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EFM 2015 Line-Up - Montecristo Entertainment
EFM 2015 Line-Up
Genre: Thriller/2015/ USA/ 100 m.
Director: Graham Streeter
Cast: Grace Zabriskie (The Grudge), Tim Bagley (TheMask), Angela Prendergast
Logline: Karen, a visually impaired teen and her grandmother make a routine visit to
clean the family-owned rental property. But things become unsettling when Karen
finds herself alone and childhood memories surface.
Genre: Dramedy/2015/Norway/English 107 m.
Director: Jan Vardoen
Cast: Sam Heughan (Outlander), Matt Ryan (Constantine), Laura Donnelly (Dread)
Logline: Jan is a filmmaker and drunk who has taken money from the Norwegian
Film Institute to make a movie but has spent it on London barhopping instead. Stumbling across a production of Ibsen’s The Lady from the Sea and realizing the script is
public domain, he sees a solution: Impulsively inviting the cast to Norway, he plans
to crank a filmed version out using local film students as unpaid crew.
Genre: Comedy/2014/ U.K./ 83 m.
Director: Matthew Hammett Knott
Cast: James Norton (Grantchester), Tessa Peake-Jones, and Eleanor Wyld
Logline: Judith, an uptight widow, is appalled when her daughter Lily quits law
school to move into a commune of hippie-misfits who live according to the behavioural principles of the bonobo monkey, a species famous for its “make love not war”
philosophy. Anita, the eccentric group leader, claims that she can resolve the conflict
between mother & daughter if Judith will spend a day among the commune and submit to its principles.
“Smart, Funny & Original” ~ Total Film, UK (Jan/15)
Genre: Thriller/2014/Andorra/100 m.
Director: Jose Pozo
Cast: Melina Mathews (The Gunman), Molly Malcolm (Wild Oats),
Timothy Gibbs (Magnus Opus)
Logline: A young boy with a boundless imagination tries to solve a murder he witnessed.
Genre: Sci-Fi/Romance/2014/ U.K./ 105 m.
Director: Darren Paul Fisher
Cast: Daniel Fraser, Eleanor Wyld, Dylan Llewellyn
Logline: A boy and a girl are destined to never be together because their individual
frequencies are so totally incompatible their meetings always end in disaster. Zak
however will not stop figuring out ways to be with Marie.
Awards: Montreal Fantasia FF (Winner: Most Innovative Feature Film & Silver Award Best Intl Feature), Austin FF (Dm Jury Award), BIFFF, Brisbane Intl FF, KCFF (Best Picture), Sci-Fi London.
Genre: Horror/2014/USA/74 m.
Director: ROZE
Cast: Gabrielle Stone, Greg Bronson, Annalise Cavender
Synopsis: Anna, a single mother, receives little help in the search for her missing
daughter until people realize that all of the town’s children have disappeared.
When the kids do return they are changed, diseased and violent.
Genre: Comedy/2014/S. Africa/ 105 m.
Director: Jac Mulder
Cast: Tom Sizemore, Bernard Curry, Oz Zehavi
Synopsis: Bad behavior & military mayhem ensue on the border of chaos when a volatile cocktail of three soldier’s bruised ego’s and hatred are forced to reconcile…with
good smoke, good dink and good times! “a bro-film…5 out 5 Stars!”~The Other View
Genre: Sci-Fi Thriller/2014/USA105 m.
Director: Brenda Urquhart
Cast: Mia Tate, Matt Mercer, Anna Biani, Melinda Lee
Synopsis: When a drug trial involving human clones proves fatal, a psychologist risks
everything in a desperate attempt to redeem himself and save the clones.
Genre: Action/Comedy/2014/USA 81 m.
Director: Olli Koivula & Solvan Naim
Cast: Solvan Naim, Rob Morgan, Kelvin Hale
Synopsis: A young pizza delivery boy faces a life-changing crisis when when his curiosity pulls him away from his delivery order into an adjacent apartment’s open door.
He cannot resist the temptation when he stumbles across a large sum of money in the
aftermath of what seems to be a drug deal gone bad.
Genre: Crime/Drama/2013/USA/ 92 min
Director: Gregory W. Friedle
Cast: James Naughton (The Devil Wears Prada), Kevin O’Donnell
Synopsis: A man's otherwise perfect life is destroyed when his son is kidnapped and
murdered. He finds himself torn between avenging his son's death and moving on with
his now hollow existence.
Genre: Drama/2014/Brazil/Italy/ 109 m.
Director: Vicente Ferraz
Cast: Sergio Rubini, Daniel de Oliveira, Ivo Canelas, Richard Sammel
Logline: The unusual meeting between three deserters from different nationalities
(Brazil, Germany and Italy) during World War II. It all begins with four soldiers from a
bomb squad of the Brazilian army experiencing a panic attack. They flee from the front
and at dawn they are lost in no man’s land. Desperate and unprepared, these soldiers
must choose between the enemy or court martial.
Genre: Action/Thriller/2014/US/92 min
Director: David De Leon
Cast: William Forsythe (The Rock), Adal Ramones (Saving Private Perez), Walter Perez,
Charley Koontz
Synopsis: An American ex-con with Mexican underworld ties ensnares a pair of young
misfits into a dangerous heist in Mexico.
Genre: Erotic Thriller/2013/Germany/104 min
Director: Martin Jablonski
Cast: Torben Karstens, Gerhard Mohr, Katalyn Bohn
Synopsis: Lured by quick money, David, a loving family man and aspiring star lawyer, lives
a dangerous double life as an escort. He gets mixed-up in a political cat-and-mouse game with
the only purpose to destroy the opponent and keep his own dark secrets from discovery.
Genre: Animation/Kids/Family/2013/ Uruguay/80 min
Director: Alfredo Soderguit
Cast: Federica Lacaño, María Mendive, César Troncoso
Logline: A fantastical journey into the world of a ten-year-old girl who, following a playground skirmish, is given the weirdest punishment in the history of weird punishments.
Awards: Berlinale (Section Generation), Bafici (Audience Award), BFI London, San Sebastion,
Cartagena FF (Best Director) and Uruguay’s submission to the Academy Awards ® .
Genre: Vampire/Thriller/2013/Switzerland (French lang)/104 min
Director: Olivier Beguin
Cast: Jasna Kohoutova, Yannick Rosset, Catriona McColl
Synopsis: Hospitalized after being hit by a car while on holiday in Romania with his girlfriend Livia, Alexander must undergo a blood transfusion. On his return, he seems afflicted
with a strange disease.
Awards: Neuchatel Intl FFF (Special Mention), Montevideo Fantastico (Best Actress), Screamfest (Best Edit)
Genre: Crime/Romance/2013/S. Africa/105 min
Director: Andrew Worsdale
Cast: Brandon Auret, Gys de Villiers, Danny Keogh, Cara Robers
Synopsis: Following a police investigation into four murders, this road movie charts the
doomed romance of its two protagonists that went on an alcohol and drug-driven killing
orgy ~ a modern day Bonnie & Clyde.
Genre: Thriller/2013/UK/87 min
Director: Adam Tysoe
Cast: Anthony Welsh, Elsa Mollien, Max Wrottesley & Mem Ferda
Synopsis: Seduced and corrupted by the criminal rewards offered by London’s high-class
underground sex industry. If he is to survive he needs a new set of rules
EFM 2015 - 3-D Line-Up
Principal Photography April 9th 2015
Director: Michael Taverna
Genre: Sci-Fi/Disaster/2015/ USA
Cast: Antonio Banderas (Expendables), Ayelet Zurer (Man of Steel),
Virginia Madsen (Sideways) & Ben Cross (Star Trek)
Synopsis: During Earth’s final days, theoretical physicist Dermot Turner is
tasked by the President to lead the Exodus Program and move the human race
to Europa, Jupiter’s moon. Dermot, whose wife Claire has died in a tornado,
seeks the assistance of Adele, the leader of a Mars settlement. Should they
fail, a war will ensue between a race desperate for survival and the inhabitants of Mars who don’t want their new world destroyed as Earth was by billions of unsustainable newcomers. With war days away, Dermont returns to
Earth to find a solution—forever Resilient. His past will shape our future.
In Development
Director: TBD
Genre: Action/2015/USA
Cast: TBD
Synopsis: After the first Great Islamic nuclear war, hundreds of thousands of
refugees have landed on European shores and are now kept in walled cities.
Inside in those encampments, life is ruled by the Sword of Nedal who’s Princess, Aisha, realizes on the day of her 20th birthday her mother had been betrayed and killed by the leader of her Clan.
Revenge is now her only desire.
Available Territories: Worldwide
Currently in Distribution
Director: Michael Taverna
Genre: Supernatural Thriller/2013/USA/ 84 min
Cast: Mischa Barton, Rebecca De Mornay, Julianne Michelle
Synopsis: Having grown up under the controlling grip of her fame-hungry
mother, Janet jumps at the opportunity to move into what looks to be a great
high-rise apartment in downtown Detroit, until one night her boyfriend finds
her in the middle of the street, having fallen from the balcony 13 stories above.
Remaining Territories: Central Europe, Poland, Greece, Israel, Taiwan,
S. Korea, and S. Africa.

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