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NewsWave - Oshkosh Chamber of Commerce
November/December 2013
Vol. 16, Issue 7
Igniting the spark
in Manufacturing
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November/December 2013 Volume 16, Issue 7
John Casper
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Oshkosh Chamber
106th Annual Report
The Oshkosh Chamber of Commerce is a 5-star
accredited chamber and proud member of the New
4 NewsWave ̻ March
I am honored and excited to serve as your Oshkosh
Chamber Chairman of the Board during the next year.
I am proud of the accomplishments the Oshkosh
Chamber of Commerce made this past year and I
look forward to creating an atmosphere of growth for
businesses here in Oshkosh.
As I look ahead to the upcoming year, the Oshkosh
Chamber sees many opportunities. With the
implementation of Obamacare and the insurance
exchanges in place, the Oshkosh Chamber is working
diligently to have a new health insurance option
available to members. The program would be a
member exclusive online employee benefit
marketplace that would provide people with
insurance benefits including health, vision, dental,
life and more. This insurance marketplace will be the
first association private exchange in Wisconsin.
The Chamber continues to be committed to
growing and retaining its membership. We developed
an aggressive plan last year and saw the membership
grow to 1075 members. We truly value our members
by offering a compelling strategic plan and program
of work. Our programming is specifically designed to
advocate for business, further economic
development, and assist in the growth of businesses.
To help stimulate economic growth, the Oshkosh
Chamber has taken a lead role to convert Highway
41 into an interstate. This conversion is essential
for business growth and will showcase Oshkosh as
a top-tier community. Our economic development
team will use this as a selling point to market the
community to bring in more businesses and jobs.
As your chairman I am supported by exceptional
leaders in the community. The Board of Directors
consists of the best business leaders Oshkosh has to
offer. We are truly focused on helping the Chamber
stay relevant and an essential organization, and
making Oshkosh a great place to work and live.
I am truly grateful to be following in the footsteps of
Vicki Updike and the chairman before her. This is an
exciting time for Oshkosh and I see great
opportunity for growth in our community. I look
forward to being your chairman for the next year.
I encourage you to contact me anytime during the
year to discuss any suggestions or concerns you
might have about Oshkosh. I know we will work
together and continue to show people why Oshkosh
is a great place to live.
The Oshkosh Chamber is the voice for the business
community. Our goal of strengthening economic
development remains one of the top priorities for the
organization. Oshkosh continues to be the leader in
economic development in the Fox Valley region.
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Welcome Chairman Mike Floyd of Continental Girbau
North working to serve business and the community.
Mike Floyd
2013-14 Oshkosh Chamber Chairman of the Board
and President of Continental Girbau
NewsWave ̻ 5
The Next Generation of Manufacturers
By Matt Jameson & Kari Cassidy
rom a small one room shop in 1955 to a leader
in the manufacturing industry, Jay Manufacturing, Inc
has shown resilient commitment to growth over the
past five decades and they show no signs of slowing
down. This year, Jay Manufacturing has been named
the Oshkosh Chamber of Commerce 2013 Small
Business of the Year.
Jay Manufacturing, a multi-generation owned
company, is a premier full-service metal fabricator.
The company has occupied three headquarter
locations since starting operations in 1955. Beginning
in a small shop on Custer Avenue on Oshkosh’s east
side to its current locations on 20th Ave. and Atlas
Ave.—encompassing 120,000 square feet in these two
Oshkosh facilities.
Despite the economic challenges of the past few years
Jay Manufacturing has expanded its current facilities
three times since 2005, including a 53,000 square
foot facility and technology expansion in 2012. Since
2005 Jay has invested more than $20 million in plant
expansions and new technology. Jay Manufacturing is
currently retrofitting parts of both Oshkosh locationsto
meet the large scale needs of new clients, adding more
production space and additional technology upgrades
in 2014.
The company has increased its employment in each of
the last 10 years, now employing nearly 100 individuals
in its Oshkosh locations. The company serves clients
in more than 50 distinct industries throughout the
United States and operates three production shifts,
seven days a week.
As part of its 2012 expansion, the company added
a 3-D 4000 Watt Rotary Laser – the first of its kind
in the Midwest. This new equipment allows Jay
Manufacturing to service companies that need not
only sheet metal fabrication but round/square tube
fabrication as well. The company also increased
automation with large material handling towers for
laser cutting process. In addition to these advances,
the company also invested in additional forming and
welding technology as well as the introduction of a
fully equipped weld testing laboratory, staffed by three
Certified Welding Inspectors.
6 NewsWave ̻ November/December
March 2013
Inspiring the Next Generation of
In 2013, Governor Scott Walker selected
Jay Manufacturing as the location to sign
into law the Wisconsin Fast Forward
legislation. This legislation will dramatically
help Wisconsin close the skills gap and
the selection of Jay Manufacturing as
the site of the bill signing is testament to
Jay Manufacturing’s active participation
with education institutions and other
manufacturers to address this issue.
“It’s really important for Jay Manufacturing
to work with the community and
educational institutions. We want to give
young people an idea of what modern
manufacturing looks like and encourage
people to look at a manufacturing degree,”
said Matt Jameson, President and Chief
Operating Officer at Jay Manufacturing.
In addition to the bill signing, Jay partnered
with Fox Valley Technical College and
Oshkosh Corporation to present Oshkosh’s
first “Manufacturing Day” in the fall of
2012, hosting students from local high
schools to learn about manufacturing career
“Jay Manufacturing is an example of a
company that understands that in order to
educate the next wave of talent they have to
take an active role. They have played a vital
role in Fox Valley Technical College’s effort
to improve the flow of talent from high
school to the work force,” said Steve Straub,
Dean of Manufacturing at Fox Valley
Technical College.
Additionally, Jay Manufacturing has
hosted groups of students from the Boys
and Girls Club of Oshkosh and other area
organizations to give students perspectives
on these career choices.
A Leader in Manufacturing
Jay Manufacturing’s advances and
reputation as a top-level fabricator has also
been noted in several industry publications,
both locally and nationally. In an article
published in The Fabricator, a national
industry publication, it focused on Jay
Manufacturing’s most important asset—it’s
staff and how company management goes
about finding the very best individuals
for the company. Jay Manufacturing’s
management values the soft skills—
teamwork, communication, leadership, and
an inquisitive mind.
“It’s really our people that make Jay
Manufacturing so successful. When we
hire people we look for life experiences, not
necessarily a manufacturing background.
We’ve turned away individuals who were
qualified in a technological sense, because
we didn’t see those important soft skills in
evidence,” said Jameson. Additionally, we
don’t want everyone in the company to be
looking at issues and opportunities strictly
though a manufacturing mindset. We want
a well-rounded multi-disciplinary team.”
“It’s really
important for Jay
to work with the
community and
We want to give
young people
an idea of what
modern manufacturing looks like
and encourage
people to look at
a manufacturing
In 2013, Jay Manufacturing was selected
as the host for the state meeting of the
American Welding Society. This is the
first time that a non-OEM has hosted the
gathering. More than $3,000 in scholarship
funds was raised to support welding
education. Additionally, Jay Manufacturing’s
staff was selected to give presentations at
the 2013 National Robotic Arc Welding
Conference. Conference attendees
described Jay Manufacturing’s development pRESIDENT & cHIEF
of specific code as revolutionary.
Community Focused
Jay Manufacturing and its
associates believe in actively
supporting a strong community.
“We want to make Oshkosh
and even better place. We want
other businesses to come here
and grow. In the end, it helps
the standard of living,” said
Jay Manufacturing was
happy to participate in
and lend its views to
the Oshkosh Chamber’s
Targeted Industries
Study. Additionally, Jay
Manufacturing’s staff
have participated in the
Chamber’s manufacturing
cluster group and served
on workforce development
panels for Fox Valley
Technical College.
Jay Manufacturing is
providing mentoring
time to the Center
for Entrepreneurship
NewsWave ̻ 7
and Innovation, an initiative of the Small Business
Development Center at UW Oshkosh. The company
is also a member of the Oshkosh Chamber, Wisconsin
Manufacturers and Commerce, NEW Manufacturing
Alliance and the Wisconsin Family Business Forum.
Jay Manufacturing, its officers
and staff members serve as board
members, volunteers, consultants
and financial supporters for
numerous organizations including,
but not limited to: Boys & Girls Club
of Oshkosh; Salvation Army, Fox
Valley Technical College, Leadership
Oshkosh, Boy Scouts of America,
Oshkosh Youth Soccer Club,
Oshkosh Area YMCA, Christine
Ann Center and many more.
Jay Manufacturing is also a family
focused business. For over five
decades, the company has been
passed down from generation to
generation. Matt Jameson has been
the President since 2007. He said he
could have moved in his previous
career to Kansas City or Chicago,
but he decided to stay in Oshkosh.
Jameson takes pride in being an
industry leader and focuses on creating a team of
workers that can propel Jay Manufacturing even
further up the manufacturing industry ladder.
Full Steam Ahead
The economy may still be uncertain, but Jay
Manufacturing isn’t slowing down. Since August, Jay
has added eight more positions to its production staff
and within the next six months expects to add at least
20 welders. Jay will also turn 20,000 feet of warehouse
space into 20,000 feet of manufacturing space within
the coming months. All of this to meet the growing
needs of its client base.
“Jay Manufacturing wants to
continue to be an employer of
choice. In terms of manufacturing
we’re already an industry leader,
and we want to continue to grow
in a smart fashion. We’ll continue
to be diverse and serve a number
of different industries while
anticipating, and acting on, major
trends,” said Jameson.
The biggest challenge ahead for Jay
Manufacturing and manufacturers
in general is the skills gap. Recently
only 30% of applicants were able to
pass Jay Manufacturing’s written and
technical skills test for employment
as welders, and in the coming years
leaders at Jay hope to raise that. In
order to do that Jay will continue
to work with the community, local
high schools and colleges.
Join the Oshkosh Chamber of Commerce for our
Introduction to Project
Seminar Series
Join UW Oshkosh Senior Lecturer, Andy Miller, as he teaches people the
tools & techniques needed to begin more effectively managing projects.
Information Seminar
Wednesday, November 20th
7:30 a.m. – 9:00 a.m.
at the Oshkosh Chamber.
Seminar series runs January - April 2014
Mark your calendars for: Jan. 21, Feb. 18, March 18 & April 15
$295 per person
For more information and to sign up for the seminar and the series,
contact Kari Cassidy at [email protected] or (920) 303-2265, ext. 20.
The Oshkosh Chamber is
the Voice of Business!
“As your 2014 Board
Chairman, it’s my
job to continue the
vision for creating
a pro-business
environment so that
we can all prosper
and succeed.”
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Owner: Oshkosh Chamber of Commerce, 120
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Mike Floyd
President - Continental Girbau
Oshkosh Chamber Board Chair
Join me as we
• Sew the seeds for future economic development
• Cultivate young prosessionals and future leaders
• Champion programs that educate and enrich members
• Grow membership and participation
• Create an employee health benefit exchange
• Encourage each member to harvest the benefits and
full value in this great organization
Working together we succeed!
8 NewsWave ̻ March
Publication Title: NewsWave
Issue Date for Circulation Data: September 2013
Jay Manufacturing continues to impact not only the
community, but also its clients, as it continues to
offer cutting edge products and services that set them
apart from the competition. There’s no doubt that Jay
Manufacturing has a bright future ahead.
The Oshkosh Chamber of Commerce is
pleased to name Jay Manufacturing the
2013 Small Business of the Year.
Statement of Ownership, Management and
Circulation (Required by 39 U.S.C. 3685)
Total Paid Requested Circulation: 1,791
Free Distribution By Mail: 20
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This Statement of Ownership is printed in the
Nov 2013 issue of this publication.
Kari Cassidy, editor; I certify that all information
furnished on this form is true and complete.
NewsWave ̻ 9
The Leaders of Oshkosh
2013 Annual Meeting Award Winners
S tephen Mosling Commitme nt to Educ a tion – Beth Wyman
B et h Wy m an has s h o w n h e r d e d ic a t io n t o t h e e d u c a t io n s y s t e m in O s h k o s h b y
s pear headi ng th e O s h k o s h 4 Ed u c a t io n p ro je c t . O s h k o s h 4 Ed u c a t io n h o s t e d 5 0 c o mm u n it y
l i s t eni ng s es s io n s t h is p a s t y e a r f o r re s id e n t s in O s h k o s h t o c o me t o g e t h e r. A t o t al o f
590 peopl e a t t e n d e d t h e s e s s io n s . Th e p ro je c t is t h e la rg e s t c o mmu n it y e n g a g e m e n t
Stew R ieckman – Lynne Webster Leadership Aw ard
T h is a w a r d is p r e se n t e d in m e m o r y o f Lyn n e We b st e r, a w o m a n w h o e xe m p lif ie d a
co m m it m e n t t o Osh ko sh like n o o t h e r. S t e w R ie ckm a n r e ce n t ly r e t ir e d a s t h e Ge n e r a l
M a n a g e r o f t h e N o r t h w e st e r n w h e r e h e h a d b e e n sin ce 1 9 6 9 . T h r o u g h t h e ye a r s,
S t e w co n t in u e d t o d e ve lo p a p r o d u ct t h a t Osh ko sh r e sid e n t s co u ld co n n e ct w it h . H e
g o t p e o p le e n g a g e d a n d ke p t t h e m in f o r m e d a b o u t co m m u n it y e ve n t s, ca u se s a n d
im p o r t a n t issu e s. S t e w b e lie ve d it w a s t h e n e w sp a p e r ’s o b lig a t io n t o co n n e ct t h e
co m m u n it y w it h g o o d ca u se s t o su p p o r t . S t e w w ill co n t in u e t o sh o w h is
le a d e r sh ip d u r in g r e t ir e m e n t t h r o u g h t h e U n it e d Wa y.
pr oj ec t i n s upp o rt o f p u b lic e d u c a t io n u n d e rt a k e n in O s h k o s h . Be t h is c u rre n t ly t h e
Boar d Pr es i de n t o f t h e O s h k o s h Are a C o mmu n it y Fo u n d a t io n . Be t h is a n a d v o c a t e f o r
educ at i on and e n s u rin g t h e s u c c e s s o f o u r f u t u re w o rk f o rc e .
Petr a Roter – Woman of Achievement
P e t r a R o t e r, Vice C h a n ce llo r f o r S t u d e n t A ff a ir s a t U W Osh ko sh , e xce ls n o t o n ly in h e r
w o r kp la ce , b u t t h r o u g h o u t t h e co m m u n it y. P e t r a t r u ly ca r e s a b o u t t h e st u d e n t s o n
ca m p u s a n d st r ive s t o im p r o ve t h e ir e xp e r ie n ce in a n y w a y p o ssib le . S h e h a s b e e n
a ke y p la ye r in m a jo r ch a n g e s se e n a cr o ss ca m p u s in clu d in g t h e S t u d e n t R e cr e a t io n
Hori z on Awa r d – David Albr echt
D av i d Al br ec ht i s f o c u s e d o n ma k in g W in n e b a g o C o u n t y a b e t t e r p la c e t o liv e . D a v id is
c ur r ent l y t he Ch a irma n o f t h e W in n e b a g o C o u n t y Bo a rd . Sin c e D a v id ’s in v o lv e me nt
s t ar t ed i n 1986 , h e h e lp e d W in n e b a g o C o u n t y b e re c o g n iz e d n a t io n a lly a n d s t a t e -
a n d We lln e ss C e n t e r, t h e S t u d e n t S u cce ss C e n t e r a n d H o r izo n Villa g e . P e t r a h a s
se r ve d o n t h e Osh ko sh U n it e d Wa y B o a r d f o r t h e p a st f ive ye a r s a n d st a r t e d h e r
se co n d t e r m a s p r e sid e n t in M a r ch 2 0 1 3 . P e t r a d e se r ve s o u r t h a n ks f o r
cr e a t in g g r e a t le a d e r s f o r o u r f u t u r e .
w i de f or bei n g a b le t o s u p p o rt o p e ra t io n s w it h o u t c o u n t y t a x s a le s . I t w a s b e c a u se
of D av i d’s l ea d e rs h ip a n d c o mmit me n t t h a t h e lp e d b rin g a n a v ia t io n b u s in e s s p a rk t o
Os hk os h. H e s a w t h is a s o p p o rt u n it y t o le v e ra g e o u r re p u t a t io n a s t h e me c c a o f avia t i on and br i ng mo re b u s in e s s t o t h e c it y, c o u n t y a n d re g io n . D a v id h e lp e d le a d t h e
c i t y i n t he r i ght d ire c t io n w it h h is d e t e rmin a t io n a n d le a d e rs h ip .
Zack Pawlosk y – Propel Young Professional
Z a ck P a w lo sky is ve r y a ct ive in t h e Osh ko sh C h a m b e r a n d P r o p e l, t h e C h a m b e r ’s
yo u n g p r o f e ssio n a l n e t w o r k. A s a m e m b e r o f p r o p e l, h e p la ys a vit a l r o le in t h e
st e e r in g co m m it t e e w o r kin g t o b r in g m o r e n e t w o r kin g o p p o r t u n it ie s a n d e d u ca t io n
se m in a r s. Z a ck a lso m a in t a in s a ll t h e so cia l m e d ia f o r P r o p e l. Z a ck is t h e o w n e r o f
C a n d e o C r e a t ive , a so cia l m e d ia m a r ke t in g a g e n cy in Osh ko sh t h a t h e st a r t e d a t 2 0
Al berta Ki m ba ll Community Se r v ic e Awa r d – Glenn Cur r an
Gl enn C ur r an has g o n e a b o v e a n d b e y o n d d e v o t in g h is t ime a n d e ff o rt t o c o mmu n it y se r vice
ye a r s o ld . We a r e h o n o r e d t o h a ve a n in d ivid u a l like Z a ck h e lp in g
le a d P r o p e l a n d se r vin g o u r co m m u n it y.
i n O s hk os h. Gle n n , a lo n g w it h f o u r o t h e r So u t h w e s t R o t a ria n s , s t a rt e d Ba t t le o n B a g o in
2007 as an alt e rn a t iv e me t h o d t o f u n d ra is in g . Th is ic e f is h in g e v e n t b rin g s t h o u s a n d s o f
peopl e t o t he O s h k o s h a re a a n d h a s ra is e d n e a rly $ 5 0 0 , 0 0 0 in 6 y e a rs . All t h e mo n e y
r ai s ed goes t o w a rd s “Kid ’s & C o n s e rv a t io n ” e ff o rt s t h ro u g h o u t W is c o n s in . G le n n a lso
s t ay s bus y w it h t h e Bo y s a n d G irls C lu b s e rv in g o n t h e ir b o a rd o f d ire c t o rs .
John Rubino – Ambassador of the Year
Jo h n R u b in o is a n A m b a ssa d o r w h o is a lw a ys w illin g t o h e lp . A s a C h a m b e r
A m b a ssa d o r, Jo h n vo lu n t e e r s h is t im e t o h e lp a t C h a m b e r e ve n t s su ch a s B u sin e ss
A f t e r H o u r s, A . M . Osh ko sh , a s w e ll a s a t t e n d in g r ib b o n cu t t in g s a n d sa le s clu b . I n
f a ct , Jo h n h a s a t t e n d e d m o r e t h a n 4 0 C h a m b e r e ve n t s w it h in t h e p a st ye a r. H e sa ys
h is f a vo r it e A m b a ssa d o r a ct ivit y is g r e e t in g p e o p le a t B u sin e ss A f t e r H o u r s. Jo h n h a s
b e e n a C h a m b e r A m b a ssa d o r sin ce 2 0 0 9 a n d se r ve d a s A m b a ssa d o r P r e sid e n t
Outstandi ng Cha mbe r Volunte e r – Nick Behnke
f o r t h e 2 0 1 2 - 2 0 1 3 f isca l ye a r.
N i c k Behnk e has b e e n in v o lv e d w it h t h e O s h k o s h C h a mb e r s in c e 2 0 0 0 . H e s e rv e s a s a
C ham ber A m bas s a d o r a n d a t t e n d s ma n y rib b o n c u t t in g s w it h in t h e c o mmu n it y. N ic k
r egul ar l y v ol un t e e rs f o r Bu s in e s s Af t e r H o u rs a n d is a me mb e r o f t h e Pro p e l St e e rin g
C om m i t t ee as w e ll. H e a ls o p la y s a v it a l ro le in ma k in g t h e H o lid a y Pa ra d e s u c h a
s uc c es s by vo lu n t e e rin g h is t ime t h e d a y o f a n d s t a g in g f lo a t s . N ic k ’s d e d ic a t io n t o
t he O s hk os h C h a mb e r e x e mp lif ie s t h e c o mmit me n t n e e d e d b y it s me mb e rs t o imp r o ve
an al r eady pr os p e rin g o rg a n iz a t io n .
B emis C ompany – Enterprise of the Year
B e m is C o m p a n y co n t in u e s t o g r o w a n d p r o vid e o u r co m m u n it y w it h a sig n if ica n t a n d
co n sist e n t a m o u n t o f n e w jo b s. H e a d q u a r t e r e d in N e e n a h , B e m is e m p lo ys n e a r ly
1 9 , 0 0 0 in d ivid u a ls in 7 4 m a n u f a ct u r in g f a cilit ie s in 11 co u n t r ie s a r o u n d t h e w o r ld .
T h e ir m o st so p h ist ica t e d f le xib le p a cka g in g o p e r a t io n s a r e lo ca t e d in Osh ko sh ,
w h e r e t h e y cu r r e n t ly h a ve 6 f a cilit ie s. B e m is h a s o p e r a t e d in Osh ko sh f o r o ve r 3 0
ye a r s a n d co n t in u e s t o in ve st in e xp a n sio n o p p o r t u n it ie s in t h e co m m u n it y.
I n 2 0 1 2 , B e m is r e p o r t e d n e t sa le s o f $ 5 . 1 b illio n .
10 NewsWave ̻ March
NewsWave ̻ 11
Chamber Clips
Boost your sales at Business Expo 2014
Are you looking to boost your sales? Reserve your booth
now at the 2014 Oshkosh Chamber of Commerce
Business Expo. The Business Expo is scheduled for
Thursday, January 30 at the Oshkosh Convention Center
from 10 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Booths are $475. The theme for
the Expo is “Rock ‘n’ Roll Your Business Brand.” Feeling
creative? You can design your display to reflect the theme.
Not mandatory, but encouraged. Afterwards until 7 p.m.
will be Business After Hours.
For more information and to reserve your booth please
contact Megan Kok at 920.303.2265, ext. 16 or
[email protected]
Last chance to advertise in Profiles
The Chamber is in the process of putting together its Profiles
magazine. Advertising spaces are available for this publication that is distributed annually to more than 10,000 people
and features member profiles in the areas of destinations,
economic development, education, and health care. Profiles
is circulated throughout the community at businesses, hotel
rooms and other points of interest. It is also handed out to new
residents in their welcome packets, and to EAA guests.
Ribbon Cuttings
For more information on advertising with the Chamber , in
Profiles, please contact Kari Cassidy at [email protected]
com or 920-303-2265 ext. 20.
Discover Northern Ireland with the
Fox World Travel and the Oshkosh Chamber of Commerce
invite you to embark on a breathtaking cultural immersion
into Northern Ireland September 26 to October 5, 2014.
This trip is open to the public and will take you from the
towering walls of Derry to the scenic views of the Causeway
Coast and the Victorian architecture of Belfast. Upon
booking the trip, Fox World Travel will donate $100 to the
Oshkosh Chamber per person. Monetary donations often go
toward day-to-day operations, donations to local charities,
establishing scholarships and more.
Security Finance
376 S. Koeller St.
Tanzania Medi Spa
364 S. Koeller St.
Photo by Megan Kok
Photo by Megan Kok
Creekview Rehabilitation Center at Evergreen
1130 N. Westfield St.
Unveiling of the Tribal Heritage Crossing of the
Wiouwash State Trail
Butte des Morts Causeway
This incredible trip is priced at $3,189 based on double
occupancy, and includes motor coach transfers from pick up
points, roung-trip flights, hotel accommodationsk and much
more. Base coverage Travel Guard insurance is included in the
price of your package.
For more information about the trip, contact Jody Piotter at
Fox World Travel at (920) 231-6000, ext. 1357 or
[email protected]
Photo by Megan Kok
Dawn Benish
Schenck SC
How long have you been an Ambassador?
I have been an Ambassador for one year.
Meet Your
Why did you choose to become an Ambassador?
A fellow member recommended that I attend a meeting. I thoroughly enjoyed the
camaraderie within the group. Their passion and excitement for Oshkosh made me
immediately want to be part of it.
What do you enjoy about being an Ambassador?
I really enjoy and am proud to be part of this special group of people. They make it fun
to be a fellow Ambassador because they make people smile and are always willing to give
an extra hand. The community business connections and friendships I have made are
priceless. Oshkosh truly has amazing people and I feel very proud that I am part of this
What are the benefits?
There are numerous benefits of being an Oshkosh Chamber Ambassador. I have been given
the opportunity to learn and understand the needs of our community. I meet new people,
therefore, making great business connections, friendships and partnerships within the community. I am able to be part of the community excitement when a new business opens by joining them at their Ribbon Cuttings. I also feel like I am giving something back to the Chamber
for all that they do for our community.
12 NewsWave ̻ November/December
March 2013
NewsWave ̻ 13
“re:TH!nking What Healthy Looks Like”
November 6th
Presented by : re:TH!NK/Winnebago’s Healthy Living Partnership
Sales Club
Sales Club
7:30 a.m.
7:30 a.m.
November 12
December 10
“Meeting Management:
We’ve Got
to Stop Meeting Like This”
Oshkosh Chamber building
Oshkosh Chamber
November 26th
The Hilton Garden Inn
Presented by: FVTC
A.M. Oshkosh
A.M. Oshkosh
7:30 - 9:00 a.m.
7:45 a.m. - 9:00 a.m.
7:45 a.m. - 9:00 a.m.
November 13
"The National Labor Relations Act for
Brayton B&B
the Private Sector Employer”
1130 N. Westfield St.
143 Church
November 21
“The Importance
of Professional
Trade Show Displays”
December 4th
Social Hub: Twitter
Hub: Pinterest
"Legislative Updates and
by: Image 360
7:30 a.m.
7:30 a.m.
Employment Law – What is New and
November 14
What is Coming?"
“Becoming a Stress Master”
Oshkosh Chamber building
Oshkosh Chamber building
January 16, 2014
December 19th
Business After Hours Presented by: Affinity
HoursEmployee Assistance
the New Trends in
5:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.
5:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.
Discrimination and ADA situations"
All seminars are from 7:30
- 9:00 a.m.
online at
November 26
17 at the Oshkosh Chamber.
13, 2014
Oshkosh Opera House
The Waters
Foundation, Inc.
1393 Washington Ave.
Sign up online at
100 High Avenue
Credit Card, ATM and POS Processing Services
Check Scanner
7:45-9:00 a.m.
1130 N. Westfield Street
Remember when honesty, integrity
and service were everything?
We never forgot.
We strive to provide
the highest quality,
lowest cost solution
while maintaining
that personal touch
unrivaled by larger
Wednesday, November 13
with Printer
Retail and
Hospitality POS
We build bonds, not numbers.
Visit our Showroom at:
1600 S. Main St. • Oshkosh, WI 54902
1-855-POS-ATMS •
SAM4s and Casio
Cash Registers
Coming Up Next Month
Wednesday, December 11
7:45-9:00 a.m.
Brayton Bed and Breakfast
143 Church Ave.
Network Health Seminar Series 2013
All seminars are 7:30 - 9:00 a.m. at the Oshkosh Chamber free of charge.
"re:TH!nking What Healthy Looks Like"
November 6th
Presented by : re:TH!NK/Winnebago’s Healthy Living
What comes to mind when you think about a healthy
community? Is it safe places for families to be active? Join
re:TH!NK as we explain how you and your organization
can be a part of transforming the Oshkosh area into a
healthier community by finding solutions to some of the
health-related problems we face.
“Meeting Management: We’ve Got to Stop
Meeting Like This”
November 26th
Presented by: FVTC
Meetings have become a way of life in today’s work world
and they don’t have to be a waste of time. This interactive training session shows how meetings wander off
course and provides specific techniques for keeping them
focused, getting participants involved and keeping goals
on track.
14 NewsWave ̻ November/December
March 2013
“Importance of Professional Trade Show Displays”
December 4th
Presented by: Image 360
First impressions are vital!! You typically have only 3 to 5
seconds to grab someone's attention at the average trade
show. With all the options available, learn what's currently
hot and what's really important when it comes to a successful booth, graphics and overall profitable trade show
“Becoming a Stress Master”
December 19th
Presented by: Affinity Medical Group Employee Assistance
This presentation defines stress and its sources in the
workplace, gives practical tips on how to control stress and
specifically addresses perceptions of stress and negative
Welcomes Walter A. Koskinen, ctfa, cisp to our team
of professional expert advisors
Walter brings over 25 years
of experience in Trusts,
IRA’s, Investment
Management Services,
and Estate Planning
The Reinhart team of professionals is dedicated
to the philosophy of building plans and portfolios
that are tailor-made to fit a client’s emotional
make-up and allow them to meet their financial goals.
Register for A.M. Oshkosh
Phone (920) 303-2266
Online www.oshkoshchamber.
Walter A. Koskinen
Relationship Manager
920.230.2349 • [email protected]
2380 State Rd. 44, Suite A, Oshkosh, WI
The cost is $2 per event for
Oshkosh Chamber members.
NewsWave ̻ 15
After Hours
Business Briefs
The Wisconsin law firm of Davis & Kuelthau, s.c.
announced Bradley D. Page as the firm’s next president. His term
began October 1, 2013. Davis & Kuelthau, s.c. is also pleased to
announce attorney William E. Fischer has joined the firm’s
Corporate and Commercial Litigation Practice in its Oshkosh office.
Link Computing Solutions has opened in Oshkosh at 900 W. 9th
Avenue, in the former Jordy’s Beverage Mart location. Ray and
Tina Reinders, owners of Link Computing Solutions, are excited
to showcase the amazing transformation of the one hundred year
old building into a modern and stylish high tech business. Link
Computing Solutions offers a wide range of services for both
personal computing and business applications, and is a Partner
Direct Dealer for Dell computers.
Mike Mauthe, principal of Lourdes Academy
6-12, received the Mary Ann Remick
Leadership Program Research Design
Award from the University of Notre Dame
for creating the Lourdes Academy Way
(LAW), the school’s honor code. Lourdes
Academy also announced the following
new hires: Carla Huizenga as events
manager, Carolyn (Car) Hughes as supportive consultant/learning specialist, and
Julie Ringlien as choir director.
the CitizensFirst program, Next Gen, which promotes financial
literacy among high school and college students. The winner will
be announced on November 6th at the Credit Union Executive
Society’s annual conference.
Aquire Restoration, Inc is pleased to announce the addition of
2 new team members! Jerry Tzakais has been hired as a Senior
Estimator, coming to Aquire with 5 years of property restoration
experience. He is a HAAG certified roof inspector, a certified lead
renovator, and holds 3 certifications with the IICRC: AMRT, WRT,
and ASD. Aquire Restoration is also pleased to announce the
addition of Eric Heitzman. Eric has almost a year of experience in
the restoration industry and will be working as a lead technician at
the Oshkosh office.
Chanda Anderson
Dr. Richard Ames of Insight Eye Care was
"Wisconsin Optometrist of the Year" at
Caramel Crisp & Café
the profession's annual conferences. The recipient
Coldwell Banker The Real Estate Group is pleased
is nominated by colleagues and then selected by committo announce their Oshkosh office's August Chairman's
tee of peers. This the highest honor given in the state for this
Circle list: Chris Schultz, Cathy Bober, Paul Redemann, Lisa Kerprofession. Dr. Ames started his career in 1972 on Oregon Street
rigan, Mark Vaccaro, Colleen Longworth, Paul Schmidt, Chris Neu
in Oshkosh, and now practices at InSight Eye Care.
and The Pawlosky Team - Cheryl and Charles Pawlosky
Bryce Roth, director of marketing and social strategy at
CitizensFirst Credit Union is one of five finalists who will be
chosen to receive 2013 CUES Next Top Credit Union
Executive Challenge. To earn his place as a finalist, Roth submitted
Miles Kimball Company has changed its name to Silver Star
Brands. The change to Silver Star Brands is in response to the
evolving consumer demand of product diversity, and
multi-channel marketing,
Sponsored by
The 9th annual
Economic Outlook Breakfast
Horizon Group Properties, Inc. is pleased to
“If you’re not a part of
welcome Traci Chisholm as the new Regional
the Chamber you don’t get
Marketing Director for The Outlet Shoppes.
to meet all the people that are the
She will be marketing four of the outlets’
decision makers for companies.
seven locations, including Burlington,
Honestly, I can’t think of a reason Washington; Fremont, Indiana; Getwhy a small business, or
tysburg, Pennsylvania and Oshkosh,
any business wouldn’t be a
Wisconsin and will be located at the
part of the Chamber.
Oshkosh shopping center.
2014 Economic
Outlook Breakfast,
February 11
Tuesday, Nov. 26 5:00 - 7:00 p.m.
Grand Opera House 100 High Ave.
Beverage Sponsors
Register for BAH
(920) 303-2266,
$6 pre-registered, $7 at the door
(Register by 1 p.m. the day of the event
to receive the $6 rate)
is scheduled for February 11, 2014.
It features economist Brian Beaulieu
who will review the status of our local
and state economy for 2013 and
provide his economic outlook for the
future, along with providing a little bit
of advice to individuals and business
owners. Beaulieu, who comes to
Oshkosh through the generous sponsorship of Ganther Construction/
Architecture, will interpret economic
indicators to clarify a vision for the
future on a national, regional and
local level. Beaulieu’s presentation
helps business leaders as they make
decisions that affect the future of
their company.
Breakfast will begin at 7:30 a.m. at
the Oshkosh Convention Center.
The cost is $35 per person or $240
for a corporate table of eight.
Reservations are required by February
4, 2013 by contacting Kari Cassidy
at (920) 303-2265 ext. 20, or [email protected] Reservations
can also be made on our website
Buying? Selling? Curious what’s
happening in today’s changing
Real Estate Market? My Team
of Experienced Realtors are
here to help with all your real
estate needs. Call us today!
Next Business After Hours
Tuesday, December 17, 5:00 p.m.- 7:00 p.m.
The Waters, 1393 Washington Avenue
-Andy Beiser, Broker/Owner
You Expect the Best.
We Demand it.
16 NewsWave ̻ March
Hundreds of people listen to Beaulieu as he
discusses the economic outlook.
NewsWave ̻ 17
New Members
Main Tire & Maintenance
Eiler Insurance Agency, LLC
Rite-Way Welding LLC
1736 W. 9th Avenue, Oshkosh
(920) 235-6664
Mr. Joel Cohen
N3233 Searl Road, Brandon
208 State Street, Ste. 101, Oshkosh
(920) 398-2370
Mr. David Eiler
Forward Service Corporation
Nonprofit Organizations
315 Algoma Blvd., Oshkosh
(920) 232-9219
Ms. Sarah Holewinski
Lotnix, LLC
404 N. Main Street, Ste. 606, Oshkosh
(920) 267-7768
Mr. Jon Dudzinski
You can stay at home and still get
the finest care anywhere.
You. First. Just as it should be. You’ve always had great healthcare
from ThedaCare. Now, it’s even better. As a member of the Mayo
Clinic Care Network, ThedaCare has joined forces with Mayo
Clinic to give you more peace of mind. When complex medical
issues arise, our care team can connect with Mayo Clinic about
your care and share their expertise with you, here, with the goal
of keeping you at home.
For you, that could mean no tension-filled road trips. No lugging
of medical records. No waiting on pins and needles. And, more
dinners at home.
You. First.
Automobile Repair/Service
1121 E. Main Street, Omro
(920) 685-5553
Mr. Jerry Hitchcock
45 W. 6th Avenue, Oshkosh
(920) 279-2070
Ms. Nicole Hariu
Sure-Dry Basement Systems
Waterproofing Contractors
754 W. Airport Road, Menasha
(920) 299-5240
Mr. Ryan Weyers
Tanzania Medi Spa
Spas - Beauty
310 Jefferson Avenue, Omro
364 S. Koeller Street, Oshkosh
(920) 235-9541
John & Esther Horan
Ask the Expert Oshkosh Chamber of Commerce/Network Health
Submitted by Jeff Schmidt,
Executive Vice President at Sparque
2013 holiday parade
It’s time to get into the holiday spirit. Bring your
family and friends to the 2013 Oshkosh Chamber
of Commerce/Network Holiday Parade Thursday,
November 14 at 6:30 p.m. in downtown Oshkosh.
This year, the parade will begin at the intersection of
Ceape Avenue and Main Street. The parade theme
is“Winter Snow Sports.” Darryl Sims, Director of
Athletic Services at UW Oshkosh will serve as grand
We would like to thank our sponsors for generously
supporting this year’s holiday parade. The major
sponsors are: Network Health, the Downtown
Business Improvement District (BID), the
Oshkosh Area Community Foundation, Strategic
Fundraising and Bank First National.
Other sponsors include: Beck’s Meats, Davis Child
Care, 4imprint, Bergstrom Honda, Horicon Bank,
Miron Construction, Outlet Shoppes, CR Meyer
& Sons, Choice Bank, Fletcher Chiropractic Office, Silver Star Brands, Pepsi, Westside Association, Capital Credit Union, Midwest Real Estate,
Festival Foods, Planeview Travel, Southwest
Rotary, The Roxy, Winnebago County Historical
Society, Rhyme, Cellcom, Marvel Manufacturing
& Hydrite Chemical. Also, thanks to the Oshkosh
Northwestern, ALC Printing, Glass Nickel,
Cumulus and Oshkosh Community Media Services.
Bring your family and friends! We hope to see you
there! For more information, please contact Megan
Kok at (920)303-2265, ext. 16, or [email protected]
Valuable resources for your business
and personal banking needs.
October 30, 1935 - Dayton Ohio. Military members gathered for
what the Defense Department called a “live demonstration” of
the capabilities of the next generation bomber. In short, they were
“shopping” and had invited manufacturers to come “pitch” them.
Boeing Corporation was among those seeking the contract.
For many, inviting others was a mere formality - Boeing’s new Model
299 would be the hands down winner. A reporter from Seattle called
the plane a “Flying Fortress.” It could carry
five times the number of bombs that army
specifications called for. It flew faster than
previous bombers, and nearly twice as far. The
plane taxied onto the runway, an impressive
103-foot wingspan with four engines – it was a
magnificent beast in motion.
Major Ployer P. Hill pushed the throttle levers
forward. Speed increased, the plane lifted off the
runway climbing to just past 300 feet. It stalled,
slouched to the right, and came crashing down
in a fiery mess. Two of the five crew members
died, including Major Hill.
The investigation revealed nothing mechanical
had gone wrong. Pilot error was cited as the
reason for the crash. Major Hill forgot to
release the locking mechanism on the rudder
and elevator controls during takeoff. This error
caused the Army to go with a much simpler design by Douglas, and
considered the Boeing plane too difficult for any pilot to fly.
Boeing nearly went bankrupt. A group of test pilots were brought
in to solve the problem. Given the complexity of the aircraft they
decided on a simple approach: the pilot’s checklist. Atul Gawande, in
his book The Checklist Manifesto, credits this story as the origin of
“the checklist.”
At Bank First, our team is focused on understanding your financial
needs and creating customized solutions that work best for you. We
work hard to meet and exceed the needs of our customers. Come
discover how banking is better at Bank First!
101 City Center, Oshkosh
The test pilots made their list simple, brief, and to the point - short
enough to fit on an index card. Step-by-step lists for taxi, takeoff,
in-flight, and landing. The checklists contained “the stuff ” all pilots
knew how to do; check that brakes are released, set instruments,
altimeter, make sure doors and windows are closed and locked,
elevator trim and rudder controls unlocked. It was silly, easy stuff.
With these checklists in hand, pilots went on to fly the Boeing Model
299 a total of 1.8 million miles without a single accident. The Army
ultimately ordered nearly thirteen thousand of the aircraft. Today,
the Model 299 is known as the infamous B-17. Because flying the
behemoth was now possible, complexity made simple by a checklist,
the B-17 now has a prominent place in our history books.
What does flying a B-17 have to do with selling? Selling today
is far more complex. Channels of communication are exploding;
information access is beyond our ability to contain. Just as flying
a plane is both as fundamental and yet much more complex and
Stop Making Stupid Mistakes
complicated than when Wilbur and Orville -or Boeing, for that
matter--first took flight – selling today requires the same attention
to minute details. Sales people need a system to remind them of the
basics and simplify the complexity of the sales process.
My lifelong friend Geoff Oswalt is a Senior International Jet Pilot
for Johnson Controls. Geoff flies executives around the world in
a Challenger 300 made by Bombardier. In preparing to write this
article I asked Geoff if he still uses checklists. He was somewhat
shocked by my question, “Of course we do. Technology has changed;
instead of reading them off a knee board, we push a button and the
voice command walks us through each step of the checklist.”
“You’ve been doing this for over 30 years,” I said, “why are you still
using checklists?” Geoff responded with crystal clear simplicity, “So
we don’t make a mistake.”
If you’re like me, you’ve walked away from more than a few meetings
with clients, and said, “Darn it, why didn’t I remember to...” A
checklist helps prevent that. Because checklists
are so important in a variety of professions
from flying planes to performing brain surgery,
you can easily find or create checklists for your
sales process.
Chris Lytle and I created the Pre-Contact
Checklist. Critical things you should do,
prior to having ANY contact with a client or
prospect. We also have a Pre-Meeting Checklist,
Proposal Writing Checklist, Top 10 Prospect
Hit List, and more. Download a free copy of
the Pre-Contact Checklist from our website:
Most people start in sales because something
else didn’t work out - you end up in sales,
Jeff Schmidt
accidentally. Successful sales people know –
staying and succeeding in sales, is no accident.
Professional sellers use a consistent repeatable process. Without a
consistent repeatable process you leave the outcome to chance or
to the effectiveness of your memory on any given day. Consistent
sales success demands a consistent sales process, and consistency for
complex as well as simple tasks, requires a checklist.
To this day (despite thousands of hours flying) my friend Geoff uses
a checklist to avoid mistakes. Chris Lytle and I use checklists for
writing articles, for doing seminars, and for training creation. We
leave nothing to “chance”. Checklists simplify the complex, remind
you of the basics, and help you avoid mistakes, and inevitably, help
you make more sales.
Think Big
Make Big Things Happen
Jeff Schmidt is EVP and Partner with Chris Lytle at Sparque, Inc.
You can reach him at, [email protected]
Other ways to connect:
Board of Directors
October marked the beginning of Mike Floyd’s term as
Oshkosh Chamber Chairman of the Board. Mike is the
President of Continental Girbau, Inc. He will be
supported by the best business leaders in Oshkosh. Below is
a list of the 2014 Board of Directors.
Robert Albright – R.J. Albright Inc.
Chanda Anderson – Caramel Crisp & Café
John Anderson – InSight Eye Care, LLC
Ken Arneson – Evergreen*
Jeffrey Bard – Aurora Medical Center & Aurora
Medical Group
Tom Belter – BMO Harris Bank N.A.*
Kent Belville – Belville Associates Chiropractic Clinic
Allen Bergles – Morton Safety**
Tom Blaze – Oshkosh Community YMCA
John Casper – Oshkosh Chamber of Commerce*
John Daggett – Oshkosh Corporation
Hallie Detjen – Impromed, LLC
Jon Doemel – Glass Nickel Pizza Co.
Connie Drexler – Westside Association**
Mike Floyd – Continental Girbau, Inc.*
Stephen Ford – Lapham-Hickey Steel
A Unique Employment Resource
Vocational Support Services of Goodwill NCW
Submitted by: Emily Wagner, Goodwill Industries
In today’s economy, finding a reliable, dedicated, and
motivated employee is challenging. Hiring an individual who comes to work proud and has a smile on
their face is a rarity. This is particularly true for entrylevel positions. Vocational Support Services of Goodwill NCW strives to address this specific concern. This
community resource is free of charge, candidates are
pre-screened, and they get on-going support to ensure a
successful long-term relationship.
The Vocational Support Services office (VSS) works
with individuals in our community who need assistance
to find meaningful employment. They are all contributing members of Oshkosh and the Fox Valley area working on polishing their resumes and practicing interview
skills to land the right job. The trait they all share is a
deep desire to work hard and have a job where they can
feel a sense of accomplishment and support themselves.
At VSS, we have successfully placed our clients in
diverse employment settings, and our top priority is to
find a good fit for the employer and employee. These
individuals do not want special consideration or lower
standards. They expect to be held to the same criteria
as any other employee on your team. They often fit in
22 NewsWave ̻ November/December
March 2013
Brad Hunter – Belville & Associates Chiropractic
Phil Janes – Oshkosh Marine Supply Co.
Joe LeRoy – Stannard Dry Cleaners and Launderers*
James Macy – Davis & Kuelthau, S.C.
Sandy Martin – Green3
Rodney Oilschlager – Midwest Real Estate
Development Co., Inc.
Jeff Schmidt – Sparque, Inc.**
Steven Schmudlach – Fox Valley Savings Bank
David Seekings – 4imprint
Scott Sitter – Choice Bank
Scott Stielow – Bergstrom Honda-Nissan-Subaru of
Andy Storm – Oshkosh Corporation (Leadership
William Tallon – University of Wisconsin Oshkosh
Vicki Updike – Silver Star Brands*
Paul Verbeten – Perfecseal, Inc. – A Bemis Company
Brian Wierzbinski – EAA*
Wayne Youngwirth – Youngwirth Associates, LLC
* Executive Committee
** Chamber Affiliate or Ex-Officio
administrative roles, maintenance/custodial duties, or
assembly jobs that are basic and repetitive.
Creating partnerships and collaborations while helping
businesses meet their bottom line is important to the
work we do at VSS of Goodwill Industries. Several Oshkosh community organizations have already reached out
and utilized our program in order to employ trustworthy
employees. Rogan’s shoe store wrote a testimony of their
positive experience:
"We started working with VSS in 1995 at our Oshkosh
location, we now utilize VSS in all of our stores from
Oshkosh to Appleton. Many of the wonderful employees
VSS has brought to us over the years have stayed on staff
longer than most other employees. When Andrea decided
to retire from the Oshkosh location there was no doubt
that we needed someone from VSS to continue on the job
Andrea started. Piper has been a wonderful new addition
to the store." -Nicole Kilsdonk, Rogan's Shoes
Vocational Support Services is a winning collaboration
that leaves a positive mark in the workplace. For further
information please contact Job Developer, Emily Wagner
at 920-968-6877 or by email [email protected]
Member Spotlight
Wisconsin Vision
1510 S. Koeller St.
Oshkosh, WI 54902
isconsin Vision specializes in excellent eye
care and great service in the Oshkosh area. As of
today, they are the largest independently owned and
operated optical provider in Wisconsin.
They provide many services including comprehensive
eye exams, cataract evaluations, pre and postoperative care, and visual field screenings. All
examinations are performed by a licensed doctor of
optometry with their state of the art equipment and
“I think my favorite thing about working here is
communicating with patients, and helping them
pick out the best eye wear for their lifestyle,”
Office Manager Jessica Colton said. “It also gives
me a chance to work with fashion, with all the
different lines of designer eye wear available in the
Wisconsin Vision has over 1,800 frames available at
every location, as well as a large selection of contact
lenses from many manufacturers.
“Wisconsin Vision is different from other eye care
places because our opticians are nationally certified by
the American Board of Opticianry,” Colton said.
The company, owned by Paul George, celebrated its
35th anniversary in 2012. Darren Horndasch serves
as the CEO.
Colton said that being a part of the Chamber has
given them the chance to establish networking in the
Oshkosh area through advertising and events such as
“Business After Hours.”
“Having the recognition that we’re a part of the
Chamber makes a big difference in how customers
can view our center,” Colton said. “People come in
with gift certificates from the Chamber often.”
To expand their customer base, Wisconsin Vision has
taken on new marketing and advertising directions.
Recently, you may have seen their commercials
airing in the Fox Valley area. They feature spokesman
Danny Gokey, Season 8 American Idol finalist and
Milwaukee Native, and Josie, the dog.
Colton said that they will expand and grow over the
next 5 to 10 years, so more people in the Oshkosh
area will recognize them.
Their mission is to provide the most current
selection of product frames and lenses. In addition,
their commitment is to provide our patients with
exceptional and memorable service no matter
which of our optical centers are visited. Finally, a
commitment to value and selection by offering basic
to high fashion designer products in many different
prices ranges to meet every need and every budget.
Colton has been working at Wisconsin Vision since
1999, and became the office manager of the Oshkosh
location in 2005. They have four employees, including
the optometrist, Dr. Greg Hubertus who works in the
Appleton and Oshkosh offices.
Jessica Olson, Dr. Greg Hubertus & Sarah Pinkall are the
friendly faces that greet you at Wisconsin Vision.
NewsWave ̻ 23
Oshkosh Chamber of Commerce
120 Jackson Street
Oshkosh, WI 54901

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