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the newsletter here.
S W E D E N – F I N L A N D – R U S S I A – U S A – C A N A D A – G R E E N L A N D – I C E L A N D – FA R O E I S L A N D S – N O R W AY
The project has continued and reinforced network latitudinally with activities
and meetings. The work in 2015 has been
exciting with many inspiring encounters
with various artists and cultural workers.
The Interreg project has reaced the goal.
LAT.63 art arena at Frøsø outside
Östersund is realized , the Red Refugee
Route working actively, and we develop
currently the network to Vasa and
Jyväskylä in Finland.
The Association North Cultitude 6263
will continue to operate with the same
name and develop the website further
as the project hub and communicating
The new art arena LAT.63 in Frösön
Östersund has opened. The arena is also a
center for North Cultitude. The concept
of the arena is to create a non-urban art
arena in the parallel to strengthen the
concept of a culture geography on 62 and
63 parallel. Not to exclude but to invite
artists and cultureworkers to come to this
latitude and work. The arena aim to show
regional, national and international art
exhibitions and a wide range of contemporary culture.
LAT.63 art arena
Heri Dono
The arena opened October 3rd with an
inspiring exhibition by Heri Dono;
ANIMACHINES. Heri Dono is from
Jakarta and represented Indonesia at the
Venice Biennale 2015.
“An Indonesian Storyteller Ahead of His Time.
If any curator wants to do a serious exhibition
of Indonesian contemporary art, he is one of
the first names — if not the first — that they
put down,” said Mr. Rossi, whose gallery will
also exhibit at Art Basel Hong Kong.
New York Times 2013.
LAT.63 art arena is now planning 2016
-2017 with exhibitions, performance,
dance, theater, artist meetings, the Art Hotel Norway and more. There is also a concept of a Mid Nordic art salong among the
plans. The season 2016 will start February
13th with an art musical performance.
Early January 2016 the NC6263 founders
are going to Vasa connecting up the art
fields around the region Ostrobothnia.
Symposiums and session across and in the
different fields will be arranged. Jimmy Pulli
will charge and host it. Pulli is a region
artist in Nordic Cooperation Arts
Promotion Centre, Ostrobothnia.
Along with the founders you will find
Torodd Wigum, music conductor from
Trondheim and Elisabeth Athle, graphic
artist from Härke Konstcentrum in Östersund. The program will offer presentation
of the NC6263 projects and the present
artist, communication of ideas and subsequent networking and open meetings
according to the different art fields.
Upcoming activities
Latitude symposium at Lat63/Östersund october 2015. With Jimmy Dahlberg, Anders Suneson,
Elisabeth Athle, Ole Tolstad, Linda Svedberg and Andreas Brännlund.
Future plan is to create two border activities each year, and determine the best technique for interaction over the internet.
Contacts in Finland are going to be linked
to the network. Plans are made for activities in all the three countries Norway,
Sweden and Finland.
Project ideas and pitching films will still be
published on the website and disseminated in the network.
We would like to get in touch with artists
and culture workers who work on the
line, and who might be interested to enter
this international network.
Den røde flyktningeruta
North Cultitude 6263
Panter Tanter Production, charged by Berit
Rusten, is working on an art event on the
train trip from Trondheim to Östersund
May 26-29th 2016. The artistic ambition
and focus is based on what happened
along this railway line during 2nd World
War when resisting groups worked against
the nazi occupation. The work has been
underminded and nearly forgotten.
The work of Panter Tanters has reinforced
the recognition of their effort and sacrifice.
There will be different stops and stagings
on the railway stations during the journey.
The public wil be invited as participants
and audience.
This project aim to create new opportunities and projects for arts and
cultural workers, and reach out to a broad public in general.
The network will hopefully be created throughout activities, sessions,
meetings and internet.
The long term goal is to showcase the arts/cultural activities at latitudes
and create biennials, festivals and international activities. This work is
currently enhanced by anchoring and active proliferation.
The project has a 10 year perspective.
Project leader Sweden
Andreas Brännlund • Tel: 0046 707317076
Project leader Norway
Ole Tolstad • Tel: 0047 90056971
Project group Norway
Brit Dyrnes, Irene Dominguez Márques
Mail adresses
[email protected]
[email protected]
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