2013 Board of Directors
It is hard to believe a year has passed since we walked the Stanley Trail in
the April snow. As I write this, it looks like walking the trails in April snow
may become a tradition! We can only hope not.
It has been a busy year for Trails Manitoba. We said goodbye to the
McKay Finnigan team and welcomed Melissa back in July putting her immediately to work. And I don’t think she has stopped since.
Ian Hughes,
Ian Hughes, President
Marissa Zurba, Vice-President
We are in the countdown to 2017, the target for completion of the Trans
Canada Trail. Manitoba’s section of the TCT is over 90% complete, with
only a little over 118 kilometres left to build. That is an amazing accomplishment, one we can take real pride in.
However, as is often the way with projects like this, the last 10% may be
the most challenging. Complexities of trail design, land ownership, access,
and permitting still have to be overcome if we’re going to make the 2017
deadline. But we will.
The question we face now is not what is Trails Manitoba going to do so
the trail is finished by 2017, but what are we going to do once the Trans
Canada Trail is complete?
We can take the lead role in preserving and enhancing what we have
worked so hard to create. We can promote trail use across the province,
encouraging active living and exploration. We can provide hard won expertise in trail design and construction. We can work with local government to market the trail in their area, bringing in tourism revenue.
The list goes on and on.
Trails Manitoba already has great history. Now let’s build a great future!
Gwen Coolidge, Secretary
Jessie Wu, Treasurer
Charles Zant, Grants
Dan Barchyn
Jeoffery Chipman
Verna Hare
Ilse Ketelsen
Dan Lester
Sean Michaels
Hartley Pokrant
Don Thomson
Ryan Turner
Donna Warenko
Harold Westdal
Howard Skrypnyk, Ex Officio
Vicky Reany, Ex Officio
The Manitoba Recreational Trails Association, Inc., is a charitable organization whose mission is to provide the support, knowledge, technology and resources necessary to promote the construction and use of
recreational trails throughout Manitoba, thereby improving the economy, the environment, and human well-being.
Trails Manitoba, the
Project Management
Team and the B2B
Steering Committee
worked throughout
2013 to advance the
Border to Beaches Trail completion initiative towards completion. Our goal is to complete the
Trail by September 30, 2015.
Border to Beaches Trail will be a 370 kilometre
destination trail for hiking and biking. The unique
topography and land use along with the length of
the Trail make this a complex project and required
some rethinking from the original plan developed
in 2008/2009. Creating a plan to complete the
gaps in this destination trail was the top priority of
our team this year. The B2B Committee held a
community meeting in January to discuss how to
The Pinawa Trail
offers hikers and
mountain bikers 40
kilometres of scenic
trail through the
boreal forest and
Canadian shield of
eastern Manitoba.
The Trail is accessible
from Old Pinawa
Dam Provincial Park,
the Pinawa Marina,
and Seven Sisters
Generating Station.
use the limited funding available for trail development and the Project Managers developed a preliminary construction plan that will see us connect
the trail within our financial means. Since we go
through the rocky Canadian Shield, crossing rivers,
building through sandy provincial parks and connecting communities, the “Cadillac” of trail couldn’t be built everywhere and the Project Managers
worked with our local partners to develop a plan
that everyone can support. Planning is complete
with 5 of our partners and we continue to work
with the others to identify priority areas for trail
The number of land owners and stakeholders involved makes securing permits for trail building
hard work. Negotiations with municipalities, private landowners, provincial departments are underway and trail construction is expected to begin
Pinawa Trail at Seven Sisters Generating Station,
September, 2013
in 2014 in the rural municipalities of Lac du Bonnet, Alexander, and St. Clements. Additional
projects are also planned for Pinawa and the
Whiteshell and Grand Beach Provincial Parks.
The Border to Beaches Trail project is
cost shared with the provincial and
federal governments through the
Building Canada Fund with each group
contributing $1.45 million to trail
Trails Manitoba exceeded expectation by
raising $1.81 million for the project. We
extend our thanks to the Trans Canada
Trail and all of our donors for their
generous financial support of the Border
to Beaches Trail.
Trails Manitoba would like to
acknowledge the Capital Campaign
Committee for its efforts in making the
fundraising venture a success. The
volunteer Committee was led by trail
supporter and cyclist Jeoff Chipman and
supported by Brent Bottomley, Ruth
Marr, John Prall, and Hubert Mesman .
The Marketing and Fundraising Committee was established in in May of 2013 to start
shifting the focus of Trails Manitoba from trail development to trail promotion. The
Trans Canada Trail is an amazing asset to Manitoba. This committee’s mandate is to
make sure everyone knows about it.
With trail completion the fiscal priority, the Marketing and Fundraising committee
operates without a set budget. We currently have five members and meet monthly.
Long-time volunteer Marty Martin supported the development of the Victoria
Millennium Trail in 2000 and has maintained the Trail ever since. He mows the
Trail biweekly, replaces signs, and keeps
the boardwalk through the interpretive
wetland in good repair. Thank you
Marty for your years of service!
The Tourism Secretariat,
with the support of Trails
Manitoba, has been hard
at work putting the
finishing touches on the
Trail Tourism Strategy.
The Strategy will be a
user friendly resource to
provide to trail groups. It
uses a market based
approach for growing the
volume of tourism visits
on and around trails
sustainably and ensuring
visitors have a
memorable experience.
Watch for it in 2014!
2013 Accomplishments
Developed Committee Terms of Reference
Launch of new website
Developed a relationship with the Manitoba Tourism
Secretariat and furthered development of the Trail Tourism Strategy
Developed the framework for an annual giving program
Created standardized PowerPoint presentation that
volunteers can use for talks and trade shows
Created a volunteer manual to streamline the process of recruiting and training
Accompanied and created an itinerary for the Nathan Ward cycling trip that featured segments of the Border to Beaches Trail
Assisted with the 20th Anniversary celebrations
Adopted the Border to Beaches logo
Marissa Zurba received the ICAM Community Service Award for her outstanding contributions to Trails Manitoba and
JCI. She has been an active member of
Trails Manitoba since 2010, first as
Treasurer and now as Vice-President of
the organization.
Congratulations Marissa!
We celebrated Trails Manitoba’s 20th anniversary with a
public event at Seven Sisters Falls and a hike on the Pinawa Trail. We were honoured to have Minister Shelly
Glover, MP for St. Boniface, Mrs. Laureen Harper, TCT
Honorary Campaign Chair, Ms. Deborah Apps, President
and CEO of TCT and Ms. Ruth Kristjanson, Manitoba Hydro Vice-President Corporate Relations, pictured left
with Trails Manitoba President Ian Hughes, assist us by
cutting the ribbon to open a 40 kilometre length of trail,
connected through our Border to Beaches Initiative,
from the Old Pinawa Dam Provincial Park to the North
Whiteshell Provincial Park Gate on September 27th.
Trails Manitoba Engages Partners
Stakeholder Relationships
Our partners are our reason for being. Trails Manitoba works
collaboratively with 22 trail stewardship organizations and
through them, countless volunteers, municipal officials, and trail
supporters. Together with our partners we represent the Trans
Canada Trail in the province of Manitoba. Collectively we develop
the TCT, build connections to fill gaps, improve existing segments,
and promote trail use among the general public.
Provincial and municipal partners are key to developing
a sustainable trail network. We met with the Capital
Region Planning Committee and with provincial
Ministers to discuss active transportation and
recreational trails, hiked on the Pinawa Trail with
elected officials from all levels of government and
welcomed Mayor Skinner at a Directors meeting. We
worked steadily with the departments of Healthy
Living, Conservation and Water Stewardship,
Infrastructure and Transportation, and Local
Government to advance the interests of trail builders.
Trails Manitoba is pleased to present the interests of
recreational trail enthusiasts to the Province through
its membership in the Provincial Active Transportation
Public Stakeholder Advisory Committee, created in
November 2013.
Strength in Members
Trails Manitoba visited 10 stewardship groups to meet volunteers,
participate in events, walk the Trail, and talk trail with municipal
officials and local supporters. Our strength derives from our
network of trail organizations, but to be an effective advocate for
trails we need to have strong connections with our partners and
regular two-way communication. We believe in face-to-face
meetings with our partners, in knowing the trails that we
promote, and in recognizing volunteers with a personal thank
We also reached out to other stakeholder
organizations in the trail community. We’ve had
successful introductory meetings with ATV Manitoba
and Recreation Connections Manitoba and look
forward to developing working relationships with the
organizations to mediate conflict on the trail.
Glenboro/South Cypress
September, 2013
Trails Manitoba is an active member of the Canadian
Trails Federation, where we represent the interests of
Manitoba’s recreational trail community at the
national level. In June we attended the Outdoor
Recreation Council of British Colombia’s annual trail
conference and the Canadian Trails Federation AGM,
in Burnaby, B.C. The Canadian Trails Federation works
through the National Trails Federation to lobby the
Federal Government on behalf of the recreational trail
community and was involved in budget discussions
federally in 2013, leading to the 2014 budget
announcement of $10 million for trail development
through 2014-16.
National Conventions
Ottawa, February 2013
Partner Support
Trails Manitoba provided $13,250 to support projects
Initiated by members in 2013.
$1,750 for interpretive projects on the Crow Wing and
Harte Trails
$2,500 for trail refurbishment on the Pinawa Trail
$9,000 for trail maintenance across Manitoba
In February our Corporate Secretary, Gwen Coolidge,
attended a two-day trail convention in Ottawa at the
invitation of Trans Canada Trail. Gwen shared our
province’s Trail Connection Plan with TCT and trail
developers from around Canada. While attending the
two day convention she had the opportunity to meet
His Excellency the Right Honourable David Johnston
C.C., C.M.M., C.O.M., C.D., Governor General of
Canada and Honourable Patron of the Trans Canada
Blueberry Rock, Lac Du Bonnet
August, 2013
Crocus Trail Association
2013 Trail Members
We had a quiet year. We hosted a geocaching workshop,
taught by Karen Walker-Tibble from Manitoba Agriculture,
Food, and Rural Development.
Altona-Gretna-Rhineland Trail*
Blue Water South Trail Association*
Blue Water North Trail Association*
Carberry North Cypress Trail Association*
Crocus Trail Association*
Crow Wing Trail Association*
Friends of the Harte Trail*
Fort Whyte Alive*
Hugh Skinner &
Lorene Ward—long
time volunteers
Crocus Trail Association
The trail was continually affected by high water levels
particularly in the town of Roblin. Our feature trail, a
scenic walk around Goose Lake in the heart of Roblin, was
victim to high water levels. Access to the Goose Lake Trail
was closed in the summer due to flooding. The Town of
Roblin has made a strong effort to lower lake water levels
and put in place management plan for 2014. A strong clean
up effort will be required in the Spring of 2014 to remove
fallen trees and debris before the Goose Lake Trail can be
Hello’s & Goodbye’s
This year the Rossburn
Subdivision Trail Association
said good-bye to Garth
McTavish from the R.M. Of
Silver Creek and thanked him
for his dedicated service to the
RSTA Board. We welcomed
Barry Wowk in his place. Lisa
Pottinger joined us
representing the Town Of
Neepawa and the RSTA is
happy that they are back at the
Glenboro South Cypress Trail Association*
Lorne Trail Association*
Miami Thompson Trail Association*
RM of Langford*
North Whiteshell Trail Association*
Red River North Trail Association*
River East Neighbourhood Network*
Rossburn Subdivision Trail Association*
South Whiteshell Trail Association*
Stanley Trail Association*
Transcona Trails
Winnipeg Trails Association*
Seven Sisters Falls Community Centre
*Registered as Trans Canada Trail
Rossburn Subdivision Trail
2013 was a positive year for the
Rossburn Subdivision Trail. Unlike
some past years we did not have too
many problems to face in caring for
our portion of the TCT.
Thanks to the annual maintenance
grant from Trails Manitoba we were
able to employ Mr. John Hawkins
inspect the Trail and maintain signage
we erected over the last several
years. His report included pictures of
the problem areas this year and we
found this especially beneficial. These
trouble spots require our immediate
and constant attention. I want to
thank everyone for their diligence
and zeal in keeping on top of the
heavy demands generated by our
vast span of Trail. A special thank you
to Michael Porrok and the R.M. Of
Rosedale, Ilse Ketelsen and Shirley
Kalyniuk, and James Gordon for their
time and expertise.
Last year RSTA decided to go forward
with the Onanole to Erickson
connection between the RST and
Riding Mountain National Park. We
look forward to seeing this project
proceed. To move forward the
project committee develop a budget
and pursue funding
We hosted many successful events
on the RST this year. In July we
unveiled the “Duke The Bear” statue
in Rossburn and erected an
impressive trail head sign at the
junction of highways 45 & 10. Our
fundraising efforts at the Meat
Draws in Sandy Lake continued and
new brochures were developed for
our trail.
New trail head sign at the junction of
highways 45 & 10
It must be reiterated that without the
assistance of Trails Manitoba and the
thirteen Municipal and Town
Councils along our portion of the
Trail the RSTA could not exist. We
are grateful for the relationships
cultivated with these groups in the
past, and look forward to a
continued, flourishing association in
the future.
Crow Wing Trail Association
Tourism Award
Trail Maintenance
Trail maintenance is a lot of work on a
191 kilometre trail (the longest stretch
of the Trans Canada Trail in Manitoba)
that encompasses six municipalities and
one First Nation. A person might expect
that the major challenge would be the
trail itself. The landscape, geography,
trail surface, ruts, water, etc. can be
pretty tough to navigate, but after two
years the CWTA Trail Boss Wayne Arseny
says that his main source of frustration is
adjacent landowners.
Trail Maintenance Crew at work on the
Crow Wing Trail
“On a section of trail where we have trail
hugging the bush line along a farmer’s
tilled field dead trees lay on the ground
some 30’ into the field. On a quarter
mile stretch there were at least 30 trees
laying out like this. The farmer tilled
and sowed around them all in a zig
zag. The trees were left like this for
years as we could see by the 5’ high
saplings growing in our pathway. We started our maintenance
project and cleared up the downed
trees and saplings, then mowed a
nice clean 6’ pathway right along the
bush line. With the fall till the
farmer straightened out his field
edge where the trees were removed
and tilled another 4’ out, taking half
our pathway! Farmers encroach on
the Trail in several places. Getting
adjacent landowners and municipalities to recognize the value of this
trail is really our biggest challenge.”
Trail maintenance does pay off
in the long run. In 2013 the
Crow Wing Trail Association
won the Sustainable Tourism
Award from Manitoba Tourism.
“Winning this award does two
things for the CWTA.” says
President Murielle Bugera. “It
gives us a louder voice, letting
us present our ideas more
easily, and draws more attention to what we’re doing. This
trail is a historic trade route,
used by pioneers and early
settlers and is now the longest
Manitoba section of the Trans
Canada Trail. Our members
are working collaboratively to
promote tourism and active
transportation in our area.”
Friends of the Harte Trail
Trail Maintenance
Maintenance of the Harte Trail during the winter of 2013/14 was a much bigger project than usual due to the unusually
large amount of snow. Friends of Harte Trail again hired a team of three people to clear the snow on the trail. The team
does an excellent job of keeping the trail clear and easy to walk on, but frequent and heavy snowfall made it a much more
difficult job than ever before. We experienced considerable frustration with the snow clearing machines operated by the
City dumping large amounts of snow at the intersections of the trail and streets. These snow dumps were much too large
for smaller trail clearing machines to remove and at the end of winter we decided to let nature melt the snow.
Centennial Celebrations
Snopak—Winter 2013/14
on Harte Trail
FOHT set up a Centennial Challenge to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Municipality of Charleswood in 2013. This
was an invitation to people to accumulate 100 kilometres of exercise while engaging in any of the activities permitted on
our section of the Trans Canada Trail, namely walking and cycling. We also installed a special sign recognizing the location of
the old Pacific Junction Station on the Harte Line, a former hub of activity in Charleswood. Our thanks to Trails Manitoba,
The Thomas Sill Foundation and our many other supporters for their generous financial assistance with this project.
Looking ahead in 2014
We will continue to advocate for the trail and protection of its surrounding area as the natural areas around the trail are
developed for housing.
Recognizing a piece of
Charleswood and Harte
Trail history
South Whiteshell Trail Association
South Whiteshell Trail Association was very active in 2013 . We submitted a funding application to build the final section of
the Lost Lake Trail to Manitoba Community Places. The Lost Lake Trail will meander through beautiful wilderness along the
shores of West Hawk and Lost Lakes and connect the Trans Canada Trail to the Mantario Trailhead at Howe Bay.
We continue to work very closely with Trails Manitoba and Manitoba Conservation and Water Stewardship to complete the
final work on the Falcon Lake South Shore Trail. We also are continuing community consultation for the Penniac Bay/Star
Trail, again working closely with our partners.
Trail maintenance and safety continue to be a priority with SWTA as we meet the challenges of erosion, removal of brush
and re-topping and packing with material to ensure a safe surface for hikers and cyclists alike. A future project is the design
and installation of “Trail Etiquette” signs in 2014 in an effort to ensure safe travel on all sections of the trails by all users.
Our 2013 South Whiteshell Music Festival took place on Saturday, July 20 and local musicians provided wonderful entertainment against a backdrop of a tranquil summer evening at Falcon Lake. It was an opportunity for trail enthusiasts to come
together, meet new neighbours, connect with old friends and, most important, kick back and enjoy themselves. This event
is a promotional event for the TCT, presented by SWTA and sponsored by local merchants of the South Whiteshell. Special
thanks go to Bill Hamilton and all of the SWTA volunteers for making this successful year after year and to our local musicians for the donation of their time and talents.
The sun goes down on the start of another successful
music festival.
Winnipeg Trails Association and Rivers West
Rivers West (RW) has been the umbrella organization for Winnipeg Trails Association (WTA) since 2006 and has been a conduit for funding for the coordination of its activities and projects. Rivers West has provided technical, operational and administrative expertise for the Winnipeg Trails Association.
RW has focused on planning and executing trail related activities, the continuation of infrastructure projects for Active
Transportation, as well as playing a very active role in government and public relations. Initiatives between July of 2011 and
spring 2013 were being done in a volunteer capacity. Fortunately, the city of Winnipeg is now supportive of Rivers West and
is assisting us financially for the coordination of active transportation and International Trails Day events.
The cycling map was developed through a partnership
with Bike to the Future, Winnipeg Trails Association,
Manitoba Cycling Association, City of Winnipeg, Climate
Change Connection, One Green City, Green Action Centre, Physical Activity Coalition of Manitoba and Winnipeg in motion.
With financial assistance from the City of Winnipeg, the Winnipeg Trails Association via Rivers West continued to promote
and organize events for International Trails Day. On June 1st, 2013 the WTA promoted the Trans Canada Trail through activities organized by our local trail groups. RW had a kiosk with cycling maps, bike bell’s and other promotional items at the
Harte Trail and on the Bishop Grandin Greenway.
For the Year Ended December 31
Border to Beaches
Other Income
Interest Income
Border to Beaches
Trail Construction and Maintenance
Trail promotion and Education
General and Administrative
Net assets at beginning of year
Net assets at end of year
Restricted Cash
Accounts Receivable
Deferred Contributions
Unrestricted net assets
Prepaid Expenses
Accounts payable & accrued liabilities
Deferred Revenue
Restricted for local trail groups
The above information has been extracted and summarized from the 2013 Audited Financial Statements.
The complete set of statements audited by BDO Canada LLP may be requested from Trails Manitoba
Manitoba’s Trans Canada Trail is 92% complete. To connect the unfinished segments 118 km of trail and several structures need to be constructed. As a collaborator in Vision 2017,
Trails Manitoba is working directly with our partners to complete 7 gaps, including the Border to Beaches Trail Connection Initiative in eastern Manitoba. From west to east the gaps
18 km of trail in the Duck Mountain Provincial Forest
8 km of trail south of Carberry at Swan Lake First Nation 7A lands
Bridge across the Shannon Creek near Thornhill
5 km of trail at the junction between the Winnipeg Trail and Crow Wing Trail
4 km of trail near Lower Fort Garry
5 km of trail near Gull Lake
78 km of trail to be built through the Border to Beaches Initiative, plus structures and upgrades to damaged segments
Manitoba’s Trans Canada Trail
1,467 km
1,368 km
118 km
These projects represent the some of the most difficult undertaken in the development of Manitoba’s Trans Canada Trail. Many of these locations are remote, in challenging terrain,
come with financial costs that exceed the community’s capacity to fundraise for, or face other impediments to trail development. Trails Manitoba is working with local trail groups, Trans
Canada Trail, and stakeholders to identify solutions and achieve connection before December 31, 2016.
Vision 2017 is Trans
Canada Trail’s bold
plan to fully connect
the Trail and
Canadians from coast
to coast to coast by
2017, the 150th
anniversary of
Find out more about
TCT’s strategic plan
for Vision 2017 at
Manitoba’s Trans Canada Trail. Approximate location of gaps shown with green triangles. The Border to
Beaches Project shown as a single gap.
Volunteers are the life blood of most not for profit organizations including Trails Manitoba. We are
honoured to recognize long-time Trans Canada Trail volunteers Linda Morin and Ilse Ketelsen with
the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medals during a small ceremony held overlooking the Trans Canada
Trail at the Legislature Building in Winnipeg on May 7. The medals were presented by special guest
Deborah Apps, Trans Canada Trail President and CEO.
Along with many other volunteers Morin and Ketelsen have been instrumental in planning, building,
signing and maintaining the Border to Beaches section of TCT that connects Ontario to Lake
Winnipeg. Their involvement in trail development is exceptional, demonstrated by their respective
commitments to the Border to Beaches Initiative and the Rossburn Subdivision Trail.
Deborah Apps, Linda Morin, Ilse Ketelsen,
Ian Hughes
“In addition to having
stamina, Trail
volunteers have to be
crack organizers and
astute negotiators.
They have to be
creative, flexible,
patient and bold. How
else can you achieve a
goal as daring as
connecting our country
from coast to coast to
Deborah Apps, TCT
How You Can Support Trails in Manitoba
Enjoy the Trail
Get out and explore! Visit our new website,, to find a trail near you. Once you’ve finished your trip, let us
know about it by posting a message and some photos on our Facebook page.
Volunteer your time and skills
Trails need help! Get involved with a local stewardship to help maintain or
develop trail or join Trails Manitoba to help promote the trail. For information
about our volunteer program and current opportunities go to
Give generously
Trails aren’t funded like roads or other infrastructure projects. We rely on
donors to support trail development, maintenance, and promotion. You can
help by joining our Monthly or Annual Giving programs, providing Gifts of
Stocks and Securities, or by making arrangements to leave a Legacy Gift at
In addition to our volunteers, Trails Manitoba is supported by a regular staff of two and
supplemented by consultants. Our permanent staff, Margaret Boyechko and Melissa Sitter,
work relentlessly to further the aims of the organization and provide program support. The
Border to Beaches project requires specialized skills and we are fortunate to have retained
the skills and experience of Richard Hurst, Patrick Martin, and Mike Hayward again in 2013.
We also recognize the exceptional support provided by management consulting firm McKay
Finnigan & Associates. Harry and Elise Finnigan, pictured below with Margaret and Melissa,
along with Kelly Kuryk and Shaun Finnigan took on the role of Acting Executive Director for a
one year period ending in July 2013.
The firm oversaw the regular business of the
organization while managing the development
of the new website, reviewing the status of the
province’s Trans Canada Trail, and developing a
fundraising strategy. Thank you Elise, Kelly,
Shaun and Harry for your exemplary work.
Border to Beaches Contributors
$100,000 plus
Federal Government
Manitoba Government
TCT Foundation
Richardson Foundation
LaFarge Canada
$50,000 plus
Manitoba Hydro
Qualico Developments
FWS Construction Ltd
$20,000 plus
Mr. James A. Richardson
Winnipeg Foundation
Mr. Larry E. Hursh, Q.C.
Dominion Bronze
Johnston Group
Israel & Babs Asper Foundation
Robert M. Chipman Foundation
Mr. Michael Nesbitt
Mr. Jeoffrey Chipman
The Price Family Foundation
$10,000 plus
Mr. & Mrs. R. Brownscombe & Family
Mr. & Mrs. C. Spiring
Maple Leaf Construction
Mr. Emeric Duha
$5,000 plus
Don Sikora Contracting
Mr. Robert R. Williams
M.P.N. Holdings Ltd. Re: United Equities
Mr. Doug Harvey
Manitoba Community Services Council Inc.
Quintex Services
Mr. & Mrs. H.S. Riley
TD Friends of the Environment Foundation
Mr. John Prall
The Pollard Family Foundation
Price Family Foundation
$1,000 plus
National Leasing Group
Parrish Heimbecker
Mr. Harold Westdal
Mr. Terry J. Smith
Bison Transport
Crosier Kilgour & Partners Ltd
The Ernst Hansch Foundation Inc.
Mr. & Mrs. R. Kozminski
Ms. Ruth Marr
Mr. Roland Campbell & Family
B.A. Robinson
Ladco Company Limited
Cambrian Credit Union
Taylor McCaffrey LLP
Nicholas R. Logan
Mr. Kevin Kavanagh
Mr. Brent Bottomley
Anonymous Donor
Under $1,000
Mr. Charles Zant
Mr. Joel Lazer
Ms. Christine Dewar
Mr. John Brighty
Mr. Jim Carr
Shelter Canadian Properties
Swamp Donkey
Mr. & Mrs. R. Senft
Mr. Allan Grant
Mr. Roger Lariviere
Ms. Linda Morin
Mr. & Mrs. G. Konantz
Whiteshell River Bridge—
we built it; they came and
are still coming!!
Recognized Donors – General 2013
Trails Manitoba thanks the Province of Manitoba, Department of
Healthy Living and Seniors, and the Trans Canada Trail for their
continued operational support and partnership in trail
development. Working together with donors, partners, and
volunteers we advance trail development and promote trail use in
Recognition event at Government House
for Capital Campaign donors. Manitoba
Premier Greg Selinger and the Honourable
Philip S. Lee, Lieutenant Governor of
Manitoba and the Honourable Anita Lee
welcomed guests and made remarks.
David King
Roy Herfindahl
Heather Gies
Roger Lariviere
Roy Johnson
Jean Rudge
Milton Penner
Brenda G. McGavin
Arnold Glass
Brenda Richardson
Melanie Schade
David Regehr
Susan Kithridge
Lauren Cartwright
John Havixbeck
P. Maier
Daniel Kirkpatrick
Carrie McLachlan
Marissa Zurba
Cliff & Eleanor McMillan
Calvin Olson
Sheila Dawson
Rick Weind
Brenda Robertson
Bruce Johnson
Muriel Gamey
Susan E. Nemeth & Dr. Greg Wolfram
Richard & Marie-Helene Duval

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