August 2015 - Pū`ōhala Elementary School



August 2015 - Pū`ōhala Elementary School
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Huli ka lima i lalo “Add your hands to the growth of the māla”
Principal’s Message from Po‘okumu Makala
We start off a new school year with the ʻōlelo noʻeau: Huli ka lima i lalo. The literal translation means
we turn (huli) our hands down. As an ʻohana, we add our hands for the growth of our māla, our
garden, our school… we nurture our keiki, each other and our community. Together we strive to
provide educational, social and emotional sustenance. Instead of the “palms up” mentality of “what
can you give me” we want to “dig our hands into the rich soil” and through our many talents and our
kōkua, the students of Pūʻōhala will reach their goals through effort and determination.
Mahalo, appreciation, to all the families, for being the first educator of our students. Our school relies on
your knowledge, expertise, and aloha… our partnership is what will make this growth mindset thrive.
Author Carol Dweck wrote: If parents (and educators) want to give their children a gift, the best thing they
can do is teach their children to love challenges, be intrigued by mistakes, enjoy effort, and keep on
learning. If you have questions about this philosophy, I invite you to dialogue with me and any of our
faculty and staff members. We would love to talk story!
Above is a photo of our 2014-2015 sixth grade class. What a beautiful garden… our māla. Now they
are ready to “Pūpūkahi i Holomua” unite to move forward - work together to make great progress.
Reminders and Special Events:
PTA Meeting
Talent Show
No School
Monday, August 3
Form due Aug. 4
Keiki are invited to
audition. Forms
available: teachers,
office and website!
Wed., August 12
4:30 p.m. SCC Coffee
Hour in the Library
Friday, August 21
Statehood or
Admissions Day is a
Fun Fair planning!
6 p.m. at Melrose
Place. Volunteers
5:30 Hui Mākua in
the Cafeteria
Open House
August Events
3—PTA Meeting 6 p.m. at
Melrose Place on Kawa Street.
All invited!
4—Talent Show Intent to Participate
form due to teacher
12—SCC Coffee Hour 4:30 p.m. in
the library
12—Hui Mākua meeting 5:30 p.m.
in the cafeteria
18-20—Student Council Leadership
Monday, July 27
Families dropped off student
supplies at the classrooms and
met the teachers, parent
leaders, and our principal,
Po‛okumu Makala Pa‘akaula!
Camp at YMCA Camp Erdman
21—No School: Admission’s Day
24— No School: Castle Complex
Professional Development Day
31—School-wide Picture Taking
31—CPAC Practice A8 and C11
September Events
1—CPAC Practice A8 and C11
3—(Tentative) POPS Assembly
1:30 p.m.
3-4—CPAC Practice A8 and C11
4—FUN FAIR! 1-7 p.m. Talent
Show at 4 p.m.
7—No School: Labor Day
8—CPAC Practice A8 and C11
9—SCC Coffee Hour 4:30 p.m. in
the library
9—Hui Mākua meeting 5:30 p.m.
in the cafeteria
10—CPAC Performance Night at
Ben Parker Elementary School
Cafeteria 7-8 p.m.
11—Grandparents’ Day Luncheon
11 a.m. to 12 noon
14—PTA Meeting 6 p.m. at
Melrose Place on Kawa Street.
All invited!
October Events
2—POPS Assembly 1:30 p.m.
3—1st Quarter Ends
5-9—No School: Fall Break
12—No School: Institute Day
14—SCC Coffee Hour 4:30 p.m. in
the library
14—Hui Mākua meeting 5:30 p.m.
in the cafeteria
19—(Tentative) PTA Meeting at
6 p.m. at Melrose Place on
Kawa Street. All welcome!
Be Pono- Attendance Matters
Please read the attendance policy in the 2014-15 Parent
Handbook given to your child on the first day of school. Students
are required by Hawaii State law to attend school daily, be in
class on time, and be ready to learn. Being on time is also crucial
for optimal learning.
Written documentation is required for each and every absence. A
phone call to our office at 305-5900 is greatly appreciated.
School Community Council (Coffee Hour)…. Hui Mākua…. PTA…
Be a Member! Have a Voice!
As a member or volunteer, you can contribute to the education of
Pū‛ōhala students. Education is a partnership involving parents,
students, school staff, the Board of Education, business and the
community. Your involvement in our organizations gives you the
opportunity to strengthen that partnership, and be part of a dedicated
team working towards a high quality and accountable educational
system for our keiki. Contact the office at 305-5900 to become a part of
a team. You can make a difference. Huli ka lima i lalo!
Recognizing our Scholars
4th Quarter Principal’s List sy2014-2015
Grade 2 Papa ‘Elua
Kaipo Akioka
Cetan Bad Moccasin
Kiaʻi Naluai
Kahiau Paik
Kama Sardinha-Viloria
Kaikoʻo Singlehurst
Kilinahe Naluai
Kapiko Walk
Grade 3 Papa ‘Ekolu
Chanel Awai
Kaiao Kauahikaua
Grade 6 Papa ‘Eono
Kamuela Kaeka
Conner Nakamura
Grade 4 Papa Ehā
Daniel Criss
Grade 5 Papa ‘Elima
Nuʻuanu Hoʻokano-Pelekai
Honor Roll Recipients - 4th Quarter
Kindergarten Papa Malaa’o:
Maluhia Cambra, Hoʻola Coelho, Rayden
Kama-Schilling, David Tai, Kallie Torres
Grade 1 Papa ‘Ekahi:
Adrien Acosta, Kealoha Akiu, Chelsea Awa,
Brianna Bautista, Roxy Caballero,
Florita Espina, Chance Fairchild,
Owen Gillis-Davis, Jonah Gora-Aina,
Benjamin Hirokawa, Kainoa Hutchinson,
Nanea Kahoʻiwai-Helm, James Kaneshige,
Michael Lau, Kayliana Leon-GuerreroKawelo, Deja-Lynn Macalino-Alesna,
Uʻilani Pāʻaoʻao, Dylan Pestano,
Troy Ponimoi, Makamae PūnohuFreeman, Michael Wilfahrt
Grade 2 Papa ‘Elua:
Leelah-James Abelaye, Kahale Ano,
Shanelle Bartlett, Gabriella Edney,
Makamae Jennings, Keliʻi Johnston,
Charlee Kahanaoi, Cassidee Lorico,
Hōʻailona Mahuka, Davelynn
Medeiros, Kāne Shuman, Xyrenn Slate
Grade 3 Papa ‘Ekolu:
Angelita Bascas, Kamauliola
Coloma, Maʻalahi Mahuka,
Nainoa Kanahele, Kelekahi
Makua-Masaki, Kailey Kuhlmann,
Luseane Malohi, Latai Malohi,
Alika Onaga, Hailey Soon, Kaʻohu
Grade 4 Papa Ehā:
Maimiti Arboleda, Kūhaʻo Baker, Hannah
Colotario, Kyza-Rae Duenas, Winuna
Eschenberg, Wairaka Halvorsen, Callie Hart,
Scout Hutchinson, Pūnohu Judd, Kamea
Kaeo, Kammilei Kahanaoi, Brooke Kubo,
Brandon Kumalaa, Maddison Priddy, Maxi
Schleinkofer, ʻĀina Smith
Recognizing our Scholars
Honor Roll Recipients - continued
Grade 5 Papa ‘Elima:
Lia Baptiste, Cylah Bethel, Jaime Cummings,
Olaʻakea Gaudia, Paʻia Kaʻohelauliʻi, Joie Kāne,
Maika Kupahu, Kaena Pestano, Keale Rivera
Grade 6 Papa ‘Eono:
Kaiwi Akioka, Kyle Bautista, ʻĀlohilohi Coelho,
Candace Cummings, Chaelee Lorico, Evan McDonald,
Jana Naka, Nanealoa Pearlman, Mariah Priddy, Kalāwela
Saffery, Anuhea Smith
He pua nō ka wēkiu
The Power of Positive Pū‛ōhala Students
These students demonstrated one of the five Rs:
Respect, Responsibility, Resiliency,
Resourcefulness and positive Relationships
May POPS Citizens
Maika Kupahu –grade 5 –A-8
Kamea Kaeo –grade 4 –B-3
Kūpono Gerona –papa 4 –C-9
Makana Combis –grade 3 –C-7
Tetia-Waʻahila Pukela-Kahuanui –grade 3 –C-7
Maʻalahi Mahuka –papa 3 –C-10
Faith Ewaliko, Auriyah Villanida –grade 2 –C-2
Kaipo Akioka, Kiaʻi Naluai –papa 2 –C-1
Jonah Gora-Aina, Chance Fairchild –grade 1 –A-4
Ben Hirokawa –grade 1 –A-4
Kiane Durand Quiroga-Verhaaf –papa K/1–C-4
Lalea Kaʻohelauliʻi –papa K/1–C-4
Rayden Kama-Schilling –kindergarten –B-1
Congratulations to our keiki! Best wishes and
aloha to the graduating class of 2021.
School Supervision Policy
Students are allowed to be on campus between the hours of 7 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. (except
for Wednesday until 1:45 p.m.) Parents will be notified if students are present without
adequate adult supervision. Our keiki are precious; we want them safe and secure. Please
consult the office regarding before/after school care if needed. Options are available.