July 19, 2015 This Week



July 19, 2015 This Week
July 19, 2015
What’s Happening at Nativity
Campout potluck!
To help the Fellowship
Committee provide the supplies
for the event it's helpful to have
an idea of how many will be
especially for
the Saturday
potluck. Please
add you name
to the list if you
are able to come for the
weekend or for the day or on
Saturday the 25th. Sign up is in
the Fellowship Hall. Questions?
Call Selina Berg @ 541-350-4252
First Call!
All accordion players of all skill
levels- we want you for
Oktoberfest! We’ve got some
music we’d
like to add
to the rest of
the band!
Pastor Chris
Explore this week’s readings
Delve into the word before
Jeremiah 23:1-6
Psalm 23
Ephesians 2:11-22
Mark 6:14-29
VBS Needs Your Help
Prayers for BYC San Fran Trip
Only two and a half weeks left
Please keep the students and
until VBS is here. Please get your
leaders of the BYC San
kiddos registered soon. We are Francisco trip in your prayers this
still in need of volunteers to help
coming week. They’ll be
with Registration and the Snack
embarking this Saturdayarea. We can also use your help
prayers for safe travels and
filling our very large list of
meaningful encounters.
supplies that we need to make
our VBS a success for these
Slide the City
fantastic kids who want to know
Get your ticket today!Sat.,
about God's love.
September 5th- join the BYC or
Attached to this
come as a family!
email is our list, if you
You can buy tickets for a single
are able to fill a need,
or triple slide. Check out the
please email Bonnie at
website for more details!
[email protected]
.com. If you are around the
church, please add your name
Triple Slide Pricing
to the list in the Narthex! Please
Early Bird Registration
contact Bonnie with any
$33.00- 3 days left!!!!
questions. Thank you!
Regular Registration
$36.00- 8/7/15
Bethlehem Inn
Late Registration $39.00 8/21/25
Thank you to those of you who
Last Call $44.00 9/4/15
contributed to our May meal!.
Day Of $50.00 9/5/15
Our next dinner will be on
Friday, July 31st.
Wood Lot Summer Hours
We could still use:
If you’d like to come out and
4 Taco Salad,
split wood or saw the wood lot
3 tortilla chips,
will be informally open on
4 salsa,
Saturdays from 9-12pm.
6 ice cream,
There will be no distribution until
and 5 ice cream toppings.
September 12th. If you are
Join in and help us serve our
coming out please
team up with someone for
safety. The building will be
open for rest room facilities and
water. Contacts for the month
of August are: Dave
Schumacher, Bill Van Til, Ron Boldenow & Brad Pinkert.

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