The Shepherd`s Crook - Lake Wales



The Shepherd`s Crook - Lake Wales
The Shepherd’s Crook
Published Monthly
July 1, 2016
Volume 18, Issue 7
The Church of the Good Shepherd
221 S 4th Street
Lake Wales, FL 33853
Non-Profit Org.
U.S. Postage
Permit No. 9091
The Shepherd's Crook
July, 2016
“Deep Sea Discovery” at Vacation Bible School . . .
Children Dive into the Depths of God’s Love
Bulletin Board
Sunday School classes will be offer ed to our elementar y
school students (pre-Kindergarten through 3rd grade)
during the summer in the Campbell Building. Students will
rejoin their parents in church in time to receive holy
Seminarian Kevin Bartle will continue his summer forum
series on spiritual disciplines after the nine-thirty service in
the parlor. Topics include:
6/26 Simplicity and Study
Submission and Service
7/10 Confession and Worship
7/17 Guidance and Celebration
Joanie Brawley officiated at a memorial service for Fay
Stetzer on J une 6th. Father Tom officiated at the bur ial
of Rob McKeen in the memorial garden on June 11th. May
their souls, and the souls of all the faithful departed, rest in
Clyde Harrison Williams and Adeline Maryann Williams,
who were baptized on June 5th, are joined at the font by
their parents, Trevor and Diana, and their grandparents.
Welcome to the household of faith.
Carson Bassett, for mer par ishioner and son of Ray &
Karen Bassett, is running for Polk County Judge Group 8 in
the August election. God bless Carson and all those who
seek to serve the common good.
Camp Wingmann
Matching Grant Challenge
Even as we bid Ellen McElhinny Godspeed in her new home
in New York state, so do we welcome back Suzann
Bendersky, who will be moving into the chur ch
apartment vacated by Ellen.
A friend of Camp Wingmann will match any new or
increased donation up to $10,000 prior to Labor Day.
Go to, click on the purple
donation button, fill in the information and note
donation”. Thanks!
Amy Gammons and Courtney Boynton organized another fantastic Vacation Bible School for the children of
our parish and their friends. Note the menacing yellow and purple jellyfish on either side of the children and
adult volunteers that served to support the “Deep Sea Discovery” theme of this year’s program. The children
in the foreground are holding signs for each day’s emphasis: God knows me, God sends me, God hears me,
God strengthens me and God loves me.
Thank you to all our volunteers:
Aide Aguirre, Kevin Bartle, Allyssa and Hayle
Blankenship, Courtney Boynton (Co-Director), Donna
Burns, Lisa Carter, Melissa McCall-Chandler,
Sandra Fackender, Stephanie Fitzgerald, Babs Franck,
Amy Gammons (Co-Director), Hilary Grondin, Katie
Helms, Amelia Ingley, Cyndi Landes, Chase Landin,
Jackie Lonier, Sarah Lopez, Christopher and Tiana
Maslanka, Elizabeth McWhorter, Glenda Morgan, Katie
Petersen, Tom Rowe, Ashley Schwartz, Tom and Anna
Seitz, Emily, Katherine and Anna Claire Skipper, John
and Penny Updike, Sara Van Hook, Susan Wiles and
Addy Willette,
This year’s Vacation Bible School lessons:
“God knows me, hears me, strengthens me, loves me, and sends me.”
SAMS Missionary Architect Dines with Local Team
Jack Melvin, retired architect from Massachusetts serving
as missionary to Honduras, dined with our upcoming
mission team at Three Oaks Bed and Breakfast last month,
reviewing progress on our church in Honduras designed by
Mark Parlier and scheduled to be consecrated on June 26th.
. . . through service projects, Bible skits, outdoor activities, nursery care for staff children, crafts, snacks and singing.
He also brought notes of thanks from the scholarship students, parents and this one from Mabel, the wife of the
senior warden, who has been receiving medical treatments
for hyperthyroidism, thanks to the generous support of the
outreach committee and other individuals:
I greet you Brother [Father Tom] and your lovely
family kindly in the name of the Father. After this short
greeting I would like to tell you the following:
Dear Brother, I begin by wishing that the all -powerful
God is filling both your personal lives and working
lives with many blessings. I would like to thank you all
for the help you are providing in the construction of our
church. And I’d like to tell you that it is very beautiful.
Also, the garden that was planted reminds us of you all.
Dear Brother, I’d like to tell you that, thanks be to God
Americana Brass Concert
Sunday, July 3, 2:00 PM
in the Church Nave
Thrift Shop
111 East Orange Avenue
The Lake Wales Brass
Tim Graddy, soloist
Charles Sykes, patriotic orator
and to you, I am in very good health, and all exams that
I have had came out well. I am grateful to you for this
help that you have provided me and to Eujenia [Jeannie,
our SAMS missionary] for being your messenger. I
don’t have a way to repay you for all you are doing for
me, because in very difficult moments, you have reached
out your hand. For that thank you very much, Brother. I
ask only to Jesus that He maintains your health and
prosperity for both you and your family. I say goodbye
to you with a strong hug and praying that we’ll have you
here in Honduras very soon.
Happy 78th Anniversary!
Father Tom, at the invitation of parishioner Frank Ota
(right) offered an invocation at the Memorial Day
Observance at Lake Ashton.
Good Shepherd Thrift Shop continues to thrive
due to the efforts of many. Donors generously
provide merchandise for volunteers to prepare
and display so customers can buy, generating
funds for the parish and its outreach mission.
It's a collaboration worthy of recognition today
because so many of our parishioners
participate by donating, working or shopping.
Thanks to all of you for making our thrift shop
a 77 year success.
Donations may be left on the parish hall stage
or delivered to the store in downtown Lake
10 am - 3 pm
9 am - Noon
Kevin Bartle (left), our summer seminarian, greets Deke
Miller, (right) the Director of Camp Wingmann, who
preached at the beginning of his ten-week internship.
Jack Melvin (left) seated next to Becky Wyncoop, Theresa
and Mark Parlier, Harold Bray and Denise Stembridge,
discuss the final touches on the church in Santa Maria.
The Thrift Shop has a new roof, thanks to the owner and to
Imperial Roofing! Plans are underway to put in a drop ceiling and new flooring. If you would like to help with this project, speak to Theresa Ryland, Paula Templeton or Father
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday
Friday, Saturday
Thank you for caring and sharing.
This bronze plaque, which will be mounted in the church in
Honduras, reads: “The Church of the Good Shepherd,
consecrated June 26, 2016 in partnership with the Church of
the Good Shepherd, Lake Wales, FL, USA. Peace to this
house and to all who enter, in the Name of the Father, Son
and Holy Spirit, Amen.”
Save the dates for our Care Center
Stay-at-Home Work Camp lunches!
Wednesday, July 13th
Wednesday, August 3rd
We can use help with both lunches!
Please call the office at 676-8578
if you can help.

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