Semper Fi News, March, 2014 - Los Angeles County Chapter



Semper Fi News, March, 2014 - Los Angeles County Chapter
Los Angeles County Chapter, Incorporated
1st Marine Division Association
Dale Turner, Editor
Bodfish Officers for 2014
God help us!
Robert Schukar, Sgt at Arms - Norm Kellems Bodfish “IAS”
President - Gene Wuestenfeld, Bodfish VP - Robert Carroll,
Treasurer , Julio Rodriguez, (not pictured) Secretary
Bob Bobst Bodfish President Emeritus . All officers except the
President Emeritus will thrown out of office in 2015
Left to right: Sgt. Edgar Torrealba, GySgt Daniel Garcia
Sgt. Moses Machuca, Cpl Bry Kessler
This years recipient of the
Bodfish “Devil Doc” Award was
HM3 Edward M. Sablan
U.S. Navy FMF Corpsman.
HM3 Sablan is stationed with
the 1st Marine Division at
29 Palms, CA.
The recipient of the Bodfish
Sword of Honor was presented to
Cpl. Bryanna M. Kessler,
Cpl Kessler is a member of the
USMC Mounted Color Guard
stationed at Marine Logistic Base
Barstow, CA
Julio Rodriguez had to leave due to a death in his family - Our condolences
Cpl - 2d Battalion, 1st Marine Regiment
1976- 1982
Steve served with Bodfish President Norm Kellems
while on active duty.
Steve resides in the North Hollywood area and
works in the movie industry. His works can be seen
and enjoyed every time you see something “Blow
Up” on the movie screen. Yes, he is a “PYRO MAN”
Welcome aboard Steve. We look forward to seeing
you at our upcoming events.
Sponsored by Norm Kellems
Spelling and grammar errors are purposely added for those who enjoying finding and pointing them out.
1st Marine Division Association—Los Angeles County Chapter, Inc.
President Emeritus For Life
Dale Turner
(661) 714-7203
Honorary President
Jimmy Greene
Jr. Past President
Myrl Wallace
(805) 937-0156
Nile Holmes
(909) 635-8257
Vice Pres
John Arthur
(661) 297-2125
Adjutant/Treasurer Dale Turner
(661) 253-1981
Chaplain/ Assistant Bill Turner
(818) 786-5326
Richard Oldenburg
(661) 557-2730
John Arthur
(661) 297-2125
Legal Officer
Dick Cesaroni
(661) 297-2028
Sgt at Arms
Bob Martinez
Chapter Rep.
Tom Kelly
(818) 884-5355
Maury Starr
818) 981-7688
Norm Kellems
(661) 944-6081
Jimmy Greene
(661) 297-7968
Chuck Gore
(310) 882-1231
Jim Mann
(661) 296-4433
Julio Rodriguez
(909) 331-5797
Support Personnel
Liaison Officer
To Korean Marines
Heeman S. Lee
(818) 703-0815
Dale Turner
Dan Chernin
Welfare &Morale
Bill Turner
(818) 786-5326
Devil Pup
J.J. Leonard
(818) 992-1414
Family of Warriors
Support Coordinator
Tom Kelly
(818) 884-5355
Dale Turner, Committee Chair
Bill Turner
Maury Starr
Tom Kelly
Directors at Large
Joseph Smith
( 213) 744-4827
Phil Olivero
(661) 803-8967
Anna Brown
(310) 393-1946
Heeman Lee
(818 703-0815
Paul Kim
(213) 700-4535
Ed Deats
(916) 689-1461
FMDA National President
Arthur J. Burn
107 Ervin Ave.,
Linwood, PA 19061
(610) 494-5818
[email protected]
Deputy Vice President West
James A. Fossos
20730 7th Ave S
Des Moines, WA 98198-3407
Home: (206) 824-8537
Cell: (206) 518-7075
Email: [email protected]
National Executive Director
Juan Duff,
National Headquarters
1st Marine Division Assn.
403 N. Freeman Street,
Oceanside, Ca 92054
(760) 967-8561
FAX: (760) 967-8567
Cell (619) 985-9464
E-Mail Address
[email protected]
The Semper Fi News is the
Official Newsletter of the
Los Angeles County Chapter, Inc.,
1st Marine Division Association.
The Semper Fi News
is published monthly .
Send or Email Articles to:
Semper Fi News
C/O Dale Turner, Editor
24415 Lisa Kelton Place
Newhall, CA 91321-2341
[email protected]
Chapter Mailing Address:
P.O. BOX 220552
Newhall, CA 91322-0252
Grunts Club Members
The following members & Supporters are major
Contributors to the Annual LA Chapter Fund-raiser.
Grunts Club Members
1 Oct 2013 to 30 Sept 2014
*Mary Anthony
In memory of Tony Anthony
John Arthur
*Joe Candilora
*Bud Cashen
*Dick Cesaroni
*Charlie Chase
*Dan & Jan Chernin
In Memory of Monty Fisher
Fayette Crawford
In Memory of Crow Crawford
*Howard Crowell
*Bonnie Clark
In Memory of Jack Clark
*Jack Coughlin (Deceased)
*Pat Coulter
*Larry “Cpl Lar” Davis
*Ruth Davis
In Memory of Jim Davis
Ed Demrest
Jimmy Greene
*Nile Holmes
Jasper Hood
*Floyd Johnson
*Tom Kelly
*Paul Kim
*Reed & Jeanne King
*Gary Kipp
Jim Kuehn
*Dan Kumaus
Kathy Lander
In Memory of Richard Lander
*Pat Lutz
*LYNX Technik Inc
*Bill Maker
Dave Marshall
Bob Martinez
Richard Oldenburg
*Leo Rothove
In Memory of Charlie Bergin
Lenny Schaustal
Bill Shedlov
*Steve & Adriana Russell
*Chuck Singer
Maury Starr
*Zack Taylor
*Bill Turner
Charles “Eddie” Turner
*Dale Turner
*Gabriel Vazquez
*Myrl Wallace
Make Your Tax
Deductible Donation
Payable To:
Mail to :
P.O. Box 220552, Newhall,
CA 91322
Semper Fidelis
Dale Turner
Fund-raising Chairman
Bold Plus* Denotes Super Grunts Status
$200.00+ donation
43 Honored Grunts Club Members for
OCT. 1, 2013/ SEPT 30, 2014
On the Last Tuesday of the Month at 11am.
Join the Semper Fi Mailing Squad at
Vincenzo’s Pizza,
24504 Lyons Ave, Newhall 91321
Have a “Slice” and help fold the newsletter.
All Members Are Welcome.
1st Marine Division Association—Los Angeles County Chapter, Inc.
A Message From
Chapter President,
Nile Holmes
(909) 635– 8257
Chapter Members and Supporters,
We had a great turn out for the Bodfish Campout.
I was pleased to see so many faces from last year
along with several new ones. As you can see and
read in this issue of the newsletter everything went
well from the Awards, Color Guard , Bevy Tea and the
poker games.
Since Charlie Meters passing I have given great
thought to two things. The first being membership/
recruitment and the other being the Young Marine
Believe when I say that I have tried just about everything I can think of to bring in new member. I have
put our newsletter in barber shops, stores, gas stations, car windshields and even in a few brothels, just
kidding about the brothels. I venture to say I have set
out hundreds of newsletters and have only managed
to recruit three new members in the past two years.
As your president I want to call upon you for your
ideas and suggestions on how we can address this
concern. Think about it and give me a call.
Now the next item, the Young Marine Program. I
know Charlie wanted us be become more involved in
supporting the Santa Clarita Valley Young Marines.
After given this some thought I believe it would be a
good endeavor for the Chapter. I think there are
things we can do to support this youth group .
This has already been mentioned and discussed
briefly at our newsletter mailings and will be discussed
again in the near future.
I’ calling for a meeting of all Officers and Directors to
be held on Tuesday March 25, 2014 1100 at Vincenzo’s Pizza, Newhall. The Adjutant, Dale Turner, has
been directed to send out an Email notice.
Until next month
Stay Healthy and Be Happy
Semper Fi,
The Chapter Salutes Bonnie Clark and Ruth Davis for over
40 years of checking people in at the Bodfish Campout.
Both ladies are in their 90’s. But we won’t say how far in
MARCH 2014
Make payment for events to: FMDA-LA
Mail to: FMDA-LA P.O. Box 220552, Newhall CA 91322-0252.
“Please put event name in memo portion of your
2014 Calendar of Events
Family of Warriors Awards Dinner
Universal Sheraton , Universal City
May 8, 2014 - 1700-2130
For tickets or sponsorship contact
Iris Caplan at 323-653-9448
Corpsman UP!!
USMC Logistic Base, Barstow
USMC Mounted Color Guard Stables
Saturday, June 21, 2014 - 1300 to 1700
Hosted by the Mounted Color Guard.
This years Corpsman Up and Memorial BBQ will be an event
that will be talked about for years to come.
In addition to honoring our FMF Corpsman and remembering
our fellow Marines and Sailors who have gone before us the
“Horse Marines” have invited our members and their families to
spend an afternoon with them and their families and enjoy a
good old BBQ.
A tour of the Stable Facility will be given along with a “Lucky
Horseshoe” for all who attend.
This will be an outstanding opportunity for you to get up close
with the Marines and their horses and capture some great photo
For those who want to stay overnight in town arrangements
have been made at the Holiday Inn Express, Barstow Outlet
Center for lodging at a rate of $100.00 per night. The price includes all associated taxes & fees. The code word when booking your room is “BODFISH GROUP”
You can book your room by simply calling the Holiday Inn Express, Barstow Outlet Center at 760-253-9200
The Holiday Inn Express located just off the 15 Frwy at
2700 Lenwood Rd, Barstow, CA 93211.. It is a shor t ten minute drive to the Mounted Color Guard Stables.
For those of you who have an RV arrangements have been
made for you to park in the riding arena for a one night stay.
This will be a approved on first to respond basis. Rigs must be
self contained. There is no electric, sewer or water hook ups.
It is imperative that you RSVP by phone, Email or smoke signal if you plan to attend. The first two options are the best as
our Indian Scouts are not always available.
A head count will be needed so please RSVP by Friday, 13
June 2014. Call or Text 661-714-7203 or Email
[email protected] Tell us how many in your party.
Semper Fi and Bodfish Forever!!
Semper Fi News
1st Marine Division Association—Los Angeles County Chapter, Inc.
Page 4
A Word from Chapter Legal Officer
1st Marine Division
Dick Cesaroni
Family of Warriors Support
[email protected]
Tom Kelly—818/884-5355
[email protected]
Molly and Tom Kelly
This is a busy time when all the battalions we support
are preparing for homecoming. On 16 Feb. the spouses
of the 13th MEU gathered at Miramar to make
“Welcome Home” banners for each ship and also to
have a potluck. The 1/4 will be coming home at the
end of April to the 1st week of May. Plans are being
developed to allow us to welcome them as they disembark at Del Mar Beach. We will be distributing a bag
of goodie and snacks as they come in. If you or anyone
you know (like a friend or tax consultant) would like to
help, please contact me. I would like to have at least
20 people assist that day (the more the merrier). For
those interested, please let me know so that when I
have an actual date I will be able to contact you. What
a great way to show our support for our Marines and
Sailors and also have a presence for our Chapter.
The following is a thank you note from the CO of the
I’d like to thank you and the rest of the Los Angeles
Chapter of the 1st Marine Division Association for you
generous of commissary gift card and household items
to our 2/5 families during the last holiday season.
Your actions make a difference to our families and are
greatly appreciated.
Semper Fidelis,
LtCol Tim Bairstow
I also received the following note from a spouse in the
2/5 who received one of the blankets made by Mrs.
I want to thank you so much for the beautiful
afghans that you so lovingly crocheted for our baby
shower. As a knitter myself, I know how much time
and love goes into a gift like this.
Thank you so very much.
The Moullet Family
We do make a difference in the lives of the families of the Marines and Sailors that we support.
Your efforts are to be applauded!!
Thanks for all your support in keeping with the
spirit of the Corps.
Semper Fidelis,
Tom Kelly
MARCH 2014
Next issue= LEXOPHILES
Now where did I leave off last issue? OK, I
got it.
J.J. Leonard was at the membership meeting
but didn’t steal the gavel or the seal. Oh yeah
the Chapter treasurer, Dale Turner, gave his
financial report. He stated “We are fine” (It sure
sounded like Jack Coughlin's old annual reports). No seriously, he gave an in depth financial report and “we are fine”.
We had (39) members + 1 guest, Mr. Bill Durdin, the 1st. Div. FRO Coordinator, at the membership meeting on January 18th. Our member
attendance at these events are dwindling each
time. Mr. Durdin explained the status of the Marine Corps and the L.A. County Chapter and
what we can and cannot do with the money from
the Family of Warriors dinner and what the Marine Corps allows us to do. Very complicated,
confusing and frustrating. But we will make it
work in the end. Hopefully!
Our current number of Chapter members
stands at 303 Active (all Life members). A hard
copy of The SFN is mailed (snail mail) 180 members and (123 ) get the SFN via email. Sending
it electronically saves your Chapter quite a bit of.
There are 48 MLG (Friends of the Chapter) of
which 27 receive there SFN letter via snail mail
with 21 getting it by Email.
On March 16, 1861 The Congress of the Confederate States of America established the
Confederate States Marine Corps.
On May 23, 1861 Col. Lloyd J. Beall, a West
Point graduate who resigned his U.S. Army
commission to “go south”, was appointed as the
Colonel-Commandant .
Col. Beall served as Colonel-Commandant until
the end of the Civil War in 1865.
Until next month, keep it legal
Semper Fi
Semper Fi News
Is this
for real?
MARCH 2014 Page 5
Bodfish Past President Dale Turner explains the history and traditions of the Internationally
Famous Bodfish Chapter to the new candidates before administering the Bodfish
Oath. . Past Bodfish President and Chaplain Bob Bobst explains the secrets of the
Creature and sacrament and blesses all present. Past Bodfish Past Presidents Bob
Barron and Larry Davis demonstrate the Bodfish Handshake and proper eye ball
Awards were presented. WWII FMF Corpsman Bob Bobst presented the Devil Doc
Award to HM3 Edward Sablan HQ Bn, 7th Marines. Dale Turner presented the
Bodfish Sword of Honor to Cpl Bry Kessler, USMCMCG. It should be noted that
Cpl. Kessler is the first women Marine to receive the Bodfish Sword of Honor.
Above: Bodfish Past President Bob Barron, SgtMaj (Ret) and Camp Gunny administered the Bodfish Oath of Office to the Bodfish Officer for 2014 before slipping “The
Bone” to the New Bodfish President Norm “IAS” Kellems.
1st Marine Division Association—Los Angeles County Chapter,
Page 6
Dale Turner, Editor
(661) 253-1981 - [email protected]
Greetings All,
The Bodfish 2014 Campout was outstanding. The Mounted
Color Guard was able to attend thanks in part to Colonel
Michael Scalise ,Commanding Officer MLB, Barstow who
lobbied his higher command to get the sequester waived
and final approval to attend.
The new Staff Non-Commissioned Officer In Charge of the
Mounted Color Guard, GySgt Daniel Garcia brought to the
Bodfish Campout a high level of enthusiasm and commitment. He along with Sgt. Edgar Torrealba “Sgt T” expressed their appreciation for the support that is extended
by both the Bodfish and LA Chapters to the Mounted Color
The unavailing of the new Mounted Color Guard Challenge coin was a big hit among our members and those in
attendance. The sales of the new coin raised $1400 for the
Horse Marine Fund.
I want to thank all those who helped at the campout and
especially those Marines and Corpsman who helped to
clean the facility for “Turn In”. A BIG Semper Fi to you!!
In closing, the Bodfish Campout could not continue with
out of the members support and participation in the daily
50/50 raffles. I would be remiss if I did not share with you
how important the Bodfish Reverse Draw is for the Bodfish
and its future. The Chapter salutes those 100 individuals
who make that $100.00 donation every year, five of which
are well rewarded if their name is one of the last five drawn.
Below are listed the five winners for 2014.
Be advised the BFRD for 2015 is sold out. Forty were
sold during pre-registration and the last sixty were sold in
just six days following the Campout.
Semper Fi and Bodfish Forever!!
MARCH 2014
…....or just plain BS
Feb 2014– Feb 2015
Greetings from the High Desert,
We once again gathered for our annual Bodfish campout
at the Piru Petroleum Club facility.
I have been entrusted by our Bodfish Past Presidents and
members to bare the bone of the Bodfish President for the
next year and will attempt to make them all proud.
A wonderful time was had by all, Sgt.Maj. Bob Barron
took back the reigns of Camp Gunny, and had no problem
barking orders to help keep the campgrounds in order.
I would like to give a personnel shout out to our Bodfish
Barkeeps Larry and Jim for doing a great job of
Manning the bar, Saturdays Bloody Mary’s and Margareta’s hit the spot.
Here is one for the books, while in the Kitchen preparing
Saturday evening’s meal, I somehow became wounded. I
suffered a small cut to my right hand; well wouldn’t you
know it “Corpsman Up” Bob Bobst reaches into his wallet
and pulls out a band aid and the Marine was back into
action and dinner was a success. After all these years he is
still there for his Marines,” Semper Fi” Bobby.
After 34 years of telephonic conversations with two Marines I had the pleasure of serving with in Hawaii H&S
Co. 1/3 1st Marine Brigade, we were finally able to reunite
at our Bodfish campout.
Lou DeFusco and Steve Triplett, we were able to catch
up and reminisce with pictures and memories
They had a great time and everyone made them feel like
they are family.
Remember to read your newsletters, our next gathering is
in June in Barstow for our Memorial/ Corpsman up luncheon .
In closing I’m pleased to tell you that the newly elected
Bodfish VP is taking his new position seriously.
Gene Wuestenfeld was seen at the Burbank/Hollywood
Bob Hope Airport bearing his “Bone’. He underwent and
endured some extra attention by TSA and Homeland Security. Fortunately the Bodfish “RECTUM” Team (Recon
Tactical Under cover Monitor ing) was in the ar ea and
was able to step and prevent
any cavity search.
Until next time Semper Fi
And Bodfish Forever!!
Norm” IAS” Kellems
1st Marine Division Association - Los Angeles County Chapter, Inc.
[email protected]
Upon the Death of Member of the Chapter
the Family shall instruct the Funeral Director
to call the below number and
provide the listed information to
Headquarters Marine Corps.
Funeral Honors
Where the Semper Fi Mailing Squad meets.
How Would You Like
An Investment That
And Never GOES
Executive Asset Management
3725 Citrus heights Ave
N. Las Vegas, NV 89081
702-643-4471 / Cell 702-461-2847
[email protected]
California Lic# 0552024
Life Member of the FMDA, Los Angeles and Bodfish Chapters
Name of Funeral Director
Name of Funeral Home and Phone Number
Name Of Deceased Marine
Date Of Funeral
A Burial Detail will not be
Provided unless the above
is complied with.
Los Angeles County Chapter Inc – 1st Marine Division Association
Membership Application/Renewal Form
Membership in the 1st Marine Division Association, Incorporated, is open to anyone who at anytime honorably
served in, is now serving, was attached to, or in support of the 1st Mar ine Division. Dues ar e as noted below,
circle choice of membership and mail application and check to: 1st Marine Division Association,
Los Angeles County Chapter, PO Box 220552, Newhall CA 91322-0252 (Make check payable to: FMDA-LA)
National Annual Membership - $35.00
Chapter Annual Membership - $15.00
Total $ 50.00
National Life Membership - $ 1000.00
Chapter Life Membership - $ 100.00
Total $1100.00
Rank:_______ DOB:_________ Last four digits of SSN:___________
Address: ______________________________________________ City: _______________________ State/Zip+4): ____________
Home Phone: (____)________________
Spouses Name_______________
Email: ___________________________________
Unit(s) Served With: ___________ Dates of Service:__________ Campaigns: ____________________________________________
List no more than two
WWII, Korea, Vietnam ,Kuwait, Afghanistan, Somalia, Iraq, Cold War, Peacetime Etc .
Applicant’s Signature/Date: ___________________________________ Sponsor:____________________________
Semper Fi “E” News
Revised 01/25/14
Desert Cities Mitchell Paige MOH Chapter
Palm Springs Area
For Membership, upcoming events and meetings
Contact Jim Sullivan (760) 219-8317 Email: [email protected]
Southern California Chapter
Oceanside/San Diego Area
For Membership, upcoming events and meetings
Contact Dan Smith (949) 369-9824 Email: [email protected]
Orange County Chapter
For Membership, upcoming events and meetings
Contact Dave Marshall 714-549-3939 or Sha Ratnapala (562)882-2045)
Chapter meets 3rd Wednesday monthly at 1800
American Legion Post 716,
3252 Florista St. Los Alamitos, CA 90720 - Phone # 562-430-6033
Call Dave Marshall at 714-5493939 or Neil Reich at 714-526-0627 for more information.

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