April 2016 - Killearn Lakes Homeowners Association, Inc.



April 2016 - Killearn Lakes Homeowners Association, Inc.
Save these Dates
April Fool’s Day
KLHOA Board Meeting,
7:00 pm at the KLHOA Office
Tax Day
Orchard Pond Toll Road Ribbon Cutting & Festivities
Passover Begins & Ends 4/30/16
Arbor Day
KLHOA Kids Fishing Contest, Lake Monkey Business
from 8:00 am to noon
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2016 Board of Directors
(Elected by general membership)
Trina Searcy, President
Tom Martineau, Treasurer
Joe Barnett, Director
Olan Brunson, Director
Mark Reichert, Vice President
Joanie Trotman, Secretary
Jeff Caster, Director
Administrative Staff
Nancy C. Johnson
Anne Marshall
Gregory Durant
Sharon Malloy
Operations Director, Bookkeeper & Editor
Office Manager
Field Manager
Assistant Editor, Assistant Office Manager
Office Hours: Mon-Fri 9:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m.
T: 850-668-3231 | F: 850-894-1477
E: [email protected]
7110 Beech Ridge Trail, Tallahassee FL, 32312
Corporate Records are available upon written request.
If you haven’t already, register your information with our NEW
website if you wish to continue to receive resident email alerts from
the association office. Directions to do so are directly beside the
registration box located on the ‘Contact Us’ page. Thank you!
Cover Photo Contest
The photographer for this cover photo is Tommy McGraw..
Did you know that your photography could be showcased on our
cover? If you have a photo you would like to submit for consideration,
simply send it to [email protected]
All submitted photos should be at the highest available quality {at
least 300dpi}. Entries will be reviewed by the editor and assistant editor.
The selected photo will appear on an upcoming issue of the “Lakes View”
Magazine. It would be helpful if you could share a personal story along
with the photo.
Call our office at (850) 668-3231 if you have any additional
questions. We look forward to “showcasing” your photo submissions!
Lakes View / Issue 76/ April 2016
KLHOA Dues – If unpaid a $25 late fee is incurred
Cinco De Mayo
Mother’s Day
KLHOA Quarterly Open Member Meeting,
7:00 pm at the Bradfordville Community Center
(Old School House)
Memorial Day (KLHOA office will be closed)
The Architectural Control Committee (ACC) generally meets
every other Friday at 10 am at the HOA office. If you wish to
meet with the ACC, please call the office at 668-3231 and
make an appointment.
Phone Numbers
Fire Department & Leon County Sheriff
(non-emergency situations only):
Talquin Electric (ex: Light out on your street)
(Bradfordville office):
Outages (24-hour service):
Leon County Public Roads:
(1-888) 802-1832
(1-800) 432-4770
Animal Control:
Leon County Mosquito Control:
Waste Pro:
Leon County Storm Water Questions::
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Being a mother means that
heart is
no longer yours; it wanders wherever
children do.
Editor’s Note
Florida is the one state where you may wake up in the mornings and you need
to turn on the heat but by the afternoon you turn on the air conditioning because
the sun has heated things up. This year it seems we really didn’t have a winter, yet
the first day of spring we had a frost warning. You’ve got to love it. We are very
lucky to have an early profusion of colors that can only make you think of springtime!
ur April issue contains quite a lot of information, some of which was
either requested or suggested by you, our readers. On page 9,
information regarding the use of golf carts within Killearn Lakes is
provided by the Leon County Sheriff ’s Office. The roadways in
Killearn Lakes are public roads, and must meet fairly restrictive
conditions before the key is even turned on and those carts driven out here. The
private roads within Golden Eagle, and a few other private roads, are the only
exceptions to these restrictions.
April brings back one of the most popular events sponsored by the Fish &
Wildlife Committee of the KLHOA. This year, the Annual Kids Fishing Contest
will be held on Saturday, April 30th from 8:00 am until 12:00 pm. Please check
out the contest rules and start times on page 21. Our District 4 County
Commissioner, Bryan Desloge, has provided quite a lot of useful
information in his article, found on page 4. The Orchard Pond
toll road will open April 18th, and according to Bryan, you will
be allowed a freebie for the first ten days of its opening. After
that, the toll will be $1.19 each way. You may want to
purchase a Sun Pass if you plan to travel the toll road often.
Our Business Spotlight features a new local business
called My Kid’s Driving, LLC. Susan Hinds is a Killearn
Lakes mom of three sons, who has founded this business in
an effort to help keep our young drivers safe. It is something
Susan has thought about and has been developing for some
time, and launched the opening just a few weeks ago. I had
the pleasure of meeting Susan recently, and her enthusiasm and
bubbly personality are quite infectious. We wish her good luck
with this new venture.
Finally, as we celebrate Mom’s special day this May 8th, I would
like to wish my lovely 87- years-young mother in Georgia, and all other
moms, a very Happy Mother’s Day! Till next time.....
Nancy C. Johnson
Operations Director, Bookkeeper & Editor
Bryan's Brief
April 2016
Can’t you feel it! Spring is just
around the corner. The dogwoods, crepe
myrtles and azaleas will be in full bloom
soon and with that will come mowing of
lawns and pruning the shrubs, but isn’t it
the time of year we all love so much.
Leon County dresses up in her best flora
and fauna attire and we realize just how
fortunate we are to have the quality of life
we so enjoy. There’s no place like home!!
The following are some updates for
you. Please let me know if there are other issues of interest or if you
have questions regarding any of these.
County’s Leadership Honors. I will be sworn in as the president of the
National Association of Counties in July. County Administrator Vince
Long was elected and currently services as the president of the Florida
Association of County Managers. County Attorney Herb Thiele was
elected by his peers and serves as president of the International
Municipal Lawyers Association. Tourist Development Director Lee
Daniel was elected as the president of the Florida Association of
Destination Marketing Organizations. Public Works Senior Design
Engineer George Su was elected to serve as president of the local
American Public Works Association, Local Big Bend Branch.
I provide you all this information so that you know the leadership
you have in your County government. I doubt there is any other
government anywhere who has the equivalent. We’re here to serve!
Federal Update: On Feb. 24, I had the honor of testifying before
the U.S. Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs'
Subcommittee on Regulatory Affairs and Federal Management. As a
former FAC President and current National Association of Counties
(NACo) First Vice President, I was charged with making the case for
improving the federal government's process for evaluating and reducing
the harmful impacts of federal mandates on counties and residents.
"Without improving intergovernmental collaboration in the
development and implementation of federal agency regulations, these
mandates will continue to add another layer of fiscal strain on counties
already operating under considerable pressure." We will continue to
work on the federal and state level to minimize unfunded mandates to
local government and look forward to wins in this area too.
While in D.C. I had the pleasure of representing the Florida
Association of Counties in laying a wreath at the Tomb of the
Unknown Soldier. If you have not visited this national treasure, I hope
that one day you will. I can’t say enough about the feelings that wash
over you as you pay tribute to our fallen soldiers. Please keep those
who protect and serve in your prayers.
Canopy Roads Advisory Committee– I know many of you are
aware this issue that came before the Commission March 8 and to all
of you who contacted me sharing your recommendations and concerns
and to those who worked on the "Statement to the Community"
regarding preservation of our canopy roads – I thank you! I welcome
all the feedback I can get to help in the decision making process.
There's obviously some tweaking that needs to be done, but I have
every faith the committee, with the support of the department and
legal staff will be able to handle it. Having clearer direction regarding
their responsibilities, regular training of the committee members, and
Permitting staff support should help expedite the review process for the
committee. Of course, having an urban forester at their disposal won't
hurt either.
Emergency Medical Service– I am pleased to inform you that
the Commission on Accreditation of Ambulance Services (CAAS)
conferred another three-year accreditation to EMS. As a part of the
process, CAAS conducts an on-site review of EMS to ensure that each
characteristic of the accreditation requirements are strictly met. EMS
received a perfect score on the evaluation and no deficiencies were
identified during the process. As you may remember, our EMS system
became the first government-operated EMS system in Florida to meet
the rigorous standards and receive accreditation.
County Leadership Recognition– I thought I would recap your
Thomasville/Proctor Rd Recreation Park Property – Thought
you might like an update on this. The County bought 100 acres on
the corner of Proctor and Thomasville just north of Chiles High.
There's money for this project ($8-10M) that was allocated in the next
round of Blueprint tax dollars that will start in 2019 - I'll push as hard
as I can to accelerate the build out and my hope is that in the short
term (next 2 years or so) we can start cutting some trails for some light
passive uses. It’s my intent to ask for citizen input on how this is
developed. It’s still a long time coming, but the money is there. That’s
the best news of all!
Bradfordville Community Center (Bannerman Rd) – We still
have continued interest in our classes at the NE Branch Library. We’ve
added a fourth fitness class and will feature three art classes in April.
The Bannerman Road Widening – The completion of the road
widening from Thomasville Rd to 900 feet west of Quail Commons
will be delayed as we’ve had some utility relocation issues. However,
traffic will be shifted to the new roadway, located south of the existing
road, on or about May 1. Drive carefully until everyone gets used to
the new traffic routing. This shift will allow them to move forward
with the next portion of the project. I should be able to give you more
accurate completion dates in my next newsletter.
Orchard Pond Toll Road – Plans for the ribbon cutting and
festivities are tentatively scheduled for April 18. The first 10 days after
April 18 will be free. If you don’t have Sun Pass, you may want to
contact the State to secure one. The existing Orchard Pond Rd will
be converted into a bike pedestrian trail. More information to follow.
Killearn Lakes Sidewalk Installation – The survey of the property
is complete, but we’ve not yet received the conceptional drawings.
Once we receive and approve the drawings a meeting will be scheduled
with the Homeowners Association to go over the plans. You may recall
that the design is for the installation of a sidewalk on Chadwick from
Bull Headly to Deerlake and from Deerlake to Journey’s End. They’ll
also connect the sidewalk to the small stretch on Pheasant Run where
there is no sidewalk. This is being done under the Safe Routes To
School Initiative and is being funded by the local option Gas Tax and
Blueprint 2000 allocations.
Killearn Lakes Unit 2 and Unit 3 Stormwater Project
Improvements – The actual construction work is complete in these
two units, and only a few items are left on the punch list. Those are
primarily landscaping.
Killearn Lakes Unit 1 – is under construction with an eight to
nine month completion date if there are no adverse weather conditions
to delay construction. The problem we’re encountering is that this is
a designated wetland area protected by State Environmental
Regulations and we’re challenged in doing any type construction or
restoration in that area. The work is moving very slowly.
Roadway Restoration – The culverts under Kinhega need to be
replaced and are in the permitting process for design work. We should
be moving forward with the installation with those culverts beginning
April. You can expect there to be lane closures when work begins.
Repaving of Kinhega will be done when the culvert project is complete.
It's been bitter sweet over the past few months knowing that I
would be walking my daughter down the aisle at her wedding.
Testifying before a congressional meeting and laying a wreath at the
Tomb of the Unknown Soldier were definite highs that I’m grateful
to share with you.
I consider it an honor and a privilege to serve as your District
IV Commissioner and I commit to you that I will continue to do
the best job I can in representing you and our community. As
always, I welcome your input and appreciate all of you who act as
my eyes in the District. Many of the improvements we’ve already
made, or are currently working on, came from citizen suggestions
or observations. As you plan for your neighborhood/homeowner’s
association meetings, please let me know the dates and times so that
I may join you. Please don’t hesitate to call me if you have any
questions or concerns, [email protected] or 606-5364.
Bryan Desloge
Leon County Commission
District IV
Leon County
Board of County Commissioners
Business Spotlight
Putting your child behind the wheel for their first solo drive is
one of the scariest moments in a parent’s life. That fear never goes
“My Kid’s Driving, LLC”
(MKD) is a brand new, local
business that provides parents with
the reassurance that other drivers
are looking out for your young
driver when they are on the road.
At the same time, knowing there is
a monitoring system in place, your
young driver is more likely to drive
the way you think they do.
Just like truckers and fleet
vehicles with “How’s My Driving,”
each MKD subscription includes a
window decal that says “Let Me
Know How My Kid’s Driving!” A
toll free number and an extension
for that specific vehicle are listed on
the decal. When a compliment or
complaint is called in, the recording
will be sent directly to the parent’s
email in an audio file. It is then up
to the parent to determine the
validity and consequence of the
complaint. Essentially, this allows
the community to watch out for
your young driver when you cannot, allowing you to breathe a little
According to the National Highway Traffic Safety
Administration, motor vehicle accidents are the number one cause of
death in teens, and over 5,000 teens (our children) die in car accidents
every year in the United States. MKD wants to change these statistics,
and help prevent them from ever
becoming a reality for you.
If we can influence our
children to make better decisions
behind the wheel, we can literally
change the world.
We are a local business,
founded by parents with all
young drivers in mind.
Your young driver probably
won’t like us, but that is OK.
Raising good, healthy children is
not about making friends; it’s
about helping them reach
adulthood so they can become the
amazing humans we know they
will be.
My Kid’s Driving, LLC is
owned and developed by Susan
Hinds. Susan is a Killearn Lakes
neighborhood mom with two
teenagers on the road and another
soon to follow. She and her
husband, Phil, have lived in
Killearn Lakes with their three
boys, Logan, Spencer and Jacob
for 18 years. While they love their beautiful community, they
believe that the number of young lives that have been lost, even on
our quiet streets, is unacceptable. MKD was created because they
want all of our children to be safe, not a statistic.
Trina’s TidBits
By: Trina Searcy, President, KLHOA Board of Directors
My kids have been a part of
my real estate career from the very
beginning. They were so young
when I started they didn't even
realize they were coming to work
with me. I have always made sure
we got to do something fun when
we were done showing houses.
The most precious gift you can
give your children is the gift of
your time.
Think of ways you can build
in more time to spend with your kids. Here are some ideas:
• Schedule a regular family outing. One family goes to a movie on
a Saturday afternoon, then stops for pizza on the way home.
Another athletic family schedules something active every Sunday.
One week, they go for a bike ride. The next week may find
everyone inline skating. What you do isn't important - but
consistency is.
• Find ways for one-on-one time with each child. It is important
to have the whole family together. But, it's also important for
each child to get some individual attention. One mom takes a
Lakes View / Issue 76/ April 2016
different child with her as she runs errands. The reward, a stop
for ice cream. Another busy dad gets up early on Saturday and
makes breakfast for his son.
• Go to your child's activities. When you get a schedule of your
child's athletic games or dance performances, write them on the
calendar. You don't have to go to every game, but you should be
there for most of them. Kids love looking in the stands or along
the sidelines to see your face.
Trina Searcy & Associates
Keller Williams Town and Country Realty Tallahassee FL
850-508-0134 Direct • 850-201-4663 Office
Your Real Estate Resource!Trina Searcy Broker Associate ABR,
CRS, e-Pro, CHMS
2016 Tallahassee Board Of Realtors President
2011- 2014 ALC Keller Williams Leadership Council
2013-2014 Tallahassee Board of REALTORS® treasurer
2009-current Killearn Lakes HOA President
2009 ~ Keller Williams Agent of the Year!
2013-2014 Women's Council of REALTORS® VP of Membership
Do You Own
A Golf Cart?
By: Lieutenant Grady Jordan
Public Information Officer, Leon County Sheriff's Office
There is nothing better than Tallahassee in the spring. As the azaleas
begin to bloom and the temperatures rise, more and more of our
neighbors will be enjoying the outdoors. For many, that includes taking
the golf cart out for a leisurely ride around the neighborhood or to visit
friends. If you have a golf cart there are just a few rules you need to keep
in mind. “Golf cart” means a motor vehicle that is designed and
manufactured for operation on a golf course for sporting or recreational
purposes and that is not capable of exceeding speeds of 20 miles per hour.
In Florida there are specific golf cart laws and regulations governing the
usage and construction of “street legal” golf carts. For a “street legal” golf
cart you need the following:
• Stop lamps, turn signal lamps, headlamps, tail lamps, parking
• Rearview mirrors, reflex reflectors, windshields, seat belts, and
• Must be registered and insured in accordance with current
• The drivers of these golf carts must have valid driver’s license
If your golf cart is not registered the following rules apply:
• Golf carts can only be driven on roadways designated for use
by golf carts
• Roads designated for golf cart use should be posted with a
sign that indicates golf carts are allowed
• Golf carts may not be operated on public roadways by any
person under 14 years of age
• If golf carts are allowed on the roads in your neighborhood
they also must comply with operational and safety
• If you are operating a golf cart at night it should be equipped
with head lights, brake lights, turn signals, and a windshield
By: Jeff Caster, KLHOA Board Member
385 million years or so ago, the first trees started to grow
here. Until about 50 years ago, the land we live on sustained
itself, or was managed and cared for without waste. Nothing
but time was taken. Plants and animals, people too, lived and
died here; generation after generation. Nothing went to
waste. Always, uninterrupted, a never ending and abundant
supply of energy was returned back into soil so the cycle could
begin again… and again.
Now, even with houses, driveways, patios, and streets,
the trees and land don’t produce waste. Sticks and leaves that
fall from the trees can still nourish the land, and provide renourishment for the next generation of plants, animals, and
people. There is plenty of time and space for nature to return
this energy back to the land. Everything the trees and land
produce is still useful, still valuable. Everything that’s needed
to keep Killearn Lakes Plantation yards green is already here.
Why throw it away? Why choose to be wasteful?
For the future, in lieu of garbage bags and garbage trucks,
choose a space about the size of your washer and drier (at least
15 feet from the house). In a big yard, you may want a space
in front and another in back. Excess leaves that aren’t used
to mulch trees and shrubs, can be become a leaf pile that will
quickly decompose. Be patient. There will be no smell or
attraction for pests. Next to the leaves, the sticks, cut or
broken into manageable lengths, can be piled neatly. Quickly
they crumble, and return energy to the soil below. Life will
go on.
It will be helpful to the entire community to know if you
are interested or have questions or suggestions. Please contact
me at [email protected] or 850 294 2123.
*Florida Statutes 316.212, 316.2125, 316.2126
If you have a golf cart please keep all of these rules in mind before
you drive it on the road. No matter what vehicle you drive, please obey
all traffic laws and watch out for pedestrians, so we can all have a safe
and happy summer.
Golden Eagle is the only unit in Killearn Lakes that is a
designated golf cart community. All other roads in Killearn Lakes are
public roadways not designated for use by golf carts. For more
information on the use of golf carts in Golden Eagle, please visit
Be sure to register as a member at www.killearnlakeshoa.org
Lake Friendly Yard
By: Joe Barnett
s a state capital and college town, Tallahassee and especially our
Killearn Lakes neighborhood, is filled with experts. Florida’s
landscape expert at the Department of Transportation, and
program coordinator for the “scenic highways”, Jeff Caster,
was recently elected again to the Killearn Lakes board.
At work Jeff applies principles of conservation to the
state’s thousands of miles of roadsides. This is good for Florida’s
economy and environment. I googled his name and learned that he
won the 2008 state landscape award for wildflower and butterfly
gardens. Almost immediately, I called and asked if I could bicycle to
his home so he could give me some suggestions for our Killearn Lakes
Friendly Yards program.
Jeff took me to his garden refuge, or – “outside man-cave” as one
friend thinks of it. It’s across the street on the vacant lot he and Mimi
purchased ten years ago. There was a chill in the air and he had a small
fire pit. Near the fire was a section of gate decorated with an old shovel
and horseshoes from his old home place.
There was a big old bell and fenced garden planted with organic
broccoli, peppers, and tomatoes. Milkweed planted on the edge of the
vegetable garden helps restore our declining monarch butterfly
population. He had several compost piles of brush, pine needles and
mulch. Fallen logs lined the paths through his forest. Nothing goes to
waste and no fertilization or irrigation is required.
When vines were pulled down and out from a small grove of native
sparkleberry trees, it became a wonderland. Each spring they bloom
with beautiful white bell shaped flowers.. His native swamp hibiscus
was grown from collected seed. There’s coreopsis (our state wildflower),
mushrooms, and a beautiful patch of smooth green moss. One big
longleaf pine houses a pileated woodpecker nest.
As an alternative to the popular but wildlife unfriendly sago palms,
seeds from his native coontie palms are replanted; providing vital
nourishment for the Atala butterfly. A few of the many natives growing
in his garden and yard are the saw palmetto, needle palm, holly, plum,
Lakes View / Issue 76/ April 2016
and blueberry. Jeff even gave me a clump of columbine wildflowers.
Closer to his house Jeff showed me how he solved drainage
problems and eliminated stormwater runoff
using natural vegetation and contours. If
everyone reduced their runoff, there would be less
flooding of downhill neighbors, fewer expensive
drainage projects, and our lakes would be cleaner. Jeff has
a very small lawn, which means much less work, less expense,
He had several compost piles
of brush, pine needles and
mulch. Fallen logs lined the
paths through his forest.
Nothing goes to waste and no
fertilization or irrigation
is required.
no chemicals, and more time to enjoy his refuge!
We are very happy to name Jeff and Mimi Caster our Killearn
Lakes Friendly Yard winners. They will receive a yard sign and $100
gift certificate. Jeff has already said he’ll donate the $100 back to the
Homeowners Association, hoping it will be used to promote more Lake
Friendly landscapes.
If your yard or neighbors use minimal or no fertilizer and avoid
invasive plants like the popcorn tree and coral ardisia, please contact
the Killearn Lakes office or me at [email protected] Also,
several residents have requested that the Killearn Lakes nature trails be
rebuilt. If you are interested in helping please contact me.
As you prepare your flowerbeds this spring, you may be facing a
quandary: to mulch or not to mulch? Consider these pros and cons of
this common garden add-on to decide if it belongs in your yard this year.
Benefits of Mulch
• Mulch blocks the sun. This helps protect plant roots from heat
damage and prevents weeds from taking hold.
• Freezing, melting and refreezing water can cause heaving,
which is when shallow-rooted plants pop out of the ground.
Mulch lessens this effect and can help your perennials make
it to next spring.
• As the ground gradually warms up in early spring, perennials
start to bloom. Mulch slows this ground-heating process so
late-winter warmth doesn't trick flowers into blooming before
it's really time.
• Using mulch slows evaporation from the soil so your plants soak
up more of the water you give them. This makes mulch a cost
effective investment, especially in dry climates, by saving you time,
money and water.
• Mulch helps prevent the soil around your plants from eroding
during heavy rainfall.
Drawbacks of Mulch
• Blocking sunlight to the soil can prevent seeds from
germinating. Tip: if you're applying mulch in the spring, wait
until after seedlings have emerged.
• Plant-eating slugs and earwigs enjoy the cool, dark shelter
mulch provides. Tip: only apply a thin layer of mulch 3 to 5
inches away from plant stems if pests become a problem.
Lakes View / Issue 76/ April 2016
• Slowing down the ground-heating process in spring may cause
some flowers to bloom too late. Tip: rake back mulch to
encourage perennials to bloom, and then recover the area once
the plants are established.
• Reduced evaporation isn't always a good thing. If the weather
is wet for several days straight, the soil could remain soggy and
damage your plants' roots. Tip: rake mulch away from your
plants during prolonged rainy periods to promote better
Choosing and Applying Mulch
Since it's possible to overcome pretty much every drawback of mulch
in most situations, you may decide it's right for your bed cover. To
ensure you don't regret your decision, choose your mulch wisely and
apply it properly:
• Choose product to promote healthy soil. Pine straw is a great
resource in our area which makes it a very popular choice.
Stone and gravel are other options, but don't expect them to
improve the soil's composition.
• A 3- to 4-inch layer of mulch is plenty for most applications.
• You can apply mulch at any time of year. Just be mindful of
the way it slows the ground-heating process in the spring and
prevents heaving in the winter.
If you need help preparing your garden for another growing season,
please contact The Grounds Guys®. We provide many landscaping
services, including spring clean-up services, to help you achieve your
most beautiful garden yet.
Suet Recipe
By: Laura Hansen
1 lb. Lard (not shortening)
16 oz. jar crunchy peanut butter
2 lb. bag corn meal (not self-rising)
2 lb. bag all-purpose flour
1 cup raisins
1 cup bird seed (you can just use a mix with fruit and nuts)
I hope you enjoy the picture of the Indigo Bunting that comes to
visit me in March-April. All the winter birds love this suet recipe.
Pine Warblers, Yellow-throated Warblers and even Catbirds are
some of my favorites to watch. These birds don't usually come to
the feeder.
Be sure to register as a member at www.killearnlakeshoa.org
Lakes View / Issue 76/ April 2016
KLP Aquatic Plant Management
By: Charlie Mesing
Killearn Lakes Plantation (KLP) chain of lakes, Arrowhead, Pine
Hill, Petty Gulf, Blue Heron, and Monkey Business, have experienced
increased storm-water runoff for more than 25 years. Residential and
commercial stormwater have contributed to expanded aquatic vegetation
in all our lakes. Our KLP Fish and Wildlife Committee and Board have
used triploid grass carp and selective herbicides to maintain low levels of
aquatic vegetation for esthetics and economic reasons. FDA approved
herbicides are used in extreme infestations of exotic plants, hydrilla, water
hyacinths, elephant ears, and alligator weed. Aquatic plant management
is one of the most important and costly issues the KLP HOA addresses
annually. Below is a summary for each lake.
Lake Arrowhead has dense green algae blooms and poor water
quality. In December 2014, holding ponds for the Bannerman
development “over flowed” discharging significant stormwater into
Lake Arrowhead. Leon County officials treated the holding ponds
with “alum” to confine the sediments. Green water color in 2016
has returned however, future fish kills are possible from dense
microscopic algae growth unless all stormwater is treated and
“aeration” is installed to help recycle nutrients. Threadfin shad,
bluegill, redear sunfish a/k/a shellcracker, black crappie, and
largemouth bass comprise the fish community. This small front lake
has a dock and a good fishery for bass and bream.
Lake Pine Hill has the best water quality of all KLP lakes and a
diverse fish community. There are no major problematic aquatic
plant problems at this time. A few water hyacinths were spotted in
February 2016. Annual exotic herbicide treatments will control these
nuisance exotic aquatic plants. Largemouth bass and bluegill are
abundant although a few 5-6 lb fish have been recently caught.
Triploid grass carp were stocked in 2014 to control aquatic plants.
There is parking, a dock, and boat ramp for anglers. Pine Hill
receives the least amount of local stormwater runoff.
Lake Petty Gulf has experienced significant invasions of the
exotic plant “hydrilla” since 1999. Hydrilla reappeared in 2014 and
spread throughout Lake Petty Gulf by May 2015. As a result, a 2015
lake-wide herbicide (Sonar) treatment has controlled the hydrilla.
Triploid grass carp should control hydrilla re-growth for 4-5 years.
Water hyacinths have been treated annually since they first appeared.
The fish population is comprised of largemouth bass, bluegill, redear
sunfish a/k/a shellcracker, brown bullhead catfish, and threadfin shad.
Lake Blue Heron has experienced severe “filamentous algae”
outbreaks due to “high nutrients inflows” and shallow water. The
lake bottom has been covered with filamentous algae periodically
from 2007-2015. Attempts to control filamentous algae, has resulted
in limited success. In spring/summer /fall of 2015, several techniques
were implemented to reduce filamentous algae including blue dye,
multiple herbicides, and releasing 300 extra triploid grass carp. Cost
shared (KLP and GE) herbicide treatments occurred in
March/August/September in selected 15-20 acre sections. Initial
results were very positive. The fish population is comprised of bream,
black crappie and largemouth bass. Spring 2015 samples indicated
that many bass were skinny and threadfin shad numbers were low
probably related to the filamentous algae dominance. KLP HOA
will develop a filamentous algae plan for Blue Heron for 2016.
Lake Monkey Business is the site of our KLP Annual Kids
Fishing Contest. Each year, 500 hatchery largemouth bass (8- 10
inches) are stocked into a netted area. Several bass are tagged for
raffle prizes during the contest. The 2016 Kids fishing event is
scheduled for April 30th. There are plenty of bluegill, redear sunfish
a/k/a shellcracker, black crappie, and largemouth bass for anglers.
There were trophy-sized bass observed in our 2015 spring fish
samples. Each year a few large fish are tagged and released into the
net for young anglers to catch and possibly win the Grand Prize.
There are no major aquatic plant issues in Lake Monkey Business at
this time. There is plenty of parking for residents and two docks for
shoreline fishing.
Managing aquatic plants in all KLP lakes continues to be
challenging and costly due to increased commercial and
residential development in the KLP as well as
commercial development of Bradfordville. Please
do not discard any aquatic plants from your
small back yard ponds and always check
your trailer for plant
launching boats in
KLP lakes.
Mixed Berry Pie with
Phyllo Crust
By: Secrets of Healthy Cooking
10 sheets 9 × 14-inch frozen phyllo dough
Nonstick cooking spray
1 quart fresh strawberries, washed and cut
into pieces the size of the raspberries
2 cups fresh blueberries
1 pint fresh raspberries
1. Defrost phyllo dough in refrigerator for 3 hours or overnight.
2. Preheat oven to 425°. Divide phyllo in half. One half will be
the bottom crust and the remaining half will be for the top crust.
3. Spray a 9-inch pie plate with nonstick cooking spray. Place a
leaf of phyllo in the pie plate and spray it. Top with another sheet
of phyllo and spray. Repeat this procedure with the first half of
the phyllo.
4. Mix all the berries together and place in pie plate.
5. Cut the remaining phyllo into 1-inch strips and toss together.
Place on top of fruit. Spray with nonstick cooking spray.
6. Place in preheated oven and bake for 20–25 minutes until
crust is golden. If your crust gets too brown before 20 minutes,
you can cover it with a sheet of aluminum foil.
Lakes View / Issue 76/ April 2016
Personal Safety:
Flashlight and Lighting Techniques
By: Lt. Charlie Strickland
the car so you can check your mirrors or backup camera. Have a
flashlight handy.
Speaking of flashlights, you need one, and I don’t mean the ones
with two D-cell batteries. I mean a good tactical light with an LED bulb.
Find one that has 100 lumens (light intensity) or more and uses lithium
batteries so they won’t die sitting on the shelf. Lithium batteries will sit
for 10 years without dying or corroding - that’s what you want to have
- Lt. Col Dave Grossman
nearby. Tactical flashlights are generally aluminum or plastic, and the
versions will provide bright light without killing the batteries too
I want to share a story with you from my childhood. When I was
Some make good impact weapons and many have pocket clips
9 years old, I read a book called “The Mothman Prophecies” about a
so you can carry them anywhere.
large creature that would swoop down at night and take people. I didn’t
go outside, take the flashlight and use it. It might be better
do well in the dark outside after that….for a while. At 9 years old, I was
wait, but you probably won’t call every time you hear a
afraid of what walked the night; at 49, I still like a bright flashlight, but
use a flashlight, shine it in the dark shadows, or what
whatever evil walks the night should now fear me.
are where threats might be. A bright flashlight in
After being a law enforcement officer for 25 years, 17 of which I
give you a moment to escape because his eyes
spent on the SWAT team, I have learned a couple of things about the
are adjusted to the dark. If he
dark because most of my career
grabs you, hold the flashlight like
has been spent in the dark, clearing
a knife and pound him about the
buildings, homes and woods. I
head and eyes until you can get
know from years of experience that
away. The combination of
lighting is the key to feeling secure
house, you’re better to keep
aggression and bright light should
at night. Knowing how to leverage
have a profound effect.
light to your advantage is an
One last pointer: when
important element of personal
you’re in and turn on the
around a corner, stay as far
safety. Bad guys don’t like the light.
that corner as possible.
In your home at night, be
a reactionary gap aware of how light and your
to see into.
you and anyone
windows interact. During the
in the shadows
daytime, the inside of your home
Whether this
is darker than the outside so you
buy yourself
can see out, but people can’t see in. At night, the reverse is true. Walk
outside after dark and look back at your home. Can you see inside? Even
though you can only see your reflection when you’re inside, someone
Stay safe and don’t let your kids read or watch anything with
could easily sit outside in the dark and watch you without you knowing.
in the title. Own the night!
Turning on more lights inside won’t help; you’re giving everyone a free
Fear not the night.
Fear that which walks the night.
And I am that which walks the night.
But, only evil need fear me….
And gentle souls sleep safe in their beds...
Because I walk the night.
peek inside while you see nothing. The better solution is to turn on your
outside lights and make the inside of your house dark, giving you the
advantage. By the way, sheer curtains make this effect worse, not better.
If you hear something in your house, you’re better to keep the light
off in the room you’re in and turn on the light in the room you want to
see into. Step back into the shadows to protect yourself while looking
into the lit area for information.
Your car windows have worse reflectivity than your home. At night,
if you sit with your dome light on the whole world can see in, but you
see nothing. Anyone can walk up to you and you won’t see them. Drive
around with your headlights on and scan your area; don’t stay in the car
long. If you need to sit, leave your headlights on, lock your doors and
leave the engine running. Before you get out of the car, put the car in
reverse for a moment or hit your brakes to illuminate anything behind
Lt. Charlie Strickland is a 25 year veteran law enforcement officer
and Watch Commander at the Leon County Sheriff’s Office. He has
served in and supervised a number of units in his time there from the
Robbery Task Force, Violent Crimes Unit, Patrol, Training, Field
Training and Special Operations to Traffic and Motor Unit. He served
as the SWAT Team Leader and spent 17 years on the team. He serves
as the Agency Armorer, and a High Liability Instructor. He holds an
B.S. and an MBA from Florida State University and is a Co-Owner
and CEO of Talon Training Group, Talon Holsters, and the Talon
Range in Midway, Florida along with JD Johnson. Talon boasts around
2,000 members and has trained over 5,000 locals in firearms safety
and personal safety.
Be sure to register as a member at www.killearnlakeshoa.org
Lakes View / Issue 76/ April 2016
omasville Road Planning Study
The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) is working on
a study to explore additional highway capacity alternatives to relieve
current and anticipated traffic congestion along the Thomasville Road/
Capital Circle Northeast (SR 61/US 319) corridor, including the
interchanges with Interstate 10 (I-10). The project limits extend from
Metropolitan Boulevard to the Bannerman Road/ Bradfordville Road
intersection. Alternatives being considered include: adding travel lanes
to SR 61 (US 319) in the northbound and southbound directions,
improving the existing roadway network east of Thomasville Road, and
constructing a new roadway on a new alignment. Secondary purposes
include expediting multi-modal travel along the corridor while allowing
safe movement of vehicle, pedestrian and bicycle traffic.
This project involves coordination with the Capital Region
Transportation Planning Agency (CRTPA), Blueprint 2000, TallahasseeLeon County Planning Department, other project stakeholders and other
roadway projects in the area.
The study is nearing completion. Alternatives that meet the purpose
and need of the study will be carried forward for a more in-depth analysis
in future projects. Current project information can be found on the
project website at http://www.nwflroads.com/FutureProjects.shtm and
scrolling down to Leon County. Contact information for the project
manager can also be found on both the project home page, and the
Contact Us page of the website.
Representatives from the project team will be giving a project update
at the Killearn Lakes Homeowners Association Open Member Meeting
on May 10, 2016.
Be sure to register as a member at www.killearnlakeshoa.org
20 Lakes View / Issue 76/ April 2016
2016 KLHOA Kids
Fishing Contest Rules
All Killearn Lakes Homeowners’ Association members in good standing are invited to participate, so bring your kids out to
Lake Monkey Business for a day of great fun, food and prizes! The rules for the contest are listed below.
The fishing contest is open to all Killearn Lakes residents ages 16
and under and their guests. Parents can assist their children only.
Please let the kids do the fishing!
The contest begins at 8:00 a.m. and ends at noon.
Fishing within the netted area is available in shifts, from either
8:00 a.m. - 9:30 a.m. or from 9:30 a.m. - 11:00 a.m. The netted
area is open to all contestants from 11:00 a.m. - noon.
GREEN is designated for the 8:00 to 9:30 time slot.
RED is designated for the 9:30 to 11:00 time slot.
There are approximately 50 tagged fish within the netted area. If
a tagged fish is caught, you are guaranteed a prize. (You can only
win one prize regardless of the number of tagged fish you may
catch.) If you catch a tagged fish, locate one of the Fish and
Wildlife Committee volunteers or bring it to the tent in order for
your catch to be logged. Please DO NOT remove tags from the
Prizes will be awarded for tagged fish only, with the exception of
the biggest (by weight) fish of the day. The child who catches the
biggest fish wins the grand prize. If you would like your fish
considered for The Biggest Fish of the Day Contest bring it to the
tent to have the fish weighed and logged.
Any remaining prizes will be awarded by raffle. You must be
present to win a raffle prize.
All prizes will be awarded at the culmination of the contest
Casting Contest Rules
If you cast a plug into the ring, your name goes into a drawing for a
limited number of prizes.
The Killearn Lakes Homeowners’ Association Fish and Wildlife
Committee recommends a catch and release of all bass.
We provide worms and some fishing tackle (bobbers and hooks) during
the event. We do not have the resources to provide fishing poles to
participants. So please remember to bring your own rod and reel to
the fishing contest. It doesn’t take much of an investment. A decent
rod and reel combo can be purchased for around $25.00. And as a
young girl with a Barbie fishing pole can attest, you don’t need any
fancy equipment to catch a large fish.
We try to make catching a fish as easy as we can, which is why we use
the net and place so many fish inside the netted area. Our main
purpose is to encourage our young folks to learn to fish and experience
the thrill of actually landing a bass.
Most importantly,
Be sure to register as a member at www.killearnlakeshoa.org
Master Builder Best Practices Presents:
A Successful Renovation Requires a Pre-Construction Meeting
By: Mark Worley
Working with an experienced and well-respected builder will help
ensure that things go as smoothly as possible with your construction
project; but before the work begins on your home remodel, here are a few
points to clarify with your contractor to ensure that everyone is on the
same sheet of music.
Weekly Check-Ins
Establishing the expectation of holding weekly meetings will keep
you up-to-date. Your contractor has eyes on every aspect of your home
remodel. Spending just a few minutes together each week will keep you
in the loop on all progress. I use a weekly Progress Report that is sent out
each Friday by email. This report includes the following headings:
• Progress made and phases completed since the last weekly
• Schedule for the coming week (tentative projection of work).
• Items that need attention. This may include anything from
needed products selections by the owner, to dates and/or times
the water may be turned off for plumbing connections.
• Questions and Answers. This is where the builder addresses
questions and concerns from the owner.
Delegate a Contact Person
In cases where a critical decision must be made without prior notice,
your contractor needs a designated contact person, with the best method
of communication (text, cell, email). Typically, one member of the family
has final say in matters of design and/or even pricing. Delegating a contact
person, will save valuable time and help promote the project’s efficiency.
Photograph Everything Beforehand
Taking pictures of the home’s existing condition prior to the start of
the renovation can ensure that everyone is on the same page after
completion. While going back over the completed renovation could
22 Lakes View / Issue 76/ April 2016
uncover a crack or flaw that may or may not have been there previously,
pictures will give everyone a reference point.
Map Things Out
Messes are made when things have no place to go. The same goes for
a construction site. Designate where delivery trucks should park, where
materials and tools can be stored and which areas are off-limits to workers.
Work hours and schedules should also be addressed.
Set Standards for Cleanliness
Reputable contractors are vigilant concerning the protection of a
client’s home during the construction process. Areas of the property you
may not have considered, like the landscaping, should be considered and
discussed. There should be a protocol for the end-of-the-day clean-up and
procedures for dust-containment during the renovation process.
Keep Children and Pets Safe
A construction area is dangerous and not where you want to find your
child or pet. Make arrangements to keep entrances to construction zones
off-limits and work with the builder to construct and maintain barricades,
as needed, to avoid any accidents.
Following these recommendations and procedures will help ensure a
successful construction project. For a list of reputable and experienced
contractors, search the members of the Tallahassee Builders Association at
Mark S. Worley CAPS, GBP, GMB is the only Graduate Master
Builder in Tallahassee and one of only 4 statewide as recognized by
the National Association of Home Builders. He is a past president of
the Tallahassee Builders Association. You can reach him at
www.worleyconst.com or at 850-668-3438.
Summer Reading Program 2016
By: Vic Aderhold
In June school will be over, but learning and building reading skills
does not have to end. Woodland Hall Academy is offering its 40th
Summer Reading Program for students 6-14 years old. This
individualized program provides 38 instructional sessions of one to one
tutorials and 19 small group sessions in reading comprehension and
study strategies development.
Studies show that reading is crucial to every child’s future. If a child
is struggling to read by third grade, the statistics show that the child will
be below grade level in 9th grade as well if measures are not taken to
identify the problem and to remediate the reading issues.
Woodland Hall Academy offers a unique program utilizing
multisensorial, structured language techniques that are recognized
nationally. Because students are receiving one-to-one reading
instruction, emphasis can be placed on the areas that need practice and
improvement. For some students that may mean phonics, blending,
and phonemic awareness which are the building blocks to reading. For
other students the emphasis may be more on vocabulary development,
comprehension skills, and test taking strategies.
The Summer Reading Program provides 38 instructional sessions
of one-to-one reading tutorials and 19 small group sessions of study
skills and comprehension development.
Parents may find out more information concerning the Summer
Reading Program by calling Woodland Hall Academy at (850)
89302216 or go to www.woodlandhallacademy.org.
Be sure to register as a member at www.killearnlakeshoa.org 23
24 Lakes View / Issue 76/ April 2016
Cyndy’s Ruminations
By: Cyndy Reichert
“Badge 149 "Shots Fired" and
Saints, Sinners, Survivors”
From Law Enforcement Officer to Author
If you have been following my book
reviews over the past couple of years you
know that my passion is towards fictional
mysteries. Well, for this issue of the
Lakesview I'm going to drift away from my
comfort zone to introduce you to a local
author from right here in Killearn Lakes.
Gary P. Jones was a law enforcement officer
in Florida for more than 36 years; first with
the Fort Lauderdale Police Department
where he retired at the rank of Captain after
26 years and then with the Florida Department of Insurance in the
Division of Insurance Fraud; also retiring at the rank of Captain.
Captain Jones has written two books since he retired; Badge 149
"Shots Fired" and "Saints, Sinners, Survivors." Both books chronicle
the life of a police officer as presented through the real life experiences
of Captain Jones.
He joined the Fort Lauderdale Police Department in 1967 when
he was just 21 years old. I think he would be the first to admit that
being a "rookie" cop back in 1967 was far different than being one
today. In those days you had to buy your own gun, then, basically,
pick up your police uniform and hit the streets with little training.
The books take you through his life patrolling the streets of Fort
Lauderdale, recovering from a debilitating knee injury suffered on
the job, which almost ended his career, to his exploits as a member
of the elite Tactical Impact Unit which was created to combat the
growing crime wave that was taking over Fort Lauderdale at the time.
He introduces you to a cast of characters, both on the force and in
the community, that would make a George Lucas film pale in
comparison. What's really interesting about Captain Jones' writing
style is he puts you in the role of a police officer and challenges you
to make the correct decision/reaction to various highly intense
situations. For instance, in one situation he was faced with the
decision of taking deadly force against a suspect. Even though he
had not actually seen a weapon, his training and instinct suggested
the subject had one. And hesitating could result in the subject
gaining the upper hand. Captain Jones builds the suspense before
asking you to make your decision. He provides various responses
and asks you to choose the proper one. At the end of the book he
provides an analysis of each of the situations along with the
recommended response.
I think it would be safe to say, and I'm sure Captain Jones would
agree, that being a cop in the 60s, 70s, and 80s was a lot different
than being a cop today. There are a number of situations he presents
in his two books where the course of action taken by the officers
probably would not pass muster in today's hyper-sensitive world
where some questionable, though, legitimate actions would bring the
scrutiny of the media. If you want to know what it's like to walk in
the shoes of a cop and actually get a "feel" of the stress they
experience, then I highly recommend you read Captain Jones' books.
It's difficult to offer you a formal review of the books since they are
really a compendium of many short stories. The best way I can
explain to you the roller-coaster ride he will take you on as he and
his partners pursue the various suspects is to imagine yourself viewing
the scene as if the officers were wearing GoPro cameras on their caps
during the pursuit. That's the feeling you get as Captain Jones takes
you on this journey through his career.
I can't conclude this article without mentioning that Captain
Jones is also a Law Enforcement Ambassador assisting with
fundraising for the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial
Fund and the National Law Enforcement Museum that is being built
in Washington D.C. Some of the proceeds from the sale of his books
are dedicated to the Fund. The NLEOMF works to increase public
support and awareness of the law enforcement profession. He asks
that you visit their web-site at www.nleomf.org for more information
and possibly make a donation to their cause.
On a personal note; we are fortunate to have a number of both
retired and current law enforcement officers living in the Killearn
Lakes community. All of whom deserve a great big THANK YOU!
Co-ops Launch Non-partisan
Voter Engagement Program
By: Kim Gay
America’s electric cooperatives have launched a non-partisan,
11 states – didn’t even face an opponent in the general election .
nationwide effort, Co-ops Vote, to promote civic engagement and voter
“Elections aren’t won and lost in November anymore,” Connor
participation in the communities they serve.
said. “They’re really decided in primaries months sooner, when fewer
Jeffrey Connor, interim CEO of the National Rural Electric
voters recognize the opportunity to vote, fewer participate and only a
Cooperative Association, unveiled the Co-ops Vote program at the
handful of issues are up for debate.” This results in a Congress where
association’s 74th annual meeting recently. “Through Co-ops Vote, we
more members represent the extremes of each political party and are
want to help our Members know when elections are, what’s at stake
less inclined to seek compromise and bipartisan solutions to problems.
and how to make their voices
“The electric cooperative
heard,” Connor said. “Who
movement has always been nonfolks vote for isn’t really as
partisan, and our communities
“Elections aren’t won and lost are facing too many challenges
important as the fact that they
do vote.”
to have a government crippled
in November anymore,” Connor
The Co-ops Vote initiative
by bickering,” Coleman said.
said. “They’re really decided in “When our parents and
will focus on issues that are
important to the health and
grandparents set out to electrify
primaries months sooner...”
prosperity of communities
rural America, they didn’t have
served by electric cooperatives.
time to ask the person next to
them about their views on
perfectly designed to help address these important issues. Co-op
economic or social policy. Their economic policy was ‘we need to save
Members can make politics ‘local’ again because civic engagement is
this community’ and their social policy was ‘let’s do it together.’ I hope
part of our DNA.
the Co-ops Vote program can help rekindle that spirit of cooperation.”
A new website, vote.coop, offers co-op Members information on
Talquin Electric is doing its part to support this national effort.
the voter registration process in their state, dates of elections,
The Gadsden County Supervisor of Elections’ Office will host a booth
information on the candidates running in those elections, and
at Talquin’s upcoming Annual Meeting where Members from all four
explanations of the eight key issues the campaign aims to address. In
counties can register to vote. The Annual Meeting will be held on April
keeping with its non-partisan goals, the initiative will not be endorsing
30 at East Gadsden High School’s gymnasium, where Members are
specific candidates for office.
encouraged to exercise their right to vote for the leadership of their
Mel Coleman, president of NRECA and CEO of North Arkansas
Electric Cooperative, said the program would help ensure the voices of
As a cooperative, our number one priority is improving the quality
rural Americans are heard. “We want to make sure our government
of life for those we serve. An engaged community is going to be a
knows that rural America matters,” Coleman said. “This campaign isn’t
healthier one. “At Talquin, we understand how important affordable
about divisive, partisan issues. It’s about real people in real places facing
and reliable utility services are for our communities,” Tracy Bensley,
real challenges. It’s about our co-ops living out the principles of our
General Manager of Talquin Electric, said. “Our Members can help
movement: Concern for community and democratic control.”
ensure a secure future for our co-op through their participation in
Connor cited partisan gridlock in Washington, the explosive
growth of money in politics and the effects of gerrymandering as
For more information about Co-ops Vote and the impact of
important reasons for launching the program. In 2014, 318 of 435
these key issues on the people of Gadsden, Leon, Liberty and Wakulla
House races had a margin of victory of 20 points or more , and 30
counties, contact Talquin Electric at (850) 627-7651 or visit
House candidates – 16 Democrats and 14 Republicans representing
26 Lakes View / Issue 76/ April 2016
Designated printer of the “Lakes View” Magazine
een Corner Classifieds
Walking Day or Night Call Karlee Jones at 933-1610.
BABYSITTERS – Experienced 12-year-old Sitter and Mothers
Helper. Prefer watching ages 4-9yrs. I love kids and I am very
responsible. Bonus: household jobs such as folding laundry, dishes
or tidy up your home. $3-5/hour. Available weekdays from 4-8 p.m.
Sat. 10:30-4:30 p.m. and Sun. 1-8 p.m. Summer hours are more
flexible. Can provide my own transportation. Call Emily at (850)
BABYSITTER – Reliable and experienced 13 year old; certified as
babysitter by American Red Cross. Available most times during the
summer and nights/weekends during the school year. Can provide
my own transportation. Please call (850) 508-6819.
BABYSITTER & PETSITTER – Hello my name is Nina, and I am
18 years old.. I'm responsible, good with kids and I can also dog sit!
Please Contact me at: (850)228-3669.
BABYSITTER – You do so much for your kids you need a break. I
am an experienced 12 year old babysitter. I am CPR trained,
American Red Cross certified, reliable, and most of all fun! I am
available weekdays 4-7:30 p.m and weekends at any time. I will
babysit ages 1-9 and will also babysit babies or toddlers with
permission from my parents. Please call Molly Siddall at (850)4459143.
BABYSITTER – Experienced, Mature and Responsible recent
Chiles Graduate is available for babysitting. Reasonable rates.
References available. Call Susanne Childers at (850) 459-4647.
Hi! My name is Katelyn McClellan and I am 19 years old.
I am great with kids and have babysitting experience. I
prefer to babysit kids 4 & older. I live in Golden Eagle
and I have a car so I can drive to your house to babysit.
Please Call :). My phone number is : (850) 228-6339.
Note: These ads are complimentary and available to student teens of our community involved in weekend and after school entrepreneurial projects. Ads must
be renewed for each issue. Please call the office at 668-3231, if you want to edit or continue your ad. Thank you.
Be sure to register as a member at www.killearnlakeshoa.org 27
7110 Beech Ridge Trail
Tallahassee, FL 32312
Tallahassee, FL

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