S. Robertson • Top Twenty Agility Statistician • E-mail: [email protected]
1 MACH7 Delta Duchess Of Davenport CD RN MXB3 MJB3 MXF TQX T2B (Delta)
T. & S. Houg
2 MACH4 Fulcer’s Raven UDX OM1 RE MXB2 MJS2 XF (Raven)
L. Fulcer
3 MACH4 Olympia Tamora V Promise CDX MXG MJB2 NF (Tamora)
C. Koenig
4 MACH3 Rock’s Indian Sunburn MXG MJG NF T2B (Shiloh)
M. Rock
5 MACH Dedo’s Fostas Touch Of Style CDX MXS MJG (Fostas)
J. & R. Brettscheider
6 MACH11 Thornwoods Flare CD MXS3 MJB4 MXF MFG TQX T2B WAC (Flare)
Y. & D. Mancino
7 CH MACH3 Mandre’s Grace Under Fire MXB2 MJS2 XF T2B (Grace)
T. & S. Houg & B. Ross 3.59
8 Vivala’s Out Of The Blue MX MXJ MJB WAC (Bolt)
C. Apling
9 Catawba’s Something Special CDX RA MX MXB MXJ MJB (Piper)
E. Mcavoy
10 MACH2 Paradigm Von Richthofen MXG MJG XF (Manfred)
D. Hartsfield
11 MACH Elphame’s Fairey Queen CDX RE MXS MJG MXF T2B WAC (Keira)
J. Chardavoyne
12 MACH4 Smack-Dab’s Daring Dicey MXG2 MJG2 MXF MFB TQX (Dicey)
J. Morton
13 MACH3 D’Tales Acceleration V Redlaur MXC MJC OF (Zip)
M. Minch
14 MACH Stardust X-Men’s Spy Mistique CD OF WAC (Spy)
D. Knecht
15 CH Pajant’s Silent Power Alisaton CDX RE MX MXS MXJ MJS XF ROM (Spirit)
C. Witt & B. Hall
16 MACH Montwood’s Magic Man V Arista MXB MJG MXF (Dylan
) L. Zaeske
17 MACH Foxfire’s Mai Tai Madness MJB (T’Pring)
A. Osgood
18 MACH2 Smack-Dab’s Razzam’Taz CDX RA MXS MJG OF (Tazi)
S. Conners
19 CH Horizon’s Pimlico CD RN MX MXJ MJB MXF ROM (Petra)
S. Beckage & L. George & R. George
20 Smack-Dab’s Fieldstone Flirt CD, MX, MXJ, XF (Kitt)
C. Ochsner
April, 2013
TTA STATISTICIAN - Linda S. Robertson - [email protected]
The Doberman Pinscher Magazine | 63
Doberman Pinscher Club of America
Top Twenty
Obedience Statistics
2013 DPCA Obedience Top Twenty • July 2012 - June 2013 AKC Award Gazettes.
Jeannine Charlier, Top Twenty Obedience Statistician • E-mail: [email protected]  
Statistics are complied from the July through the following June AKC Gazettes. This may not correspond to any particular show dates. The results
only reflect the wins reported in those Gazettes. *Note: If you are not a current member of DPCA, please send your home address AND e-mail to
the Top 20 Obedience chairperson immediately. Cindy Bohnert, 3422 Bell Line Road, Omro, WI 54963   E-Mail: [email protected] You do not
need to be a DPCA member to qualify for Top 20 Obedience,  nor to participate in the Top 20 Obedience event at the National show in October.
64 | The Doberman Pinscher Magazine
April, 2013
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Letters to the editor
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unsuitable advertisements.
Magazines are mailed on a
complimentary basis to any
AKC judge licensed to judge
Dobermans (USA address
only) who wishes to
receive them.
The Doberman Pinscher Magazine | 65
West Union, Ohio
AKC Breeder of Merit
home of
Ch. Wendorf’s Valor
Margaret E. Morrison
[email protected]
[email protected]
Meg Dollinger [email protected]
Mass Veterinary
Cardiology Services
Po Box 1021, 148 River St,
West Springfield, Ma 01089
Nancy Morris, DVM
Diplomate ACVIM Cardiology
Cardiology consultations by appointment
Wed-Fri 9 am - 5 pm
fax: 413-734-1294
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Professional handling
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card with a gift
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66 | The Doberman Pinscher Magazine
April, 2013
aquarius wally world v sandia ..............................14
Fayek Fancy Don’t Let Me Down ................................ 6
Francesca’s House of Blues ................................... 9, 40
gallant’s happy hour v ciden.................................. 23
gallant’s midnight hour v ciden .......................... 22
gallant’s symphony hour v ciden ......................... 23
gallant’s witching hour v ciden .......................... 22
gnr after midnight ..................................................... 24
gnr american pie ........................................................... 24
gnr cyrstal method ................................................... 24
gnr girls got rhythm ................................................ 24
gnr take no prisoners ................................................ 24
gormae’s Rock The Rim ..........................................15, 40
heartwood’s bark at the moon ..............................13
Irongate’s Knight of the Wind................................... 4
irongate’s time after time.......................................... 36
irongate’s time in a bottle........................................ 36
irongate’s time to wine and dine ........................... 36
MiraVia UR Time Is Gonna Come .............................5, 41
raindance led zeppelin of marquis ........................ 25
Rauschund N Fabert Kiss Thiss.................................. 43
‘rena’ssance de otre tierra......................................... 33
Rio’s Fino Monster............................................... 2, 3, 43
Rio’s Lucas Brasi Monster ........................... 1, 10, 11, 68
shatera’s Black star sapphire .................................... 35
shatera’s cut to the chase........................................ 35
shatera’s magic hour ................................................. 34
shatera’s private dance .............................................. 34
southsong’s only you................................................ 21
Treu’s Above Suspicion V Touchstone ..................... 7
stud dog register
Blackcoral’s Irreplaceable......................................... 39
Caryola’s Major Dickason ........................................ 39
Element Rock Star ........................................................ 40
Francesca’s House of Blues ....................................... 40
Gormae’s Rock The Rim ............................................... 40
Katoba’s Emerald City ..................................................41
Lyndobe’s Turn On Da Charm ....................................41
MiraVia UR Time Is Gonna Come .................................41
Moa’s Leave It To Me ..................................................... 42
Moa’s Twenty Five and Out ....................................... 42
Paradigm’s Presumed Innocent ............................... 42
Rauschund N Fabert Kiss Thiss .................................. 43
Rio’s Fino Monster ...................................................... 43
Shal-Mar’s Spectacular Bid ....................................... 43
Shatera’s Braveheart ................................................... 44
Shurlucks North By Northwest ............................. 44
Tres Time Traveler ......................................................... 44
Wendorf’s Valor .......................................................... 45
Wilken’s The Persuaders v Kan .................................. 45
Haynor, Charlsie........................................................ 2, 3
Beskau, Karen & Kayla............................................... 2, 3
DeStafani, Amand & Trisha .......................................... 4
Smith, Lisa D. ..................................................................... 5
Jordan, Christy ............................................................... 6
Lynch, Joe & Sara ............................................................ 7
Brotherhood, Alisa ....................................................... 7
Hennessey, Robert ........................................................... 9
Beskau, Karen .................................................. 1, 10, 11, 68
Rehnigans Michael, Dr. Megan .................. 1, 10, 11, 68
Stephens, Dave & Suzi ....................................................13
Casanova, Bev & Zelda .................................................14
Gorr, Lori ........................................................................15
April, 2013
Todd Kellum, Tanja ...................................................... 21
Fasth DVM, Mona .................................................... 22, 23
Huckfeldt, Cindi ...................................................... 22, 23
Harner, Kris .................................................................... 24
Papazian, Harry ............................................................. 25
James, Susan & Chelsea ................................................ 25
Marquis, Kelly ................................................................ 25
Rossmiller, Wayne & Belinda ...................................... 33
Turcotte, Dan .......................................................... 34, 35
Groover, Chris ........................................................ 34, 35
Irvine, Donna ................................................................. 36
Kool Koats ...................................................................... 21
The Doberman Pinscher Magazine | 67
Int CH/Am CH Rio’s Luca Brasi Monster RN
©Jacqueline Boyer

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